A new big-titted, big-assed MILF

A new big-titted, big-assed MILF

A new big-titted, big-assed MILF

We wonder how many of these 40something gals ever dreamt that they would have their own week at a website that’s seen by people all over the world? They probably never thought they could be stars, but here they are, being adored (and jacked to) by millions. It’s a heady thought.

This is Kailani Kai‘s week at 40SomethingMag.com. She’s a 46-year-old mother and divorcee from Hawaii who lives in California, and she has a curvy body with big tits and a beautiful, round ass. She used to be a flight attendant. She was also a real estate agent. Those are two sexy jobs. Ever notice how female realtors always dress to show off their bodies? If not, check out the new Netflix series Selling Sunset.

Anyway, today, Kailani’s first nude photos. Tomorrow, video of Kailani in the kitchen and doing the laundry and getting very wet. Wednesday, photos of her first on-camera fuck. It’s with a 24-year-old. And Thursday, the video.

Kailani found us by Googling “big-boob models.” That sent her to BeASCOREModel.com, and we swooped in and scooped her up for 40SomethingMag.com. She says the people who know her would “probably be surprised to see me here.” She isn’t a swinger. She isn’t a nudist. She describes her style of dress as “sexy or conservative, whatever the mood calls for.” And when we asked her what she wants to do that she’s never done, she said, “This!”

There’s no time like the present.

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Velma And Daphne – Bree Daniels & Alexis Fawx

Daphne (Bree Daniels) makes a romantic breakfast, to celebrate her anniversary with her long-time lover Velma (Alexis Fawx). Unfortunately for her, Velma totally forgot about it. She’s supposed to be the smart one in the relationship and she should never forget her lover. Daphne understands the situation, after all the mysteries they had to solve in the last few months. It’s normal that her head was somewhere else. But today, Daphne wants her lover completely to herself. Crystal Cove can live with ghosts and ghouls for one day.

MILF Candy: 69, Fuck, Big-Tit Cum Shot – Candy Alexa & Luca Ferrero

Stylish MILF Candy Alexa looks sensational teasing and stripping out of a revealing outfit. She welcomes stud Luca Ferrero with a passionate kiss, and soon the two lovers trade lewd oral favors. Candy salivates through a sloppy, gagging blowjob. She whimpers when Luca’s thick prick penetrates her wet twat. A vigorous pussy fuck comes with intense 69. For the climax, Luca douses Candy’s boobs in wads of hot cum.

You’re The Boss! – Kenzie Taylor & Veronica Valentine

Veronica Valentine is a new receptionist for a massage parlor. When her boss, Kenzie Taylor, greets her, Veronica’s excited to announce that her first day’s going well! Kenzie’s glad to hear that Veronica’s enjoying work so far, but would she be willing to do her a favor? ‘Yeah, of course, you’re the boss!’ Veronica enthuses as she follows Kenzie downstairs.

Once they’re in the massage parlor, Kenzie reveals that she’d like to try a new massage technique on Veronica to make sure it’s good. Veronica, eager to please, easily agrees. She strips down and lays on the massage table, waiting for her boss’ skilled hands to get to work.

Veronica enjoys the sensual massage, lost in the moment, until Kenzie starts rubbing her pussy. Startled, she asks Kenzie if that’s a normal part of the massage. Kenzie insists that it will be, yes, because this is the special technique she wanted to try… Only if Veronica’s up for it, of course. Veronica, still wanting to get on her boss’ good side, happily consents and settles back to enjoy the happy ending.

The sensual massage goes above and beyond anything Veronica ever could’ve imagined as Kenzie fingers her and eats her out. The tribbing is a nice touch, too! When she’s given her chance to return the favor, she jumps at it, making sure that Kenzie feels as good as she does. It looks like this new massage technique is a hit!

