Parlor Tricks: Teacher Trap – Ryan Keely & Kiarra Kai

Ryan Keely walks into the massage parlor and is greeted by Kiarra Kai. She must be her two o’clock client–, Kiarra begins, but stops abruptly when there is a moment of recognition between her and Ryan. Oh, hi Mrs. Keely, Kiarra says. Hi Kiarra, Ryan says with a nervous laugh. She didn’t know that Kiarra worked here, Ryan says conversationally. Yeah, she moved out of her parent’s place when she turned 18, so being a masseuse helps pay the bills, Kiarra says brightly. There is a second of awkward silence.

So…obviously Ryan is here for a massage, Kiarra breaks the silence with a laugh. Yes, she is, laughs Ryan. The class that she teaches Kiarra in isn’t the only class that she handles at the college, Ryan says. In fact, she’s had a full course load this last semester, so she’s been pretty stressed and could use some…relief, Ryan says. Oh, she can definitely help Ryan there, Kiarra says with a hint of flirtation. So…should she waits for her masseuse here or goes into the room and wait for her there? Ryan asks. Well, her masseuse is here already!, Kiarra says brightly. Ryan looks around, confused. Um, she’s not sure—, Ryan begins. Kiarra laughs good-naturedly. ‘No, no, I mean I’M your masseuse today!’ Kiarra chuckles.

Ahhh, Ryan says with a self-conscious laugh. Um…she doesn’t mean to be rude, but she doesn’t think it would be…appropriate for Kiarra to massage her, Ryan says delicately. Oh….yeah, of course, she understands completely, Kiarra says, trying to cover up her disappointment. Well…why doesn’t Ryan head into the massage room and get settled in?, Kiarra suggests. She’ll send another masseuse in to take care of her, Kiarra adds helpfully. That would be great, Ryan says, relieved. Sorry again for any trouble, Ryan adds apologetically. No need to be sorry!, Kiarra answers. Ryan smiles and proceeds to the massage room.

With Ryan waiting in another room, Kiarra asks her colleague Kasey Miller to do the massage. But, she mischievously tells Kasey, she also had something…fun in mind that they could do. Kasey agrees.

In the massage room, Kasey has Ryan take off her clothes. As she disrobes, Kiarra peeks her head through the door, catching a glimpse of Ryan’s naked body. She licks her lips approvingly. Kiarra and Kasey share a glance as Kiarra tosses Kasey an encouraging thumbs-up. Ryan sees none of this and lies face down on the table. Kasey begins the massage.

After massaging Ryan for a while, Kasey lies, telling her that she needs to get more oil and that she’ll be right back. But instead of coming back, Kiarra comes in and takes Kasey’s place. Ah, she’s back, Ryan says dreamily, with her eyes still closed. Mm hmm, Kiarra says, pouring oil on Ryan’s back. Good, keep going! Ryan says in blissful consent. As she begins to massage Ryan, Kiarra bites her lip, loving her teacher’s body. Before long, Kiarra works her way down Ryan’s back and begins to gently massage her ass. Ryan moans with pleasure.

Kiarra continues to caress Ryan’s ass, pouring more oil on it as the massage becomes increasingly erotic. Seeing that Ryan is becoming swept-up, Kiarra presses her advantage, lightly grazing Ryan’s pussy. Ryan gasps but doesn’t resist. Ohhhhh, Ryan says with a smile. That feels so good, DON’T stop, Ryan whispers. Kiarra begins to softly caress Ryan’s pussy.

As Kiarra increases the intensity of her fingering, Ryan moans breathlessly, sticking her ass up in the air to meet the thrusts of Kiarra’s fingers. With her finger banging reaching a fever pitch, Kiarra suddenly says ‘Oh yeah,’ without thinking. Hearing this, Ryan opens her eyes wide. Wait a minute…, Ryan exclaims, that voice… quickly flipping over. Her mouth drops open in shock when she sees Kiarra standing above her. Kiarra?! How could she—?, Ryan trails off in disbelief. If she had known it was actually Kiarra giving her the massage, she would NEVER have let it go this far, Ryan says, shaking her head. It’s so inappropriate! Well, Ryan wasn’t complaining a few minutes ago, Kiarra points out. And they’re not IN class right now, Kiarra says seductively, caressing Ryan’s leg. Ryan smiles. Kiarra grins back at her. Their lips collide in a passionate kiss.

Kiarra set quite the trap for her teacher, but Ryan’s definitely not complaining about getting caught in it…

Who Doesn’t Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

Who Doesn’t Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

Who Doesn't Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

“I am not afraid of the camera.” said Karina Hart, a name that figures prominently in the history of both SCORE and Voluptuous magazines and is a prominent name in the 25th silver anniversary issue of Voluptuous.

“I like to show off and play and be very outgoing, so when I am modeling, yes, it is very natural. I really do not think about whether I am good or bad in front of the camera.”

Some girls are changed when they begin posing.

“I think that sometimes in my private life, I can be very shy, and when the camera goes on, the real Karina comes out.”

See More of Karina Hart at SCORELAND.COM!

Boss’s Bratty Daughter – Abigail Mac & Casey Calvert

Ohmygod, Abigail Mac grumbles, ‘you’re like the third troll from her office who’s shown up today.’ This is just like her mom, Abigail whines, making everyone else do her dirty work while she gets to go off wherever and whenever she pleases, Abigail says, laughing humorlessly.

Actually yeah, that DOES sound a lot like her, Casey Calvert agrees, a look of annoyance flashing on her face. But can she come in and take care of this so she can get out of Abigail’s hair?, Casey asks. Abigail sighs loudly again. Fiiinnnne, but like, hurry UP, Abigail says, inviting Casey in. Abigail says that her mom’s office is in the back, waving dismissively toward the back of the house. Casey exits the room to send the email. Abigail plops back on the couch, visibly annoyed that she has a visitor. As she waits, looking at her phone, an idea seems to form inside her head and she smiles slyly.

After Casey sends the email and comes back into the living room, Abigail asks to take a selfie with her because she looks like her friend. Even though Casey feels that it’s a weird request, she agrees and sits down on the couch to take the pic.

Abigail surprises Casey by kissing her on the mouth and snapping a pic of the kiss. Abigail tells Casey that she plans on showing the photo to her mom to piss her off. Look, she knows that her mom can be…difficult, and that she treats most people like crap, but it’s just something that Casey has learned to deal with, Casey says. When she becomes an adult and starts working for a living, she’ll start to figure that out. So maybe Abigail… can just learn to deal with it too instead of trying to make her mom mad, which won’t even really help in the end, Casey asks, trying to reason with her. ‘Don’t patronize me!’ Abigail bites back, insisting that she’s 19 and perfectly adult already. It has nothing to do with Casey being an adult, it’s just whether Casey is willing to stand up for herself or not. ‘I know that I’m like, totally sick of her treating ME like crap. Aren’t you?’ Abigail says. Of course she is, but the fact is, no matter how Casey feels, she still REALLY needs her job, Casey continues, pleading with Abigail to delete the photo. Abigail agrees to delete the photo on one condition: that Casey fucks her. Desperate to keep her job, Casey agrees. Abigail leans over and kisses Casey, slipping off Casey’s top and revealing her perky tits.

She may be giving the boss’s bratty daughter exactly what she wants, but it doesn’t mean Casey won’t enjoy every second of it too!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Handsome_Devil!

Hime: Gaping Anal, Facial, Swallow! – Mick Blue & Hime Marie

Slim, topless sexpot Hime Marie teases director Mick Blue, modeling skintight leggings under pink fishnet pantyhose. The spunky blonde fingers her twat, talks dirty and crams Mick’s mega-cock deep into her mouth for a gagging, ball-lapping blowjob. Hime rips open her pants and takes a rambunctious ride on Mick’s prick. He stuffs his massive meat into her sphincter, buttfucking the petite cutie to rectal gaping. Hime fondles her clit through an intense anal reaming. She slobbers sucking dick ass-to-mouth, and she rims Mick’s bunghole. He rewards Hime with a creamy cum facial; she scoops the sperm into her mouth and swallows.

Kiarra: Fuck, Deepthroat & Cum Facial! – Bryan Gozzling & Kiarra Kai

Raven-haired Kiarra Kai, looking hot in a kinky choker leash, runs her hands over her caramel skin. Director/stud Bryan Gozzling lifts her top to inspect her pierced nipples. She pants heavily as he aggressively fingers her pussy and bunghole. Bryan slides his cock down her throat for a wet blowjob. His hard prick porks her cunt doggie-style. She jerks his prick as her hungry tongue massages his asshole in a nasty rim job. Kiarra cums hard with Bryan’s boner pounding her tight twat. See tasty rimming, a spit-splattering, deepthroat blowjob and a splashy cum facial.

TS Khloe + Stud: BJ, Anal & Cum Facial – Sebastian Keys & Khloe Kay

Tan, seductive TS Khloe Kay teases in sheer lingerie, tight fishnets and black, high-heeled boots. Khloe kneels submissively before male stud Sebastian Keys, stroking her stiff she-prick as she gives a slobbery blowjob. The leggy brunette squeezes Sebastian’s meat against hers, jerking in unison as they passionately kiss and caress. She moans lustfully as Sebastian sodomizes her, masturbating to climax when Sebastian rims her butthole. A hot cum facial rewards Khloe for all the anal fun.

Bi-Sexually Active #03 – Audrey Noir & Pierce Paris & Mason Lear

Mason Lear is starting to get a little creeped out by his wife’s gay best friend, and their neighbour, constantly showing up and just happening to watch him when he is in the shower. Audrey Noir seems to feel Mason is purposely leaving the door open to tease him. In any case, Mason will be coming over later to watch tv and drink with them. Mason tells him if he wants to suck his cock he wants to watch Pierce Paris eat Audrey’s pussy. Wow, that is a first for this gay man but he really wants to suck on the Mason stick so he goes down on Audrey. Soon they both are sucking masons cock and he is pounding both of them.

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Fresh air and sunshine do a body good, and when that body belongs to super-chica Sofia Damon, look out for those big swinging breasts. They could knock a guy out. The fickle finger of fate pointed at Sofia when she was fourteen and chose her to develop the kind of bra-busting breasts that other women pay to get.

Sofia takes her workout session outdoors. Running in place, jumping, swinging and hopping, her enormous natural tits are not strapped down by a sports bra. They’re free to move without restraint. (Some much smaller-busted girls wear two sports bras when they workout.)

The video also includes brain-freezing slow motion that can easily make a guy boob-drunk after a few minutes. Sofia, who’s in great shape, doesn’t play sports or workout regularly.

After her workout, Sofia gets totally naked for a different kind of exercise, digital manipulation of her wet, pink cookie.

See More of Sofia Damon at SCORELAND.COM!

Sarah Lee: A Classic Bathing Beauty Shoot

Sarah Lee: A Classic Bathing Beauty Shoot

Sarah Lee: A Classic Bathing Beauty Shoot

The first half of the 1990s were the boom years for big busted exotic dancers with massive implants in both North America and in the UK. Then in 1994, a new magazine called Voluptuous was created by The SCORE Group and the naturals were the focus. Girls like Danni Ashe, Louise Montgomery and Michelle Willings. They came in all shapes and sizes and their main similarity was their natural tits.

Sarah Lee came along at the right time for this magazine although Sarah was certainly slim enough for SCORE magazine and also appeared in its pages (June 1995, July 1996).

A lot of the girls in Voluptuous over the years were one-and-done models, shot by freelance photographers around the USA and the UK in small cities and towns. They’d pose for quick cash and resume their regular activities. Sarah posed for over a dozen magazine pictorials at the SCORE studio in London and did several video scenes. Today, a girl like Sarah would model in a matching set and video. Back in the 1990s, when magazines ruled, the emphasis was more on still shoots than videos.

See More of Sarah Lee at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

A Most Special Occasion – Alina Lopez & Vera King

Vera King sits on the couch. Alina Lopez walks in, carrying two glasses. They smile sweetly at each other. Vera thanks her for the beverages…. champagne!?, Vera asks warily, her eyes scrutinizing the glasses. Of course not, it’s just sparkling water! She’s only 19 after all, Alina says with a smile. Is Alina SURE that she didn’t want to go out tonight?, Vera asks her. It IS a special occasion, after all, Vera adds. Yes, she’s sure, she wanted to stay in and celebrate, that way she’d have Vera all to herself, Alina says flirtatiously. So, should they toast?, Alina asks. Absolutely, Vera responds. They raise their glasses. ‘To you, my love, my heart, my best friend, happy anniversary’, Alina says, looking into Vera’s eyes lovingly. ‘And to you, my special girl, I love you SO much. Happy anniversary’, Vera says. They kiss lovingly and sit back on the couch, looking at each other with deep affection.

