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My Boyfriend’s Brother – Korra Del Rio & Pierce Paris

After Korra Del Rio finds out Wolf’s dirty secret, she can’t keep control of her emotions. When Pierce Paris comes to her room to check on her she uses that perfect moment to make a move on her boyfriend’s brother. When Pierce puts his strong hands on her, when he’s caressing her, all her pain disappears, he makes her feel alive. The taste of his lips, the heat of his breath on her neck, the pleasure she feels when he puts his fingers inside her… It’s more than she can imagine as they both burn with sexual desire and give in as their bodies connect deep and hard.

Working Late…Again – Wolf Hudson & Natalie Mars

After the shower incident, Korra starts getting more attracted to Wolf’s brother. She knows that it’s not right to feel this way, but she can’t control herself. The fact that Wolf’s working a lot and leaves her alone to her horny thoughts makes it harder. One night after dinner, Pierce urges Korra to put on her best dress and surprise Wolf Hudson at work. She’s not sure about it but Pierce convinces her. Korra’s dressed sexy and ready to surprise Wolf. Unfortunately, she was not prepared for what she brutally discovers when she arrives at Wolf’s office… Wolf is with his beautiful boss Natalie Mars. The ardent kisses and passionate fucking reveal that this is not the first time they’ve had sex together. Korra leaves Wolf’s office heartbroken.

Pent-up Desires – Michael Del Ray & Khloe Kay

Korra’s best friend Khloe Kay and her boyfriend Michael Del Ray are curious about this new man living with her and Wolf. They want a know every detail about him. After teasing Korra for a few minutes, the horny couple can’t control themselves and start to kiss deeper and their hands roam as their bodies are primed for some hot sex. Korra leaves the room letting them release the sexual tension that’s ready to explode! And explode they do with so much pent up lust, the two work each others hard cocks with hands and supple mouths, before sliding home to fill her waiting asshole, they moan and work together at a furious pace cumming deeply. Meanwhile, Korra gets distracted by the sound of the shower as she spies Pierce. Seeing his perfect body covered in soap and his a huge cock will not help Korra, slowly this deep desire for Pierce begins to grow. Korra needs to release these lustful feelings and starts caressing her body. She knows it’s wrong but her body craves him.

Homecoming – Wolf Hudson & Korra Del Rio

Pierce has returned from the Army. Unfortunately, his brother Wolf forgot to pick him up at the bus station so he walks to his brother’s place, where he finds Wolf with a stunning woman and they look to be busy kissing and are clearly worked up and ready to fuck! Being the best brother he lets them tumble into the house and waits out the hot scene he is sure will follow… Wolf is rock-hard and ready to get inside his sexy, future wife Korra. They kiss, suck and work each others hard cocks and finally when he can’t hold back any longer Wolf plunges into her tight ass, fucking until they both erupt into blissful orgasms. After quenching their sexual thirst for each other, Wolf Hudson finds his brother sleeping on the porch of his house. After a big hug, he introduces Pierce to his girlfriend and future wife Korra. Korra Del Rio is more than happy to finally meet Wolf’s very attractive brother!

No More Chances – Kendall Penny & Michael Del Ray

Kendall Penny catches her husband cheating on her once again. She’s had it with him and it’s time for her to enjoy herself too. When gorgeous delivery boy Michael DelRay stops by to deliver her groceries, the only thing she will have in her mouth is his massive cock! Who needs a pathetic husband when you can have a younger man this hot!

Paging Dr. Nikki Vicious – D. Arclyte & Nikki Vicious

Diagnostician D. Arclyte is in big trouble with Dean of Medicine Dr. Nikki Vicious when she catches him napping in a hospital room. D. tries to sweet talk his way out of losing his job, but Nikki requires a lot of convincing… with him on his knees sucking her throbbing cock! Hot Dr. and TS beauty Nikki Vicious loves a man willing to do anything to keep his job and get her off in the process. Nikki and handsome stud D. Arclyte get hot and heavy stroking and sucking each other off until Nikki is nearly ready to blow, and begs for his dick deep in her ass. She deftly works his shaft in her slick asshole bringing D. close to cumming. They fuck in several more positions before both are cumming deep and hard.

