My Daughter’s Fucking A Black Man #11 – Jon Q & Pressley Carter

Don’t tell my Dad I’m fucking a black dude Pressley Carter told her friends but she couldn’t get enough black dick especially Jon Q! She loved it, craved it and needed it. The more she got the more she wanted. But remember what she always told her friends – ‘Please don’t tell my Dad that I fucked a Black Man!’

MILF Vera: Gaping Anal/A2M, Cum Facial – Mark Wood & Vera King

Trim brunette Vera King teases in sleek lingerie, flaunting long legs sheathed in sheer, nude hose. The stylish MILF is an online blogger visiting stud/director Mark Wood, curious about his love for anal sex. While interviewing the veteran performer, Vera concludes that the best way to get the inside scoop is to investigate for herself! She gives Mark a sloppy blowjob (but really, he fucks her face). Next, Mark’s meat slams Vera’s soaking snatch. The hot journalist begs him to be gentle with her butthole, but the hung stud knows how to stuff a tight sphincter. Vera exhibits her gaping rectum and worships cock ass-to-mouth. Mark pumps out a hot cum facial.

Babysitter Auditions 2 – Alina Lopez – Joanna Angel & Small Hands & Alina Lopez

Soldiering on in our pursuit of the perfect babysitter, we welcomed our next candidate into our home: the luscious Alina Lopez. We kicked off the interview by telling Alina how important it is that our little one be well-versed in the arts. And what’s an essential part of all great art? Well, INSPIRATION, of course! So we offered Alina the living room as her stage and told her to inspire us. Alina got to work, stripping off her clothes and gyrating her stacked body as she twerked her juicy ass and motorboated us with her perky titties. Well, it’s safe to say that she DEFINITELY inspired us. In fact, we were feeling SO inspired that we pulled Alina in for a good old-fashioned performance art piece…our patented family threesome. We didn’t realize it at first, but Alina really was a starving artist…starving for COCK!

Cream Pie Delivery For Jasmine Jones

Cream Pie Delivery For Jasmine Jones

Cream Pie Delivery For Jasmine Jones

Tony does not often drink scotch. But when he does, he likes it served by good-looking women with huge tits that he can screw right then and there. Perfectly understandable.

You see, at this private club, guys and gals can bang each other without any hassles. After Tony gets his drink from Jasmine Jones, he throws a pitch at her and she catches it. Pulling out one big boob from her dress, Jasmine brings it to his face for him to suck on. Now look carefully at Jasmine’s right nipple before and after he sucks it. It hardens and noticeably elongates immediately after he sucks it. When she takes out her left breast, that nipple is also long and hard. If you saw Jasmine’s slo-mo breast bouncing video, the super-sensitivity of her nipples is talked about and seen in close-ups.

While Tony is enjoying a mouthful of big boobs, Jasmine is unbuttoning his shirt. When she gets to his trousers, his horn is already hard and ready for Jasmine’s wet lips. Jasmine kneels as he sits and licks the tip, then opens her mouth wide in an impressive show of deep throat cock swallowing. Jasmine Jones has award-winning blow job skills.

Tony undresses Jasmine to her stockings and heels and lays her out on the couch. It’s time to fuck. Spreading Jasmine’s legs wide, he finger-bangs her shaved, wet pussy and then finger-bangs her brown-eye. First he will fuck Jasmine’s hot, tight cunt, then switch over to fill her asshole with the stiff man-bone she dearly loves.

(Please note: Our videos and photo sets are shot separately. In the video, Jasmine’s creampie is in her pussy; in the still set, the creampie is anal.)

See More of Jasmine Jones at XLGIRLS.COM!

The Creamy Skin Of Siri

The Creamy Skin Of Siri

The Creamy Skin Of Siri

Siri loves showing off her beautiful, naked body and sport-fucking guys on-camera. She can’t help but say nasty things when she’s doing the wild thing, and yet when the fuck words flow out of her mouth, they sound like poetry.

Siri is wearing an outfit that suits her style and personality: A red plaid top knotted right under a red bra, and skin-tight jeans. Siri gets undressed by her new fuck buddy, a total stranger that she just needs for his cock. She eagerly climbs on top so he can suck her natural 32HH-cup tits.

The blonde beauty strips completely nude and lays back on the bed, legs spread wide open, her gorgeous shaved cookie waiting to be penetrated and fucked by a stiff prick. Her eyes gleam and send out the blink-code, “Fuck me.” But first, Siri is eager to be eaten out. Watch her tits shake and roll as her body gyrates while her pussy is licked.

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Nerdy Virgin

Nerdy Virgin

Nerdy Virgin

Lillian is showing us no-man’s land!
That’s because no man has had the pleasure of sticking his cock in her teen tunnel. Yup, Lillian is a virgin! “I’m shy and I get nervous when a boy talks to me. I’m not sure how to act. I definitely like boys and I want to try having sex. I just haven’t had many opportunities where I was alone with a boy.”

What’s the furthest you’ve gone?
“I’ve made out with a couple of boys before and one of them felt me up. He touched me down there and it felt really good. I wanted to do more but I was afraid to speak up. I wanted him to pull down my panties and go down on me. The next time I’m with a boy, I’m going to make it happen.”

See More of Lillian at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!

The Love of Older Women – Elexis Monroe & Jade Baker

Rebecca (Elexis Monroe) and Jennifer (Jade Baker) meet each other on a dating application. They both chat for a few days on the application and by text message, it’s now time to meet each other face to face. Rebecca invites her new friend for a coffee. When Rebecca opens the door, she’s shocked to see a young girl standing in front of her. In fact, Jennifer lies about her age, confusing Rebecca and invites her in, giving her a chance to explain her behavior. She listens to her story and slowly lets herself fall for this young and beautiful girl. Jennifer presses the right buttons and Rebecca dives deep inside her stunning body.

MILF Brittany: Gaping Anal, Cum Facial – Brittany Andrews & Mark Wood

Starting in chic business attire with sheer pantyhose and heels, bodacious blonde Brittany Andrews strips to show off her luscious bod. After a wild night out, the busty MILF begs hubby Mark Wood for a hard anal reaming. Brittany kneels before him to suck his stiff meat, slobbering through an intense, wet blowjob. She masturbates as Mark’s meat pummels her pussy. Brittany soon spreads her sphincter for savage sodomy. Rowdy backdoor fun includes raunchy rectal gaping, crude dirty talk and sloppy, ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Finally, Mark rewards the tan, stacked babe with a frothy cum facial.

Best Friends Forever? – Alison Rey & Jade Kush

Alison Rey and Jade Kush are two best friends trying to remain connected, even though life is pulling them apart. They don’t have the same interests they used to, so it’s harder to bond. It doesn’t help that Jade’s been so busy with cheerleading practice lately, which leaves her feeling sore and tired all the time.

Fortunately, Jade’s able to squeeze in some time to grab a coffee after an upcoming cheerleading practice, which fills them both with excitement. After they hang up, Alison gets the great idea of looking up how to do massages. She wants to go into sports medicine in college, so learning how to massage Jade now can help her future career AND give them something to do together!

When Jade shows up a few days later, she’s down for getting a massage. Although Alison was so sure before about giving a massage, she’s not so sure now once Jade easily strips down before her. Alison can’t stop staring at Jade’s naked body since all that exercising from cheerleading has really been working out for her…

Alison tries to push away her attraction as she commits to massaging Jade. Right now, it’s crucial that they rekindle their bond to make their friendship stronger. Yet, the more she massages Jade, the more Alison realizes that she wants MORE than friendship — especially when squeezing Jade’s perky breasts!

When Jade cups Alison’s cheek and tugs her in for a kiss, Alison can’t believe what’s happening. Yet, the anxiousness gets pushed aside as Jade reassures her that SHE’S turned on, too, and wants to explore more. Maybe THIS is just what they need to strengthen their friendship.

Alison, eager for intimacy with her best friend, gives in. They’re closer than ever now as Alison undresses so that Jade can suck on her breasts and tease her pussy with her tongue. Alison’s head is in the clouds as she enjoys the attention, though gives it back tenfold. As they trib towards their final, intense release, it’s evident that they really ARE best friends forever.

It’s Karina’s World. We Just Live In It

It’s Karina’s World. We Just Live In It

It's Karina's World. We Just Live In It

For six years we sold a novelty at the we dubbed the Splat Mat.

Splat Mats were life-sized, high quality 41-inch by 24-inch photos of SCORE and Voluptuous Girls in the most-jackable, fuck-me positions we could find. They were printed on resilient vinyl.

The Splat Mat also made a great wall decoration for a guy’s man-cave if he chose not to…uh…splat.

The go-to girls we picked in the hottest fuck positions, spreading their pussies and buttholes were Christy Marks, Kali West, Sheridan Love, Michelle May, Venera and, of course, Karina Hart. Who could not jack to this woman’s videos and photos?

Like most novelties, the Splat Mat ran its course after a few years but we sold every single one that was produced and never got a single return. Fortunately.

See More of Karina Hart at SCORELAND.COM!

Unfinished Business – Charlotte Stokely & Ella Knox & Karma RX

Karma RX and Charlotte Stokely, two fiancees that are soon to be married, are relaxing in bed together. As they snuggle up and daydream, Karma catches sight of Charlotte’s computer screen. ‘Who’s Ella?’ she questions, though has to nudge a bit more when Charlotte tries to evade the question. Charlotte soon gives in and admits that Ella Knox is an ex of hers from high school who broke her heart. But it doesn’t matter because that’s all in the past. They were young and dumb. Now it’s all about the future with Karma!

When Charlotte leaves moments later for work, Karma’s eyes fall curiously back onto the computer left behind. She’s worried about Charlotte, but has a plan…

A few days later, Charlotte is in for the surprise of her life when none other than Ella Knox appears at the door! She is stunned, though Karma assures her it’s all right and that Ella was invited. Karma knows Charlotte needs some closure from the breakup. Without it, the ex is always going to be on the back of her mind. Fortunately for them, Ella agreed to confront her past as well.

Charlotte is amazed as Karma explains that she wants her to have one last night with Ella to get the closure she needs. Without that ‘what-if’ hanging over their heads, they’ll be free to live the long, happy marriage they dream of! Although Charlotte is still shocked, when Karma encourages her to give Ella a kiss, she tentatively goes for it.

The reservations soon melt away as Charlotte gets more into it, encouraged by Karma, who soon joins in on the fun. Things get hot and heavy between them as they eagerly dive into each other’s pussies, relieving the tension and letting go of the past. Will Charlotte now finally be free to move on?

Lena: Interracial Anal Cum Swallower! – Prince Yahshua & Lena Paul

Longhaired dirty blonde Lena Paul’s tiny cut-offs and bikini underwear can’t contain her floppy, natural jugs or big butt. She wears shades and boots in an outdoor tease, showing off the fur above her shaved cunt. Inside, Prince Yahshua sucks her fleshy boobs. She kneels, visibly excited to give his big black cock a blowjob. Prince grips her hair to fuck her pretty face, and he rims her bunghole. Lena mounts his meat for a fuck ride; she fingers her asshole in ecstasy as her cheeks bounce, bunch and quake. A manhandling interracial buttfuck makes Lena’s tits rotate and undulate. Porking her up the ass, the stud chokes her to groaning, blushing, eye-rolling reverie. Lena lovingly sucks dick ass-to-mouth. She stuffs her fingers in her twat as huge-cock sodomy makes her tight butthole gape. Prince cums on her tongue, and Lena winks as she swallows semen.

It’s Okay She’s My StepSister #05 – Evelin Stone & Rion King

When Rion King is solicited by his stepmother to watch him masturbate, he has no one else to turn to but his stepsister for guidance. He is quite upset. Especially cause she is so much older than him. Wanting desperately to see how big her stepbrother’s cock gets when hard, Evelin Stone shows off her tight twat and Rion is instantly sporting wood. It doesn’t take long for Evelin to have that shaft down her through and soon enough in her sweet little winking pink pleasure sprocket. All over the couch, they fuck ending in a spectacular spray of cum!

Katy Ann: Slim & Stacked World Domination

Katy Ann: Slim & Stacked World Domination

Katy Ann: Slim & Stacked World Domination

SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote about Katy Ann in the upcoming Vol. 28 No. 5 edition, “Katy Ann is the definition of a SCORE Girl. In fact, if we were asked what the perfect SCORE Girl looks like, she’d look a whole lot like newcomer Katy Ann: tall, blonde, super-slim and super-stacked. She has the kind of body that inspired the creation of SCORE 27 years ago: 5’7″, 26-inch waist, J-cup tits. A living, walking fantasy doll.”