Can Vera believe it’s already been a year?, Alina asks. No, she really can’t, it seems to have gone by SO fast, Vera says in wonder. But it’s been the best year of her life, Alina says. Hers too, she never DREAMED that she would find her true love at this point in her life or under such strange circumstances, but she has, Vera says happily, stroking Alina’s hand. Better late than never right?, Alina says. They laugh, followed by a moment of silence. Does Vera ever…feel bad about how everything happened?, Alina asks, breaking the silence. Vera looks at her sympathetically. No honey, and neither should Alina, Vera says. ‘We never meant to hurt him. The heart…wants what the heart wants, and my heart wanted…you’, Vera says softly.

So…when did she know that what was happening between them was MORE than just a fling?, Alina asks. Well, it had to be when they finally got to spend that weekend alone together, when he went away for that business trip, Vera says. It was actually in the morning that weekend, Vera continues. When she opened her eyes and she looked over at Alina, and she was so beautiful, and she just…she just KNEW, Vera says lovingly. She’ll never forget that weekend, Alina says.

She has something for Vera, a…surprise, Alina says gently. She just has to run to the other room to grab it, Alina says. But…Vera has to close her eyes and only open them when Alina tells her to, Alina instructs Vera. Yes ma’am, laughs Vera, closing her eyes. When Alina comes back a moment later and Vera opens her eyes, she sees Alina, who is on one knee with a small jewelry box open, a diamond ring resting inside. Will…Vera be…her wife?, Alina asks slowly, her voice heavy with emotion.

‘…well I…WOW, ‘ Vera stammers, at a loss for words. Just…just stay RIGHT there, Vera says quickly, reaching behind the cushion next to her. Vera withdraws a small jewelry box from behind the cushion and slowly gets down on one knee and opens her own jewelry box, holding it out for Alina. They both face each other, each on bended knee, each holding their engagement rings. Alina puts her hand over her mouth, overcome with emotion. ‘You took the words right out of my mouth,” Vera says gently. Alina embraces Vera fiercely and kisses her passionately. She pulls away from Vera for a moment. And for the record: the answer is yes, ABSOLUTELY YES, Alina says happily. Her answer is yes too, it’s ALWAYS been yes, Vera says. They slip away from each other and delicately slide their engagement rings on each other’s fingers.

‘People may look at us strangely–a mom and her stepdaughter getting married–but I don’t care, all I want is to be with you,’ Vera says sweetly. That’s all SHE wants too, Alina says. They pull each other close, kissing deeply as their eager hands caress each other’s bodies.

This occasion is turning out to be even more special than either one of these ladies could ever have anticipated.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalhead42!

Latina Alexis: Fuck, BJ + Cum Shots – Bryan Gozzling & Alexis Tae

Slender Latina Alexis Tae takes some selfies, showing off her perky tits and plump ass. Stud Bryan Gozzling runs his fingers along her bald pussy, and then he tongues her sweet butthole. He drenches her in oil. Alexis deepthroats his erect cock, catching her drool in her hands. Bryan slides his prick into her juicy cunt for a sizzling fuck. He pounds her vag as she cums all over his raging hard-on. Oiled-up muff stuffing, nasty rimming and serious throat fucking climax with two sticky cum shots for Alexis to enjoy.

2 TS + BBC: Interracial Anal Threesome – Sean Michaels & Aubrey Kate & Lena Kelly

TS superstars Aubrey Kate and Lena Kelly love showing off for the camera — the transcendent duo teases in colorful lingerie. They rim each other’s asshole. Legendary black porn stud Sean Michaels joins them for an interracial threesome! The sassy T-girls treat Sean to a decadent, slobber-soaked, double blowjob, gushing gag spit throughout. Sean stuffs his massive meat up Lena’s asshole as Aubrey assists, and then the girls switch roles. Intense trans action includes sloppy, ass-to-mouth deepthroating, a creamy cum facial and a messy, sperm-swapping finale.

Bi-Sexually Active #03 – Ruckus & Juliette March & Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson has really let Juliette March’s ex-boyfriend get under his skin. Sure there is some jealousy involved but it’s mostly because the guy is just so forward about coming onto him. Just the other night at the club he was literally humping his ass when they were all out on the dance floor. Now Wolf comes home and finds him (Ruckus) hanging out at the pool. But Juliette explains how hot Wolf is and can he really blame Ruckus for wanting to get up into that ass. Being a benevolent sort Wolf agrees to let Ruckus live out his fantasies and hops in the shower to get his cock nice and clean for Juliette and her ex-boyfriend to worship. And wow do they ever as immediately they are both sucking wolf hard and pretty soon Juliette is putting her pussy on whatever cock is ready for her. But the real love comes when Ruckus finally gets to sample that tight glory hole that is Wolf’s asshole. Love can be sweet.

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop

Erin Star and her friend Sophie Rose are ready to pop. The two impregnated moms-to-be came together to share their belly bumps and engorged tits on-camera for XL Girls. Their photographer was Roxanne Miller, a longtime XL Girl and SCORELAND Girl who’s also a talented photographer, and as a model, has a great rapport with other models.

Erin and Sophie enjoy fondling their fertility goddess bodies, first in tight dresses, bras and panties, then completely nude and barefoot after they help each other undress. They rub belly bumps, big breasts and big asses, oil each other’s tits and bellies, and jiggle and shake their breasts. Erin is the taller of the two. Her areolae are massive. They were very large and very pale before she was impregnated. Now they are a dark cocoa color.

“I love to masturbate,” said Sophie who was a cam girl. “It just keeps my body and mind healthy. The only detail I’ll share is that it happens twice a week since I stopped camming. I do enjoy performing with other models, on-cam or during a shooting, like with Erin, but I am not into sexual stuff with girls. Erin and Mia Sweetheart told me about The SCORE Group.”

See More of Erin Star at XLGIRLS.COM!

Codi Vore: Once Upon A Time In The Breast

Codi Vore: Once Upon A Time In The Breast

Codi Vore: Once Upon A Time In The Breast

The natural wonders of the world, the towering mountains, the fertile plains, the spacious skies full of stars. All pale in comparison to the wonders of girls such as Codi Vore and girls with her kind of voluptuous, curvaceous softness.

“One of the reasons I got into camming and into modeling in the first place, was to feel sexy and to be admired, and for somebody to be obsessed with my boobs is great. Also, I love having my nipples played with,” Codi said when she first connected with SCORE.

Codi’s partner Logan brings that kind of breast obsession to their coital coupling, spending quality time stuffing his mouth with Codi’s bodacious bazoombas.

It must have taken enormous willpower for Logan to remove his pocket-pipe from the warm hills of the supremely stacked Codi but he’ll resume tit-fucking this beautiful babe shortly. She parts her sweet lips for his pole and gives him the kind of head that guys dream of.

Codi sits on Logan’s lap and rides him. Her furry pussy is filled as her pace quickens and her legs tremble. Her tits bounce wildly, her breathing comes in gasps, she screams and the pleasure she’s getting shows on her pretty face.

Codi slows it down to a grind then resumes her fast fucking. This ride ends but not the sexual high they feel, so a new ride begins, this time fucking sideways for a new sensation.

See More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND.COM!

My School Bully’s Secret – Whitney Wright & Sabina Rouge

As Whitney Wright gets ready for her high school graduation in her bedroom, she reflects on her last year:

‘My Name is Whitney, and if you told me a year ago that I would meet the love of my life, I wouldn’t have believed you. You see, throughout this last year of high school, love was the furthest thing from my mind, because I was just trying to survive. The whole year had been hell for me and it was all because of one person: Sabina Rouge. She bullied me constantly, beat me up, took my lunch money and made fun of me for being a lesbian. With graduation coming up, I was looking forward to getting out of high school and never seeing her again. But then something amazing happened right before the graduation ceremony. Something I never expected in a million years. I was about to find out that Sabina had a surprise for me and it was a surprise that would change…everything.’

As she puts her graduation gown on, Whitney looks at herself in the mirror. Suddenly, she hears a knock at her door. Whitney leaves her room to go see who it is.

Whitney is shocked to find Sabina at her door. What the hell is Sabina doing here?, Whitney says, scared and wary. She just needs to talk to Whitney, please, she just needs one minute, it’s really important, she knows that Whitney doesn’t owe her anything, but she’s just asking for one minute and then she’ll leave her alone forever, Sabina pleads. Whitney narrows her eyes suspiciously at the girl, thinking it over. Fine, one minute, Whitney says grudgingly and motions for Sabina to come into the living room.

They sit down on the couch. So…she actually wanted to apologize to Whitney for…everything, Sabina says slowly. Ok sure, Whitney begins, incredulous. Why should she care about an apology after everything Sabina has put her through?, Whitney asks. She also wanted to explain why she did what she did, Sabina says hesitantly. ‘I’m listening,’ Whitney says coldly, her arms crossed over her chest. ‘Ok so…I’m gay,’ Sabina says, exhaling loudly. Whitney’s jaw drops. She knows that it’s no excuse and it doesn’t change what she did, but Sabina was so scared to admit that she was gay, and that fear turned to anger, Sabina says. She saw Whitney, and saw how strong Whitney is, and how she never apologized for being gay, Sabina continues. Whitney had the strength to accept who she is and that made Sabina jealous, so she turned her anger on Whitney when the whole time…she was really developing feelings for Whitney, Sabina continues. At this, Whitney’s eyes go wide and her demeanor towards Sabina softens a bit. She uncrosses her arms.

It’s taken a lot of work and sleepless nights, but now Sabina has finally accepted that she is gay and needed to come here today to tell Whitney how she felt. Since now they’re both 18 and graduating, she realizes this is her last chance, since she knows that Whitney is going to leave this town and go on to do amazing things, Sabina continues. And they’ll probably never see each other again, Sabina finishes, looking down. After a long silent moment between them as Sabina struggles to meet Whitney’s eyes, Whitney speaks. She understands how hard that was to say, and no, that doesn’t change anything that Sabina did, but Whitney still appreciates her honesty and her courage coming here today, Whitney says kindly.

The tension broken a bit, Sabina looks at her and smiles tentatively. ‘You know, I would have said yes,’ Whitney says. ‘Would have said yes to what?’ Sabina asks, puzzled. ‘I would have said yes if you had just asked me out – before you started being so cruel to me,’ Whitney says. Now it’s Sabina’s turn for her eyes to go wide. Is Whitney serious or is she just getting back at her for all the crap she’s put her through?, Sabina asks cautiously. No, she’s totally serious, Whitney says softly, seeing Sabina for the first time as a completely new person: a shy, insecure, imperfect girl who is just looking for love. ‘Well if you want, maybe we could go get something to eat after the grad ceremony—just as friends of course,’ Sabina suggests tentatively. Whitney considers this for a moment. Sure, that sounds nice, and Sabina can pick her up here after they both change after the ceremony, Whitney says. Sabina’s face lights up. ‘But you’re paying. It’s the least you could do after all the lunch money you’ve taken from me,’ Whitney adds with a bittersweet tone. ‘Deal,’ Sabina smiles back, a note of regret in her voice.

Later, after their meal, Whitney and Sabina come into Whitney’s room, laughing and chatting. She is only realizing now that she never really knew Sabina at all, Whitney muses. Yeah, nobody really knows her, she never lets anyone in because she’s afraid that they’ll find out her secret, Sabina says. ‘So I put on this mask so nobody can see the real me. Except for tonight. This is the first time, maybe ever, that I’ve shown someone the real me,’ Sabina says. Well, she had an amazing time getting to know the REAL Sabina, Whitney says. She likes the real her a lot better. Sabina wishes she could go back and time and undo it all, because if Whitney was serious that she would have said yes to a date, she sees now just how much she missed out… even if it was just as friends, she can’t imagine how any other date can ever be as good as that, Sabina adds sweetly. Whitney says that maybe they can’t turn back time, but they can still start fresh. She inches closer to Sabina on the bed and Whitney puts her hand on Sabina’s leg. Whitney smiles, stroking Sabina’s cheek with her other hand. Sabina’s eyes go wide, and she stares into Whitney’s eyes like a deer in headlights. Whitney takes Sabina’s face in her hands and brings her in for a kiss. Sabina hesitates. She’s nervous. She doesn’t know what to do, Sabina confesses sheepishly. ‘Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out together,’ Whitney says sweetly. She softly kisses Sabina’s pouty lips.

