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Lesbian’s Creampie Cravings #03 – Molly Little & Apollo Banks – Apollo Banks & Molly Little

Apollo Banks, a hardworking delivery guy, brings a parcel up to a house and rings the bell to signal its arrival. As he walks back toward his truck, however, Molly Little opens the door and picks the package up, looking a bit frazzled. She calls out to Apollo, asking if he wouldn’t mind helping her with something inside the house. Apollo’s slightly confused, but being the helpful professional that he is, decides to follow her inside.

Molly leads Apollo into her living room and has him sit next to her on the couch. That’s when things start to get a little… strange. She starts evaluating his physique, scrutinizing him from top to bottom- and she seems to like what she sees. Apollo carefully tells Molly that he already has a girlfriend, but that’s when things get REALLY interesting.

It turns out that Molly has a girlfriend as well, but Molly’s been feeling a little blue of late, so her girlfriend came up with a nifty idea. Apparently, men’s cum is filled with things that can boost morale and brighten up one’s mood! Molly’s girlfriend has given Molly carte blanche to fuck a guy and get that sweet, uplifting cum. So what if Molly’s a lesbian? She’s going to do what she needs to do to feel happier, and Apollo seems like just the guy to give her the creampie she desperately needs!

Lesbian’s Creampie Cravings #03 – Breezy Bri & Isiah Maxwell – Isiah Maxwell & Breezy Bri

Isiah Maxwell, the owner of a restaurant, is busy going over the details of an upcoming event when he notices his chef, Breezy Bri, enter. They’re both surprised at seeing each other here early, especially given that the rest of the staff won’t be arriving for at least another hour. Seems like they’re both hard workers who want the best for the restaurant, which is probably why they get along so well.

Breezy sits down across from Isiah and carefully asks if he’s given any thought to what she asked him last week. Isiah looks a little flustered, claiming that her request was a pretty big one… After all, she wants Isiah to impregnate her! It turns out that Breezy’s in a lesbian relationship, and she and her wife would LOVE for Isiah to inseminate Breezy so that they can finally start a family.

Isiah is a bit hesitant about it all. If he does this, it’s going to be a decision he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life! But Breezy is persistent- and VERY convincing… And before long, Isiah agrees to go along with this plan. He fucks her right then and there on one of the resto tables, working himself up to giving her the creampie he’s promised her.

Menage A Trans #09 – Autumn Rain, Daisie Belle & Jay Tee – Jay Tee & Autumn Rain & Daisie Belle

Autumn Rain and Daisie Belle are huddled together on the couch, swiping through a hookup app. They’re looking for some naughty fun on this lazy afternoon, but none of the boys on this app seem to fit the bill. Wait a second… what about Jay Tee, that guy they met at that party they went to a few days ago? He sure was HOT…

Daisie decides to take a leap of faith and text Jay to see what he’s up to. Jay isn’t one of those ‘text you back in an hour’ kind of guys. He knows when to strike when the iron’s hot, and answers Daisie right away. The girls are delighted, and ask if he’d be willing to come over for some frisky fun. Luckily for them, he doesn’t have to be asked twice…

About 40 minutes later, Jay finds himself sandwiched between Autumn and Daisie on the couch, arms wrapped around each of their slender shoulders. He didn’t think he’d ever see them again, but now that he’s here, he wants to see ALL of them… every INCH of them, that is. The girls like the sound of that, and promptly strip their clothes off and wrap their mouths around his stiff, hard cock.

Fucking The Neighbors #05 – Chanel Camryn, Musa Phoenix & Donny Sins – Donny Sins & Chanel Camryn & Musa Phoenix

Musa Phoenix is busy doing his morning stretches when his neighbor, Donny Sins, runs up to his window. It appears that Donny Sins’ wife, Chanel Camryn, is a total nymphomaniac who won’t give poor Donny a moment’s reprieve. He’s been up ALL night and now, he needs to get to work!