Shannon Blue: The Great Big-Tit Lady Of Great Britain

Shannon Blue: The Great Big-Tit Lady Of Great Britain

Shannon Blue: The Great Big-Tit Lady Of Great Britain

One of Shannon Blue‘s sexual fantasies was to get fucked by two men. Well, at SCORELAND, she’s done that with two of Europe’s porn studs, including getting fucked anally. Those guys had their hands full to overflowing with this hot mum with gigantic tits. Shannon did say she liked younger men with a lot of energy.

“I masturbate often with my favorite toy and with a ten-inch dildo. I love bondage sex with my boyfriend. I want to have sex every day. Now I’m always looking for new things to try. I would like to try a gangbang. I think it would be fun.”

Shannon is now one of the UK’s biggest-busted porn stars and became one very quickly. She’s into using social media, a tool many porn stars of an earlier time didn’t have to showcase their activities, and Shannon takes advantage of the opportunities social media sites offer.

Shannon was never a swinger. She once went to a nudist resort and found the experience “good and very liberating.” The British blonde sweater-buster is a long way from her job as an office administrator.

See More of Shannon Blue at SCORELAND.COM!

Translicious #03 – Kellie Shaw

Kellie Shaw has been a godsend for Soldier. He was having a hard time making the mortgage on his house after splitting with his life and turned to the world of room rental to help with the payment. Kellie has been a quiet girl who is always on time with the cash. A real homebody who only works and never goes out. But somehow Soldier sees something about her that could be a little different. One fateful evening Soldier has to come home early to pick up his wallet and he finds Kellie performing live sex online camming. And not only that she is translicious! Wow, he did not see that coming. And you know what? Soldier boi likes what he sees. Realizing she has found another appreciative audience member she keeps her show going. Soldier pulls out his cock and the real show starts as he is soon pounding her sweet little love canal like the 4th army hitting the beaches of Normandy.

Sapphic Curse Of The Crystal Skull – Adriana Chechik & Kissa Sins

An alarm buzzes in a darkened tent. Adriana Chechik turns off the alarm and crawls out of her blankets. Putting on her clothes, she opens the tent and steps outside into the blazing New Mexico sun. Asking herself where Kissa is, she looks around. Her eyes widen when she spots Kissa Sins, wearing tight booty hugging shorts. What is she wearing?!, Adriana asks her. Whatever the fuck she wants, Kissa responds with a mischievous grin. She shouldn’t dress provocatively when they’re all alone out here in Chaco Canyon National Park, so far away from civilization, Adriana says worriedly. Don’t worry, no one’s going to mess with them, Kissa tells Adriana, flashing a pistol that she brought with her. But enough chit-chat, Kissa tells her friend gruffly. It’s time to go. With a sigh, Adriana shoulders her backpack and they set off down a trail.

The ladies hike for what seems like hours through the woods with Kissa in the lead. Adriana, a graduate student at the local university’s Department of Archeology, can’t wait to reach the unexplored cave that she’s there to investigate. Kissa, a tough-as-nails ex-marine, isn’t nearly as excited as her friend, complaining that she’s just there to babysit Adriana. As they continue on the trail, Kissa can’t help but get flirty with Adriana, but Adriana’s not into it, reminding her friend that she’s married. Their conversation is cut short when they reach a tall face of rock with a small opening that leads up to the cave. Adriana looks up at it, marveling that no one’s ever seen it before.

Kissa starts the climb up the steep entryway to the cave with Adriana following. It doesn’t take long for Adriana to lose sight of Kissa, who dashes up the cliffside. After a long and grueling ascent, Adriana finally reaches the cave. When she turns on her LED camping lantern, she’s shocked to discover that Kissa is standing right next to her. She hands Adriana an arrowhead, telling her she found it while she was waiting. Adriana is excited since it looks like a Mayan arrowhead and Kissa tells her that she can show her where she found it. Kissa takes Adriana deeper into the cave, bringing her to where she found the arrowhead. Eager to see what other secrets are buried there, Adriana gets down on her knees, sifting through the dirt of the cave floor. A moment later, Adriana is elated to find another arrowhead and snaps a photo of it. When she takes a look at the photo, she notices something in it, something strange, a shiny object protruding from the ground.

