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Diana Eisley: Busty Bikini Babe

Diana Eisley: Busty Bikini Babe

Diana Eisley: Busty Bikini Babe

“I’m in North Miami, but before that I was in California, which is a big filming state,” said flexible and fit Diana Eisley who said she likes to go on dates that are out of the ordinary. That’s because Diana’s an extraordinary girl with a big heart, not to mention big boobs. This delicious morsel is just 5’2″ and has a massive 32J-cup bust.

“If I had a million dollars, I would get everything I needed for my dog to live the best life ever. I would buy a house then buy all the stuff I need to give a few dogs a good life and then buy said dogs.”

Doing nude modeling and porn was on Diana’s bucket list ever since she turned 18. She was curious about what happens behind the scenes of a porn shoot. Then one of our model finders just happened to go to a restaurant where Diana was working as a hostess. He knew that photographing girls with big breasts is our main goal, mission statement and obsession.

“He told me that there’s a company that likes working with girls with very curvy body types, and he told me about you guys, The SCORE Group. I didn’t even find out the name of the website until the first shoot.”

Timing is everything, sometimes.

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Drop The Toy & Take The Cock

Drop The Toy & Take The Cock

Drop The Toy & Take The Cock

Super-sexy Kendra Lee Ryan is dressed in vintage burlesque-style stage finery. She wears the bustier, the stockings, the sheer gloves and other retro-lingerie. Miss Ryan looks ready for the stage and the spotlights. In fact, Kendra does appear in striptease shows in California and Las Vegas but she’s not going to be dancing this time. She’s here for cock.

Tony chats Kendra up to find out some more about her. After all, it’s only polite and gentlemanly to learn a little bit about a girl you’ll be fucking shortly.

Kendra is very direct. She is here because she wants to get fucked. She wants her tits sucked and squeezed. She likes to be watched when she is doing these things. She likes to go to nude beaches and see how many cocks will get hard at the sight of her. He asks her how she likes her tits and body handled.

Kendra shows Tony her body, playing with her tits and pussy. She really is a tease but she’s a tease who aims to ultimately please. She delivers. Tony hands Kendra a fancy vibrator with a clit stimulator mounted on it like a hood ornament. Kendra wets it with her mouth and wedges it into her pink with steady strokes. Her pussy gets wet instantly. Tony offers to give her a hand and takes over the toying. After using the toy inside her, he sticks it in her mouth so she can taste her pussy juices. She licks and kisses the head of the toy with a hot look in her eyes. Tony marvels at her heat. Now it’s time for the real deal.

He peels off Kendra’s panties in preparation for his pole to plunge into her pink pussy, but first Kendra should be fed some prick so he fucks her sweet, wet mouth. She leaves large amounts of bubbly saliva and saliva strings on Tony’s cock as it passes through her juicy lips.

He fucks her cleavage next and then goes down on her shaved pussy, licking her lips, tasting her lady nectar. This drives Kendra to the brink. It’s time to fuck. She assumes a pole-dancing position and sits on his lap, sending the pole all the way up her pussy. Now filled to the pussy-brim, Kendra grinds hard like the sex-kitten she is, and it’s going to get even wilder. Kendra becomes a girl possessed as their coupling picks up speed and they try different fucking positions. Kendra deserves a standing ovation.

Kendra’s originally from Pennsylvania but lives in California. She sounds like a California girl. Kendra likes it better in the West because she can wear less clothes and drive guys crazy when she goes out. She’s just got it like that.

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Succubus – Part 1 – Small Hands & Aubrey Kate

Pastor Tommy (Tommy Pistol) leads Michael (Small Hands) and Mary (Jane Wilde) through a darkened church, showing the young couple around. Mary mentions that the space is perfect for them, since they just want a small, quiet ceremony, adding that it will just be the two of them.

When Mary excitedly tells Pastor Tommy that they’ll see him tomorrow for the ceremony, Pastor Tommy grows grave. He warns them that marriage is a sacred bond, so if they’re having second thoughts, now would be the time. Mary assures him that they have no doubt. Michael hesitates for a moment before echoing Mary’s words, but Michael seems to be hiding something.

Pastor Tommy then tells them that he needs to go to prepare his next sermon. He scratches his neck absentmindedly, revealing a strange tattoo. But no one seems to notice it as Pastor Tommy takes his leave. Left alone, Mary can see that something is on Michael’s mind. When she asks him what’s going on, Michael admits that he’s worried that they’re rushing into things. They only just moved to this town. They don’t have any friends or family there. He feels like they deserve a REAL wedding experience.

Rubbing her belly tenderly, Mary patiently reminds Michael that there’s a REASON they have to do this now…before she starts showing. Michael sighs, saying that of course he understands, but he just pictured all the things that come along with a wedding, such as a bridal shower for her, and a bachelor party for him.

This gives Mary an idea. She suggests that Michael goes and has his own bachelor party at a local strip club and gets a lap dance or two. He could even stay at a motel so that they don’t see each other until the wedding. Michael is hesitant at first, but Mary ultimately convinces him, assuring him that she just wants him to enjoy himself.

Later that night, at the strip club, dancer Joanna Angel has just finished entertaining the local patrons, many of whom have the same marking on them as Pastor Tommy. Joanna – who also bears the mark – walks into the dressing room, greeting Aubrey Kate. Aubrey has the same mark on her, and seems lost in thought as Joanna asks her what’s going on with her. Aubrey quietly tells Joanna that she thinks she’s losing it. ‘Mortality’s a bitch,’ responds Joanna, telling Aubrey that they’ll need to find her a real tender loving soul to suck the life out of. THAT will get Aubrey back to full strength. But finding a soul like that in a place like THIS is going to be a tall order.

Aubrey goes back out into the club. She notices Michael sitting at a table alone and immediately sets her sights on him, striking up a conversation with him. It doesn’t take long for her to offer to take Michael upstairs for a lapdance, and Michael readily agrees. So, after a dance onstage, Aubrey leads Michael upstairs.

In the private room, Aubrey sinks to her knees in front of Michael. He is obviously tempted by this gorgeous woman, but – not wanting to cheat on Mary – he hesitates. He can’t resist Aubrey’s charms for long, though. She unbuttons his pants, taking his hard cock out and sliding it down her throat.

But Michael doesn’t realize that Aubrey’s plans involve MUCH more than just showing him a good time…