It’s safe to say that Sabina’s secret really DID change everything.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Jerichoholic!

Their Mom’s Inheritance – Kenzie Reeves & Zac Wild

Kenzie Reeves and her step-brother, Zac Wild, step into their late mother’s massage parlor. They inherited the place between them and although the memories it brings are bittersweet, they’re happy to be there together. Even so, they’re not sure yet whether they should sell the place or keep it.

As they further explore the massage parlor, Kenzie slowly becomes more intrigued and curious about taking on the business. They come across a bottle of NURU gel, which makes them question what kinds of sexy things their mom got up to without them knowing. The mental image seems to be too much for Kenzie, until Zac bets that she can’t pull off the same kind of massage as her mom, which she’ll NEED to do if she wants to run the place. Wanting to prove that she’s every bit as stubborn as her mother, Kenzie takes Zac up on the bet.

Although Zac enjoys a sensual shower with his sister, it isn’t until they hit the inflatable mattress that things really get wet and wild. As Kenzie pours oil all over him and slides around, he can hardly believe his luck. Knowing that she’s arousing him with every touch, Kenzie pushes him to his limit, even pausing to cheerfully rub her pussy in front of him. Zac has to bite his knuckles to hold himself back, though he’s over the moon when Kenzie finally relents and lets him in. She wants to have some more fun and show him once and for all what a spitfire she really is.

Gaping Chloe’s Anal Slam-Fuck & Facial – Bryan Gozzling & Chloe Cherry

Super cute blonde Chloe Cherry can’t help touching her pussy while she chats with director/stud Bryan Gozzling. She gasps as Bryan wraps his fingers around her neck and then spreads her ass cheeks to expose her tight sphincter. Chloe chokes on his cock in a deepthroat blowjob, collecting her viscous gag spit in a bowl! Bryan slam-fucks her butthole, making Chloe spasm in orgasmic delight. She loves the way stiff meat feels filling her ass! Sexy anal fucking, expansive rectal gaping and a sloppy, ass-to-mouth blowjob culminate in a messy cum facial for Chloe to savor.

TS Ella + Stud: BJ, Anal & Cum Facial – Dante Colle & Ella Hollywood

Pale, super-cute TS Ella Hollywood playfully teases in black heels, a tight top, and bulging white panties. The tiny blonde masturbates, caressing the tip of her she-dick; she tastes her sweet pre-cum and blows a kiss. Ella makes out with stud Dante Colle and treats him a blowjob that leaves her gagging. She trembles when Dante drives his thick dong up her ass, and she whimpers through a thorough rectal reaming. Ella’s stiff prick bobs as she bounces on Dante’s boner; she drips sperm as he drills her. Their passionate anal session features filthy ass-to-mouth throat fucking and climaxes with a cum facial for Ella

Cuck em All #04 – Lauren Phillips & Donnie Rock & D. Arclyte

A couple seeks the help of a therapist to help them through a troubled patch in their marriage. It seems Lauren Phillips has been cheating non stop on her husband D. Apparently she does not find him much of a man and feels he has no balls. Being a very seasoned and educated therapist, Dr. Rock tries to calm the situation and let the upset couple air their feelings. Turns out all the wife wants to do is fuck other men and humiliate her husband as she has Dr. Rock’s cock down her throat halfway through the session and is soon pounding away. Horrified he remains in the room as the therapist reminds him running from the problem will not solve it. He must confront the problem and watch his wife squirm and fuck frantically on that hard therapy cock.

Tyra Tinley: 38N-cup Tape Buster

Tyra Tinley: 38N-cup Tape Buster

Tyra Tinley: 38N-cup Tape Buster

“I want to join the Mile High Club,” said Tyra Tinley, a bra-smashing girl many would like to fly with.

“I would like to sit next to a very attractive man on a plane. We’d have some hot foreplay and I would give him the best blow job, not caring if anyone sees us. I’m assertive.

“I don’t have sex nearly enough. Maybe twice a month, maybe a little more or less. My favorite positions are missionary and cowgirl. I like kissing, fondling a little bit. Maybe a little body rubbing. Lots of soft touches get me going. I enjoy having my anus licked.”

Tyra remembered the time she had some horny BJ fun in a car.

“I pulled the guy’s dick out of his pants and told him to put it in my mouth. We came to a light and I literally sucked him off. Yes, I was behind the wheel.”

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Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

“I think guys mostly look in my eyes, but if they are looking at my chest, I don’t say anything. Sometimes I am not looking at their eyes, either! I like when a man can get me talking. If I am enjoying the conversation, it doesn’t matter where we are.”

Models should have fun and Cheryl Blossom looks like she’s having fun on-camera, whether it’s in a studio or doing webcam shows.

“I consider myself to be 95% heterosexual. Sometimes my friend and I are on the webcam together but everything that happens there is just kidding. Now I am meeting more busty girls like myself and it’s very exciting.”

Cheryl takes over the home bar in this shoot and makes the countertop her stage. Drink up!

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Sarah Lee’s Hay Barn Hangout

Sarah Lee’s Hay Barn Hangout

Sarah Lee's Hay Barn Hangout

For a change of location, Sarah Lee was filmed on a hay barn set instead of a bedroom. All-told, Sarah was photographed for magazine layouts over a dozen times during a two-year span (1994-1995) plus a few solo videos and one hardcore scene with Brit porn performer Marino.

Some web bloggers have her place of birth as Stockholm, Sweden but that’s incorrect. Sarah was born in the West Midlands of England on July 14, 1973 and traveled to London to model at the SCORE studio.

Sarah said she was used to being stared at and admired in the street but she tended to avoid responding to comments strangers made in passing, not even looking at them.

Little did they guess that Sarah showed off her naked body in a photo studio. She wasn’t the glitz and glam type of Page 3 showgirl to inspire that kind of speculation, unlike some of today’s models, Danniella Levy or Katie Thornton, for example, who literally stop traffic.

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Veronika sucks and fucks her son’s best friend

Veronika sucks and fucks her son’s best friend

Veronika sucks and fucks her son's best friend

When 55-year-old Veronika Vixon walks into her son’s bedroom, she sees his best friend sleeping in bed. But what really catches her eye is his cock. Talk about morning wood! The guy is tenting, and Veronika can’t resist. Curious about the actual size of that cock, she gently lifts the blanket off his dick and starts sucking it.

“Mrs. Vixon, what are you doing?” he says, waking up startled. Wouldn’t you be startled if you woke up and found your best friend’s mom sucking your dick?

“You need to just relax, okay?” Veronika says. “My husband is not home and I haven’t been fucked in months, so just let me suck on this cock and I’m going to fuck you hard.”

He protests, sort of. After all, how hard can a man protest when a sexy MILF is sucking his cock?

Fact of life, gentlemen: It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are. When your cock is in a woman’s mouth, she has all the power.

Veronika sucks his cock long and deep and fucks him hard. Then Johnny cums in her mouth and all over her tits. He’s 22 years old, by the way. Nearly young enough to be her grandson, let alone her kid’s best friend.

“I have done some wild things,” Veronika said. “The most-fun job I ever had was working at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada. The girls who worked there were so entertaining and, of course, the customers even more so. It was thoroughly exhausting but definitely the most-interesting and fun job I’ve ever had.”

Until now, of course. But this isn’t a job for Veronika. She’s just doing what comes naturally: fucking her son’s best friend.

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As real as it gets

As real as it gets

As real as it gets

When this scene opens, very blonde wife Victoria Lobov, 47, is wearing red lipstick and sexy red lingerie that her big, fake tits are pouring out of. Tyler can’t keep his hands off of her, and we can’t blame him. Her lace bra is very sexy. Her tits are amazing. Tyler motorboats himself. He’s a tit man, and Victoria is just his kind of woman.

Victoria is obviously enjoying herself, too. She loves how much attention Tyler is paying to her tits and grinds her pussy into his crotch. She can feel him getting harder and harder. She wants his dick, so she takes off his pants and swallows his cock.

Then they fuck, and one of the highlights is when Tyler is fucking Mrs. Lobov in the missionary position and they kiss. It’s a real kiss, a passionate kiss, and it tells us this isn’t just porn fucking we’re watching. It’s real fucking between two people who are really into each other. You can tell from Victoria’s little girly moans and the way she looks up at him, the way her hard nipples point to the ceiling. There is absolutely something voyeuristic about this scene.

40SOMETHING: Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?
Victoria: In the lavatory of an airplane. It was a commercial flight. We were going to Europe. It was a long flight. I was with my husband, and it was getting boring, so you drink, then you drink a little more and you touch each other and get all excited. And you have a lot of time, so he needed to go to the bathroom because he couldn’t sit there with a bulge in his pants, and then I thought, “Why not follow him?” So I just did that. I knocked. Nobody saw me, and there were two of us inside, and it was tight.

40SOMETHING: Did the flight attendants see you go in there?
Victoria: No. It was a long flight. Nobody saw us. Well, maybe somebody saw, but nobody interrupted us.

40SOMETHING: Was this all-the-way sex?
Victoria: It was sex! All the way!

40SOMETHING: What were you wearing?
Victoria: I was wearing a dress. A mini-dress. It was easy access! We just stood there and we did it. It was the most-fun I’ve ever had. It was forbidden. It was something you’re not supposed to do. It was just exciting. Afterwards, I thought we could’ve been caught, but it was worth it.

40SOMETHING: Did the possibility that you might have been caught make it more exciting?
Victoria: Oh, yes, definitely.

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My Boyfriend’s Brother – Korra Del Rio & Pierce Paris

After Korra Del Rio finds out Wolf’s dirty secret, she can’t keep control of her emotions. When Pierce Paris comes to her room to check on her she uses that perfect moment to make a move on her boyfriend’s brother. When Pierce puts his strong hands on her, when he’s caressing her, all her pain disappears, he makes her feel alive. The taste of his lips, the heat of his breath on her neck, the pleasure she feels when he puts his fingers inside her… It’s more than she can imagine as they both burn with sexual desire and give in as their bodies connect deep and hard.

Chapter 2 – The Punishment – Mona Wales & Serene Siren

Sister Mona (Mona Wales) quickly recognizes that Mother Joan (Magdalene St-Michaels) doesn’t rule her convent like Mother Superior. Where once she was enveloped by sisterly love and accepted as beautiful soul, she is now burdened by oppressive shame and is punished for her lesbian ways. Sister Mary (Seren Siren) is intrigued by Sister Mona’s way of life and strongly disapproves of the way she is treated by Mother Joan. When Sister Mona finally voices her opinion and defends herself, Mother Joan forcibly puts her in her place. As a gesture of mercy, however, she allows Sister Mary to tend to her wounds. Sister Mary uses the intimate moment to understand more about her sister’s life in the other convent, especially about being with another woman. When Sister Mona questions the sanctity of her lesbian ways, Sister Mary kisses her neck. Her ravenous intrigue and desire radiates from her eyes as she stares at her vulnerable sister. Within moments, the sisters’ bodies intertwine and perform a lust-fueled spectacle worthy only of God’s audience.

Middle Of Nowhere – Seth Gamble & Jake Adams & Zoey Monroe


A young woman, Tania (Zoey Monroe), is walking down a deserted road, looking worried and tired. Her phone isn’t working and no one has driven by in what feels like forever. However, when gets scared away from the road by a coyote howl, she returns just in time to see the taillights of a car as it zooms past. She’s sure that she’s missed her chance at a timely rescue, though her prayers are answered when a second vehicle stops for her not long after.

When she approaches the car, the two men inside unsettle her. There’s something about the way they look at her and talk to each other that creeps her out. Yet, she can’t afford to turn down help, so she agrees to hitch a ride with them. Billy (Seth Gamble) and Willy (Jake Adams) are… odd… to say the least. Her nervousness intensifies when the brothers insist that they need to run an errand at their mother’s house first, then they’ll get Tania back on the road where she wants to be. Although Tania wants to protest, she doesn’t have a choice. She’s in the middle of nowhere and has to rely on the weird brothers to take care of her.

Once they arrive at the house, it becomes painfully obvious that they’ve brought her back to fuck her — together. They’ll take her to where she needs to go IF she lets them have a little fun with her. It’s her choice, though… she can fuck them or she can start walking out there in the middle of the night. Who knows what’s lurking in the dark?

Although Tania hesitates at first, she gives in, not wanting to take her chances out there. ‘Fine, but you better make it quick,’ she states as the brothers slowly grin.

