Squirting Anna’s Triple Anal Circus! – Christian Clay & Angelo Godshack & Yanick Shaft & Anna De Ville

Ivory skinned, natural Anna de Ville strips off her 1980s gear to display her famous, heart-shaped butthole. She eases a massive (and cold) glass toy up her ass, which gapes widely. With ample lube, her fingers disappear in her rectum! Christian Clay, Angelo Godshack and Yanick Shaft’s huge cocks surround Anna for a triple blowjob. Double penetration fills her; double anal reaming stretches her sphincter. Next, triple penetration: two big dicks up the ass and one in the pussy! When the third prick packs her flexible butthole to capacity, director Proxy Paige calls the triple anal penetration ‘a circus act.’ Anna’s graphic gaping exposes her rectal innards. See ass-to-mouth fellatio and double vaginal drilling: two dicks cram her shaved, meaty twat at once. She goes airtight, deep-throating during a DP. A buttfuck makes her ejaculate pussy squirt all over her face and hair, no hands! The Euro studs blast three loads onto her tongue, and Anna swallows the cum.

Double Glazed – Cassie Del Isla & Will Pounder & Alex Legend

Tattooed babe Cassie Del Isla wants to have all her orifices pleased so she invites her hung lovers Alex Legend and Will Pounder to provide all the dick she craves. The horny babe sucks both shafts and then proceeds to receive both monster cocks in her love holes. A double fucking session like this could only end up with a double glazing, one on her creampied pussy and the other on her gaping mouth.

Tyra Tinley: Built Like Whoa!

Tyra Tinley: Built Like Whoa!

Tyra Tinley: Built Like Whoa!

Tyra Tinley prefers wearing push-up bras. When a girl has 38N-cups, that’s not easy. “I definitely need a fitting to buy bras but that’s not always possible. I’ll admit that I have to grab bras off the rack from time to time and they are always too tight. With a little adjusting, it works out.”

“I wear bodycon-style dresses [a stretchy dress that hugs the body] to hug my curves and show off my huge bust. I don’t purposely wear clothing to show off my breasts but it’s literally impossible to hide them.”

Tyra talked about her masturbation practices.

“I masturbate a few times a week. I like to watch a good porn video and maybe have a glass of wine to relax while searching for porn that turns me on. I’m more of a finger on the clitoris girl. I prefer to hit the spot right on. I massage my nipples some to get myself started.”

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Alura Jenson: Busty Ass-Stretcher

Alura Jenson: Busty Ass-Stretcher

Alura Jenson: Busty Ass-Stretcher

“Have ass-pump, will travel” is the thrust of this scene with busty and stacked bombshell Alura Jenson. Her inflatable ass toy gives her anal pleasure while she plays with her huge tits.

Alura has a dirty mouth and horny imagination, amongst her other charms, and can get a guy off just by talking to him. “Dehydrating a guy’s sack and making his eyes roll back” is how Alura describes her interests on her webcam page.

“I always swallow,” Alura said. “That’s just good manners. Besides, I really like the taste.”

Lingerie-clad Alura says that she just got back from visiting an adult shop and shows us her purchase, a butt-toy. She demonstrates how it works, lubing it and filling her ass-pipe.

A woman who holds nothing back when it comes to all kinds of sex, from solitary to group, Alura had one of the all-time best answers to the question, “Do you have sex on the first date?”

“If we’re not fucking on the first date, there won’t be a second date.”

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Rachel & Candy’s Big Tit Lesbian Play

Rachel & Candy’s Big Tit Lesbian Play

Rachel & Candy's Big Tit Lesbian Play

The photo shoot companion to Rachel Rocketts and Candy Cantaloupes‘ girl-on-girl video doesn’t have any toy play or explicit pussy eat-outs. That’s because the newsstand magazines of the ’90s decade didn’t publish explicit girl-girls or hardcore guy-girl photos. This was not due to a publisher’s policy. This was a retailer and distributor policy.

Specialty hardcore magazines were sold but only in porn shops, not at newsstands and magazine stores. This restriction ended in the 2000s, although in some countries such as Japan, even pussy photos are still censored today.

Candy retired not long after this, making plans to go to college. Rachel is still dancing in Michigan. One of our readers spent some time with her at the club she dances in and said she’s looking sexy and hot.

In 1998, Rachel briefly got involved in the World Wrestling Federation’s “Parade of Human Oddities.” She wore a shirt that read “Jackyl Me Off,” a reference to Canadian commentator and former wrestler Donald Callis aka The Jackyl. Like Minka, called Satin on Ted Turner’s Monday Nitro World Championship Wrestling in 1999, Rachel didn’t actually wrestle.

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Beata’s pussy is loud when it’s getting fucked!

Beata’s pussy is loud when it’s getting fucked!

Beata's pussy is loud when it's getting fucked!

Beata doesn’t waste any time getting to it in this scene. Right away, this 63-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic is going at it, licking the dude’s nipples then turning around so he can kiss her neck and rub her pussy. Yes, neck-kissing! Isn’t that so romantic?

Well, kinda. Not really. The neck-kissing stops and the cock goes down Beata’s throat. She’s a horny little fuck toy, a skinny blonde who can take a lot of cock. She sucks and he fucks her mouth back. Then she licks and strokes his cock.

She climbs on top and he fucks her pussy reverse-girl. Then Beata gets on all fours and gets fucked from behind. You can hear how wet her pussy is. Do her children and grandchildren know she’s here? What would they say if they saw this? Are we sick fucks for even wondering that?

No. Not at all. We’re just curious.

You’ll say two things as you watch this scene: 1.) “Damn, Beata’s pussy is so fucking wet!” 2.) “How come 20-year-old girls can’t fuck like that?”

Because they can’t, that’s why. They don’t have the experience or the skills. And the fact is, most 20-year-old girls would be embarrassed by their pussy farts. Not Beata.

The guy fucks Beata every which way, she enjoys it every which way, and then he cums on her old pussy. Nice.

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Raelynn loves sucking and fucking that BBC

Raelynn loves sucking and fucking that BBC

Raelynn loves sucking and fucking that BBC

When this video opens, 47-year-old mother and grandmother Raelynn Raines is wearing a button-down shirt that isn’t buttoned. She’s showing a lot of tit. She’s outside and sees her guy waiting for her near the pool.

“Where’s your husband?” he asks.

“It doesn’t matter where he is because you’re going to give me that big, black cock, right?” Raelynn says.

“I can’t wait,” he says.

He isn’t going to have to wait. Raelynn is ready. She tells him her pussy is ready, too, and she reaches down to grab his cock.

“It’s so hard,” she says. That’s because of you, Raelynn.

Then she takes him inside the house and sucks that cock. Raelynn has some skills. She’s a sloppy sucker who makes a lot of noise when she’s got a dick in her mouth. We have no idea how this guy managed to keep from shooting his load right then and there.

But he doesn’t, and the guy is enough of a gentleman to eat Raelynn’s pussy. It’s really wet, and she doesn’t hold back: She does cum. Because women can do that without being selfish. Then she sucks his cock some more.

One of the nice things about this scene: Raelynn is wearing stockings.

Finally, after lots of oral sex, Raelynn bends over and takes his BBC deep inside her pussy. And then she sucks her pussy juices off his cock. And then she gets fucked again. And then the dude cums in her mouth.

Like we said, we have no idea how he held back that long.

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Shag Mag

Shag Mag

Shag Mag

“I asked my boyfriend to show me one of his dirty mags. I thought it would be something kinky that we could do together. It was my first time seeing any kind of porn, and it was shocking–but also really hot! My pussy got wet and tingly seeing other girls naked and sucking and fucking. So I told my boyfriend we should imitate what they’re doing. I sucked his cock nice and deep and fucked him like a porno chick! And I let him cum all over my face too. Now I know why girls like it so much.”

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Boober #03 – Marcus London & Karma Rx

Karma Rx was doing nothing with her life before Boober came along. Some might say this revolution in driving apps has saved her life. Now Karma is slinging her tits in style and making big bucks helping the American economy as she cruises from one ride to the next. Marcus is a business man in town for the week and manages to luck into Karma’s car one fateful day. Wow, is he surprised. He figured he would give the new app a shot and now discovers it has opened up pandoras box into sweet titty paradise. Karma is packing a massive rack of A — 1 Titty Pie and he is soon buried up to his eyeballs in them. Oh sweet Mammary! With tits this big you just got to check out the sweet spot between her legs And it does not disappoint. Karma is a five star ride and we recommend everybody get in her car.

Breakfast With My Friend – Part 1 – Charlotte Stokely & Serene Siren

Every Sunday Brigitte (Charlotte Stokely) and her girlfriend Jenny (Serene Siren) host a friendly breakfast with Brigitte’s childhood friend Lola (Penny Pax) and Pepper (Sovereign Syre). It’s the perfect occasion to catch up with what has happened during the week, and this week was a special one for Brigitte, ended up face to face with her ex on the street and her reaction was unexpected, she kissed her. That story makes Brigitte’s friend laugh and brings old memories back. They all laugh at the situation, but when the brunch is over and Brigitte and Jenny are finally alone in the living room, and it’s another story. Jenny is a little bit upset over the whole situation. Luckily for Jenny, Brigitte knows exactly how to make her forgive her bad behavior. An explosive orgasm always does the trick!

Charity Case – Will Pounder & Lisey Sweet


Ben (Will Pounder), a family man, returns home from an outing. He parks in his dark garage and climbs out of his car, chatting with his wife on his phone. Unbeknownst to him, as he says ‘I love you’ and hangs up, someone is lurking in the shadows.

When he turns on the lights, he’s startled to see Cassie (Lisey Sweet) there, dressed in a cap and baggy hoodie. Ben goes on the defensive, thinking that he’s being mugged in his own home, but she insists that he knows her. She’s Cassie, a homeless teen he’s shared sandwiches with before! She was so used to seeing him around when she was on the streets that when he stopped showing up, she panicked. She just wanted to make sure he was okay!

Although Ben’s freaked out at first, he assures her that he’s perfectly fine. Seeing how shaken she is, he takes pity on Cassie and invites her inside to get washed up. Obviously, she can’t stay with him, but he’ll do what he can to help her.

Cassie is smitten with him. She’s drawn to his kindness, wanting nothing but affection from him, but she doesn’t know how to properly show it. She comes on too strong and weirds Ben out, causing him to deny her every advance. Confused and desperate for human contact, she begins undressing, trying to get him to look at her naked skin. Ben is again freaked out, which only confuses Cassie even more. Doesn’t he WANT to have sex with her? Otherwise, why would he have been so kind to her?

Ben is appalled — he’s a family man who loves his wife very much! Not every guy wants to take advantage of her. But when Cassie refuses to leave and comes onto him stronger than before, Ben is conflicted. If he gives in this one time, maybe she’ll get out of his life and never come back…

Showcase: Emily Willis – Scarlett Sage & Emily Willis

Scarlett Sage is lounging on her bed when she gets a knock on her window. She’s surprised to find Emily Willis standing there. She opens the window and Emily climbs in, telling Scarlett that she’s so happy she’s home. She got into a HUGE fight with her mom and she was hoping that she could stay with Scarlett for a couple of days. Scarlett is a little hesitant. They’re both 19, isn’t that a little old to be climbing into someone’s window?? Emily explains that she didn’t want Scarlett’s mom to see her since their moms are friends.

In the end, Scarlett agrees. But she has to go to work, so she warns Emily not to let her mom catch her. Emily promises that she won’t leave the bedroom and Scarlett leaves for work.

Bored while Scarlett’s away, Emily tries on some of Scarlett’s clothes, parading around in front of the mirror. But once she’s had enough of that, she’s bored again, so she grabs Scarlett’s laptop and starts snooping around on it. Her eyes go wide, shocked at what she’s seeing.

At that moment, Scarlett walks in. What is Emily doing looking at her laptop?? With a mischievous smile, Emily tells her that she was reading her DMs and found an interesting one. One that says that Scarlett wants to FUCK Emily!

Scarlett denies it, but as she licks her lips and looks at Emily, it’s clear that she’s lying. Emily gets closer to Scarlett, caressing her leg sensually. Come on, she insists, it’s what Scarlett wants, isn’t it? And it’s the least Emily could do to thank her for letting her stay here. She leans in and kisses Scarlett.