Strip-A-Gram Nurse – Ruckus & Natalie Mars

Tattooed cutie Ruckus is at home studying when he gets a surprise visit by brunette TS Babe Natalie Mars, who is a strip-a-gram nurse! Natalie is embarrassed to discover she is at the wrong house, but Ruckus does his best to make her feel better, inviting her inside. Natalie decides her mistake has worked in her favor craving Ruckus hard body. The two are voracious for each other. Natalie makes out with handsome stud Ruckus. Finally, unable to control their shared passion, Ruckus makes the first move down south, sucking Natalie’s cock with boundless enthusiasm. He deftly works the shaft, bringing Natalie close to cumming, until she pushes him back and returns the favor. Finally, Natalie is ready to accept Ruckus’ cock into her tight asshole. Ruckus slides into her ass, fucking her with reverence before the both cum. Ruckus sprays his hefty load onto her pert nipples.

Blind Date – Chad Diamond & Casey Kisses

Sexy Trans babe Casey Kisses goes on a blind date with Chad Diamond, and is thrilled when he wants nothing more than to see her cum and get off on her hot body. Chad is convinced he’s not good enough for the stunning blonde, but will prove his affection bobbing his head up and down, working Casey’s cock with unsurpassed skill, deftly sucking while staring up at Casey. Chad is nearly drunk with desire–The desire to fuck Casey’s eager, puckered anus. Chad enters Casey and fucks her in several positions as she writhes and moans needing every inch of him. Both Chad and Casey cum hard. Looks like a second date may be in order!

I need your ASSistance – Chad Diamond & Lena Kelly

Administrative assistant Chad Diamond has had enough of being sexually harassed by boss Lena Kelly. He confronts her but she refuses to back down, seeing the submissive and very horny assistant is up for her game of dominance. Hot blonde TS Babe Lena wants her cock sucked off, but first she needs to show him just how she likes it. Lena makes out hard with Chad before sucking his cock with boundless enthusiasm. Chad is so turned on he needs Lena’s dick in his mouth and returns the favor. Lena demands he fuck her tight asshole, riding him in several positions before chad sprays hot cum on her waiting tits.

Sex Heals – Gabriel Dalessandro & Domino Presley

Gabriel Delessandro is recuperating when his home nurse, Domino Presley, arrives ready to help ease his aches. Hot TS Babe Domino loves her job, especially when her patient is sexy, muscled stud Gabriel. Domino is sexy as fuck and slutty to boot and decides she can best help him with sexual healing, making out hard with the handsome man. Unable to control their lust, Gabriel makes the first move sucking sexy babe Domino’s hard cock, loving her moans of pleasure. He deftly works Domino close to cumming, until she takes over claiming a taste of his throbbing dick. Gabriel throws his head back and moans, thrilled at the skilled blowjob. Needs more of Domino’s cock begging for her tight asshole to be filled. They fuck in several positions before Gabriel sprays his hefty load onto Domino’s toned torso.

A Very Convincing F*ck! – Chad Diamond & Korra Del Rio

Athletic and sexy trans beauty Korra Del Rio knows that cis boy Chad Diamond is really good at sex, so she makes out with him, eager to seduce him into fucking her asshole. Everything goes according to plan, and within moments Chad is on his knees sucking Korra’s cock like a slut with little to no self esteem. Chad fetishizes his feelings of shame. Nevertheless, Chad is feeling slutty and it totally works for Korra, who wants to suck Chad off. Chad cannot believe his good fortune as Korra pushes Chad back and begins sucking him off with intensity. All of this cock sucking culminates in Chad fucking Korra’s ass with skill and grace. Korra feels the length of Chad’s shaft and moans in delight. They fuck in several positions before they spray each other with cum.

He’s in BIG Trouble – Lance Hart & Korra Del Rio

Lazy security guard Lance Hart is in big trouble with storeowner Korra Del Rio. Korra is ready to fire Lance for his lackluster performance… unless Lance can convince her otherwise. Korra’s a hot TS Babe and Lance is desperate to keep him job and have a taste of the gorgeous brunette. He pushes Korra back and savors her member as Korra throws her head back and moans, thrilled at the skilled hottie. She is more than ready to get drilled by his thick cock. They fuck in several positions until both are cum covered, looks like Lance gets to keep his job for another day!

