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You’re Under Arrest – Alexis Fawx & Charles Dera

You’re running up to your house, filled with excitement as you clutch a pair of plane tickets in your hands. When you surprise your beautiful wife, Alexis Fawx, with the trip, she’s thrilled. She’s been wanting to go away with you for ages now! To show her appreciation, she starts to tug you towards the bedroom, ensnaring you with her sultry gaze.

Your sexy plans are interrupted when there’s a loud knock on the door. Your wife cheerfully answers it, only to see a very stern police officer, Charles Dera, staring back at her.

Your heart pounds. The jig is up!

You run upstairs with your tail tucked between your legs, panic setting in. Your wife, innocent and unsuspecting, is trying to help Officer Dera find you, although that’s the last thing you want. Finally, they catch up with you in the bedroom closet and the truth comes out: you’re wanted for international fraud.

Your wife is shocked as Officer Dera manhandles you, handcuffing you while threatening to take you downtown to the station. She tries to come to your defense, insisting that Officer Dera has the wrong person. You’re too cowardly to tell her the truth, although she soon looks at the plane tickets for a moment too long.

Suddenly, it hits her — you were trying to flee the country, not go on a romantic getaway with her. She’s furious. How could you do this to her! It’s bad enough you got yourself in trouble, but you’ve mixed her up in this too, they might think she was an accomplice!

In a rage, Alexis tries to throttle you, but Officer Dera stops her. Look what you’ve turned your wife into! You try to apologize to her again, but there’s no undoing the damage that’s been done — she wants nothing to do with your sorry ass. In fact, no, she’s NOT going downtown with the cop because of you. Officer Dera is confused until she states that she will do whatever it takes to maintain her innocence – even take the cop’s cock right in front of you.

You were NOT expecting to hear that. You try to beg for forgiveness, but your wife is on the warpath. You’re just a pathetic, slimy, little shit. She wants the officer’s huge cock, not your pencil dick. The police officer tries to resist at first, trying to uphold the law, but your wife is passionate and assertive. It’s not long before your wife is undressing him while they both bombard you with insults. Officer Dera is a REAL man, a big strong bull with a huge dick and a backbone…

You’re made to watch as your wife goes down on her knees before the bull, sucking his dick with vigor. You try to look away, but she’s not having any of it, ordering you to watch everything unfold. There’s nothing you can do as your wife happily gets fucked, cuckolding you before your very eyes. She’s so brazen as to even get fucked while laying against you and bracing over you! She wants to make damn sure that you know that you’ll never get to enjoy her large breasts or sweet pussy again, you can only watch her pussy getting fucked from below her by a real man’s cock.

And you have no one else to blame but yourself.

Your Wife’s Revenge – Sarah Vandella & Seth Gamble

Just outside a motel room on the balcony, your mistress thanks you for the lovely weekend and plants a kiss on your cheek. She tells you that maybe you can tell your wife you have another ‘business trip’ coming up in the near future. You nod sure and she squeals with delight before hugging and kissing you again. She tells you to text her tonight with a wink.

As you climb into your car, you send a text to your wife; ‘Be home soon, the convention went great’.

You pull into your driveway but even before you get out of the car, you notice another car parked in the driveway and your attention turns to the front door which is wide open. You get out of the car in a bit of a hurry, and you head inside at a bit of a rushed and panicked pace.

You round the corner to the kitchen and slow to a stop as you see your wife Sarah Vandella and your boss Seth Gamble sitting across from each other at the table. They turn to look at you as you arrive, looking stern. You take a step back, as your wife uncrosses her legs and picks her cell phone up from the coffee table and waves it in front of you menacingly.

‘The convention went great?!’ she shouts. You reach out your hands in a gesture to explain yourself but before you can get a word out she tells you to shut up, she doesn’t want to hear a goddamn word from you. A fucking work convention?! Did you REALLY think that she was going to buy that?! As if she wasn’t going to call your boss to find out why her USELESS husband was needed for a convention all of a sudden.

