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You Should Visit More Often! – Payton Hall & Ricky Spanish

Payton Hall loves her grandson, Ricky Spanish. Even though he’s only her grandson because he’s part of a step-family, she is still overwhelmed with love for him. In fact, she loves him beyond words, even though he doesn’t visit much anymore. Fortunately, she has a plan that will soon change all that…

On Ricky’s 19th birthday, they finally get the chance to chat via video call. Even though Payton is thrilled, Ricky seems distracted and eager to go. She knows he’s a young man that would rather be out there picking up girls or hanging out with friends, but she’s lonely and misses him. She NEEDS him, in more ways than one. That’s why, when he least expects it, she pops her breasts out over her shirt.

When she sees the shock on Ricky’s face, there’s something else there as well: lust. As she begins stripping down, Ricky’s eyes never leave the screen. With each caress of her body, she moans that it’d be so nice to see him more often… Right in front of his eyes, she takes out her toys and begins pleasing herself, keeping Ricky entranced the whole time. By the time she’s done with this call, he’ll never hesitate to visit ever again!

The Boy Next Door – Payton Hall & Brad Hart

A beautiful older woman, Payton Hall, directs a young man, Jordan (Brad Hart), as he moves a cabinet in her living room. As he lifts the furniture, she can’t help but to admire his form.

Jordan mentions that the house is pretty much as he remembers it. Payton gazes around and says there’s not a whole lot she can do to change it now. Neither she nor her husband were ever very handy, God rest his soul, but she’s working on some spring cleaning and needed Jordan’s help moving some things.

After Jordan finishes moving the cabinet, he pauses for a moment, noticing a picture frame lying flat on the table. He picks the picture up. He seems impressed and intrigued, admiring the picture and saying, ‘Wow, is that you?’ Payton smiles as she moves over to join him, gazing at the picture as well. She says that it’s her, oh, thirty years ago? No, must be almost forty by now? That was when she and some friends decided to drop everything and travel around the world together! Oh, she’s seen some incredible sights, met some incredible people, ate incredible food! It’s an adventure she’ll never forget… As she reminisces, she practically glows. Jordan is drawn to this, unable to take his eyes off her as he gives her his full attention.

When Payton has finished her story, he looks back from her to the photo and back to her again and remarks that she looks so different now. She looks down at the photo with a bit of regret — yes, she says, taking the picture from him and carefully putting it aside. She’s not the spring chicken she once was. But Jordan protests that’s not what he meant, she looks so much MORE beautiful and distinguished now. Payton is flustered as she waves him off and tries to return to the task at hand of clearing up the clutter. Even despite being brushed off, Jordan keeps insisting that that’s really incredible. He couldn’t imagine doing that. She must have so many awesome stories to share! Maybe even some wild ones… he adds with a playful, suggestive little grin.

Payton’s still flustered but, instead of scolding him, she says that, oh, she’s had some VERY wild nights… Those are the stories best kept to herself! Jordan is impressed and aroused, then asks if she still has any wild nights? Payton responds that she’s too old for wild nights now. Jordan doesn’t think she’s too old for ANYTHING, insisting she’s hotter than any college girl he knows.

In fact, Jordan admits sheepishly, he always had a crush on Payton. Although she’s obviously attracted to Jordan, Payton feels uncomfortable with the age gap and their familiarity, though Jordan only comes on stronger with his flirting.

Finally, Payton is so turned-on by Jordan’s flirting and advances that she can’t resist him any longer, though they can’t let his parents know what they’re up to. She slides to her knees and unzips Jordan’s pants, slipping his hard cock into her mouth.

The boy next door that Payton used to know is all grown up now…

Our Family Tradition – Scarlett Sage & Nina Hartley & Dee Williams

Scarlett Sage is unwinding after spending her 18th birthday with her amazing family. As she tidies up around the house, she’s lovingly watched over by her step-grandmother, Nina Hartley, and step-mother, Dee Williams.

Nina and Dee both think the world of Scarlett, filled with nothing but pride for the beautiful woman she’s become. Yet, the loving gaze soon turns more lustful as the air charges between Nina and Dee. They’ve been waiting a long time for this day, after all, and now it’s finally here!

Nina and Dee work together and pull Scarlett away from the tidying, sweetly sitting her down between them on the couch. Now that everyone’s gone home, it’s time for them to give Scarlett a special gift. It’s one that’s been passed down through generations, from step-mother to step-daughter, and now it’s Scarlett’s time to be part of the tradition.

Scarlett is curious, though it doesn’t take much more prodding before Nina and Dee reveal that they want to give her a sensual experience for her birthday. As a young woman, it’s important that she knows how to please herself, and the mature women want to teach her the skills to succeed!

When Nina’s hand brushes back her hair, Scarlett is hooked. It doesn’t take too long before she relaxes, letting her loving family prepare her for the next exciting stage of her life.

Story inspired by an original submission by Adult Time member, PJFearless!