A Homage To Kill Bill – Natassia Dreams & D. Arclyte

In homage to Kill Bill, gorgeous assassin Natassia Dreams, disguised as a seductive nurse, arrives to finish off another assassin played by handsome D. Arclyte. Things don’t go quite as planned when pain turns to pleasure, the best weapon is their bodies… Hot, brunette assassin Natassia takes naughty nursing to hew heights, as she uses her extreme cock sucking skills to lull her target D. Arclyte into submission. Natassia makes out hard with handsome stud D. Arclyte. But D. Arclyte makes the first move sucking sexy babe Natassia’s cock with boundless enthusiasm. He deftly brings Natassia close to cumming…taking control once again she pushes D. Arclyte back and returns the favor. Finally, Natassia uses her secret weapon…her tight asshole, riding D’s hard cock the two fuck with explosive orgasms leaving hot cum on her perky tits. They may need another round to finish each other off!

You Move Me – Smith & Lena Kelly

Smith reveals that he and his gorgeous wife Lena Kelly must join a witness protection program, which will move them to the Midwest and leave their luxurious life in Beverly Hills behind. Lena loves her older, distinguished husband Smith–but this is asking a lot. Smith know the best way to convince her… Smith takes Lena in his arms and makes out with her, sucking on her pouty lips. Lena drops to her knees and takes Smith’s cock into her mouth, working up and down the shaft craving a taste of his thick member. Smith simply cannot wait to fuck Lena’s tight ass. Lena spreads her firm ass cheeks, welcoming Smith into her ass. Smith works feverishly, pumping in and out of Lena’s ass as she begs for more. After fucking her in a frenzy Smith unloads his hot cum on Lena, and they both collapse into each other arms to consider their future.

Getting Schooled! – Ruckus & Casey Kisses

School principal Casey Kisses must contend with a new sexy unorthodox teacher Ruckus, who is a little too progressive for the parents’ taste. While Casey attempts to put him in line, Ruckus attempts to open her mind and legs to his seductive charms. Hot TS Babe Casey Kisses will not be letting him off that easy as she decides she’d love to get off with the hot new teacher. Casey makes out hard with Ruckus before she makes the first move down south, sucking Ruckus’s cock with boundless enthusiasm. She deftly works the shaft, bringing Ruckus close to cumming, until he pushes Casey back and returns the favor. Casey throws her head back and moans, thrilled at the skilled blowjob. She is ready to take his throbbing dick deep into her tight asshole. They fuck in several positions before Ruckus sprays his hefty load onto her big perky tits.

Feeling Much Better! – Lance Hart & Korra Del Rio

Sexy nurse Korra Del Rio has her hands full with handsome patient Lance Hart. She does her best to reassure him that everything will be just fine but it seems Lance need some hands-on attention to soothe him and make everything better. Hot TS Babe Korra kisses Lance giving every inch on his sinewy, muscled body her attention. Her hot kisses drive Lance wild, craving a taste of Korra’s cock. He deftly works her shaft as she moans for his big cock to fill her mouth. Korra returns the superior blowjob, deep throating him before riding his dick in several positions, hitting her asshole deep and hard. They are left cum covered and feeling so much better!

In His Arms – D. Arclyte & Jessica Fappit

Jessica Fappit & D. Arclyte’s emotions run high as they try to reconcile their relationship with his high stakes career as a Federal Agent. Lanky trans beauty Jessica is so relieved D. Arclyte is home from his latest high-stakes assignment, she can’t to be in his arms. D. is ready and willing to feel his hot girlfriend’s body, and begins kissing her deeply. Jessica is so pleased with D’s kindly administrations that she begins sucking his juicy cock. D. thrusts deeply into Jessica’s mouth, working his cock down her throat until he desperately needs to aggressively enter her asshole. Jessica moans as she feels her asshole stretching to receive the full length and girth of D’s cock, like a size 8 girl trying to squeeze into size 4 jeans. Jessica pulls D. deeper into her tight anus, taking enormous pride in how welcoming her ass has become to D. fervent thrusts. They fuck in myriad positions before D. cums all over her ass.

