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Straight to Third Base – Seth Gamble & Alex Harper

Alex Harper and Seth Gamble are dating each other for months. Everything is fine, they love each other and they spend a lot of time together. Unfortunately, every time Seth wants to go to third base, he gets shut down by Alex. Today her mom and dad are out of town for the weekend. Alex is feeling extra horny and is ready and willing to let Seth go straight to third base. Letting him put his cock in her untouched pussy! Talk about a home run full of cum!

Double Dip – Kate England & Redd

Kate England may be young but she knows what she needs and it’s a big cock making her scream! It’s been too long since she had a good lay…catching her sister Pam blowing boyfriend Redd just makes her hornier. While secretly watching and wanting his big black dick Kate’s touching herself and cuming hard. Now, Kate begins to plot just how to really fuck him… luckily her sister Pam is her identical twin. Kate has the perfect plan to seduce Redd and it’s worked perfectly. Redd’s fat cock is buried in her aching pussy. She really is the dirtiest twin!

Take A Break – Gina Valentina & Rion King

Rion is struggling to do his homework; it’s just so hard. When girlfriend Gina shows up with more than studying on her mind Rion ignores her. Gina won’t be ignored and starts to finger-fuck herself, her dirty mouth and wet pussy still have no effect on him. Now Gina is pissed and very horny, yelling at Rion and demanding he cum inside her…Rion has had enough of her antics and decides pounding her little box is the only way to finally get his studies done. Plus, afurious fuck might just clear his head.

Let’s Have Some Fun – Kiley Jay & Brad

Seemingly young and innocent, Kiley can’t get enough of bad boy Brad and agrees to sneak into a mansion with him. Kiley’s worries turn to excitement when they discover the Jacuzzi…now Kiley wants to get wet and wild with his cock! The horny couple strips down and Brad slides into her wet folds working her tight pussy. Kiley hungers for his hot cum deep inside her and Brad is happy to deliver.

We’re Stuck Together – Tyler Nixon & Jade Amber

Tyler and Jade were BFF in 3 rd grade. They are once again stuck together when the bathroom door jams at the party. Now Jade the school slut and super nerd Tyler find that they still have a lot in common… including a deep lust for each other. Horny and curious, Jade discover his big dick fits perfectly in her aching wet pussy. It feels so good she begs Tyler to cum deep inside her cunt. They’re so caught up in each other they miss finally escaping the bathroom, only to once again get locked in…perhaps another round?

How to Play Cat & Mouse – Chloe Cherry & Jax Slayher

Chloe Cherry is the perfect intern; she even delivers paperwork to her boss Mr. Jax Slayher at home. This time her curious ways get her caught in a game of cat & mouse as she tries to escape his bedroom when he exits the shower unexpected. His huge black cock has her craving a taste of his BBC when her hiding place in the closet put her eye level with the monster dick! Just one taste turns to a deep-dicking like she has never experienced. The petite spinner takes every inch of her boss’s massive member, begging for more!

One Shot Opportunity – Chad Alva & Jaye Summers

Samantha (Jaye Summers) and her boyfriend decide to take naughty pictures with his cell phone. It’s all fun until she’s naked writhing on her bed and her stepfather (Chad Alva) walks in! He kicks out her boyfriend…ready to teach her hot, wet pussy a lesson. A deep dicking and some cum filled pictures for himself will be the prefect punishment for her.

I Bet She Can! – Jake Jace & Karter Foxx & Brad Hart

Karter Fox and Brad Hart, make a sneaky bet with Jake Jace, (Karter’s boyfriend) that if he loses the bet, then Brad will get to fuck his girlfriend. They have been dying to fuck each other for years and just as planned Jake loses and must allow them to fuck! They instantly get down and dirty on the couch. Karter gets her pussy slammed by Brad’s thick cock. Pounding her till they both cum! Jake is stuck watching all of this and learned his lesson, never to bet your hot girlfriend.

Fill Me Up Part 2 – Seth Gamble & Nina North

Nina North is stuck stranded in the car waiting for her dad to come back with gas. Suddenly Seth Gamble pulls up next to her to ask if everything is okay. He offers that she come wait at his house till her Dad gets back rather than waiting in the car alone. She agrees. Suddenly she becomes extremely horny and asks Seth if they have enough time,-time to make her cum that is. They quickly get to fucking and sucking, making sure that there is more than enough time for both of them to cum before her father gets back!

Dog Walker – John Strong & Mercedes Carrera & Taylor Sands

Taylor Sands responds to an ad, about being a dog walker to make an easy thousand dollars. She shows up at John Strong’s house, who made the request. Once she enters the house no one is in sight. She makes her way upstairs to find out there is no dog but Mercedes Carrera locked up in a cage. John Strong creeps up behind Taylor and hands her a leash explaining that Mercedes’s is the one who needs to be walked and fucked. Confused but curious Taylor does as she’s told. She realizes this is not the kind of dog walking she is used to! But she loves it and is extra horny now! She obeys and both girls do as their told, listening to John’s every demand from deep dick sucking, to fucking him just the way he wants it. The dog walking shift is only over, when the three of them are bursting into orgasm!

Tiny Dancer – Tommy Gunn & Alina Henessy

Julia (Alina Henessy) can be a prima ballerina one day, if only she practices a little more and improves her flexibility. Her stepdad Peter (Tommy Gunn) is happy to assist stretching her tiny, tight ballerina body to it’s maximum, helping her reach her peak performance and the most intense orgasms her young body has ever had.

