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Cat & Mouse – Aiden Starr & Sheena Shaw

Voluptuous blonde Aiden Starr gleefully assumes the role of a predatory cat, leading a captured mouse played by Sheena Shaw into her lair. Bathed in brilliant sunshine, Aiden pulls her prey by the tail: a snake-like phallic toy plugged tightly into Sheena’s asshole. Comely Sheena rocks a tiny top, white heels and leg warmers with furry mouse ears. Aiden wears a snug, latex corset over her big boobs, with bikini underwear, knee-high socks and heels, topped off with pointy cat ears. The naughty kitten plunges the six-foot-long toy in and out of Sheena’s sphincter. Sheena’s gaping butthole belches bubbles of lube. Indoors, Aiden coats Sheena’s bunghole with more thick lotion. She crams a butt plug into Sheena’s backdoor while pressing a vibrator to her twat. On her back, Sheena pulls her heels behind her ears while Aiden’s whirring device buzzes the mouse’s clit. Aiden rubs her colossal jugs over Sheena’s meaty snatch and slick butt, nipples stimulating crevices. The cat enjoys a titty fuck, massaging her lubed cleavage with the python-sized phallus. This lesbian anal tryst escalates as Aiden churns a fat dildo in Sheena’s remarkably flexible anus, which gapes hugely and repeatedly! The hi-jinks just get more perverted: Aiden squeezes her fist wrist-deep into Sheena’s rectum! The ladies’ intense fisting creates graphic, crater-size gaping for Sheena!

Erotic Theater #02, Scene #01 – Tianna & Jamie Gillis

John’s comment:
This is the first Buttman scene ever shot: Alley dangerous ass worship, as a game played by a debauched couple, revealing the birth of Buttman. Jamie was into butts, he taught us much in this first journey deep into that obsession.

The first Buttman scene ever. Tianna and Jamie Gillis, and my artsy fartsy photography!

Erotic Theater #02 – Steve Holmes & Manuel Ferrara & Brooklyn Lee

John’s comment:
Steve Holmes knows Berlin, He led us to this place by the winged golden angel. Hidden behind a short wall Priest Steve collects his fee for helping Vampire Brooklyn become human again. Cars stream by around the roundabout of the phallix like pedestal for the angel, as a real phallas is engorged and disgorged a few yards away.

Erotic Theater #02 – Nacho Vidal & Melissa Lauren & Rocco Siffredi & Katsuni

John’s comment:
The whole movie was structured around how to make this scene work, Nacho Vidal and Melissa Lauren, with Rocco Siffredi and Katsuni as only observers.

Melissa collects her reward, Safado, as played by Nacho, This sex was the centerpiece on my story for the Safado movies. Katsuni and Rocco are there to help create the erotic debauchery that is this Safado update. Melissa Lauren is slapped, choked, spit on, squirts, and is analized for the sexual fulfillment of Melissa, as well as the creation of a spectacular update.

Erotic Theater #02 – Nacho Vidal & Melissa Lauren & Rocco Siffredi & Jazz Duro & Katsuni & Sintia Stone

John’s comment:
Melissa Lauren arrives back in Berlin. Rocco, as Fashion designer Antonio, has been lured to the sexual underground of Berlin. The Kit Kat Klub scene is unique real and dramatic, some of my best work.