Your wife explains that she knows you’ve been cheating. You start to hang your head in shame but your wife tells you oh no, you’re not slinking away from this conversation like you always do. She pushes your roughly onto the couch. Your wife is furious, raging that you are as shitty and as worthless as the shitty diamond engagement ring you got her. She throws the ring at you, telling you it’s over. She’s leaving your sorry ass.

As your wife puts her head in her hands in frustration, you reach out to talk to her, but your boss has gotten up and sidles over to you, pulling you to the side to talk to you privately. He leans in close and puts a hand on your shoulder condescendingly. Look, he tells you, we all fuck around once in a while, he says, but you’ve gotta be smart enough to pull it off.

He stands back straight and at a more normal volume says that of course, he can’t keep you on as an employee after this. Then again, HR doesn’t know anything yet. And he doesn’t have to tell them, he supposes. But you’d owe him a pretty big favor. One he’d want to cash in right away.

He and your wife were talking and they think it’s only fair that if you cheated on her, she should get to cheat on you. So your boss says the deal is simple, he’ll fuck your wife and you’ll get to keep your job. Win-win! Oh, but there’s one condition, you have to watch the whole thing happen.

Your boss, now your bull, laughs and gropes your wife’s breasts while taunting you, saying you won’t ever score another woman with tits like these. Your wife doesn’t seem to mind, in fact she seems to like the attention. Your wife remarks that your boss certainly seems to know what women like, not like you who just fumbles around with her bra strap and then goes straight to sticking your dick in.

Soon, your wife tells you it’s time for you to get your first look at the cock that is going to be fucking her from now on. Your wife pulls the bull’s hard dick out of his pants fly and gloats over it. This is the dick of a real man, she says mockingly, not like your tiny limp dick that she could barely feel when you stuck it in her. She can’t wait to find out how a big dick like this feels inside her. As your wife puts your bull boss’s cock into her mouth, flashing you a cruel grin as she begins cuckolding you, you think to yourself that you don’t deserve this.

But you’re wrong, because this is EXACTLY what you deserve, and your wife’s revenge is just beginning…

Cucked By Your Brother – Ashley Adams & Sam Strong

You open your eyes and are greeted by your sexy wife, Ashley Adams. You partied too hard last night at the house party, but promised to make your wife breakfast. You’re still exhausted, so she gives you five more minutes.

When you haul yourself out of bed, you find your brother, Sam Strong, cooking breakfast with your wife. He compliments you on throwing an awesome party, even if you look like shit right now. Your brother and your wife then go over fond memories of the three of you hanging out in college, especially those times when you used to play truth or dare. You’re well known for never turning down a dare! Just for laughs, Ashley suggests that you should all play, for old time’s sake. Sam is on board, so you easily agree. What’s the harm?

Your brother asks your wife to start, and she chooses a truth. He asks if you’re good in bed, which she hesitates to answer… your brother ribs you for the pause, but your wife insists that she was just caught off guard. Still, she gives an answer that doesn’t really do you any favors, and the game continues on. Then Sam asks for a truth from Ashley, and she asks if he’s ever fantasized about her, after learning that Sam beds a lot of women. Your brother exclaims that of course he has! She’s smoking hot!

Sam then asks your wife if she’s ever fantasized about HIM. She’s embarrassed, glancing to you shyly as she admits that she has… A few times, in fact.

Their attention shift back to you as Sam asks you if you’ve ever fantasized about someone else fucking your wife. You know there’s no use lying — your brother’s seen your Internet browser history growing up and knows you’re into some freaky stuff, like cuckolding. Your wife is surprised when you shyly nod your head. You can’t help what you like!

Ashley is intrigued since you’ve never told her that before! However, that’s soon the least of her concerns when your brother dares her to give him a handjob. She can’t believe what he’s saying, or that you’re not protesting! She’s unsure, but when you assure her that you’re into it, she goes along with it.

