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Sister’s Sex Tape – Khloe Kapri & Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble calls out to his step-sister, Khloe Kapri, needing to use her washroom. Getting no response, he heads into her room to use her ensuite, only to see a sexy video playing on her laptop. Seth is stunned but unable to tear his eyes away from the action — until he realizes that he’s watching his own sister!

Khloe steps into the room, demanding to know what her step-brother is doing there. Seth makes up a lie, but then adds that he saw the video on the laptop. It takes a few moments, but Khloe suddenly realizes what video he’s talking about. She’s horrified! However, while Khloe is disgusted, Seth is thrilled, taunting her about how well she rode that guy’s dick.

Seth then asks if Khloe knows any girls that can ride HIM like that. She wants nothing to do with him, insisting that she doesn’t know any girls who’d be into pervs like him, and to get the hell out of her room. Seth plays it cool as he casually insists that he’ll just tell her dad about the video then, if she’s not going to play ball. Khloe, not to be outdone by Seth, retaliates saying that she’ll tell Seth’s mom about how he got himself arrested last summer! Seth then decides to screw them both over by grabbing the laptop and sending the sexy video to their dad. Now that they’re both going to be screwed, they may as well make the best of it. In fact, they should hate-fuck!

Khloe is stunned, staring at her brother as though he’s grown a second head. Why does he want to destroy them both?? Yet, Seth is unfazed, relishing in her dismay. He brags that he can fuck her better than that guy in the sex tape did. Besides, he knows she was faking it, it was obvious. Khloe looks defeated, saying it was really THAT obvious…?

Yeah, it was.

Realizing that they’re both screwed no matter what comes next, Khloe decides to go along with Seth’s insane request. It’s not long before she’s taking Seth’s cock into her hot mouth and even hotter pussy. If they’re both going down, they may as well have some fun along the way, right?

Sister Date-Swap – Kendra Spade & Jake Adams

Kendra Spade is impatiently trying to get Jake Adams, her step-brother, out of the house. She has her boyfriend coming over for a date while their parents are out, so she just needs Jake to be gone, too. Jake insists that he’s hurrying, though he teases her, asking her what kind of things they plan to do during their date? Kiss? Do MORE than kiss? Kendra tells him that it’s none of his business, shutting him down and kicking him out.

Once Jake’s out the door, he gets a text from Kendra’s boyfriend. Kendra’s phone must be off since the boyfriend can’t get ahold of her to tell her that he has to cancel that night. Can Jake get the word to her?

Jake goes back into the house to tell her and approaches Kendra’s bedroom. He slows when he hears light moaning, finding his sister face-down, ass-up on the bed, with her glasses taken off and resting beside her. She’s naked, her ass and pussy in plain view of Jake, who can’t resist leaning in for a closer look as she fingers herself. Meanwhile, without her glasses, Kendra mistakes her brother for her boyfriend, seductively saying that she’s doing what he wanted — she’s all ready for him!

Jake silently caresses her ass and pussy, knowing that he shouldn’t be taking advantage of his sister like this, but she’s too delectable to resist. He glances briefly to the door, as if checking that they really are alone, then whips his cock out. He slips inside of her and Kendra happily fucks him… until she puts her glasses back on.

Kendra is horrified that she’s been fucking her step-brother the whole time! Jake tries to insist that it was a mistake but Kendra doesn’t buy it for a second. Then Jake turns the tables on her, insisting that she was clearly into it. Kendra protests that she wasn’t but Jake argues that, yeah, she was — she came, he knows what cumming sounds like!

Kendra’s flustered and wants him out of her room, though Jake asks why HE doesn’t get to cum, too? Kendra insists it’s because he tried to trick her, which is NOT cool. Jake keeps pressing, insisting that she was having so much fun, so why deny herself that?