Rough Day, Sweetie? – Adriana Chechik & Judy Jolie

Judy Jolie is relaxing on her bed when she receives a call from her wife Adriana Chechik. Judy greets her wife, asking her if she’s on her way home from work. Yeah, she’s on her way now, and thank god that she is, because that was the WORST day ever, Adriana says gloomily. Oh no, what happened baby?, Judy asks sympathetically. Well, they lost that big account and Adriana’s boss completely blamed her for it, even though it wasn’t her fault, Adriana responds. Unbelievable, her boss should remember that Adriana is the ONLY reason they landed that account in the first place, Judy says supportively. Yeah, Judy is right, but her boss will never admit that, Adriana says ruefully. Anyway, she’ll be there soon, Adriana adds. Ok well, when she does get home, she’ll have a VERY special surprise waiting for Adriana, Judy says. Adding that she’ll see her soon, Judy hangs up the phone.

When Adriana gets home, her bad day is instantly improved when she finds Judy waiting in bed for her and wearing some sexy lingerie. Just sit back and let her take care of everything, Judy says with a mischievous smile. Adriana lies back on the bed as Judy strips off her wife’s clothes. Judy trails kisses down past Adriana’s neck, chest, and hips before she eventually reaches her dripping pussy. She begins eating Adriana out as Adriana throws her head back and gasps.

Judy’s going to do whatever it takes to make Adriana forget all about her rough day.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, luvisluv!

Kira Dominated: Anal Gaping/Cum Facial – Kira Noir & Bryan Gozzling

Spreading her legs to reveal her trimmed bush, black babe Kira Noir sexts with dominant stud Bryan Gozzling. She moans in anticipation as Bryan oils up her toned body and inspects every orifice. Deepthroating his stiff cock, Kira looks up with red eyes. Bryan stuffs her tight butthole full of meat and pumps aggressively as she cums on his shaft. Kira crouches on hands and knees to rim Bryan’s bunghole. See hot anal gaping, intense buttfucking, a raunchy, ass-to-mouth blowjob, and a creamy cum facial.

Cuck em All #04 – Tommy Gunn & David Christopher & Kate Kennedy

Poor David. His life is really shit. Every woman he marries ends up treating him bad. He’s like an old carpet constantly walked on. It’s not his fault he has been sick and unable to be a man. Can’t she just take care of him? Nope. His latest wife Kate Kennedy has already grown to hate him so much she has decided to try a career in porn. Plenty of good cock to get and the added benefit of embarrassing David in front of his entire family. David begs for her to quit this business so what does she do? She has a porn star over to ‘practice’ with her then she fucks him in David’s bed in front of him. Poor David. He hasn’t seen his cock hard in decades and he is made to watch porn star Tommy Gunn with his massive swollen blood bomber do some serious banging on his wife’s vagina. Wow does she love it. The more he cries the more she cums. Over and over again.

CUMSHOTS – BI Orgies #03 – Nick Gill & Tomm & Lady Dee & Angel Wicky & Shrima Malati & Daphne Klyde & Peter & Mark Black & Jeffrey Lloyd & Charlie Dean & Alessandro Katz & Lovita Fate & Steave & Alex Vichner & Tomas Fuck & Chloe D & Boris Lang

Horny couples and friends enjoy a Bi Orgy with hot cumshots.

Willing to Do Anything – Lady Dee & Peter & Mark Black & Lovita Fate & Alex Vichner

Lovita Fate and Lady Dee meet with a few aspiring actors. They ask them what they are willing to do to get the job. When they hear anything! They take advantage and engage in a steamy bi orgy where they get the best of both worlds leaving everyone cumming harder than ever!

Savana Blue: I Love Cock

Savana Blue: I Love Cock

Savana Blue: I Love Cock

Yes, the extremely hot and horny Savana Blue does love the cock and we saw this from the start. This XL Girls scene begins with interviews of both Savana and her X-Man Carlos Rios.

Ladies first.

“I love sex,” says Savana. “I love being fucked every way possible. I love it in my pussy, my ass, I love sucking dick. I just love sex. I love doggie-style. I think doggie-style is my favorite.”

What does Savana want Carlos to do to her? She’s been eager for his package since they met.

“I want Carlos to treat me like a dirty little slut. I want him to fuck me balls-deep with that cock that I know is gonna be huge. I want him to grab my hair and force me to take his cock in my mouth. I wanna suck his dick deep and give him a sloppy blow job. I want him to fuck the shit out of me.”

As Carlos points out, “She has an inner demon that she wants to let out.”

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Bad, Busty & Butt-Banged

Bad, Busty & Butt-Banged

Bad, Busty & Butt-Banged

Sabrina Linn chatted before her cocksman started sucking on her ringed nipples and licking her multi-pierced, shaved cunt. The bad-girl version of Barbie is definitely not the girl-next-door although she has a voice like one. Her huge, nipple-pierced tits are also definitely not GND.

“Half of me is a really good girl,” Sabrina told SCORE‘s editor, who she politely calls “Sir.”

“Half of me is a bad, crazy girl. My good attributes are: I’m a good mom; I’m a good girl in the community; I’m a wonderful friend and a good girl who does everything properly. And I’m also a really freaky, crazy chick who does everything wild. I do my own thing.”

First off, Sabrina’s voice alone is erection-producing. It’s ultra-feminine, soft and sugary with a slight Texas twang to it that makes it even hotter. She’s a natural for phone sex. Sabrina’s never modeled before although she’s been a swinger and swapper for years and has had sex in front of groups of couples and men (who were jacking while they watched her fucking.)

Sabrina’s also into women. We’d like to thank Sabrina for picking SCORE to be her first and only. As we mentioned before, she wrote a nice thank-you letter to SCORE‘s CEO after her visit.

Sabrina likes hot, nasty sex and she likes being watched while she’s having it.

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Veronika and her son’s best friend

Veronika and her son’s best friend

Veronika and her son's best friend

Today, Veronika Vixon is going to suck and fuck her son’s best friend.

She’s going to walk into her son’s room and see his best buddy fast asleep, his cock tenting the blanket. She’s going to get very intrigued. Very curious. She can’t believe his cock can be so big. How has little Johnny grown up to be such a big man? And how could she not have noticed how much he has grown?

So Veronika lifts the blanket, but she doesn’t just want to see what’s going on under there. She wants to taste it. To suck it. So she does, and when Johnny, who’s only 22 years old, wakes up, his cock is in Mrs. Vixon’s mouth.

At this point, he doesn’t know what to do, so Veronika tells him: Just lie back and enjoy. Which is very good advice because Veronika is a very sexy lady and, besides, how often do you get a blow job from your best friend’s hot mom?

Oh, right…she’s going to give him her pussy, too. And then she’s going to let him glaze her face. Because, hey, they’ve known each other for a long time but never like this.

Veronika is 55 years old. She was born in Santa Monica, California and lives in St. George, Utah. Yeah, the people in St. George–Mormon country–would probably be shocked by what she’s doing here. But they’re not going to find out, are they?

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A True Cock Lover

A True Cock Lover

A True Cock Lover

Anastasia loves cock. She savors it when it’s in her mouth (and she knows how to suck like a pro, even with braces). She moans and coos when thick man-meat stretches out her pussy. And this tight, little blonde cums the hardest when there’s a big dick in her asshole.

In this scene, she takes on a massive prick. It’s so big it barely fits in her mouth and pussy, and somehow she manages to squeeze it in her ass. It’s a feat only a true cock lover could accomplish.

Not only does she do anal, she gets an anal creampie, too. Because girls who love cock also love cum…especially when it’s dripping out of their just-fucked holes.

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Transfixed | S1 E10 | The Tea Party – April ONeil & Lena Kelly

Lena Kelly, beautifully dressed in an iconic blue dress with long stockings, skips through a lush meadow. She’s enjoying her leisurely stroll, though is curious when she sees a stuffed rabbit sitting on a tree stump. ‘That’s peculiar,’ she muses, though things get weirder still as she continues her walk. More stuffed rabbits, dessert in a teacup, a pocket watch hanging from a tree…

Her eyes trail to the ground where giant playing cards chart a path for her to follow. Her curiosity gets the best of her as she follows the path until she sees a blue potion waiting for her…

She stirs some time later, finding herself outside a beautiful and whimsical house. Unable to resist its allure, Lena wanders inside and admires the space, which is decorated with bright stuffed animals and more playing cards. A dining table has a delicious assortment of treats laid out for her… with none other than the eccentric April O’Neil sitting at the head.

Even though April is surrounded by treats of all kinds, the only thing she wants a taste of is Lena!

She playfully tugs Lena into her lap and begins feeling her up, lifting Lena’s dress to play with her cock. It isn’t long before April is hungrily sucking Lena’s cock and making her tremble with intense need. When Lena’s ready, April happily bends over the table to enjoy a special treat of her own. Lena’s delighted to deliver, hoping that this is not all just a dream!

Spoiling The Wife – Mam Steel & Mischievous Kitty

Mischievous Kitty and her husband Mam Steel get home after a fun afternoon of shopping. Mam wants to see his voluptuous wife showoff all the sexy clothes that he got for her today, so they run upstairs, giggling flirtatiously as they go, anxious to get the fun started.

Kitty’s excited to flaunt her deliciously full-figured body for her husband and struts around for him. His jaw drops, wowed by thestunning lingerie that only accentuates her already-luscious curves.

Kitty’s fashion show is driving Mam absolutely WILD and he draws her to him, unwrapping her like a present as he peels off her lacynegligee. He buries his face between her heavenly breasts and sucks on her pierced nipples hungrily. The shapely seductress gets downon her knees and takes her man’s cock into her mouth, sliding her plump lips up and down his shaft. She goes even lower, tonguing hisballs as he moans, throwing his head back in unbridled pleasure, lost in his wife’s sensual touch.

Kitty slips his throbbing dick between her breasts and begins to tit-fuck him, bringing Mam to the edge of ecstasy. But just before hereaches the point of no return, Kitty lies down on the couch and beckons him forward. Mam eagerly obliges, slipping his dick into Kitty’sinvitingly wet pussy. He passionately fucks Kitty as she squeals in delight, her husband’s attentive love-making sending her into a frenzyof pleasure.

Today is all about Kitty, and Mam’s going to make sure that he pulls out all the stops to spoil his gorgeous wife.

Learn To Love Your Body – Ryan McLane & Khloe Kapri

Khloe Kapri enters a massage parlor, looking bright and excited as she approaches the masseur, Ryan McLane. After brief introductions, Khloe reveals that while she’s there to enjoy a massage, she’s a bit self-conscious about her butt, so she’d rather lay on her back for most of it. Ryan politely reminds her that they’re professionals, and that she paid for a full-body massage, but it’s ultimately all about making her comfortable!

Ryan leads her into the private room where Khloe undresses. She shyly climbs onto the massage table, then relaxes under Ryan’s firm but soothing touch. As he works his way from her shoulders down to her toes, Khloe becomes less tense and more confident. In fact, she feels so good that when Ryan asks if she wants to flip over so that he can massage her back, she’s game.

When Khloe flips over onto her front, Ryan continues massaging her, worshipping her bubble butt. The more love he shows for her it while kneading it, the more aroused Khloe becomes. Once Ryan starts massaging close to her pussy, she can’t stand the tension anymore. It’s time to have some fun!

Brimming with confidence, Khloe goes down on Ryan’s cock, then opens herself up to him. As Ryan sinks his cock into her pussy, all worries Khloe had about her self-image fades away as she enjoys herself to the fullest. It’s a good thing she decided to give into the full-body massage!

Blonde Emma: Interracial Fuck, Swallow – Rob Piper & Emma Hix

Dolled up in a corset and sheer stockings, slender, glamorous blonde Emma Hix is in the mood for Rob Piper’s big black cock! The all-natural young lady starts their interracial date off right, with a luxurious blowjob. She covers Rob’s meaty prick with drool. Emma mounts his thick dick and takes a ride. The ebony stud ruthlessly fucks her tight, little shaved pussy. He spurts a messy load of cream into Emma’s open mouth, and she happily swallows the hot semen.

Treasure Chest of the Sunshine State

Treasure Chest of the Sunshine State

Treasure Chest of the Sunshine State

Alana Lace‘s big boobs and her wet pleasure-slit need tender loving care at all times. If there’s no man around to tend to her, her toys or her fingers will do the trick. Alana goes three fingers deep, her huge breasts trembling and jiggling. Here’s a girl who is proud of her tits and we’re very lucky she is.

