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Couldn’t Help But Stare – Karla Lane

Mo Reese is anxiously waiting for his career counselor, Karla Lane, to show up for a consultation. When she cheerfully arrives at his home, he’s blown away by the bubbly, buxom beauty!

As Karla sits with him, going over the services she can offer to set Mo on his dream career path, Mo tries his best to concentrate. Although he’s trying to be polite, his eyes keep drifting over Karla’s luscious curves, kissable lips, and gorgeous breasts… How can ANYONE concentrate with such a stunning woman in front of them?

Finally, Mo realizes that he’s been staring and that Karla’s caught him red-handed. He is mortified and tries to apologize but Karla brushes it off, leaning closer while pressing her breasts together. It seems as though Karla’s been just as distracted by Mo, and that neither one of them will be able to concentrate until the edge is taken off…

Mo can’t believe his luck as Karla starts off by going down on his cock with her hot mouth. She then takes his cock and slides it between her breasts, letting him have a little fun before the main event. When she finally accepts him inside of her pussy, they both have to agree that this is the best counseling session they’ve ever had. It seems as though Karla’s set Mo down the path of his wildest dreams!

Love, Lust, Respect – Angela White & Courtney Trouble

Courtney Trouble and Angela White have always admired each other — both as professionals and human beings. Angela’s been smitten with Courtney ever since she first saw Courtney’s work in 2002. Meanwhile, Courtney’s been lusting for Angela ever since they first laid eyes on a picture of her — and Courtney doesn’t get crushes often! Although they’ve always been attracted to each other’s passion for life, neither can deny their love for each other’s sensual curves as well…

And now, after years of being friends, they finally have the chance to take their friendship to the next level.

Angela sits on a simple chair in the middle of a large room, dressed in hot pink lingerie and high heels. She can hardly sit still as she anxiously anticipates Courtney’s arrival. What delicious thoughts are racing through Angela’s mind as she waits for the buxom babe to make her appearance?

When Courtney saunters into view, wearing a black sheer dress that leaves little to the imagination, Angela is instantly captivated. As handsy as she wants to get, Courtney’s the one calling the shots!

There is nothing but hunger in their eyes as Courtney straddles Angela’s lap. They exchange caresses and kisses, the air around them charged. It’s not long before Courtney guides Angela to her heaving breasts to have a little taste… But even that isn’t enough as Courtney swaps places and directs Angela down south to their pussy. Of course, Angela doesn’t need to be told twice to dive into the folds with her tongue…

This is all just the beginning. Now that Courtney and Angela are finally together as one, they are going to make it a night to remember.

It’s Not Him, It’s Me – Alina Lopez & Bunny De La Cruz

Bunny De La Cruz is working on her suntan when her son’s girlfriend, Alina Lopez, shyly interrupts her. Alina nervously asks if her boyfriend’s home, but Bunny tells her that he isn’t. Crestfallen, Alina insists that she’ll be back later since she has something she wants to talk about, but Bunny invites her to stay, wanting to know what’s bothering her.

Alina is elusive at first as they sit together. She slowly admits that she thinks she has a crush on someone else and doesn’t want to lead Bunny’s son on any longer… Bunny is curious about this mystery man and keeps gently prodding for details until Alina finally admits that she’s actually in love with Bunny!

Bunny is stunned but also amused, trying to calm Alina down when she starts to panic. Alina is convinced that she shouldn’t have said anything and that nothing could possibly happen, anyway, but Bunny continues soothing her. She caresses Alina’s arm, insisting that what’s important is that Alina is happy, and if being with HER makes Alina happy…

Alina’s fear slowly fades away as Bunny leans in for an experimental kiss. The kiss quickly turns into something so much more, and it isn’t long before Alina’s wildest fantasies are fulfilled. She’s in awe as she plays with Bunny’s large breasts and kisses a path over her round belly towards her wet pussy. Yet, this is just the beginning!

Clearing Their Schedules – Alex Legend & Kimmie KaBoom

Kimmie KaBoom and her husband, Alex Legend, are catching up and enjoying some much-needed alone time. With their busy schedules, it’s hard for them to be intimate, but tonight, it’s all about them.

They start the evening off curled up together on the couch, with Kimmie tucked against Alex’s side. They exchange flirty, longing gazes while brushing their fingertips along each other’s arms, both wanting nothing more than to be pressed close. The slow burn is exciting yet frustrating, and they know they won’t be able to resist jumping each other for long.

Then Alex decides to spoil his wife by giving her a sensual shoulder massage. As he works her shoulders and collarbone, Kimmie is putty in his strong hands. When those hands sweep over her gorgeous, full breasts, Kimmie’s heart starts pounding. The heat between them only intensifies as he slowly rubs circles over her round belly down to her sweet pussy.

