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Polish Massage – Natasha Starr & Gavin Kane

Gavin Kane came to the spa today to have Natasha Starr’s special treatment. Natasha is a polish masseuse with a perfect body and some expert massage techniques that are top secret. You’ll have to wait and see… But, Gavin is just as excited. When the massage starts with Natasha in her stunning bra and panties, Gavin knows something is up. Natasha’s massage involves quite a bit of body contact, as you can see by the way she straddles Gavin to get at his tense lower back. Natasha has Gavin turn over, and soon she has his balls in her mouth, massaging them with her tongue. Soon Gavin’s stiff cock is deep in Natasha’s throat until he cums all over her face, and in her mouth.

Blow – David Loso & Jay Taylor

David Loso’s in-pool massage was one of his favorite massages ever, but now he’s back from his vacation and all he can think about was that one massage. Jay Taylor is a confident masseuse, and assures David that she will be able to provide an even better experience. Jay’s quick to get straight to David’s highest tension areas. She massages his shoulders, and back down to his legs. She has him turn over, but before too long he talks her into taking off her robe, like the pool masseuse did. Jay reveals her gorgeous slender body, and soon she finds her way to David’s most sensitive muscle. She shoves his cock deep in her warm mouth massaging him with her lips and tongue. She feeds David her juicy pussy while she continues, and soon she is massaging his cock with plenty of saliva, and his fully erect cock releases a huge load of hot cum. Turns out Jay gave the better massage!

Contest Winner – Jay Smooth & Olivia Wilder

Jay won a contest at work, and it turns out his prize is an erotic massage! Surprised by this news, he gets excited, and Olivia assures him he’s going to enjoy it! The Massage progresses without a hitch, and Jay’s swollen cock is clearly ready for the contest prize. Before long Olivia has his cock deep in her warm mouth and feeds Jay her succulent pussy. What a treat! I’m sure Jay’s bosses will see an improvement in his work tomorrow! We see her rub his cock with her warm pussy, and she continues his hot blowjob until he cums all over her hungry mouth.

In The Pool – David Loso & Jacky Joy

David Loso has three options today. Jacky offers him one of three choices a Cabana Massage, a regular massage in a room, or a massage in the pool where she’ll be bikini clad, and rubbing him from head to toe. Now, which one do you think he’ll take? There’s really no contest, the pool massage just has to be his! Jacky has him lay on the table in the water, and she starts on his upper back. The massage is just fine, no complaints, but David wants a little more. He thinks it’d be cool if they did nude massages with a happy ending. David’s come to the right spa today, because Jacky might just have a little surprise for him, but, like all things in life, it won’t be free. Watch Jackie stuff his cock in her mouth, and suck him to completion!

Looking For My Dog – Nadia Styles & Gavin Kane

Gavin Kane is looking for his wife’s dog Sparky when he sees Nadia setting up the massage table inside in her underwear. Gavin has been searching everywhere, but never expected to find a treasure like Nadia. Nadia offers to give him a massage in return for keeping his mouth shut about her business. After the massage, he asks why she’s in her underwear, and she reveals that it’s so the guys have something to look at while she performs the happy ending. Gavin is super nervous because his wife, and her family is all looking for sparky and could come by and see him cheating at any second! But, Nadia reassures him he wants to stick around for the big finish. We see her take his cock into her warm moist mouth, tease his cock with her warm pussy, and suck his cock to completion. Eventually he even gets a taste of her pussy in 69, but at the end she can’t resist taking his huge warm load all over her giant right tit.

Pain In The Groin – Nick Manning & Ashlyn Molloy

Nick has come to the spa today for a massage to get rid of the pesky pain in his groin. The Cabana is a nice relaxing environment for Ashlyn’s treatment for Nick. Nick is a Baseball player and with the amount of tension he gets, the massage is well in order. Both keep throwing around the compliments, and Ashlyn doesn’t complain when Nick grabs her butt. She can’t help from giggling while feeling Nick’s body up and down. Before long Ashlyn has her warm mouth wrapped around Nick’s cock and balls, and her succulent pussy in Nick’s drooling mouth. With some super-hot deep throating, and expert pussy sucking behind them, Ashlyn takes care to suck up every last drop of spunk directly from his balls.