Grandmother’s Blessing – Alison Rey & Johnny Goodluck & Rita Daniels

Rita Daniels answers her front door, greeting Alison Rey and her boyfriend Johnny Goodluck. She hugs Alison, expressing how delighted she is to see her. And this must be Johnny?, Rita says. Guilty as charged!, he laughs. It’s SUCH a pleasure to finally meet Rita!, he says. ‘And these are for you,’ he adds, presenting Rita with a small bouquet of flowers. ‘Well, aren’t you the perfect gentleman!’ Rita says happily, inviting them to come into the living room.

She’s heard SO much about him, it’s great to put a face to the name, Rita says. ‘I’ve been anxious to put a face to the name too! And a very BEAUTIFUL face, if I might add,’ Johnny says. Oh, he is SUCH a suck-up, Alison says playfully. No, he’s serious! He can see where Alison got her good looks, he adds. Well, he’s VERY sweet, but she’s actually Alison’s STEP-grandmother, Rita says as the trio sits down on the couch. Oh that’s right, he forgot. Well, even so, he stands by what he said, he says warmly. Rita smiles at him in return. There is a brief electric moment between Rita and Johnny.

Oh…why doesn’t she put those flowers in water for Rita?, Alison says helpfully. Sure! There’s a vase in the kitchen, Rita says, handing Alison the flowers. Alison leaves the room. So, he has to say that he’s surprised, she looks MUCH too young to be a grandmother, he says. Wow, he REALLY is a charmer, Rita smiles at him, licking her lips. Johnny takes a deep breath and begins to speak. ‘You know, there’s—,’ he begins.

At that moment, Alison returns to the room. ‘Where have you been HIDING this one?’ Rita smiles. Isn’t he amazing?, Alison asks affectionately. He is, Rita says, looking at Johnny with an emerging hint of lust in her eyes. If she were a few years younger…., Rita says. At that moment, Alison’s phone buzzes. She looks at it. Oh no, it’s work, she says, reading the text. There’s some sort of emergency, so she has to call her boss, Alison says, getting up to leave the room. This might take a while, she adds, apologizing as she leaves the room.

Rita and Johnny look at each other, smiling politely in a slightly awkward silence. Actually, he’s glad that they have a minute alone, Johnny says. He wanted to talk to her about something, Johnny says. Ok, she’s listening, Rita says, intrigued. Well…he…, he says nervously, pulling a small jewelry box from his pocket. Rita’s eyes go wide with understanding. He opens the box, revealing a diamond engagement ring. ‘I…I want to ask for your granddaughter’s hand in marriage and…and I would be HONORED if you gave me your blessing first,’ he says, exhaling heavily.

Wow! That…that is FANTASTIC news!, Rita says, sincerely delighted. It’s really important to him that Rita gives him her blessing, he says. ‘Her happiness is important to me too, so…I need to make sure that YOU make her happy,’ Rita says seductively, putting her hand on his crotch. Woah! What is she doing?? Johnny asks, his eyes wide as he pulls away from her. ‘I need to make sure that you please her…in EVERY way,’ Rita whispers. He looks away from Rita bashfully. Is she…is she joking? She can’t POSSIBLY be serious?, he asks sincerely.

She’s VERY serious, Rita says. ‘And getting married is a VERY serious commitment. So I’m going to do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that you’re right for my granddaughter,’ Rita says. She moves toward him again. No..he..he can’t do that to her, Johnny says, shooting a glance towards the room where Alison has gone. But this is FOR her, Rita says. ‘I can’t give you my blessing without getting to know you, without getting to know…ALL of you. So if you want my blessing, THIS is what you have to do,’ she whispers. He is still reluctant, but can no longer resist. He nods and kisses her. Rita slides down to the floor and takes Johnny’s dick out of his pants and begins to suck it.

As Rita sucks Johnny’s dick, Alison suddenly catches them. Rita explains that she needs to make sure that they have chemistry together! So, why doesn’t Alison come and join them?, Rita asks flirtatiously. ‘So that he can REALLY show me how good he is,’ Rita adds. Johnny’s jaw drops. Alison thinks for a moment, biting her lip. Alison smiles finally and says sure.

After all, there’s no harm in some secrets between family…

Her Tender Touch – Jake Adams & Sally D’Angelo

Sally D’Angelo is in her small home physical therapy practice, tidying up the place. The door opens and Jake Adams hobbles in on crutches for his first appointment, clearly in pain. He sees Sally and is immediately taken by her beauty. ‘Oh, you poor dear! You must be my 10 o’clock appointment!’ ‘Yeah, that’s me, Jake… hi,’ Jake awkwardly greets her.

Sally helps him sit on a massage table and begins assessing his injury, rotating his leg around. Although he’s uncomfortable because of the pain, Jake is still entranced by Sally, obviously attracted to her. ‘Now let’s get you set up with a few more appointments,’ Sally says with a smile. Jake nods sharply as he snaps back to the moment and says, yeah, let’s, with a big goofy smitten smile on his face.

