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Hole In One – April Olsen & Lucy Hart

Lucy Hart is relaxing at home when her girlfriend, April Olsen, cheerfully bounds in wearing golf attire and carrying a bag of clubs. Lucy is surprised but appreciates the look, and it’s revealed that April was invited to go golfing with the executives of her company that afternoon. Since April wants to make a good impression, she decided to get all decked out in flattering golf wear for the occasion.

Lucy is supportive but still a bit skeptical since she knows April doesn’t have that much golfing experience. Although Lucy’s no pro herself, she has some experience, so she happily gets straight to giving April some tips. Of course, this leads to charged moments as Lucy slides behind April to show her how to swing a club, their forms nestled close together.

Naturally, the intimacy of the golfing lesson causes them both to become more than a little aroused. April playfully teases Lucy about ‘feeling her club’ against her backside and Lucy is cheekily unapologetic. After all, how could Lucy NOT react to being so close to her hot girlfriend like this??

That’s when they decide to take a little break and have a very different kind of lesson!

A Welcome Sight – Marica Hase & Asia Belle

After a long, tumultuous journey, Asia Belle has finally returned home. Her team had won their football game yesterday, only to have their bus break down on the way back to town. Needless to say, she’s looking forward to being able to decompress and relax following this unexpected and tiresome adventure. She’s also super excited to see her girlfriend, Marica Hase- though she wonders where she could be?

Asia climbs the stairs and enters her bedroom, only to find her lovely girlfriend lying down on the bed, wearing nothing but a football jersey. It seems like Marica tried to wait up for Asia, but ended up drifting off instead. Asia doesn’t mind, however, since Marica’s ass and pussy look ever-so-cute peeking out under her skimpy jersey.

After ogling Marica for a few moments, Asia gently rouses her and they greet each other lovingly. It’s clear that they’ve been counting the seconds until they could finally be together again. They tumble into each other’s arms, their mouths joining together for a deep kiss before they decide to both take off their jerseys and celebrate Asia’s victory with intimate, sensual sex.

Cater-Waiter Quickie – Ariel Demure & Ashley Stones

Two cater-waiters, Ariel Demure and Ashley Stones, work side-by-side as they prepare a venue. As they dip and weave around each other, Ashley is especially drawn to Ariel, unable to keep his eyes off her.

A short while later, Ariel goes outside and leans against the building, taking a short break. She’s soon joined by Ashley, who turns on the charm as he flirts with her while using the cheesiest pickup lines he can muster. Ariel is bemused by him, sarcastically putting down his attempts but clearly endeared by his humor.

Finally, she tells him that while she’d NEVER in a MILLION YEARS date a coworker, she’d FUCK one. Ashley is delighted and unable to believe his luck as he insists that he’s fine with that and knows where they can go for a quickie. When Ashley turns to show her the way, Ariel eagerly and confidently follows to make the most of their short break.

While We Wait – Haley Reed & Gracie Jane

In a waiting room for a modeling agency, two models, Gracie Jane and Haley Reed, sit in chairs facing each other as they wait for appointments with their agent. The two models strike up a chat to pass the time. Haley politely remarks she’s never seen Gracie around before, is Gracie new? Gracie is casual and pleasant as she explains that she’s new to the industry after having recently transitioned — this is a whole new world to her, in more ways than one! Haley warmly welcomes her to the biz and says she loves that agencies are getting more inclusive. Gracie agrees that it’s great that the agency is opening its doors to trans models, and she hopes others follow its example.

Haley and Gracie then receive word that their agent is dealing with a crisis situation with an unhappy client and a diva model, so it’ll be a while yet before she can get to either of them. They go back to talking, and their conversation quickly turns to blatant flirting, as they remark about how they wish they had a better way to pass the time while they wait. Gracie uncrosses her legs, giving Haley an upskirt peek and revealing that she’s not wearing panties. It’s clear there’s ONE thing on both of their minds now that could make the time go by faster, but dare they do it right here in the open? Eh, why not!

