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The Voyeur #03 – Nathan Bronson & Ella Nova

Ella Nova and Nathan Bronson – Nathan is the neighborhood gigolo returning from a trip to Hawaii with a wealthy client. But, Ella wants to make sure he knows where he gets his work from – her. For a little discount on his rent she asks that he fuck her too, spreading her legs and offering up her wet cunt for his young cock. The two fuck with an intensity that neither was fully expecting – both erupting into intense and satisfying orgasms.

The Voyeur #03 – Kenna James & Zac Wild

Zac Wild and Kenna James – Logan is furious by Kenna’s betrayal but he cannot resist her ability to charm him. After all, Kenna understands his proclivity for spying on neighbors. She gets him. Before he realizes it they are naked and she’s riding his cock like a pro. He has all but forgotten his rage until she brings him to an intense orgasm and rational thought returns.

Different Wives, Different Lives – Tommy Gunn & Reagan Foxx

Tommy Gunn & Reagan Foxx: Reagan confides in Tommy when she suspects that her husband, Marcus, is cheating on her with everyone at the office, including Tommy’s wife. They have a common bond in that both are looking for a way to escape their failed marriages, and their philandering spouses. Reagan helps Tommy pack up all of his things to leave and he puts her in touch with his divorce lawyer. They find strength in each other. But more than that, they see the life they want to lead, and the person they want to spend their life with. Before Tommy can walk away, Reagan summons the courage to kiss him. The two attack each other with the pent-up aggression of spouses whose sexually needs have been ignored for far too long. Tommy sucks on Reagan’s huge tits and teases her dripping pussy with his rock-hard cock until Reagan can’t take it anymore and shoves him inside her. With how vigorously they fuck, it’s hard to tell who enjoys, or needs, this more. The only question is if they will finish before Silvia comes home and discovers her best friend in bed with her husband.

Different Wives, Different Lives – Marcus London & Vera King

Marcus London & Vera King: After fucking one of his employees, Marcus can’t help but test out the sexual skills of his other sales woman, Vera, to see who deserves the promotion more. Even though the pair have had an affair before, Vera is hesitant, as she is trying to have a baby with her husband. Marcus assures her that he doesn’t want to replace her husband. He loves how loyal she is. She wants someone who can be that loyal to his company, and who also wants to fool around on business trips and late night at the office. Realizing just how much this move could help her career, and her sex life, Vera is receptive to Marcus’s seduction tactics at another of the company’s vacant properties. He throws the tiny Vera on the bed and buries his face and tongue deep in her cunt. She is so hungry for his cock that she pulls it into her mouth, then jams it straight into her waiting pussy. The pair remember exactly what they’ve been missing out on all these months when they tried to put their affair on hold. They fuck each other so loudly, that they fail to notice the sound of Silvia showing a prospective client into the house.

Different Wives, Different Lives – Marcus London & Silvia Saige

Silvia Saige & Marcus London: After an earthquake level’s Silvia’s dreams of moving to the Caribbean, and her marriage, she is eager to find another way to change her life. She finds that escape in her boss, Marcus, who reveals that he is considering making her his business partner, so long as she proves her commitment to their business relationship. Silvia is willing to do anything to win her boss over, which includes following him to one of the company’s vacant properties to demonstrate her arsenal of sales tactics. She show’s Marcus exactly what he’s been missing in his marriage when she deep throats his cock all the way to the balls then grabs his stiff member and slides it right in her. She rides him in every possible positions, all the while using her grip on him to squeeze every last ounce of better judgement, and cum, out of her boss.

Different Wives, Different Lives – Tommy Gunn & Silvia Saige

Silvia Saige & Tommy Gunn: Silvia crawls into bed late after a difficult day trying to sell houses in a recession, and after a long night taking her boss’s wife out for drinks. At home she feels Tommy is nagging her about never being home when she is the one slaving to pay their mortgage. Tommy has a solution to all of their problems. They can sell their house and buy a rental property in the Caribbean for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to live in LA. Silvia falls in love with the idea, and with him. She throws his computer aside and pounces on her husband like they are newlyweds. He takes out Silvia’s huge, money making tits and starts kissing his way down her body, from her nipples to her pussy. He then slips his huge cock in her sopping pussy and starts pounding her with such vigor that she remembers why she married. She repeatedly cums on his rock-solid cock, her pussy quivering and dripping all over him.

