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Mabel Moore at XLGirls: The Moore You See The Moore You Want

Mabel Moore at XLGirls: The Moore You See The Moore You Want

Mabel Moore at XLGirls: The Moore You See The Moore You Want

XLGirls was way overdue for a spectacular British arrival to make us boob drunk and cause brain freeze. Mabel Moore is that arrival. She’ll blow your mind even before she takes off her bra. There’s no concealing those enormous breasts.

Wearing classic lingerie–black bra, garters, panties and heels–Mabel enters her bedroom and sees her toy collection of wands and vibrators laid out on the bed. She gets into bed and tries them out, licking them, plugging her pussy and vibrating her nipples.

Some members at write some interesting comments when they see a girl who motivates them. Others simply write “more.” We’re sure Mabel Moore will get a lot of “more” comments.

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Diana Eisley & The Handyman

Diana Eisley & The Handyman

Diana Eisley & The Handyman

It’s a hot, sunny day, a perfect day for young and stacked Diana Eisley to put on her tiniest string bikini that has less fabric than a package of dental floss and recline in the sun at poolside. Sean the handyman walks into the backyard looking for something to do.

Diana will give him work that countless guys would beg, cheat, rob and steal to get.

Diana asks him to oil her up. In our book, this is a great honor. Her pale, white skin shines in the sun as Sean squirts her sexy body and huge natural breasts with baby oil. Together they rub the oil into her smooth flesh, with most of the rubbing going to her tits. They pull her bikini top to the side to get at her boobs. For SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year 2020 runner-up Diana, this handyman comes in handy.

Diana sits up and cups her boobs for more oil. Sean stands up to squirt them. Diana reaches for his junk and takes his cock out of his shorts. She’s handy, too, and gets a good grip on his dick and balls, examining it, jerking, rubbing and playing with it. Since becoming a SCORELAND Girl, Diana’s picked up experience in her porn scenes with JMac, Milan and other porn studs.

Diana towels off her oily body so she and Sean can get to know each other much better in the bedroom. She continues her cock and balls worship on the bed, giving him deep-throat head and wrapping her tasty tits around his shaft for a boob-massage. She really concentrates on pleasuring him with her mouth and breasts, very attentive and studious. “Wanna fuck?” Sean asks her, so Diana gets on her hands and knees and waits for him to penetrate her from behind and pump her furry pussy. She’s ready to get fucked. As we said before, this is his lucky day.

“Doing porn has changed the way I look at myself and it has given me more confidence in how I am,” Diana said.

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TS Jade Venus Fucks Marilyn Johnson – Jade Venus & Marilyn Johnson

TS Jade Venus, a tall, slender brunette, wears frilly lingerie with specially designed panties that display the cock and balls forming her bulge. Slim, blonde cisgender girl Marilyn Johnson has small, natural tits, a cute butt and pale, tattooed skin. Both look hot batting eyelashes as they invite you to watch them fuck. Jade’s big, bouncy boner springs forth. She releases her boobs and caresses her big cock. The girls kiss, and Jade sucks Marilyn’s nipples. Marilyn gives Jade a blowjob, choking, gasping, leaving trails of spit. Jade spreads Marilyn’s shaved pussy. Marilyn bends over the table for a standing, doggie-style fuck. Marilyn gives more worshipful head, with two-hand stroking, ball licking, fingering and a rim job! Jade fucks her throat as Marilyn masturbates. Marilyn rides she-dick, moaning. See kissing, deepthroat head, vibrator buzzing and more fun fucking. A cum facial splashes Marilyn’s tongue, and the girls share sloppy, she-semen kisses.