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Hiding It From Mom – Emma Starletto & Nathan Bronson

Nathan Bronson is eating breakfast when his step-sister Emma Starletto walks in. They greet each other and make small talk as she rummages around the kitchen, looking for something for breakfast. As they chat, they tease each other and it quickly becomes clear that they have a bit of an adversarial relationship – he seems to always be teasing or pranking her all the time and she is constantly getting annoyed with him, but it seems like deep down she likes it.

As they talk, Nathan pretends to lose a contact on the floor and asks Emma to go get it. When she’s kneeling on the floor looking, he rudely pranks her, whipping out his cock and showing it to her.

Emma is completely taken aback. She insists that she’s disgusted by Nathan’s prank but it seems like she secretly likes the sight of his cock. Nathan wears her down until she admits that she DOES find it hot.

Seizing the moment, Nathan convinces her to suck his cock. While Emma does so, their mom suddenly comes along. Emma and Nathan are shocked, but hide Emma behind the kitchen island as she keeps sucking Nathan’s cock, unbeknownst to their unsuspecting mom.

Hiding it from Mom only makes it MORE fun!

Better Than She Knows Herself – Eliza Ibarra & Seth Gamble & Aila Donovan

Seth Gamble loves his stepsister, Eliza Ibarra, and just wants her to be happy. The thing is, he knows she’s hiding a big part of herself from the world… so he comes up with a plan.

He invites his new girlfriend, Aila Donovan, to stay over for the night. He introduces Aila to Eliza and they immediately seem to hit it off. He has a good feeling about this, glad to see Eliza taking a shine to Aila. They spend the evening getting to know each other, then soon part ways to retire to bed.

When Seth stirs later, he finds his bed empty. He sneaks to Eliza’s bedroom and peeks through the doorway, catching Aila and Eliza starting to get frisky! He’s mesmerized as they feel up each other’s breasts and pussy… and he soon gets caught spying. Seth quickly reveals to Eliza that Aila isn’t his girlfriend but an escort he hired to help encourage Eliza out of her shell. He knows she’s lesbian and still trying to deal with it, and he just wanted to help!

At first, Eliza is shocked about her stepbrother’s misdirection, though she realizes that he ultimately means well and feels nothing but love for him. When Aila playfully suggests that Seth joins them for a steamy threesome, Eliza, so caught up in everything, decides to go with it. Tonight is all about exploration!

Ripped Pants Prank – Lacey London

Chris Blaccwood is a bit of a prankster within the family, although no one appreciates it — especially since he always wants to embarrass people on video! But he needs to become more daring to get the sweet, sweet views, so he comes up with an idea on how to make Lacey London, his gorgeous step-sister, an Internet star… in more than one online circle.

He convinces Lacey to let him record a video of her doing her regular yoga routine so that she can upload the video to her own social media pages. Although she’s a little suspicious of Chris offering to do such a good deed, she can’t resist the temptation. She soon enough begins a yoga routine but, little does she know, Chris has sneakily altered her yoga pants beforehand to rip under pressure. Right on cue, and on camera, the pants tear wide open, showing off Lacey’s ass!

Lacey is mortified, demanding that her step-brother deletes the video. Chris isn’t about to let this opportunity pass him by, though, so he offers to delete the video IF Lacey gives him a blowjob. Lacey is shocked and annoyed, but willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get that video deleted.

Like When We Were Younger – Kyler Quinn & Jay Romero

Jay Romero playfully greets his hot step-sister, Kyler Quinn, when she returns home between college semesters. When she starts bringing her suitcase to her old room, Jay is mischievous as he insists that their parents are redoing the bedroom, so she has to bunk with him. Although she’s a bit disappointed, Kyler doesn’t question the arrangement, moving her suitcase into Jay’s room.

Later that evening, when they both retire to the bedroom, Kyler eventually drifts off on a mattress on the floor. Jay is sneaky as he keeps subtly pestering her, just enough to make her a bit restless. Pretending to be doing so from the goodness of his heart, he asks if Kyler would like to share his bed since resting on the floor seems to be so uncomfortable. Although Kyler’s a little hesitant, they used to share the bed when they were younger, so why not?

After Kyler gets comfortable and drifts off again, Jay can’t hold his lust back any longer. He masturbates under the covers and Kyler eventually stirs and catches him. Although she’s shocked at first, Jay playfully convinces her that this is a part of his nightly routine, so if she’s willing to help him take the edge off, they’ll BOTH rest easy!

Tricked Into Getting Stuck – Alex Jett & Sera Ryder

Alex Jett purposely places a bottle of lube in his room before he calls his 18-year-old stepsister Sera Ryder in. He claims that heneeds her help to grab his phone, which he accidentally dropped in the small space between the wall and the bed. He’s too big toget in there but she’s just small enough. She happily agrees.

Sera gets down on all fours and begins to crawl between the bed and the wall. Alex rubs his hands together with excitement. AsSera gets her top half into the space, she calls up that she can’t reach the phone. Alex keeps coaxing her to go deeper, saying ‘I’msure you’re almost there, just a little further and you’ll get it!’ ‘That’s it, keep reaching, just a liiiiittle more…!’ Finally, with her tophalf almost entirely in the space between the bed and the wall, she exclaims with horror that she’s stuck! Alex pumps his fist silentlyin delight. This was clearly his plan all along.

Alex offers to pull her out by grabbing Sera by the pants. When she agrees, he pulls her, ‘accidentally’ pulling her pants andunderwear off in the process, leaving her still stuck with her entire bottom half exposed and sticking out. She exclaims in shock andAlex pretends to be surprised at what he just did. He then ‘finds’ the bottle of lube that he purposefully set aside earlier. He tellsher that he found some lube that could help her get unstuck but it’s the same lube he uses to…you know…

Sera is a little put off by that but is so desperate to get out that she tells him to use it, saying ‘Uhhhh… i-it’s fine, just get it overwith!’