“I live in Texas,” said Katy Ann. “I’ve been doing a webcam for about eight years, and I kinda kept it under wraps. It was my dirty little fetish secret that I would do, and I had a regular life. I started with a little pictorial for Playboy. They were doing a little casting, and I did ‘Girls of New York.’ It didn’t go anywhere, but I had a little feather in my cap and bragging rights to say, ‘Oh, yeah, I was a Playboy model’ for a little bit.

“But that was about it. I kept it under wraps. Nobody found out about it. People always say, ‘Oh, if you do this, everybody’s gonna find out.’ Well, nobody found out what I did. So it’s just more exposing myself to the world, literally and figuratively.”

And the world is a better place for Katy Ann’s decision.

See More of Katy Ann at SCORELAND.COM!

Putting The Great In Great Britain

Putting The Great In Great Britain

Putting The Great In Great Britain

English flower Kathryn Gable was working as a cashier at a supermarket chain in London. At the age of 21, Kathryn decided to try nude modeling. Her fresh, very pretty face, natural body and big tits, and all-around flawless look opened the doors of the London-based pro studios who furnished the magazines with layouts. Different magazine editors called her by different names, such as Katriona, Angie or Anita.

Kathryn liked golfing and writing poetry in her free time after work. “I was always sort of an exhibitionist, not that I would flash in public. The idea of men admiring me in pictures excited me and appealed to this exhibitionistic impulse I would feel.”

Kathryn made her SCORE debut in the January 1993 edition. Chloe Vevrier was the covergirl of this collector’s item. That debut appearance overwhelmed everyone else in that issue. Kathryn returned in December 1994 SCORE. The covergirl this time was Brazil’s Angelique, a very different kind of big tit superstar.

See More of Kathryn MacGregor at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

The Look Mom Can’t Resist – India Summer & Sabina Rouge

India Summer meets her stepdaughter Sabina Rouge for the first time. Sabina is standing there, looking naturally sultry. Her eyes have an entrancing quality that seems to call to India. India’s eyes can’t help but to trail over her body. India licks her lips, looking aroused and conflicted as Sabina crooks her finger in a ‘come hither’ gesture while still piercing her with that look. Sabina leads India into her bedroom. As time goes by and India goes into Sabina’s bedroom over and over again, India reflects on how everything happened:

‘When I first met Robert, my future husband, I thought we’d be the perfect couple… until I met his daughter, Sabina, who would become my future step-daughter. Even though she’s only 18, she has all the charms of a more experienced woman. Even though I’m straight, I keep falling into bed with her… over and over and over… She has a look that I can’t resist, but I have to! We can’t keep going on like this!’

Later, India, now dressed in a robe but a bit dishevelled from sex, is on the phone with her husband, saying that she hopes he’s enjoying his day at work. Oh, no, everything is all right — she’s just calling because she misses him. She makes some small talk, then hesitantly says, in a quieter voice, that she needs to talk to him about Sabina when he comes home… It’s just that–

But India stops talking when she spots Sabina standing in the doorway with her arms folded and her eyebrows raised in a questioning manner. She’s also wearing a robe and still looking a bit dishevelled from sex, too. India gives a sheepish smile then hurriedly tells her husband she has to go and that they’ll talk more later. She hangs up then puts on a fake smile, greeting Sabina. Sabina curiously asks what that phone call was about? India says that it was nothing…

Sabina is suspicious of her step-mother and demands to know what she’s hiding. India admits that she was going to tell Sabina’s dad that they’re fooling around together, adding that she used to be straight until she met Sabina, but that this has to stop — she doesn’t want to cheat on her husband anymore.

Sabina says that she knows India wants this — wants her — so why should she deny herself. Does India want to go down on her again? India says that she does, once again entranced by Sabina. Sabina then grins and begins walking backwards, crooking her finger to encourage India to follow her into the bedroom, which she slowly but gladly does. Sabina lies down on the bed as India begins to softly lick her clit.

Sabina’s got that look that India can’t resist, so why even try?

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, IggyEgo!

Squirting, Gaping Kissa’s Anal Sins – Manuel Ferrara & Kissa Sins

In fishnet lingerie and sky-high heels, glamorous Kissa Sins shows off her natural-breasted, tattooed beauty. ‘Sinner’ is inked on her hot, hypnotically twerking ass. Heavily hung Manuel Ferrara rims her butthole and kisses her mouth. He eats her pussy, stuffs four fingers into her sphincter and tastes them. Lush-lipped Kissa sucks his uncut, hugely thick cock, laps his balls and tongues his bunghole. Straight-to-anal goes his big boner, buttfucking her to blushing, orgasmic delirium. She deep-throats ass-to-mouth, masturbates as Manuel rails her twat, and sits on his face, gasping. Kissa’s asshole envelops his meat; he pulls her hair and mauls her tits, demanding deeper anal penetration. Manuel chokes her amid passionate backdoor plowing, and when she squirts girl cum, he laps up the flow. Kissa’s massively gaping rectum belches lube. She jacks his jism into her mouth and swallows.

It’s Okay She’s My StepSister #05 – Nathan Bronson & Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves and Nathan Bronson think they are in love. Seems this stepbrother and stepsister team have been having an ongoing love affair for a while. Friends are starting to find out and it’s just a matter of time until their parents do too. Why can’t their love be in the open? Why should they have to hide it? They are of age. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If a stepbrother and stepsister want to spend every second they can fucking all over their parents house then why can’t they? Horny and young, they get it on right in the backyard.

Overwhelmed By Love – Angelika Grays & Vince Carter

Smoking hot Angelika Grays loves pets especially dogs. Her lover Vince Carter tries to help not be overwhelmed. Angelika thanks him by rubbing his cock and putting her soft lips on his throbbing cock. Then she bends over spreading her asshole open for deep anal penetration. Their passion leads to her getting a hot load of cum on her ass.

Amber Stevens Meets JMac

Amber Stevens Meets JMac

Amber Stevens Meets JMac

Amber Stevens‘ thick body, her big tits and big butt got JMac charged up. He loves those big-titty XL Girls. He gave her his deluxe fuck and a large load of cum for her tongue, something for Amber to remember him by after they parted company. And Amber gave JMac her all. Deep throating, hot nipples to suck on, a juicy ass to slap, hard bouncing on his pole, and she even squirted on his dick when he was fucking her in missionary. You can see it right before the ten-minute mark in the video.

Amber is from Tennessee. Our team spotted Amber and invited her to have some fun, shoot some videos, pose for some photo sets and take home a nice modeling fee. We don’t find many girls from Tennessee. Risque Waters was a hottie from that state. Years back, we filmed Sadie Brooks and a really big girl named Kountry Gal.

Amber says she’s passive. JMac was the boss and she was happy about that. She likes rough penetration and clitoral stimulation. She got it. Doggie is her favorite. That was the first position she was fucked in. She was pounded well from behind and really slammed hard in a pile-driver, JMac’s signature move.

See More of Amber Stevens at XLGIRLS.COM!

Amber Alena & The Two X-Men

Amber Alena & The Two X-Men

Amber Alena & The Two X-Men

Ultra-babe Amber Alena did her first on-camera XXX at SCORELAND. Now Amber does her first on-camera threesome with pro studs Sam Shock and Codey Steele. There’s a look of glee and joy on her pretty face throughout the entire three-way as they fuck and suck, having a wild time.

Wrote SCORE magazine editor Dave about Amber’s magazine debut in Volume 28 No. 4, “Stroke your meat to Amber. She wants you to. She wants you to get off to her big tits and tight pussy. She wants to hear about it. Amber isn’t one of those girls who doesn’t want to know what you’re doing when you’re looking at her photos and videos. She’s one of those girls who wants every drop of cum. She’s a fuck doll. That’s for sure. She has blond hair, a girly voice, huge tits and a tiny waist. She weighs only 120 pounds; a lot of that is boob. Some girls were simply made for SCORE. They were born for porn. Amber is one of those girls.”

The man is a fan.

“I love it when I’m sucking his cock and he starts making sounds because he’s enjoying it so much,” said Amber about her oral skills that are celebrated in this scene. Here, Amber has two men to play with.

“I like to get really messy when I give blow jobs, but when the guy is ready to cum, I love swallowing it. I like getting tit-fucked. My favorite position for it is when I am on my knees, looking up at a man’s eyes while he tit-fucks me. I like when a guy licks my tits, tit-fucks me, whispers in my ear and lots of touching and kissing. My sex drive is a 9. I can fuck for hours and hours…but I still need some sleep.”

You’ll cum away a believer, if you aren’t already.

See More of Amber Alena at SCORELAND.COM!

Parlor Tricks: Bold MILF, New Tricks – Cherie DeVille & Ryan McLane & Mackenzie Moss

Cherie DeVille and her protege, Mackenzie Moss, are enjoying each other’s company before their next clients arrive. A man, Ryan Mclane, enters and is instantly infatuated by Mackenzie. While Cherie tries to get his attention, it’s no use, especially once he states that Mackenzie is more his type and that he wants a massage from her. MILFs just don’t do it for him.

Although Cherie is fuming, she maintains her professionalism as Mackenzie steps in to defuse the situation. After Mackenzie directs Ryan to the private room to wait for her, she pulls Cherie in close. She can’t BELIEVE how rude he was to the stunning Cherie! Fortunately, she knows how they can get back at him…

A short while later, Mackenzie walks into the private room and begins paying erotic attention to Ryan. She gives him a sensual bath, encouraging him to keep his eyes close. Unbeknownst to him, Mackenzie soon sneaks Cherie into the room, letting her take over the massage. Cherie’s smug as she sets to work pleasing Ryan, showing him what her skilled hands are capable of.

The plan works so well that once Mackenzie leads Ryan to the mattress, his eyes still closed, Cherie’s able to slip and slide all over his body. He’s clearly enjoying himself as Cherie tends to him, showing him what a more experienced woman is capable of. When he finally opens his eyes and sees that he’s been tricked, he’s too turned on to complain! Now he’s along for the ride as the women take turns riding his cock and playing with each other’s pussies. It’s time for them to go wild!

Sisters-In-Lust – April ONeil & Jade Baker

April ONeil sits down on the couch with Jade Baker. Thanks again for this, she really appreciates April and her husband letting her stay there, Jade says. Oh, of course, Jade is her husband’s sister after all, and they’ll always be there for her when she needs them, April says kindly. Even so, she HATES to be an inconvenience, Jade says apologetically. Nonsense, she could NEVER be an inconvenience, April says. She’s very sweet, Jade says, smiling appreciatively at April. And she won’t stay too long, this is just temporary while she gets back on her feet financially, Jade says. Jade can stay as long as she needs to, April says patiently. Besides, it will be great to have a woman around the house for a change, April adds with a laugh. Maybe now she can finally get some REAL advice on what to wear, April says. Yeah, Jade’s brother doesn’t really care about that stuff, laughs Jade. Although Jade doesn’t see why April would need ANY advice on how to dress, she always looks…amazing, Jade says, looking at April with a hint of flirtatiousness. April smiles back at her and there is a moment of pleasant tension. April clears her throat, breaking the moment. Ok, so they’ll get Jade settled in and then April will start on dinner, April says, adding that her husband should be back from work any minute.

The next day, April, a towel wrapped around her body, walks up to her bathroom door. She is about to open the door when Jade opens it suddenly. Jade has a towel wrapped around her body and has clearly just taken a shower. Both women are startled. Oh, she’s…um…she didn’t know that—April stutters, trying not to check out Jade. Yeah, she was just…she’s sorry she took so long in the shower, she just—, Jade trails off, locking eyes with April as the tension builds. Jade bites her lip. It’s ok, she….she knows how hard it can be to get out of the shower when she’s nice…and…wet, April says softly, licking her lips as she moves slightly towards Jade. Yeah…really…wet, Jade says quietly, moving a little closer to April. A growing attraction blossoming in their faces, they are barely able to meet one another’s eyes. Jade moves to leave the bathroom door at the same time as April moves to enter the bathroom. There isn’t enough room for both of them, so they move away from each other, politely trying to let the other pass, but their movements are a little-off-sync and they bump into each other. They laugh awkwardly, the tension mounting. But just as the tension becomes almost palpable, a door closes elsewhere in the house. This breaks their spell, and April moves aside. Jade says she bets her brother will complain at both of them hogging the shower so long, and they share an awkward nervous chuckle. They both apologize as Jade slips away. Before going into the bathroom, April sighs loudly. She shakes her head, trying to dispel whatever thoughts were intruding. She calls to her husband that she’s jumping in the shower now, but won’t be long. She enters the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Later that night, April and Jade are sitting on the living room couch together watching TV. They are captivated and scared by a movie on the screen. ‘Babe, is the popcorn almost ready? You’re missing the best part!’ April calls out to her husband in the other room. ‘Want any snacks?’ she says, turning to Jade. No, she’s fine, thanks, replies Jade absently, her eyes glued to the screen. Suddenly there is a frightening moment on the TV screen and April and Jade jump and yelp in terror, involuntarily hugging each other. They look at each other, both laughing in embarrassment at their fear. But as they gaze at each other, the fear turns to sexual tension. April bites her lip as Jade’s hand lightly and almost imperceptibly strokes April’s hair. ‘Uh, I should see if he needs any help carrying stuff,’ April says as she pulls away, both girls clearing their throats uncomfortably and trying not to look at each other.