Overcome with curiosity, Adriana grabs a small folding shovel out of her pack and starts digging feverishly, asking Kissa to hold the lantern as she pulls the mysterious object out of the dirt. It’s a hunk of smoky quartz crystal about the size of a human fist. It almost seems like it’s been carved into a shape. Adriana takes a plastic water bottle out of her backpack and washes off the hunk of quartz to reveal that it has been carved into the shape of a human skull.

Adriana is in awe, saying that it could be hundreds of years old…or thousands. OR…it could have been carved last week, Kissa points out. Adriana retorts that that’s unlikely since there are signs of extreme weathering on the surface, indicating that whatever carved it did so quite a while ago. Pulling the lantern close, Adriana examines the crystal skull closely. Adriana’s eyes go wide with wonder as a light suddenly begins to emanate from the skull, growing ever brighter. As Kissa looks on, Adriana is transfixed as the glow from the skull gets brighter and brighter, reflecting in Adriana’s eyes. Suddenly, Kissa’s voice cuts into Adriana’s trance, asking her if she’s okay? Adriana shakes her head back to reality, blinking in confusion. She takes a breath, saying that they’d better get back to the camp.

Later, back in their tent, Kissa dozes off while Adriana investigates the skull more, peering at it closely with a flashlight. Suddenly it begins to glow again and Adriana locks with the skull as the light increases in intensity. This mysterious glow flashes in Adriana’s eyes and a strange energy seems to take hold of her. Abruptly, she rouses Kissa. What’s wrong?, Kissa asks, groggy. With a seductive smile, Adriana tells her friend that she wants to fuck her. Kissa is shocked since this isn’t like Adriana at all. What’s come over her? But Kissa’s surprise soon turns to lust as the impossible-to-resist Adriana kisses Kissa softly, pulling the blankets away from her. They dive into each other, stripping their clothes off and instantaneously losing themselves in each other’s supple bodies.

But the adventure is only just beginning for these amateur archaeologists. Are they prepared for what awaits them when they uncover the sapphic curse of the crystal skull?

Anal TS Gabriella Gapes, Swallows Cum – Alex Victor & Gabriella Baby

Fresh-faced TS Gabriella Baby struts her long legs and curvy butt for stud Alex Victor. She jerks her she-dick while gagging on his cock in a wet blowjob. He slobbers on her prick, fingering her asshole as he runs his mouth along her dick shaft. Gabriella masturbates while Alex fucks her butthole, his prick filling her up. She bounces on his boner and he reaches around to stroke her girl-cock. The trans vixen cums hard, dripping semen onto the camera! Hot anal gaping and an ass-to-mouth blowjob cum to a climax with Gabriella swallowing a chunky helping of sperm.

Big-Boob MILF Angel’s Interracial Fuck – Franco Roccaforte & Angel Wicky

Spunky, voluptuous MILF Angel Wicky wears a stylish, skintight outfit, playfully teasing the camera. The busty blonde refers to herself as the queen, donning a crown to complete the look. When Franco Roccaforte arrives, dominant Angel orders him around, finally treating the hung stud to a sloppy blowjob. They kiss passionately as she rides his big black cock, and her massive jugs jounce as Franco’s meat pounds her from behind. The intense interracial encounter features slippery titty fucking and climaxes as Franco decorates Angel’s fun bags in heaps of hot jism.

Trannylicious #03 – Kellie Shaw

Kellie Shaw has been a godsend for Soldier. He was having a hard time making the mortgage on his house after splitting with his life and turned to the world of room rental to help with the payment. Kellie has been a quiet girl who is always on time with the cash. A real homebody who only works and never goes out. But somehow Soldier sees something about her that could be a little different. One fateful evening Soldier has to come home early to pick up his wallet and he finds Kellie performing live sex online camming. And not only that she is translicious! Wow, he did not see that coming. And you know what? Soldier boi likes what he sees. Realizing she has found another appreciative audience member she keeps her show going. Soldier pulls out his cock and the real show starts as he is soon pounding her sweet little love canal like the 4th army hitting the beaches of Normandy.