Don’t Get Caught – Jeanie Marie & Ryan McLane

Jeanie Marie Sullivan is offering Ryan a full cabana spa massage for his ‘first time,’ to get a sense of what the spa has to offer. Jeanie makes Ryan feel right at home with her gentle pampering and soft voice. Her massage techniques are telling, as she guesses her has a stressful job. It’s Jeanie’s first day, and Ryan wants to make sure she’s cut out for the job. Jeanie is clearly qualified and it doesn’t take long before we see that she’s excited about the last half of Ryan’s treatment. As she stimulated Ryan’s chest and abdomen muscles you can see her nearly drool over him. Before long Ryan’s ready for the finale, and Jeanie resists the temptation to be too excited that her lust may show! She demands a further 200 dollars and after revealing her lacey lingerie, she sucks Ryan’s cock into her warm mouth and doesn’t let go until he’s cum on her face! Watch out, Ryan’s wife might be just around the corner!

Cabana Package – Flynt Dominic & Bliss Dulce

Flynt went all out today and got the full service cabana package massage after weeks of business trips and unrestful sleep in unfamiliar beds. Bliss Dulce was waiting to take care of him, and when he arrives, ready for his rub down Bliss pampers him with her expert massage techniques, and gentle manual muscle stimulation that makes this resort spa one of the top destinations for full service rub and tugs! Bliss is a professional when it comes to maximum relief, and her professional cock sucking shows her promising talent. But the release treatment doesn’t come without a gift. Watch Bliss climb on top of Flynt’s hungry mouth and get herself eaten out!

Good Deal – David Loso & Katerina Kay

When Katerina gets a call to work for a soccer team she’s flattered but unfortunately she can only service one at a time to ensure they get the full service available. David is a pro soccer player with some serious back and leg pain from today’s game. Katerina works like a busy bee to rub out David’s tension and help him to relax his painful back and leg muscles. Katerina is definitely a pleaser, and immediately she reveals her body to David, intent on seducing him, allowing her to service his mid region. Besides, her top notch blow jobs are what all the fuss is about!

My Mom Taught Me – Kenny Styles & Kota Sky

Keni ordered the cabana massage and was delighted to see the new girl Dakota has joined the ranks at the massage parlor. Keni’s Massage goes better than he’d expected, her being a new girl. Only after Dakota explains that she’s learning all the tricks of her trade from her mother, in order to eventually take over the family business. Keni knows what to expect, it’s not his first time at the massage parlor, but Dakota is eager to try out a new full release treatment that she learned from her mom just a week ago. Watch as Dakota makes Keni’s experience particularly pleasant adding the perfect final touch that even Keni wasn’t expecting.

American Massage – Jay Smooth & Ava Taylor

Ava Taylor is overseeing the parlor today when Jay comes for his massage. After hours and hours of flying, sitting in a small seat, he must be exhausted, and stiff. Ava has a plan that is sure to ring every last bit of tension from his wound up muscles. Ava is well on her way to alleviating Jay’s stresses, when she gets hungry. In minutes she’s naked, and chowing down on his polish sausage. Ava is a cocksucker like none other. Her charming quirky nature makes even the tensest of guys putty between her expert fingers… and lips.

Mother Daughter Special – Will Powers & Janet Mason & Kota Sky

Dakota and Janet have a close relationship as mother and daughter, but some things aren’t meant for daughter’s eyes. Janet’s client is one with a particularly special need and she’s not sure her daughter is ready for the training yet. Will finally arrives and expects his usual treatment complete with a more aggressive release. By the time Will’s ready for the special treatment, Janet decides Dakota is ready for some instruction, at the very least. The family business needs to continue with a high level of professionalism. Janet hands off Will to Dakota, allowing her to take the reins, at first, then both make use of their genetic cock blowing talent.

The Dingo – Nick Manning & Leilani Gold

The Dingo a.k.a. El Dingo a.k.a. Mr. Dingo is a famous dancer from the under thunder dancers. He needs a massage. Mr. Dingo requests his masseuse and one shows up. Leilani Gold is well equipped to service Mr. Dingo, and gets him all ready for his treatment. After some erotic massage, The Dingo asks her to take off some of her clothes. She complies, eager to see where this massage is going. Soon, she’s giving him a hot deep throat blow job, while feeding him her sweet wet pussy, and taking a big part of his load in her warm mouth. It really is sad that this guy thinks he’s famous… At least Leilani thinks he’s sweet.