A few days later, Jade is relaxing on the living room couch, browsing on her phone. April comes into the room. Oh hi, April says when she notices Jade. Jade greets her pleasantly. April sits down on the couch next to Jade. She…she wanted to thank her again for letting her stay here, Jade says sweetly. Oh, it’s ok, she’s…she’s LOVED having Jade around, April smiles, a hint of flirtation in her voice. Perhaps unconsciously, Jade moves a little closer to April on the couch. There is a building tension. Has Jade seen her brother around?, April asks, seemingly wanting an excuse to diffuse the tension. Yeah, he actually had to run out to his office, there was a work emergency and he wanted her to tell April that he wouldn’t be back for a few hours, Jade says. O-oh I see, so it’s…just the two of them?, April asks quietly, nervously darting her eyes toward Jade. Um yeah, she…she guesses it is, Jade says, glancing sideways at April.

They lock eyes. They try to look away from each other, but their proximity is causing the sexual tension of the last few days to become unbearable. They bite their lips, clearly trying to resist. They lightly caress each other’s hands. ‘I–,’ Jade says softly but can’t finish a thought. As they continue to stroke each other’s hands, their lips are moving closer to each other. As they close the gap, the tension finally boils over, and they kiss each other tentatively. The kiss quickly becomes passionate, but that increase in intensity causes them to pull away from each other. ‘What are we DOING?!’ April asks in disbelief. Seriously! She can’t do this to her brother, it would devastate him…he doesn’t deserve that!, Jade says. ‘How do you think I feel?? I’m the one who’s MARRIED to him! This would BREAK his heart!’ April says emphatically. Exactly!, Jade agrees, trying to be firm even as her eyes stray hungrily to April’s lips. But the women’s body language is much different from their words. So they…they DEFINITELY…can’t do this, April says softly, trying to resist as she gazes at Jade, her eyes filling with lust. No…they…they….can’t, Jade says. There is a moment of thick tension. Their mouths collide in a passionate kiss.

They’ve done everything they can to deny them, but these sisters-in-lust can no longer resist their primal urges.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Mike909!

Blonde Jessa: Big-Cock Anal/Cum Facial – Ramon Nomar & Jessa Rhodes

Racy, glamorous Jessa Rhodes’ eyes are almost as blue as her bikini. The busty, bodacious blonde strips by the pool. She and Latino stud Ramon Nomar, both naked, flirt through a window, pressing tits, ass and hard-on into the glass. Inside, her thick-lipped mouth gives his big, fat boner a drooling blowjob. He grips her head for a gagging face fuck. Ramon lifts Jessa bodily, grasping her butt cheeks for a skin-slamming carry-fuck that makes her gasp and hang on. Her shaved pussy rides his cock as he fingers her butthole. Jessa masturbates, squeals and groans as Ramon’s monster meat sodomizes her. Wanting to taste her bunghole, she sucks dick ass-to-mouth. His huge, uncut prick pounds her cute rear in multiple positions, and Jessa sits on his face for cunnilingus and a rim job. Ramon chokes her through an anal manhandling. His uncut prick blasts her with a wet, messy cum facial.

It’s Okay She’s My StepSister #05 – Anastasia Knight & Michael Swayze

Once again Anastasia Knight catches her stepbrother Michael Swayze masturbating. Why does he keep his door open? Her mom would have gotten really upset, but not Anastasia. She’s alone and bored and imagining him jerking off as she does the same to herself. Why must a stepbrother and stepsister masturbate alone when they have no one to fuck them? She immediately goes over and tells her brother this is stupid, get in here and fuck me. Well why not? He does just that! She lies back, spreads her pussy and he dives right in. Soon, they are fucking all over the place!

Briana Black’s Toy Time Titillation

Briana Black’s Toy Time Titillation

Briana Black's Toy Time Titillation

Sexy Brian Black has two big cock-toys with balls. She gets them wet with her tongue, and fucks her bushy pussy with one, her big hooters with the second toy. It’s a pleasure to watch her cum.

Briana cums a lot on-camera. She said she gets to show her creative, sexual side and turn her true personality loose. For Briana and lots of other girls in adult entertainment these days, it beats working 9-to-5 for The Man.

Briana has a lot of sexual fantasies to go with her fetishes.

“Most involve being dominated, tied-up, gang banged, cream-pied, slapped and spanked, made to say dirty things that might make me a little embarrassed, being objectified for my body and talents as well as being verbally degraded. I have recently fallen in love with bimbofication. I’d really like to find someone that would love nothing more than to do all of those kinky things above while turning me into the best bimbo I can be for them.”

No doubt Briana has no shortage of volunteers.

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Lana Blanc In The Bra Zone

Lana Blanc In The Bra Zone

Lana Blanc In The Bra Zone

Trying on bras is an erotic experience when Lana Blanc does it. “I buy very big bras. My two favorite brands are Prima Donna and Panache. I can’t buy bras off the rack without them needing adjustment. I always wear a bra.”

Lana lives a hot sex life. “I love nipple play plus clit and anal stimulation. I have sex on a daily basis. I’ve done a lot of weird stuff. Administering an enema to someone else is probably the strangest thing I’ve done. Though I will admit, it was oddly erotic.

“I masturbate regularly. I use either a Lelo or Magic Wand. I like to watch Lesbian porn.” Lana bought a fuck machine, the kind girls sit on. She’s sure to put it to good use.

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Have Boobs Will Travel

Have Boobs Will Travel

Have Boobs Will Travel

This pictorial was shot in London in 1995, a time when American strippers were flocking to shoot for SCORE magazine and do a video. The magazine credits on a strip club marquee always helped draw the customers and fans. Betty Boobs arrived to shoot several layouts and make a porn video with Super Mario.

The Betty Boobs story didn’t end in the 1990s.

In the summer of 2017, Betty Boobs, now 45 years old, actually reappeared to shoot for 40Something magazine and the DVDs BBC Infidelity and Old & Boned #2. This wasn’t a rare occurrence but it’s still unusual. Haley Hills (sometimes calling herself Tabatha Jordan or Debbie Jointed) also made a comeback after years away from porn.

The editor of 40Something wrote, “Betty’s a nurse, but she decided to get back into sucking and fucking on-camera, which just goes to show that you can take the cock out of the porn star but she’s just going to put it back in.”

“It’s almost 20 years to the month since I last shot a scene,’ said Betty, who lives in Las Vegas. ‘I was a burn trauma unit ICU nurse for 13 years. I was a mommy. They’re all raised, so now it’s mommy’s turn, and I just decided to change it up again. Some might say it’s a mid-life crisis, but I’ve done it before so it isn’t.”

Betty has three kids. She’s also a grandmother, but she doesn’t call herself a GILF. “I think that’s an age thing,” she said. “Not until you’re 60 can you call yourself a GILF.”

As for sex in her 40s, Betty said, “It’s a lot more enjoyable now. You relax more. It’s more fun.”

And get this: Betty recently started working in a brothel, so her career path has gone model/dancer-ICU nurse-mother-porn star/hooker.

“I’m still taking care of people’s needs but in a different manner,” Betty said.

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Lisa Marie’s special sex lesson

Lisa Marie’s special sex lesson

Lisa Marie's special sex lesson

Ryan is late, but Lisa Marie Heart doesn’t mind. She’s ready for him.

“Are you ready for your lesson?” she says.

She unbuttons her top revealing her big, fake tits in a fetishy outfit. Actually, outfit is a generous word for what she’s wearing. It covers nothing, not even her pussy. What kind of lesson is this going to be? A sex lesson!

“I’m going to give you a lesson you’re never gonna forget,” she says. “I’m going to teach you how to make love to a woman. How to play with boobs like this. Not too hard and not too soft. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know. I’m going to teach you how to lick this pussy, and I’m going to suck your cock really good and you’re never gonna forget.”

Lisa Marie, who’s a mother and a grandmother, is an excellent cock-sucker. She’s good at sucking balls, too, and she loves tasting her pussy on Ryan’s cock. She gets fucked hard every which way in her old, shaved cunt and opens her mouth for his cum. Looks like this lesson was a success!

60PlusMILFs: What kind of guys come up to you in a bar? Older? Younger?
Lisa Marie: I don’t look my age, so mostly younger.

60PlusMILFs: What are you best at sexually?
Lisa Marie: I’m good at blow jobs. I really do like the way a dick feels in my mouth. I don’t do blowjobs with condoms. Who wants to suck a condom? It ruins the experience. I also give lessons to wives if they ask me to. I give lessons in giving blowjobs.

60PlusMILFs: What are these women doing wrong?
Lisa Marie: They just don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t watch porn. They don’t open their mouths enough. I like to play with the balls. I use my hands, my mouth. It’s an all-over experience. And I’ve given my girlfriends lessons in blow jobs. The key is to make a lot of eye contact and keep your hands moving at all times. Feel their body cues. Some are really shy. I’ve had quite a few virgins, so you have to take it slow with them.

60PlusMILFs: What’s the oldest virgin you’ve had?
Lisa Marie: Twenty-four. And I had sex with a guy who was 80. He had no trouble. He came like three times.

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Fuck video games! Fuck Cora’s ass instead!

Fuck video games! Fuck Cora’s ass instead!

Fuck video games! Fuck Cora's ass instead!

When this scene opens, Conor is playing video games in his best friend’s bedroom. Cora, who’s 46 years old, walks in, looking for her son. Conor doesn’t take his eyes off the game. Meanwhile, there’s a hot MILF in a short skirt and cleavage everywhere sitting next to him. Dude, wake up!

She strokes his hair. He still doesn’t take his eyes off the game. Dude!

Then she strokes his body and comments on it.

“What are you doing?” he says. “You’re Isaiah’s mom.”

“Yeah, and your mom and I are best friends, too,” she says.

She wants to play a different kind of game. He suggests multi-player.

Dude! Wake up!

She takes off her dress, and he finally plays with her tits. Then she gets on all fours so he can finger her asshole. She sucks his cock. He fucks her hairy pussy. And then he fucks her tight asshole. Talk about multi-player! There are a lot of fun games you can play with Cora.

He cums on her ass. Cora’s son still hasn’t come home, but everybody’s happy.

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Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

In this classic 18eighteen video, Kate is hot and horny and ready to go. She takes off her clothes almost immediately and goes for this guy’s cock.

She puts in the work, jacking his shaft, sucking on his cockhead and getting him rock hard for her pussy. Kate slides on his dick in reverse cowgirl so we can see her perfect teen body: perky titties, taut tummy and shaved pussy bouncing up and down.

Kate is an energetic fuck who likes it hard. She doesn’t get tired or stop grinding the whole time. By the end, she’s sweaty and glistening, but she won’t quit until she completes her mission: to get a creamy load all over her face.

Mission accomplished.

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Chapter 3 – The Redemption – Charlotte Stokely & Kenna James

The next morning Sister Mona (Mona Wales) and Sister Mary (Serene Siren) pray to the lord for forgiveness when Mother Joan (Magdalene St-Michaels) enters the room. She’s not quite convinced that Sister Mona is healing from all her vices, but she is willing to give her a try. Meanwhile, the health of Mother Superior (Nina Hartley) doesn’t seem to improve, which causes Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely) overwhelming stress. If she loses her mentor she will be forced to live her life in secret like before. Tina (Kenna James) recognizes her fear and reassures her that in the event of Mother Superior’s death, she will stand by her side, which gives Sister Charlotte temporary relief. Tina had another confession to make, however; she’s in love with Sister Charlotte. She smiles and explains to her sister that she is mistaking lust for love. Lucky for her, though, the feeling is mutual. The sisters kiss passionately before indulging in erotic lust under delicate candle light. Tina, the young novitiate, responds timidly at first before getting entranced by satisfying her deep-seated desires. The nuns forget about everything around them and, for a moment, they are the only important thing in the world.