She gives your brother a handjob, not looking thoroughly impressed with the circumstances. She looks you in the eye and asks if this is what you REALLY want? She then dares your bull brother to fuck her since if you guys are going to do these stupid sexual dares, she’s going to go all in. You start to hesitate but she dares you to watch this bull fuck her until they both cum! You’ve never turned down a dare before, how can you say no now?!

She hauls you around to get a better view as she drops her shorts and panties. Your bull bro Sam happily leans down and licks her pussy, making your wife tremble with need. Have you ever made her quake like this? Any time you try to look or move away, your wife demands your attention again — you’re not getting away that easily. The only reason any of this is happening is because YOU agreed to it. This all started because of a harmless dare, so now you have to watch her take your brother’s cock cuck you.

Maybe you should start picking Truth from now on, eh?

Your Wife’s Threesome Without You – India Summer & Ricky Johnson & Zac Wild

You’re led to an elegant suite by your beautiful wife, India Summer. She already has bedroom eyes as she tells you that she booked the biggest room she could find for your 10-year anniversary. She has a big surprise in store for you tonight…

She encourages you to sit down on the bed as she breaks out a pair of metal handcuffs. You’re excited as she locks you down to the bed. She gives you a sultry look as she tells you to make yourself comfy while she slips into something more… appropriate.

She leaves the room but soon saunters back in, dressed in the sexiest lingerie you’ve ever seen. She teases you, getting you hot and heavy, and then insists that company will be arriving soon. Yes, she knows you’ve been wanting a threesome for years, so why not now? When the company does arrive, though, it’s in the form of two young men, Zac Wild and Ricky Johnson, which confuses you. When you mentioned wanting to have a threesome, this was NOT what you had in mind!

India teases you, saying that maybe she wasn’t clear before, but this threesome’s for HER — you get to sit back and behave. If you DON’T behave, she has no problem with taking the two bulls to another room down the hall. You flip her the bird, but she scolds you, saying that she knows you — you WANT to be cuckolded.

You can do nothing more but watch as your wife pulls down Zac and Ricky’s pants, sucking them off. You try to turn away, but she commands that you watch. She’s kind enough to let you touch her breasts sometimes with your free hand. But it’s not long before you watch your wife enthusiastically ride the bulls’ cocks right next to you. The more they get into it, your wife clearly enjoying what the bulls are doing to her, the more they taunt you. Ricky remarks that you’re a sissy boy that doesn’t deserve to take a pussy like hers… India tells you to enjoy the sights and sounds since she’s doing this for you! It’s all for you, baby! she teases you ironically.

Once or twice, you’re allowed to grope your wife’s breasts or rub her clit, but you’re otherwise just there for the show. You endure more insults, like how you’re a useless pussy that doesn’t know how to fuck, but you can’t defend yourself. Maybe you don’t even WANT to defend yourself since this is actually way hotter than you’d like to admit.

Maybe your wife is right and that THIS is what you’ve really been wanting all along, you poor sucker.

Flowers For Your Cheating Wife – Rachael Cavalli & Nathan Bronson

You are pulling the car into your driveway. You look down at the passenger’s seat where a bouquet of flowers sits that you can’t wait to surprise your wife Rachael Cavalli with, you even left work early to surprise her because she’s always so sweet to you. You often feel like you don’t deserve such a wonderful wife!

You go upstairs to the master bedroom looking for her. It’s empty, but from another room, you can hear the sound of your wife’s voice as she talks and giggles. You’re shocked to hear the sound of a man’s voice too. You hear them coming around the corner to the bedroom, and wanting to find out what’s going on, you quickly hide in the closet. You watch as your wife, wearing sexy lingerie, enters the master bedroom. To your horror, she’s leading a naked and muscular man, Nathan Bronson, into the bedroom. As you peer from the closet, Nathan lies down on the bed and your wife hops up onto him, sliding his hard cock inside her. Before long, the handsome and virile bull is going at it intensely, your wife riding his cock as she cries out how fucking amazing he is and how she hasn’t felt anything like this in years.

