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Plucking The Rose

Plucking The Rose

Plucking The Rose

From behind a seated Chloe Rose, JMac takes handfuls of her heavy, ripe-‘n’-ready big boobs encased in her brassiere and plays the jiggly-jiggly game with them. Chloe tells him they’re 38E. Reaching down, he rubs Chloe’s panty-covered pussy while his other hand still palms her left breast. Holding her bra straps, he continues his boob-quake play, then takes each impressive breast out of the cups. This Texas cutie has glorious breasts.

Chloe’s tits are patted and rubbed in close-up. Her hand is guided to his bulge so she can squeeze it while she’s boob-handled. Removing his hands, he instructs Chloe to bounce her bodacious baps because everyone loves boobs in motion.

Chloe is asked if she wants his boner between her boobs. She does, indeed. He takes his cock out of his pants and Chloe opens her mouth to take it in and suck it. This may be her first time on-camera giving a guy a blow job but from what she’s doing to his stiffening tool, Chloe’s special talent is more than dancing. “I had a threesome with my best friend on her wedding night,” Chloe said, proving that there’s a lot more to some girls-next-door than we might guess. “I like girls but I like men better.”

Chloe alternates between sucking and tit-banging her new fuck friend as she comes around the couch to rest her breasts on the cushions. JMac vaults over the couch and, ever the gentleman, gives Chloe a place to sit: his pole. The sexy brunette climbs on board facing him for a penetrative party and rides his baloney pony like the Texas cowgirl she is.

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OMG I Fucked My Bratty Student – Angeline Red & Richard Mann – Richard Mann & Angeline Red

Student Angeline Red is alone in class taking steamy pics on her phone when her teacher Richard Mann walks in and catches her. Richard scolds her for taking pictures like that at his desk.

Angeline snarkily answers back but doesn’t stop snapping pics. Richard won’t stand for Angeline’s bad attitude and warns her that if she takes one more pic, she’ll get a spanking from him. And when Angeline DOES take another pic, Richard makes good on his promise, bending Angeline over and spanking her luscious ass.

That’ll teach Angeline to disobey her teacher!

Shadowbanned: Part 2 – Dante Colle & Maddy May

Cady (Rocky Emerson) is reeling from Regina’s sudden disappearance and calls on her followers to help her figure out what’s going on. Cady is convinced that Jamie Jane is somehow connected to everything that is happening and is determined to find her. Just as Cady is posting her plea for help, Gretchen (Maddy May) walks in.

Cady tries to convince her that something seriously weird is going on, but Gretchen is skeptical. Just then, Gretchen’s date, Codey Automatic (Dante Colle) arrives. Codey is one of Gretchen’s new followers and does robot dances online. Gretchen suggested that they make a robot dance together in honor of Regina.

As Gretchen and Codey film the robot dance in Gretchen’s room, it doesn’t take long for things to get hot and heavy between them.

Meanwhile, Cady thinks she’s finally figured out what happened to Jaime and Regina…but can she save them??

Kim Velez: Kitchen Wet Dreams

Kim Velez: Kitchen Wet Dreams

Kim Velez: Kitchen Wet Dreams

Breakfast with Kim Velez?

Who wouldn’t be there in a flash? Any second spent with Kim is quality time well spent. Kim never actually gets around to making breakfast Colombian style. She gets distracted by her big tits, clapping, swinging and slapping them in her kitchen. Those big areolae might remind you of silver dollar pancakes, but no doubt much tastier. “My friends say I cook very well,” Kim said. We believe it.

Kim told us she doesn’t have any hobbies.

“I don’t think I have any hobbies because I’m too lazy to move out of bed,” Kim replied.

What? We don’t believe it. Kim is one of the most-seductively energetic girls we’ve ever met.

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Effie’s Big Balcony

Effie’s Big Balcony

Effie's Big Balcony

This pictorial of Effie Balconi was published in July 1996 Voluptuous. Somehow, for reasons we don’t understand, Effie is oddly underrated, even neglected, when the names of German big tit superstars are brought up (Chloe Vevrier, Lisa Miller, Julia Miles, Bettie Ballhaus, Nadine). We consider Effie an unheralded busty model and porn star.

Great model, great tits and ass. Nice and thick–but not fat–legs. Effie was never much of a smiler, preferring to fix a challenging gaze on the camera instead of a come-here-and-fuck-me look. For some reason, in this set, the photographer didn’t shoot any pink photos of Effie spreading her hairy pussy really wide or any butthole close-ups.

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