Future Darkly: Model Citizen – Tyler Nixon & Aria Lee

‘Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away.’
-Alan Moore, V For Vendetta

Law Enforcer Audits Young Housewife’s Lifestyle In Dystopian Future

Citizen Val (Aria Lee) sits obediently in front of a television, her eyes focused solely on the screen. Before her, Mother relays her daily message of love, ensuring that all her children can hear her soothing voice. As a model citizen, it’s up to Citizen Val to do her part for the good of society, which includes ONLY having romantic and sexual relations with designated partners of approved genetic compatibility.

When there is a knock on the door, she is quick to answer. Auditor Bale (Tyler Nixon) stands before her, his presence a powerful one that she respects without question. In a calm, authoritative voice, he announces that he’s there to do a routine audit of the household to ensure that everything is in working order. Although Citizen Val finds this a bit suspicious, since she was audited only a couple weeks ago, she allows him inside.

Auditor Bale surveys the house, making sure that everything is exactly as it should be, especially when it comes to receiving Mother’s messages. He then asks Citizen Val routine questions to ensure that she’s been doing her part as a model citizen. With each question asked, Citizen Val grows more nervous, although Auditor Bale doesn’t seem to catch on.

Finally, it’s time for the physical examination to ensure that Citizen Val’s genetic profile is up to date.

‘Do you understand and accept that only Auditors have the authority to disable the broadcast, and that as a model citizen you must never disable it of your own volition?’ Auditor Bale relays, clearly having said the line hundreds of times before.

‘Yes,’ Citizen Val utters.

As Auditor Bale disables the surveillance all around her, Citizen Val’s heart pounds wildly in her chest for what’s to come.

Lesbian Sports-Widow – Shyla Jennings & Angela White

Angela White, an avid sports fan, is engrossed in the final football game of the season. Her wife, Shyla Jennings, tries to get herattention, insisting that it’s their anniversary, but Angela doesn’t budge. Shyla is dismayed — she knew Angela loved sports but shedidn’t know she was THIS obsessed! No matter what Shyla says to try and entice her wife, using all the charm she can muster,Angela’s eyes are glued to the screen.

So Shyla ups the ante by climbing into Angela’s lap and peppering her neck with sweet kisses. However, when THAT doesn’t work,Shyla begins stripping down, though Angela’s still focused on the action on the TV rather than the action right in front of her. Evenwhen Shyla yanks Angela’s pants down and gets to work lapping at her pussy, Angela’s resolve doesn’t waver.

Determined to get a rise from her wife, Shyla doubles down, eating pussy like there’s no tomorrow. Angela’s intense concentration isfinally broken as she gives her undivided attention to Shyla. It looks like Shyla finally scored as they happily eat each other out,riding each other’s faces to victory.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Dr. Mike!

Katrina & Kissa: Squirt-Wet Anal 3-Way – Markus Dupree & Katrina Jade & Kissa Sins

On a mountaintop deck, glamour girls Katrina Jade and Kissa Sins flaunt natural curves, BJ lips and big, comely asses. Gap-toothed Kissa has a tiny waist; Katrina has spectacularly real boobs. ‘Sinner’ is tattooed on Kissa’s ass cheek; ‘Slut’ on Katrina’s! They strip and French each other’s long tongue, then accost stud Markus Dupree inside for a frenzied threesome: He’s hyper-aggressive and dominant, pulling hair, slapping, spanking, yelling; they’re hyperactive, laughing, howling, choking, kissing. Spit flows in a double blowjob. Markus fucks both shaved pussies and assholes, making girl cum squirt all over each pretty face! The girls eat pussy; they rim each other and Markus; they deep-throat dick ass-to-mouth. Kissa tongues gaping bunghole. Markus porks her to multiple waves of squirt and makes Katrina lick up the liquid. The ladies lap each other’s sweat- and juice-drenched skin; they spin naked in the fluid flooding the floor. Double cum facial: Markus creams two gorgeously sex-soaked smiles. And there’s still more squirting!

Bi-Sexually Active #03 – Lance Hart & Michael Del Ray & Petra Blair

Petra Blair has been hearing all about this awesome workout trainer from her gay friends at work who swear by him. They are rocking some hard bodies so she and her boyfriend Michael Del Ray decide to hire him as a trainer. From the moment they meet Lance Hart at their first session they are smitten with intensity and drive. He is pushing it hard and Petra can tell he wants to sample her boyfriend. Being very modern and pansexual bi-nature she is more than ready to get the action going and immediately offers to show the trainer her boyfriend’s big cock. Very quickly they are both slurping on his cock and as much fucking as she gets in her pussy the trainer takes the same amount in his asshole. Now that is how you build up those glutes if you want buns of steel. From the inside out. Nothing works the thighs like squatting on a cock.

Fed To Spread

Fed To Spread

Fed To Spread

Tarzan and our photographer Jose coax Chevy into telling what she and Tarzan are going to do at XL Girls. Chevy’s not shy. She’s just more of a show-er than a talker. She’d rather sex it up than chat away. They do squeeze out the fact that she’s never had sex and eaten at the same time. They also coax Chevy into telling them what gets her off, which is clit rubbing and getting fucked face down, ass up.

Jose asks Chevy to show Tarzan her big 40H-cup tits. Smiling, she pulls them out of her dress. He hasn’t seen them yet and he’s impressed. Who would not be happy to fuck that pair of knockers and all the rest of Chevy?

Chevy has big, brown areolae and thick nipples. She must tan in a swimsuit because her tits are lighter than the rest of her body. Tarzan is having a great time playing with those coconuts.

It’s time for Chevy to be “Fed To Spread.” Tarzan makes a banana split using Chevy’s boobs as a plate. He squirts whipped cream in her mouth and lays the banana on her cleavage with cream and cherries on it. Tarzan feeds Chevy some banana then asks her to suck on his banana. Feed her and fuck her. A fun way to play.

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Busty Coed On A Chain

Busty Coed On A Chain

Busty Coed On A Chain

So, beautiful Bridgette B. is dancing in this funky underground club where anything goes. Where nobody knows your name and the girls are always glad you came. Bridgette is total eye-candy dressed like a sexy coed. There’s also a chain around her neck, not a normal accessory for a hot student.

Bridgette gyrates her foxy ass and shakes her big, beautiful boobs. Then the reason for her chain shows up. Her boss has arrived. Bridgette stops her dance. He takes her by the chain and shows her who master cock is and who is the submissive.

Bridgette takes her big tits out over her shirt and bra. She spits on her tits and puts his dick in her mouth. Squatting before him, Bridgette proceeds to give him a sloppy, messy, gagging, deep-throat blow job with lots of drool and spittle, the kind that Kianna Dior is also famous for. The kind of cock sucking that requires a janitor with a mop and a bucket standing off to the side. A blow job you could watch for hours. She is magnificent.

Bridgette’s tits are made for fucking and that’s just what her stunt cock will do. He pushes her over to a chair and mounts her mountains. “I love getting my tits fucked,” says Bridgette. She calls her tits “princesses.” They’re royalty in our book, too. Bridgette spits on his cock as he boob-bangs her. Bridgette believes in using her spit as a lube for cock, not lube in a tube.

Now it’s time to play screw the bad coed. He shoves his tool into Bridgette’s waiting pussy and they’re off to Fuck Town. Once he has had his fill of Bridgette’s pussy, her lovely asshole is next to be ravished.

Bridgette B.: she’s earned her Masters degree in blow jobs, tit-wanking and pussy and ass fucking. With skills like this, porn was the obvious way to go.

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How to please a MILF, by Beth Sinkati

How to please a MILF, by Beth Sinkati

How to please a MILF, by Beth Sinkati

Beth Sinkati, a 57-year-old wife, mother and grandmother who was born in New Jersey and now lives in Florida, has worked in professional environments her whole life. She’s been in digital marketing. She’s been an office manager and a bank representative. That’s pretty normal. But now Beth is doing something most women don’t do.

She’s fucked on-camera. And now she’s going to get off for us on-camera. She going to show us her skinny fuck-toy body with big, fake tits and then she’s going to deep-finger her pussy. And get this…

“I’m here to be your teacher today,” Mrs. Sinkati says at the start of this video. “I want to teach you how to treat a woman, and not just how to treat a woman. How to treat a woman my age. Someone who knows what she’s doing. Someone who knows what she wants. Someone who has expectations that you need to meet. I want you to follow my instructions.”

No problem there.

Beth is very much a woman-next-door. She isn’t a swinger. She isn’t a nudist. But she has done a few wild things, “like having sex in the produce section of a supermarket I used to work in. It was during off-hours with a hot college student when I was much younger.” Her fantasy is “to do it in the Great Pyramid of Giza. I wonder if the sexual energy would be amplified.”

In our opinion, the sexual energy is amped up wherever Beth goes. She doesn’t need no fuckin’ pyramid for that!

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Sugar Slit

Sugar Slit

Sugar Slit

Natalie teases you with her tongue as she sensually licks and sucks a lollipop. Clearly she’s good with her mouth. She rubs her pussy through her onesie, pretending that her lollipop is a nice, hard cock.

This curvy blonde takes off her PJs, revealing a perfect handful-sized pair of boobs and a lightly fuzzed twat. She drags a candy bracelet over her slit, making it even sweeter than it already is. If she fucks as good as she masturbates, we’re in for a real treat. Stay tuned to find out just how amazing she looks cumming on a cock.

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Transfixed | S1 E11 | Keep It Close – Sinn Sage & Lena Kelly

Sinn Sage strides confidently into a small barbershop, wearing a striking suit and looking for stellar service. She grabs a magazine while waiting, then looks up to the sound of heels clicking across the floor. The sexy barber, Lena Kelly, saunters close with sultry eyes, inviting Sinn to sit in her chair to be serviced.

When Sinn sits down, Lena gets to work as she sensually drapes herself over Sinn. She’s coy as she undoes Sinn’s tie and loosens her shirt collar. She takes some shaving cream and brushes it along Sinn’s chin, following up with a razor to make sure Sinn’s skin is good and smooth.

Yet, the tantalizing touch leaves both women yearning for more…

Sinn pointedly takes the razor from Lena’s hand and puts it aside, her eyes hungry. It seems as though the luscious Lena has the same thought as she sinks down to her knees between Sinn’s legs and undoes her pants.

Instead of finding a tender pussy beneath the fabric, Lena is surprised to see Sinn donning a stunning strap-on. Intrigued, Lena eagerly goes down on Sinn’s strap-on to get their hearts racing. Of course, when it’s Sinn’s turn to take control, she greedily tastes Lena’s cock in return, knowing the best is yet to come.

As they give into their desires, there’s no doubt Sinn will be back for another close shave soon.

Gaping Anal Fucker Abella Swallows Cum – Mick Blue & Abella Danger

With her tan legs sheathed in sheer white pantyhose, superstar Abella Danger struts in a matching, see-through top and heels. The blonde Latina beauty shows off her perky, natural breasts and masturbates, leading to a primal anal session with director/hung stud Mick Blue. Abella rips through her tights and plows her ass with a dildo. She treats Mick to a lewd, slobber-soaked blowjob. She rides his massive rod, which jackhammers her insatiable bunghole. Abella flaunts her gaping rectum and farts crudely! The wild anal date features savage, ass-to-mouth face fucking, nasty rimming and a creamy, cum-swallowing climax.

Cute & Sexy

Cute & Sexy

Cute & Sexy

The director nails it when he sees Harley Ann. Harley Ann is indeed a “cutie-pie.” Sweet, charming and adorable. Makes a guy want to squeeze and hug her. Lick her all over. Harley Ann knows how to dress that sexy body in a tight cardigan and short skirt. The girl knows. She knows how to undress to impress.

Harley also knows how to smoothly unbutton that cardigan and talk dirty, pop her bra off and get hands-on with her sweet tits. She then turns around, sticks her whooty butt in the air and rubs her tasty-looking taco.

Harley sticks her fingers in her cookie jar and makes her love button hard. Then she turns around, spreads her legs wide and plays that special instrument girls play called the “clit-ar,” making horny music. Harley Ann licks her fingers to taste her flavorful girl juice and tongues her nipples to make them stiff.

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It’s A Bikini World

It’s A Bikini World

It's A Bikini World

Having the perfect big-boobed super ‘n’ stacked body for a string bikini and Daisy Dukes, pretty Estelle Taylor basically fell into our laps.

The former ballet student turned model and university student has a fawn-like, delicate look.

Estelle was referred to us by a makeup artist who told us, “I grew up with a girl who had the biggest boobs in school. She was a ballerina, and when she changed into her dancing tights, all of the other girls stared. They couldn’t believe how big her boobs were.”

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Betty Boobs: Toys & Boys

Betty Boobs: Toys & Boys

Betty Boobs: Toys & Boys

There have been several Betty Boobs in adult entertainment but this Betty Boobs was an American exotic dancer during the 1990s. Like many other American dancers, Betty went to London to shoot for SCORE on the advice of her agency.

