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When Men Were Men – Whitney Wright & Dee Williams & Pierce Paris

A husband and wife, Bryan (Pierce Paris) and Emma (Whitney Wright), dread having to talk to their landlady, Josephine (Dee Williams), who is about to arrive. It’s revealed that there is tension between the couple and the old-fashioned landlady.

When Josephine arrives, all smiles, Bryan and Emma ask Josephine for the THIRD time to change the name on their mailbox to Emma’s last name since Emma’s name is displayed wrong. Josephine doesn’t see what the big problem is and insists it’d be easier if Emma just took Bryan’s name since it’s tradition. Emma becomes angry but Bryan steps in to defuse the situation. Thankfully, once Bryan directly asks Josephine to change the name himself, Josephine is much more receptive and leaves to do exactly that.

But things only get worse from there as various encounters with Josephine make Emma and Bryan more and more uncomfortable because of her outdated and sexist ideals. It’s clear that Josephine thinks that Emma’s not playing the appropriate role of a doting housewife. She also doesn’t think that Bryan isn’t stepping up to be the man of the house. Despite this, it seems like Bryan has Josephine’s attention…

Finally, Josephine visits Bryan while he’s alone one day in order to half-heartedly apologize for causing such a strain between the couple. But it’s clearly a ruse as she questions why Bryan doesn’t want to be more assertive and in control. That’s when she starts coming onto Bryan, under the guise of wanting a ‘real’ man as she simultaneously tries to make him doubt his marriage.

Bryan is uncomfortable and confused. This only fuels the flame and Josephone comes onto him more, trying to get him riled up to act on his primal desires. She talks Bryan up and describes what sex with HER would be like, including anal sex. Although Bryan tries to resist, Josephine’s words get to him and his resolve finally crumbles.

They have passionate, primal sex but are soon interrupted when Emma returns home. Emma is furious but Bryan doesn’t seem to have any remorse, Josephine’s words having finally gotten to him. Bryan confronts Emma about being controlling and never letting him have what he wants. Although Emma denies this, Bryan wants Emma to bend over and JOIN them to PROVE it once and for all.

The Boy Who Cried Step – Leana Lovings & Max Fills

Spencer (Max Fills) is busy reading from his tablet when his stepsister, Violet (Leana Lovings), enters. Spencer spots her and looks a bit tentative as if he doesn’t like her very much. Violet asks Spencer what he’s reading, and he replies that it’s a fantasy story. She mischievously asks him why he’s reading about fantasy when he can experience the real thing, and lowers her top to reveal her bare breasts. Spencer is exasperated, complaining about her repeated attempts to seduce him.

Just then, the front door of the house opens and Spencer’s stepdad (Michael Vegas) enters, coming home from work. Spencer leaps up and points back to Violet, telling his stepdad to look at what Violet is doing. But when his stepdad and Spencer look back at Violet, Violet is on her phone with her shirt back in place and her breasts are covered – as if nothing just happened. Violet acts insulted, claiming that Spencer is always blaming her for things she didn’t do. Spencer’s stepdad immediately sides with Violet and begins to harshly criticize Spencer. Spencer insists that Violet really is trying to seduce him, and whenever anybody else is here, she pretends to be innocent. Obviously, Violet has been doing a good job of keeping up the ruse, since Spencer’s stepdad doesn’t believe a word of what Spencer is saying. His stepdad says that Spencer had better not lie about Violet again, or there will be consequences. Spencer looks rattled and shocked.

Later that day, Spencer is in his room when Violet barges in, seductively teasing him by claiming that she needs help fastening her bra. Spencer begins to get angry that Violet is still trying to tempt him, but she confidently replies that he should watch how he talks to her. After all, he’s not all that popular with their parents at the moment, and they’ll believe WHATEVER she tells them. She has the advantage here, and Spencer knows it. Spencer is dismayed, but Violet smirks and says there’s an easy way to get her to quit messing with him… all he has to do is fuck her.

Troubleshooting – Victoria Voxxx & Jay Smooth

A woman, Helen (Victoria Voxxx), is having trouble with her work computer, so she contacts her company’s IT rep, Trevor (Jay Smooth), to try and fix it remotely. As they speak over the phone, things quickly go south as his troubleshooting questions go from innocent to inappropriate, making Helen more and more uncomfortable. But she desperately needs her computer fixed, so she doesn’t confront him outright, and even allows him to get access to her webcam when he requests it under the guise of needing to troubleshoot more. Unfortunately for Helen, he can’t seem to find the problem remotely, which means he needs to pay her a home visit. Although Helen is majorly creeped out by the guy, she doesn’t want to miss more work, so allows him over.

When Trevor shows up and takes a look at the laptop in person, Helen is horrified when he uncovers porn she had stashed away. Trevor is delighted and taunts Helen, insisting that if she wants to let loose and have some fun, he’s down. It’s clear he wants to fuck Helen and that that was his goal the entire time. Although Helen is disgusted, she decides to give in, as long as her computer gets fixed and he gets out of her face for good.