Rockstar POV – Eric Masterson & Barret Blade & Chloe Amour & Clover

Chloe gets a call for room service for her favorite band The Horny Toads! Instead of sending the usual masseuse Chloe has an idea! She’s going to give the massage herself! Any chance to see The Horny Toads is the chance of a lifetime! As the massage progresses Chloe lets her novice hands run wild. Clover gets a bit tired of the sham massage and calls Chloe out on it. Sly as she is, she talks her way into relaxing him in another way. Just when you thought you got just what you were expecting, Clover’s bandmates come to join in on the fun. Celebrity sex tapes are a weekly occurrence with The Horny Toads. Watch them take advantage of their biggest fan yet! Chloe gets more than she bargained for, a starring role and 3 giant cumshots. Who could leave without a smile on their face after The Horny Toads finish with them?

Five Star Review – Will Powers & Mei Li

Will has been really stressed and the five star review he read online mentioned the parlor being worth every penny. Mei is well equipped to handle Will’s particular needs. His thoracic spine issues are sure to be rubbed out like a bad line in a Picasso. Mei’s Korean massage techniques hit just the right spots and in moments she has Will wrapped around her little finger. But the parlor didn’t get its five star rating for fingers, no. It doesn’t take long before Will is ready for his happy ending, and soon Mei has Will wrapped around her clit and she has her warm slick mouth wrapped around Will’s hungry cock.

A Good Decision – Jennifer White & Jack Blaque

Jack Blaque’s wallet is running on fumes. 80 bucks isn’t what Jennifer White was expecting, but being such a creative masseuse, and considering there’s an amazing special going on at the parlor she comes up with a treatment she can offer him. As Jennifer starts touching Jack all over she starts to heat up a bit. Her imagination begins to get the best of her and she gets horny with each new body part she touches. Jack is taken aback when she decides she wants to whip out his big black cock and shove it deep into her hungry throat. In the end, the hesitant boy is made a man by the horny vixen who feeds him her tasty pussy on a platter.

Cum Anytime – Liv Revamped & Tony Martinez

Tony knows Liv because she is best friends with his little sister. At first the situation is awkward, because Liv is secretive about her day job, and never expected to see Tony at the massage parlor today, so she is sure to make him understand that he can’t tell a soul that she works there. Tony whips out his wallet and they get to work. Liv takes some time to find the right kinks to work out, and finally addresses the fact that the situation is weird. Tony just doesn’t seem to think so, maybe the hot deep throat she plans to give him will clear up some things! Liv’s flirting could get her into a heap of trouble if Tony tells anyone that she gives the best blowjobs in town down at the old rub n’ tug.

My Girlfriend Sent Me – Jamie Stone & Delilah Davis

Jamie has been a dick lately, and his girlfriend wasn’t having any of it, so she filled his hands with cash and sent him to the massage parlor to get a massage. Delilah has a big task set before her. She has to somehow find a way to work this guys frustrations out so she can send him home to his girlfriend with his tail between his legs. Watch as she expertly makes her way to Jamie’s cock and shoves it down her warm throat. Jamie has probably never had such a good blow job. His poor girlfriend must be a dud.

Daddy’s Girl – Will Powers & Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn has a very interesting history! Her Daddy sent her to an all girls catholic school (who knows what she learned there!) and then she went to massage therapy school, with the interest of helping people. What a sweet little chatty Cathy! Will has probably dreamed for years of teaching a cute and naive young masseuse how to take care of him… How far do you think he can get her to go before she cracks? Just wait until you see how creative she gets!

Would She Do This? – Chloe Amour & David Loso

David has big plans for today! Aside from this massage, just to get the kinks out from playing soccer, he wants to take his soon to be fiance for dinner and dancing tonight. The success of his proposal to his girlfriend is going to hinge on whether Chloe can fix his sore leg muscles. Chloe Amour has even bigger plans for David’s massage. This horny vixen is wild and keen on seducing David, and giving him something sexy to remember before he hooks up to his ball and chain.

Today’s Last Customers – Kenny Styles & Coco

Keni’s camping escapades usually pay off, but this last trip has left him tense and pain ridden, from seeing music festivals in Europe. A Little old lady gave him 300 dollars because he was looking all disheveled getting off the plane. What a nice old lady! Wonder if she knows that Keni is spending her ‘money’ on a happy ending? Coco almost didn’t let him in! She was just about to close! but couldn’t resist a little after hours diddle.

Quick Stop – Tommy Gunn & Cameron Dee

Tommy tries and tries to get his massages at home from his masseuse girlfriend, but Cameron wants nothing to do with it, because she knows that whenever she touches him he gets too excited and they just end up fucking. This time will be different though, he came into the spa to see what she gives all the guys, no hanky-panky, just to prove that he can control himself. Is this what all the guys get? Is Cameron the one who always ends up excited? Just wait and see who budges first!