Jake’s reassurance seems to sway Kendra as she dreamily smiles after a few moments — she DID enjoy it…

Now it takes no coaxing as Kendra goes down on Jake, taking his cock into her mouth. In her quest to make Jake cum, too, she invites him into her pussy, over and over again, enjoying the sex just as much as she did before. Maybe even more! It turns out that her boyfriend bailing on her still made for a great date night after all.

Shower With Sis – Jane Wilde & Jake Adams

Jake Adams sneaks into the family bathroom, removing the shampoos and towels, and hiding them under the sink. When he gets back to the door, his step-sister, Jane Wilde, is there waiting to get in. Jake is chipper, like usual, and Jane scoffs, stating that that’s how she knows they’re not related since he’s too chipper in the morning.

She pushes past Jake and gets into the shower. Meanwhile, Jake watches her through a crack in the door, waiting for the payoff from his little prank. When Jane realizes that the shampoos and towels are missing, she calls out to him, asking where her stuff is. Jake appears in the doorway, catching her buck naked. Jane is startled, covering her private parts, telling Jake to stop staring at her! He should be helping her find her stuff instead. Jake then makes a show of looking around the bathroom, checking the drawers. He takes out a washcloth, but doesn’t reveal the rest of her items.

Jane is still shyly covering her body, though Jake tells her that she shouldn’t be shy — she’s hot! Jane is grossed out that her own brother’s saying such things! He tells her that he’s just paying her a compliment — they’re not blood related, anyway, so it’s all good. He tries to give her the washcloth, tickling her, which causes her hands to fly away from her perky breasts as she playfully swats at Jake. However, he takes it a bit too far when he touches her breasts, which causes her to get defensive again.
Jane insists that Jake’s being SUPER inappropriate. Jake argues that why can’t they have a little fun? Who cares what their parents think? Jane is flustered, saying that they shouldn’t act on their thoughts, which tells Jake that she thinks of him in inappropriate ways, too. Jake tries encouraging and seducing her again, playfully saying that this can be their little secret. Now that Jane is unable to help casting flirty looks to Jake, she agrees — as long as he doesn’t tell anyone.

Jane drops to her knees and takes Jake’s cock into her eager mouth, getting him nice and wet. Once he’s good to go, he slides his cock into Jane’s pussy, giving his sweet sister the ride of her life. When planning this prank, he never thought it’d end like this!

Stuck Babysitting My New Sister – Emily Willis & Ricky Johnson

Ricky Johnson walks downstairs as his step-sister, Emily Willis, is being scolded by her father. She’s being grounded for getting in trouble at school, though Emily is begging for leniency. She has tickets to a concert that weekend! However, her father doesn’t budge, stating that she should’ve thought of the consequences BEFORE getting suspended.

Her father then turns to Ricky, telling him that his mother raised him right — he’s not sure where he went wrong with Emily. While they’re out to dinner, Ricky is in charge! He’s not to let Emily out of the house, except for emergencies. Ricky easily accepts the new role.

As soon as they’re alone, Ricky asks if Emily is excited about binge-watching some shows that night. Emily can’t believe he’s seriously not going to let her go out! Doesn’t he have things he wants to do, too? Why should he be stuck babysitting her when she’s an adult? How about they both sneak out and do their own thing, then meet up again at 11:30 before Mom and Dad gets home?

Ricky hesitates, then gets an idea. He tells her that, if she does him a big favor, he’ll definitely let her go out that night. Emily is excited — she’ll do anything! Ricky sits her down, letting her know that she might say no, but… if she has sex with him, she’s free to go to the concert.

Emily is shocked, pulling away from him. How could he even THINK of asking her something like that? He’s her step-brother! Ricky insists that they can have a ‘siblings with benefits’ sort of situation — the benefit being his dick.

Emily still resists, trying to butter him up in other ways, but realizes that she’s just wasting time. If she really wants to go to the concert, this is what she has to do. She finally agrees and drops down to her knees to get down to business.