Betty was a super-flexible feature stripper from Seymour, Indiana. She could touch the back of her head with her foot and, standing up, could put her ankle behind her neck. Betty originally called herself Lissa Lynn but changed her name to Betty Boobs, a “what you see is what you get” stage name.

This scene was filmed in London in 1995 and paired up Betty with the ubiquitous British X-Man Marino. Betty enters the set alone, masturbates with a wand and phones for Marino to come fuck her. Super Mario uses the wand on Betty, then fucks her.

This is the original video with the director’s voice off-camera guiding her. Betty’s incredible flexibility wasn’t showcased in the video; a missed opportunity, considering the spectacular positions she could have been fucked in. Betty eventually debuted in March 1997 SCORE magazine. Betty was also filmed on-stage showing off her moves for November 1997 SCORE.

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Young cock for Lisa Marie

Young cock for Lisa Marie

Young cock for Lisa Marie

Dressed in sexy lingerie, 60-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother Lisa Marie Heart sucks and fucks a guy who’s 34 years her junior. Lisa Marie has big tits, and a tight, curvy body, impressive oral skills and a big-time hunger for cock.

60Plus MILFs: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Lisa Marie: Sure. I’m from Phoenix. I’m a mother and a grandmother. I was a topless dancer for years.

60Plus MILFs: When were you a topless dancer?
Lisa Marie: In my 30s. I started as a waitress, and the girls on-stage looked like they were having lots more fun than I was. I danced for about 10-to-15 years. Then things started getting really slow, and I realized that all those hot, sexy men I was teasing? I could see them after I got off work. I’d get so turned on dancing, so it was more fun to see them outside of work and enjoy every part of them. And I really like sex, so it was perfect.

60Plus MILFs: When you were dancing and saw a guy looking up at you, what would you do?
Lisa Marie: I’d get down on my knees and crawl over to him real slow. If my top wasn’t off already, I’d take it off. Then I’d tease him and show him my ass and sit on his lap and slowly crawl back on-stage. After I’d do that, they’d always want a lapdance.

60Plus MILFs: Did guys cum from your lapdances?
Lisa Marie: Oh, yeah. I wanted to change my name to The Cuminator, but the manager of the club wouldn’t let me. The guys knew I’d make them cum. I always carried lube, and I’d stick my hand down their pants and get them really hard, and they’d get so turned-on, they usually came in one dance.

Let’s see if you can make it to the end of this video before cumming. We’re guessing you won’t.

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Cora gets ass-fucked by her son’s friend

Cora gets ass-fucked by her son’s friend

Cora gets ass-fucked by her son's friend

In her return to, 46-year-old divorcee Cora Comfort discovers her son’s friend, Conor, playing video games in her son’s bedroom. Cora would rather he play with something else, so she takes off her clothes, spreads her legs and has him eat her hairy pussy. Then she sucks his cock. Then she has him fuck her pussy and ass. Yes, her ass. This is only Cora’s second porn scene ever, and she’s already getting ass-fucked. Why? Because she loves it. She told us so.

She also loves when this young kid cums in her asshole. That sure beats the crap out of playing video games, doesn’t it?

“I teach sexuality,” said Cora, who was born in Detroit, Michigan and now lives in Las Vegas. “I help people overcome hangups, erectile issues, premature ejaculation. I feel blessed to watch them transform before my eyes. I love my job.”

Doing this wasn’t a job for Cora. It was an adventure.

“It was the craziest thing,” Cora said when we asked her how we found her. “I belong to this swingers website, and some random person was talking to me and said, ‘You have to talk to somebody at The SCORE Group.'”

So she did, and now she’s here.

“I’ve had so many various erotic things happen to me,” Cora said. “I just try to be open and enjoy them to the fullest.”

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Bedtime Snack

Bedtime Snack

Bedtime Snack

Here’s a sweet treat you can eat in bed.
This cute sex kitten is Natalie, and she never goes to bed with a hungry tummy…or a hungry pussy. “I have a hard time sleeping through the night. I toss and turn and wake up. Then I’m super groggy in the morning. But if I masturbate before bed, I sleep like a rock! And the more orgasms I have, the better I sleep and the more refreshed I am in the morning. I usually go for two orgasms.”

Does sex before bed have the same effect?
“Yes! I pass out so hard after sex! But that’s harder to do since I live at home and my parents are not cool with me having sleepovers with boys. I would love a cock before bed, but I have to settle for my hand for now!”

Do you ever stay up late masturbating?
“No, because I get really sleepy after cumming one or two times. My orgasms are super intense and my whole body shakes. It just wipes me out. Once I start masturbating, I know I’ll be asleep in 15 minutes because that’s how long it takes me to cum.”

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Watching You – Avi Love


Jessie (Avi Love) is a young woman looking to rebuild her life after her boyfriend, Ashton (Mike Mancini) cheated on her. To start off on the right foot, she gets her laptop wiped so that she NEVER has to see anything reminding her of that asshole ever again. Yet, as soon as she returns home, her ex is waiting for her, confronting her in a heated argument. ‘You’ll regret this!’ he threatens as she slams the door in his face. She may be rattled now, but she’s sure there are brighter days ahead of her.

Although she’s hoping for a fresh start, Jessie’s past quickly comes back to haunt her. First, her friend informs her that someone’s hacked her social media and posted a raunchy update, claiming that she’s looking for guys to fuck. Then she receives an unsolicited dick pic from an unknown number. Finally, her laptop camera keeps turning on and off as if someone’s watching her…

Terrified, she calls Ashton, begging him to leave her alone, although he insists that it’s not him and that she’s just crazy. Exhausted and confused, Jessie’s almost at her breaking point. When she catches sight of a suspicious vehicle parked in front of her home, she just KNOWS that whoever is in that car is responsible for all of this.

As Jessie grabs a baseball bat, she storms into the street, ready to settle this once and for all. Little does she know, the worst is yet to come as she comes face-to-face with her stalker.

Watching You – Avi Love & Mike Mancini


Jessie (Avi Love) is a young woman looking to rebuild her life after her boyfriend, Ashton (Mike Mancini) cheated on her. To start off on the right foot, she gets her laptop wiped so that she NEVER has to see anything reminding her of that asshole ever again. Yet, as soon as she returns home, her ex is waiting for her, confronting her in a heated argument. ‘You’ll regret this!’ he threatens as she slams the door in his face. She may be rattled now, but she’s sure there are brighter days ahead of her.

Although she’s hoping for a fresh start, Jessie’s past quickly comes back to haunt her. First, her friend informs her that someone’s hacked her social media and posted a raunchy update, claiming that she’s looking for guys to fuck. Then she receives an unsolicited dick pic from an unknown number. Finally, her laptop camera keeps turning on and off as if someone’s watching her…

Terrified, she calls Ashton, begging him to leave her alone, although he insists that it’s not him and that she’s just crazy. Exhausted and confused, Jessie’s almost at her breaking point. When she catches sight of a suspicious vehicle parked in front of her home, she just KNOWS that whoever is in that car is responsible for all of this.

As Jessie grabs a baseball bat, she storms into the street, ready to settle this once and for all. Little does she know, the worst is yet to come as she comes face-to-face with her stalker.

My Daughter’s Fucking A Black Man #11 – Shorty Mac & Beaue Marie

Beaue Marie is a dirty young lady who loves Black cock. Her Dad is a very proper man who has no idea that his daughter is a real nympho who loves Bad Boys! However one day a business partner Shorty Mac shows him a couple of videos on the net and all he said as he fell to his knees was ‘I can’t believe my daughter is fucking a Black Man!’

Asian Anal MILF Sharon: Squirt, Facial – Mick Blue & Sharon Lee

Asian MILF Sharon Lee shows her luscious legs in stylish pantyhose, and she strips off her bra to flaunt fleshy fun bags. The exotic minx buzzes a vibrator over her twat, whimpering in orgasm through a steamy masturbation sequence for director/stud Mick Blue. Mick’s big prick pounds her tight pussy. She rides his rod, soon stuffing his hard meat up her asshole. Sharon fingers her clit as Mick sodomizes her, and she satisfies the hung stud with a sloppy, ass-to-mouth blowjob. See intense anal reaming and slick titty fucking, plus Sharon squirts girl cum! For the climax, Mick coats Sharon in a messy cum facial.

Cum On My Tattoo – Dylan Phoenix – Tommy Pistol & Dylan Phoenix

The voluptuous Dylan Phoenix writhes around on her bed, flaunting her supremely sinful body. As she shows off her freshly shaved head, tweaks her pierced nipples and squeezes her massive titties, Tommy Pistol bounces into the room, asking Dylan if she wants some cotton candy. Dylan doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth though and wants something else instead: hot, sticky cum all over her tattoo. Tommy’s more than willing to paint Dylan’s tats with his spunk, so he gets started and bends Dylan over, sinking his teeth into her juicy ass cheek before burying his face in her pussy. As he munches her box, he slides a finger inside her, gearing up to pulverize Dylan’s soaking slit and fuck her greedy mouth until he’s ready to let his juice loose all over Dylan’s incredible ink.

Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

“I love to make it clap when I make guest appearances at strip clubs,” Mazzaratie Monica said. “I really love to sit on faces. My pussy gets wet thinking about it.” This girl is so fucking hot. What a body, what a pair of ass cheeks.

“I am a total exhibitionist. I love sex, three or four times a day, and I’ll masturbate three times a day with fingers and toys. I enjoy getting guys rock hard and sucking all the cum out of their balls.

“I love anal play. Light spanking is fine. I just don’t like hand prints on my ass.”

After Mazzaratie sat on his face, Rocky had the honor of fucking Mazzaratie and wedging his man-tool between the blonde cupcake’s tight booty and donating his semen for a creampie finish.

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Three’s Not A Crowd

Three’s Not A Crowd

Three's Not A Crowd

Three’s Not A Crowd was the first threesome that Brittany O’Neil did with two studs. Miss O’Neil once teamed with the awesome mega-buster Angelique in London to lay waste to one guy but this scene was her first time with two dudes at the same time.

While Brittany changes into sexy lingerie in her bedroom, her fuck dates sit on the couch and speak in hushed tones about the opportunity they have been handed.

Brittany returns, looking sexy-generous and ready for a dirty ride. They lay back as she strokes their stiff dicks, one cock in each experienced hand. This is the lady who wrote the handbook on hot porn-sex.

A date with Brittany may not end at the door.

“I usually like to crawl up on the guy’s lap and tease him and get him real hard and touch him through his pants, and then I’ll get down on my knees. He’s sitting on the couch because I want him to be relaxed, and then I’ll start giving him head.

“Then we’ll fuck, then I’ll give him head again, then he’ll cum. I like to look at my guy, but I might close my eyes once in a while, too. I don’t want to make him nervous. On the other hand, some guys are really into it when their girl keeps her eyes open while she’s giving him head, so I’ll do that, too.

“Guys go crazy when their girl swallows and acts like she really loves the taste of their cum. I like the taste of it or else I wouldn’t do it. But most of all, I just want to make my partner feel good.”

See More of Brittany O’Neil at SCORELAND.COM!

A Woman’s Touch – Cindy Starfall & Noemie Bilas

Sarah (Cindy Starfall) and her best friend Natalia (Noemie Bilas) are getting ready for a night out at a club when Sarah receives a text from her boyfriend breaking up with her. Broken down Cindy decides to stay home and let her friend go meet her date alone at the club, but Natalia will not leave her friend alone when she needs her the most. She came back with a pizza and a bottle of wine. In front of the TV watching a boring movie the two girls will question their relationship with boys and wonder what life could be without them. They will quickly discover a different type of pleasure that only another woman can give you.

Squirting Lindsey: Anal & Cum Facial! – Mick Blue & Lindsey Cruz

Big-assed blonde Lindsey Cruz wears sheer nylons and matching heels, teasing and stripping poolside. She buzzes a vibrator over her twat as she talks dirty to director Mick Blue, soon tearing open her tights and squirting in orgasm! Lindsey inserts a butt plug. She squats to give Mick’s boner a decadent, drool-soaked blowjob. Lindsey whimpers as Mick’s meat penetrates her tight sphincter, and she moans as the hung stud slam-fucks her up the butt. The wild babe rims Mick’s bunghole, gags while sucking cock ass-to-mouth, and anal reaming makes her gush more girl squirt! Finally, Lindsey smiles as Mick splashes her with a hot cum facial.