Hangover – Ike Diezel & Kierstin Koyote

Ike Diezel is very interested in a deep tissue massage and a happy ending. He comes right out and says so, within moments of meeting Kierstin Koyote because he is trying to get over a Halloween party hangover and he knows the fastest way to do that is by leaving his tension on the massage table, and his cumshot in Kierstin’s mouth! She want to make sure he gets good value for his couple hundred bucks, so she gives a really great massage before she ever thinks about stripping off her safari print bikini. However, once she is kneeling on the table, a switch goes off inside her mind and the only thing that matters to her is earning the biggest cumshot Ike can muster up for her mouth!

Rubbed Out – Gaia & Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez was watching his Cowboys on Sunday afternoon and another bone-head interception got him so worked up that he threw out his back. Little did he know that was the luckiest play of the game, until he showed up at the massage studio and met Gaia! Watching this Asian masseuse with big tits and a submissive personality do her best to rub out all those aches is enough to make this one of the best fantasy massage sessions we have ever filmed in private. Watch closely during the cumshot, because Gaia drinks down that jizz so fast it’s almost hard to find it, even though it’s spewed all over her sexy face. She really is thirsty for your affection!

Every Sunday! – Tony Martinez & Alexa Aimes

Tony comes in every Sunday after Football to rest, relax and celebrate another week of picking winners. His fantasy team wins the league every year, and his fantasy Massage Parlor routine may be the reason for all that good luck. Alexa Aimes isn’t is usual masseuse, so for a superstitious guy like Tony that might have been a big deal – except for the fact that Alexa is so fucking cute! She really wants to make sure he comes back to see her again next time instead of using Gaia, the girl who he usually gets. That kind of competitive spirit is what made Tony a sports fan in the first place, and when Ms. Aimes shows off the depth of her suck skills she secures the victory without even needing to go into overtime. See you next Sunday!

Refer A Friend – Christie Stevens & Tony Martinez

Tony got a referral from a friend and finds out right away from Christie Stevens that his friend will get a 10% discount on future massages just for turning him on to this particular massage parlor. Never the bashful type, when asked what ails him, Tony says simply that he has some soreness in his groin area – perhaps the easiest way ever to let a masseuse know you are in the mood for more than a body rub! Christie is pretty chatty during the rub down because she gets a little nervous when she sees the size of hew new muscular client. She’s such a petite blonde, being able to handle such a big man is quite a challenge for her but she cums through brilliantly! From the way she uses her hands to the way she handles his balls, there is never any doubt that this massage is destined to end with a big cumshot right in her sexy mouth!

Online Gambler – Eric Masterson & Sienna Day

Eric is an online gambler coming off a big payday and looking to celebrate his winning ways by treating himself to a trip to the Massage Parlor. Fortunately for him, his luck is holding up and blonde Brit Sienna Day is working this afternoon. Her English accent is exotic and her hands are so erotic, that it’s easier for her to pitch a happy ending to a client whose towel is already pitching a tent! Lots of lotion and an expert grip make all the difference as Sienna tries to convince Eric to go All In on a full oral fantasy massage that finishes all over her sexy face!

Sleezy Step-Dad – James Bartholet & Tia Cyrus

Tia Cyrus is a bit shocked to see her step dad show up to her massage parlor, especially when he announces he’s horny! But Tia is a trained professional and she relies on her extensive training to keep things as professional as she can. Clearly he’s come in looking for the full service package. A mere 9 minutes into the massage, he cuts to the chase and lets Tia know exactly what he wants. After Tia and him work out a deal – it’s on!!! Tia takes off his towel to reveal his cock, which she easily gets hard with a few strokes. See her jerk him off after lubing up his dick with plenty of spit. She sets the rules straight, that no spanking is allowed, and she proves why all the guys say she gives the best blowjobs in town.

Brylee The Specialist – Romeo Price & Brylee Remington

Brylee Remington is a specialist. She’s studied many different massage techniques and she knows exactly what each and every client needs to feel good. Today Romeo Price came in with a pain in his back. Knowing how good Brylee is at what she does, he gives her control to do what she does best. Watch as Brylee works his thick, sore muscles with her strong hands. She’s taken back by how tight and strong he is and you can tell she’s getting turned on as she trails her hands all over his body. After sneaking a peek at his cock as he turns over, Brylee starts to make her move. Noticing her client is already hard, Brylee gives his dong a squeeze and asks if he would be interested in her full service treatment. Brylee takes his cock in her mouth slow and deep, as she uses her tongue ring to massage his shaft. She gives an amazing blowjob as she lets Romeo eat her pussy out before finishing him off with a handjob.