My Husband’s Boss – Casey Calvert & Damon Dice

Damon Dice and Casey Calvert – There is nothing more dangerous than a manipulative woman out for vengeance and Chris has exactly that in his wife, Hillary. Horny over ruining another woman’s life, she grabs her husband’s cock, grinds up against him, and is dripping wet the moment her panties come down.

My Husband’s Boss – Jessa Rhodes & Damon Dice

As a man that liked to fuck a variety of women outside of his marriage, lusting after his boss was second nature for Chris (Damon Dice). As the two indulged in a little after work fun at a local bar, Chris drags his big titty-ed boss (Jessa Rhodes) into the bathroom and shoves his rock hard cock into her wet pussy. With no care for other patrons the two fuck each other senseless.

My Husband’s Boss – Sovereign Syre & Quinton James

Sovereign Syre and Quinton James – When Sadie’s reporter friend, Quinton threatens to out her boss for sexual harassment she shows him that in the battle of the sexes, women always have more power. Already turned on by her confidence, Quinton quickly spreads Sadie’s legs and eats her dripping cunt – readying it for his eager cock.

A Call Girl’s Story – Steve Holmes & Abella Danger

Abella Danger and Steve Holmes – The seductress Isabella has enticed this married man into fucking her regularly at his home when his wife and daughter aren’t home and he can barely resist. With her round, apple ass bouncing on top of his cock he’s left unable to control his base desires – throwing her every which way and giving her orgasms that only an experienced man is fully capable of.

A Call Girl’s Story – Danni Rivers & Stirling Cooper

Danni Rivers and Stirling Cooper – Amber begins accompanying a married man on his travels through Europe but things are platonic at first, leaving her wondering what she might be doing wrong. In an attempt at getting him to notice her, she puts on one of his dress shirts one afternoon and waits for him to return from work. Just the sight of her tight little body in his over-sized button down gives him a raging hard on. With a blindfold he covers her eyes and bring her pussy to extreme pleasure within moments as his tongue laps at her clit. It’s a fuck fest she never expected from such a detached man, ending with a nice, fat, load right inside her perfect pussy.

A Call Girl’s Story – Ryan Mclane & Danni Rivers

Danni Rivers and Ryan Mclane – When Christopher offers virginal Amber ten thousand dollars for an afternoon of companionship, things quickly evolve into sex. Desperate to please him, Amber offers up her virginity in the hopes of keeping this older man happy and she is in for a big surprise. Sex is better than she ever imagined and WHY did she wait so long for a cock to fill up her eager hole?

A Call Girl’s Story – Ryan Driller & Gia Derza

Gia Derza and Ryan Driller – Isaac has a hard on for school girl skirts and invites his favorite web cam girl, Britney over to his house to fulfill his wildest fantasies. Giving him the sloppiest blowjob that only a little slut can, Isaac’s cock is ready to penetrate her tight little hole and give her the best sex of her life.

A Nanny Desired – Kenna James & Jay Smooth

Kenna James and Jay Smooth (Megan and Evan) – Frustrated that she has been denied her own sexual desires, nanny Megan corners Evan in his office and unleashes a seduction he cannot refuse. As she unbuttons her flannel shirt, he is rendered incapable of resisting her – although he does try. After all, he’s married and this is wrong – but resistance is no match for Megan – who convinces Evan that the pussy he needs most right now is hers. They fumble onto his couch and get lost in a hot, sweaty fuck until he explodes all over her. He may have cheated on his wife, but this was the right decision.

The Stepmother #16 – Britney Amber & Lucas Frost

Kirsten and Zack (BRITNEY AMBER AND LUCAS FROST)- After weeks of building sexual tension, stepmother and son can no longer keep their hands off of one another. In an unexpected moment of realization, the two find themselves in a passionate exchange in the kitchen that quickly moves up to the bedroom. Kirsten had no idea how much her body craved a younger man’s cock and Zack had no idea just how much he could learn from an older woman. Willing to satisfy each other’s most basic needs – the two both erupt into explosive, satisfied orgasms. Guilt though – is just a breath away.