Alex then ‘accidentally’ pours the lube all over her ass and pussy area. When Sera tells him to clean it, Alex begins to ‘clean’ thelube off of her, intentionally spreading it around her ass and pussy in an increasingly sexual way.

Sera moans slightly with pleasure. Alex notices and asks her if that felt good. She is embarrassed but reluctantly admits that it DIDfeel good – telling him not to stop.

Looks like things are going exactly as planned for Alex!

Sister Vs. Sister – Jay Romero & Rachel Rivers & Kylie Rocket

Jay and his step-sister Rachel Rivers are waiting around, chatting while they wait for Kylie Rocket, their new step-sister, who is moving in after Kylie’s mom recently married Jay’s dad. Rachel seems excited but a bit nervous while Jay seems more annoyed. Rachel teases that he’s just jealous, although Jay defends that that’s not it at all. It’s just that with everything his dad’s been through, he finds it a bit hard to trust new women coming into their lives.

Kylie soon arrives and is greeted, then led away by Jay to her new room. But before he leaves, he plants a seed of doubt in Rachel’s head, making her feel like Jay’s dad likes Kylie better.

Once he’s alone with Kylie in her bedroom, he plants seeds of doubt in her head as well to make her lose confidence. It’s more clear now that he’s intentionally trying to pit the sisters against each other.

He then abruptly leaves and goes to visit Rachel, talking about how Kylie’s such a breath of fresh air in the house. She’s so lively and bubbly, and eager to please. She already has a special place in his dad’s heart, there’s no doubt about it. He’s sure she’s going to be the sweetheart of the family. Rachel looks worried, though tries to hide it.

Jay then abruptly announces he has to go check on Kylie and leaves.

Jay returns to Kylie’s room, pretending to be checking in on her settling in again. He once again begins manipulating her. Kylie, her confidence shaken, seems to be sucking up to Jay even more. She asks what he thinks she can do to really be accepted by the family. Jay tells her that, as Dad’s real son, making sure HE (Jay) is happy is a good place to start. Jay slowly but pointedly rubs his crotch. He says that he can think of a way that a cute girl like her could make a guy like him reaaaaalllly happy…

Kylie is shocked but desperate not to be left out. She is hesitant as Jay casually insists that if she REALLY wants his dad to love her, she needs HIS help. Only HE can get his dad to pay more attention to Kylie over Rachel. She hesitates for a few moments before dropping to her knees and giving him an enthusiastic blowjob. Jay stops her before he cums, pretending that he hears something. He does a ‘sshhh’ gesture to her and puts his cock back in his pants. Telling her that he’s going to make sure Rachel didn’t hear them, he leaves.

Jay then visits Rachel and convinces her to give him a blowjob to keep her place in the family. She unbuttons Jay’s pants and slides his cock into her mouth. But midway through the blowjob, Kylie checks in on them and is shocked to find Rachel blowing Jay. Jay then convinces them to get mad at each other instead of him, which they do, erupting into a fight with each other. Rachel is furious about Kylie invading her space and her family. Kylie is furious that Rachel thinks she’s better than her.

As they argue about their place in the family and Jay calmly watches, the fight turns to the topic of Jay, with each of them arguing that he likes them more. Jay plays innocent and says that they’re both fine girls. He hints that he would need to spend more time with each of them to choose a favorite.

Rachel and Kylie jump at the chance to prove themselves, both fawning over Jay and trying to make the other jealous. They now completely see each other as rivals, trying to win Jay over by showing him who can fuck him the best.

This sister versus sister battle is only going to have one victor – Jay!

Sister’s Home Video – Khloe Kapri & Seth Gamble

Nominated – Best Taboo Relations Production, AVN 2020

Seth Gamble calls out to his step-sister, Khloe Kapri, needing to use her washroom. Getting no response, he heads into her room to use her ensuite, only to see a sexy video playing on her laptop. Seth is stunned but unable to tear his eyes away from the action — until he realizes that he’s watching his own sister!

Khloe steps into the room, demanding to know what her step-brother is doing there. Seth makes up a lie, but then adds that he saw the video on the laptop. It takes a few moments, but Khloe suddenly realizes what video he’s talking about. She’s horrified! However, while Khloe is disgusted, Seth is thrilled, taunting her about how well she rode that guy’s dick.

Seth then asks if Khloe knows any girls that can ride HIM like that. She wants nothing to do with him, insisting that she doesn’t know any girls who’d be into pervs like him, and to get the hell out of her room. Seth plays it cool as he casually insists that he’ll just tell her dad about the video then, if she’s not going to play ball. Khloe, not to be outdone by Seth, retaliates saying that she’ll tell Seth’s mom about how he got himself arrested last summer! Seth then decides to screw them both over by grabbing the laptop and sending the sexy video to their dad. Now that they’re both going to be screwed, they may as well make the best of it. In fact, they should hate-fuck!

Khloe is stunned, staring at her brother as though he’s grown a second head. Why does he want to destroy them both?? Yet, Seth is unfazed, relishing in her dismay. He brags that he can fuck her better than that guy in the video did. Besides, he knows she was faking it, it was obvious. Khloe looks defeated, saying it was really THAT obvious…?

Yeah, it was.

Realizing that they’re both screwed no matter what comes next, Khloe decides to go along with Seth’s insane request. It’s not long before she’s taking Seth’s cock into her hot mouth and even hotter pussy. If they’re both going down, they may as well have some fun along the way, right?

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