Missed A Spot – Charlie Dean & Kate Rich

Kate Rich is on her hands and knees cleaning the carpet. Her roommate, Charlie Dean is watching her from behind. He can’t stop staring at her ass in her mini skirt. He can’t resist anymore and touches her ass. Soon, he’s licking her bare tight little asshole before putting his big cock inside of her! Kate loves anal and for being such a good girl she gets an anal creampie!

Lovely Young Kim Velez & Her Lipstick Nipples

Lovely Young Kim Velez & Her Lipstick Nipples

Lovely Young Kim Velez & Her Lipstick Nipples

Kim Velez is a young and fresh cutie enjoying life in Colombia where she’s a webcam model. Kim inspires her viewers to jerk one out as they gaze upon her lovely face and body and those big tits with their impressively large areolae and watch her toy or finger her peach and suck on her thick nipples.

Kim sucks on her tits and leaves red lipstick stains on them in this scene. She has a big dildo to suck on after she fucks her pussy with it.

Kim doesn’t look the type but she said that she likes S&M, although she didn’t go into details. She did say she’s the assertive type when it comes to sex. We know that Kim loves to spank her pink clam and use her fingers or one of her many toys to bring herself to a wet orgasm.

“I lost my virginity in a park,” Kim revealed. “I’d like to have sex in a movie theater. That is a fantasy I have. Another fantasy I have is to have sex three or four times a day in different rooms of the house. I haven’t had a threesome and I wouldn’t consider it.”

See More of Kim Velez at SCORELAND.COM!

Lisa Lipps’ SCORE Magazine Debut

Lisa Lipps’ SCORE Magazine Debut

Lisa Lipps' SCORE Magazine Debut

This layout of Lisa Lipps was produced in July of 1992, six months after her very first shoots in late January. It was published in the March, 1993 Volume 2 Number 2 edition of SCORE. It was Lisa’s SCORE debut in an eleven-page layout shot by veteran British photographer Dave Antony.

Lisa was part of the group cover photo with Tiffany Towers, Candy Cantaloupes, Angel Bust and Staci Vaughn on Eleuthera Island in The Bahamas. The girls were the stars of a hardcore feature movie Boobarella that was promoted in the issue’s Video Pick of The Month section.

Lisa lived in Clearwater, Florida at the time, table-danced at the now-shuttered Tattletales strip club near Clearwater Bay and listed sailing, fishing and water skiing as her favorite sports.

See More of Lisa Lipps at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Translicious #03 – Ella Hollywood

Ella Hollywood thinks she is just sitting down for breakfast with her roommate Charlie but little does he know what he’s thinking. All Charlie can think of is what Ella must look like naked. As the two sit eating their cereal he starts imagining she is naked. He sees her in his cereal. She is calling to him. Within a blink of an eye, he is teleported into his fantasyland and finds himself in bed with his gorgeous trans friend. Her lady cock is so hard. He just has to taste it. Ravenously Charlie power fucks the teenager all over the place finally dousing her in a massive eruption of man chowder. He is brought back to reality by Ella who has found his zombie-like zoned out state rather strange. And that is the way the day begins. So when will it become reality?

Pent-up Desires – Michael Del Ray & Khloe Kay

Korra’s best friend Khloe Kay and her boyfriend Michael Del Ray are curious about this new man living with her and Wolf. They want a know every detail about him. After teasing Korra for a few minutes, the horny couple can’t control themselves and start to kiss deeper and their hands roam as their bodies are primed for some hot sex. Korra leaves the room letting them release the sexual tension that’s ready to explode! And explode they do with so much pent up lust, the two work each others hard cocks with hands and supple mouths, before sliding home to fill her waiting asshole, they moan and work together at a furious pace cumming deeply. Meanwhile, Korra gets distracted by the sound of the shower as she spies Pierce. Seeing his perfect body covered in soap and his a huge cock will not help Korra, slowly this deep desire for Pierce begins to grow. Korra needs to release these lustful feelings and starts caressing her body. She knows it’s wrong but her body craves him.