Passionate Pink – Smith & Chanel Santini

Smith is an older, distinguished cis gentleman who is excited beyond belief to have the attention of pink tressed, sexy trans superstar Chanel Santini. His wife swapping fantasy is finally coming true! Chanel sucks Smith’s cock with youthful enthusiasm, working his pole until Smith is ready to burst. Chanel reveals her supple asshole, encouraging Smith to enter her, which he does sliding his throbbing cock into her hot hole. He rides her supple ass, thrusting balls deep. Chanel begs for more of Smith’s cock and he obliges, fucking her in several positions before cumming like a champ…left in a pink haze of passion.

The Boss’s Wife — My Dirty Secret – Aubrey Kate & Ruckus

Hot, statuesque, blonde trans girl Aubrey Kate loves tattooed alt boys, and Ruckus fits that description perfectly. She pulls him into the bathroom and demands to see his cock–she need a taste of his perfect dick after fantasizing about it. He complies, leaning against the bathroom door as Aubrey takes him in her mouth, sucking him deep, until he almost loses it. Ruckus is eager to return the favor, and drops down to blow Aubrey, getting her so excited that she begs him to fuck her ass. Ruckus mounts her in doggie, riding her rhythmically as she begs for more. Ruckus fucks her with abandon, working her body until they are both overcome with intense orgasms and covered in cum.

My TS Stepmom – Gabriel Dalessandro & Natalie Mars

Gabriel is furious with his newly discovered stepmom, the gorgeous and tempting TS stunner, Natalie Mars. Natalie has made herself home in his childhood house and Gabriel’s had enough of her seemingly devious and gold-digging ways–it’s time to confront her and demand answers! Their talk takes a passionate turn when their mutual fire and sexual chemistry boils over as they make out passionately. Craving more they take turns sucking each other’s stiff cocks, their cocks throbbing in each other’s mouths. Gabriel inserts his big cock into Natalie’s hungry asshole. He fucks her deep and she moans her appreciation for his deep-dicking. Gabriel fucks her doggy, gripping her firm tits as he thrusts in and out of her, and she begs for more. Gabriel fucks her in a few more positions before cumming all over Natalie’s porcelain skin and perfect tits. They may have found a way to get along after all…

Hot Wife Marissa – Lance Hart & Marissa Minx

Lance Hart is one lucky stud as sexy trans MILF Marissa Minx wants to experience the ultimate wife swap with him! Marissa is a hot and horny brunette trans babe who wants nothing more than to experience the virile sexiness of cis stud Lance Hart. Lance does not disappoint, as he takes Marissa’s horny cock into his mouth, sucking away exploring the majestic beauty of her toned body. Not to be outdone, Marissa aggressively sucks Lance’s throbbing member until he is near cumming. Lance starts fucking Marissa’s ass in doggy while Marissa begs him to go harder. Lance pounds away with impressive agility and stamina. Marissa appreciates his efforts, and encourages him, begging for more of his hot cock. They fuck in a few positions before unloading cum all over each other.

Kayleigh’s Silver Fox – Smith & Kayleigh Coxx

Sexy, ginger TS girl Kayleigh Coxx loves to fuck older men, and she gets her wish when svelte, silver fox Smith comes on to her in a big way. Kayleigh cannot wait to suck the hard cock tenting his pants, quickly removing his pants and slurps down his cock with feverish abandon. Kayleigh begs him to pound her eager asshole and Smith is more than ready to give her a deep-dicking. Smith teases her asshole, entering her slowly as she moans with delight. The building sexual fire erupts into an aggressive and quick pace, Kayleigh pulling him in deeper and deeper. They finally both explode in hot cum filled orgasms.

