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Shara Lopez: Por Amor a las Tetas

Shara Lopez: Por Amor a las Tetas

Shara Lopez: Por Amor a las Tetas

Tourist Tony Rubino has just arrived in Medellin, Colombia. He calls for a tour guide to show him the sights of this historic city. He doesn’t speak Spanish and asks for an English-speaking guide. Who arrives at his hotel but super-sexy Shara Lopez. She is to be his guide, but she only speaks Spanish….

Shara tries to tell him where they will be seeing, pointing to places in her book but he’s only interested in a guided tour of her fantastic body and big, natural boobs and so would we, in his place. El hombre afortunado, the locals would call him.

Shara can read his mind through his eyes which are planted on her large cleavage nestled in a tight dress. She knowingly asks him if he likes big tits and if he’d like to touch hers, guiding his hand so he can feel her soft breast flesh. In no time, his face is buried between her breasts and he sucks on her nipples. Shara sucks her own nipples too and then they both suck on them. They’re getting on very nicely for two people who just met. Muy caliente!

After their breast play, Tony points to his junk, not knowing the Spanish term for blow job. No translation is needed. Shara eagerly puts his cock in a lip-lock. Her skills are outstanding, like she is. Tony fucks her big tetas next, another one of her superb skills. The tour of the city is off the to-do list because tour guide and tourist want to go around the world without leaving the hotel room.

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Pussy Alarm

Pussy Alarm

Pussy Alarm

What would you do if you woke up with a hot, horny blonde trying to creep into bed with you? This guy is hesitant because Emma is his best friend’s sister. But he’s not that hesitant. She peels the covers off him, and within seconds she’s moaning with his cock in her mouth.

Emma is every teen lover’s dream. She asks this guy if she looks okay. With that tight body and her perky tits, she looks fuckin’ great.

She likes to be on top. You can tell by the pussy cream she leaves on his shaft while she rides. She also likes doggie style and spooning. As long as the dick is hard and deep in her pussy, she’s a happy camper. This guy pounds his way to a huge load of cum all over Emma’s pretty face. And that’s exactly what should happen when a hot blonde wakes you up.

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Joanna Angel & Aliya Brynn: Filthy POV – Mick Blue & Joanna Angel & Aliya Brynn

Elaborately tattooed MILF Joanna Angel and 20-year-old Aliya Brynn tease director/stud Mick Blue’s camera. Curvy, dark-eyed Joanna’s black latex fetish dress shows her cleavage; young, slender, auburn-blonde Aliya sports natural breasts, a plaid schoolgirl skirt and fishnet stockings. They caress and suck titties. Lush-lipped Joanna eats Aliya’s furry, meaty pussy. The ladies kneel for a double blowjob: Mick’s POV camera captures eye contact, cocksucking, spitting, ball lapping, dick-slapped faces and dirty talk. Aliya says, ‘You want us to lick your ass too?’ Their tongues compete to rim him. For foot fetish fans, Joanna’s oiled feet stroke Mick’s uncut erection as Aliya sucks his dick head and Joanna’s toes. Four pretty feet massage his meat at once. The gals impale their pussies and ride Mick’s thick prick, butts bobbing and swerving. Moaning Joanna masturbates through a POV-style anal reaming. Both girls give ass-to-mouth fellatio. Aliya tongues Joanna’s and Mick’s bunghole — ‘Hungry for asshole, this one. This is your lunch,’ comments Joanna. Whispers Aliya, ‘Gourmet.’ Whimpering Joanna takes a pounding buttfuck, and she fingers her tightly gaping rectal innards. The long threesome includes more fucking and sodomy amid filthy talk, slobber, and asshole-flavored lesbian kissing. Mick delivers a double cum facial, and the girls swap sperm mouth-to-mouth.

She’s More Stacked Than Her Mom! – Angel Youngs & Donnie Rock – Donnie Rock & Angel Youngs

Angel Youngs is frustrated as she goes over her math homework with her stepdad, Donnie Rock. Why does she have to learn something she’s never going to use, anyway? Especially if she can just continue living with Donnie and her mom, Crystal Taylor?? Of course, Donnie doesn’t think this is gonna happen, but it seems like his mind may be on more than just studying as he sneaks lustful glances at Angel’s chest. When Angel catches him, she is amazed and amused, though then gets a sneaky idea. If Donnie finishes her homework, then she’ll finish HIM!

But as they start fooling around, starting with a handjob, Crystal returns home. She’s so caught up in starting the housework that she doesn’t even notice what her sneaky daughter and husband are up to! But how long can Angel and Donnie escape her gaze as Angel pushes them even further?

Joanna Angel’s Dungeon Furniture Emporium – Episode 4 – Joanna Angel & Dante Colle

Furniture collector Dante Colle is back at Joanna Angel’s Dungeon Furniture Emporium to look around. When Joanna approaches him, demanding to know why he’s returned, he drops a bomb on her, telling her that his real name is Frank, a name that Joanna knows very well, since it’s that of her fiercest competitor in the furniture business!

Joanna’s shocked, but Frank insists that he’s only there to assure Joanna that there are no hard feelings. He loves the passion she has for her business and he’s been trying to expand his brand to include more items like the selection that Joanna offers. In fact, he’s been hanging around the emporium lately to get inspiration. But he confesses to Joanna that he still doesn’t GET most of her furniture.

Joanna gets a determined look in her eyes and tells Frank to follow her into a private room. A few moments later, Frank has his arms and head strapped into a piece of furniture. But he’s still puzzled. How is this furniture PRACTICAL??

Joanna decides to show, rather than tell, slipping her clothes off and revealing her luscious body. Joanna unstraps Frank, eager to demonstrate all of her emporium’s offerings.

It’s safe to say that Frank is VERY impressed by Joanna’s UNIQUE approach to customer service!