Emily sucks Ricky’s dick, getting him nice and hard so that she can ride him. As she slips his dick into her pussy, she’s determined to win his favor — and have fun at the same time. All she can hope is that Ricky will keep his word!

Don’t Watch Me Change – Chad White & Gia Derza

Chad White walks down the hall to his step sister Gia Derza’s bedroom, where she has just started taking off her clothes as she tries on an outfit while looking in the mirror. He watches voyeuristically through the partly open door to her room as he gets a perfect view of her undressing while turned partly towards him. She peels off her top to reveal her perky teen tits, and then takes off the lower half of her outfit to show off her firm butt-cheeks. The brother moves slightly forward, just enough to get a better view without being noticed, and his hand grips at the door-frame with anticipation.

Gia pulls out an alternate clothing option and considers it for a moment. She tilts her head, pouting her face in doubt. To Chad’s delight, she twists around in place to consider it from different angles, flashing him even more skin in the process.

Suddenly, Chad’s phone buzzes loudly with a received text message. Gia yelps in surprise and recoils, pulling the outfit she’s holding towards her to cover up as much of her bare skin as she can. ‘Chad, don’t watch me change!’ she whines. Her brother lies and says he didn’t know she was changing, he just wanted to come and apologize for being mean to her earlier. She relaxes a bit but still holds the clothes up to hide behind. Chad continues saying he doesn’t know what the big deal is, it’s not like she was naked. They see each other in bathing suits all the time whenever they go to the water slides. Gia relaxes and says she guesses that’s true. Chad sees the clothes that Gia has laid out on the bed and asks her if she wants a guy’s opinion on which ones are the nicest. With a sigh, she says ‘Sure.’

She holds up the outfit she was considering and asks what he thinks about it. He pretends to consider it, and ultimately tells her that he’s not sure about it. Gia frowns and says yeah, her neither, and groans and tosses it back in a pile on the bed. Chad asks what the big fuss is about the clothes, why does she care so much? Isn’t she just going out with friends? Gia puts on a mischievous smile and says ok, don’t tell mom and dad, but she’s going on a date tonight. Chad is surprised and a bit disappointed – she has a date and didn’t tell him? Gia gets a bit hesitant and admits that he always gets jealous whenever she goes on dates. Chad can’t believe what he’s hearing and tells Gia that he’s not jealous, just protective of her. Fine, whatever, Gia says. There is a moment of silence between the two. So…is she going to have sex with her date?, Chad asks Gia out of the blue

Gia complains that this is exactly what she was talking about, he’s getting jealous again, and besides, that is NONE of his business. And even if the guy wanted to, she’s never even had sex before. Her brother is shocked to hear this – but she’s had plenty of boyfriends before! Gia replies sure, but she always took things slow in the past. But she admits that she is considering having sex with this new guy. Chad gets suddenly protective of her, she can’t just dive in like that, she doesn’t even know this guy. What if he hurts her, or expects her to do things she’s not comfortable with? Does she really want her first time to be with a complete stranger? Her first time should be with someone who she trusts. Gia gets even more self-conscious and says she doesn’t really have anyone in her life like that right now, all her other friends are pairing up or going off to college.

Chad says… well, what if he showed her a thing or two? Gia reacts with shock, how can he even suggest that? She’s his sister! Chad says defensively that he’s just trying to look out for her, he cares about her and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Besides, he rationalizes, technically they’re not related, so if it helps she could just think of him as her very good friend. Gia frowns and says it would just be too weird. Chad says it doesn’t have to be – he could just show her a couple of moves so that she’s not going in clueless. Like what? Gia asks incredulously. Chad tells her he could at least teach her how to give a proper handjob. That way if she’s ever with a guy and doesn’t want to take things further, that’s a great way to cool things off without making him feel blue-balled. Once a guy cums, he explains, he stops caring about sex for a while. Gia says that that still means she’d have to touch her brother’s… you know. Chad rationalizes that it’s just hands on skin, same as if she shook his hand or gave him a backrub. Gia admits that that DOES make it seem not so bad. Chad promises that he won’t make her do anything she’s not comfortable with, and Gia hesitantly agrees to try.