Craving His Cock – D. Arclyte & Alisa Rae

Adorable brunette TS Alisa is as horny as they come. With a huge house to themselves D. Arclyte is happy to accommodate her needs! Alisa jumps on D. and makes out with him, slowly moving down to his ample cock, sucking it like her life depends on it. D. sucks on Alisa’s cock until she’s ready to cum, but holds off, ready to take this big cock into her petite booty. D. fucks her ass, good and deep as Alisa encourages him, begging for more. They fuck in several positions before having explosive orgasms!

Craving His Cock – D. Arclyte & Anaya Nae

Adorable brunette TS Alisa is as horny as they come. With a huge house to themselves D. Arclyte is happy to accommodate her needs! Alisa jumps on D. and makes out with him, slowly moving down to his ample cock, sucking it like her life depends on it. D. sucks on Alisa’s cock until she’s ready to cum, but holds off, ready to take this big cock into her petite booty. D. fucks her ass, good and deep as Alisa encourages him, begging for more. They fuck in several positions before having explosive orgasms!

The Couple that Swaps Together Stays Together! – Lance Hart & Chanel Santini

Chanel Santini & Lance Hart are a very happily non-monagamous couple that know just what works to get them hot and horny! They love to swap partners..and then come back together and fuck! Lance pounces on sultry trans beauty Chanel. Both kiss passionately before Lance dives down to suck Chanel’s plump cock. Chanel sighs and moans with delight as Lance bobs his head up and down greedy for her cock. After Lance gets Chanel all worked up she returns the favor, sucking Lance’s eagerly awaiting cock. Chanel goes at it, taking all of Lance in her mouth. After Lance is ready to pop he climbs onto Chanel and enters her tight asshole. They fuck energetically in a wide and varied number of positions before cumming all over each other.

She’s Can’t Help Herself – Ruckus & Sasha de Sade

Stunning Aussie TS beauty Sasha De Sade can’t help the way she feels about adorable, alt boy Ruckus. After denying her desires her lust just can’t be contained, she needs to feel Ruckus hard body and juicy cock! Sasha seduces Ruckus, kissing him hard and passionately on his bed. Ruckus enthusiastically returns her passion, running his hands all over her curvaceous body before sucking her off. She eagerly blows him after, and then shows off her tight asshole, begging to be filled. Ruckus thrusts in and out of her ass as she moans encouragement. They fuck in a frenzy of positions before Ruckus unloads his cum all over her lithe body.

Nikki Will Make It Better – Gabriel Dalessandro & Nikki Vicious

Grieving the loss of his father, Gabriel needs some tender attention from his girlfriend, sexy TS blonde Nikki, and her statuesque body. Gabriel sucks Nikki’s cock, and she returns the favor with unbridled enthusiasm. Gabriel eases his thick cock into Nikki’s tight, puckered asshole and she moans and begs for more. They fuck in a variety of positions before they both cum hard, leaving their satisfied bodies covered in hot cum. It’s a sweet sticky goodbye before she leaves the next morning, while he deals with his newly discovered stepmom.

Gotta Have That D! – D. Arclyte & Marissa Minx

Hot trans brunette babe Marissa is all over well built cis man D. Arclyte. She drops to her knees and pulls out D’s thick, hard cock, swallowing it down her throat as D moans with pleasure. Marissa works on D’s cock with skill and verve. D. pulls Marissa up and kisses her passionately, before sucking on Marissa’s cock savoring her pleasure. D. gently enters Marissa’s eager asshole. He rides Marissa, picking up speed as she begs for more. He fucks Marissa in a variety of positions before cumming all over Marissa as she squeals with pleasure.

The Boss’ Wife…Feels So Good! – Aubrey Kate & Sgt Miles

Hot, statuesque blonde Aubrey Kate can’t get enough of sexy, muscular stud Sgt. Miles. She grabs hold of his giant cock and stuffs it into her mouth, causing him to moan with desire. Not to be outdone, he grabs Aubrey and sucks her off as well, caressing her perfect tits and massaging them with his nimble fingers. Sgt Miles wastes little time working her into a frenzy rimming her tight hole till she’s ready for his thick cock. Soon it’s time to insert his thick, veiny cock into Aubrey’s inviting asshole. He fucks her in several positions before streaming his thick, custardy load all over her beautiful face.