Scarlett is nervous, but can’t resist Emily’s tight body as Emily slips her top off, revealing her perky teen tits. Emily slides Scarlett’s top off, kissing her pink nipples as Scarlett moans. Emily lies Scarlett down on the bed and peels her shorts off, lowering her face to Scarlett’s pussy.

Emily was never supposed to see those DMs, but right about now, Scarlett’s glad she did!

2 TS + 1 Stud = Kinky Anal Threesome! – Lena Kelly & Khloe Kay & Spencer Fox

Tight, sexy TS goddesses Khloe Kay and Lena Kelly are lingerie-clad, ultra-femme T-girls that love sharing blowjobs, rimming and more! These slender trans babes taste each other and then do an anal threesome with lucky stud Spencer Fox. The girls kneel to give Spencer a double blowjob, and he buttfucks each lovely TS in turn. Khloe reams his ass while he sodomizes Lena, putting Spencer in the middle of a trans girl daisy chain! Khloe cums with a dick up her ass, and Spencer ejaculates onto Lena’s throbbing she-cock.

Suzumi Creampie

Suzumi Creampie

Suzumi Creampie

Suzumi Wilder is a proud owner of four cats. She just loves pussy. And we’re all big fans of Suzumi’s pussy, which is why we brought in Tony, one of our best stunt cocks, to give her a special treat. He’s going to do all of Suzumi’s favorite things, like worship her tits and nips, finger and fuck her cunt and even layer her pussy with a creampie.

Suzumi stuffs his cock into her mouth and wraps her DDD-cup naturals around his cock for a tit-fuck. Suzumi’s wild side is on full display when Tony stuffs his cock inside of her. She begs for more as Tony picks up the pace of his fucking with each thrust. And when Tony is ready to burst, she’s begging him to cum inside her.

“Yeah, cum in my pussy,” she screams. “Cum in my pussy.”

Being the little nympho she is, she asks Tony to save a few drops for her mouth, too, and she waxes the remainder off his cock.

“Oh, it’s so good,” she says.

Suzumi thinks it’s finger lickin’ good.

“I love cum inside my pussy and mouth,” she adds.

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Angel & The Bad Men

Angel & The Bad Men

Angel & The Bad Men

Stacked like a library bookshelf and blessed with a beautiful face, art dealer Angel Wicky is showing two dudes a painting she wants to sell them. What they really want is to dip their paint brushes in Angel’s palette. Angel must have a great sales history, judging by how she leans over one of the guys sitting on the couch and practically lap dances him when she points out a feature of the painting. We may not know art when we see it but we know a hot piece of ass when we see her.

The two pricks waste little time putting the moves on Angel and undress her, going straight for Angel’s gorgeous big boobs first. They each help themselves to a breast. They drop trousers and Angel drops to her knees. Taking both rods in hand, Angel parts her lips and swallows them, one at a time. When she sucks one, she jacks the other in her delicate little fist. One dude fucks her big tits while the other fucks her mouth.

Angel bends over at the waist to blow Jay. His buddy Tom slips it to Angel from behind while she’s occupied. Angel has got action in front of her and action behind her. The blonde knock-out slips off her high heels, positions herself over Jay, who’s sitting down, and lowers herself. His cock disappears up Angel’s butt-hole in one move! Tom tickles Angel’s pink pussy and her clit for a few seconds, then pumps his cock into her sugar-box. The double-penetration of Angel begins.

Angel really is an angel.

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Raelynn sucks and fucks a big, black cock

Raelynn sucks and fucks a big, black cock

Raelynn sucks and fucks a big, black cock

Today, Raelynn Raines, a 47-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from Phoenix, is going to suck and fuck that big, black cock. The dude is going to eat her pussy, then he’s going to fuck her pussy and then he’s going to glaze her face with his cum. As you’re about to see, sexy Raelynn looks very nice with cum dripping down her chin and onto her tits.

We asked Raelynn what satisfies her best, and she said, “Big, long, fat dicks. Oral while being fingered deep and hard. I like sex deep and slow and then hard and fast. I love my nipples licked and pinched during sex. Not hard. Some light hair-pulling is good.”

We also asked her about her kinkiest sexual encounter, and she said, “I had sex with my ex-husband in a gym room shower. Yes, he was my ex-husband at the time.”

Talk about a divorcee with benefits.

She’s had sex with women. She isn’t afraid to initiate sex. She does it all the time. She fucks a lot and masturbates daily. She’s a woman with a big sexual appetite, and she came to the right place to get it satisfied.

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Little Butt Stuffer

Little Butt Stuffer

Little Butt Stuffer

“I have a favorite way to play with myself. I have a toy I like to use, but I bet you can’t guess what it is,” Luna says in her sexy-squeaky voice.

This tight-bodied nymph opens her drawer and pulls out a blue butt plug. She uses it to rub her pussy while her panties are still on, getting nice and wet. Then she uses the toy for its intended purpose: to go deep in her asshole.

Luna has no problem sliding her butt plug in and out of her starfish. You can see her hungry asshole sucking it in. She inserts it all the way and then works her pussy with her fingers. Luna is one kinky teen!

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A2M Jane: Gaping Anal Cum Swallower! – Francesca Le & Mark Wood & Jane Wilde

Looking sweet in pigtails, naughty brunette Jane Wilde bends and twerks her bodacious butt. She flirts with hot co-director Francesca Le and opens her bunghole for some extra-large toys. Jane buzzes her clit with a vibe while choking on Mark Wood’s stiff wood; she spills spit all over her face in wet, messy blowjob. Jane’s eyes roll back in her head as Mark’s throbbing schlong fucks her up the ass. Nasty anal reaming comes with salacious rimming, expansive rectal gaping and a nasty, ass-to-mouth blowjob. Jane gargles and swallows a creamy helping of semen.

Gym Orgy – Cherry Kiss & Jozephine Jackson & Diane Chrystall

The super hot goddesses, Cherry Kiss, Diane Chrystall, Jozephine Jackson are having a nice time working out until… the horniness takes place! The three natural beauty enjoy finger fucking and licking their dripping wet pussies! These stunning babes reach an intense and passionate orgasm together!

Big-Boob TS Juliana’s Anal Fuck/A2M BJ – Juliana Soares & Bruce Ball

Buxom, big-assed Brazilian TS Juliana Soares wears white lingerie and sheer stockings, teasing us with her thick, round booty. She spreads oil on her big tits. Juliana fingers her asshole while jacking her stiff she-dick, and she gives horny stud Bruce Ball a gagging blowjob. The busty T-girl beauty straddles his cock for an anal fuck, and she sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Lucky Bruce buttfucks Juliana and sprays her belly with hot cum.

Bangs For The Mammaries

Bangs For The Mammaries

Bangs For The Mammaries

The best pick-up line Madi Jane ever heard was, “Wow! Those boobs must have their own zip code!” A good observation if unoriginal. We printed that line in our magazines 20 years ago.

“I’m quick to let a man or woman know what I like and how it feels,” Madi Jane says about sex. She loves it with both sexes. “I love nasty, kinky sex, the hotter the better. My most-vivid sexual fantasy is to be dominated by several men all at once.”

In this scene, stunt cock Ashley dreams of Madi walking into his bedroom. Madi bounces on him and gives him one lusty ride, fucking him until his ticket’s punched and he’s drained of seed. If he didn’t have a big dick, it would have disappeared into her deep cleavage. She’s one hell of a woman, bawdy and naughty. This is big-girl sex at its most-natural and earthy.

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Pump That Pussy

Pump That Pussy

Pump That Pussy

“Doesn’t everybody masturbate?” Anastasia Blake asked.

“The details depend on how horny I am. When I’m really horny, I massage my breasts and pinch and pull on my nipples until they are really hard. Then I run my hands down the front of my body and rub my clit with my fingers.

“Once I’m really wet, I use the big guy which will usually make me cum within a minute or two. Sometimes I keep going for a couple more orgasms and sometimes I’m satisfied with one.”

Anastasia demonstrated with a huge toy courtesy of kindly old Doc Johnson.

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Rachel & Candy’s Big Tit Lesbian Toy Play

Rachel & Candy’s Big Tit Lesbian Toy Play

Rachel & Candy's Big Tit Lesbian Toy Play

Candy Cantaloupes is the submissive in this scene with Rachel Rocketts, the take-charge girl. It was filmed in London near the end of Candy’s career and the beginning of Rachel’s. (She’s still dancing a few days a week in Michigan as of this writing.) The long gloves, the huge hair, the super-sized tits and the bush between their legs tags this as a shoot from the Big ’90s.

Uncut and digitized straight off the original 32 minute tape, this scene was later edited to 12 minutes for a home video release. The girls joke and laugh in the beginning before getting down. There are other moments when the girls laugh and look at the camera. All of that and more was removed by an editor.

If you’ve seen a number of SCOREClassics.com videos, you’ll note the major difference in direction and composition. Rachel and Candy’s director/cameraman is not close to being as authoritative as the studio’s main director and the camera placement is completely different.

More of a cameraman than a director, the man behind the lens is also not breast-oriented and is more interested in pussy, pussy licking and vibrator fucking. There are some creative close-up angles of Rachel’s lubed, thick-lipped pussy getting the toy treatment.

See More of Candy Cantaloupes at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Beata’s return fuck

Beata’s return fuck

Beata's return fuck

“I love to have sex more than ever,” said Beata, a 63-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic. “I will have sex with a younger man, with an older man, whomever. My favorite thing is to give a blow job. I have always loved to please the man and see the look on his face as I give him oral. It’s okay if he finishes that way, but I like to have an orgasm, too.”

In this scene, skinny fuck toy Beata sucks off a 31-year-old. Yeah, a guy half her age. Then she spreads her legs so he can fuck her old, well-used pussy. Then he cums on her cunt. Beata enjoys it. Of course she does. She came here to get fucked by young studs, and she got what she came for. And then she came.

Beata fucks a lot of younger men in her personal life. After she got divorced, she made sure that she made up for lost time. That’s kind of what she’s doing here, although the fact is, she didn’t have to come to our studio to get fucked.

“A lot of men, especially younger men, want to fuck me,” she said through a translator. “And I want to fuck them!


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Raelynn’s magic wand

Raelynn’s magic wand

Raelynn's magic wand

It’s time for a video sex lesson from Raelynn Raines, a 47-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from Phoenix, Arizona. Sexy Raelynn is going to tell you how to satisfy her, from her nipples to her pussy.

“Eventually, you’re going to get to my hot little wet spot,” she says, “but first you’re going to stay up here.” She means up there, at her nipples. But Raelynn gets down there fast enough. She turns over and gets her sweet, fuckable ass up in the air. Then she lies on her back and pulls out her Hitachi wand, which is her own. She brought it with her to the shoot, and she uses it to satisfy her pussy. If you can do as well as that wand is doing, you’re in like flynn, buster.

“I carry myself in a very respectable manner in public,” Raelynn said. “I sometimes wear skirts and heels or jeans and heels, but I also have lazy days when I’m in yoga pants and workout clothes.”

She also said, “A man who smells good and dresses well and opens the door for me will always get my attention.”

Does she mean the door to her bedroom? Well, that, too. But the door to your car, to the restaurant, anywhere. Be a gentleman–an old-fashioned gentleman–to Raelynn. It’ll get you far.

Even as far as that Hitachi wand is going.

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Butt Horny

Butt Horny

Butt Horny

Luna gets a special kind of horny.
Most girls get horny in their pussy. Their clits throb and their slits get wet. Luna experiences that, along with something else. “I get horny in my butt! I know how good anal play feels, and sometimes I just crave something stretching out my ass. My pussy is tight and sensitive, and my butthole is even more so!”

How did you learn that you like butt stuff?
“Just regular exploration. I masturbate a lot. Constantly. I’ll even play with myself when I’m bored in an Uber ride. Eventually that led me to my butt, and I was like, this feels pretty good! So I started experimenting with buttplugs and I fell in love. Now I’m totally on the anal bandwagon!”

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Black Daya: Interracial Anal Gaping – Mark Wood & Daya Knight

Black goddess Daya Knight shows off her long legs and bald pussy by the pool. She spreads her cheeks, exposing a bejeweled butt plug, and then kneels to orally worship Mark Wood’s thick white prick. He fucks her winking butthole from behind and thrusts passionately, sending Daya into an orgasmic frenzy. She squeezes her titties and rubs her pussy, loving the interracial anal reaming. Daya cums hard on Mark’s fat rod! See sexy asshole gaping, a slobbery, ass-to-mouth blowjob and a juicy mouthful of sperm for Daya to swallow.