The Stepmother #16 – Marcus London & Silvia Saige

Marie and Robert (SILVIA SAIGE AND MARCUS LONDON)- After a fight over their biological son, Zack’s irresponsibility, Marie feels a tinge of guilt over being the reason for her child’s mistakes. After all, their divorce was her fault – when she stopped being sexual with her husband to raise a child. But now, wanting to make up for lost time and prove to her ex-husband that she is the incredibly sexy lover she’s always been and that desire is bubbling just beneath the surface. The two tear off each other’s clothing and embark on the best sex of their lives – her swallowing his rock hard cock and he lapping at her wet and eager cunt.

The Stepmother #16 – Carmen Caliente & Lucas Frost

Lily and Zack (CARMEN CALIENTE AND LUCAS) – Unable to stay away from each other despite their newfound ‘step’ status, Lily and Zack begin a heated make-out session at Zack’s pool that quickly escalates into full blown sex. The taste of Lily’s vagina reminds Zack that when you have a good thing, you shouldn’t ever let it go. It’s a passionate, heated affair between two people who know each other’s bodies better than most. His cock fits perfectly into her tight little cunt and it’s a wonder that either ever thought they weren’t perfect for one another.

The Stepmother #16 – Britney Amber & Marcus London

Kirsten and Robert (BRITNEY AMBER AND MARCUS LONDON)- Sometimes a woman must seek comfort in the arms of her husband. Stressed about her somewhat volatile relationship with her stepson, Zack- Kirsten’s husband Zack reminds her that she need not worry about forging a relationship with his adult son and that the quickest solution to her woes are with a swift taste of his cock. He throws her onto the bed and plunges inside of her. Any worries she has are suddenly pushed to the wayside and she is left wondering what it was she had to be so stressed about. Cock and orgasms are really the solution to everything.

Doppelganger – Part 4 – Ryan Driller & Alexa Grace

While Ryan obsesses over his aging face in the bathroom mirror, Kenna appears at his bathroom door–or at least who he thinks is Kenna. Although he has invited the young stripper to come back to his place for months, she has always refused, as she doesn’t want Ryan’s psychotic step daughter to start harassing her. Her sudden appearance takes him off guard. She looks nothing like the poor girl he knows from the club who wears loud dancer gear. She is dressed elegantly, more like his step daughter Alexa. Still, Ryan is not one to question his good fortune. He has wanted Kenna for so long he doesn’t care what reason brought her to his house. The two start fooling around in Ryan’s enormous, master bathroom. Ryan puts in extra work devouring Kenna’s pussy to ensure that she will keep coming back for more. But he can’t resist slipping his surgically enhanced cock in her. He has wanted this for so long. This Kenna look alike doesn’t let on that inside, she is actually Ryan’s step-daughter Alexa. Alexa has obsessed over fucking her step father forever. Now, she is finally getting to live out that fantasy through a new body.

Mistress 3 – Part 4 – Chad White & London River

Private Investigator, London teases Chad with information to ruin his ex-wife’s life – but it’s not without cost. Offering it up only if he pays her double rate, Chad asks if she can throw in a little sex as a bonus for the exorbitant cost. Unwilling to resist his charms, London agrees and it doesn’t take long before Chad has the nipple of London’s voluptuous breasts in his mouth. Eager to impress London, Chad fucks her hard with his raging cock and London cannot stifle her loud, guttural moans with every thrust. It’s a fuck neither will soon forget.

Mistress 3 – Part 3 – Chanel Preston & Jay Smooth

Although Chanel has repeatedly attempted to seduce Jay by wearing provocative clothing to their one-on-one therapy sessions, on this particular occasion, she manages to get his dick hard with her aggression. Cornering him against the wall, Chanel pleads her case for why an affair would be worth their while and unable to resist the site of her billowing breasts and eager, teasing mouth, Jay throws her onto his couch and rams his tongue into her tight little snatch. Her pussy is as sweet as nectar, as he returns to eat her out over and over throughout their little fuck-sesh. When she is fully satisfied with his dick and the encounter, Jay spreads his seed over her ass – both convinced it was worth the risk.