Trophy Wives Need Loving! – D. Arclyte & Natalie Mars

With her older husband recently passed, sexy trophy wife Natalie is in need of some good loving. The horny TS redhead has a hunger for great big cocks and lucky for her D. Arclyte is happy to share his ample dick with Natalie, who opens her full lips, ready to have a taste. She swallows his cock whole, sucking him in frenzy for more of the hung stud. D. Arclyte moans with delight and then sucks on Natalie’s cock until she shudders with pleasure. Soon D. begins fucking her tight ass as she writhes and whimpers happily. They both cum in hot streams of passion.

I Dream Of Chanel – Chad Diamond & Chanel Santini

Chad Diamond is a dorky dude with a big dick. He dreams of fucking a hot, gorgeous TS babe like Chanel Santini, and lo and behold he gets his wish! Chad’s ultimate fantasy has him sucking Chanel’s dick and she blows him, too. They are both so into it and bring each other close to cumming, but hold off so that they can fuck. Chanel cannot wait and fucks Chad’s ass in several positions, ramming his tight hole. Finally, she cums and he cums as well, bringing to close a passionate encounter with his dream girl!

Don’t Leave – Rizzo Ford & Natalie Mars

Rizzo Ford is totally bummed out when Dr. Natalie Mars breaks it to her that she will no longer be dealing with Rizzo! Rizzo has become extremely attached to Natalie. She confesses that she may be even in love with her. Natalie and Rizzo decide to make their last visit a memorable one. They get down and dirty in the doctor’s office. Letting out all their emotions on each other’s bodies. Mind blowing sex definitely gives Rizzo exactly what she was craving!

In Love With My Stepbrother – Gabriel Dalessandro & Casey Kisses

Chanel and Casey’s friendship is in peril. Casey caught Chanel with her own stepbrother Pierce while dating Gabriel! Chanel is quick to realize why Casey is really upset–Casey is in love with her own stepbrother Gabriel too, but the taboo secret is out now! Gabriel has overheard and wants answers. Chanel leaves the two to work out their feelings. Casey takes a chance and declares her love for him. Her feelings are the purest thing she’s ever known and Gabriel feels it too, taking her in his arms their passion ignites as they kiss deeply while ravaging each other’s sensuous bodies and throbbing cocks. They explore their love and slick holes, cuming in blissful orgasms. Their happy ending is just beginning.

Hide Out With Me – Casey Kisses & Soldier Boi

TS beauty Casey Kisses is an escaped convict, seeking refuge from the police in a stranger’s house. Fortunately for her, Soldier Boi is a hot black stud that loves fucking and has a heart of gold. He’s willing to let her hide out…but her hot body is too tempting to not enjoy while in his house. Casey Kisses is so relieved to be safe she can’t keep her thankful hands to herself… as she sucks Soldier Boi’s dick so hard that his eyes roll back in his head and he moans his pleasure. Pleased with his rock-hard cock, Casey moves on to offer her delicate anus up for consumption, and Soldier Boi is enthusiastic as he eats her ass before he slides his dick into her. Casey bucks happily as Soldier rides her firm ass. Casey moans in desire and Soldier Boi fucks her in a variety of positions until they both cum fully satiated.

Hot To Trot – D. Arclyte & Natalie Mars

Sexy red-haired TS beauty Natalie Mars cannot wait to fuckher husband, D. Arclyte, after he is finished fucking their hot neighbor. He comes into thebedroom and immediately starts making out with Natalie. She demands that he suck herdick and he complies, hungrily devouring her cock until he begs for her to fuck his horny asshole.Natalie first sucks D. Arclyte, working him into a frenzy, and then finally she inserts hercock into his tight asshole. Natalie fucks D. Arclyte aggressively owning his body, until she is so turnedon that she needs to get fucked, too. D. Arclyte fucks Natalie in several positions untilthey both cum.

My Stepbrother & Lover – D. Arclyte & Chanel Santini

Chanel had some epic sex the night before with her best friend Casey’s stepbrother, but as nice and hot as Gabriel is, she can’t get someone else out of her head and heart! When her own stepbrother Pierce shows up on her modeling shoot Chanel decides it’s time to have what she’s really been craving–her too tempting stepbrother! Chanel and Pierce have such a lust for each other, their clothes come tumbling off as they hungrily tease, caress and taste each other, kissing and sucking one another’s hard cocks before plunging into other wanting holes! Chanel’s is finally in heaven with her true desires.