Surfer’s Knots – Jamie Stone & Austin Lynn

Jamie Stone was out surfing and tweaked a muscle, so he headed to the local massage parlor to get it worked out. The beautiful Austin Lynn is the masseuse on hand and she immediately starts flirting with him because she is totally digging his surfer look. Since she specializes in a full body massage with happy ending, it should cum as no surprise when she climbs up on the table and rubs her ass and pussy all up in Jamie’s face to get him hard. Clearly she wants his cock in her mouth hardcore. Austin loves to suck guys off and she considers blowjobs her specialty. See her throat every inch of Jamie’ cock down as she goes lips to balls on his rod. This is a must see scene, especially if you like pierced and tattooed chicks. Austin goes all out to give Jamie the happy ending of a lifetime as he shoots a huge load on her face, in her mouth and asks her to slap it on her tits.

The Promoter – Ashden Wells & Jay Voom

Jay Voom is a big club promoter and after having a huge night, he comes in to the massage parlor for a hard earned massage. But so much more gets hard for him in this scene! When Ashden Wells introduces herself as his masseuse, it’s easy to see how a guy would pop a boner during her session. Ashden and Jay start to flirt and it leads to a massage with a full on happy ending. Ashden takes off her silk robe to reveal her smoking body as it’s decked out in a black bra and panty set. She lets Jay touch her as she takes it all off before she climbs on the table to let him lick her pussy as she sucks his thick cock. Ashden goes right to it and this scene offers plenty of close up shots of her sucking down every inch of his man meat. Jay gets his money worth from this massage as he cums all over Ashdens pretty little face and hands, getting some in her hair to boot.

Room #6 – Flynt Dominic & Sofia Delgado

Sofia Delgado is the sexy masseuse that works out of Room #6. She is known for giving the best full body massages in all the county and she always guarantees her clients will leave satisfied. As her client uses the dressing room to get his towel on, Sofia strips down to her bra and panties, showing off her sexy body and tattoo art. Her ass looks fucking amazing in her thong as Sofia gets down to business. Sofia oozes sex appeal as she uses her whole body to get her client to relax. Sofia’s nipples are already hard as she takes off her bra, revealing her pierced nipples. She wants her client’s cock just as bad as he wants her body so the two easily transition into hooking up on the massage table. Sofia lets him touch her body as she rubs him down and by the time she reaches under his towel, his cock is already hard and ready to go. Sofia lets her client know she takes his erection as a huge compliment and she is thrilled at the size of it. Watch Sofia deepthroat his entire dong down, alternating between sucking his dick and stroking his shaft until he unloads his jizz in her mouth.’,’Flynt Dominic,Sofia Delgado

My Bad… – Justin Packard & Layton Benton

Layton Benton is a gorgeous black masseuse with amazing big breasts and strong, soft hands. She knows how to work a client and she wants to get Justin Packard in as a regular. Watch as she rubs the stress away from his back muscles while getting his cock hard for his happy ending. Layton knows it’s these little extras that she provides for her clients that keep them cumming back for more. She has sexy lingerie on under her silk robe that she quickly strips out of so that she can teach her client how to 69. See her back her big booty up to his face so that his tongue can work her pussy as she simultaneously sucks his big cock. Layton booty shakes her ass all over his face, wanting to get hers as much as he’s getting his. She easily gets Justin to pop in her mouth because she is so good at what she does and she definitely has gained a customer for life.

The Trainer Special – Maddy O’Reilly & Talon

Maddy OReilly has been promising her trainer that she’d give him a massage for a number of months and today hes finally decided to take her up on it. Maddy has a total ulterior motive because she’s wanted his cock every since she saw the size of it under his basketball shorts. Maddy begins his massage as she would any other, getting in deep to his muscle tissue but she can’t resist the lure of his big dick for long. When she flips him over, she bravely reaches under his towel and strokes his thick dong hard. Maddy gets her trainer a pillow to make him comfortable for the deepthroat blowjob she is about to bestow on his throbbing rod. Lubing it up with her spit, she strokes him off, making him wait for her warm, wet mouth. Maddy has dreamed of this day for months, and she takes her time, making sure she enjoys every inch that he has to offer. See her rub her lips all over his balls as she travels up back to his tip, giving him full eye contact as she sucks. It’s so much cock that Maddy chokes on it when she goes deep but she loves every minute of it until she swallows all his cum.