You watch, entranced by the appalling sight of your wife being pleasured by another man. As disturbing as getting cuckolded is, you can’t help but get hard watching it. But you have your limits, and soon you can’t take any more. You crawl away from the closet and into the hall, desperate to escape this cruel spectacle.

As you crawl, you hear your wife shriek and look back up immediately to see her looking in your direction. ‘Oh my God!’ she says in a panic as she and the bull both start swearing and trying to hide their bodies with the pillows and bed sheets, ‘what are you doing here?! I thought you were at work!’ She seems surprised and sorry.

As she continues to apologize, she looks down at your groin. ‘Wait a minute, were you getting hard watching us?’ she asks in disgust.’That’s disgusting! Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?’

You don’t answer, and she starts to mock you. She says how pathetic that is, how you find her in bed with another man and instead of kicking his ass you hide in the corner and watch them like some kind of sick pervert. ‘Well, if you like to watch so much, you’re going to sit here and watch me fuck him!,’ your wife says angrily, pulling you onto the bed roughly. You try to look away but she sharply calls your attention back to her, and you watch as she starts stroking the bull’s dick, continuing to mock you verbally as she does. As he spits on your wife’s pussy and prepares to slip his cock inside of her, you feel helpless and defeated. Absolutely nothing, not even the flowers that you bought for your cheating wife, can stop what’s about to happen.

Seems like you were right, you don’t deserve your wife after all!

Your First Cuckolding – Katie Morgan & Jax Slayher

‘I know you keep saying I look great, but I’m pretty nervous about this whole thing,’ says your wife Katie Morgan while she’s applying some final touch ups to her make-up in front of the bathroom mirror. You pet her hair lovingly. ‘You’ve been having this cuckold fantasy for so long… I just want to please you’, she says.

She finishes her make-up and asks you in a flirty voice if you like what you see. She struts around the room for you, shaking her ass and tits and posing playfully. She teases you, asking you if you’re looking forward to seeing her get fucked by someone else. You nod eagerly.

The bell rings and she looks at you wide-eyed – excited but apprehensive. She brushes past you and hurries towards the main entrance.

As she opens the door, you are presented with Jax Slayher, a good looking, younger black man in a crisp white shirt and dark denim pants. ‘Hi, nice to meet you’ he says, handing you a bottle he brought for the occasion. She goes to shake his hand too but instead he suavely moves in on her and wraps his arm around her waist, pulling her towards him. She giggles and gasps as he kisses your wife enthusiastically on the cheek and greets her warmly. After he releases her, she adjusts her clothes and hair looking embarrassed.

The three of you enter the living room. Sitting on the couch, Jax takes the seat next to your wife and immediately begins to rub her leg as you chat. Jax looks at you and smiles, asking if you have anything to sip on. Your wife seems to show some relief at this suggestion, and asks you to fix something in the kitchen for the three of you.

Coming back into the living room from the kitchen with glasses and appetizers, you lower the tray suddenly as you stumble upon your wife and Jax sitting facing each other on the couch now, and petting each other intimately. They both look right at you, and she smiles as the bull kisses her neck and begins to fondle her over her clothes.

Jax casually mentions that one of the reasons so many married women fall for him is because of his big dick. Your wife shyly asks if she can see it, and he says of course. She helps him unzip his pants and pull out his huge monster cock, and she can’t help but gasp when she sees it. The bull asks if it’s bigger than yours and she says yes, way bigger. He turns to you and addresses you for the first time in a while, asking if you heard that and rubbing it in that your wife thinks his dick’s more impressive. He gently pulls your wife’s head forward to meet his dick and she starts giving him a blowjob. The bull instructs you to come get a good look of your wife sucking another man’s dick, and you silently obey. Your first cuckolding is finally happening, but you can’t help but feel a little uncertain. Now that she’s finally wrapping her lips around a real man’s dick, something that she’s been missing from you for all these years, can your wife EVER get enough of the bull?

This was your first cuckolding, but you can tell from your wife’s enjoyment that it won’t be your last.