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Girls Under Arrest | S2 E5 | Busting The Chief’s Daughter – Derrick Pierce & Hannah Hays

Officer Derrick Pierce is on patrol with his partner, Sam Shock, when they get a call about a vandalism in progress. Derrick’s frustrated since he recognizes the name of the perp, Hannah Hays, who is the police chief’s daughter. They’ve caught her getting up to no good before but weren’t able to book her since they didn’t have the evidence they needed. Because of that, and the fact that her father is Derrick’s boss, Hannah thinks she’s above the law, which infuriates Derrick to no end.

But tonight, he can FEEL it — they’re going to get the hard evidence they need to finally punish Hannah once and for all.

When they arrive on the scene, Hannah looks as smug as ever as she casually saunters along with cans of spray paint in her hands. She’s clearly a woman on a mission, unfazed as the cops roll up on her and exit the car. She recognizes them and thinks she’s going to get off easy, just like all the other times. She holds up her hands and waits for them to do their spiel, unafraid of their presence… until she sees the camera.

That’s right, there’s no escaping punishment THIS time. Derrick has all the proof he needs and isn’t going to let her slip through his fingers again. However, if she wants the evidence to go away, it can all mysteriously disappear if she’s willing to do a little something for him…

Girls Under Arrest | S2 E4 | Happy Endings Parlor Raid – Chad White & Vanna Bardot

Officers Chad White and Domenic Kane are enroute to investigate a call, explaining to the cameraman that they’re checking into a tip about a massage parlor that’s known for giving ‘happy endings.’ They arrive at the massage parlor and stealthily make their way to the back entrance and go inside, where a couple of waiting male clients awkwardly scramble to make a quick exit and hide their faces from the cops. The police shout and bang down doors as they raid the parlor looking for any working girls.

Officer White takes the lead with Officer Kane close behind as they raid one of the private rooms and finds a masseuse with a client. Neither of them want to be too close to the naked man, so they demand that he put on his pants. As Officer Kane restrains him, the client lies and begs that it’s not what it seems while Officer White mocks him since it’s very obvious it is what it seems. Meanwhile, Vanna Bardot demands to know what they’re doing and states that they have no right being there.

Officer White tells Officer Kane to take the client outside. Vanna looks fearfully to Officer Kane and asks him not to leave, but he shrugs and leaves with the client.

Officer White tells Vanna that she’s under arrest for sex trafficking. She protests, denying everything. After a while Vanna starts to look desperate, changing tunes as she begs him not to shut the place down — she needs this job. She has family to support! But Officer White is feeling charitable today. Maybe he won’t come down hard on her… Vanna looks relieved and starts to thank him, though he cuts her off and says that he won’t come down hard on her IF she gives him a happy ending.

Vanna is shocked, telling him that he can’t be serious — is THIS why he sent his partner out? Officer White doesn’t directly answer her, saying he doesn’t have much time. He’s a busy man, y’know, cleaning up the city…so what’s it going to be? Vanna is disgusted, but reluctantly agrees, laying her hand on his already hard cock that bulges from his pants.

Vanna’s going to give Officer White what he wants, but will HE deliver on his promise to give her a happy ending of her own?

Girls Under Arrest | S2 E3 | Lesbian Domestic Dispute – Dick Chibbles & Jane Wilde

In the patrol car on the way to a call, Officer Dick Chibbles and Officer Domenic Kane explain to the camera that they are responding to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, they see two young women shouting at each other at the house porch entrance. One of the women, Jane Wilde, is taking possessions from inside the house and throwing them violently out the door – it appears that she’s kicking the other woman, Bobbi Dylan, out of the house.

The cops break up the fight, and Jane explains that she’s angry at Bobbi for cheating on her with another woman. Midway through her chat with Officer Chibbles, Jane breaks away and lunges at Bobbi. When Officer Kane grabs her to restrain her, she bites him on the arm. Officer Kane drops her on the bed in shock. Not only are they going to jail for disturbing the peace, but they can add ‘assaulting an officer’ to the list of charges.

Officer Chibbles offers a deal – if Jane agrees to have sex with him, they’ll let them both go. Jane’s offended and disgusted but she quickly realizes she doesn’t have much of a choice, and agrees to do it. Bobbi is shocked and disappointed as her girlfriend gets on her knees and puts her mouth around Officer Chibbles’ cock. She watches everything play out in horror as Officer Kane restrains her on the side.