Mastur-Baiting Mommy – Emma Hix & Dee Williams

Emma Hix tiptoes into the living room, looking around cautiously. She opens her laptop and lays it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Her eyes are bright as she types on it. Ooooh, now THIS is a hot scene…she won’t be able to resist THIS, Emma says to herself with lusty delight. She clicks on a key and we can hear that a Girlsway porn scene is playing as loud sex sounds issue forth from the laptop. From the hall, off-screen, we hear her stepmom Dee Williams call: ‘Honey, do you have any laundry for me? I’m doing the rounds!’ And here she comes!, Emma says to herself, jumping off the couch and quickly scurrying to hide behind the door as she leaves the porn playing.

She peeks out from the door with an expectant look on her face, licking her lips. Dee comes into the room carrying a laundry basket. She doesn’t see Emma, who rubs her hands together in anticipation, as if she is excited for a show that she’s about to see. But Dee doesn’t even register the porn playing on the laptop. She seems very busy and distracted and simply utters ‘Oh that girl, always leaving her things out unattended! Honestly!’ and closes the laptop, stopping the video. Emma’s mouth opens in surprise and her shoulders sag with disappointment. Damn!, she says to herself. She has clearly not gotten what she wanted.

The next day, Emma sets up another trap for her stepmom, drawing a bubble bath for her and creating a sexy atmosphere. When Dee hops in and the girl spies on her, she’s again disappointed when her mom slips into a doze in the bath.

Determined to get what she wants, the following day Emma leaves a book on masturbation out on the coffee table purposefully for Dee to find. As Emma hides and watches, Dee finds the book and thumbs through it.

Soon, Dee’s hands creep into her pants and she sets the book down. She begins to rub her pussy under her pants. From the doorway, Emma’s jaw drops, this time with shocked delight. She can’t BELIEVE it’s actually working!, Emma says to herself in disbelief. Dee gets more and more into her self-pleasure, slipping her pants and underwear off as she begins to rub and finger her pussy earnestly, moaning loudly. Emma watches from the doorway, clearly aroused by the display. After watching her mom masturbate for a while, Emma purposely gets caught. Emma lies and tells Dee that she is trying to learn how to masturbate, since she’s never done it before. She’s 18 and even her younger friends have more experience than her, Emma adds.

TS Kayleigh: Gaping Anal Cum Swallower – Gabriel D’Alessandro & Kayleigh Coxx

Cute, pale TS Kayleigh Coxx unveils her freckled tits during a photo shoot. Gabriel savors her prick, licking it from root to tip as the pretty T-girl spasms in delight. She loves the way he plays with her ass as he dips his fingers into her butthole. Kayleigh chokes on his meat in a gagging blowjob, and he pummels her sweet butthole while Kayleigh begs for more. She masturbates with a pink toy, letting Gabriel slurp the sperm from her she-dick. See hot anal gaping, a nasty, ass-to-mouth blowjob and a load of cum for Kayleigh to swallow.

Big-Boob MILF Cathy: Anal & Cum Facial – Christian Clay & Cathy Heaven

Big-boob MILF Cathy Heaven flaunts her voluptuous form in a sheer top, tight skirt and pumps. She strips and masturbates with a glass dildo and then welcomes Christian Clay with a nasty, deepthroat blowjob. Cathy swaddles his cock with her massive jugs for a titty fuck. She moans as she rides his rod through a vigorous buttfuck! Christian ruthlessly reams Cathy’s orifices and ferociously fucks her throat ass-to-mouth. Their intense anal affair includes a raunchy rim job and a creamy cum facial.