Doppelganger – Part 2 – Chad Alva & Samantha Hayes

Before Ryan’s many cosmetic surgeries to look like a superman knockoff, Ryan looked like a young punk rocker who came from the lap of luxury. As such, he knew how differently people treated him because of his looks and his wealth. This was what drew him to the stripper, Samantha. She existed outside the constricting social circle of the ultra-elite. She also was the first woman who did not pretend to like him because of his money. In fact, it took months of Ryan visiting her at the club before she agreed to come back to his house. Ryan tries to Samantha with his house and his money, and his promise to pay for her plastic surgery after they get married. Samantha is unimpressed by all of this. She just likes who he is. The two have an intimate connection. Samantha uses her talents perfected at the strip club to tease Ryan into submission. She looks innocent, but from the way she strokes and sucks his cock, she is anything but. She grinds on his dick like she is twerking on a pole. And she gives him the VIP treatment she has saved for a man like Ryan who can offer her much more than just a paycheck–someone who can offer her love.

Mistress 3 – Part 2 – Damon Dice & Alana Cruise

Tired of his wife denying his advances, Damon sets his sites on, Alana, a coworker at his hospital. The two can’t control their desire, ripping off one another’s clothing and fucking each other after hours in a hospital recovery room. Alana can’t keep her hands off of Damon or her clit as she pleasures himself while he fucks her – culminating in him spewing his white, hot load all over her trim little bush.

Doppelganger – Part 1 – Alexa Grace & Lucas Frost

Alexa drags the rough street kid, Lucas, back to her mansion to fuck him viciously. As things heat up, Lucas discovers that Alexa has brought him to her step father’s bed and that she is insane enough to point a loaded gun at his face. But her beauty is such that he’s more than willing to overlook these warning signs. Lucas tears off Alex’s fancy dress to reveal her even more perfect, slender frame beneath. In turn Alexa pulls Lucas out of his grease stained, working class threads and devours his enormous cock. Alexa treats Lucas like her surrogate step daddy and gets off fucking such a bad boy in her father’s bed. While Alexa cums multiple time, her mental orgasm cums when her step dad walks in to see that Alexa has had filthy sex with another low life in her step dad’s bed.

Mistress 3 – Part 1 – Emma Hix & Brad Newman

Stunning new bride, Emma can’t stay faithful to just one man and quickly falls into the arms of her personal trainer Brad. It’s a fully blown, secretive affair and Emma can’t help but get sucked into Brad’s bulging biceps and gigantic cock. She spreads her legs for his eager tongue and the two lose themselves in the excitement of an illicit affair, both exploding into intense, satisfying orgasms.

Family Holiday #02 – Part 4 – Ryan Driller & Carmen Caliente

Ryan Driller has been drawn to his son’s girlfriend for quite some time – finally indulging in some forbidden action with her while the rest of the family is off to church. Carmen Caliente, aching to feel loved and appreciated for once, spreads her legs and allows Mr. Driller to fill her hole with his massive manhood. It’s a passionate, dirty, forbidden affair all happening as everyone else prays for their dirty souls.

Family Holiday #02 – Part 3 – Tyler Nixon & Emma Hix

Surprising her nephew (through marriage), Emma Hix shows up on Christmas morning in nothing but lingerie. Turned on by her sexy body, Tyler Nixon struggles to maintain his composure and resistance until Aunt Emma reveals that her husband, Uncle Shawn is actually gay and Emma is in need of a man’s cock. Tyler is shocked by the revelation but isn’t about to miss his opportunity at fucking someone as sexy as Emma and he quickly reaches between her legs and laps up her dripping wet cunt. It’s Christmas morning and Tyler cannot think of a more fitting gift than a nice huge load over Aunt Emma’s tits.

Family Holiday #02 – Part 2 – India Summer & Damon Dice

Hidden away in India Summer’s ‘art room/dungeon,’ India pleads with her stepson not to marry his ‘white trash’ girlfriend. Damon Dice, trying to do the right thing resists his stepmother’s advances but soon succumbs to her sensuality – grabbing her ass and pressing it against his throbbing cock. With the rest of the family only a few feet away, the two fuck away the afternoon in one another’s arms ending with Damon exploding all over his naughty mother’s milky white skin.