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Bi-weekly Relaxation – Bella Rolland & Lexi Luna

Bella Rolland’s a little nervous since this is her first time getting a professional massage. Her masseuse for the day, Lexi Luna, also has a reason to be nervous, however, since this is actually her first professional massage since getting out of massage therapy school. Oh well, at least they can have both of their first times together!

Lexi asks Bella to strip naked so that she can really get to work on all those hard-to-reach muscles and areas. Bella’s a little flustered as she strips off her clothes, but finds herself reassured by Lexi’s genuine demeanor. Once Bella’s on the massage table, Lexi gets to work, and Bella feels immediately at ease.

Bella’s feeling so at ease, it seems, that she feels comfortable enough to share some of the relationship troubles she’s having with her current boyfriend. No matter what she does, it never seems like he truly appreciates her. It’s causing her all kinds of frustration and grief, and she just wishes there was a way for her to… release all this tension. Well, Lexi can think of one way that she can help with that. But, of course, it requires that she get naked as well…

Nice To SEE You – Octavia Red & Madi Collins

Madi Collins has been struggling with a sore shoulder lately. Luckily, Madi’s best friend Octavia Red is a massage therapist, and she generously decided to come over and give Madi a massage to help her feel better.

This is Madi’s first time receiving a massage, so Octavia explains that Madi should get undressed in order to avoid getting massage oil all over her clothes. Once Madi is naked and lying down on the massage table, Octavia starts to get turned on at the sight of her beautiful friend completely nude, but remains professional as she gives Madi a massage.

Since Octavia always does a good and thorough job, she massages Madi everywhere, not just her shoulder. Madi is a little surprised when Octavia’s hands approach more intimate areas of her body, but she admits that it feels VERY good. As the two friends continue to get closer than ever before, they can’t help but kiss, which then leads to sensual sex.

Massage Student – Rebecca Vanguard & Erin Everheart

Erin Everheart, a masseuse-in-training, needs to massage a certain number of clients in order to pass her course and become a full-fledged masseuse. After putting in lots of time and hard work, she finally has just one massage left to go… but her final client canceled at the last minute. Now what?

Erin doesn’t want to delay passing her course, so she asks her friend and roommate, Rebecca Vanguard, to be a replacement client. Rebecca isn’t sure at first, because she’s reading a good book and doesn’t want to stop, but Erin manages to sweet talk her into it.

Rebecca gets undressed and lies down on her stomach as instructed. Erin works the tension out of Rebecca’s back and shoulders, and Rebecca admits that Erin is really good at this. But Erin is just getting started, and Rebecca becomes very impressed when Erin massages her glutes. Erin then has Rebecca turn over, so she can massage Rebecca’s front… including Rebecca’s breasts. Erin can see that Rebecca is getting turned on, and when she offers to take things further, Rebecca is happy to accept!

Breast Worship-Massage – Lauren Phillips & Maya Woulfe

Lauren Phillips is ready for her massage to help take some of the stress out of her body. Her masseuse, Maya Woulfe, is all too happy to help and it isn’t long before Lauren strips down and makes herself comfortable on the massage table.

Every ounce of stress is slowly worked out of Lauren’s body as Maya sensually massages her from head to toe. As Maya’s hands roam over Lauren’s breasts, worshiping how big and beautiful they are, Lauren melts under the touch. That’s when the sensual massage turns into a sexy one as Maya decides to eliminate ALL of the stress with the ultimate act of body worship!

Remember The Good Times – Scarlett Sage & Whitney Wright & Slimthick Vic

Slimthick Vic and Whitney Wright enter Slimthick’s house and collapse onto the couch, looking totally dejected. It turns out that Slimthick and Whitney are two friends who are trying to get a business off the ground, but they’ve just been rejected a THIRD time for a much-needed bank loan. Defeated, they decided to stop by Whitney’s house to decompress and discuss the next steps for their business.

Whitney glumly remarks that maybe they should just GIVE UP on their business completely. As much as they try, it just doesn’t seem to be working out. Slimthick agrees, though can’t help but comment on how sad that would be – they’ve put in so much work! At the same time… maybe it’s for the best. Not EVERYONE is cut out to be an entrepreneur, after all…

But just then, Slimthick’s girlfriend, Scarlett Sage, walks in from another room, dressed in her masseuse uniform. Scarlett listens with sympathy as Slimthick and Whitney fill her in on their latest fumble, though she encourages them NOT to give up. In fact, Scarlett has JUST the thing to make these ladies feel all better: a massage! The past few months have been really stressful for them, OBVIOUSLY even putting a strain on Smithick’s and Scarlett’s relationship as friends. This massage could be a good way for them to ‘reset’ their minds, reconnect as friends, and rediscover what made them want to go into business together in the first place.

Slimthick and Whitney agree and as the massage progresses, it seems like they’re getting more and more relaxed by the second. But as they start remembering old memories, Slimthick and Whitney accidentally reveal that they hooked up once before Slimthick met Scarlett. But that’s not a problem for Scarlett. In fact, maybe she could HELP rekindle that old, steamy memory by leading these two through a playful threesome!

Massage Me Everywhere – Aften Opal & Kylie Rocket

Kylie Rocket is grateful that her masseuse, Aften Opal, was able to come over to her house. Kylie’s boyfriend has been stressing her out lately, so she could REALLY use a massage. Aften says that she’s happy to help.

Kylie strips down for the massage, then lies down on the massage table and covers herself with a towel. Aften gives Kylie a sensual massage, helping Kylie’s tense body to relax. It’s clear that Kylie has been under a lot of stress, so Aften suggests removing Kylie’s towel in order to do a more thorough massage. Kylie agrees to it, and Aften massages Kylie’s nude body while inviting her to talk about her troubles.

Kylie shares that she’s not very happy with her boyfriend – in fact, she’s so unhappy that she’s beginning to think that she doesn’t even like guys. Kylie feels that all of her female friends have been MUCH nicer to hang out with, so she definitely seems to prefer the company of women… could Kylie be a lesbian? Kylie wishes that she could try being with a woman to find out for sure. Luckily, Aften is happy to help with lots of things, so she kisses Kylie and leads her through a pleasurable lesbian sex session.

Secret Recipe – Emma Hix & Nicole Doshi

Emma Hix welcomes a masseuse, Nicole Doshi, into her home. Nicole was recommended by one of Emma’s friends, so Emma has high hopes because work has been stressing her out a lot lately. Nicole is eager to help relieve Emma’s stress, and she’s touched that Emma is a thoughtful client who already set up all the massage equipment for Nicole to use.

Emma lies down on her stomach on the massage table, so Nicole can get to work. As Nicole massages Emma, they make conversation about what’s been stressing out Emma at work, and whether Nicole prefers to massage men or women. Eventually, Nicole asks Emma to turn over, so she can massage Emma’s front. As Emma turns over, her towel slips, revealing her breasts. They both get a bit flustered, but Nicole assures Emma that it’s okay – she has a beautiful body.

The sensual massage continues, including Nicole kneading Emma’s sensitive inner thighs. Sparks continue to fly between the two women, and Nicole asks if it would be okay to remove Emma’s towel in order to give a more thorough massage. Emma says that Nicole can do whatever she wants, because she’s been making Emma feel SO good. Nicole removes the towel and massages Emma’s breasts… and her pussy. Looks it’s time for the REAL stress relief to begin…