Trannylicious #03 – Ella Hollywood

Ella Hollywood thinks she is just sitting down for breakfast with her roommate Charlie but little does he know what he’s thinking. All Charlie can think of is what Ella must look like naked. As the two sit eating their cereal he starts imagining she is naked. He sees her in his cereal. She is calling to him. Within a blink of an eye, he is teleported into his fantasyland and finds himself in bed with his gorgeous trans friend. Her lady cock is so hard. He just has to taste it. Ravenously Charlie power fucks the teenager all over the place finally dousing her in a massive eruption of man chowder. He is brought back to reality by Ella who has found his zombie-like zoned out state rather strange. And that is the way the day begins. So when will it become reality?

An Angel In Blue: Naughty In Public – Blue Angel & Kai Taylor

Blue Angel and Kai Taylor are heating up the dance floor as they press their bodies close, exchanging inviting looks and fleeting caresses. The pulsing lights drive the desire coursing through them, and it isn’t long before Blue takes Kai’s hand to steal him away to somewhere more private.

They burst through a bathroom door, already hot and heavy as they check that they’re really alone. The fear of being caught only fuels their excitement as they passionately kiss and fondle each other, hungry for more. Even though they’re in public, Blue hikes up her dress and pulls down her panties, ready to take Kai’s cock in ALL her holes.

Annabelle Rogers Is Irresistible

Annabelle Rogers Is Irresistible

Annabelle Rogers Is Irresistible

There are women and there are superwomen.

Annabelle Rogers is one of the superwomen that TSG has specialized in since 1992. We freely admit that we place them on pedestals. That’s what you do with works of art–living, bouncing works of art.

“I love boob-sucking or nipple play,” said Annabelle, something that we’d expect to hear from her.

“That really gets me in the mood and very aroused. I have very sensitive nipples. I can pretty much orgasm from just playing with my nipples or a guy sucking on them. It feels amazing.

“I really just like boob sucking and nipple pulling and biting. If you do it to me for a while, it’s fabulous. Also, getting fingered then tasting my pussy juice on their fingers always gets me hot. And then maybe some tit-fucking. This is like tit-fucking heaven right here.”

See More of Annabelle Rogers at XLGIRLS.COM!

Victoria Lobov: Sex With A Stranger

Victoria Lobov: Sex With A Stranger

Victoria Lobov: Sex With A Stranger

Slim and very stacked (34G) Victoria Lobov is married, but her big-boob loving husband is okay with her trying hardcore with porn studs at SCORELAND and 40Somethingmag.com (where she sucked and fucked JMac). Here, Victoria gets the dick-down and nut-juice from Bambino.

Victoria talked about what she loves the most during sex.

“I love it when my man is forceful, but not rough. The highlight is when he shoots his load deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful ejaculation makes me scream and cum. I’m passive, so I like when a guy takes the lead and makes my head spin.”

No creaming inside Victoria here. Bambino jerks off on her big tits after they fuck.

Victoria’s favorite ways to fuck are missionary, from behind and the cowgirl way. “For foreplay, I love French kissing, cuddling and nibbling on the sensitive parts of my body.”

See More of Victoria Lobov at SCORELAND.COM!

Alby’s Toy Story

Alby’s Toy Story

Alby's Toy Story

It’s bonus day at 40SomethingMag.com with Alby Daor, a 48-year-old wife and mom, showing off her tight little body and fucking herself with a whole array of toys. When the video opens, Alby tells us, “These are my favorite toys. I’m going to try each one of them out. I’m going to tell you which one is my favorite and you will tell me which one is your favorite. I’m going to get undressed and become more comfortable so I can put all these toys in the places they fit the best.”

Got it? Alby wants to know which toy you most enjoyed watching her fuck herself with. Maybe you’ll end up picking two toys: the one that’s in her pussy and the other one that’s in her ass at the same time.

She has a lot of toys, a whole tableful of them.

Alby has been to our studio on two different occasions. She’s sucked, fucked and done anal. And in her most recent visit, she got DP’d. These experiences have changed her for the better.

“Filming has enhanced my sexuality,” Alby said. “I get excited knowing that people have seen me having sex on film. I love to tell everyone I have done porn. This experience has also made me take better care of myself physically so I look my best.

