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Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Juliano Ferraz & Fabiane De La Costa & Berigila Brazil

Studly Juliano Ferraz and Brazilian blonde she-male beauty Berigila Brazil are naked on the patio, their pricks stiff. Berigila blows her boyfriend and licks his ball sac as she plays with her uncut meat. Juliano spanks Berigila’s plump buttocks as he porks her asshole. It’s manhandling sodomy! She jerks her meat as he fucks away, finally blasting her tan body with her cream.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Bruno Stygmata & Kalena Rios

Kalena Rios is a glamorous, longhaired Brazilian she-male with tan-lined titties. She teases the camera and reveals a tall, thick prick. Kalena fucks boyfriend Bruno Stygmata’s asshole with a long, menacing glass dildo. With her own prick she fucks him up the ass doggie-style. Then Kalina sits on Bruno’s meat and jacks her dick as she rides. Moaning, she cums on herself. Bruno pulls out of Kalina’s anus and jacks his jism from her dick to her tan-lined tit.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Mariana Fenix & Arcanjo

Internationally notorious sex fiend Nacho Vidal presents feminine, fashionable South American transsexual Mariana Fenix with her boyfriend, Arcanjo. He rims his blonde t-girl’s asshole. They trade off mutual mouth-fucks and reciprocate with butt banging, all intimately captured by Nacho. Arcanjo tongues and fingers Mariana’s shaved anus and jacks off with his ass stuffed by Mariana’s meat. He pounds her shapely butt as she masturbates, and he jerks his jism all over the pretty TS.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Alana Ribeiro & Andrey Andrade

Brazilian punker dude Andrey Andrade kneels to blow Brazilian she-male Alana Ribeiro, who’s tall and tempting in heels and a red bikini that can’t contain her stiff, bulging … charm. Andrey rims her smooth-shaved asshole and she fucks his face as he jacks off. They mouth-kiss, he sucks her little, tan-lined titties, and she sucks his prick. They fuck each other’s asshole like dogs. Andrey rides Alana’s boner, jerking his own. As he butt-fucks her, Alana jacks out her jism; Andrey pulls out and creams Alana from dick to tits.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Nacho Vidal & Laisa Lins & Judy Mastronelli

Director/stud/madman Nacho Vidal assembles a tanned, blonde, hard-bodied Brazilian genetic girl and a femme brunette she-male for a wicked threesome. Nacho manhandles Judy Mastronelli, eating and fingering her to a squirting orgasm, fucking her face till spit flows as pretty Laisa Lins jacks her she-dick. Judy blows Laisa’s prick as Nacho plows Judy like a dog. The girl rides tranny dick, and Nacho fucks Judy to a rad orgasm. Laisa nails Judy doggie-style and cums in her crack; Nacho porks Judy’s asshole and also creams crack.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Nacho Vidal & Alexia Freira & Rebecca A

Director/stud/madman Nacho Vidal assembles an exotic, big-butted genetic girl and a femme, blonde she-male for a wicked threesome. A red thong can’t contain Alexia Freire’s enticing bulge. In her yellow string bikini, pierced, tattooed Rebecca blows Alexia’s erection, then Nacho’s thick prick. Nacho fucks Rebecca, who is blowing Alexia. Then the girl rides tranny dick while blowing Nacho. Rebecca kisses herself in the mirror as Alexia plows her doggie-style. Two uncut cocks unload on Rebecca’s pussy, and the ladies kiss.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Sharon Lopes & Sarah Hevyn & Victor A

Sharon Lopes and Sarah Hevyn are hot Brazilian she-males — one in a tight black dress that can’t conceal her big ass and bouncy boner; the other a skinny girl with tan lines and a beautiful, femme face. Together they dominate Victor, trade-fucking his mouth and his asshole. On a patio, one porks his rear as the other dick-slaps his face. He eats their big butts. The T-girls jack big wads of semen all over his hairy chest and he jerks himself off.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Nacho Vidal & Andrea Lyra & Kelly Diaz

A smoking redheaded she-male shares her cigar with a tasty genetic female clad in a sheer body suit. Perverse Spanish madman Nacho Vidal has brought them together for a gender-bending date. The girl blows the chick-with-dick and Nacho’s monster prick. Both Nacho and the TS bang the tan-lined girl doggie-style, and she takes a stiff double-penetration. The t-girl pulls out to cum, and Nacho creams the g-girl’s face. The ladies share a tongue kiss. Starring Andrea Lyra and Kelly Diaz.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Nacho Vidal & Bianca Carvalho & Bianca Biaggi

Perverse Spanish madman Nacho Vidal pairs a shapely, redheaded genetic female with a hot, dark-skinned, blonde she-male. As Nacho plows the redhead’s pussy, she sucks the blonde’s boner. The redhead gets cock-handled, with Nacho’s huge meat up her cunt and the chick-with-dick plowing her asshole. Nacho creams the redhead’s gaping, winking butthole. The uncut she-male jacks out her jism. Starring Bianca Biaggi and Bianca Carvalho.

