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Office ASS-istants – Violet Starr & Jay Romero – Violet Starr & Jay Romero

Jay Romero and his assistant Violet Starr are hard at work, getting ready for a big presentation they have to do for a client tomorrow. But then, much to Jay’s surprise, Violet lifts up her skirt and starts masturbating! Jay asks her what she’s doing, and Violet explains that it’s a nervous habit… she knows that tomorrow’s presentation is very important to Jay, so it’s making her anxious.

Jay is worried that Violet might start masturbating right in the middle of tomorrow’s presentation, so Violet suggests that he can help her work out that nervous energy by fucking her. Jay is turned on but still hesitant, so Violet pleads with him to help her, saying her pussy needs servicing. Jay wants to assist a lady in need, so does everything he can for her, including eating her out, fondling her breasts, fucking her sweet pussy, and of course fucking her amazing ass!

Office ASS-istants – Gia Derza & Isiah Maxwell – Isiah Maxwell & Gia Derza

Gia Derza is working at her desk when her boss, Isiah Maxwell, comes in and says she can go home for the day if she wants. However, Gia says that she wants to continue working. Isiah praises her for being a hard worker, saying he’s noticed that she often stays late. However, after Isiah leaves, Gia gets started on the REAL reason why she stays at the office every night. She takes out her cellphone and starts recording a naughty video, calling herself a horny office slut as she starts touching herself.

Days later, Isiah calls Gia into his office, where he reveals that he found some… interesting videos of her online. Gia thinks that she’s in big trouble for using the office as her own personal porn studio, but Isiah reveals that he actually likes the videos. He asks Gia to give her an in-person demonstration of the stuff she does in the videos, so she happily climbs onto his desk and partially undresses so she can touch herself, stroking and fingering her pussy.

Eventually, Isiah stands up and takes out his impressive cock. Gia eagerly gives him a blowjob, then Isiah fingers her pussy and rims her asshole to prepare her for even more fun, including fucking her amazing ass!

Wife-Swap Schemes – Kuleana & Scotty P – Violet Starr & Scotty P

Scotty P and his friend are hanging out with each other. The guys glance over at their wives, commenting to each other about how hot the ladies are. At the same time, Scotty’s friend’s wife, Kuleana, is talking to Scotty’s wife about how hot she finds Scotty.

Scotty’s wife seems intrigued by the idea of Kuleana getting a taste of her husband, but SHE wants some of Kuleana’s hubby too. The wives agree to go for it, just as their husbands walk up to them. Kuleana knows what she wants, and gets it, rubbing her ass on Scotty. But that’s just the warm-up, and she leads Scotty to the bedroom to have her way with him.

Can Scotty handle his friend’s wild wife?

Wet And Hot – Kenzie Taylor & Jake Adams

Kenzie Taylor is a hairy-bushed thrill seeker. For instance, Kenzie loves to hitchhike and has discovered that flashing a little pussy on the side of the road can greatly increase your chances of getting picked up. Well, today Kenzie and her twat hit the jackpot when hair pie aficionado Jake Adams happens to be driving by. Her hairy pussy reminds him of his youth growing up at the Naked Acres commune. Women with big protective mounds roamed the lands of the commune. Hairy pussies have always held a special place in his heart. Kenzie can understand this as whenever she grows out her pussy hair, her libido increases. Maybe it’s the heat from the hair but her pussy is just always wet when she has a full bush. Like right now. She’s dripping wet. Is there any way Jake could possibly help her solve this problem?

Should It Stay Or Should It Go – Britney Amber & Alex Jett

Britney Amber finds herself in a bit of a conundrum when she sees all the shaven pussies at the gym shower. Does she have too much pussy hair?? Deep in thought, she looks at her twat with a mirror and ponders the possibility of shaving her wonderful forest of pussy hair. Thank the lord Alex Jett comes rushing in and brings her back to her senses as he extols the virtues of a hairy snapper. Big pussy hair is great pussy and men love nothing more than to run their fingers through a moist hair muffin.

Rock hard Alex drops his cock onto her mound and pushes the head through her hair. Moaning and panting, Britney finds herself back in love with her bush. She is dripping and needing that cock so bad in her moist hole as she watches it slide back and forth over her furburger. After a hair tease, Alex pulls his stiff rock monster out of her hairy forest and slides it into her dripping pit of desire. He pounds that hairy pussy and deposits a load of jizz on it to help the garden grow.

The Bush Is Back – Tyler Nixon & Bunny Colby

Realtor Bunny Colby realizes her client Tyler Nixon is a retro aficionado as he goes nuts over the period piece fireplace in the house she is showing him. The only other thing that would make it perfect would be a woman with a bush. Well, guess what Bunny has? That’s right, she’s sporting a bush straight outta the seventies and decides to pull it out to help her close the deal.

Tyler immediately dives into her hair pie and breathes in the sweet smell of her pussy. And how sweet it is. They proceed to break the house in with a fireplace dance of love as Tyler pounds that little beaver for all it’s worth until finally, Bunny gets a dripping bush of semen as thanks for a job well done.

Pure Asian Beauty – T Stone & Kendra Spade

Brought up in the woods of Washington state, this exotic beauty of Philipino descent is one filthy little piece of ass. Kendra Spade wants it hard and she wants it now and refuses to walk away from a cock unsatisfied. She sucks cocks like it’s her last meal and has labia that literally contract around a cock like the tentacles of an octopus. You don’t fuck her, Kendra fucks you! Nasty as she can be, she is spitting, moaning, bouncing fuck machine and T Stone holds on for the ride of his life. Position after position she pounds that cock as she uses it as a work out machine. Eventually, T Stone can no longer hold back and cums on her face!