Every Last Drop – Seth Gamble & Kristen Jordan

Kristen Jordan welcomes longtime client Seth Gamble back to the massage parlor from a little hiatus. He is shocked to learn that the price went up but you get what you pay for in the massage game and these ladies more than make a massage worth every penny. Kristen is a knock out in her short silk robe and black stiletto heels. Blondes are said to have more fun and in the case of Kristen, it’s absolutely true! Watch her rub her oiled hands deep into Seth’s aching muscles to relax him for what is yet to come. Kristen works out a deal with Seth and quickly gets to the point, sucking his cock hard. She is excellent at her job and wastes no time getting him off. Watch her skillfully suck his tip, work the shaft with her lips and tongue and suck on his balls. Knowing how much her clients like to play with her pussy, Kristen climbs on top of Seth so he can taste and finger her as she brings him to the point of no return, letting him cum in her mouth as she swallows and licks up every drop.

Just 200$ – Alison Tyler & Jamie Stone

Alison Tyler is about to give Jamie Stone his first ever massage. All his friends have told him about the healing powers of Alison’s amazing hands and she is a huge turn on to look at. She’s a tall brunette with strong hands that know their way around the male body. Today Alison is having a bit of trouble keeping her silk robe closed which is just going to have you longing for the moment that she finally takes it off! Her big all natural breasts want to be free and they look amazing in the sexy bra that she’s wearing. Alison offers to take care of the raging hard on her client is sporting under his towel as she puts her mouth to work sucking him off. See her spit on his shaft as she works her lips up and down his rod as she sucks. Alison likes to suck the tip and there are many close ups of her doing just that. But tits like that are made to be fucked, so Alison lubes them up with oil and lets her client bang the fuck out of them before sucking him off and letting him cum on her nipples.

Word Of Mouth – Riley Reece & Julian Walker

Riley Reece wants two hundred bucks to melt away all the stress and strain Julian Walker is feeling from recent exercise regimens. The moment Riley sees him laying half-naked on the massage table she notices that Julian is in great shape. They skip the showers and bath completely so they have more time for this much needed massage parlor session together. Once he rolls over on his back, Ms. Reece starts probing the towel area and offers something a little extra because she thinks he’s good looking and she loves guitar players like Julian. As talented as Riley’s hands are, it’s amazing to see that mouth is even more special. Earning a cumshot for her effort, the big smiles she gives you at the end shows just how proud she is of herself!

Saved The Day! – Mia Lelani & Brad Tyler

Brad Tyler saved the day for Mia Lelani by returning her credit card to her while she was at work and now she owes him a comped massage. Mia takes Brad into her massage room so that she can show him just how thankful she is for his kindness. Mia rubs his whole body down before reaching up under his towel to really thank him. Mia easily gets Brad hard with her oiled hands before she goes down to lick his balls and shaft with her tongue. Mia gives Brad a slow, deep and intimate blowjob that has him telling her just how good she is at her job. Mia tells Brad to look at her and enjoy the show she is putting on with her mouth, her spit, her hands and his stiff rod. Mia wants to give Brad the full service package as she seductively strips for him so that he can lick and play with her now wet pussy. As they 69, Mia starts to moan and get off, only enhancing the deep blowjob she’s giving to Brad. Mia lets Brad spew his jizz all over her tits as she keeps her promise to take care of him.

Loaded Gun – Danica Dillon & Jackson Ford

Jackson Ford’s got a big date later in the evening, so his buddy takes him in for a massage so that he doesn’t go into it fully loaded and full of cum. Jackson has no idea what’s coming his way as the beautiful Danica Dillon lubes him up for his massage. She gives him the standard rubdown with some extras that tease him. See her get on the table as she rubs her pussy on his ass while talking about cumming and the sensation that tickling causes. No man can resist the flirting that Danica puts down and Jackson is no exception. Danica takes her robe off to get the naked party started. Not one to be shy, Danica reaches right up under Jackson’s towel to stroke him hard before putting his dick slowly into her mouth. Danica loves his meat and she licks it to lube it up for a serious deepthroating. Hear and see her choke on it before she gets on Jackson’s face to let him taste her wetness. Danica is a dirty talker so you can hear her say how much she loves how, ”fucking hard” Jackson’s cock gets.