Transfixed | S1 E5 | Workout Girls – Kenzie Taylor & Kayleigh Coxx

Kenzie Taylor and Kayleigh Coxx are exercising together, working up a light sweat that glistens off their stunning bodies. Kenzie looks at Kayleigh, her eyes drawn magnetically to the tantalizing bulge between her legs. As they move in tandem, the pulsing rhythm of their workout quakes through their taut bodies.

‘You look really good when you’re bouncing around like that,’ Kenzie tells Kayleigh, fixing her with a seductive gaze from her sultry eyes. As the workout continues, Kenzie becomes more and more entranced by the carnal spell cast by the blonde bombshell beside her.

As her lust reaches its peak, Kenzie surrenders to her desire and pulls the willing Kayleigh onto a workout mat. Kayleigh slips her sports bra off, revealing her perfect breasts and perky pink nipples, which Kenzie tongues sensually as Kayleigh throws her head back with pleasure, rubbing her rapidly-stiffening cock over her workout shorts.

Slowly and tenderly, Kayleigh pulls Kenzie’s sports bra down. Kenzie’s spectacular breasts come spilling out and Kayleigh envelopes Kenzie’s nipples with her soft lips, sucking on them as if she is satisfying a deep and animalistic craving.

Kenzie pulls down Kayleigh’s shorts, getting her first glimpse of the treasure that lies between Kayleigh’s legs. Kenzie begins to lightly stroke Kayleigh’s cock, cupping her balls delicately before easing Kayleigh down onto her back. Kenzie licks her lips, filling her eager mouth with Kayleigh’s beautiful cock.

Now…the REAL workout begins…

Workout Girls – Kenzie Taylor & Kayleigh Coxx

Kenzie Taylor and Kayleigh Coxx are exercising together, working up a light sweat that glistens off their stunning bodies. Kenzie looks at Kayleigh, her eyes drawn magnetically to the tantalizing bulge between her legs. As they move in tandem, the pulsing rhythm of their workout quakes through their taut bodies.

‘You look really good when you’re bouncing around like that,’ Kenzie tells Kayleigh, fixing her with a seductive gaze from her sultry eyes. As the workout continues, Kenzie becomes more and more entranced by the carnal spell cast by the blonde bombshell beside her.

As her lust reaches its peak, Kenzie surrenders to her desire and pulls the willing Kayleigh onto a workout mat. Kayleigh slips her sports bra off, revealing her perfect breasts and perky pink nipples, which Kenzie tongues sensually as Kayleigh throws her head back with pleasure, rubbing her rapidly-stiffening cock over her workout shorts.

Slowly and tenderly, Kayleigh pulls Kenzie’s sports bra down. Kenzie’s spectacular breasts come spilling out and Kayleigh envelopes Kenzie’s nipples with her soft lips, sucking on them as if she is satisfying a deep and animalistic craving.

Kenzie pulls down Kayleigh’s shorts, getting her first glimpse of the treasure that lies between Kayleigh’s legs. Kenzie begins to lightly stroke Kayleigh’s cock, cupping her balls delicately before easing Kayleigh down onto her back. Kenzie licks her lips, filling her eager mouth with Kayleigh’s beautiful cock.

Now…the REAL workout begins…

Daddy’s Special Hug – Derrick Pierce & Lexi Lore


A sweet teen girl, Katie (Lexi Lore), is sitting on the couch, gazing off and in her own little world. Meanwhile, her step-father, Michael (Derrick Pierce), is at the front door talking to a neighbor. It’s Katie’s 18th birthday today, so the neighbor brought over some cupcakes! Can he give them to her?

Michael tenses but plays it cool, telling the neighbor that she’s not feeling so well today, so… The neighbor hands over the cupcakes and marvels over what a good step-father he is, but doesn’t push the issue any further before taking his leave. Now when Michael returns to Katie, who obediently and sensually licks the icing he scooped off the cupcake from his finger, it seems like he’s anything but a good step-father.

When they’re alone in Katie’s bedroom shortly after, Katie expresses that she wishes her mother was there to share the special day with. Michael tenses again, saying he wishes her mother was there, too. She was a wonderful woman and he misses her, but… now he has Katie, who has grown up to be a perfect, beautiful young woman… She’s finally ready for his special hug.

Katie, too innocent and trusting of Michael, fails to catch onto the hungry, sexual energy directed towards her. She asks about the special hug and is told that it requires them to be naked, which she doesn’t question since she’d been conditioned all her life for this moment. She’s more curious than anything, especially once they undress and she sees Michael’s cock for the first time.

It’s all new to her, but Michael’s praise and affection is everything to Katie, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to earn his love.

TS Jonelle Fucks Her Anal Boy-Toy! – Gabriel D’Alessandro & Jonelle Brooks

Tall TS queen Jonelle Brooks joins muscular boy toy Gabriel for some mutual anal fun. The busty brunette transsexual pulls down his shorts and licks his asshole, and then presents her rigid she-meat for a blowjob from the submissive cocksucker. Jonelle puts him on all fours and reams his tight butt from behind. Gabriel sucks her dick ass-to-mouth and then treats his mistress to a rim job and a buttfuck. Gabriel cums with Jonelle’s dick up his ass. She laps up his splooge, and Gabriel jacks her off to orgasm.

Cum On My Tattoo – Stella Raee – Lucas Frost & Stella Raee

The delicious Stella Raee, wearing a hot fishnet bodysuit, pours oil all over her juicy tatted-up body, squeezing her perfect tits and clapping her luscious ass cheeks. When Lucas Frost walks in, wondering what Stella is up to, she tells him that there’s only one thing she wants all over her tattoos more than oil: his cum. Lucas is happy to help, so Stella squats down, stuffing Lucas’ cock into her slutty little mouth, gagging on it. He gets her down on the couch, ripping her fishnet off and throwing her legs back. He buries his face in her oiled-up pussy, working her clit with his tongue as she grinds her mound all over his mouth. Once Stella’s nice and wet, she climbs on top of Lucas, straddling him and stuffing his cock into her pussy. Stella rides him like the skanky little cowgirl she is, bouncing her plump ass on his dick as she screams and gasps. By the time Lucas is done with Stella, her tats are going to be nice and shined-up with a generous helping of his hot cum…

Bella Isabella

Bella Isabella

Bella Isabella

Soft, erotic and sensuous , Isabella Grazzi is very comfortable on-camera. Isabella found out about XL Girls from a friend, checked out all of the girls and liked what she saw.

Pretty-girl Isabella likes to go on “super-chill dates. I don’t need a fancy dinner, just something fun and relaxing.”

Isabella wants to go skydiving. The funniest pick-up line she’s heard so far is “Did it hurt? Falling from the sky? Because with a face like yours, you’ve got to be an angel.”

Twice a day with her Hitachi Wand (the preferred toy for so many girls) gives Isabella the kind of buzz she loves.

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Your Cock In Sirale’s Mouth & Pussy

Your Cock In Sirale’s Mouth & Pussy

Your Cock In Sirale's Mouth & Pussy

Doe-eyed, busty brunette Sirale can get you off with her mouth, big boobs and pussy. Any way you want it, she does it. Sirale’s a very talented girl with a hot rack and she enjoys a dirty ride.

This video is virtual sex. Shot in P.O.V., it’s your cock banging Sirale. First Sirale will give you a boob show, flaunting her natural, very large tits. She squeezes and lifts them while staring straight at you. Then you give her cock and she sucks it, again staring at you wide-eyed with your dick in her mouth.

Totally nude, Sirale lays back on the bed and spreads her legs wide open. You rub the head of your prick against her cunt-lips and clit. She’s ready, so shove your cock into her and start fucking while she screams in pleasure from her pussy getting filled to the brim.

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Get hard with Raelynn Raines

Get hard with Raelynn Raines

Get hard with Raelynn Raines

A week of Raelynn Raines at 40SomethingMag.com begins with this 47-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother stripping out of a sheer top, showing off her sexy body, spreading all of her fuck holes and using an Hitachi wand on her pussy. This marks Raelynn’s return to 40SomethingMag.com after debuting in February, and here’s what we’ve got for you:

Solo photos today.

Solo video tomorrow in which Raelynn teaches us how to please a mature woman.

Fucking photos Wednesday.

Fucking video Thursday.

By the end of the week, you’ll know Raelynn inside and out. Especially inside.

Raelynn lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Her favorite TV shows are Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Manifest. Her favorite movie is Get Hard, which seems appropriate for obvious reasons. She enjoys camping, hiking and masturbating. Especially masturbating.

“I am a bit of a toy snob and only have a few brands that I like,” she said. “I love my Johnny Holmes and Jeff Stryker dildos, especially when they are attached to my fuck machine. I also have two Hitachi magic wands so that one is always charged and ready. I like to use my wand for everything, when I am masturbating and during sex. I also have a Double Trouble dildo for double-penetration with my fuck machine.”

The Hitachi wand she’s using in these photos is hers. That’s right: Raelynn brought her fucking toys with her!

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Asian MILF Mia: Anal/Thick Cum Facial! – Jonni Darkko & Mia Lelani

Dressed in glamorous fur, sheer stockings and lingerie, busty Asian MILF Mia Lelani sucks on a thick glass dildo and then slides it up her plump, experienced ass. She talks dirty to the camera as she fucks herself. Mia kneels to give Jonni Darkko’s hard dick a wet, gagging blowjob. While shooting POV-style camera, Jonni rails the busty lady’s juicy pussy. Mia eagerly sucks cock pussy-to-mouth. Jonni delivers a nasty anal reaming! For the climax, he splatters Mia with a huge, thick cum facial.

A Steamy Night – India Summer & Brandi Love

Karen (Brandi Love) puts the final touch to her story before she goes to bed. Like everyone in town, her girlfriend Jennifer (India Summer) wants to know what will be on her blog tomorrow. Unfortunately for her, nobody can’t read it before it’s online. Nobody except her wife. That little problem could be fix if Jennifer accepts Karen’s proposition. Stunned by the proposal, Jennifer accepts and kisses her lover passionately. This long time desired kiss quickly transforms in a steamy sex scene that many of us wished to witness for a long time.

Brazil TS Melissa Jacks Her Big Cock – Melissa Pozzi

Dolled up in sheer patterned stockings and pumps, a bondage collar and lacy lingerie, heavily hung Brazilian TS model Melissa Pozzi strokes her huge, thick she-cock for our delight. The glamorous, busty trans lady stimulates her nipples while masturbating her throbbing meat. She slathers her big boner with oil and exposes her tight, little butthole. Climaxing her solo jack-off session, Melissa’s pulsing prick spurts a hot load of spunk.

What Husband? – India Summer & Lyra Law

India Summer, a masseuse, is waiting for her next client of the day. When Lyra Law rushes in, it’s clear she’s not having a good day. India soothes her, assuring her that everything will fine. In fact, maybe she can unwind by using a new massage they’re offering: NURU. Lyra calms down a moment saying, ‘Oh! I and Riley used that on our honeymoon!’

Once they’re in the shower together, getting prepped for the massage, Lyra apologizes for coming in with such a bad attitude. It’s just her relationship with Riley’s been a bit rough lately, and– India assures her that it’s perfectly fine, these things happen. Her job today is to make Riley forget all that and relax a while!

After a surprisingly sensual cleaning in the shower from India, they go to the mat for the full body massage. Once India is sliding her naked body all over Lyra’s, being nothing but professional, she comments that she IS sorry to hear about the trouble Lyra’s going through with her husband. Maybe couples counseling is an option?

Lyra is confused but amused. ‘Husband? Riley’s my WIFE!’

India is so embarrassed about the mishap, even though Lyra finds the whole thing to be funnier than anything else. However, when India starts to act weird about massaging her since finding out she’s a lesbian, Lyra calls India out on it. She’s not so sure India’s as straight as she thinks she is. After all, that shower massage was getting pretty sensual.

India tries in vain to say that there’s nothing more to this, it’s just a massage, but Lyra has her doubts. She’s game for letting India experiment, if she wants. It’s only going to be between them, anyway. Lyra could use a little extra lovin’, too, since she’s not getting it from her wife right now…

Once Lyra goes in for a kiss, India’s own worries melt away. Lyra takes control and India gets to experience getting eaten out and tribbed for the first time. The heat between their slippery bodies intensifies as India gets bold enough to try these things for her own on Lyra as well. It looks like this massage did a world of good for them both!

