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Don’t Tell My Parents I Assfucked The Babysitter #02 – Scarlett Alexis

Scarlett Alexis was supposed to be done babysitting, but her clients are held up at the hospital, so she’ll have to stay longer than expected. She WOULD be able to leave if the eldest, Spikey Dee, was here… but he’s out on his scooter causing trouble around the neighborhood, so who knows when he’ll be back? Scarlett’s a good sport though, and she assures the parents that she’ll stay as long as they need.

Eventually, Spikey returns, and Scarlett informs him that he’s late! He was supposed to be back two hours ago and Scarlett’s had to cover for him. He REALLY needs to act more responsibly. He’s a man now and his parents look to him to set an example for his siblings. He could REALLY be a bit more considerate, instead of always doing things for himself.

Spikey sits next to Scarlett, moping. She really tore him a new one… but wait. What is she doing? Is Scarlett TOUCHING HERSELF? Spikey can’t believe his eyes, and his mouth waters as Scarlett’s pussy gets all wet and soaks through her green panties. It seems like Scarlett missed her date because Spikey was late, so will Spikey make it up to her? He sure will! And while he’s at it, he’ll give her as much anal as she desires! Bet her date wasn’t going to do THAT.

OMG I Fucked My Bratty Student – Kimmy Kim & Seth Gamble – Seth Gamble & Kimmy Kimm

A teacher, Seth Gamble, confronts one of his students, Kimmy Kimm, after class. He says that the term paper she handed in today is over a week late. Not only that, but it’s obvious that she copied someone else’s writing. Kimmy denies this, saying that her older sibling’s friend Robbie wrote the paper for her, so that’s not the same as copying! Seth is unamused, saying that NOBODY ELSE should be writing her term paper for her, plus it just means that Robbie is the one who did the copying.

Seth sternly says that this term paper is completely unacceptable. Wanting to put Seth into a better mood, Kimmy bends over his desk and tells him to spank her since she’s been such a bad girl. Seth is shocked, but Kimmy wiggles her ass to tempt him, until Seth gives in and spanks her. She then sucks on his cock and eagerly lets him fuck her, promising to be a good girl from now on!

OMG I Fucked My Bratty Student – Melody Marks & Dorian Del Isla – Dorian Del Isla & Melody Marks

Melody Marks is browsing on her phone in detention while Dorian Del Isla, her teacher, does some school work nearby. But when Dorian notices that Melody is on her phone instead of studying, he calls her out on it.

Annoyed, Melody puts away her phone, though studying is the last thing on her mind. Instead, she looks mischievous as she tears off a piece of paper and uses a straw to shoot a spitball at Dorian! Deciding that enough is enough, Dorian knows something ELSE Melody can put in her mouth instead.

OMG I Fucked My Bratty Student – Reese Robbins & Isiah Maxwell – Isiah Maxwell & Reese Robbins

Reese Robbins is the last student to leave class when Isiah Maxwell, her teacher, stops her. Isiah points out that Reese’s skimpy skirt and blouse go against the school’s dress code. While he doesn’t care what she wears OUTSIDE of the school, he stresses the importance of dressing appropriately while INSIDE of the school.

Reese pouts and protests against the archaic rules but Isiah holds firm. Of course, when he accidentally gets a bit tongue-tied about what’s under the skirt, Reese mischievously twists his words around. Isiah is stunned when she strips down right in front of him, putting everything in plain view for him.

Maybe some rules are meant to be broken!

OMG I Fucked My Bratty Student – Katie Kush & Mike Mancini – Mike Mancini & Katie Kush

Katie Kush is frustrated to be the ONLY student in class. She laments to her teacher, Mike Mancini, about how unfair it is that everyone else is still doing online classes but she has to attend in person. Mike reminds her that it was her parents’ wish and that he still teaches both online AND in-person classes. But for today, Katie just happens to be the only one for in-person.

Katie pouts. Since she’s the only student, can’t they do something more fun than just reading out of dusty old books?? Maybe they can just… fuck?

Mike is stunned by her boldness. Although he protests, Katie brings up some very tempting points… When she reminds him that they’re the ONLY two people in the classroom… well, how can he resist??

I’m Gonna Buttfuck Your Firstborn #01 – Penelope Woods & Evan Stone – Evan Stone & Penelope Woods

Evan Stone is trying to do some yard work for his employer, but the leaf blower isn’t under the tarp where it should be. He calls his employer, who tells Evan to try checking inside the house. The employer’s little angel, Penelope Woods, is supposed to be at home, so Evan knocks on the door so Penelope can let him in. However, nobody comes to answer the door.

Evan goes around the house, and luckily the backdoor is unlocked, so he can finally enter. As he searches the home for the leaf blower, he stumbles across Penelope taking a bath. She is surprised to see him, and he explains that he’s looking for the leaf blower. She says that her parents probably locked it in the closet, which means Evan won’t be able to use it right now. Since Evan can’t do the yard work at the moment, he offers to be helpful in another way, telling Penelope he can scrub her back. She accepts.

As Evan washes Penelope’s back, he caresses her and compliments her soft skin. She says that his touch feels good, but wonders if they should be doing this. Evan says it’s fine, as long as they keep it a secret. Penelope agrees with that, so Evan touches and squeezes one of her breasts, before moving on to exploring the rest of her lovely body… including her beautiful ass!

I’m Gonna Buttfuck Your Firstborn #01 – Madison Summers & Seth Gamble – Seth Gamble & Madison Summers

Seth Gamble is looking at hot pictures of his coworker’s little angel, Madison Summers, who will be joining their law firm as a legal secretary. Seth seems to like everything he sees in the photos, but he ESPECIALLY likes Madison’s sexy ass.

Madison then arrives for a meeting about the job, and is surprised to find out that her parent won’t be joining them for the meeting. Seth claims it’s because he’ll be able to judge her character better without the parent there. He then says that he wants to give her a special gift, which turns out to be… his dick!

Madison is shocked at first, but when Seth assures her that they won’t get in trouble, she happily begins sucking on his dick. He pulls down her top so he can touch her breasts, then licks and fucks her pussy… and of course, he fucks her amazing ass as well!