Unable to deny each other any further, Kimmie invites Alex in by spreading her legs. He eagerly tongues her pussy before sliding his cock inside, wanting to please his wife to the fullest. As they rock their bodies together, they’ve never been closer… It looks like they’ll have to work harder to clear their schedules more often!

Special Occasion – Alex Duca & Estella Bathory

Estella Bathory is adding the finishing touches to her makeup while wearing sexy, new lingerie that her husband,Alex Duca, gifted her. The lingerie hugs her curves just right, showing off her sensual, full figure. She feels extraalluring as she applies dark red lipstick and black eyeliner in the mirror, ready to see what else Alex has in store forthat night.

When Alex arrives home and see his voluptuous goddess confidently wearing his gift, he can’t wait to run his handsall over her. She looks even hotter in the lingerie than he imagined! Lucky for him, Estella’s eager to show him whatelse is hotter than he ever could’ve imagined…

She’s on the prowl as her husband lays back on the sofa, undoing his pants and freeing his dick. She lowers herselfbetween his legs, casting him sultry looks as she strokes his cock, then goes down on it, lavishing him withattention. Not to be outdone by his wife, Alex also takes a turn with going down on her in return, getting them bothready for the main event.

Unable to fight the tension between them any further, Estella sexily crawls across the sofa on her hands and knees,giving Alex a very nice view of her round ass and sweet pussy from behind. Now is the moment they’ve beenwaiting for as Estella invites him inside, giving her husband an erotic gift in return.

Who’s The Boss – Charles Dera & Alexxxis Allure

Charles Dera, dressed in a handsome suit, is busy working at his desk when his sexy, curvy secretary, Alexxxis Allure, brings him a fresh cup of coffee. As she leans over him to set the coffee down, she gives Charles a niceglimpse of her hefty breasts before straightening up again with a coy smile. Charles’ hungry eyes are naturallydrawn to her full figure, and the intense desire between them is impossible to ignore.

Although Charles tries to remain professional, he has his work cut out for him.

Not to be deterred, Alexxxis slowly begins undoing the buttons on her blouse, one by one. She sways her hips asshe takes a seat directly across from Charles while he’s on a business call. Her expression is mischievous as shesqueezes her breasts, making sure she has Charles’ attention. While Charles does his best to keep his mind onwork, he ultimately can’t resist staring at the large breasts right there in front of him. Alexxxis is stunning, and itdoesn’t take much to win Charles over.

As soon as he hangs up, he tries giving Alexxxis a stern look, but it only turns them both on even more.

‘I’m just giving you what you need…’ Alexxxis teases as she unhooks her bra as Charles joins her. AlthoughCharles is her boss, SHE’S the one in control now.

Alexxxis pulls the ultimate power move by sauntering around the desk and making herself comfortable in her boss’chair. As she rubs herself all over, she beckons Charles close so that she can go down on his dick and get himready. Once he’s prepared, Alexxxis playfully bends over the desk, inviting Charles inside her pussy. As they makegood use of the office for their heated encounter, it becomes clear that Alexxxis is VERY good at anticipating boththeir needs!

Spoiling The Wife – Mam Steel & Mischievous Kitty

Mischievous Kitty and her husband Mam Steel get home after a fun afternoon of shopping. Mam wants to see his voluptuous wife showoff all the sexy clothes that he got for her today, so they run upstairs, giggling flirtatiously as they go, anxious to get the fun started.

Kitty’s excited to flaunt her deliciously full-figured body for her husband and struts around for him. His jaw drops, wowed by thestunning lingerie that only accentuates her already-luscious curves.

Kitty’s fashion show is driving Mam absolutely WILD and he draws her to him, unwrapping her like a present as he peels off her lacynegligee. He buries his face between her heavenly breasts and sucks on her pierced nipples hungrily. The shapely seductress gets downon her knees and takes her man’s cock into her mouth, sliding her plump lips up and down his shaft. She goes even lower, tonguing hisballs as he moans, throwing his head back in unbridled pleasure, lost in his wife’s sensual touch.

Kitty slips his throbbing dick between her breasts and begins to tit-fuck him, bringing Mam to the edge of ecstasy. But just before hereaches the point of no return, Kitty lies down on the couch and beckons him forward. Mam eagerly obliges, slipping his dick into Kitty’sinvitingly wet pussy. He passionately fucks Kitty as she squeals in delight, her husband’s attentive love-making sending her into a frenzyof pleasure.

Today is all about Kitty, and Mam’s going to make sure that he pulls out all the stops to spoil his gorgeous wife.