An Angel In Blue: Tempted & Caught – Blue Angel & Erik Everhard & Gerson

Blue Angel is enjoying herself at a formal party that oozes sensuality. The hypnotic music, dim lights, and people seducing each other from across the room… Even though Blue Angel herself is there with her date, Erik Everhard, another man, Gerson, catches her eye.

When Blue sneaks outside, Gerson isn’t far behind as they exchange lustful touches and smoldering gazes until Erik catches her being unfaithful. Blue is not shy about being caught, sweetly asking her man if he’d be up for sharing her. Blue Angel then has the night of her life pleasing and being pleased by two eager men taking turns with her mouth and pussy.

Boob Science Double Penetration Party

Boob Science Double Penetration Party

Boob Science Double Penetration Party

Computer-generated Mandy (Daphne Rosen) takes nerds Sheldon and Dexter to a crazy house party filled with wild people trashing the place. The party is crashed by bodacious and tough chick Angel Gee and her two nasty goons who threaten to brain anyone who challenges them.

Because Mandy is a supergirl who can make things happen, Dexter and Sheldon take Angel’s goons out with a punch. Then she turns her attention to Angel who looks impressed. “Hi, Angel. These are my wards, Dexter and Sheldon. They’re dying to fuck you,” Mandy says.

“I like men who know what they want,” Angel replies. “You could say the boys made me who I am today,” Mandy adds. Angel is game for action. The four move over to a couch and the two bra-busters begin sucking their cocks while the crowd encircles them and cheers.

The group disperses and the two geeks drill their cocks into Daphne and Angel’s pussies on-top, from the side, from behind and from underneath. The two mount Daphne and double-penetrate her while Angel rubs their balls and cocks. Angel doesn’t do anal but if she ever wanted to, there would be no better teacher than Daphne.

After smashing Daphne in both holes, the two nerds blast their ball batter all over Angel and Daphne, making this experiment in Boob Science a success except for the house which is completely trashed. Well, you can’t make an omelette with breaking some eggs and you can’t screw two top-heavy chicks without busting a nut.

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Gaping Anal Fucker Chloe Swallows Cum – Francesca Le & Mark Wood & Chloe Cherry

Looking cute with her curly hair and blonde bush, Chloe Cherry pinches her tiny pink nipples and winks her puckering asshole. Dirty-talking co-director Francesca Le gives her a big black toy to shove inside her rectum as she waits for hung Mark Wood’s fat cock. She throat-dives onto his dick, giving a slobbery blowjob. Chloe bends over, sticking a finger in her butthole while Mark plows her sweet pussy. Anal penetration makes her gasp, and the stud fucks her bunghole, filling her gut with thick prick. Hard buttfucking leads to incredible bunghole gaping and a raunchy, ass-to-mouth blowjob. Chloe swallows semen.

Asian Ember: Anal Fucking & Cum Facial – Jonni Darkko & Ember Snow

Tanned Asian tramp Ember Snow shows off her smooth, petite body in a lacy bra and panties. The all-natural sweetheart greases up her tender butthole and slides a thick glass dildo up her ass! She stretches her tight sphincter, and then replaces the anal toy with Jonni Darkko’s stiff dick. Ember gives the white stud a gagging, ball-sucking blowjob, and he continues fucking her butthole until he splashes a creamy cum facial all over the sexy girl’s open mouth.

Knocking At The Back Door – Angela White & Gia Derza

Angela White is napping on her bed. Suddenly the door flies open as the energetic Gia Derza, her roommate, barges in, announcingthat she has something that she just HAS to show Angela! ‘What?? Knock first, please, Gia!’ Angela exclaims. A couple of days later,Angela is in her room in her bra and panties, nearly finished getting dressed. Gia bounces in without knocking, again, but sheabruptly stops at the sight of Angela’s gorgeous tits nestled in the bra. She stares for a moment too long, looking flustered andentranced. Angela storms forward, exclaiming, ‘AGAIN?? How many times do I have to tell you to knock first! Get outta here, I’mchanging!’ Gia gets chased out of the room by Angela, who slams the door in frustration.

The next morning, Angela looks excited as she settles onto her bed with her laptop, biting her lip as she stares at the screen whilereaching down under her skirt, lightly rubbing her pussy while she stares at the screen. Just as she’s starting to get into it, the dooropens. ‘Hey, Angela–‘ Gia enthusiastically greets, but Gia is BARELY in through the door before Angela shrieks and shouts, ‘NOTNOW!! Why don’t you ever knock??’

Later that morning, Angela walks down a hallway and stops briefly at a bedroom door. There is a whiteboard with writing on it thatreads ‘Gone to the gym. – Gia’. Angela smiles broadly and exclaims, ‘FINALLY! Some time to myself!’ She turns and hurries into herown bedroom. She wastes no time stripping down and laying face-down, ass-up on the bed. She starts masturbating, saying toherself that she can FINALLY play with her ass, too, for once. Sure, she might be able to finger her pussy fast enough before Giabarges in, but when it comes to the back door, well… She moans as she pleasures herself, sliding a hard dildo into her ass. She rubsher pussy and fucks her ass with the dildo, building towards an intense orgasm. Just as she’s about to cum, Gia opens her door. ‘Hey,Angela, have you seen my water bottl–‘ she starts but stops in her tracks, her eyes wide.

Angela screams in shock, hurriedly trying to cover herself. Gia stammers a little, saying that she’s sorry, though Angela scoffs. No, ifGia was REALLY sorry, she’d have started knocking, like Angela ALWAYS asks, before barging into her room like this. Seriously, is shegoing to have to get a lock for the door? Gia is flustered, saying that she doesn’t MEAN to intrude. She… just gets so excited to seeAngela! Angela is a little taken aback by the sweet, sincere words. Her anger fading, Angela says that as much as she likes spendingtime with Gia, sometimes she needs some alone time. Gia shyly but playfully says that it doesn’t seem like Angela needs more timeALONE — frankly, it looks more like she needs some special time with someone else!

Angela is surprised, then licks her lips while eyeing Gia. ‘Since you’re always so eager to barge in, maybe I should show youEXACTLY what I do when I get some alone time,’ Angela playfully says as she shows Gia the dildo, licking it sensually. Angela takesGia’s arm and guides her onto the bed, asking Gia if she’s ever had anything inside her ass. When Gia says that she hasn’t, Angelatells her that she’s going to show her what it feels like, kissing Gia intensely. Gia squeezes Angela’s beautiful breasts, sucking onthem hungrily. Angela strips off Gia’s clothes as Gia gets down on all fours. Face-to-face with Gia’s luscious ass, Angela spanks it asGia squeals. Biting her lip, Angela lowers her face to Gia’s beautiful butthole and begins to rim it softly while Gia moans.

Angela’s going to teach Gia how important knocking is, ESPECIALLY knocking on the back door.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, killjoint666!

Extreme TS-on-TS Anal & Sounding Kink! – Natalie Mars & Lianna Lawson

Two kinky TS temptresses go to the extreme! Blonde Lianna Lawson and brunette Natalie Mars inserts medical sounds (metal rods) into their urethras — yowzah! They go dick-to-dick on one rod, ‘docking’ at their sensitive penis holes. Then the T-girls give each other blowjobs. Natalie and Lianna fuck each other’s tight asshole and rim winking sphincters. Finally, each luscious trans doll masturbates to orgasm while sitting on an anal toy. The TS girlfriends lap up each other’s hot cum.

Horny Old Men #02 – Marcus London & Arietta Adams

Meanwhile back at Jay’s house, his granddaughter Arietta Adams has taken a hankering to the older but incredibly in shape Englishman Marcus London who has taken up lodging at his digs. Finding her opportunity to catch Mr. London alone, Arietta moves in for the kill and quickly has his UK banger in her mouth. Cocked and loaded, she is ready for sport as she spends a fun filled afternoon of carnal delights riding and getting pounded by his limey cock. Orgasm after orgasm quakes her 18 year old body as she shimmers and shammers all over the couch. Finally, he busts a load of jism on her and she feels like she has accomplished something with her day. Young, dumb and full of cum, she is more than satisfied.

Huge Boobs In Motion With Sofia Damon

Huge Boobs In Motion With Sofia Damon

Huge Boobs In Motion With Sofia Damon

For this scene shot on-location, Sofia Damon picked a red long-sleeve leotard that’s transparent enough to see her dark areolae and big, thick nipples. Sofia circles one nipple with her finger, then the other nipple and smiles, blowing a kiss. On the balcony, Sofia treats you to a breast show of all breast shows.

Sofia is blessed with a pair of the greatest boobs nature can gift a girl. Huge and very firm, Sofia’s tits are pliable and heavy. She can self-suck her nipples, and swinging her breasts is no problem for her. She peels off her leotard and goes into an adjoining bedroom where she can spread out to finger and toy her pussy.

As a webcam girl, Senorita Damon masturbates alone to her digital audience. Here she’s bouncing, spanking and toying with a cameraman in the bedroom in front of her, not a computer.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in an unusual location?

Sofia: Yes, one time in a police station.

SCORELAND: What about girls?

Sofia: I’ve never had sex with a girl.

SCORELAND: You’ve had sex in a public place?

Sofia: No. I’m very reserved and I like my privacy. I love sex but not in public.

SCORELAND: How about anal play or anal sex?

Sofia: I don’t like anal and I don’t do it.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do when you are not on your webcam?

Sofia: I love watching movies, enjoying good meals and sleeping. I am waiting for my Prince Charming.

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Letha Weapons: Big Tits, Dirty Mouth

Letha Weapons: Big Tits, Dirty Mouth

Letha Weapons: Big Tits, Dirty Mouth

Letha Weapons shocked SCORE‘s editor in 1994 during a telephone interview. It’s not especially easy to shock a men’s magazine editor who’s talked to hundred of strippers and porn stars but Letha did and she did it naturally.

“I wake up, run a few errands, talk on the phone, fuck a few people, go out to a nightclub. I just get on the phone and call somebody. I have a lot of people who are at my beck-and-call, and then there are some people who do me favors because they want to fuck me.

“I don’t like to have sex for three hours so I wouldn’t want anybody to think that they would have to do that. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again, because I need my pussy in good shape because I have to have sex a lot. I’ve probably had sex with about 250 people by now.

“I like older men though. In fact, my favorite guy right now is 46. He’s my tops for me because he eats pussy really well–he’s the best pussy eater I’ve ever had! He just has these big lips and he sucks on my clit really good and I just love it. When I first met him, he spoiled me because he ate my pussy so many times every day.

“You wouldn’t believe this, but a lot of men don’t know how to eat pussy well. The guys in the porn business know how to do it, but normal guys don’t. I don’t like any licking where the hole is. It just doesn’t do anything. You have to focus on the clit. If you just stay there you’ll be fine. Now, guys who eat pussy badly are all over the pussy.

“I had this one porn guy eating my pussy and he was sucking on my lips. The guy who was videotaping yelled ‘You’re grossing me out!’ and made him stop. Maybe some people like it but it didn’t turn me on. Other guys lick too softly. You have to put some pressure on the clit or you can pull back the top of the clit and lick there really softly. I’m lucky because I have a big clit.”

See More of Letha Weapons at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Homecoming – Wolf Hudson & Korra Del Rio

Pierce has returned from the Army. Unfortunately, his brother Wolf forgot to pick him up at the bus station so he walks to his brother’s place, where he finds Wolf with a stunning woman and they look to be busy kissing and are clearly worked up and ready to fuck! Being the best brother he lets them tumble into the house and waits out the hot scene he is sure will follow… Wolf is rock-hard and ready to get inside his sexy, future wife Korra. They kiss, suck and work each others hard cocks and finally when he can’t hold back any longer Wolf plunges into her tight ass, fucking until they both erupt into blissful orgasms. After quenching their sexual thirst for each other, Wolf Hudson finds his brother sleeping on the porch of his house. After a big hug, he introduces Pierce to his girlfriend and future wife Korra. Korra Del Rio is more than happy to finally meet Wolf’s very attractive brother!