D/s TS Anal Threesome, A2M BJ/Cum Swap – Natalie Mars & Pierce Paris & Ella Hollywood

Transsexual beauties Ella Hollywood and Natalie Mars flaunt their intriguing, luscious bodies on the bed, teasing and talking to the camera. The aroused T-girls treat hard stud Pierce Paris to a wet, ball-lapping, double blowjob. Pierce fucks Natalie’s asshole as Ella sucks Natalie’s stiff prick. Ella lies face down for an anal power plowing, taking Pierce’s prick up the ass and rimming Natalie’s bunghole throughout. Natalie chokes docile, submissive Ella and smothers her in plump rump! This decadent TS threesome delivers nasty, ass-to-mouth cocksucking, a cum facial and oral semen swapping.

Parlor Tricks: Teacher Trap – Ryan Keely & Kiarra Kai

Ryan Keely walks into the massage parlor and is greeted by Kiarra Kai. She must be her two o’clock client–, Kiarra begins, but stops abruptly when there is a moment of recognition between her and Ryan. Oh, hi Mrs. Keely, Kiarra says. Hi Kiarra, Ryan says with a nervous laugh. She didn’t know that Kiarra worked here, Ryan says conversationally. Yeah, she moved out of her parent’s place when she turned 18, so being a masseuse helps pay the bills, Kiarra says brightly. There is a second of awkward silence.

So…obviously Ryan is here for a massage, Kiarra breaks the silence with a laugh. Yes, she is, laughs Ryan. The class that she teaches Kiarra in isn’t the only class that she handles at the college, Ryan says. In fact, she’s had a full course load this last semester, so she’s been pretty stressed and could use some…relief, Ryan says. Oh, she can definitely help Ryan there, Kiarra says with a hint of flirtation. So…should she waits for her masseuse here or goes into the room and wait for her there? Ryan asks. Well, her masseuse is here already!, Kiarra says brightly. Ryan looks around, confused. Um, she’s not sure—, Ryan begins. Kiarra laughs good-naturedly. ‘No, no, I mean I’M your masseuse today!’ Kiarra chuckles.

Ahhh, Ryan says with a self-conscious laugh. Um…she doesn’t mean to be rude, but she doesn’t think it would be…appropriate for Kiarra to massage her, Ryan says delicately. Oh….yeah, of course, she understands completely, Kiarra says, trying to cover up her disappointment. Well…why doesn’t Ryan head into the massage room and get settled in?, Kiarra suggests. She’ll send another masseuse in to take care of her, Kiarra adds helpfully. That would be great, Ryan says, relieved. Sorry again for any trouble, Ryan adds apologetically. No need to be sorry!, Kiarra answers. Ryan smiles and proceeds to the massage room.

With Ryan waiting in another room, Kiarra asks her colleague Kasey Miller to do the massage. But, she mischievously tells Kasey, she also had something…fun in mind that they could do. Kasey agrees.

In the massage room, Kasey has Ryan take off her clothes. As she disrobes, Kiarra peeks her head through the door, catching a glimpse of Ryan’s naked body. She licks her lips approvingly. Kiarra and Kasey share a glance as Kiarra tosses Kasey an encouraging thumbs-up. Ryan sees none of this and lies face down on the table. Kasey begins the massage.

After massaging Ryan for a while, Kasey lies, telling her that she needs to get more oil and that she’ll be right back. But instead of coming back, Kiarra comes in and takes Kasey’s place. Ah, she’s back, Ryan says dreamily, with her eyes still closed. Mm hmm, Kiarra says, pouring oil on Ryan’s back. Good, keep going! Ryan says in blissful consent. As she begins to massage Ryan, Kiarra bites her lip, loving her teacher’s body. Before long, Kiarra works her way down Ryan’s back and begins to gently massage her ass. Ryan moans with pleasure.

Kiarra continues to caress Ryan’s ass, pouring more oil on it as the massage becomes increasingly erotic. Seeing that Ryan is becoming swept-up, Kiarra presses her advantage, lightly grazing Ryan’s pussy. Ryan gasps but doesn’t resist. Ohhhhh, Ryan says with a smile. That feels so good, DON’T stop, Ryan whispers. Kiarra begins to softly caress Ryan’s pussy.

As Kiarra increases the intensity of her fingering, Ryan moans breathlessly, sticking her ass up in the air to meet the thrusts of Kiarra’s fingers. With her finger banging reaching a fever pitch, Kiarra suddenly says ‘Oh yeah,’ without thinking. Hearing this, Ryan opens her eyes wide. Wait a minute…, Ryan exclaims, that voice… quickly flipping over. Her mouth drops open in shock when she sees Kiarra standing above her. Kiarra?! How could she—?, Ryan trails off in disbelief. If she had known it was actually Kiarra giving her the massage, she would NEVER have let it go this far, Ryan says, shaking her head. It’s so inappropriate! Well, Ryan wasn’t complaining a few minutes ago, Kiarra points out. And they’re not IN class right now, Kiarra says seductively, caressing Ryan’s leg. Ryan smiles. Kiarra grins back at her. Their lips collide in a passionate kiss.

Kiarra set quite the trap for her teacher, but Ryan’s definitely not complaining about getting caught in it…

Who Doesn’t Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

Who Doesn’t Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

Who Doesn't Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

“I am not afraid of the camera.” said Karina Hart, a name that figures prominently in the history of both SCORE and Voluptuous magazines and is a prominent name in the 25th silver anniversary issue of Voluptuous.

“I like to show off and play and be very outgoing, so when I am modeling, yes, it is very natural. I really do not think about whether I am good or bad in front of the camera.”

Some girls are changed when they begin posing.

“I think that sometimes in my private life, I can be very shy, and when the camera goes on, the real Karina comes out.”

See More of Karina Hart at SCORELAND.COM!

Boss’s Bratty Daughter – Abigail Mac & Casey Calvert

Ohmygod, Abigail Mac grumbles, ‘you’re like the third troll from her office who’s shown up today.’ This is just like her mom, Abigail whines, making everyone else do her dirty work while she gets to go off wherever and whenever she pleases, Abigail says, laughing humorlessly.

Actually yeah, that DOES sound a lot like her, Casey Calvert agrees, a look of annoyance flashing on her face. But can she come in and take care of this so she can get out of Abigail’s hair?, Casey asks. Abigail sighs loudly again. Fiiinnnne, but like, hurry UP, Abigail says, inviting Casey in. Abigail says that her mom’s office is in the back, waving dismissively toward the back of the house. Casey exits the room to send the email. Abigail plops back on the couch, visibly annoyed that she has a visitor. As she waits, looking at her phone, an idea seems to form inside her head and she smiles slyly.

After Casey sends the email and comes back into the living room, Abigail asks to take a selfie with her because she looks like her friend. Even though Casey feels that it’s a weird request, she agrees and sits down on the couch to take the pic.

Abigail surprises Casey by kissing her on the mouth and snapping a pic of the kiss. Abigail tells Casey that she plans on showing the photo to her mom to piss her off. Look, she knows that her mom can be…difficult, and that she treats most people like crap, but it’s just something that Casey has learned to deal with, Casey says. When she becomes an adult and starts working for a living, she’ll start to figure that out. So maybe Abigail… can just learn to deal with it too instead of trying to make her mom mad, which won’t even really help in the end, Casey asks, trying to reason with her. ‘Don’t patronize me!’ Abigail bites back, insisting that she’s 19 and perfectly adult already. It has nothing to do with Casey being an adult, it’s just whether Casey is willing to stand up for herself or not. ‘I know that I’m like, totally sick of her treating ME like crap. Aren’t you?’ Abigail says. Of course she is, but the fact is, no matter how Casey feels, she still REALLY needs her job, Casey continues, pleading with Abigail to delete the photo. Abigail agrees to delete the photo on one condition: that Casey fucks her. Desperate to keep her job, Casey agrees. Abigail leans over and kisses Casey, slipping off Casey’s top and revealing her perky tits.

She may be giving the boss’s bratty daughter exactly what she wants, but it doesn’t mean Casey won’t enjoy every second of it too!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Handsome_Devil!

Hime: Gaping Anal, Facial, Swallow! – Mick Blue & Hime Marie

Slim, topless sexpot Hime Marie teases director Mick Blue, modeling skintight leggings under pink fishnet pantyhose. The spunky blonde fingers her twat, talks dirty and crams Mick’s mega-cock deep into her mouth for a gagging, ball-lapping blowjob. Hime rips open her pants and takes a rambunctious ride on Mick’s prick. He stuffs his massive meat into her sphincter, buttfucking the petite cutie to rectal gaping. Hime fondles her clit through an intense anal reaming. She slobbers sucking dick ass-to-mouth, and she rims Mick’s bunghole. He rewards Hime with a creamy cum facial; she scoops the sperm into her mouth and swallows.

Kiarra: Fuck, Deepthroat & Cum Facial! – Bryan Gozzling & Kiarra Kai

Raven-haired Kiarra Kai, looking hot in a kinky choker leash, runs her hands over her caramel skin. Director/stud Bryan Gozzling lifts her top to inspect her pierced nipples. She pants heavily as he aggressively fingers her pussy and bunghole. Bryan slides his cock down her throat for a wet blowjob. His hard prick porks her cunt doggie-style. She jerks his prick as her hungry tongue massages his asshole in a nasty rim job. Kiarra cums hard with Bryan’s boner pounding her tight twat. See tasty rimming, a spit-splattering, deepthroat blowjob and a splashy cum facial.

TS Khloe + Stud: BJ, Anal & Cum Facial – Sebastian Keys & Khloe Kay

Tan, seductive TS Khloe Kay teases in sheer lingerie, tight fishnets and black, high-heeled boots. Khloe kneels submissively before male stud Sebastian Keys, stroking her stiff she-prick as she gives a slobbery blowjob. The leggy brunette squeezes Sebastian’s meat against hers, jerking in unison as they passionately kiss and caress. She moans lustfully as Sebastian sodomizes her, masturbating to climax when Sebastian rims her butthole. A hot cum facial rewards Khloe for all the anal fun.

Bi-Sexually Active #03 – Audrey Noir & Pierce Paris & Mason Lear

Mason Lear is starting to get a little creeped out by his wife’s gay best friend, and their neighbour, constantly showing up and just happening to watch him when he is in the shower. Audrey Noir seems to feel Mason is purposely leaving the door open to tease him. In any case, Mason will be coming over later to watch tv and drink with them. Mason tells him if he wants to suck his cock he wants to watch Pierce Paris eat Audrey’s pussy. Wow, that is a first for this gay man but he really wants to suck on the Mason stick so he goes down on Audrey. Soon they both are sucking masons cock and he is pounding both of them.

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Fresh air and sunshine do a body good, and when that body belongs to super-chica Sofia Damon, look out for those big swinging breasts. They could knock a guy out. The fickle finger of fate pointed at Sofia when she was fourteen and chose her to develop the kind of bra-busting breasts that other women pay to get.

Sofia takes her workout session outdoors. Running in place, jumping, swinging and hopping, her enormous natural tits are not strapped down by a sports bra. They’re free to move without restraint. (Some much smaller-busted girls wear two sports bras when they workout.)

The video also includes brain-freezing slow motion that can easily make a guy boob-drunk after a few minutes. Sofia, who’s in great shape, doesn’t play sports or workout regularly.

After her workout, Sofia gets totally naked for a different kind of exercise, digital manipulation of her wet, pink cookie.

See More of Sofia Damon at SCORELAND.COM!

Sarah Lee: A Classic Bathing Beauty Shoot

Sarah Lee: A Classic Bathing Beauty Shoot

Sarah Lee: A Classic Bathing Beauty Shoot

The first half of the 1990s were the boom years for big busted exotic dancers with massive implants in both North America and in the UK. Then in 1994, a new magazine called Voluptuous was created by The SCORE Group and the naturals were the focus. Girls like Danni Ashe, Louise Montgomery and Michelle Willings. They came in all shapes and sizes and their main similarity was their natural tits.

Sarah Lee came along at the right time for this magazine although Sarah was certainly slim enough for SCORE magazine and also appeared in its pages (June 1995, July 1996).

A lot of the girls in Voluptuous over the years were one-and-done models, shot by freelance photographers around the USA and the UK in small cities and towns. They’d pose for quick cash and resume their regular activities. Sarah posed for over a dozen magazine pictorials at the SCORE studio in London and did several video scenes. Today, a girl like Sarah would model in a matching set and video. Back in the 1990s, when magazines ruled, the emphasis was more on still shoots than videos.