Gia awkwardly helps her older brother out of his pants and kneels in front of him beside the bed. She grabs at his dick and starts awkwardly and roughly rubbing it, and he remarks that she has to be gentler to start, with slow long strokes. She follows his advice and starts to improve her technique, and before long, Gia is stroking her brother’s cock like an expert, as he moans and says it feels really good.

After awhile, he remarks that most girls will use their mouths to lube up a guy’s dick during a handjob, making it feel even more pleasurable. ‘I’m not sucking your dick!’ Gia complains. Chad says that’s fine – some guys are even happy with a girl just kissing the shaft a few times. That wouldn’t be so weird, right? They’ve kissed on the cheek before, haven’t they? Hesitantly, his teen sister says yeah, she guesses so. Timidly, she brings her lips to the shaft of his dick and kisses. Chad moans loudly. Proud at seeing he likes her technique, Gia continues, giving him sensual kisses up and down his shaft. Her brother continues to moan, and puts his hand reassuringly on her head. This seems to encourage Gia to be a bit bolder. She sticks her tongue out and starts licking up the side of his shaft. Ohhhh! her brother moans, surprised and turned on by the gesture. She does this a couple more times, and then even ends the final lick by going all the way to the tip and swirling her tongue across the tip. Her brother moans uncontrollably, and gently pushes her head down so that her lips wrap around the tip of his cock. Her eyes widen in surprise but she doesn’t pull away, in fact she closes her eyes and goes down deeper onto his shaft with her mouth.

But a blowjob is just the start, because Gia’s got lots more to learn. Lucky for her, her big bro is ready to teach her!

Sister Caught Sneaking – Whitney Wright & Zac Wild

Zac Wild is waiting for his step-sister, Whitney Wright, to come home. She’s been out all night and he knows she’s sneaking around, getting up to no good. He wants to catch her in the act, especially after finding a condom in her bedroom drawer.

When Whitney arrives home, Zac hides behind her bedroom door. Once she sneaks into her bedroom, he closes the door behind her. ‘What’s up, sis?’ he loudly greets.

She’s NOT happy to have him in her room, and she’s even less happy when he says he knows she’s been sneaking out two or three times that week alone. He gloats that he found the condom, too, knowing that she’s doing more than just hanging out with friends.

She tries to shrug him off — so what if she’s out there doing her own thing? What’s it to him? He shouldn’t be rooting around in her stuff, anyway. Besides, their parents would never take his word over hers. Zac agrees that that MAY be the case… unless he finds proof, that is, so he grabs her purse and finds incriminating evidence, including a fake ID! Remember how she tattled on him when he accidentally dented the car? Well, now he’s got something on her, too.

Whitney’s now much more nervous as she drops to her knees and begs her step-brother not to say anything. The last thing she wants to do is make Dad mad. Please, she’ll do anything if Zac keeps all of this to himself.

Zac says, well, while she’s on her knees, there IS something she could take care of for him, gesturing at his growing hard-on… Whitney is disgusted as she pulls away from him, telling him that he’s sick! Zac disagrees — c’mon, what’s one more dick to a slut like her? If she fucks him, he’ll make sure that word about the fake ID never gets back to their parents.

Although Whitney is reluctant, she eventually agrees to fucking Zac to keep him quiet. She remarks that Zac must hate her, as she sinks to her knees before him. He says that’s not true — he loves her! In fact, he loves her thiiiiis much! She rolls her eyes at him, but starts to suck his cock just to get him to play nice. Eventually, he decides that he wants to go all the way and tosses her onto the bed for some sweet sisterly love.

Whitney does everything she can to win Zac’s favor, but will it be enough to keep his mouth shut?