An Independent Woman – Riley Anne & Serene Siren

A teenage girl, Riley Anne, returns home from school, feeling a bit bummed out. She meets her step-mother, Serene Siren, in the kitchen, and they exchange pleasantries. It’s clear from their affectionate interactions that they are close, and Serene can tell something is bothering Riley. Although it takes some probing, it’s revealed that Riley has a sexist teacher for home ec, who insisted that the students learn how to cook for their future husbands.

Serene is livid, gushing about how amazing it is that women are so independent today. They don’t need any man, and they certainly don’t need to cook for one! Plus, what if some of the girls are lesbians? Or pansexuals? Or polyamorous?

Riley tries to stop the rant but there’s little she can do. Even so, she admires the fire her step-mother has. She wishes she was as strong as she was, though Serene assures her that one day they will be. Riley soon becomes aroused from having witnessed her mother’s passion, though she tries to keep it hidden. Again, nothing escapes Serene’s sharp gaze. Her eyes light up as she grins broadly — is Riley HORNY?? Surely she knows how to masturbate to take care of herself, right?

Riley blushes. She admits that she’s not even sure if she’s doing it right, since it’s not doing anything for her. Serene is stunned, deciding that she will absolutely NOT send her step-daughter out into the world needing to rely on others for her own pleasure!

Despite Riley’s embarrassment and reluctance, she soon can’t help but to give into her curiosity. Serene happily leads her to the bedroom and shows her how to properly masturbate. With both of them so turned on, Serene gives Riley a hands on lesson, rubbing and pleasing her sweet pussy. They decide to go all the way to take the edge off for Riley, with Riley experiencing fingerbanging, tonguing, and tribbing like she’s never experienced before!

Horny Old Men #02 – Steve Holmes & Carolina Sweets

Carolina Sweets has heard all about how the German visitor Steve Holmes has a huge cock as he had been banging her best friend’s sister in Germany. Now, Carolina wants a taste of that euro wand. Coming straight out and saying I want to see that cock she lures Steve to her bedroom and is astounded at just how big it is. She immediately is slurping and sucking on that big massive penis. It’s so good! Steve tosses the young girl around munching between her sweet little muffin and sliding his massive tool balls deep. She is having the time of her life as the German invader pounds her nether region in position after position and soon finds within himself to reward her with a faceful of molten baby batter.

Nila Mason’s Hot Date

Nila Mason’s Hot Date

Nila Mason's Hot Date

The incredible Nila Mason waits for Matt Darco to phone her. They have a hot date planned and Nila is as anxious as Matt is to get together. Nila’s phone finally rings. It’s Matt. He’s home and wants her over as soon as possible.

Nila gets into her Nila-mobile and drives to his place. This is one of the rare times we’ve seen an XL Girl drive a car and it’s a stick-shift. Nila’s big tits almost touch the steering wheel. Her nipples are only a fraction away from the wheel.

Nila arrives at Matt’s address and finds him waiting at the door. The first thing he does after greeting Nila is to lower her pink fishnet top and study and admire her big knockers like they’re precious gems. He licks and sucks them hungrily as Nila giggles and makes pleasure sounds, her nipples stiff from his handling. Her breast flesh overflows in his hands. Each of Nila’s boobs is, in fact, a two-hander.

The horny couple enter the bedroom as quickly as possible with minimal small talk. Nila sits on the edge of the bed and takes a closer look at the rock-hard shaft she’s inspired.

Nila sucks and licks his stiff cock like they’re hot newlyweds on a honeymoon. With his cock in her mouth, she moans and makes sucking sounds that increase Matt’s lust for her body. She presses her chest against his junk and buries his dick between her tits. She wants her tits fucked before he pumps her wet pussy-hole.

Nila lies back and eye-bangs him, signaling that it’s time to fuck. She wants cock inside her. Matt aggressively spreads her legs apart and rips her fishnet top when he pulls it down. His wish was to fuck Nila and now she’s made his wish come true.

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Shannon Blue’s Super-wild Big-tit Anal Threesome

Shannon Blue’s Super-wild Big-tit Anal Threesome

Shannon Blue's Super-wild Big-tit Anal Threesome

Shannon Blue and Steve Q. are preparing lunch for Matt Darko but Shannon has no interest in food. She’s hungrier for Matt, eying him like a piece of meat. Steve sees the attraction and invites Matt to come closer to super-chesty Shannon and check out her twin mounds that are close to popping out of her bra.

That’s for Matt who buries his face between her tits, takes them out and plays with them, fascinated by their size and weight. He’s never handled tits like this Brit blonde has although he’s fucked Nila Mason’s huge naturals at XL Girls.

Steve joins in and each man plays with a breast. They pull their man-sausages out for Shannon so she can have something to play with also. She takes turns sucking and jacking them and licking their balls with her long, long tongue. Shannon wants her breasts rubbed by their cocks and they’re happy to drive their skin buses through her titty-tunnel,

Steve has Shannon kneel on a chair, her ass towards him. He lifts up her dress and plunges into her pussy. Matt faces Shannon and feeds her the hard roll. It’s a Shannon sandwich. Few get that for lunch.

They lay Shannon out on a nearby bench so Steve can fuck her in the ass while she strokes Matt. They switch so Matt can get some ass also. Her tight tush squeezes their cocks. Matt lies on the floor so Shannon can lower her ass onto his pole and do squats. Their sexercises continue with Steve fucking Shannon’s bum sideways. The guys lose their loads and cover Shannon with their special sauce. An afternoon with Shannon Blue is an event to remember. It doesn’t get any hotter than this.

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Asian Saya’s Anal & DP Threesome – John Strong & Markus Dupree & Saya Song

Dressed in wicked heels and a sexy mesh body stocking, tattooed Korean cutie Saya Song spreads her perfect butt cheeks to expose her winking asshole. This all-natural Asian minx wants a hard buttfuck from Russian studs Markus Dupree and John Strong. The men take turns ravaging Saya from both ends — fucking her pretty face and plowing her asshole to wide gaping. They stretch her holes with an intense double penetration! To climax the anal reaming and messy, ass-to-mouth blowjob action, Markus and John cum in Saya’s mouth.

Caught At The Kissing Booth – Ivy Wolfe & Danni Rivers

Ivy Wolfe has been running a kissing booth for charity all day and is in the midst of kissing a line-up of girls one by one. As all the girls confirm that they’re over 18, Danni Rivers, a beautiful girl further down the line catches Ivy’s attention and they exchange flirtatious glances. When it’s Danni’s turn, she and Ivy kiss, and it rapidly escalates to a passionate make-out session.

The next girl in line sees that Danni is taking a long time and calls out: hey, quit holding up the line! Ivy hears this and this snaps her out of the passionate moment. She breaks from Danni, giggling and clearing her throat as she takes a deep, steadying breath and straightens her hair, trying to calm herself down. Danni walks away, chuckling quietly.

As Ivy apologizes for the delay and serves the next customer, Danni walks around behind the kissing booth. She gets on her knees and begins to squeeze Ivy’s ass and rub her pussy over her shorts as she trails kisses on her legs. Ivy gasps in shock as she chats with her latest customer, but she can’t resist Danni’s sensual touches.

As the next customer walks up to the booth, her eyes widen when she sees Danni slip her hand down the front of Ivy’s pants and begin to finger her pussy. Ivy moans loudly. Hesitantly, the customer asks if the kissing booth is still happening or is Ivy too…busy? Through gasps of pleasure, Ivy says yes and pulls the customer in for her kiss as Danni slips her shorts off and begins to eat her pussy from behind. As her next few customers come up for their kisses, they’re greeted by the sight of Danni pleasuring Ivy’s pussy.

Ivy’s been caught at the kissing booth with her pants down…LITERALLY!

My, How You’ve Grown! – Chanel Preston & Zac Wild

Zac Wild walks into the massage parlor, sweating and a little out of breath. His step-mother Chanel Preston thanks him again for helping her move that old couch into the trash outside. He tells her that it’s no problem, remarking that it did make him work up a sweat though. He lifts up the bottom of his t-shirt to wipe away the sweat from his brow, revealing his bare midsection, complete with six-pack abs. When Chanel gets a look at his body, she lets out an involuntary gasp of approval. What?, Zac asks. Oh…nothing, it’s just—, she begins, looking him up and down. Well, she’s just realizing now how different he looks since he turned 18 last year, she says biting her lip a little. ‘It’s just that I hadn’t realized how muscular you’d gotten since you started working out, you’ve grown so…big and strong,’ Chanel says. Well, it’s easy not to notice changes when you live with someone, but he’s still the same guy underneath, Zac says. Oh…yes…definitely still her precious son, Chanel says, doing her best not to check him out, but ultimately failing.

Well, he’d better get home and shower, Zac says, clearing his throat as he moves to leave. An idea seems to come to her. Well, there’s a perfectly good shower here, so if he wants…he can just rinse off…here, Chanel suggests with a small edge of flirtation. Hmmmm, he guesses that would be ok, better than sitting all sweaty in his car on the way home, he agrees with a little laugh. Exactly!, Chanel says. He agrees, leaving for the shower room. When he goes, Chanel strokes her chin, as if considering an idea.

A few moments later, Zac is in the shower. Chanel slowly peeks around the corner of the shower area, spying on Zac as he washes himself. Gazing at his body, she is clearly becoming aroused and bites her lip lustfully as she rubs her pussy over her clothes a little. She tries to look away, but she can’t seem to tear herself away from the sight. Soon, she can’t take anymore and her temptation overrides any good sense she may have had. She sees a towel hanging next to the shower stall. Without Zac noticing, she stealthily removes the towel from the hanger.

She takes a deep breath. She then pretends to be coming into the shower area only at that moment. ‘I just wanted to bring you a towel,’ she says loudly, rounding the corner to stand in front of the shower stall. Oh, she’s so sorry! She thought he would be finished by now!, Chanel says, feigning surprise. Zac laughs good-naturedly. Oh, it’s ok, it’s not like it isn’t anything she hasn’t seen before, she’s seen him naked PLENTY of times, he says brightly and without embarrassment. So it looks like things haven’t changed THAT much huh?, Zac chuckles. Well, she’s not so sure about that…,Chanel says, staring at his body. Even though she’s not his birth mom, she did still raise him and can remember when he was just a skinny kid, but now… Chanel adds. When she sees that he is having trouble washing his back, she offers to do it for him. He’s hesitant, but ultimately agrees.

As she washes him, it doesn’t take long for them both to become caught up in the moment as the shower becomes increasingly erotic. When Chanel slips her hands sensually around Zac’s cock, things get a little too intense for him and he pulls away from her. Eager to further her seduction, Chanel offers to massage him to soothe his aching muscles. He agrees.

In the massage room, she has him lie on his stomach as she pours NURU gel on his back. She body-slides on his back. He begins to get really into it, closing his eyes and groaning softly. Soon, she asks him to flip over onto his back and she begins to body-slide on his front side. It doesn’t take long for them both to become entranced by the friction of their nude bodies rubbing together. Eventually, Zac’s dick begins to get hard. Chanel sees it, biting her lip. She tells him that it looks like he has a particularly…tense muscle. She’ll be happy to release that tension for him. She slips her hands around his dick as he gasps.

Chanel can’t believe how grown-up Zac is, and he’s about to show her how much MORE he can grow…

2 Threesomes: Anal, DP, Bi Girls, More – Choky Ice & Anissa Kate & Chad Rockwell & Kira Queen & Vinny Star & Amber Jayne

Busty French brunette Anissa Kate seduces Chad Rockwell and Choky Ice — two implacable hired studs that have been forbidden to move! The men fuck the naturally voluptuous beauty in a nasty anal/double penetration threesome, and they deliver a dual cum facial. Meanwhile, blonde Amber Jayne and her girlfriend, Kira Queen, watch, inspiring them to give well-hung host Vinny Star a blowjob. Vinny nails the buxom tramps as they eat pussy and rim each other’s asshole. Finally, he splatters their tongues with splooge.

Horny Old Men #02 – Filthy Rich & Kate Kennedy

Filthy Rich just recently found a hot young bride to marry him. Sure she is a gold digger and looking for a free ride but damn that pussy is young and sweet. Only having a few more years left might as well ride it out banging a young girl his granddaughter’s age. Literally Kate Kennedy fucks him everywhere. Right there in the living room and her sopping wet snatch is ready to go as she sucks grandpa’s rock hard and goes for a ride in a variety of positions. A fucking and a humping and a pounding away, she power screws that cock for all it is worth and gets rewarded with a dollop full of man juice all over her lovely kisser.