Officer Chibbles is going to make sure that these girls think twice before disturbing the peace again.

Girls Under Arrest | S2 E2 | Delinquent Sisters – Whitney Wright & Jake Adams & Nathan Bronson & Gia Derza

In the patrol car on the way to a call, Officer Warren (Jake Adams) and Officer Holmes (Nathan Bronson) explain to the camera that this is a bad part of town. A lot of unhappy people that live there lash out, so they get called out often. They arrive in an industrial area and spot bolt cutters lying on the ground next to an open chain link fence.

The cops stop the car, jump out, and move into an adjacent warehouse. There are two girls inside, Whitney Wright and Gia Derza. When they see the cops, they run, but the cops quickly catch up to the girls and restrain them. The girls try to protest their innocence but the cops tell them that the bolt cutters are clear evidence that they broke in.

The cops leer at the girls, saying that they look a lot alike. How do they know each other — sisters? The girls are obviously uncomfortable with the way the cops are leering at them. They hesitate a moment before saying they’re step-sisters. The cops wolf-whistle and joke that their parents sure didn’t do a good job of raising them, then. The girls are hostile towards the cops, exclaiming that they have rights and that the cops can’t treat them this way.

The cops mock the girls for thinking they’re all that when they’re nobodies. Since they’re nobodies, the cops are willing to let them go IF the girls fuck them.

The girls are vocal, voicing their displeasure and outrage at the offer and being treated like this. The cops are not deterred, mocking them still as they say that the girls are free to reject the offer, but they’re going to get arrested, and since they’re both 18, they could be in jail for 10 years for burglary. They nervously look to each other. Finally, not wanting to go to jail and intent on protecting each other, both girls agree. They sink to their knees as the cops slip off their belts and feed their cocks to them.

These cops are going to teach these delinquent sisters a lesson in justice that they won’t soon forget…

Girls Under Arrest | S2 E1 | Shut That Brat Up – Zac Wild & Katya Rodriguez

Veteran officer Carvelli (Zac Wild), and his partner, rookie officer Parker (Derek Davis) drive to a call of a girl shoplifting at a local mall. When they drive up to Katya Rodriguez, a girl walking down the street who matches the description they were given, there is a brief struggle and they arrest her.

As they drive her to the station, Katya whines incessantly, loudly complaining that she is 18 years old, she KNOWS her rights and they CAN’T do this to her! When Officer Carvelli gruffly tells her to shut up, she mouths off and insults both officers. Don’t they know who she is?? Who her DAD is?! Officer Carvelli tells his rookie partner that he’s going to see a lot of trash like this and that it will definitely take some getting used to.

As the insults continue, Officer Carvelli seems to be on the verge of losing his temper. Finally he’s had enough and turns the car around, saying that they’re not going to the station anymore. Officer Parker is a little thrown off, telling the veteran that this isn’t standard procedure. Officer Carvelli answers that the rookie’s going to have to learn that things don’t always go by the book.

They drive to an isolated outdoor location. Katya looks really freaked out now and is loudly demanding to be told what is going on. Turning to Officer Parker, Officer Carvelli tells him that ‘The only way to get bitches like this to shut up is to stick something else in their mouths.’ And he has JUST the thing, the veteran adds with a lusty grin.

Officer Carvelli tells the girl that unless she wants to go to jail for shoplifting and resisting arrest, she’s going to suck his dick. Reluctantly, she agrees. Officer Carvelli pulls his cock out and she hesitantly slips her mouth around it as Officer Parker watches in shock.