“I do everything I can for my man at all times and do whatever he asks of me, no matter what or where. He has trained me well, and I am rewarded by him fulfilling all of my desires.”

Here, Alby fulfills her desires while also helping us fulfill ours. Now that’s a toy story!

See More of Alby Daor at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

Black Sheep Cousins – Kendra Spade & Eliza Ibarra

Kendra Spade slips through a door into a quiet bedroom. She leans back against the wall with a sigh, rubbing her temples. She looks a little stressed, folding her arms across herself. She unwinds for several seconds by herself until the door behind her opens and Eliza Ibarra steps into the room. They casually greet each other as they both lean against the wall in silence for a few moments. Kendra doesn’t look like she wants to talk at first but Eliza speaks up again after a few moments.

‘Are the family reunions always this intense?’ Eliza asks. ‘Yeah, they’re always this loud. That’s why I came in here to get a breather. What did you say your name was again?’ Kendra asks. Eliza gives her name. ‘Yeah, I still don’t recognize you,’ Kendra states with mild curiosity. Eliza tells her that that’s okay. She moved around a lot with her family, which is why Kendra doesn’t recognize her. ‘Not gonna lie, I’m a bit overwhelmed by all these new names and faces, though,’ Eliza says with a nervous laugh. ‘You said you move around a lot, right? So that must make you Madison and William’s kid, which makes us, uh… second cousins,’ Kendra responds. Eliza nods, reflecting on how hard it is to keep track of all of their cousins, which Kendra agrees with a snort. ‘This isn’t even half of them,’ Kendra adds.

Eliza then comments that she’s noticed that Kendra hasn’t really been mingling with her family much. Kendra shifts uncomfortably, still looking a little guarded and contrary. After a moment or two, she admits that she feels like the black sheep of the family sometimes. Eliza gently asks why. Kendra bluntly admits that she likes girls and, as far as she knows, she’s the only ‘black sheep’ in the family. It makes things a bit lonely. Eliza thoughtfully pauses, then leans more into Kendra. ‘Baa,’ she shyly says, imitating a sheep.

Kendra is surprised. ‘YOU’RE a… ‘black sheep’, too?’ she exclaims. ‘Yeah, though I’m not really out yet, so let’s just keep this between us,’ Eliza admits. Kendra dramatically sighs, shaking her head. ‘Yeah, sure, whatever. Man, it’s a shame we’re family since you’re pretty hot… I mean, we’re only SECOND cousins though, so…’ Kendra flirts. Eliza gasps and blushes, remarking in a hushed voice that Kendra is crazy! Kendra looks her up and down and tells her that she can be WAY more crazy than that, if Eliza wants to find out just how much. Eliza is both nervous and excited. Kendra is even more flirty now, reminding Eliza that she said so herself that her family’s always travelling… and the reunions are few and far apart, so they don’t have to worry about TOO MUCH awkwardness between them after the fact… Kendra runs a hand along Eliza’s arm while Eliza shivers. Kendra teases and asks if she’s cold in a teasing way. Kendra can think of some fun ways to warm her up… ‘Oh, what the heck! We’re only young once! Er – you ARE at least 18, though, right??’ Eliza hurriedly checks, giving into her primal urges, as Kendra laughs and confirms that she is. Kendra then pins Eliza to the wall and kisses her. Eliza makes a sound of surprise, but melts into the kiss since that’s exactly what she wants, too.

It doesn’t take long before they’re on the bed together, caressing each other’s bodies ravenously. Kendra pulls down the front of Eliza’s dress and sucks on her hard nipples as Eliza gasps. Kendra shushes her. After all, they don’t want to get caught by their family. Stripping off the rest of her clothes, Kendra lays Eliza down on the bed and buries her face in Eliza’s juicy little pussy.

These beauties may be the black sheep of their family…but things are about to get white-hot.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, ossienelson4!