Coffee Date – Syren De Mer & Michael Swayze

Elizabeth (Syren De Mer) is a mature woman, who is part of an online book club to satisfy her craving for romance. She’s been chatting back and forth with a charming man named Nicholas for months, sharing thoughts on the latest erotic novel on their list. Every time she gets a message from Nicholas, she’s giddy with affection. She hasn’t felt this alive in years, and she’s sure it’s the beginning of something special.

Most of her flirting with Nicholas happens when she takes her laptop to her favorite coffee shop. It’s an inviting place where she can relax with her book while messaging her mystery man. All the while, a young barista, Nicky (Michael Swayze), tends to her caffeine needs. He is a sweet boy, and Elizabeth is always happy to chat with him. She even learns that he’s reading the same book she is — word of popular bestsellers must get around fast in a place like this!

One day, Elizabeth’s life takes an exciting and sensual turn when Nicholas finally proposes that they meet up for coffee. Elizabeth’s dream of seeing him face-to-face is about to come true, and she can’t wait. She’s never done anything like this before, but all she can hope for is a fairytale ending… just like the characters in her favorite novels.

Jonesing For Julia Jones

Jonesing For Julia Jones

Jonesing For Julia Jones

Julia Jones likes to go out on blind dates. She doesn’t have sex as often as she wishes and says the best kind of sex for her involves feelings and trusting her partner. She likes a lot of foreplay and her favorite position is being on top. Julia was married for twenty years. Now she’s divorced.

“I guess every woman likes to get attention, not just for her chest if she is busty. I guess I get attention more for my personality or maybe both. I only wear normal clothing, not clothing that draws attention to my boobs. It’s fine if other women enjoy that. My chest gets a lot of looks whatever I wear. The attention varies from country to country. For example, the country where men are the most insistent and always looking is Italy in my experience.”

Julia loves to drive, something most models don’t mention. Not just locally, but when she goes on holiday to such countries as Greece. She likes to play poker online, a hobby that started when she was married and friends came over to her house to play card games. We recommend Julia play poker in a professional gambling house and wear a low-cut top. She will win every hand.

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Victoria Lobov: Sexy Bikini Babe

Victoria Lobov: Sexy Bikini Babe

Victoria Lobov: Sexy Bikini Babe

Big-boob lover Victoria Lobov saw the SCORELAND website, and being a model new on the scene, she was eager to further her horizons and increase her exposure. Her next move was to make contact.

Originally, Victoria was only going to do a Tits & Tugs scene. She decided on that very day to take that next step and go full-sex.

“I have a talent to please,” said Victoria. “My fetish is shoes, shoes and shoes. The higher the better. Oh, and sexy clothes.” There’s no question that this blonde Texan from Russia is a head-turner no matter where she goes. Victoria’s youthful face and stacked body look a decade younger than her fantastic forties. Victoria is unique in that she modeled for both SCORELAND and 40SomethingMag.com,” editor Dave wrote.

“I love playing with my pierced clit. I like to pull the piercing and stick a finger in my pussy. Once it’s all wet, I switch to a dildo and go deep in and out until it makes me cum.”

See More of Victoria Lobov at SCORELAND.COM!

Busty, Blonde Brit Babe Bares Boobs & Bottom

Busty, Blonde Brit Babe Bares Boobs & Bottom

Busty, Blonde Brit Babe Bares Boobs & Bottom

18-year-old Linzi Cassidy was spotted table dancing at a strip club in Liverpool called Angel’s Paradise Gentleman’s Club on Cumberland Street. Our photo team made Linzi an offer to model in London and she accepted.

It was easier back then to find busty dancers at clubs who were interested in photo and video modeling, especially in the UK where bare breasts and nudity are more common in mainstream media than in the USA. There are not that many big-boobed girls stripping today, especially girls with natural breasts.

Linzi was brand-new at posing on-camera. She took training well, as the video proves, and eventually appeared in several issues of V-mag as well as Charnelles, the French-language edition of V-mag.

Linzi didn’t have a prolific modeling career, like most of the British girls of those years who go back to school, get a job, get married and raise a family after they leave the camera behind. She performed in two girl-girl scenes, one with female-friendly Russian Kathy and another with Charlotte in which they finger-bang and dildo each other.

See More of Linzi Cassidy at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

It’s big, it’s black and it’s cumming in Seka’s ass

It’s big, it’s black and it’s cumming in Seka’s ass

It's big, it's black and it's cumming in Seka's ass

When this video opens, 64-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Seka Black is wearing a skirt that’s so short, we can see the top of her stockings. She’s telling us how horny she’s been, and fortunately, she has a guy coming over. It’s not her husband.

“I want to fuck him so bad,” she says.

She tidies herself up, not that she needs any tidying up. Seka is blond and beautiful. Anyway, the guy shows up.

“Is everything alright?” he asks.

“I have a few things in the house that I need fixed. My husband’s not home,” she says.

He enters the house, although hesitantly. Not surprisingly, the repairs that need to be done are in the master bedroom. Hmmm.

“I don’t see anything wrong in here, Mrs. Black,” he says.

“Honestly,” she says, “there isn’t anything wrong, but I’ve had the hots for you for a long time. I can’t wait to get fucked by you!”

And away we go!

She unzips his pants and takes out his cock. It’s as big as she expected. Even bigger.

“I have got to suck your cock,” Seka says, and then she proves she’s not all talk and no action.

But we already knew that, didn’t we? This isn’t Seka’s first time at 60PlusMILFs.com, and this is definitely not the first big, black cock she’s sucked and fucked and taken up her ass. Yeah, that, too. And then the dude creampies her ass, so all’s well that ends well, right?


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Slow, Comfort-able screw

Slow, Comfort-able screw

Slow, Comfort-able screw

Cora Comfort is ready for action. She’s wearing a sexy, orange dress that covers very little. Her tits are falling out of it. She’s got her hands on the guy’s crotch, and it might as well be your crotch because most of this scene is shot P.O.V.-style.

“So nice and stiff. I love it. Do you like this?” this 46-year-old divorcee says as she rubs her hands over her chest. “Do you like what you see?”

Damn right we like what we see, and so does the guy, judging by the bulge in his pants. Before long, that bulge in his pants is going to be his cock in Cora’s mouth, then he’s gonna be fucking her, spreading her ass cheeks wide, and then he’s gonna cum all over those big tits of hers. You’d think Cora is a porn pro, but no, this is her first fuck video.

“My mom supports me in whatever I do,” Cora told us. “She said, ‘If you’re going to be a porn star, be the best damn porn star you can be.'”

Thanks for the advice, Mom. Way to live up to your parents’ expectations, Cora. These days, so many kids are such disappointments. Cora, who’s no a kid, is very satisfying.

Cora lives in Las Vegas (born in Detroit, Michigan). We asked her if she’s into women, and she said, “I’m addicted to cock, but if my guy is down to watch me and another girl getting together, I get off on him getting off, so indirectly, I’m into women.

“My husband was 19 when I met him. I kept telling him I was 29, but I was older, and then one day I said to him, ‘I’m turning 40.’ He couldn’t believe it. But now I have a greater appreciation for older men because they know how to worship the goddess. As much as I love cock, as much as I’m a cum-slut, there’s more to it than that.”

Not here there isn’t. Here, it’s just about the fucking. Nothing wrong with that.

See More of Cora Comfort at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

The Stylist – Chanel Preston & Honey Gold

Tonight it’s a big day for Mrs. Rochester (Honey Gold). Her new husband Mr. Rochester, invites her to a fancy dinner with his friend and businesses partner. Mrs. Rochester is younger than them and she wants to make sure that her age will not give a bad impression. She asks Lilly (Chanel Preston), her personal stylist, to find the perfect outfit for her. During this intimate meeting, Mrs. Rochester realizes that Lily is more than just a stylist. She can make you look good, but she can also make you feel good.

Home Alone – Mr. Pete & Maya Kendrick


SCENE OPENS with a man, Mr. Rodgers (Mr. Pete), rushing to the front door of his neighbor’s house. He has a toolbox in his hand and there’s a sense of urgency as a teenage girl, Kat (Maya Kendrick), opens the door and hurries him inside. She was doing dishes in the dishwasher but something went wrong and now there’s water everywhere!

Mr. Rodgers quickly gets to work and stops the flow by closing the valve under the sink, though the problem itself is still not entirely fixed. The hose is broken, but he’s going to go to the hardware store, anyway, so he’ll pick up a hose and replace it for her. He encourages Kat to stoop down and look under the sink with him so that she knows which valve to close in the future if a hose ever breaks again. As she enthusiastically joins him, though, his eyes linger on her tight ass when she’s not looking.

Once they’re done, Kat thanks him so much for rushing over to help. If he wasn’t her next door neighbor, she doesn’t know what she would’ve done, with her parents being out right now! Imagine if something like this happened while she was away at college? Mr. Pete comments that it’ll be sad when she leaves… Kat giggles and reflects that she’s 18 now — she can’t stay home forever!

As she walks him to the door to see him out, Mr. Rodgers pauses. While he’s here, he may as well check the access panel to make sure that the hoses aren’t eroding. Usually if one goes, another is right behind. Kat, thankful that he’s so thoughtful, agrees and shows him further into the house.

As Mr. Rodgers moves from room to room to find the access panel, Kat starts to get a little suspicious, especially when he looks for it in her bedroom. While he’s checking out the closet, she hurriedly tucks some of her personal belongings, including underwear, out of sight. Sure enough, the access panel is in her closet and the hoses do need to be replaced, but he’s going to get right on that!

But instead of immediately leaving, Mr. Rodgers instead goes to her window, commenting on the million-dollar view she has. Hey, look, did Kat ever realize that she could see his bedroom window from hers? Kat is uneasy as she looks out the window and sees that, yeah, she can, which means that Mr. Rodgers could just as easily see into HER bedroom as well. She’s so embarrassed, nervously asking if he’s seen anything…

‘I may have seen a thing or two,’ he says in a darker tone, his helpful neighbor demeanor completely gone now. Like how Kat lets her boyfriend use the back door, so to speak.

Kat grows more defensive — they’re adults, they can do whatever they want now. Sure, Mr. Rodgers says, though he’s known her father for 22 years and he’s asked him to keep an eye on her, so that’s what he’s doing. She’s shocked, asking if he’s been spying on her. Mr. Rodgers smirks and says, ‘Let’s just say, I think you should invest in some blinds.’

Kat, barely able to look Mr. Rodgers in the eye, asks him to leave. Mr. Rodgers says he’ll leave, of course, but her father will be SO displeased to find out what she and her boyfriend get up to. He even has the footage to prove it.

Kat is freaked out and angry that the neighbor she’s known all her life is such a pervert. When he starts coming onto her, she realizes that she’s cornered and lashes out at him. It’s time to make a decision. If he’s going to make her have sex with him in return for his silence, then she’s going to do whatever she can to claw back control.

Sorority Rush Week: Pledge Problems – Abella Danger & Darcie Dolce & Chloe Cherry

Three young women, college students, are hanging out in a bedroom, looking nervously at one another. Chloe Cherry says that she’s so nervous about what the sorority president is going to make them do… Abella Danger says that whatever it is, they HAVE to do it. If they don’t, they’re going to look like losers in front of everybody. Plus, if they don’t make it, they’ll have to live in DORM ROOMS! Don’t they only have, like, one bathroom for an ENTIRE FLOOR? Gross! Darcie Dolce also laments about the possibility of being stuck with a loud-snoring neighbor…

Abella grins and says that she heard that the sorority makes pledges make out with the sorority sisters to earn a spot. While Chloe is shocked, Darcie says that that doesn’t sound TOO bad — girls are pretty hot, so, yeah, she’d kiss girls to get in, no problem!

‘That’s not all… I hear that sometimes they make pledges do even MORE serious lesbian stuff… Like fisting!’ Abella states. ‘Oh, my god, can they DO that?’ Chloe exclaims, shocked by the news as she makes a fist and stares at it in horror, as if wondering how it even FITS. ‘They can ASK people to do whatever they want. Doesn’t mean we HAVE to do it, but if we don’t impress them we could end up wearing hideous flip flops and competing for the one working shower in the dorm bathroom….’ Abella says, then asks if Chloe’s ever kissed a girl before. Chloe says she hasn’t, and Abella playfully tells her to just close her eyes pretend she’s kissing a boy with lipstick on!