Monster Cock She-Males #04 – Nacho Vidal & Belladonna & Karol A

Spanish stud Nacho Vidal went to Brazil to check out the she-male scene … but his longtime girlfriend, superstar Belladonna, catches tan-skinned TS Karol in his room. Karol and Bella’s face-slapping hostility becomes passionate lust. Bella sucks Karol’s stiff boner and Nacho’s monster meat. Bella gets double-penetrated and takes both pricks up her ass at once in a nasty double-anal plowing! Two cum loads decorate Belladonna’s face, tattoo and tits.

House Of She-Males #15 – Veronica E

Veronica is a shapely Latina she-male whose beautiful, white lingerie and fishnet stockings accentuate her deeply tanned skin. Her flowing, streaked-auburn hair and thick lips are ultra femme as she poses by a stripper pole, string bikini drawn way up into the deep crack of her bouncing booty. Veronica teases the camera, rubbing her lace-encased package. She unveils a stiff, brown, uncut prick and strokes away. Posing on hands and knees, she shows off that curvy butt and stiff meat. When finally Veronica’s foreskinned dick head dumps a creamy load, the hot TS laughs self-consciously.

House Of She-Males #15 – Diva A

Her long, brown hair and black bikini are enticingly femme, and Latina she-male Diva’s tramp stamp tattoo accentuates her thick, muscular ass cheeks. She displays puffy, round titties with stiff nipples, and when she peels down her panties, she spreads her crack to show a smooth, winking butthole. Diva treases the camera and jacks her big, uncut prick till it spurts beads of cum all over her leg. After the climax she bounces her still-hard, still enticing prick.

House Of She-Males #15 – Cristalina

She’s a long-haired brunette with bangs and plump, red lips. Her fishnet outfit and heels reveal a thick, curvy body with big, round boobs and a bodacious butt. Latina she-male Cristalina sports all of that and, of course, an up-front bonus. She spreads her fleshy ass with two hands and poses for the camera. Her balls bounce as she jacks her prick stiff. Cristalina massages her boob and jacks her joint on the bed. She performs a booty clap and lots more enticing poses.

House Of She-Males #15 – Safiro

Safiro is a racy Latina she-male with lush lips; her bra, panties, fishnets and heels show off a big rack and a bodacious butt. She poses and teases on a stripper pole, displaying her huge, shapely ass. Safiro kneels on the bed bouncing her rump … with her uncut cock head peeking out. That prick flops and bounces as she booty-claps. The tempting TS wets a dildo in her mouth and fucks her butthole deeply. She masturbates, and when she’s jacked a creamy load all over herself, Safira can’t stop smiling.

House Of She-Males #15 – Pasion

Pasion’s revealing string dress can’t contain her major knockers and meaty ass. The pretty she-male with the long, silky black hair primps in the bathroom mirror before posing on the stripper pole. She peels up the hem of her dress and kneels on the bed to shimmy her gigantic, meaty ass cheeks in just her G-string. Pasion strips down to heels and the G-string to massage her boobs, then peels off the string thong, unveiling shooth asshole and balls and an uncut prick. She jacks her dick stiff, and turning intense, shoots creamy jism onto her scrotum, thigh and hand.

House Of She-Males #15 – Estrella

In black lingerie, net stockings with garters and stiletto heels, Estrella is an ultra-femme she-male beauty. The dark-haired lady with the thick, red-painted lips and pretty (no silicone) titties poses, swaying her gorgeous, meaty ass, peeling down lacy panties to reveal a G-string tugged way up in her deep crack. She bounces her butt and peels down the G-string, unveiling her scrotum and spreading her smooth asshole. Estrella jacks off on the bed and sitting in a sex sling, her uncut erection growing ever larger. After the lovely Latina TS produces clear drops of cum, she shimmies her thick, brown prick and shows off her shelf-like ass.

House Of She-Males #15 – Cristal D

Cristal is a thick, curvy Latina she-male whose long, silky black hair is brightly accented red. Her net body stocking and heels accentuate big, round knockers and a gigantic ass. Cristal poses for the camera by a stripper pole; she unveils her huge rack and spreads her smooth ass. The tease continues as Cristal nudes up and assumes arousing positions — on hands and knees she makes her butt cheeks wobble, her little balls showing between her legs. The TS jacks her prick hard. Towering over the camera, she jerks out creamy semen.

House Of She-Males #15 – Pocahontax

Pocahontax is a hugely stacked Latina she-male with long, black hair, thick lips and thick hips. She poses for the camera looking flashy in shiny jewelry and a pink net outfit with stockings. The voluptuous TS teasingly rubs her titanic tits and big, fleshy ass on a stripper pole. Pocahontax unveils and massages those gigantic knockers and ass cheeks before finally unveiling the goods. She spreads her asshole and jacks her brown prick hard. Towering over the camera, she masturbates till her boner shoots semen, which sticks to her foreskin.

House Of She-Males #15 – Conie

Flashy, longhaired Latina she-male Conie shows up in a hotel room looking hot in aviator shades with her lush lips painted red. She poses for the camera, her top covering a big bust and her little shorts encasing a thick tush. In the bathroom Conie changes clothes, emerging in a net outfit with her huge breasts, dark areolae and fleshy ass on lewd display. She teasingly shows off her TS charms, slinking out of her G-string … and finally unveiling her balls and big, meaty boner. On the bed Conie jacks her impressive, uncut cock until it coughs up creamy dollops of jism.