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Rub Away Your Worries – Slimthick Vic & Will Pounder

Will Pounder arrives for a nuru massage and is greeted by his masseuse, Slimthick Vic. As she asks about his massage experience, he admits that his bud from the gym recommended getting a nuru massage to relieve all his worries. When Vic questions him further about his worries, Will is casual as he insists that EVERYONE has worries. That’s just part of life! Charmed, Vic has to agree as she soon promises to rub away ALL his worries, whatever they may be.

Vic soon brings Will into the private massage room and encourages them both to strip naked. Will is surprised but along for the ride as he does so, then lies down on a mattress. Once Vic breaks out the massage oil and begins pouring it all over their bodies before climbing on top of him, Will has a feeling more than just his worries are about to be relieved.

The Student Becomes The Teacher – Ryan Mclane & Emma Rosie

A high school teacher, Ryan Mclane, arrives for a nuru massage but is taken aback when his masseuse turns out to be his ex-student, Emma Rosie, who recently graduated. Because of their prior teacher-student relationship, Ryan’s hesitant about her massaging him, but Emma insists that she’s a professional — she’s mature and responsible enough to handle this! Ryan eventually decides to put his reservations aside and give it a try.

But as they both strip naked and Emma sensually rubs her gorgeous body all over Ryan’s, they naturally get aroused. Ryan tries his best to keep things platonic, though Emma cheekily makes things more than a little difficult. Soon enough, Emma offers a ‘happy ending,’ which Ryan initially balks at but is soon unable to resist…

I’d Rather You Do Her – Skylar Snow & Donny Sins & Jasmine Daze

Skylar Snow, a NURU masseuse, is preparing her new trainee Jasmine Daze for the arrival of a very important client, Donny Sins. Donny’s a VERY big deal, being one of the investors in Skylar’s massage franchise. It’s SUPER important that Skylar and Jasmine keep him nice and happy… though that shouldn’t be too difficult since he ADORES getting massages.

But when Donny arrives, he is immediately attracted to Jasmine. So, instead of his usual massage, he decides to make a special request. He asks Skyler if she could give Jasmine a NURU massage instead of him. Meanwhile, he would watch from the sidelines. Skylar and Jasmine are both a little taken by surprise, but since they want to keep this VIP happy, they go along with it.

Jasmine and Skylar strip down, and then Skylar starts giving Jasmine a sensual NURU massage as Donny watches with arousal. Before long, it’s clear that these ladies are enjoying it more than they expected, though they wonder if perhaps Donny would like to join in as well. Donny can’t resist- he strips down and lets the two women rub oil over his body and give him a lovely massage… followed by the HAPPIEST of happy endings!

I Need Release – Nicole Doshi & Will Pounder

Nicole Doshi is receiving her newest massage client, Will Pounder, at her home massage studio. They greet each other, and then Nicole asks Will what led him to book a massage with her. Is he feeling stressed? Does he have muscle cramps? Will explains that, in fact, his job has been quite stressful of late. He feels lost and on edge… He needs something to REALLY relax him.

Nicole has just the massage for Will: a NURU massage. It’s guaranteed to make all his worries MELT away. This is Will’s first time getting such a massage, but he’s open to anything that will rid him of his anxiety. At Nicole’s instruction, Will gets undressed and lies down on the massage mattress that has been placed nearby.

Nicole pours gel over herself, so that her skin is nice and slippery, and then starts gliding her body over her client’s back and front. Will has never felt such intense and soothing sensations before- this is truly remarkable! And before long, it seems like Will’s cock ALSO wants to express its delight. Nicole doesn’t mind and offers to give Will a little treat that is GUARANTEED to keep his worries at bay. They have sensual, wet sex together on the mattress, with Nicole doing everything she can to satisfy her new client.

Nuru or Nothing – Seth Gamble & Queenie Sateen

It’s been one heck of a stressful week for Seth, so he’s decided to grab himself a massage! When he arrives at the parlor, he’s greeted by his lovely masseuse, Queenie Sateen. Queenie asks Seth a few questions to get an idea of what he’s looking for and quickly determines that he needs something a little extra… a NURU massage.

Seth’s never heard of a NURU massage, but he’s an open-minded guy who’s willing to try anything. Besides, how different from an actual massage could it really be? So just imagine his surprise when Queenie instructs him to get fully naked and lie facedown on the mat. He obeys and notices with an excited grin that Queenie’s going to get naked with him as well. What has he gotten himself into?

But as Queenie glides her gel-soaked body over Seth, he starts to feel all his stress melt away. This just has to be the BEST massage he’s ever had… And when Queenie offers to give him a happy ending, it seems like this massage is only going to get better! As far as Seth’s concerned, it’s NURU or nothing from now on!

New Outlook On Life – Ryan Driller & Madison Morgan & Maya Farrell

Ryan Driller arrives at a massage parlor and is greeted by two masseuses, Madison Morgan and Maya Farrell. Ryan used to be a regular client at the parlor but the masseuses haven’t seen him in a long time, so they’re pleasantly surprised to see that he’s back. They ask him where he’s been, and Ryan explains that he was in the hospital for a while. Now that he’s recovered, he’s excited about a second chance at life. Madison and Maya are moved by his positivity.

Ryan says that he wants to live life to the fullest, including spoiling himself at the massage parlor with one of their PREMIUM massages. The masseuses are blown away by his infectious good mood and offer him a special nuru massage, which Ryan excitedly agrees to.

Madison, Maya, and Ryan take a shower together, with the masseuses pampering Ryan. Afterwards, they exit the shower so they can get started on the massage. The masseuses work together to give Ryan a sensual nuru massage, which is exactly the kind of new experience Ryan was looking for. Afterwards, Madison and Maya offer a happy ending, which Ryan eagerly accepts. Now THAT’S how to live life to the fullest!

Surprise Get Naked! – Chad Alva & Vanna Bardot

It’s Chad Alva’s birthday, and his parent has decided to get him a very special present. In fact, she’s gotten him a massage for his sore back. But this isn’t just ANY massage, she’s gotten Chad a NURU massage. Chad’s never heard of it, but his back has DEFINITELY been killing him, so he graciously accepts.

A few days later, Chad shows up at the parlor and meets his masseuse, Vanna Bardot. Chad explains that he hurt his back playing lacrosse. Vanna explains that although NURU isn’t technically a therapeutic-style massage, it will certainly make him feel A LOT better.

And when Chad finally gets naked and onto the mat, he can definitely see why. It feels fantastic, and the sensations he’s getting from Vanna’s naked body sliding over him are hard not to enjoy. In fact, it seems like he’s enjoying himself a BIT more than he expected when he and Vanna notice that his cock is rock-hard. Vanna’s turned on, and decides to give Chad an EXTRA treat. After all, it isn’t a ‘happy birthday’ without a happy ending!