Rock Bottom – Robby Apples & Penny Barber

Monica (Penny Barber) and Jared (Robby Apples), a married couple at the peak of their success, are celebrating moving into their new house when they get some horrible news. The cryptocurrency market has crashed, putting their entire livelihoods up in the air. Suddenly, the dream they were living becomes nothing but a neverending nightmare.

A few months later, Monica and Jared are in dire straits, having been fired from their company not long after the crash. They’re getting desperate, with none of Jared’s recent investments paying off and nobody wanting to hire them. That’s when Jared gets an idea: what if Monica became an escort? It COULD be a way to temporarily help them get back on their feet. Monica is disgusted and feels betrayed that Jared would suggest such a thing, though bitterly agrees to think it over…

Months later, it’s revealed that Monica took Jared’s suggestion. Since they are now back on track, Jared wants to go back to their old lives and revive their old dream. But to his horror, Monica doesn’t want to go back at all since she’s been THRIVING. Monica demands to know why she should risk HER success to try to get back her old life, which ultimately put her in this mess in the first place?

Jared makes a last, desperate plea for Monica to change her mind, but she spits it back in his face. THIS is her dream life now and she refuses to have everything stripped away from her again. She’s successful and has all the skills she could ever need that will NEVER let her down. That’s when Monica decides to put her sniveling husband in place by SHOWING him just how talented she REALLY is.

You Jealous, Cuz? – Nathan Bronson & Skyler Storm & Haley Spades

Amy & Charlotte (Skyler Storm & Haley Spades) are hanging out when Charlotte’s stepcousin, Logan (Nathan Bronson), arrives at the house. It turns out that Logan will be staying with Charlotte’s family for the weekend, though Charlotte wants nothing to do with him. Charlotte’s surprised, however, when Amy invites Logan to join them. It’s clear sparks are flying between Amy and Logan, which is the last thing Charlotte wants. But, not wanting to be too much of a downer, she goes along with it.

The three of them start playing cards, with Logan sitting square in the middle of Charlotte and Amy. Charlotte would perhaps be able to tolerate her stepcousin’s company if he wasn’t openly hitting on Amy, who does nothing to stop his advances. In fact, Amy makes no secret of liking the attention, egging Logan on and not caring in the least bit about her friend’s reservations. Before long, Logan boldly asks if Amy would like to accompany him to the bedroom, and Amy seems into it. But this is where Charlotte draws a line.

Charlotte gets in their faces, forbidding Logan and Amy from fucking in her house. Logan and Amy scoff, mocking her for being such a bummer. If they didn’t know any better… it would almost seem like Charlotte was jealous. Charlotte denies this accusation, but the other two decide to put this to the test by having sex right in front of Charlotte. She can do nothing to stop it, and almost leaves the room… but something makes her stay behind. Her eyes can’t look away from her stepcousin fucking her best friend with his hard cock, and she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the scene. Maybe she is jealous… so the question is: what is Charlotte going to do about it?

What’s Good For The Gander – Vanna Bardot & Dante Colle

Maya (Vanna Bardot) is preparing to do laundry when she finds something among her husband Phil’s clothes. The object turns out to be a matchbook for a strip club, with an address and flirty message inside written by someone named Blake. Maya is distraught, and tries to decide whether or not to confront Phil about this apparent affair. She decides to go confront Blake first to see if an affair actually took place.

A little later that day, Maya arrives at Blake’s address. But to her shock, Blake is a man (Dante Colle). Blake realizes that Maya must be the wife of one of his hookups, and invites her inside. Once they’ve gotten settled in the living room, Blake explains he’s a dancer at the strip club, and he sometimes invites clients to his house for hookups. Maya uses her cellphone to show Blake a picture of Phil, and Blake confirms that Phil is cheating on Maya.

Maya is distraught, wondering if Phil is gay and if their marriage is a lie. Blake says that he himself is bi, but he doesn’t know about Phil. Blake expresses his sympathies, saying he’s a bit of a ‘slut’ but would never cheat. Blake suggests that Maya could get revenge on Phil by giving him a taste of his own medicine… in other words, by having sex with Blake. Maya is shocked, but Blake manages to convince her that what’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

Aged Out: A Coco Lovelock Story – Isiah Maxwell & Ana Foxxx & Coco Lovelock

Coco Lovelock has had a troubled past, having been sent from home to home as she’s traveled through the merciless foster system. Luckily, she’s now stumbled upon a loving husband and wife who have agreed to take her in, Isiah Maxwell and Ana Foxxx. This will be a transitionary home for Coco, a place that she’ll be able to use as a jumping-off point for the rest of her life.

Ana and Isiah have had struggles of their own, no less. Although they’ve been trying desperately to conceive for some time now, they just haven’t had any luck. That’s why they’re thrilled to be able to expand their family by letting Coco into their home… as unconventional as it is. But as the days go by, Ana can’t help but detect some odd behavior from Coco. She just can’t put her finger on it… but there seems to be something wrong with this girl.

One day, Ana’s worst fears are confirmed when Coco dresses up in some sensual clothes and makes a move on Isiah while Ana’s not home. Isiah tries to resist Coco’s strange charms but eventually falls victim to her game. They have intense sex, just as Ana learns the horrifying truth of Coco’s origins. Will Ana get back home on time to stop what’s about to happen, or will she be too late?