Alana reminds your veteran editors of the natural girls of the Big ’90s. Super-natural, super-breasted, earthy, girl-next-door types who remain very difficult to find in this over-buffed, Botoxed, filler-injected, lipo-suctioned era in both mainstream and adult modeling.

Girls like Lisa Miller, Michelle, Effie, Chloe Vevrier and in more recent years, Alaura Grey, Katrin Porto, Smiley Emma, Allie Pearson, Jennica Lynn and Briana Black.

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Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

Lana Ivans is pretty direct. When she was asked what she likes to do for fun back home in Romania, it only took a few seconds for her to answer in two words. “Have sex.” No arts and crafts, coupon collecting or watching Harry Potter movies. Two simple words: Have. Sex.

Her favorite position? “Me riding. Sixty-nine.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how does Lana rate herself on blow jobs? “I don’t know. They say I’m…10,” Lana said, giggling.

“I like a guy to fuck my boobs while I’m on top of him.” Lana added. “I like to wake a man up with a nice blow job.”

See More of Lana Ivans at SCORELAND.COM!

Sara Lee: Splayed Tits & Open Legs

Sara Lee: Splayed Tits & Open Legs

Sara Lee: Splayed Tits & Open Legs

Sarah Lee dances, strips off her clothes down to her garters, stockings and heels, pulls and tugs her pliable tits and rubs her furry pussy with her fingers. Very much a girl-next-door, Sara Lee has what we call “splayable” boobs. Following the director’s instructions, she rubs the vibrator along and between her tits, then guides it between her pussy lips while her free hand tugs on her stretchy breasts.

For an English girl who wasn’t a personal fan of masturbation, Sarah Lee filled her oiled pussy deep with a giant, cock-shaped vibrator in this raw, unedited video with original audio. While she’s using the toy, a loud buzzing noise can be heard. It wasn’t the vibrator, it was a plane flying overhead. The director has her rub her clit with the tip of it. “Is it buzzing?” he asked Sarah, who preferred cock to toys and was candid about that on-camera in her conversation with the director.

Magazine readers in any country back in the 1990s never saw the girls fucking themselves with toys or fingers. Only on VHS tapes in certain countries could they see masturbation and fucking. The on-camera conversations the girls had with the photographers were usually removed to streamline the scene and keep it in the fantasy zone.

Filmed over two-years in 1994 and 1995, Sarah eventually did a XXX scene with busy Brit performer Marino aka Super Mario and a girl-girl still photo shoot with pussy-lover Chloe Vevrier

See More of Sarah Lee at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

The Girl-Next-Door Named Sarah Lee

The Girl-Next-Door Named Sarah Lee

The Girl-Next-Door Named Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee was slim enough for SCORE magazine (June 1995, July 1996) and naturally busty enough for Voluptuous (October 1995, June 1996). Sarah was very big-breasted by society’s standards but on the smaller end of the spectrum by SCORE standards.

When it comes to big-bust modeling, a girl with Sarah’s body has to be careful not to lose any weight. If there’s weight loss, it’s almost always from her breasts first. There’s also no guarantee that any weight gain will go to her breasts, although it does happen.

Aside from size alone, which is not the be-all end-all, Sarah’s tits were extremely pliable and tuggable. She could pull on her nipples and stretch her breasts. They were floppy, a term meant as a compliment here.

The photographer has Sarah suck, pull and tug on her nipples in the first part of this uncut video. She gets on her knees and keeps her tits dangling over the bed, one hand propping her up, the other hand rubbing her furry peach. In this position, the cameraman can capture her hanging and swinging tits.

The photographer swings around Sarah so we can see her ass and her fingers rubbing her pussy from behind. When she gets on her back, her tits splayed to the sides, she continues to rub her lips without the toy she used in the other video.

See More of Sarah Lee at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

An evening in with Veronika Vixon

An evening in with Veronika Vixon

An evening in with Veronika Vixon

Veronika Vixon, who’s 55 years old and lives in Utah, is wearing a short, black dress with ultra-high stilettos.

“I think I wanna change plans for tonight,” she tells us. “How about staying in for the night? I know I’m all dressed up and we’re all ready to go, but maybe we can have more fun if we just stay in, if you know what I mean?”

We know what you mean, Veronika.

“Any interest in staying in for the night?” she says as she drops her top a little and shows off her big tits. “I promise I’ll give you what you want. You won’t be disappointed.”

We have no doubt about that, especially when we discover that Veronika is wearing crotchless panties.

And you know what it means when a woman is wearing crotchless panties. It means she wants to make access to her pussy as easy as possible.

But even those panties come off at around the halfway mark and we get a completely unobstructed view of Veronika’s wet, pink cunt. She fingers it deep and hard. After the scene, she told us she came three times, but we would’ve guessed she came a lot more than that.

Warning to those who live in a place with thin walls: Keep the volume down! Veronika gets very loud when she cums.

We asked Veronika if she usually wears panties, and she said, “Well, that all depends on the occasion. I am obsessed with my ass and feel that panties are a big part of dressing it up. I have been an aficionado of very eccentric and beautiful panties. I designed many of my own panties using crystals and pearls. I love modeling panties. My very favorite panties are boy shorts with garters. Certain outfits do not allow you to wear panties, however, I typically wear lace boy shorts. Sometimes boy shorts with crystal or pearled garters.”

Sounds over extravagant to use. Crotchless will do just fine.

See More of Veronika Vixon at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

Yes, there is an encore for Victoria Lobov!

Yes, there is an encore for Victoria Lobov!

Yes, there is an encore for Victoria Lobov!

The first time 47-year-old wife Victoria Lobov visited our satellite studio in Miami, Florida, we didn’t think she was going to fuck at all. We thought this Russian beauty with big, fake tits and a tiny waist was going to jack off and tit-fuck a cock. Suck it? No. Fuck it with her pussy? Definitely no.

But then something happened. When the big day arrived, Victoria decided to go all the way. She sucked and fucked JMac’s big cock and took his load all over her tits.

We were very pleasantly surprised. So was JMac. Victoria…let’s just say she had a very good time. But was this a one-time thing? Would Victoria go home and regret what she had done? And remember: She had told her hubby she was going to Miami to tit-fuck a porn stud, not give up her mouth and pussy for all the world to see. Would he be enraged?

No. He wouldn’t. As for Victoria having regrets, well, let’s just say she was very eager to come back and fuck two more of our studs. Her scene with one of them is now live at SCORELAND. And now there’s this one, with Tyler Steel. We think it’s her hottest yet. There’s real chemistry between the two. You can tell Victoria and Tyler are really into each other, and the scene is less like porn and more like watching two people fucking in real life.

Victoria talked about what she enjoys most during sex.

“I love it when my man is forceful but not rough. The highlight is when he shoots his load deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful ejaculation makes me scream and cum. I’m passive, so I like when a guy takes the lead and makes my head spin.”

Tyler makes Victoria’s head spin, but he doesn’t cum in her pussy. He cums on her face and it drips down to her big tits. Very nice.

What will Victoria do next? We can’t wait to find out.

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Anastasia’s Anal Creampie

Anastasia’s Anal Creampie

Anastasia's Anal Creampie

“I think all girls should give anal a try at least once. I was kind of nervous about it in the beginning, but getting my butthole rimmed and fingered felt really good so I knew that anal would be amazing. I got some tips from my friends and they told me it’s all about being relaxed and using lots of lube. The first time I did anal I swear I saw fireworks! I never felt anything like it before. Now I’m gonna get my first anal creampie. I love having my pussy filled up with cum, and I’m sure it will be even hotter to have my asshole filled and dripping with jizz!”

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Careful What You Wish For – Jaye Summers & Silvia Saige & Eric Masterson


Marie (Silvia Saige) and her husband Steve (Eric Masterson) sit on the bed in their daughter’s room. Don’t do this Marie…he’s telling her, this can ONLY end badly, Steve says. Marie looks at him with a reassuring smile. This is the RIGHT decision, she KNOWS it is, Marie says, patting his leg. But it’s a solution to something that’s not EVEN a problem, he adds. YET, Marie clarifies. It’s not a problem YET, she adds. ‘You know how teenagers are. It’s only a matter of time before she starts experimenting, and once she does…that’ll be IT…we WON’T be able to protect her anymore,’ Marie says. Doesn’t he WANT to protect her?, Marie asks Steve. That’s not fair, of COURSE he wants to protect her, and Marie knows that, but…but not like THIS, Steve says. She’s his DAUGHTER for god’s sake, he says. ‘She’s your STEP-daughter, and in this situation, that distinction makes ALL the difference,’ Marie says. Steve scoffs, still unconvinced. ‘Steve…do you trust me?’ Marie asks him. Yes, he trusts her, Steve says quietly. So trust her on THIS, Marie says. He nods wordlessly. It’s time, Marie says patiently. He sighs loudly. Jesus Christ, what the hell are they doing?, he wonders aloud quietly. ‘Lindsay! Can you come into your room please?’ Marie calls to another room.

After a moment, Lindsay (Jaye Summers) walks in. Marie smiles warmly, but Steve still looks serious. Lindsay can obviously tell that something’s up. Um…what are they doing in her room? What’s wrong?, she asks suspiciously. Marie clears her throat. They have to talk to her, Marie says. Okaaay, Lindsay says, still suspicious. Well, they…they wanted to talk to her about…some changes that are coming, Marie begins. The kinds of changes that they’re talking about are…changes that SHE’LL be experiencing, Marie continues. Lindsay laughs. Oh god, are they about to give her THE TALK?!, Lindsay asks with dread. ‘I’m 18. I know all about the birds and the bees, so let’s just spare us all a whole lot of embarrassment,’ Lindsay says good-naturedly.

Yes, they know that she’s well aware of how things…work, Marie says. But…Lindsay is a beautiful young woman, and soon…soon–if not ALREADY–she’ll have lots of boys chasing after her, Marie says. And these boys only have one thing on their mind, Marie continues. Woah, now they’re REALLY freaking her out…what the hell is going on?, Lindsay asks, her alarm bells going off. Well, Lindsay’s told her that she’s still a virgin, Marie says. But the fact is that she’s NOT going to stay a virgin for long, Marie continues. And these…these boys who want to…who want to TAKE that from her…they DON’T have her best interests in mind, Marie says. But as her parents…THEY do, Marie continues. But if Lindsay’s going to lose her virginity, Marie wants it to be with someone Lindsay trusts, someone she…loves, Marie says. Marie adds that they just want to protect her, so…’Honey, we want you to lose your virginity…to your father,’ Marie says delicately.

Lindsay is disgusted and wants nothing to do with their plan, but through finely crafted fear-mongering, Marie seems to be doing a good job of convincing Lindsay that this is the right thing. O-ok…she’ll do it, Lindsay says finally.


A few minutes later, Steve and Lindsay sit on the bed together. After a few moments of nervous small talk, they lean in and kiss each other. Leading Lindsay through her first sexual experience, Steve eats Lindsay’s pussy. As he goes down on her, the camera shifts to the doorway, where Marie can be seen watching the two hook up. She watches as a satisfied smile forms on her face before she moves away from the door.

Later that night, Marie tries to ask Steve how it went, but he is evasive and distracted, not wanting to touch her. Good night, he mumbles, turning out his bedside light. Good night, Marie says, a worried look crossing her face.

A few days later. Marie is passing by the doorway of Lindsay’s bedroom with a laundry basket when she hears odd sounds coming from within. She carefully opens the door to the bedroom opening a crack, slowly and soundlessly. Her eyes widen with shock and she almost drops the laundry basket when she sees that Lindsay is sucking Steve’s dick. They don’t notice Marie watching. Marie looks hurt and shocked, but she can’t seem to turn away.

Be careful what you wish for, Marie…

Story inspired by an original submission by Pure Taboo member, GTIlover!

Latina Eliza: Deepthroat Blowjob, Fuck – Johnny Sins & Eliza Ibarra

Slender Latina Eliza Ibarra models a tiny, bejewelled bikini, showing off perfect, natural tits and a round ass. The young beauty finds heavily hung stud Johnny Sins waiting to ravish her on the sofa. Eliza worships his big, long boner with an expert, deepthroat blowjob. Johnny enters her doggie-style, and he fucks her juicy pussy in the prone-bone position. Eliza rides his meat, her big booty bouncing with delight. Johnny rewards her with a messy oral cum shot.