While Chloe’s still uncertain, Abella announces that she’ll gladly kiss a girl to get into the sorority. As she does so, Abella and Darcie exchange lustful looks, then go for it. They come together in a heated kiss while Chloe tries to shield her precious eyes. What are they doing?? How far are they willing to take this?? Abella insists that she’s willing to take it all the way — it’s fun, c’mon!

Abella and Darcie playfully and sensually tug Chloe in, encouraging her to loosen up and prepare for whatever the sorority girls have planned. They soon play with each other’s perky breasts and lick pussies, taking turns making each other writhe with pleasure. Remembering their fascination from earlier, Chloe gets brave enough to even fist Abella, who enjoys every second of being stretched wide open. No matter what the sorority girls throw at them, they’ll be ready!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Venturer!

Girls Under Arrest | S2 E3 | Lesbian Domestic Dispute – Dick Chibbles & Jane Wilde

In the patrol car on the way to a call, Officer Dick Chibbles and Officer Domenic Kane explain to the camera that they are responding to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, they see two young women shouting at each other at the house porch entrance. One of the women, Jane Wilde, is taking possessions from inside the house and throwing them violently out the door – it appears that she’s kicking the other woman, Bobbi Dylan, out of the house.

The cops break up the fight, and Jane explains that she’s angry at Bobbi for cheating on her with another woman. Midway through her chat with Officer Chibbles, Jane breaks away and lunges at Bobbi. When Officer Kane grabs her to restrain her, she bites him on the arm. Officer Kane drops her on the bed in shock. Not only are they going to jail for disturbing the peace, but they can add ‘assaulting an officer’ to the list of charges.

Officer Chibbles offers a deal – if Jane agrees to have sex with him, they’ll let them both go. Jane’s offended and disgusted but she quickly realizes she doesn’t have much of a choice, and agrees to do it. Bobbi is shocked and disappointed as her girlfriend gets on her knees and puts her mouth around Officer Chibbles’ cock. She watches everything play out in horror as Officer Kane restrains her on the side.

Officer Chibbles is going to make sure that these girls think twice before disturbing the peace again.

Squirting MILF/Gaping Double-Anal Orgy – Kelly Stafford & Lutro & Megan Inky & John Price

John Price finds naturally busty MILF Kelly Stafford and heavily tattooed bombshell Megan at the pool. He swims to them and overcomes their initial resistance by dropping his bikini briefs. The stacked ladies stroke and suck John’s hard cock and then beckon his buddy Lutro to join them in a foursome. Their wild orgy includes buttfucking, ass-to-mouth blowjobs, rim jobs, gaping buttholes, British blonde Kelly’s squirting orgasm, and crazy, double anal penetration for Megan! The ladies take semen in the mouth and in a messy cum facial; they share sperm in passionate cum kisses.

Kleio: Anal Fuck, A2M, Pussy Creampie! – Jessy Jones & Kleio Valentien

Tattooed, stacked Kleio Valentien really appreciates her boyfriend, Jessy Jones. He’s got a surprise for her: luxury seats to a basketball game. In return, Kleio agrees to let him fuck her asshole! The sexy blonde gives his big cock a blowjob in POV-style footage. Jessy delivers an anal reaming as Kleio sits her hot ass on a barstool. She rotates on the stool to suck dick ass-to-mouth, and Kleio eagerly swallows his semen. After the big game, Kleio sucks and fucks him passionately. Jessy’s prick pounds her pussy and leaves a gooey creampie!

Horny Old Men #02 – Jay Crew & Lola Fae

Retired, old and horny, Jay Crew is getting weekly visits from a young physical therapist covered by his insurance plan. She is so cute and Jay is getting quite worked up. He is always very flirty with her and decides to give her a pinch on the butt. Lola Fae is used to these old pervs and takers it all in stride but when he pulls out a massive hard on and strokes it for her, she deices to go the extra mile and hop on for a ride. This is one big pole the old mule has. She literally fucks him senseless as Jay is gasping for air trying to keep up with the limber young lass as she bounces around like a wild little beast using his cock as a grouting stick on her dripping wet and splayed wide open clam of a cunt. She squirts and squirms and orgasms all over till he finally busts a nut on her face. Then, he collapses. Medics!!!!!

Anal Nightcap

Anal Nightcap

Anal Nightcap

In the opener of this anal XXX breast-fest, Trinity Michaels is every inch the sex kitten, purring and moaning and waiting for her rear admiral to show up and treat her the way she likes to be treated. Trinity eye-bangs the camera like nobody’s business.

Trinity’s cock-man feasts on her big tits, sucking and licking her sweet nipples and filling his hands with her soft breast-meat. She gives him the eye and no words are needed for the rear admiral to lay back so she can suck and yank his cock.

Playing fair, tit for tat, Juan licks Trinity’s pussy, lapping her wet hole like it’s filled with honey. She gives him more sucking, and then gets on her back this time so he can stick his dick between her tits for a jug-jerk while she licks the head.

The time is right to shag and Trinity gets on top. After all, ladies first. Thick cock makes Trinity cum fast and porn is a good way for her to get some. This babe really likes to fuck.

It’s on to other photogenic positions. The visual and audio fireworks continue when he shoehorns his fat-boy into Trinity’s delightful butthole.

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Gaping Butthole Afternoon

Gaping Butthole Afternoon

Gaping Butthole Afternoon

Deep-throating, ass and pussy fingering, clit licking, fucking and anal as well as boob-splattering and cum swallowing are on Brook Ultra‘s to-do list.

“I like a guy to tease me a little bit but then fuck the shit out of me really, really hard,” Brook said and that’s exactly what happens in this SCORELAND scene. If newcomer Brook seemed quiet and laid back, seeing this scene will change that perception.

So, how often does Brook have sex?

“When I shoot porn or if I have a boyfriend. My favorite position is doggie.”

Carlos fucks Brook in doggie, then spits in her butthole and moves his cock from Brook’s pussy to her butthole.

“I do enjoy anal sex. I never did until I got into porn and now I actually enjoy it.”

See More of Brook Ultra at SCORELAND.COM!

Cora’s first on-camera fuck

Cora’s first on-camera fuck

Cora's first on-camera fuck

Now it’s time for 46-year-old Cora Comfort to break her hardcore cherry. Her on-camera hardcore cherry, of course. Cora fucks a lot, but this is the first time she’s fucking on-camera. She does it very well, sucking dick P.O.V.-style while maintaining eye contact with the camera, taking the big dick deep inside her tight, experienced pussy and opening wide for a load of cum.

We asked Cora to tell us about her wildest sexual experience, and she said, “I’ve had so many various erotic things happen to me. I just try to be open and enjoy them to the fullest.”

She enjoys Logan’s cock to the fullest.

Cora is very happy to be here. She’s proud to be here, so proud that she told a lot of people she knows about it. “I think a lot of people were blown away when I told them,” she said. “I kinda bragged about it because there’s just no shame in my game.”

Not should there be. Cora looks great, fucks great, looks great doing it. Welcome to the club, Cora.

See More of Cora Comfort at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

Suckin’ and Fuckin’ Nerds

Suckin’ and Fuckin’ Nerds

Suckin' and Fuckin' Nerds

Chloe is home alone for the first time…and she just happens to be with her boyfriend. What should she do with all that freedom? What any 18-year-old would do: suck and fuck!

Chloe is a nerd with a hot body. Her boyfriend undresses her, revealing her perky tits and taut tummy. He goes down on her, licking her clit and fingering her pussy so she’ll be ready to take his cock. She takes his big, thick prick in her mouth and lets it fill her throat till she needs to gasp for breath.

She leaves a trail of teen cream around his shaft as soon as they start fucking. This nerd is wet! What would her parents say if they knew she was getting fucked hard and facialized on their bed? Chloe doesn’t care. She just wants to cum!

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Confidence Is Sexy! – Estella Bathory & Mischievous Kitty

Estella Bathory is enjoying herself as she sexily dances along to her favorite music while cleaning the house. Everysway of her curvy hips and toss of her long hair is designed to entice.

Her girlfriend, Mischievous Kitty, can see everything as she works from a desk nearby. Estella is a sensual dancingqueen, and Kitty has the perfect view of Estella’s juicy ass every time Estella bends over. How can she concentrateon work with such a voluptuous babe within her reach?

Finally, unable to resist any longer, Kitty joins her girlfriend, getting Estella’s attention as they take a timeout on thesofa. She’s turned on but also curious since she doesn’t have the confidence to move like that! Of course, Estellathinks Kitty is all that and continues to flirt with her — Kitty is every bit the babe she is!

They sit close, their knees touching as they play with each other’s hair and gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. Theheat between them builds as Estella playfully insists that she did so much cleaning, so now it’s time for a properbreak…

Kitty easily plays along, her heart pounding as the BBW beauties come together for a sensual kiss. With how hotthey are for each other, it doesn’t stop there. They soon strip down, enjoying each other’s company to the fullest asthey squeeze each other’s hefty breasts and lick each other’s sweet pussies. As they trib to climax, Kitty’sconfidence has never been higher!

Impressing The Boss – Codey Steele & Ryan Keely

Ryan Keely, the owner of a massage parlor, drops by the parlor to see how intern Codey Steele’s first week on the job is going. He says it’s going great, but has a few questions about how a typical massage works. Ryan is happy to help, saying that she’ll guide him through massaging her. She leads him into a massage room. In the massage room, Ryan easily strips down in front of him, giving him a great view of her heavenly body. He’s flustered, trying to look away from her to give her privacy, although he sneaks looks back at her.

She then saunters over to the massage table and lays down on her front. She tells him that there’s tension in her shoulders. He takes the cue and begins massaging her. He tries to remain professional as she moans, complimenting him on his strong hands. She’s clearly enjoying herself.

He works his way down her body to her lower back, Ryan’s moans getting a little louder still. His hands hover just above her ass. The hesitation is just long enough for Ryan to notice as she looks up again and asks what’s stopping him? Codey says he’s not sure about massaging her… posterior. Ryan tells him that this is supposed to be a FULL-BODY massage. Is he always this shy? He admits that he is. Ryan tells him he’ll need to get over it if he hopes to find employment as a masseur. Out of fear of disobeying his boss, Codey instantly claps his hands over Ryan’s butt. She gasps. He resumes the massage, paying lots of attention to her butt. Ryan loves the attention and moans loudly. But soon, things start to get a little intense for Codey and he asks Ryan to roll over so that he can massage her front.

She rolls over and Codey begins massaging Ryan’s shoulders. His eyes keep falling down to her amazing tits. As he begins to massage her breasts, Codey really starts getting into the massage, and Ryan is clearly aroused by this point. When Codey’s hand approaches her pussy, instead of hesitating, he boldly palms his boss’ pussy. She moans her approval, saying that NOW he gets it!

But Codey is just getting started on Ryan, and this intern is determined to do WHATEVER it takes to impress his boss…

Big-Boob Asian Sharon’s Anal Service – Sharon Lee & Chad Rockwell

When Chad Rockwell wants a full-service massage, busty Asian goddess Sharon Lee pays a visit. As she strokes his thighs, Sharon peels away her robe, releasing her big, natural jugs. She gives her client a luxurious blowjob and a titty fuck, squeezing his meat between her huge boobs. The voluptuous babe takes a ride on Chad’s boner. He fucks her pussy and then gives her big, soft ass in an anal reaming. Sharon lovingly sucks dick ass-to-mouth. She drools his creamy sperm onto her big, soft knockers.

MILF Jasmine: Anal Fuck/Pussy Creampie – Jessy Jones & Jasmine Jae

Jessy Jones surprises his girlfriend, busty British MILF Jasmine Jae, with concert tickets. She rewards him with access to her tight asshole! In a white bra, the brick-house babe sucks his big cock in preparation. Jessy stuffs his throbbing boner inside Jasmine’s big booty, passionately sodomizing her; the nasty beauty gives an ass-to-mouth blowjob and spreads her plump cheeks for more anal pounding. Finally, Jessy drills his meat into Jasmine’s steamy pussy and deposits a thick creampie.

Blonde Bombshell

Blonde Bombshell

Blonde Bombshell

Jes Craven was spotted on Twitter by a titter-seeking TSG model rep and they connected. In the first part of this introductory video, Jes tells us a bit about her background and talks tits. How to handle them and what she likes done to them, like massaging. Nothing that leaves a bite mark.