Looks like Katya will do whatever it takes to get out of the trouble she’s in, INCLUDING sucking the long dick of the law…

Girls Under Arrest | S1 E3 | Two Vandals – Derrick Pierce & Gina Valentina & Honey Gold

Officer Marc Balde (Derrick Pierce) is doing his afternoon runs in his squad car. When he meets up with one of his informants, he’s notified about a disturbance down the street. He goes to check it out and sees that the two suspects (Honey Gold and Gina Valentina) are attempting to flee. He pursues them in his vehicle. Once they reach the end of the block, he continues the pursuit on foot until they’re apprehended. As they attempt to climb over a fence, he grabs and slams them on the hood of the squad car. When they claim to have done nothing wrong, Officer Balde then asks them if that’s the case then why are they running. When he checks the bag they had with them, he finds two spray paint cans. He can’t believe they ran away from him over two cans of fucking paint! Frustrated, he throws them in the back of the car and drives away. As he tries to figure out what to do with them, they simply can’t keep their mouths shut. When he makes a stop and drags them out of the car, they get the message quickly: he asks them if they want to go to jail. They both tell him they’ll do anything to get out of this. When they ask the officer what he wants, he starts groping them. They’re both disgusted by his behavior but are 18 and can’t afford to do any hard time. Honey tells Gina that they should just agree to what he wants and get it over with. The girls follow his instructions and start to undress each other. When he pulls out his dick, it’s clear what the girls need to do. When he’s done fucking them, he cums all over and gets in the car. He then drives off leaving them in the middle of nowhere. It looks like the girls are free to go; that is, if they can find their way home!

Girls Under Arrest | S1 E4 | Distracted Driver – Tyler Knight & Kendra Spade

Officer Brandon Carter (Tyler Knight) is driving down a boulevard when he spots a car that’s driving a little too slow for his liking. He explains that when a suspect is driving that slow, it’s because they’re potentially guilty of something. When he pulls up next to her, he sees that she’s texting and driving which is illegal. Not wanting her to end up killing someone out of her own negligence, he decides to pull her over. He turns on his sirens as he drives behind her, notifying her to stop. When he pulls the suspect (Kendra Spade) over, she has no idea what she did wrong. He asks her for her license and registration and she pretends to look for it. She finally admits that she has neither. He shakes his head and asks her to get out of the car. Tyler starts crying: she’s never been arrested before and doesn’t know what to do. When she claims that her documentation is at her house two blocks away, Officer Carter puts her in the back of his car and drives her home. When they get there, she claims the housekeeer must have come over because she can’t find them. Officer Carter is getting really fed up with her excuses: find the documents now or go to jail! When she doesn’t find them, he tells her she’s gonna be in jail for at last two days ‘cuz the judge doesn’t work weekends. When she asks him if there’s anything she can do to get out of this, he starts barking orders at her. He asks her to undress and she gets the hint quickly. He tells her to get on her knees as he puts his thumbs in her mouth. She pulls out his dick and starts sucking it knowing that she has to make it count or else she’s going to jail. After he fucks her and blows a load in her face, he tells her that her car will be impounded and leaves.

Girls Under Arrest | S1 E5 | Business of Favors – Chad White & Julie Kay

Officer Tom Orbinson (Chad White) is driving to a sting operation that he’s been working on for months. There’s been Johns spotted at the location in question and he’s pretty sure they’re about to break up a prostitution ring that been going on for years. He’s eager to get there but still has some miles to put in beforehand. When he arrives at the location, he makes sure to park far enough to not be spotted. He radios in, letting his fellow officers know that he’ll be joining them shortly. Once he gets there, his team informs him that they have a situation and are eager to storm in and arrest some suspects. They rush up the stairs in formation and bust down the door. They grab the male suspect, throw him to the ground then grab his arms and cuff him. When his fellow officer escorts the male suspect outside, Officer Orbinson stays in to have a one on one talk with the female suspect (Julie Kay). He tells her she’s in a lot of trouble and doesn’t know what he’s gonna do with her. When he informs the suspect that they’ll be multiple charges brought against her, she tells him she’s got nothing to say. He keeps pounding her with questions but she’s not saying a word. He takes off his badge and microphone and tells her he’s trying to help her. If she doesn’t help him, he’s going to have to take her in. She asks him if there’s a way out of that. He gets closer to her and puts his hand on her leg. When she starts rubbing his arm, it’s clear they understand each other. When she asks him if he’s interested, he happily agrees and as long she does this for him, he won’t have to take her in.