Goth Teen Nymphos – Alex Grey – Small Hands & Alex Grey

Goth goddess Alex Grey is lounging by the pool on an overcast day (her favorite kind), wearing smoking hot black lingerie over her creamy pale skin. Alex is a sensual sight to behold, so when Small Hands catches a glimpse of her, he can’t resist her charms. Taking Alex inside, Small Hands strips her down, sucking on her perky little titties hungrily. Alex sinks to her knees, gobbling his cock down, licking his swollen cock head with her pierced tongue. Alex is one fuck-crazed teen nympho, and her pussy is already soaking wet for Small Hands’ hard dick.

Deep In Lust

Deep In Lust

Deep In Lust

Horny-looking Florida ginger Khloe Lust, a girl-next-door type with 40D-cups (more like double-Ds), who sports a Latin inscription on her left shoulder that reads “Semper ad Meliora” or “Always towards better things.”

Khloe says she’s nervous as she chats in the dressing room right before she and her stunt cock head to bed. She laughs and giggles a lot.

Her pro-stud Tony will keep it stiff for her as she sucks it, sticks it between her big boobs and takes off her panties and opens her legs for a fuck. He pulled Khloe’s pussy lips apart and filled her pink taco balls-deep.

Khloe got the royal treatment from Tony and gave it back with her gyrating hips and sucking lips.

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A Taste Of Honey

A Taste Of Honey

A Taste Of Honey

Michelle Honey is a very good-looking girl with full lips and nice cheekbones. She’s from Vegas.

“I love my big tits and I enjoy hearing guys make comments about them when I walk pass them,’ said Michelle. “If they didn’t make comments, I’d think something was wrong with me!”

Michelle once appeared on Tyra Banks’ TV talk show and took part in one of Tyra’s “social experiment” shows. She lived in a house called Porntown with a group of other female adult entertainers. Each girl assigned herself a “role” in Porntown. The basic idea was to see if there is a hierarchy or pecking order among different types of girls.

But now back to our own social experiment, which is a lot more straightforward. She and Tony go out for a picnic. Just the two of them, plus our cameraman. A big-boobed picnic. Her ass is on the menu in this picnic and Michelle’s position is clear. It’s ass up, tits out.

Michelle’s nipples get as hard as two pencil erasers as she’s sucking him off, heatedly licking and slurping the pocket-pork. No, she’s definitely not a vegan.

See More of Michelle Honey at SCORELAND.COM!

Pink, wet and deep

Pink, wet and deep

Pink, wet and deep

Veronika Vixon, who’s 55 and lives in Utah, describes her perfect day:

“I would love to have coffee on a terrace overlooking the ocean or the bay, then go to the spa to get a deep tissue massage. I’ll sip on a cucumber lime water while enjoying a tomato, cheese avocado, sprouts sandwich and listening to soft, relaxing music.”

And her perfect evening: “Spend it with a few good friends, starting out by sipping on a glass of Apothic Crush wine. Working up an appetite for a mouth-watering mixed baby greens salad and a delicious bowl of creamy soup. We would end the evening with a gentle stroll under the ambient light of the full moon. My ultimate evening would end with me and my friend sitting by the fire discussing our next rendezvous.”

And fucking? How about fucking?

“That goes without saying,” she said.

But we wanted to hear her say it anyway.

This is the second time we’re devoting a full week to Veronika. She deserves it. Here’s the plan: solo photos today, solo video tomorrow (in which Veronika gets her fingers deep inside her very wet, very pink pussy and cums hard), hardcore photos Wednesday, hardcore video Thursday.

Veronika’s going to fuck a 22-year-old. How about that!

Veronika used to work at a legal brothel in Nevada. She’s been a bank teller and a mortgage loan officer. She’s been an executive secretary. And she recently designed a home that she is having built in Arizona. She’s a woman of many talents. What you’re about to see is one of them.

See More of Veronika Vixon at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

Wide-Eyed & Willing

Wide-Eyed & Willing

Wide-Eyed & Willing

She’s going from sheltered to sexy.
Karina grew up as an innocent church girl with strict parents. There’s a lot she didn’t know about the world until recently. “My parents’ explanation for where babies came from was the stork. I didn’t learn about sex until I got to high school. My friends were the ones who told me. I was also forbidden from wearing tight clothing and watching most movies.”

So how did you end up posing nude for us?
“I had all these sexual urges that I didn’t know what to do with. I was afraid to masturbate because my parents said it was bad. Now that I’m 18, I want to explore my sexuality. If my friends are doing it, it can’t be that bad. This is crazy for me, but I’ve never felt so alive.”

Have you ever had sex before?
“I just recently lost my virginity. I was taught to wait till marriage, but no way I could wait that long. I snuck out to a get-together at a friend’s house, and I started making out with this guy. My panties got soaked and I just wanted to have sex so bad. So we went upstairs to a bedroom and did it. Now I can’t stop thinking about it!”

See More of Karina at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!

My Dirty Little Secret – Alana Cruise & Emily Willis

Barbara (Alana Cruise) finds a diary in her daughter’s room. She decides to read it. What she finds inside surprises her. The person, who wrote it, is in love with another woman. Because she finds the diary in her daughter’s room, her first reflex was to question her about her feelings, but when she reveals that her best friend Gabriel (Emily Willis) lost her diary, Barbara turns her attention to Gabrielle. She decides to have a talk with the young girl, and tries to explain to her that she doesn’t have to be afraid of being a lesbian, but when Gabrielle kisses her, this friendly chat takes a different direction.

Black Teen Chanel: Interracial Anal! – Mark Wood & Chanel Skye

Young, black fuck doll Chanel Skye shows off her petite body (pert, natural tits and cute, little ass), hungry for an interracial anal date with white stud Mark Wood. The older man fucks her slippery cunt from behind. The tight teen porn rookie worships Mark’s big cock, giving him a wet blowjob as he opens her asshole using a large glass dildo. Next, it’s his fat meat plowing her rectum. Chanel eagerly sucks dick ass-to-mouth. He feeds her a messy load of sperm, and she swallows what she can.

Squirting Gianna Dominated, Facialed! – Markus Dupree & Gianna Dior

Slender, young Gianna Dior puts on her favorite sheer stockings, bra and panties — the Italian/Native American goddess is ready to fuck dominant stud Markus Dupree! Markus eats her sweet pussy. Entering Gianna from behind as she faces a mirror, he spits on the glass and she licks it up. The sexy girl kneels and gags on his stiff cock, giving him a nasty, deepthroat blowjob. Markus fucks her face and pussy. He finger-bangs her to a squirting climax! Finally, Markus decorates Gianna with a messy cum facial.

Employee Discount – Jenna Sativa & Gia Derza

Jenna Sativa is ready to start the workday but is concerned because her crush and receptionist, Gia Derza, is running late, which isn’t like her. Then Gia finally limps into the parlor, holding her achy butt, after having slipped down some steps and hurt herself. Yet, when Gia desperately tries to get Jenna to give her a free massage, Jenna hesitates. As much as she WANTS to help, it’s against company policy since Gia already had her complimentary massage that month…

‘But I CAN give you MY complimentary massage, as long as we do things a little differently,’ Jenna adds with a hint of mischievousness. Gia is just so happy to get a massage that she agrees right away. It doesn’t matter to her what kind of massage it is as long as it feels good!

Once Gia strips down, Jenna breaks out a bolster so that she can really get into Gia’s glutes. Gia melts into her crush’s strong touch, not wanting to admit that she’s quickly becoming aroused. Things only get hotter when Jenna reveals that she wants to give Gia a NURU massage. Although Gia’s surprised, since she thought the bolster was what made this massage different, she eagerly hobbles to the mattress.

As their naked, wet bodies slide together, both girls get so turned on that they can’t hold back their feelings anymore. They give into their lust for each other as Jenna starts things off by plunging her tongue and fingers deep inside Gia’s pussy. It doesn’t take long before they’re tribbing and riding each other’s tongues until they’re completely spent. Complimentary or not, Gia’s welcome to get massages from Jenna whenever she wants!

As The World Bounces With Karina Hart

As The World Bounces With Karina Hart

As The World Bounces With Karina Hart

One of the most photogenic of all the SCORE and Voluptuous Girls, Karina Hart was a Slovakian art student who liked to watch South Park and practice yoga when she contacted TSG.

Like other newcomers who ignited a sensation when she debuted, Karina had no idea that she would become one of the all-time greatest big-bust stars.

“I never dreamed it would be like this when I discovered SCORE,” Karina said. “I thought I would model once or twice and that would be it. I didn’t plan on becoming a star.” Karina would eventually model in England, Hungary, Prague and St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Karina won Voluptuous magazine’s Ass of the Year so many times, that contest was ended.

SCORE magazine Vol. 28 No. 1 dedicated the issue to “Ten Years of Karina Hart,” with a three-image cover of the Slovakian big-bust star and a 10-page layout.

See More of Karina Hart at SCORELAND.COM!

Car Wash Special – Chloe Cherry & Jill Kassidy

Chloe Cherry and Jill Kassidy, two friends that work together at a local car wash, are devastated to learn that the company has closed down. Now they’re both without jobs! They have a senior trip coming up soon and won’t have the money to go! Fortunately, it doesn’t take them long to realize that they’re old enough to start their OWN car wash business.

The girls excitedly start their business by going door-to-door, giving out flyers and offering to clean cars for 50% off their regular asking price. Things don’t go quite as smoothly as they expected, though, as they get turned down by one car owner after the next, leaving them feeling discouraged.

Finally, they find a car owner that allows them to wash his fancy red car. They do so with glee, basking in the sunshine as they rub the car all over, every movement sensual. Each time they lean over the car or stoop down to get more water, their sexy forms are shown off. There are many classic ‘wet t-shirt’ moments as the girls soak each other with the hose, enjoying every moment of their new job. When they’re done, they’re rewarded with enough funds to go on their senior trip!

Exhilarated from their success, they return to one of their homes to get dried off. They’re so giddy and filled with such energy that they hardly know what to do with themselves, congratulating each other on a job well done. Of course, the tension and excitement leads to an enthusiastic kiss between the friends, which then leads to even more fun. They eagerly play with each other’s perky breasts, eat out each other’s sweet pussies, and trib to their heart’s content. Maybe they’ll just have to stay in business with each other if this is one of the perks!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, BlackDow!

Big-Ass Stella: Anal & A2M Blowjob – Mark Wood & Stella Raee

Pale, tattooed and naturally voluptuous, porn newbie Stella Raee flexes her phat, shapely ass for the camera. The dark-haired bikini babe kneels to give Mark Wood’s big boner a slurping, slobbery blowjob. He fucks Stella’s juicy pussy, and she rides cock as her thick ass jiggles. Mark porks the young starlet’s asshole from behind, making it gape, and the nasty girl obediently sucks his dick ass-to-mouth. To climax a relentless anal reaming, he splatters Stella’s open mouth with messy jism.

32DD Latina Teen Autumn: Fuck & Facial – Johnny Sins & Autumn Falls

Wearing red stockings and lingerie that exposes her incredible, natural, 32DD boobs, Latina teenager Autumn Falls craves Johnny Sins’ big, stiff cock. The experienced stud laps at the young beauty’s hairy pussy and then buries his throbbing dick inside her juicy slot. Autumn gives his meat pole a nasty, deepthroat blowjob, and she sits on Johnny’s face for some intimate 69. He ruthlessly fucks her. Autumn takes a titty fuck, her righteous jugs enveloping his meat. She enjoys a messy cum facial, swallowing a mouthful of spunk.

Cuck em All #04 – Filthy Rich & Damien Thorne & Maya Bijou

Damien comes home from work and finds another man’s car in his driveway. Hmm, wonder who is here? He was not expecting company. Walking into the house he soon hears noises from his master bedroom. Who could be home with his wife? He discovers to his shock and chagrin her wife getting filled full of cock from another derelict she has brought home. This woman has no shame. She immediately starts emasculating him by telling him he is weak and worthless. He curls into a ball. Why does she do this? She tells him she cums harder when he cries. What kind of woman does this? He loves her but she treats him like shit. Maya don’t care. All she wants is men to fuck her like a little whore. The southern scumbucket she brought home finds himself relishing insulting the worthless husband himself. He fucks the hell out of his wife and screams degradations as well. You would probably do it too. This Damien fellow is quite worthless.

The Scenic Sights & Beautiful Views Of Korina Kova

The Scenic Sights & Beautiful Views Of Korina Kova

The Scenic Sights & Beautiful Views Of Korina Kova

Wrote SCORE editor Dave in Vol. 28 No. 3 of the magazine (the print version is sure to be a fast sell-out), “With all due respect to the other nine girls in the Newcomer of the Year contest, this one wasn’t close. Korina Kova, the hourglass beauty from British Columbia, Canada, took a commanding early lead in the voting and never looked back.