Musa’s sympathetic, but also a little confused. How is HE supposed to help? That’s when Donny makes a surprising request: he wants Musa to fuck his wife while he’s at the office! He’ll be back in a few hours and he desperately needs to focus. Can Musa help him out? Musa’s a bit shocked, but willing to help his neighbor out nonetheless. He agrees, and Donny runs off.

A few minutes later, Musa goes up to Chanel’s room and finds her furiously fapping. When she sees him, she demands to know where her husband is, but Musa kindly informs her of the arrangement he just made with Donny. Chanel doesn’t waste any time, asking Musa to get in there and fuck her brains out RIGHT NOW. Musa doesn’t need to be asked twice… he gets right in there, and when Donny gets home from work, he joins in for a threesome!

Fucking The Neighbors #05 – Hime Marie, Nathan Bronson & John Strong – John Strong & Nathan Bronson & Hime Marie

John Strong knocks on the door of Nathan Bronson and Hime Marie, a married couple who just moved in. John says that he wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood, so the couple invites him inside.

As John fondly looks around the house, he tells Nathan and Hime that he knew the previous owner of their home very well, because the previous owner used to throw a lot of parties… sex parties where the whole neighborhood could fuck his wife, and other people’s wives too!

Nathan is stunned, but Hime gets increasingly turned on as John describes the wild parties that used to happen here. Hime tells Nathan it must be fate that they moved into this house, and she starts having sex with John. Nathan is shocked, but John invites him to join in, saying it’s not as much fun if John fucks Hime by himself. Nathan finally gives in to curiosity, leading to a fun threesome. It looks like the tradition of neighborhood sex parties will continue!

Menage A Trans #09 – Izzy Wilde, Gia DiBella & Roman Todd – Izzy Wilde & Gia DiBella & Roman Todd

Izzy Wilde and Roman Todd cuddle in the bed together, the bedside lamp dimly illuminating their naked bodies as they hold each other close. They’re having a deep conversation, where it’s revealed that they’ve been considering experimenting with a threesome. But this wouldn’t be just ANY threesome, this would be a threesome with Roman’s ex-girlfriend, Gia DiBella.

Roman is all for it, but he wants to make sure that Izzy is cool with it as well. Wouldn’t she feel awkward with sharing her bed, and her man, with Gia? But Izzy confidently states that she’s perfectly fine with it. As long as Roman remains committed to their relationship, and allows Izzy to fully share in the experience, then she’s sure that they’ll have nothing to worry about.

The next day, Gia arrives at their home and they warmly greet her. They’re supposed to go to dinner first, but it’s clear that the ONLY thing they’re thinking about is DESSERT. They decide to skip their dinner reservation and get right down to it, having a steamy threesome together that they’re bound to never forget.

Fucking The Neighbors #05 – Mona Azar, Slimthick Vic & Seth Gamble – Seth Gamble & Mona Azar & Slimthick Vic

Seth Gamble marches up the front steps of his neighbor Slimthick Vic’s house, looking angry and determined. His wife, Mona Azar, follows him cautiously, though she stops him before they reach the door. She asks Seth if he’s SURE he wants to confront their neighbor like this- why don’t they just file a complaint with the city? But Seth is stubborn, insisting that he’s had enough and wants to deal with Vic RIGHT NOW.

It’s revealed that Vic has been running porn shoots in her house, causing her neighbor Seth to grow furious. He worked hard to get to this neighborhood, and he won’t let his reckless and disrespectful neighbor taint these streets with such lewd and sinful activities. But when Seth confronts Vic about it, he gets a little out of line, causing Vic to start crying. Mona chides Seth and then goes to comfort Vic in her room.

Now alone, Vic and Mona have a heart-to-heart, which seems to mend the bridge between them that Seth had just almost destroyed. Surprisingly, however, this tender moment leads to Vic and Mona making out and then getting frisky behind Seth’s back. And when Seth stumbles in on his wife fucking the neighbor, he can’t resist the temptation either. Letting bygones be bygones, he jumps in for a steamy and sensual threesome.