Nude To The Neighborhood – Siri Dahl & Kasey Kei

Siri Dahl is bringing a welcome basket to a woman who recently moved next door and is new to the neighborhood, Kasey Kei. However, when Kasey comes out to greet Siri, she is completely naked. Siri is shocked and flustered as she drops the basket, its contents spilling out.

As they both stoop down to put the items back into the basket, Siri is apologetic, thinking she’s walked in on something private. She quickly introduces herself as a neighbor and says that she can come back later. Kasey is good-natured as she introduces herself as well, then says, ‘I’m so sorry about this — I’m a nudist! I guess I was just so used to living in my old neighborhood where everyone knew. I didn’t think about how it might shock my NEW neighbors.’ Kasey then invites Siri inside so that they can get more acquainted. Siri is speechless but intrigued and accepts the invitation, following Kasey inside.

Once inside, Kasey explains that she became a nudist because it’s so freeing and empowering. She also says that she lived enough of her life being uncomfortable with her body — now that she LOVES her body, she wants to be as FREE as she can be!

Siri admits that all of that actually sounds amazing. She then says that she can sympathize, having spent years in the closet as a lesbian. Although she never pictured herself going around anyone’s house naked, now she wants to give it a try! Kasey is supportive, encouraging Siri to strip down and relax as they get to know each other. Siri strips down to the nude, feeling empowered.

Siri and Kasey continue to chat and get to know each other, though their combined nudity soon leads to curious and flirty looks and comments. With the sexual tension mounting, Siri flirtily insists that she wants Kasey to feel right at home in the neighborhood, so Siri may as well be the first to OFFICIALLY welcome her!

Saint Or Sinner? – Claire Tenebrarum & Nicole Aria & Tommy King

Claire Tenebrarum has just finished getting dressed for work, but as she walks through her living room on her way out of the house, she stops for a moment, looking conflicted. ‘I can’t STAND the thought of going to that AWFUL job again… Maybe I should just quit,’ she says to herself aloud. She argues quietly with herself for a moment or two, obviously conflicted about whether she should actually quit or not.

An angel (Nicole Aria) appears at one of Claire’s shoulders, and a devil (Tommy King) appears at Claire’s other shoulder. Nicole looks sympathetic, while Tommy looks mischievous. Nicole tells Claire to go to work because it’s the responsible thing to do, but Tommy says that Claire should stay home and do something more fun… like masturbating! Claire doesn’t seem too bothered with seeing Nicole and Tommy, as if she’s met them before. Nicole and Tommy are familiar with each other as well. It becomes clear that Nicole and Tommy represent Claire’s conscience.

As Nicole and Tommy argue back and forth, Claire seems to be carefully considering what they’re both saying. But it’s clear that Claire still can’t decide what to do. Nicole and Tommy exchange knowing looks, then begin pressing themselves closer to Claire’s side while caressing her. Nicole and Tommy agree that it looks like they’ll have to settle this the old-fashioned way: a sex duel! Whoever pleasures Claire the most will surely win her over!

Settled Out Of Court – Christy Love & Gracie Jane

Gracie Jane and Christy Love are sitting at a table. Each of them have documents in front of them, and they are both reading their respective copies. Within moments, they appear to have finished reading and they comment that ‘everything looks good’. It’s revealed that they are both lawyers, each representing opposing sides in a case. They have met today at Gracie’s house to finalize an out-of-court settlement, and have finished reading the final copy of the settlement to make sure there aren’t any last-minute amendments to make. They both agree that the settlement looks good as-is.

With that out of the way, their demeanor shifts to a much warmer one. They chuckle about how they thought the case would NEVER end, because their clients were constantly at each other’s throats, and the judge was one tough lady. Gracie and Christy agree that when they were hoping to see more of each other, this case wasn’t what they had in mind!

As they continue chatting, it’s revealed that they knew each other back in law school, and they had crushes on each other. But, when they each got assigned to this case, they had to keep a distance between them in order to not cause a conflict of interest for their clients. Now that everything is taken care of, they decide that they’re free to seal ANOTHER deal today, and move in for a passionate kiss.