“Korina finished with an astounding 33.2% of the vote, winning the readers’ and online voting; only Tina Lee had half as many votes. Congratulations to our first Canadian Newcomer of the Year.”

Winning made Korina feel emotional. Photogenic, dynamic and incredibly stacked, Korina puts everything she has into her videos and photos, a labor of love. Knowing that she has all of this admiration and appreciation is a flattering and fulfilling experience for her, a feeling she mentioned in a video interview before the winner was announced. She thanks everyone who voted for her.

See More of Korina Kova at SCORELAND.COM!

Kellei’s Second Bathing Suit Shoot

Kellei’s Second Bathing Suit Shoot

Kellei's Second Bathing Suit Shoot

Swimsuit shoots have always been more than welcomed by SCORE readers. Nothing shows so much yet conceals so little than a bikini, monokini or one-piece. This is Kellei‘s second swimsuit shoot taken in California,

A rare Filipino-American model and stripper with huge 42GG-cup tits, Kellei’s career was very short-lived. She got knocked-up after she was photographed and by 1999, she’d dropped out of sight, leaving behind only a few SCORE photo sets and a video shot before her pregnancy.

Kellei’s last published SCORE shoot was in the Holiday 1998 edition. This was a series of raucous photos of Kellei on-stage at a local strip club in San Diego, after she gave birth.

See More of Kellei at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Making Mommy Jealous – Alexis Fawx & Riley Reyes & Jade Baker

Jade Baker is about to shower, grinning to herself as she feels herself up and watches the bathroom door. Moments later, her step-mother, Alexis Fawx, accidentally walks straight on in since the door wasn’t locked. Alexis is startled, staring briefly at her step-daughter’s naked body before shielding her eyes. She demands why Jade didn’t lock the door and Jade flirtily responds, while touching herself, that it was in hopes that Alexis WOULD walk in on her. She’s welcome to join her in the shower! Alexis throws her hands up in frustration. ‘This is getting ridiculous. I can’t go ANYWHERE in this house without seeing my stepdaughter’s breasts or… or…’ Alexis is flustered as she glances briefly down to Jade’s pussy while trailing off. ‘You NEED to stop this! Your father never would’ve approved of this, and I’m just trying my best to raise you right. You’re just like my stepsister. Stop trying to get me into bed!’ Alexis exclaims and hurries out of the bathroom.

Jade calls Alexis’ step-sister Riley Reyes and tells her what happened. Riley reveals that she had a fling with Alexis once. This seems to give Jade an idea and she invites Riley over. Riley seems intrigued and agrees.

Later that day, Alexis goes to confront Jade about her behaviour, but is interrupted when Riley arrives. Alexis is surprised to see Riley, asking her what’s going on? Riley tells her that she just came over to visit Jade. After they chat for a few minutes, Jade tells Riley that she wants to show her a new outfit that she just bought and leads Riley to her room. Alexis is left alone, looking puzzled.

In Jade’s room, Riley and Jade immediately begin to kiss, stripping off their clothes as Riley buries her face in Jade’s wet pussy. As Riley eats Jade out and Jade moans, Alexis walks in, furious at what she sees. ‘That’s enough! Stop it right now! Riley, get OFF her! Put your clothes on, the both of you!’ Alexis says angrily.

Jade and Riley pause. ‘Jade’s 18, she can do what she wants to do,’ Riley says. Alexis now begs them to stop. She looks like she’s about to have a meltdown. Jade smiles more sincerely now and tells Alexis that they’ll stop when she has sex with them. Alexis is hesitant as she sits down on the bed while Jade and Riley sit up and start working together to feel her up and undress her. Alexis is still tense and reluctant, though gradually loosens up as they kiss and touch her all over.

Jade’s been trying so hard to get in Alexis’ pants — and it looks like Riley’s about to get back in them, too!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Venturer!

Asian Ember: Gaping Anal, Rimming, A2M – Mark Wood & Ember Snow

Beside the pool, Asian minx Ember Snow strips to flaunt her tight, all-natural body. Indoors, the dark, sexy porn newbie warms up for an anal scene by masturbating with a vibrator and a metal butt plug. Ember gives director Mark an expert blowjob, teasing the older man with her talented tongue and fellating his thick prick. Mark’s meat plows her pussy and fucks her asshole while a vibrator buzzes her sensitive clit. She sucks dick ass-to-mouth and rims Mark’s bunghole. As Ember’s sphincter gapes, splooge fills her mouth.

Cuck em All #04 – Marcelo & Dean Van Damme & Kenzie Taylor

A couple of weeks ago, Marcelo’s wife let him know she was taking off to London for a bit of relaxation at a spa and she did not want him to come with her. He understood. She needed alone time. Well the poor sap is shaken to the core when she returns home with a football hooligan that she apparently had been shagging all over London as they ran up his credit card. To top matters off she brings him back to stay with them and has the musclebound bully fuck the hell out of her in front of him and he is made to watch. How much can one man take? He is made fun of for not being into sports and inadequate in bed. Why is this woman always so mean to him? Why? Because she can.

Under Her Coat – Roxy Lips & Vince Carter

Sexy Roxy Lips has a surprise for her boyfriend Vince Carter under her coat. She walks in and opens her coat to show off her sexy body in hot lingerie. They kiss before she grabs his hard cock and sucks on it. Then Roxy spreads her ass open and gets drilled by Vince’s hard cock. After sucking his cock clean she then gets a face full of hot cum for a fun surprise.

A Double Dickdown For Sylvia Bateman

A Double Dickdown For Sylvia Bateman

A Double Dickdown For Sylvia Bateman

Young Sylvia Bateman’s been in a threesome a few times. “Once with two guys and me and then a few more times with me, another girl and a guy,” said Sylvia.

Oliver and Tyler have a blast with teenager Sylvia. The action starts right away. No theme, no story. Just pure hardcore. Each man takes a big boob to suck and rub. The guys take turns fucking Sylvia. She gags trying to get as much cock down her throat as she can. They help her out with this horny goal.

They take turns fucking her soft, heavy tits. When one is between her breasts, the other is feeding her the man-sausage. They take turns plugging her tight, young, fur-lined pussy.

It’s no surprise that both guys are sex-crazed for Sylvia. Her fresh and innocent appearance is very motivating. As Sylvia said, “Being told that I’m doing good, that I’m pleasuring right satisfies me.” She’s well-fucked and then covered with cum in a non-stop three-way party.

See More of Sylvia Bateman at XLGIRLS.COM!

Diana Frost’s Horny & Hot Big-Tit Threesome

Diana Frost’s Horny & Hot Big-Tit Threesome

Diana Frost's Horny & Hot Big-Tit Threesome

Diana Frost talked about her fantasies. She can get as much sex as she wants. Is there some special kind of sex she wants to have?

“I just want to have sex with two boys,” Diana replied.

“I also want one man and another woman. Girls often want me so sometimes I agree.”

Tom Holland and Steve Q. are standing by to give Diana the intense two-man threesome she talked about. They stand and watch as Diana enters the room in lingerie and stockings, shows them her busty body and touches her nipples and clit.

Tom and Steve flank busty Diana and take a breast each, vigorously sucking on her nipples. She reaches for their cocks, stiff from the guys looking at her, and jerks them, then gives each one her oral taste test, sucking and licking.

Diana’s partners love to play with and fuck her big tits and these two mad-men zero in on her now-wet breasts, taking turning squeezing them together with their dicks sandwiched inside her cleavage. One man fucks her tits while the other man fills Diana’s mouth. “Some men only like to play with my breasts because they say they’ve never seen breasts so big,” Diana told us.

Steve goes down on Diana, then fucks her while Tom keeps Diana occupied eating his dick. They swap sides and positions, fucking, sucking, grinding and pumping until the guys, now delirious, can no longer hold back and squirt all over Diana’s soft globes.

See More of Diana Frost at SCORELAND.COM!

Investor-In-Law – Marcus London & AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate, a young masseuse, encourages her father-in-law, Marcus London, to sit down at the dining room table. She apologizes for not having the table set but she wasn’t expecting him to arrive for dinner so early — but it’ll be nice to have more time to catch up. Marcus is always a way for business!

Marcus looks proud and says that the traveling is the best part. He then asks where his son, Billy, is, and AJ says he should be down any minute. Soon Marcus and AJ are setting the table together. As they do so, Marcus stands close, touching her shoulder in passing in a way that lingers just a bit too long.

Billy unknowingly breaks the awkwardness by stepping into the dining room with a smile. He approaches his father and hugs him, cheerfully greeting him. It’s been a while! Billy chats about how he and AJ are going to a community event that weekend to try and drum up some interest in AJ’s new massage business.

‘How IS the business doing?’ Marcus asks, looking at AJ, who looks embarrassed as she admits that it’s… not going as well as she thought it would. If they had more money, she’d invest in getting more marketing and visibility, but there’s not enough profit for that yet.

Marcus says his own business is doing quite well and he’s looking to expand on his investment portfolio. He may be willing to invest in AJ’s business…though he wants to sample the product. If he’s going to be putting money into it, he wants to know exactly what he’s paying for!

AJ looks a little uncertain, but her husband seems very encouraging of the idea, saying he can prepare dinner for them while AJ gives Marcus a massage. Billy strides off. AJ then asks what kind of massage he’d like to sample?

Marcus admits that he wants to try a NURU massage. AJ is hesitant again, given the erotic nature of the massage, but Marcus asks if she wants his investment or not. She hesitates, thinking it through, then relents. This business is important to her — to THEM. AJ brings Marcus to the bathroom while looking briefly over her shoulder with worry as if keeping an eye out for Billy.

They strip down and climb into the shower. She begins washing him down and he starts to get aroused, commenting on what a lucky man his son is. She’s uncomfortable but wants his business, so she goes along with it.

Marcus eventually becomes fully hard and tries to draw attention to his cock, obviously expecting AJ to do something about it. She comments that she knows what he’s doing and can’t believe it. He’d come onto his son’s own wife like that?? Marcus says it’s nothing personal — it’s all part of doing business. When he nudges his cock pointedly towards her again, saying that it’s nothing compared to the opportunity he’s willing to give her, she gives in and tentatively gives her father-in-law a handjob.

During the handjob, there’s a knock on the closed door. Billy raises his voice from the other side, asking if it’s AJ in there. Marcus speaks up and says, no, it’s his father. He’s just washing up before the massage. Billy leaves. AJ is shaken that they were almost caught, but continues stroking Marcus’ cock.

After the shower, AJ begins the NURU massage, trying to keep it from being TOO sensual. Eventually, after more massaging, he tells her that one great way to get more customers is to offer happy endings… AJ is startled, saying that she absolutely doesn’t want her parlor to be that kind of parlor! Also, they’re family, what the hell! His son, her husband, is just downstairs! A handjob is one thing, but SEX? No, she can’t!

He says it’s a shame she’s considering tanking this deal since he felt good about investing in NURU. He’ll just have to take his money elsewhere, then.

AJ panics a bit and says, no, wait, she’ll do it… This is never going to get back to Billy, right? He assures her that it’ll definitely stay between them — this is a private business deal, after all. She reluctantly agrees and slowly slides his cock into her mouth.

Looks like an investment isn’t the ONLY thing that Marcus is going to put into AJ…

Showcase: Kendra Spade – Chloe Cherry & Kendra Spade

Kendra Spade is all dressed up and ready to hit the town with her girlfriend for her 21st birthday. However, she’s crushed when her girlfriend texts that she forgot about the special ocassion. As if that’s not insulting enough, her girlfriend even asks for a raincheck!

As Kendra mopes, she’s gets a visit from her best friend, Chloe Cherry, who gives her a birthday cake. Although she promises to keep the visit brief, Kendra tells her there’s no need since her girlfriend bailed on her. She was hoping for a nice night out, complete with birthday sex, but it looks like that’s not going to happen…

Chloe is sympathetic, hating that her friend is so down. Looking for a way to cheer her up, Chloe insists that it all can still totally happen — SHE’D be happy to have birthday sex! Kendra deserves to be spoiled on her birthday.

At first, Kendra is surprised by the offer, although she soon becomes intrigued as they share a sweet kiss that quickly turns into more. If Kendra can’t be with her forgetful girlfriend, she as well make the most of it with her loving best friend instead!