A few weeks later, Jake’s injury seems to be healing and his infatuation with Sally is steadily growing. They talk briefly about how he isn’t dating anyone, and Sally is sure that he’ll find a special someone soon. He thanks her for the encouragement, tentatively saying, ‘Who knows, maybe I’ve already met her, right?’ Sally smiles, perhaps a bit mysteriously, and says he never knows!

When he arrives for his next appointment, Jake brings flowers. ‘They’re for you,’ he says as he hands them to Sally. ‘Oh, how sweet!’ she says as she hugs him. Jake loves the hug, especially how her bosom presses against him, even though he’s hesitant to return the hug right away. He tells her that it’s the least he could do since, with her help, he’s no longer limping anymore!

She then announces that they better get started. Today might be the last session, if the assessment goes well… Almost in a panic, Jake says, no, he doesn’t think this will be the last session! She’s startled but amused, asking him, why? Didn’t he say that he isn’t limping anymore? Jake says, yeah, he can walk now, but he’s still kinda tender… He was actually hoping to get more of the massaging part of their appointments today. Sally watches him for a moment, then smiles and agrees, telling him to get ready.

She begins massaging Jake, working her way up his leg until she reaches the thigh, where he tells her that that’s the spot. Then, she asks if she can massage higher still. Jake is surprised but hesitant, saying that if she massages any higher, she’d be, well, massaging his… you know. Sally then giggles and says that, yes, she knows!

From the moment they met, Jake couldn’t resist Sally’s tender touch. Lucky for him, Sally can’t resist his boyish charms either.

Coffee Date – Syren De Mer & Michael Swayze

Elizabeth (Syren De Mer) is a mature woman, who is part of an online book club to satisfy her craving for romance. She’s been chatting back and forth with a charming man named Nicholas for months, sharing thoughts on the latest erotic novel on their list. Every time she gets a message from Nicholas, she’s giddy with affection. She hasn’t felt this alive in years, and she’s sure it’s the beginning of something special.

Most of her flirting with Nicholas happens when she takes her laptop to her favorite coffee shop. It’s an inviting place where she can relax with her book while messaging her mystery man. All the while, a young barista, Nicky (Michael Swayze), tends to her caffeine needs. He is a sweet boy, and Elizabeth is always happy to chat with him. She even learns that he’s reading the same book she is — word of popular bestsellers must get around fast in a place like this!

One day, Elizabeth’s life takes an exciting and sensual turn when Nicholas finally proposes that they meet up for coffee. Elizabeth’s dream of seeing him face-to-face is about to come true, and she can’t wait. She’s never done anything like this before, but all she can hope for is a fairytale ending… just like the characters in her favorite novels.

Company Loyalty – Seth Gamble & Darla Crane

Darla Crane, a longtime secretary for a prestigious company, is preparing for the work day when her young, new boss, Seth Gamble, arrives. He’s the son of the boss she worked under for 32 years until he finally retired. With the shakeup in management, she feels like the company is taking a whole new direction and is afraid she might be left behind. Nonetheless, she maintains her professionalism. With a smile and experienced hands, she prepares Seth a cup of coffee, only to be told to follow him into the office.

Darla’s heart sinks. Those words and Seth’s unfamiliar body language seem to bring her worst fear to life.

She nervously follows Seth into the office where he asks her to sit down as he takes his spot behind the desk across from her. Seth begins the conversation by asking how long she’s worked for the company. Darla nostalgically tells him that she’s been there since the company was founded — she was one of the first hires! Yet, when he continues on in a serious tone, talking about how he’s been digging into every employee to find out how the company ticks, her stress spikes…

Until he mentions that the company would be lost without her. It’s her dedication and loyalty that has been instrumental to the company’s success!

Darla can’t believe her ears as she sighs with relief, prompting Seth to ask if something is wrong. Although she’s embarrassed, she admits that she honestly thought he was firing her! The young boss is shocked — that wasn’t his intention at all! No, he just wanted to give her a little token of appreciation for all of her hard work. He’s sorry for scaring her like that.

Darla is elated and touched, saying that it’s okay and that he doesn’t need to give her anything. Seth insists, admitting that even THIS won’t make up for everything she’s given them.

Darla’s eyes curiously follows him as he produces a thin, black box and reveals a pendant. What makes the pendant extra special is that it’s made of the same material from the company’s very first shipment.

Darla is absolutely delighted with such a sentimental gesture, though becomes warm when the young man helps clasp the pendant around her neck. His fleeting touch, the close proximity of their bodies, and the adrenalin still pumping from her fear of being fired, all adds up to a charged moment. She has no doubt Seth’s feeling the chemistry, too.

Darla doesn’t resist as they suddenly come together in a heated kiss, which soon gives way to both of them peeling each other’s clothes off. Consumed by lust and brimming with confidence, Darla takes Seth’s cock into her mouth. Once he’s ready, she seductively bends over her boss’ desk and looks over her shoulder at him, accepting his cock into her pussy. It looks like even after all these years, the job still has its perks.

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