See More of Sarah Lee at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

A Most Special Occasion – Alina Lopez & Vera King

Vera King sits on the couch. Alina Lopez walks in, carrying two glasses. They smile sweetly at each other. Vera thanks her for the beverages…. champagne!?, Vera asks warily, her eyes scrutinizing the glasses. Of course not, it’s just sparkling water! She’s only 19 after all, Alina says with a smile. Is Alina SURE that she didn’t want to go out tonight?, Vera asks her. It IS a special occasion, after all, Vera adds. Yes, she’s sure, she wanted to stay in and celebrate, that way she’d have Vera all to herself, Alina says flirtatiously. So, should they toast?, Alina asks. Absolutely, Vera responds. They raise their glasses. ‘To you, my love, my heart, my best friend, happy anniversary’, Alina says, looking into Vera’s eyes lovingly. ‘And to you, my special girl, I love you SO much. Happy anniversary’, Vera says. They kiss lovingly and sit back on the couch, looking at each other with deep affection.

Can Vera believe it’s already been a year?, Alina asks. No, she really can’t, it seems to have gone by SO fast, Vera says in wonder. But it’s been the best year of her life, Alina says. Hers too, she never DREAMED that she would find her true love at this point in her life or under such strange circumstances, but she has, Vera says happily, stroking Alina’s hand. Better late than never right?, Alina says. They laugh, followed by a moment of silence. Does Vera ever…feel bad about how everything happened?, Alina asks, breaking the silence. Vera looks at her sympathetically. No honey, and neither should Alina, Vera says. ‘We never meant to hurt him. The heart…wants what the heart wants, and my heart wanted…you’, Vera says softly.

So…when did she know that what was happening between them was MORE than just a fling?, Alina asks. Well, it had to be when they finally got to spend that weekend alone together, when he went away for that business trip, Vera says. It was actually in the morning that weekend, Vera continues. When she opened her eyes and she looked over at Alina, and she was so beautiful, and she just…she just KNEW, Vera says lovingly. She’ll never forget that weekend, Alina says.

She has something for Vera, a…surprise, Alina says gently. She just has to run to the other room to grab it, Alina says. But…Vera has to close her eyes and only open them when Alina tells her to, Alina instructs Vera. Yes ma’am, laughs Vera, closing her eyes. When Alina comes back a moment later and Vera opens her eyes, she sees Alina, who is on one knee with a small jewelry box open, a diamond ring resting inside. Will…Vera be…her wife?, Alina asks slowly, her voice heavy with emotion.

‘…well I…WOW, ‘ Vera stammers, at a loss for words. Just…just stay RIGHT there, Vera says quickly, reaching behind the cushion next to her. Vera withdraws a small jewelry box from behind the cushion and slowly gets down on one knee and opens her own jewelry box, holding it out for Alina. They both face each other, each on bended knee, each holding their engagement rings. Alina puts her hand over her mouth, overcome with emotion. ‘You took the words right out of my mouth,” Vera says gently. Alina embraces Vera fiercely and kisses her passionately. She pulls away from Vera for a moment. And for the record: the answer is yes, ABSOLUTELY YES, Alina says happily. Her answer is yes too, it’s ALWAYS been yes, Vera says. They slip away from each other and delicately slide their engagement rings on each other’s fingers.

‘People may look at us strangely–a mom and her stepdaughter getting married–but I don’t care, all I want is to be with you,’ Vera says sweetly. That’s all SHE wants too, Alina says. They pull each other close, kissing deeply as their eager hands caress each other’s bodies.

This occasion is turning out to be even more special than either one of these ladies could ever have anticipated.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalhead42!

Latina Alexis: Fuck, BJ + Cum Shots – Bryan Gozzling & Alexis Tae

Slender Latina Alexis Tae takes some selfies, showing off her perky tits and plump ass. Stud Bryan Gozzling runs his fingers along her bald pussy, and then he tongues her sweet butthole. He drenches her in oil. Alexis deepthroats his erect cock, catching her drool in her hands. Bryan slides his prick into her juicy cunt for a sizzling fuck. He pounds her vag as she cums all over his raging hard-on. Oiled-up muff stuffing, nasty rimming and serious throat fucking climax with two sticky cum shots for Alexis to enjoy.

2 TS + BBC: Interracial Anal Threesome – Sean Michaels & Aubrey Kate & Lena Kelly

TS superstars Aubrey Kate and Lena Kelly love showing off for the camera — the transcendent duo teases in colorful lingerie. They rim each other’s asshole. Legendary black porn stud Sean Michaels joins them for an interracial threesome! The sassy T-girls treat Sean to a decadent, slobber-soaked, double blowjob, gushing gag spit throughout. Sean stuffs his massive meat up Lena’s asshole as Aubrey assists, and then the girls switch roles. Intense trans action includes sloppy, ass-to-mouth deepthroating, a creamy cum facial and a messy, sperm-swapping finale.

Bi-Sexually Active #03 – Ruckus & Juliette March & Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson has really let Juliette March’s ex-boyfriend get under his skin. Sure there is some jealousy involved but it’s mostly because the guy is just so forward about coming onto him. Just the other night at the club he was literally humping his ass when they were all out on the dance floor. Now Wolf comes home and finds him (Ruckus) hanging out at the pool. But Juliette explains how hot Wolf is and can he really blame Ruckus for wanting to get up into that ass. Being a benevolent sort Wolf agrees to let Ruckus live out his fantasies and hops in the shower to get his cock nice and clean for Juliette and her ex-boyfriend to worship. And wow do they ever as immediately they are both sucking wolf hard and pretty soon Juliette is putting her pussy on whatever cock is ready for her. But the real love comes when Ruckus finally gets to sample that tight glory hole that is Wolf’s asshole. Love can be sweet.

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop

Erin Star and her friend Sophie Rose are ready to pop. The two impregnated moms-to-be came together to share their belly bumps and engorged tits on-camera for XL Girls. Their photographer was Roxanne Miller, a longtime XL Girl and SCORELAND Girl who’s also a talented photographer, and as a model, has a great rapport with other models.

Erin and Sophie enjoy fondling their fertility goddess bodies, first in tight dresses, bras and panties, then completely nude and barefoot after they help each other undress. They rub belly bumps, big breasts and big asses, oil each other’s tits and bellies, and jiggle and shake their breasts. Erin is the taller of the two. Her areolae are massive. They were very large and very pale before she was impregnated. Now they are a dark cocoa color.

“I love to masturbate,” said Sophie who was a cam girl. “It just keeps my body and mind healthy. The only detail I’ll share is that it happens twice a week since I stopped camming. I do enjoy performing with other models, on-cam or during a shooting, like with Erin, but I am not into sexual stuff with girls. Erin and Mia Sweetheart told me about The SCORE Group.”

See More of Erin Star at XLGIRLS.COM!

Codi Vore: Once Upon A Time In The Breast

Codi Vore: Once Upon A Time In The Breast

Codi Vore: Once Upon A Time In The Breast

The natural wonders of the world, the towering mountains, the fertile plains, the spacious skies full of stars. All pale in comparison to the wonders of girls such as Codi Vore and girls with her kind of voluptuous, curvaceous softness.

“One of the reasons I got into camming and into modeling in the first place, was to feel sexy and to be admired, and for somebody to be obsessed with my boobs is great. Also, I love having my nipples played with,” Codi said when she first connected with SCORE.

Codi’s partner Logan brings that kind of breast obsession to their coital coupling, spending quality time stuffing his mouth with Codi’s bodacious bazoombas.

It must have taken enormous willpower for Logan to remove his pocket-pipe from the warm hills of the supremely stacked Codi but he’ll resume tit-fucking this beautiful babe shortly. She parts her sweet lips for his pole and gives him the kind of head that guys dream of.

Codi sits on Logan’s lap and rides him. Her furry pussy is filled as her pace quickens and her legs tremble. Her tits bounce wildly, her breathing comes in gasps, she screams and the pleasure she’s getting shows on her pretty face.

Codi slows it down to a grind then resumes her fast fucking. This ride ends but not the sexual high they feel, so a new ride begins, this time fucking sideways for a new sensation.

See More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND.COM!

My School Bully’s Secret – Whitney Wright & Sabina Rouge

As Whitney Wright gets ready for her high school graduation in her bedroom, she reflects on her last year:

‘My Name is Whitney, and if you told me a year ago that I would meet the love of my life, I wouldn’t have believed you. You see, throughout this last year of high school, love was the furthest thing from my mind, because I was just trying to survive. The whole year had been hell for me and it was all because of one person: Sabina Rouge. She bullied me constantly, beat me up, took my lunch money and made fun of me for being a lesbian. With graduation coming up, I was looking forward to getting out of high school and never seeing her again. But then something amazing happened right before the graduation ceremony. Something I never expected in a million years. I was about to find out that Sabina had a surprise for me and it was a surprise that would change…everything.’

As she puts her graduation gown on, Whitney looks at herself in the mirror. Suddenly, she hears a knock at her door. Whitney leaves her room to go see who it is.

Whitney is shocked to find Sabina at her door. What the hell is Sabina doing here?, Whitney says, scared and wary. She just needs to talk to Whitney, please, she just needs one minute, it’s really important, she knows that Whitney doesn’t owe her anything, but she’s just asking for one minute and then she’ll leave her alone forever, Sabina pleads. Whitney narrows her eyes suspiciously at the girl, thinking it over. Fine, one minute, Whitney says grudgingly and motions for Sabina to come into the living room.

They sit down on the couch. So…she actually wanted to apologize to Whitney for…everything, Sabina says slowly. Ok sure, Whitney begins, incredulous. Why should she care about an apology after everything Sabina has put her through?, Whitney asks. She also wanted to explain why she did what she did, Sabina says hesitantly. ‘I’m listening,’ Whitney says coldly, her arms crossed over her chest. ‘Ok so…I’m gay,’ Sabina says, exhaling loudly. Whitney’s jaw drops. She knows that it’s no excuse and it doesn’t change what she did, but Sabina was so scared to admit that she was gay, and that fear turned to anger, Sabina says. She saw Whitney, and saw how strong Whitney is, and how she never apologized for being gay, Sabina continues. Whitney had the strength to accept who she is and that made Sabina jealous, so she turned her anger on Whitney when the whole time…she was really developing feelings for Whitney, Sabina continues. At this, Whitney’s eyes go wide and her demeanor towards Sabina softens a bit. She uncrosses her arms.

It’s taken a lot of work and sleepless nights, but now Sabina has finally accepted that she is gay and needed to come here today to tell Whitney how she felt. Since now they’re both 18 and graduating, she realizes this is her last chance, since she knows that Whitney is going to leave this town and go on to do amazing things, Sabina continues. And they’ll probably never see each other again, Sabina finishes, looking down. After a long silent moment between them as Sabina struggles to meet Whitney’s eyes, Whitney speaks. She understands how hard that was to say, and no, that doesn’t change anything that Sabina did, but Whitney still appreciates her honesty and her courage coming here today, Whitney says kindly.

The tension broken a bit, Sabina looks at her and smiles tentatively. ‘You know, I would have said yes,’ Whitney says. ‘Would have said yes to what?’ Sabina asks, puzzled. ‘I would have said yes if you had just asked me out – before you started being so cruel to me,’ Whitney says. Now it’s Sabina’s turn for her eyes to go wide. Is Whitney serious or is she just getting back at her for all the crap she’s put her through?, Sabina asks cautiously. No, she’s totally serious, Whitney says softly, seeing Sabina for the first time as a completely new person: a shy, insecure, imperfect girl who is just looking for love. ‘Well if you want, maybe we could go get something to eat after the grad ceremony—just as friends of course,’ Sabina suggests tentatively. Whitney considers this for a moment. Sure, that sounds nice, and Sabina can pick her up here after they both change after the ceremony, Whitney says. Sabina’s face lights up. ‘But you’re paying. It’s the least you could do after all the lunch money you’ve taken from me,’ Whitney adds with a bittersweet tone. ‘Deal,’ Sabina smiles back, a note of regret in her voice.

Later, after their meal, Whitney and Sabina come into Whitney’s room, laughing and chatting. She is only realizing now that she never really knew Sabina at all, Whitney muses. Yeah, nobody really knows her, she never lets anyone in because she’s afraid that they’ll find out her secret, Sabina says. ‘So I put on this mask so nobody can see the real me. Except for tonight. This is the first time, maybe ever, that I’ve shown someone the real me,’ Sabina says. Well, she had an amazing time getting to know the REAL Sabina, Whitney says. She likes the real her a lot better. Sabina wishes she could go back and time and undo it all, because if Whitney was serious that she would have said yes to a date, she sees now just how much she missed out… even if it was just as friends, she can’t imagine how any other date can ever be as good as that, Sabina adds sweetly. Whitney says that maybe they can’t turn back time, but they can still start fresh. She inches closer to Sabina on the bed and Whitney puts her hand on Sabina’s leg. Whitney smiles, stroking Sabina’s cheek with her other hand. Sabina’s eyes go wide, and she stares into Whitney’s eyes like a deer in headlights. Whitney takes Sabina’s face in her hands and brings her in for a kiss. Sabina hesitates. She’s nervous. She doesn’t know what to do, Sabina confesses sheepishly. ‘Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out together,’ Whitney says sweetly. She softly kisses Sabina’s pouty lips.