After School Pleasure! – Karlee Grey & Brad Hart

Karlee Grey texts her boyfriend that she is horny and for him to come over and fuck her! She’s extremely frustrated, when she doesn’t receive an instant response. She then starts spying on Brad Hart & Jake Jace who are playing catch in her front yard. She overhears a conversation between the guys, about how Brad has never had a Blowjob! She finds it super cute and drags him inside her house. Giving him not only the best blow job ever, but a fucking of a life time!

Fill Me Up Part 1 – Aidra Fox & Donnie Rock

Donnie Rock is out of gas and stuck in the middle of the road. Luckily naughty Adria Fox pulls up next to him to give him a ride. As he gets inside the car his phone starts to ring, it’s his daughter. Adria takes his phone and throws it out the window. She tells him that if he doesn’t call his daughter back, that he will get to fuck her young pussy right there in the car. Would any man refuse this chance of a lifetime, to fuck a young gorgeous little slut? I think not!

Teach Me How to Squirt – James Deen & Nina Elle & Zoe Parker

It’s nap-time and naughty babysitter Zoe Parker is feeling horny. All alone on the couch, she starts fingering her sweet pussy trying to perfect her squirting skills, sadly to no avail. When Nina Elle and James Deen come home early and catch her in the act, she comes clean, ashamed by her failure. Being the ever open-minded and magnanimous couple, they decided to teach the young babe how it’s done! They take turns at her pussy, using their well-honed skills until she explodes in a blast of hot pussy juice! It takes three to squirt!

Strip Fighter – Chad Alva & Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey tells Chad Alva that she’s quite the gamer, he laughs at her, but she demands a challenge to prove him wrong! After losing the first round Keisha gets naughty and starts removing her clothes to distract Chad from playing to his full potential. He cannot concentrate with her huge tits right in his face! After losing Chad is sulky, Keisha tells him it’s time to play a game where he won’t lose called ‘Fuck Keisha’ He loves the sound of this and fucks her tight dripping pussy on the couch. Leaving his cumload all over her massive natural rack!

Jingle Bells – Elena Koshka & Karlo Karrera

It’s Christmas Eve as Karlo Kerrera is driving home, he notices beautiful Elena Koshka walking all alone. He stops his car and offers her a ride. As they’re driving she asks him if she can come over to his house. Since they are both alone on Christmas Eve, why not spend it together. As their drinking hot chocolate Elena surprises Karlo with a gift, the gift is her naked in a bow! He is shocked but can’t stop himself from getting his hands all over his present. He fucks her tiny teen pussy and she sucks his massive cock ending with a cumshot to her face. Tis the season for cum giving!

Pornoman Go! – Tommy Gunn & Riley Reid & Cherie DeVille

Couple Cherie Deville and Tommy Gunn are having a romantic couple’s picnic but Tommy will not put his phone down! Cherie asks him what he is playing. He explains it’s an adult app called Pornoman go. Where you hunt down porn stars and fuck them! Cherie is horny and interested! They go searching for Riley Reid. Unfortunately they do not succeed but to their surprise, once they’ve given up Riley Reid show up asking for help! They explain how they want to train her. She has no clue what they are talking about but she’s curious about the training. Cherie and Tommy quickly show her how a naughty little porn star should be trained by fucking her hard! They get down and dirty in a wild threesome, fucking her tight little pussy just the way she likes it! The Game is only over when the three of them are bursting with cum!

Let’s Compare It – Derrick Pierce & Leigh Raven

Tattoos can bring a family together when stepdaughter Parisa (Leigh Raven) plays ‘show me yours’ with her seriously inked stepdad. They get turned on as more skin is exposed revealing more tattoos. Finally, Phil (Derrick Pierce) decides to leave his own mark on her sexy tatted body, pounding her tight teen pussy and covering her with his hot cum.

I Caught You! – Ashley Adams & Marco Ducati

Ashley Adams is laying out by the pool, when she catches Marco Ducati sneaking up behind her in a ski mask. She asks him what is in the world is he doing?! He tells her he’s here for money. She surprises him when she tells him that he can have whatever he wants, as she pulls off her bikini bottoms. He sticks his hard massive cock in her mouth and then titty fucks her huge boobs! Leading to fucking each other like crazy! Finishing with a blast of cum on her huge tits!

Holy Moly – Ashley Adams & Brad Hart

Ashley Adams is hitchhiking, Brad Hart stops his car to give her a ride. She tells him that she is going to be a nun very soon and how eventually she will not be able to drink, swear or have sex. She then asks Brad if they can stop at his place before dropping her off, so she can use the restroom. While Brad waits for her, he sneaks into her backpack and finds her panties. He begins to jerk off, but gets caught by Ashley. She tells him that she is not exactly a real nun yet, and how she wants him to fuck her pussy for the last time! He fucks her so hard, till she cums! She gags on his thick cock giving it a sucking like he’s never had before! Too bad after all of this he will never be able to touch her again!

Couple Patrol – Ryan Mclane & Brandi Love & Lily Jordan

Lily Jordan in causing a scene screaming and yelling outside of her boyfriend’s house accusing him that he’s cheating on her! Cop couple Brandi Love & Ryan McLane show up on a call for domestic disturbance. They find Lily crying outside. Brandi starts searching her and has an idea, that she should have a threesome with her and her husband in front of the house to get revenge on Lily’s boyfriend. Once Lily feels Brandi’s hands all over her, she demands that Ryan joins in. Let the revenge fuckfest begin! Fucking and sucking no one is left out in this three-way! The fuck each other like crazy till they’re all dripping in cum! Who needs a cheating boyfriend after a banging this good!