A Stoney Situation – Evan Stone & Ashley Stone

Evan Stone shows up for a sexy massage and accidentally gets paired up with Ashley Stone, his own brother’s wife! She needs to keep her work a secret from her husband and Evan is willing to help her separate her work life from her home life as a cheating housewife, in exchange for a free massage of his own. Guilt starts to set in half way through their adulterous interlude, and Ashely gets the idea to take her robe off as a way to make Evan stop talking so much. Of course that only makes their passions hotter and it isn’t long before she is 69 on top of him, jerking his dick with her talented hands while riding his mouth. Cumming inside a massage girl is nice, but cumming in the mouth of your brother’s wife makes it naughty as well!

The Card Counter – Tiffany Fox & Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez came into the massage parlor for a relaxing massage and got party lover Tiffany Fox as his masseuse. Tiffany is always up for a good time, so she gets to know Steven by chatting. The two have quite a bit in common and before long she’s offering to travel with him as his personal massage therapist. Tiffany takes her robe off to get more comfortable but it’s really in an effort to seduce her charge. She checks out his cock as he flips and you know she’s got oral on the mind. Tiffany boldly reaches right up and under Steven’s towel to stroke his cock as she’s rubbing him. He’s totally into it and Tiffany gets him hard with her mouth. Watch as she strokes his cock and sucks his balls before climbing on top of his face so that he can taste her juicy, wet pussy. Tiffany has big pussy lips and Steven buries his face in them. Tiffany lets Steven get close to popping in her mouth but lets him finish all over her perfect tits and nipples.

The Twins – Kris Slater & Brooklyn Blue

Brooklyn Blue has a sexy British accent and hot body that her clients go nuts for. She’s one of the most popular masseuses at the spa and her full body massages are world famous. Brooklyn has huge tits and strong hands that are perfectly manicured. She is a girly girl that always looks her best in high heels and expensive lingerie. Watch her lube up her DD tits so that she can rub them all over her clients chest. Brooklyn knows the best tips cum from customers that are happy and happy customers cum. Brooklyn climbs up on the table in her high heeled pink stilettos so that she can get Kris hard with her mouth. She uses her whole body when she gives head and seriously knows how to suck a good cock. Giving plenty of eye contact, Brooklyn is about as sexy as they come. Enjoy super close ups of her with his hard cock in her mouth as she works her head up and down along his shaft. He finishes all over her huge tits, leaving them glistening with cum.

Walk-in Customer – Alan Stafford & Laela Pryce

Laela Pryce gets a walk in customer that just so happened to be passing by her massage parlor after his girlfriend borrows his car and leaves him hanging. Little does Alan know he is in very good hands with Laela. Laela happens to specialize in the full body massage technique, which leads all of her clients to finish with a happy ending cumshot. Watch her tease Alan with her tits as she talks about how much she loves to suck cock. With that, Laela agrees to give him a blowjob since his girlfriend won’t. Laela taks her robe off revealing a super sexy and tattooed body underneath. She gets right to sucking her clients hard cock, working the tip with her mouth and tongue as she strokes the base with her strong hands. Hear Laela bounce his head off the back of her throat as she deepthroats his entire dong. Laela gets hers as well as she climbs on the table with Alan so that he can eat her wet pussy out. Laela lets him finish in her mouth and he leaves a very satisfied customer.

Secret Garden – Evi Fox & Mac Turner

Mac is one lucky gardener. Evi Fox is short on cash to pay him for his landscaping services so she barters her way into giving him a massage instead. Evi is a hot brunette and she wants to do right by her landscaper so she works his sore muscles hard and deep with her strong and oiled hands. But Evi knows she’s got to make this a massage for him to remember. Mac wants this massage to blow his mind and his wad, so Evi does away with her clothes and his towel. Watch as she starts to suck his cock, getting it hard in her mouth. Evi knows exactly how to work a dick and easily takes every inch of Mac’s rod down her throat. For an added treat, Evi lets Mac taste her wetness and fuck her tight pussy hole with his tongue. Our cameras bring you close up views of her pussy getting satisfied as Mac sucks and pulls on Evi’s full pussy lips. Sucking the tip and working his shaft with her hands, Evi lets Mac cum on her lips and in her mouth for his happy ending.