Girls Under Arrest | S1 E6 | Deals Blow – Dick Chibbles & Alex Blake & Jaye Summers & Donnie Rock

Officer Chibbles (Dick Chibbles) is training his new partner (Donnie Rock) who just happens to be a rookie. When he sees that he’ll do as he’s told, he lets him on a little secret: he’s has no problem being a cop that’s on the take. The risks that cops take on a day-to-day basis…they better get a little something on the side for all their hard work. When Officer Chibbles pulls the squad car in front of a house, the rookie asks him what they’re doing. Officer Chibbles reminds him to shut his mouth and stop asking stupid questions. The officers get out of the car and walk towards the front door of the house. They pull out their guns and look inside to find two female suspects bagging some coke. When they storm into the house, the female suspects start screaming as they try to escape. The two officers corner them and tell them to get on their knees and cuff them. When Alex Blake starts asking questions, Officer Chibbles starts roughing her up, reminding her to shut her fucking mouth. He starts grilling the girls, demanding to know where their boss is. They refuse to talk and when Alex tells him she has the right to remain silent, his patience is clearly wearing thin. He grabs her by the neck and takes her to the next room. He tells the rookie to watch Jaye Summers. Officer Chibbles takes her aside and starts kissing Alex. He takes her back to the living and sits her next to Jaye. When the girls are informed that they’re looking at some hard time they start panicking. They don’t want to do 40 years for possession. The officers prpeare to take them to the station but Alex pleads, offering them an ultimatum: if they take off her cuffs, she’ll be so good to them. She takes off her cuffs and she start undoing his fly. When he pulls out his dick she starts sucking it. If this is all the girls have to do to avoid jail time, they’re in!

Girls Under Arrest | S1 E1 | Little Lies – Brooke Karter & Dick Chibbles & Jack Vegas

Officers Dick Chibbles and Jack Vegas are doing their afternoon rounds. When they receive a call about an armed suspect, they waste no time driving to the house. As they knock on the door, Brooke Karter answers it and asks them what they want. When they inquire as to the whereabouts of the suspect, she lies to them, saying he’s not here. But when they see him trying to escape from the kitchen window, they apprehend the suspect and cuff him. They read him his rights and put him in the squad car. When they go back into the house, they demand identification from the girlfriend. As they grill her with questions, they inform her that harboring a fugitive can get her 5 to 8 years in a state penitentiary. She keeps telling them she’s innocent but they know a liar when they see one. They cuff her and start roughing her up as they grab her by the throat and yell in her face, demanding that she tell them where her boyfriend was an hour and a half ago, ‘cuz he sure as hell wasn’t home with her. Playing good cop, they offer her an ultimatum: tell them the truth and she doesn’t go to jail. Satisfied with her reply, the cops go to leave but Brooke isn’t going to let them take her boyfriend away from her. When she blurts out something about sex, the cops pause for a moment and ask her what she means. When she gets on her knees and starts sucking Jack Vegas dick, the message becomes crystal clear.

Girls Under Arrest | S1 E2 | One Way Exit – Khloe Kapri & Tommy Pistol

The way out is through Officer Brandon Carter (Tommy Pistol) just got a call about a disgruntled employee (Khloe Kapri) who has recently gotten laid off from her job. She returned to her former employer demanding they give her the money she’s claiming they owe her. The assistant manager, who was the one who notified the police, is claiming the suspect is being overly aggressive and is afraid she’s going to get violent if someone doesn’t intervene. When Officer Carter walks in, he sees that the suspect in question is indeed being verbally aggressive with the manager. As she sees Officer Carter walking in, she can’t believe that the manager would call the cops on her. When Officer Carter asks her to calm down, she gets in his face and starts yelling at him to fuck off. He has no choice but to subdue the suspect and get her into handcuffs. He cuffs her, turns her around and asks her again if she’s calmed down enough to talk. She demands she be let go and that they pay her the money she’s owed. When Officer Carter gets the call from dispatch that she’s possibly armed, he searches for her and finds drugs hidden in her bra. When he tells her that this is her 3rd strike, she starts panicking and wonders how she’s gonna get out of this? He asks her to open her mouth and wiggle her tongue around and she does as she’s told, adding that she’s not hiding anything in there. But when she realizes that he’s not looking for evidence but proof of her oral skills, she gets disgusted and starts calling him names. Officer Carter tells her this is her one chance to get out of this and he’s trying to help her. When she agrees to suck his dick and fuck him on camera, that’s all Officer Carter needs to hear before she shoves his dick in her mouth.