Busted! – Chad Diamond & Natalie Mars

Masseuse Natalie Mars gets busted trying to earn a little extra cash at the massage parlor, when Vice agent Chad Diamond catches her offering more than a full body massage. The hot TS red head needs to act quickly or she’s going to jail, but Chad seems very interested in her stunning curves as she kisses him. Chad is hot and hard for Natalie, enticing her to make her way over to his quivering cock. She sucks and pulls on it, causing Chad to cry out with desire. Chad then enters Natalie’s tight hole with his hard dick, and once they are interlocked, it is as though time stands still. Their passion is palpable as they fuck. Chad and Natalie both orgasm, coving each other in hot cum. Looks like Natalie is free to go this time!

Love Thy Neighbor – D. Arclyte & Shiri Trap

D. Arclyte comes home from the office to find his hot, TS wife Natalie Mars waiting for him in the kitchen. She tells him she has their hot trans neighbor, Shiri Trap, waiting for him upstairs. D. Arclyte rushes up to find hissexy surprise waiting in the bathroom. Natalie watches as her husband makes out with Shiri. Pleased with how things are progressing, she leaves the room. Shiri blows D. Arclyte,taking his ample cock into her mouth. He moans with pleasure as Shiri works him upfurther. D. Arclyte shows his appreciation by blowing Shiri, getting her very excited. D.Arclyte finally fucks Shiri’s tight ass, and she is delighted. They fuck in several positions,with D. Arclyte cumming on Shiri’s gorgeous tits.

A Goodbye Quickie – Ruckus & Casey Kisses

Beautiful TS stunner Casey is troubled by her mounting feelings for her stepbrother Gabriel. The best way to get the taboo desires out of her system are to seduce her sexy boyfriend Ruckus. Besides he needs a proper goodbye fuck before he leaves to Rome for a photo shoot. Casey and Ruckus make the most of their morning quickie sucking deeply on each other’s hard cocks, before pounding into waiting holes and begging for more as they cum! They ravage one another savoring a passionate send-off before his Uber to the airport arrives.

Attorney Privileges – D. Arclyte & Chanel Santini

Stunning TS socialite Chanel Santini is facing serious jail time after yet another DUI, and attorney D. Arclyte has grown tired of bailing her out time and time again. She needs a hard lesson! D. Arclyte happily obliges, plugging Chanel’s ruby red mouth with his ample cock. After she very competently sucks his dick, D. Arclyte removes her pants and sucks her off like a champ. Chanel begs for anal sex. D. Arclyte pounds Chanel’s shapely ass in several positions, causing moans from Chanel’s glossy lips. D. Arclyte’s cock erupts like a volcano of desire, all over Chanel’s shivering body.

Confessions of a Cheater – Chad Diamond & Casey Kisses

Tall, willowy TS stunner Casey Kisses cannot believe her dorky boyfriend Chad cheated on her! She demands details and Chad reluctantly gives them, which only turns Casey on. Chad gives Casey a blowjob, adding to her fiery lust. She tops Chad, claiming his asshole, working her hard cock inside his ass. Chad groans in delight, thrusting his firm buttocks rhythmically, taking all of Casey’s cock. Casey continues to demand details of Chad’s salacious encounter with another girl, and as Chad delivers the information, Casey becomes hornier. They fuck in several more positions before Casey cums all over Chad and Chad cums as well.

Stepbrother’s Hot Date – Gabriel Dalessandro & Chanel Santini

Gorgeous BFFs, Casey Kisses and Chanel Santini are fashion models living in Los Angeles. They attract plenty of men, but Chanel wants more, she’s craving a nice guy to date. Casey decides to play matchmaker with her stepbrother Gabriel who’s visiting. Casey sets the date and hosts the two as they get to know each other. Chanel is clearly interested in the sexy, smart and sensitive hunk, and Casey can’t help but see her stepbrother’s sex appeal. Casey leaves Chanel and Gabriel alone, seeking distance from her inappropriate desires. Once alone Chanel decides to claim what she’s been lusting after all night, as she kisses and caresses Gabriel’s hard body and throbbing dick. Gabriel may be a nice guy but he knows what to do with Chanel’s hard cock and aching asshole as he fucks her hot holes, taking all of her in and receiving just as greedily. Neither notice dirty stepsister Casey peeping their wild sex!