They enthusiastically move on from kissing each other’s lips to kissing each other’s perky breasts instead. They then eagerly taste each other’s pussies, burying their tongues in deep as they ride each other’s faces. By the time they trib each other to climax, Kendra’s already decided that this is the best birthday ever!

Story inspired by an original submission by our very own Girlsway model, Kendra Spade!

Blonde Serena: 21YO Gaping Anal Rookie – Mark Wood & Serena Avery

Serena Avery, a 21-year-old vixen, pulls up her sheer, lacy, form-fitting dress to flaunt a plump, alluring butt and perfect, natural tits. Lusting for backdoor attention, the blonde porn newbie lewdly fingers her asshole. Serena services Mark Wood’s thick cock with a drooling blowjob. He stuffs his big prick up her tight rectum, and between anal thrusts, he makes Serena clean his meat orally, ass-to-mouth. As Serena coos in pleasure, the older stud fucks her round rear until her bunghole gapes! He cums in her open mouth.

My New Black Stepdaddy #24 – Tee Reel & Ella Reese

Ella Reese is very upset with her new strict step daddy. Seems her wants her studying and working on her future while Ellas just wants to go to Lake Havasu with her friends and get drunk and fuck. This daddy does not put up with that sort of sordid behavior. Being the spoiled brat she is she complains to her mother who immediately puts her in her place. She should be apologizing to her new black stepdaddy and giving him a blowjob to show how much she appreciated all he has done for them. Realizing this was good advice from her mother she offers up more than just her mouth as she soon enough has her stepfathers big black cock buried deep in her sweet hole of funkiness. He pounds this little girl good all over the bed. Who needs to go to Lake Havasu for dick when you have a black step daddy at home?

A Bikini Day For Amy Villainous

A Bikini Day For Amy Villainous

A Bikini Day For Amy Villainous

“My breasts started growing at age 10 and grew one-to-two sizes every year until I was about 28,” awesome Amy Villainous told us. “I was an F-cup when I graduated high school. I was the bustiest girl in school. I was in a small Catholic school and constantly dealt with the buttons on my uniform popping.”

It took XL Girls several years to finally arrange a photo shoot with Amy. She felt she wasn’t ready at the time. Things change. Amy was ready.

“Every time I leave the house, someone is ogling my chest. I love how powerful it makes me feel. I get equal attention from both men and women. There’s just something special about women appreciating each other’s assets that gets me going. It’s very sensual.”

In her free time, Amy keeps busy. “Aside from spending time with my fur-babies, I draw comics, enjoy going to as many concerts as possible, creating costumes, antique shopping, attending Renaissance Fairs, and karaoke. I’m in the process of co-producing and acting in a horror film about stripper witches. It’s going to be a perfect blend of camp and gore with an amazing soundtrack by local Seattle bands.”

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Selena Adams: Boobs, Booty, Sun & Oil

Selena Adams: Boobs, Booty, Sun & Oil

Selena Adams: Boobs, Booty, Sun & Oil

It was a hot, sunny day. Selena Adams made it hotter the second she walked out of the house to begin this photo shoot. Would Selena wear this micro-bikini in public and where would she wear it?

When it comes to swimsuits, less is more skin. There are handkerchiefs with more material than this suit. Selena twerks, jiggles and shakes her big boobs, oils down, purrs in her sexy voice and pats her pussy.

Being watched is a tremendous turn-on for Selena, and watching Selena do anything is a tremendous turn-on.

“Getting guys excited watching me gets me excited.

“One of my kinkiest experiences has to be when I went to the beach with my boyfriend at the time. We got so horny that we laid a little blanket by the water, not knowing that there was an audience behind us. We started having sex and I got kind of loud. They walked closer to see what I was doing and that really turned me on. I haven’t forgotten that night.

“I have to masturbate at least once a day, and I love sex, whenever and wherever I can get it. My favorite place to have sex is actually in the car.”

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Special delivery inside Caroline’s asshole!

Special delivery inside Caroline’s asshole!

Special delivery inside Caroline's asshole!

When this video opens, 62-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Caroline Hamsel is sitting at a desk, paging through a picture book. She’s wearing a white top, a short skirt and stockings. She has some kind of object in her hand. What is it? Well, we’re about to find out!

Caroline pulls her panties aside–she’s too horny to make time to take them off all the way–and rubs her shaved pussy. Then this sexy redhead from the United Kingdom reaches under and grabs her ass with one hand while her other strokes her clit. Then she grabs that object and sucks on it a bit. Hmmm…we’re starting to realize what that object is.

She slides it inside her asshole…it’s a butt plug!

And why is Caroline using a butt plug? To get her asshole ready for cock!

Then Tom shows up. He just walks on in and sees Caroline.

“Excuse me,” he says. “I have something for you.”

Caroline isn’t embarrassed. She doesn’t cover up. She thinks the thing he has for her is his cock. And you know what? She’s right.

She sure isn’t shy. She shows him her butt-plug-stuffed asshole. She rubs her pussy some more. She takes out his cock and sucks it. And fucks it. And takes it deep inside her butthole. And then he cums in her asshole.

Don’t you wish all mature women were like Caroline? Well, at, they are!

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Big-boobed Sandy fucks a 28-year-old

Big-boobed Sandy fucks a 28-year-old

Big-boobed Sandy fucks a 28-year-old

When this video opens, 46-year-old Sandy is lying in bed and talking on the phone with her husband. She’s wearing sexy, red lingerie that shows off her big tits and stockings. Tons of cleavage. She’s ready for him, but the idiot is about to disappoint her. He tells her he’ll be home late.

“You promised to be here tonight,” she says, but there’s no convincing the jerk. “You know what? Stay at your work. Bye!”

Okay, so there’s Sandy, all ready for action, and she lets her husband off the hook that easily?

Well, the girl has a backup plan. She calls a local fuck buddy.

“Hi, Nick, it’s me,” she says. “You know what? I’m alone, and I need you now. Be here in 10 minutes. I’m waiting for you. The door is open!”

How could any man turn down an invitation like that, especially a 28-year-old who knows good pussy when he sees it?

And good tits, too. Sandy has E-cup naturals.

Sandy sucks his cock and balls. When she fucks, her big tits bounce like crazy. She rides his cock and cums hard. Then he moves from her pussy to her mouth, fucking it hard and cumming hard, all over face. His spunk drips down to her tits, which is where we think his load belonged in the first place, no detours.

By the way, Sandy had never had sex with a guy so much younger than her. We’re glad we made her fantasy come true.

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Unfaithful To Me – Alex Legend & Christie Stevens & Jason Moody


Max (Jason Moody) is down on his luck. The passion in his marriage is gone and he’s not sure how to rekindle theflame… until he decides to have a little chat with a handsome coworker of his. Jett (Alex Legend) is a womanizerwho does very well for himself. If anyone knows how to spice things up with the missus, it’s Jett.

Max asks for advice, revealing how hard it is to keep his wife happy. No matter what he does, she cheats on him!Jett is sympathetic to his plight, giving Max tips and tricks for pleasing his wife to hopefully keep her interested andloyal. Max soaks it all in and is convinced that Jett just saved his marriage. He’s away for the weekend, but as soonas he gets back, he’s going to surprise the wife. Maybe now, she’ll stop cheating on him…

He excitedly thanks Jett for his help, then hurries away with an extra spring to his steps. Little does he know, assoon as his back is turned, Jett fixes his tie with a slow grin.

That weekend, Jett shows up at Max’s house, where his beautiful wife, Rose (Christie Stevens), answers the door.She’s immediately taken in by Jett’s charms and it isn’t long before they hungrily crash together. As they make theirway to the bedroom, they leave a trail of discarded clothes behind them. As soon as they tumble into bed together,they become completely consumed by lust.

Then Max’s car pulls into the driveway. When he spots Jett’s car in the driveway and clothes on the floor leading tothe bedroom, it’s time to finally take matters into his own hands once and for all.

Story inspired by an original submission by Pure Taboo member, IggyEgo!

Chapter 1 – The Departure – Cassidy Banks & Lena Paul

When Sister Mona (Mona Wales) finds out that she will be transferred to Mother Joan’s (Magdalene St-Michaels) abbey, Mother Superior (Nina Hartley) warns her about Mother Joan’s way of doing things. This won’t be Sister Mona’s first time meeting Mother Joan, though, as she knew her in her younger years. Despite the resentment she still bears for her, she pushes her feelings aside and kisses Mother Superior, smiling gently at her before leaving. Unlike Mother Joan, Mother Superior runs her abbey in a free-spirited fashion, letting the nuns live their lives in love without any shame. When her health takes a turn for the worse, Sister Charlotte is charged with maintaining the same free spirited atmosphere, allowing the nuns to indulge in romantic intimacy–something that Sister Veronica (Lena Paul) and Sister Gabrielle (Cassidy Banks) do openly. The two nuns meet in the garden where they consume their love for one another under the beating sun– kissing passionately and enjoying every inch of each other. Sister Veronica’s gentle tongue makes Sister Gabrielle’s body tremble. The two sisters explore each and every part of their beautiful bodies, enjoying every second of it.

Unfaithful To Me – Alex Legend & Christie Stevens


Max (Jason Moody) is down on his luck. The passion in his marriage is gone and he’s not sure how to rekindle theflame… until he decides to have a little chat with a handsome coworker of his. Jett (Alex Legend) is a womanizerwho does very well for himself. If anyone knows how to spice things up with the missus, it’s Jett.

Max asks for advice, revealing how hard it is to keep his wife happy. No matter what he does, she cheats on him!Jett is sympathetic to his plight, giving Max tips and tricks for pleasing his wife to hopefully keep her interested andloyal. Max soaks it all in and is convinced that Jett just saved his marriage. He’s away for the weekend, but as soonas he gets back, he’s going to surprise the wife. Maybe now, she’ll stop cheating on him…

He excitedly thanks Jett for his help, then hurries away with an extra spring to his steps. Little does he know, assoon as his back is turned, Jett fixes his tie with a slow grin.

That weekend, Jett shows up at Max’s house, where his beautiful wife, Rose (Christie Stevens), answers the door.She’s immediately taken in by Jett’s charms and it isn’t long before they hungrily crash together. As they make theirway to the bedroom, they leave a trail of discarded clothes behind them. As soon as they tumble into bed together,they become completely consumed by lust.

Then Max’s car pulls into the driveway. When he spots Jett’s car in the driveway and clothes on the floor leading tothe bedroom, it’s time to finally take matters into his own hands once and for all.

Story inspired by an original submission by Pure Taboo member, IggyEgo!

Totally NOT Gay! – Lexi Belle & Ginger Banks

Two young women, Lexi Belle and Ginger Banks, are sitting on a bed together, gazing at each other. Yet, when Lexi moves in for a kiss, Ginger stops her, asking what she’s doing. Lexi apologizes, saying that she thought she was getting flirty signals… However, while Ginger says she’s not gay, she’s curious, so they try a sweet kiss…

Three years pass, and the two girls are now living together and sharing the same bed. They’re girlfriends, but they have a running joke about Ginger still not being gay. It looks like Lexi’s been sharing her life and being in love with a straight girl all of this time!

More time passes, and Ginger is sitting on the bed looking nervous. Today is the big day… She just has to be brave enough for it!

Ginger calls Lexi into the room and sits her down, saying they need to talk. Although Lexi’s anxious at first, she soon reveals an engagement ring and proposes to Lexi — she wants them to spend the rest of their lives together! Lexi happily accepts as they come together in a joyous, loving embrace.

To celebrate the engagement, they make love. The session is filled with passionate kisses and affectionate touches. They tongue and eat out each other’s pussies with relish, exchanging adoring looks the whole time. When they feel they’re close to the end, they climb on top of each other and trib until they finally find the relief they’ve been looking for. It looks like Ginger just may be gay after all!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalhead42!

TS Aubrey: Interracial Anal/Cum Facial – Sean Michaels & Aubrey Kate

Tantalizing, tattooed TS superstar Aubrey Kate fingers her tight asshole and wags her balls back and forth. Legendary stud Sean Michaels presents his massively big black cock for the blonde stunner (she could fool you!) to suck. Aubrey spits on her prick and spreads her legs for Sean to penetrate her sweet asshole in a sphincter-expanding interracial anal fuck. Aubrey climbs on top and takes a bouncing, orgasmic BBC ride. Aubrey strokes her throbbing she-dick to orgasm, coating her cute body in hot sperm. Sean unloads a splashy cum facial for Aubrey to enjoy.