I Owe John Big Time – Casey Cummz & Brad Tyler

When Brad hears from his friend that he got a massage that included a blow job, he quits his video game and runs over to the massage parlor. Casey Cumz isn’t too specific about the service his friend got but Brad goes for it anyway. Casey is a hot brunette with soft, strong hands and she quickly gets to work kneading his back muscles to release some tension. Casey knows that the anticipation of what may come is what makes her massages so orgasmic, so she uses her hands slowly and methodically. When Brad can’t take it anymore he straight up asks for a Happy Ending and Casey gets right to it. Her tiny tits look amazing, as does her ass as she slowly steps out of her panties. Her ass is primed for a nice slap and her pussy is perfectly groomed with just the right amount of hair to play with. Still going slow, Casey uses her hands and mouth on Brads cock to get it hard. She spits on his shaft to lube it up then continues to work it until Brad cums in her mouth and on her tongue. Quite the happy ending.

How About A Happy Ending ? – Brandon Nash & Veronica Radke

Veronica Radke is a gorgeous brunette with skilled masseuse hands and a slamming petite body. Watch how she slowly caresses her clients shoulders, flirting with him from the very start of this massage. You immediately get the sense that this massage is going to get hardcore very soon because Veronica clearly wants her clients cock. She sneaks a peek at it as he turns, smiling about what is hidden under his towel. Its only a matter of minutes before her hands are massaging his dick, urging him to get hard. She skillfully runs her manicured fingers up and down his shaft before teasing his rod with her tongue. Veronica knows just how to use her tongue piercing to add extra sensation to her blowjob. At her clients request, Veronica works his balls with her mouth then strips out of her slinky satin robe. Watch her all natural breasts bounce as she runs her mouth up and down his cock, urging him to give her his cum.

Review Time ! – Alan Stafford & Sapphire Kiss

Sapphire Kiss is about to get ”reviewed” by Alan Stafford for her massage license renewal. Really all that is is a veiled attempt by him to get a free happy ending! And guess what, it works! Watch as Sapphire goes the extra mile with her client whom she believes is there to actually review her. She digs in deep to his sore muscles with her manicured ebony hands, distributing the oil evenly all around. Sapphire is model gorgeous and her brown coco skin radiates sexual energy. When Sapphire believes her job depends on getting her client off she quickly gets his cock hard with her full dark lips. She slurps as she sucks him off and you can hear this blowjob just as much as see it. Sapphire knows this has to be a good one so she makes sure to suck and lick her clients balls, neglecting nothing. You’ll get an extra treat when Sapphire takes off her thin satin robe to reveal her amazing tattooed body. As she gets up on the massage table for a 69 delight the close up shots of her dark pussy getting licked will surely be a treat for your cock.

He’s Not Gay ! – Kevin Wang & Eve Evans

Eve Evans is approached by a client who’s buddy is upstairs in her massage room. Apparently Kevin’s posse wants to make sure that he has a happy ending massage to reaffirm his manhood, so they throw Eve a few extra dollars to get the job done. Kevin has no idea that he is about to receive not only a deep tissue massage by a hot ass Latina but she’s gonna make him cum before the massage is over. Watch as Eve slowly works her skilled hands all over Kevin as he becomes putty in her hands. Eve is turned on at the prospect of surprising him with a little something extra and she makes sure that the lead up get’s him all worked up and wanting more. She puts on a private striptease show for him and her body is beyond gorgeous. Eve has a nice collection of tattoos that she shows off before rubbing oil all over her tits so that she can rub them all over Kevin’s chest. There is plenty of teasing before Eve pulls his towel down she that she can deepthroat his already hard cock. She gives a wet blowjob, easily taking him all the way down her throat.

A6usive Relationship – Brandon Nash & Teddy Rae

Teddi Rae’s boyfriend is a tool and he leaves her stranded on the roadside with no way to work. Luckily Brandon Nash is a super nice guy and happened to see the whole thing go down. He offers to give her a lift to the massage parlor and in return, Teddi offers him a free massage. Teddi is so thankful for Brandon’s support and generosity that she repays him in the best way she knows how, which happens to be orally! Teddi doesn’t skimp on the massage that she gives him but she definitely puts the extra effort into sucking him off and making him cum. Watch as she strips out of her robe to reveal a perfect set of tits and a banging ass. Teddi is shaved naked, so you can see her pink pussy lips as she sucks Brandon’s thick cock. She lets him finger her until she needs to feel his mouth on her pussy as well, hopping up on the table to let him eat her out in a 69. Teddi sucks the tip of his cock, working his shaft with her hands until Brandon delivers his fresh load of cum all over her tits.