She’s Gotta Get Off – Chad Diamond & Aspen Brooks

Detective Chad Diamond is interrogating hot TS blonde Aspen Brooks. He just doesn’t understand the lengths a girl will go to protect her man. Aspen Brooks wants to get off and protect her boyfriend, so seducing the dorky detective Chad Diamond is her brilliant plan! Chad is happy to give her his throbbing cock to choke on. He drives his rod down her throat as she stares at him with large, wanting eyes. Now it’s Chads turn to taste her hard cock. Aspen undresses hurriedly as Chad suckles Aspen’s member, until Aspen begs for him to fill her ass, and give her the orgasm that she longs for. Chad is more than willing, and he fucks her passionately in several positions. When Chad cums the load is plentiful, covering Aspen’s ample ass. She may have gotten off but that doesn’t mean she will be going free just yet!

She’s Gotta Have It – Chad Diamond & Natalie Mars

Red headed TS wonder Natalie Mars thinks pool boy Chad Diamond is a good way to pass some time. She hits on him, but he demurs, as he has a girlfriend at home. Natalie pulls out the big guns and offers to pay him an extra big tip, so Chad acquiesces. Natalie gives Chad the blowjob of his life, sucking his dick with astonishing power and passion. Chad returns the favor, dipping between Natalie’s long legs todeliver a much needed blowjob. Natalie moans with pleasure before straddling Chad’s capable cock and riding him deep and hard. Chad works his cock into Natalie’s tight asshole, and she undulates on it. They enjoy a few more positions before cumming on each other in hot, sticky satisfaction.

Dirty Deeds Make The Deal – Stefani Special & Sebastian Keys

Stefani Special is a heart breaker, secretly moving out of her now ex-boyfriend’s place. But what can a horny lithe brunette, who loves to fuck, do when Sebastian catches her. Stefani decides goodbye sex is called for and cannot wait to fuck Sebastian Keyes. She eagerly sticks her tongue in his mouth as their desire takes over. They take turns sucking each other’s hard dicks, moaning their appreciation. Sebastian slides his big cock into Stefani’s ass, Stefani is left moaning in pleasure. They fuck in several positions, until they are covered in cum and very satisfied.

A Bad Girls Goodbye – Jaxton Wheeler & Natalie Mars

Muscular stud Jaxton Wheeler wants to buy a house. Gorgeous real estate agent Natalie Mars wants to a sell a house. Everything seems fine until Natalie starts hitting on Jaxton. The sexual heat is too much for either to ignore and Natalie knows what will help make the sale. Jaxton whips down his pants and Natalie is happy to work his huge cock over, Natalie bobs her head enthusiastically, taking Jaxton deep into her mouth. Jaxton is hungry for her cock too and Natalie undulates seductively as Jaxton sucks her cock. Soon Jaxton is pounding Natalie’s butthole, they deftly move from one position to the next, with intense orgasms building for both. She feels so good he is left with no choice but to cum all over Natalie’s flawless skin.

She Bangs – Ruckus & Chanel Santini

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Runaways! – Kayleigh Coxx & Sophia Grace

Kayleigh Coxx has cold feet when the day comes where she and her girlfriend Sophia Grace plan to move to California where they don’t have to hide their relationship anymore. Sophia is extremely annoyed with Kayleigh but she is quickly seduced when Kayleigh tells her how much she loves her. They engage in the wildest make up sex. Fucking like never before. Maybe Kayleigh will get her way after all!

The Spy Who Loved Me – Gabriel Dalessandro & Chanel Santini

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Teased & Pleased – Ruckus & Nikki Vicious

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Coming Out – Violet Monroe & Chanel Santini

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