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I Tittyfucked My Mother-In-Law! – Brittany Andrews & Brad Sterling

Brad Sterling is helping his wife’s parent, Brittany Andrews, by doing some repairs in her bathroom. Brittany is pleased, saying that she’s very lucky to have such a handy in-law.

After Brad finishes the repairs and exits the bathroom, he’s surprised to find Brittany wearing sexy lingerie and posing on her bed. She tells Brad that she suspects her husband is cheating on her, because he hasn’t been tittyfucking her anymore… but Brad thinks her tits are nice, aren’t they? Brad admits that she has nice breasts, and Brittany says that if he thinks she’s sexy, and SHE thinks he’s also sexy, then they might as well have sex!

Brad is shocked at first, but Brittany convinces him to give in to temptation. She sucks on his cock to get it all warmed up for plenty of fun, and they proceed with energetic sex to make her boobs bounce. Of course, he also gives her the tittyfucking she’s been craving!

BAD Relatives – Lily Lane & Jay Romero

Jay Romero is on the phone with his girlfriend but it doesn’t sound good. His girlfriend never makes time for him and it looks like he’s being shoved aside once again. He’s obviously miserable as he hangs up, the fate of their relationship uncertain.

That’s when his fiery and protective stepsister, Lily Lane, walks in on him. She calls him out, warning him about how his girlfriend is dragging him through the mud. It’s clear to her that Jay’s girlfriend takes him for granted. In fact, Lily’s convinced that Jay’s girlfriend only comes to him for a booty call when she has nothing else to do!

Even though Lily comes on strong, she only wants what’s best for her stepbrother… and that’s when she gets an idea. It’s time to fuck Jay HERSELF and send Jay’s girlfriend a video to teach her a lesson!

Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass #02 – Alura Jenson & AJ – Alura Jenson & AJ

Alura Jenson is NOT impressed with having to bail her stepson, AJ, out of jail. What could he have gotten himself into??

Although it takes some prodding, she eventually learns that AJ was with an escort because he wanted to try something… different. This only confuses Alura even more because what could he possibly have been looking for that he couldn’t get from the other girls in his life?

But when AJ shyly admits that he wanted to try anal, suddenly everything clicks. That’s when Alura offers to give him EXACTLY what he wants so that she can keep him out of trouble!

An Exception For Anal – Silvia Sage & Jay Romero

Step-mom, Silvia Saige is on the phone telling a friend telling her how she is crazy about her new step-son (Jay Romero) and her husband came up with a stupid idea that anal is not cheating so he can go out and get laid, so she’s going to use his rule against him and let he stepson fuck her in the ass.