Jes is very happy, giggly and bubbly, a lot of fun to hang with. Her most-fun job was dancing at Scott Wood’s Solid Gold.

“I look like a bad girl but I’m pretty nice, I think,” says Jes. Our director mentions to Jes that girls can legally go topless in New York City.

After the tit-chat, Jes gets comfy, naked and shows off every inch, fingering her pierced pussy and rubbing her nipples.

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Maid To Order

Maid To Order

Maid To Order

Looking for a maid to do windows like this? Dressed in a fantasy maid costume? Forget it. They only exist at SCORELAND. Jenna Valentine is maid for a man’s dreams. You may wonder how a girl like Jenna handles a dirty job. Now you’ll see.

You will never see a maid clean as thoroughly and scrupulously as Jenna does. Once she has finished polishing the windows with her big, luxurious tits and soft ass-cheeks, Jenna gets to work on the floors. Her boobs fall out of her low-cut top as she scrubs. It’s just not made to contain those heavy-hanging fruits.

Jenna bounces as she works around the apartment. She’s the merry maid. Her tits jiggle and shake as she cleans the mirror. She checks herself out as her breasts bounce. Wait until you see her fluff the pillows. No one fluffs the pillows like Jenna. And that duster? Miss Valentine has many uses for it.

Jenna only works for a certain amount of time. Then she stops and gets undressed on the bed. No one has yet to complain. Her maid’s costume is peeled off piece by piece until only her stockings remain. “I love my dirty job,” says Jenna, giving her thigh a couple of loud spanks after she rubs her lovely pussy. It’s good to see a girl enjoying herself in her housekeeping work.

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Linzi Cassidy: A Freshman From Liverpool

Linzi Cassidy: A Freshman From Liverpool

Linzi Cassidy: A Freshman From Liverpool

When our London-based photo team first met Linzi Cassidy, she was 18 years old and table dancing in Liverpool at a club called Angel’s Paradise. They made her an offer and she traveled to London for her first shoot. On a free night, Linzi said she liked going dancing at the Liverpool music venue Masque on Seel Street.

“My Mum has huge breasts, bigger than mine. I think that’s where I get my bosom from,” naturally busty Linzi said. The blonde stripper was new to playing with toys on-camera but she was a quick learner and listened to direction. Later on, Linzi did girl-girls with Charlotte and Russian Kathy (aka Katarina-Nikita).

Here’s some trivia about British strip clubs: In the past, when dancers walked around the club looking for tips, before or after a dance on-stage, they carried a pint glass or a jug, because the tips were usually coins (the smallest paper note in the UK is £5). This practice is, or was, known as “Jugging.”

This uncut video with original audio is a perfect example of how Linzi and other newcomers were expertly verbally directed in their scenes. Directing a model is a skill. Many photographers either don’t have that skill or the ability to express exactly to the girl what they want her to do. Some members have written in to say that they find the raw videos more interesting and even hornier than the polished versions with the audio wiped and music added.

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An anal creampie for Seka Black

An anal creampie for Seka Black

An anal creampie for Seka Black

Seka Black, the sensational 64-year-old wife, mother of five and grandmother of 11, is back for more black cock. The guy who wields this big, black cock is almost young enough to be her grandson. He’s going to fuck Seka’s ass with his big, black cock and give her an anal creampie.

Seka is special. She’s beautiful. She has a smokin’ bod with big tits and a nice, round, fuckable ass. She’s the epitome of a 60Plus MILF, the kind of woman we’re always looking for. Here are excerpts from our interview with Seka in which we asked her about anal sex.

60Plus MILFs: Is anal on the menu?
SEKA: Oh, yes, I love anal.

60Plus MILFs: Was this a recent discovery?
SEKA: About a year ago. You’re never too old to learn! I just wanted to experience it and I did, and it was a big turn-on because I came harder.

60Plus MILFs: You had analgasm?
SEKA: Oh, yeah, it was great.

60Plus MILFs: When you had the analgasm, were you playing with your clit?
SEKA: No. I came from being ass-fucked.

60Plus MILFs: That’s unusual. Was it with your husband?
SEKA: Oh, no, it was with a black guy. A big, black guy.

60Plus MILFs: Were you planning on it?
SEKA: I was planning on it because I had spoken to my husband about it a couple of times, and I wanted to experience it, and then when I found the right guy, he was up for it, definitely.

60Plus MILFs: He didn’t just pop it in, did he?
SEKA: Oh, no. He gradually got me used to his cock. After fucking my pussy for a little bit, I told him I wanted to try anal, and he said, “Okay,” so we lubed up his cock, and it started to slide in real slow, and he got me used to his cock, and then I started fucking back because I wanted more, and from there on, we had a blast.

60Plus MILFs: Was it the feeling or the thought of it that got you off?
SEKA: The feeling. Well, both.

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Cora explores her butthole

Cora explores her butthole

Cora explores her butthole

We know you know how to jack off. Cora Comfort, a 46-year-old divorcee and first-timer, knows you know how to jack off. But, you see, Cora loves to talk dirty. It makes her horny and wet, so when this scene opens, Cora is giving you some J.O. encouragement.

“I want to tell you how to arouse that cock of yours,” she says. “First get something slippery and get it all ready for me. Get it hard and wet and ready for entry. Tease yourself. Get it nice and hard, just as I like it. Stroke it up and down.”

Cora is wearing a red sweater, but not for long. We soon find out she’s wearing a red bra, and that red bra is encasing a nice, big, juicy pair of tits. And then it all comes off and Cora is spreading her slightly hairy pussy and fingering her asshole.

Very obviously, Cora does not need to be told what to do. Yeah, she’s a first-timer, but she knows her body well.

“I self-pleasure,” she said. “I don’t like the word masturbate. I have a practice of self-pleasure, and I do it every day.”

By the way, there’s a reason Cora spends so much time pleasuring her tightest orifice.

“I love anal sex,” she said. “There is a way that hits my G-spot that really can’t be accessed through vaginal intercourse.”

Will Cora get ass-fucked this week? No. Will she get ass-fucked at 40SomethingMag.com? Definitely. Just you wait.

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Home Alone Humper

Home Alone Humper

Home Alone Humper

“My parents were always really overprotective and they never let me be home alone. I always had to be supervised. Well, today was the first time I was ever left home alone. It was so exciting, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself! Well, I wasn’t totally alone. I had my boyfriend with me. He supervised my pussy with his tongue and cock! This was actually the first time I saw his dick in the flesh. It was way bigger than it felt through his pants! I got so horny and wet when he fucked me that I dripped pussy juice all over my parents’ bed. I don’t know how I’m going to explain the changed sheets, but oh well!”

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My Daughter, The Whore – Tommy Pistol & Athena Rayne


SCENE OPENS on a man sitting in a chair in his living room, casually reading a newspaper as the sounds of sex can be heard from an adjacent room. The man, Roger (Dick Chibbles), doesn’t seem to pay any mind to the noises. Soon, there is a loud grunt from the man in the other room as he cums. A few moments later, a man exits the adjacent room, closing the door behind him. He zips up his fly as he exits the room.

Hearing him, Roger looks up from his newspaper with a wide grin. Everything was satisfactory?, he asks the other man. Oh yeah, as beautiful as always, but….the man hesitates, before continuing,…she did seem a bit…tired today, he finishes. Oh, she did?, Roger asks, subconsciously gripping the newspaper hard enough to crumple the paper. Yeah, the client replies, not as eager as usual.

Roger politely apologizes, he’s so sorry about that, the client can expect a better time on his next visit, Roger says. ‘I will PERSONALLY…make sure that this does not happen again,’ Roger adds with a tone of menace. The man tells him he appreciates it, and Roger walks him out the door. He waves the man off with a smile and closes the door behind him. As soon as the man has gone, Roger turns around, his smile replaced with a look of fury.

He opens the door of the bedroom to reveal a naked girl, Lucy (Athena Rayne), who is on the bed hugging her knees. She looks exhausted and spent, staring off into space. When Roger comes in, she is startled out of her daze and looks at him. What the fuck Lucy?!, Roger asks angrily, standing over her on the bed. He said she seemed…TIRED?, he continues. That guy is one of their best clients, has really fallen in love with her, so they need to make sure to keep him happy no matter what, Roger continues with barely contained rage. ‘I know, I just…I really AM so…SO tired…tired of all of this…he was the third guy today,’ Lucy says wearily. ‘I don’t give a shit if you’re tired! You know how serious our situation is,’ Roger says. She knows, she just…she can’t do this anymore, it needs to stop, Lucy says numbly.

Roger takes a deep breath to steady his anger, closes his eyes for a moment. He sits on the edge of the bed next to Lucy, adopting a more patient caring tone to try to reason with her. ‘Lucy… you know what they’ll do to me if we don’t square things away, right? You don’t want me to go away, right? Then it’s up to you to fix this.’

Lucy nods along with him, resigned. ‘Good, so clean your fucking self up, you look disgusting, and you’ve got another appointment arriving in a few minutes…and you can’t greet a client looking like…this,’ he says, gruffly, his tender demeanor instantly vanishing as he waves a hand disgustedly at her. ‘I raised you better than that, didn’t I?’ he adds. Lucy looks up at him with tired eyes. ‘Yes Daddy,’ she says.


The doorbell rings and Roger goes to answer it. He smiles as he opens the door to greet his daughter’s latest client, John (Tommy Pistol). The client says hello coldly, not smiling. Roger invites him in. So this is his first time here right? Roger asks amiably. Yes, the man says curtly. Ok, so he’ll explain the ground rules, Roger says.

Cut to Lucy’s room as Roger explains the ground rules, muffled behind the door. Lucy is almost done cleaning up. We watch as she finishes reapplying her makeup in a compact mirror and puts on some sexy lingerie. She looks good and well put-together, but her eyes betray an exhaustion that is soul-deep. She sits down on the edge of the bed and stares off into space.

Cut back to Roger and John. Roger has just finished explaining the ground rules. So does he understand?, Roger asks. The man pauses. Yes, everything’s clear, he says quietly. ‘Also, I should mention that there are some…activities…I’m interested in that may…not EXACTLY be what she’s used to…’ John says. ‘I’m sure there’s something that we can work out,’ Roger responds.

Cut back to Lucy in her room, who is still staring blankly, lost in thought. There is a knock on the door, which startles her out of her reverie. She shakes her head, trying to pull herself together. Just one sec, she calls to the person who knocked on the door. Lucy looks in the mirror. She takes a deep breath, and with effort, her blank expression of exhaustion turns to a seductive, flirty expression, as her eyes brighten and she pouts her lips. Where she was weary and spent a few moments ago, she now appears younger, youthful and vibrant: Lucy’s game-face is on. She lies down on her stomach on the bed, resting her head in her hands as she smiles up at the door. She kicks her legs absentmindedly behind her in an energetic, innocent way. She tells the visitors to come in.

Roger opens the door and invites John in, introducing him to Lucy. John says hello stiffly. ‘You’re just in time, I was starting to get lonely,’ Lucy says flirtatiously. ‘There’s been a…change in plans Lucy,’ Roger says, closing the door so that the three of them are in the room together. Lucy’s eyes widen in horrified shock. ‘What are you…?’ she asks.

Well, John has asked him to stay…and watch, Roger says casually, without a hint of trepidation in his voice. ‘Yes, I love an…audience, and there’s really no better audience than a loving father watching his precious daughter get defiled in front of his very eyes,’ John says.

Roger coughs to clear his throat, clearly a bit put off by the request but trying his best to keep it hidden. That’s not a problem…IS IT, Lucy?, Roger asks in a vaguely threatening tone. Lucy hesitates for the briefest of moments before she buries her horror down deep.

No…of course not, she’s up for whatever he wants.

Big-Tit Gianna: Car Blowjob/Hotel Fuck – Jessy Jones & Gianna Dior

Jessy Jones picks up his naturally stacked girlfriend, Gianna Dior, to attend an afternoon ballgame, but he can’t resist ogling her big, soft boobs. While he’s driving, Gianna leans over to give her man some risky, on-the-road head! Later, the lovebirds decide to leave the event early so they can fuck! At a hotel, Gianna kneels for a slow, tender blowjob, stroking his big cock. He pounds her pussy on the dining table, and Gianna rides him to orgasm. Climaxing a day of passion, Gianna swallows his cum.