It’s safe to say that Sabina’s secret really DID change everything.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Jerichoholic!

Their Mom’s Inheritance – Kenzie Reeves & Zac Wild

Kenzie Reeves and her step-brother, Zac Wild, step into their late mother’s massage parlor. They inherited the place between them and although the memories it brings are bittersweet, they’re happy to be there together. Even so, they’re not sure yet whether they should sell the place or keep it.

As they further explore the massage parlor, Kenzie slowly becomes more intrigued and curious about taking on the business. They come across a bottle of NURU gel, which makes them question what kinds of sexy things their mom got up to without them knowing. The mental image seems to be too much for Kenzie, until Zac bets that she can’t pull off the same kind of massage as her mom, which she’ll NEED to do if she wants to run the place. Wanting to prove that she’s every bit as stubborn as her mother, Kenzie takes Zac up on the bet.

Although Zac enjoys a sensual shower with his sister, it isn’t until they hit the inflatable mattress that things really get wet and wild. As Kenzie pours oil all over him and slides around, he can hardly believe his luck. Knowing that she’s arousing him with every touch, Kenzie pushes him to his limit, even pausing to cheerfully rub her pussy in front of him. Zac has to bite his knuckles to hold himself back, though he’s over the moon when Kenzie finally relents and lets him in. She wants to have some more fun and show him once and for all what a spitfire she really is.

Gaping Chloe’s Anal Slam-Fuck & Facial – Bryan Gozzling & Chloe Cherry

Super cute blonde Chloe Cherry can’t help touching her pussy while she chats with director/stud Bryan Gozzling. She gasps as Bryan wraps his fingers around her neck and then spreads her ass cheeks to expose her tight sphincter. Chloe chokes on his cock in a deepthroat blowjob, collecting her viscous gag spit in a bowl! Bryan slam-fucks her butthole, making Chloe spasm in orgasmic delight. She loves the way stiff meat feels filling her ass! Sexy anal fucking, expansive rectal gaping and a sloppy, ass-to-mouth blowjob culminate in a messy cum facial for Chloe to savor.

TS Ella + Stud: BJ, Anal & Cum Facial – Dante Colle & Ella Hollywood

Pale, super-cute TS Ella Hollywood playfully teases in black heels, a tight top, and bulging white panties. The tiny blonde masturbates, caressing the tip of her she-dick; she tastes her sweet pre-cum and blows a kiss. Ella makes out with stud Dante Colle and treats him a blowjob that leaves her gagging. She trembles when Dante drives his thick dong up her ass, and she whimpers through a thorough rectal reaming. Ella’s stiff prick bobs as she bounces on Dante’s boner; she drips sperm as he drills her. Their passionate anal session features filthy ass-to-mouth throat fucking and climaxes with a cum facial for Ella

Cuck em All #04 – Lauren Phillips & Donnie Rock & D. Arclyte

A couple seeks the help of a therapist to help them through a troubled patch in their marriage. It seems Lauren Phillips has been cheating non stop on her husband D. Apparently she does not find him much of a man and feels he has no balls. Being a very seasoned and educated therapist, Dr. Rock tries to calm the situation and let the upset couple air their feelings. Turns out all the wife wants to do is fuck other men and humiliate her husband as she has Dr. Rock’s cock down her throat halfway through the session and is soon pounding away. Horrified he remains in the room as the therapist reminds him running from the problem will not solve it. He must confront the problem and watch his wife squirm and fuck frantically on that hard therapy cock.

Tyra Tinley: 38N-cup Tape Buster

Tyra Tinley: 38N-cup Tape Buster

Tyra Tinley: 38N-cup Tape Buster

“I want to join the Mile High Club,” said Tyra Tinley, a bra-smashing girl many would like to fly with.

“I would like to sit next to a very attractive man on a plane. We’d have some hot foreplay and I would give him the best blow job, not caring if anyone sees us. I’m assertive.

“I don’t have sex nearly enough. Maybe twice a month, maybe a little more or less. My favorite positions are missionary and cowgirl. I like kissing, fondling a little bit. Maybe a little body rubbing. Lots of soft touches get me going. I enjoy having my anus licked.”

Tyra remembered the time she had some horny BJ fun in a car.

“I pulled the guy’s dick out of his pants and told him to put it in my mouth. We came to a light and I literally sucked him off. Yes, I was behind the wheel.”

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Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

“I think guys mostly look in my eyes, but if they are looking at my chest, I don’t say anything. Sometimes I am not looking at their eyes, either! I like when a man can get me talking. If I am enjoying the conversation, it doesn’t matter where we are.”

Models should have fun and Cheryl Blossom looks like she’s having fun on-camera, whether it’s in a studio or doing webcam shows.

“I consider myself to be 95% heterosexual. Sometimes my friend and I are on the webcam together but everything that happens there is just kidding. Now I am meeting more busty girls like myself and it’s very exciting.”

Cheryl takes over the home bar in this shoot and makes the countertop her stage. Drink up!

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Sarah Lee’s Hay Barn Hangout

Sarah Lee’s Hay Barn Hangout

Sarah Lee's Hay Barn Hangout

For a change of location, Sarah Lee was filmed on a hay barn set instead of a bedroom. All-told, Sarah was photographed for magazine layouts over a dozen times during a two-year span (1994-1995) plus a few solo videos and one hardcore scene with Brit porn performer Marino.

Some web bloggers have her place of birth as Stockholm, Sweden but that’s incorrect. Sarah was born in the West Midlands of England on July 14, 1973 and traveled to London to model at the SCORE studio.

Sarah said she was used to being stared at and admired in the street but she tended to avoid responding to comments strangers made in passing, not even looking at them.

Little did they guess that Sarah showed off her naked body in a photo studio. She wasn’t the glitz and glam type of Page 3 showgirl to inspire that kind of speculation, unlike some of today’s models, Danniella Levy or Katie Thornton, for example, who literally stop traffic.

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Veronika sucks and fucks her son’s best friend

Veronika sucks and fucks her son’s best friend

Veronika sucks and fucks her son's best friend

When 55-year-old Veronika Vixon walks into her son’s bedroom, she sees his best friend sleeping in bed. But what really catches her eye is his cock. Talk about morning wood! The guy is tenting, and Veronika can’t resist. Curious about the actual size of that cock, she gently lifts the blanket off his dick and starts sucking it.

“Mrs. Vixon, what are you doing?” he says, waking up startled. Wouldn’t you be startled if you woke up and found your best friend’s mom sucking your dick?

“You need to just relax, okay?” Veronika says. “My husband is not home and I haven’t been fucked in months, so just let me suck on this cock and I’m going to fuck you hard.”

He protests, sort of. After all, how hard can a man protest when a sexy MILF is sucking his cock?

Fact of life, gentlemen: It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are. When your cock is in a woman’s mouth, she has all the power.

Veronika sucks his cock long and deep and fucks him hard. Then Johnny cums in her mouth and all over her tits. He’s 22 years old, by the way. Nearly young enough to be her grandson, let alone her kid’s best friend.

“I have done some wild things,” Veronika said. “The most-fun job I ever had was working at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada. The girls who worked there were so entertaining and, of course, the customers even more so. It was thoroughly exhausting but definitely the most-interesting and fun job I’ve ever had.”

Until now, of course. But this isn’t a job for Veronika. She’s just doing what comes naturally: fucking her son’s best friend.

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As real as it gets

As real as it gets

As real as it gets

When this scene opens, very blonde wife Victoria Lobov, 47, is wearing red lipstick and sexy red lingerie that her big, fake tits are pouring out of. Tyler can’t keep his hands off of her, and we can’t blame him. Her lace bra is very sexy. Her tits are amazing. Tyler motorboats himself. He’s a tit man, and Victoria is just his kind of woman.

Victoria is obviously enjoying herself, too. She loves how much attention Tyler is paying to her tits and grinds her pussy into his crotch. She can feel him getting harder and harder. She wants his dick, so she takes off his pants and swallows his cock.

Then they fuck, and one of the highlights is when Tyler is fucking Mrs. Lobov in the missionary position and they kiss. It’s a real kiss, a passionate kiss, and it tells us this isn’t just porn fucking we’re watching. It’s real fucking between two people who are really into each other. You can tell from Victoria’s little girly moans and the way she looks up at him, the way her hard nipples point to the ceiling. There is absolutely something voyeuristic about this scene.

40SOMETHING: Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?
Victoria: In the lavatory of an airplane. It was a commercial flight. We were going to Europe. It was a long flight. I was with my husband, and it was getting boring, so you drink, then you drink a little more and you touch each other and get all excited. And you have a lot of time, so he needed to go to the bathroom because he couldn’t sit there with a bulge in his pants, and then I thought, “Why not follow him?” So I just did that. I knocked. Nobody saw me, and there were two of us inside, and it was tight.

40SOMETHING: Did the flight attendants see you go in there?
Victoria: No. It was a long flight. Nobody saw us. Well, maybe somebody saw, but nobody interrupted us.

40SOMETHING: Was this all-the-way sex?
Victoria: It was sex! All the way!

40SOMETHING: What were you wearing?
Victoria: I was wearing a dress. A mini-dress. It was easy access! We just stood there and we did it. It was the most-fun I’ve ever had. It was forbidden. It was something you’re not supposed to do. It was just exciting. Afterwards, I thought we could’ve been caught, but it was worth it.

40SOMETHING: Did the possibility that you might have been caught make it more exciting?
Victoria: Oh, yes, definitely.

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My Boyfriend’s Brother – Korra Del Rio & Pierce Paris

After Korra Del Rio finds out Wolf’s dirty secret, she can’t keep control of her emotions. When Pierce Paris comes to her room to check on her she uses that perfect moment to make a move on her boyfriend’s brother. When Pierce puts his strong hands on her, when he’s caressing her, all her pain disappears, he makes her feel alive. The taste of his lips, the heat of his breath on her neck, the pleasure she feels when he puts his fingers inside her… It’s more than she can imagine as they both burn with sexual desire and give in as their bodies connect deep and hard.

Chapter 2 – The Punishment – Mona Wales & Serene Siren

Sister Mona (Mona Wales) quickly recognizes that Mother Joan (Magdalene St-Michaels) doesn’t rule her convent like Mother Superior. Where once she was enveloped by sisterly love and accepted as beautiful soul, she is now burdened by oppressive shame and is punished for her lesbian ways. Sister Mary (Seren Siren) is intrigued by Sister Mona’s way of life and strongly disapproves of the way she is treated by Mother Joan. When Sister Mona finally voices her opinion and defends herself, Mother Joan forcibly puts her in her place. As a gesture of mercy, however, she allows Sister Mary to tend to her wounds. Sister Mary uses the intimate moment to understand more about her sister’s life in the other convent, especially about being with another woman. When Sister Mona questions the sanctity of her lesbian ways, Sister Mary kisses her neck. Her ravenous intrigue and desire radiates from her eyes as she stares at her vulnerable sister. Within moments, the sisters’ bodies intertwine and perform a lust-fueled spectacle worthy only of God’s audience.

Middle Of Nowhere – Seth Gamble & Jake Adams & Zoey Monroe


A young woman, Tania (Zoey Monroe), is walking down a deserted road, looking worried and tired. Her phone isn’t working and no one has driven by in what feels like forever. However, when gets scared away from the road by a coyote howl, she returns just in time to see the taillights of a car as it zooms past. She’s sure that she’s missed her chance at a timely rescue, though her prayers are answered when a second vehicle stops for her not long after.

When she approaches the car, the two men inside unsettle her. There’s something about the way they look at her and talk to each other that creeps her out. Yet, she can’t afford to turn down help, so she agrees to hitch a ride with them. Billy (Seth Gamble) and Willy (Jake Adams) are… odd… to say the least. Her nervousness intensifies when the brothers insist that they need to run an errand at their mother’s house first, then they’ll get Tania back on the road where she wants to be. Although Tania wants to protest, she doesn’t have a choice. She’s in the middle of nowhere and has to rely on the weird brothers to take care of her.

Once they arrive at the house, it becomes painfully obvious that they’ve brought her back to fuck her — together. They’ll take her to where she needs to go IF she lets them have a little fun with her. It’s her choice, though… she can fuck them or she can start walking out there in the middle of the night. Who knows what’s lurking in the dark?

Although Tania hesitates at first, she gives in, not wanting to take her chances out there. ‘Fine, but you better make it quick,’ she states as the brothers slowly grin.