Tricking Her Sister’s Boyfriend – Zac Wild & Kasey Miller

Zac Wild and his girlfriend, Scarlett Bloom, are cuddling on a couch and doting on each other while Kasey Miller, Scarlett’s sister, rolls her eyes in the background. The couple are always SO lovey-dovey with each other and it annoys Kasey. Especially since she’s attracted to Zac… However, when the couple starts talking about doing a NURU massage, she can’t help but to be a little intrigued.

The couple parts to get ready for the massage, with Scarlett sending Zac ahead to the bedroom to strip and get ready. ‘Don’t forget the blindfold!’ she playfully reminds Zac, wanting this session to be extra special. But Scarlett’s sexy plans are interrupted when she gets an urgent phone call while gathering the massage supplies. As soon as she hangs up, she asks Kasey if she can tell Zac she’ll be out for just 20 minutes, which Kasey easily agrees to.

Once Scarlett leaves, Kasey curiously picks up the bowl and gel, then grins to herself. She heads to the bedroom, where Zac is already naked and blindfolded on the bed, eagerly waiting for his girlfriend. Kasey mischievously strips down and straddles Zac as she begins the massage, rubbing oil — and her gorgeous body — all over him. Zac, thinking that he’s getting this sensual rubdown from his girlfriend, is in heaven as he urges Kasey for more. She stays as quiet as possible all throughout until she finally can’t resist sinking down onto his dick with his encouragement. Once she does, the jig is up as Zac realizes that’s not his girlfriend’s pussy!

Although Kasey’s been caught red-handed riding him, Zac is too horny to think straight. Even though she’s his girlfriend’s sister, they both want to have a happy ending, so they promise they won’t utter a word to Scarlett… While this wasn’t exactly the extra special session Scarlett had planned for Zac, he enjoys it to the fullest!

Big-Cock TS Izabelle Masturbates, Cums – Tony Lee & Izabelle

Super-hung, raven-haired TS Izabelle masturbates and fingers her tight butthole. She turns around and shoves a clear butt plug into her pulsing sphincter. Smiling, Izabelle shows off her cute braces as she plays with her fat she-dick. She removes the toy, running her pink lips and tongue all over it. Izabelle loves licking her butt plug clean! Finally, she jacks her meaty dick with deliberate strokes, spurting hot cream all over her body. Izabelle enjoys rubbing the cum into her caramel skin as her girl-boner throbs in orgasmic pleasure.

Big-Boob MILF Jasmine Earns Two Loads – Jasmine Jae & Charlie Dean

Busty British brick house Jasmine Jae wears a stylish purple lingerie get-up, displaying massive tits and a pleasingly plump rump. The pervy MILF masturbates and teases as she talks with director Proxy Paige. Charlie Dean arrives to munch her well-groomed gash. When the young, hung stud whips out his prick, Jasmine treats him to a nasty, spit-sprinkling blowjob. She talks dirty as she rides his thick dick, Charlie thrusting into her tight twat. The primal pussy fucking comes with slick titty fucking and a raunchy rim job, meriting two creamy loads of cum for horny Jasmine.

Sylvia Bateman: Horny From The Heat

Sylvia Bateman: Horny From The Heat

Sylvia Bateman: Horny From The Heat

On this very hot day, the pool looks tempting to Sylvia Bateman. She’s brought her new two-piece swimsuit and looks killer in it. Sylvia sits by the pool and splashes water on her chest.

It’s getting a little too hot for Miss Bateman so she heads indoors to cool off. Truth be told, Sylvia is always horny and feels an urge to orgasm. She takes off her swimsuit so she can rub her nipples and finger-bang her pussy. Cumming at least once a day is something Sylvia happily looks forward to.

Sylvia is a girl who inspires major tent pitching. It may be difficult to believe but when we asked Sylvia if she gets a lot of guys pitching pick-up lines at her, she replied, “I’ve never had someone tell me one.” It’s impossible to understand this.

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The Erotic Seduction Magic of Lana Blanc

The Erotic Seduction Magic of Lana Blanc

The Erotic Seduction Magic of Lana Blanc

Lana Blanc: seductive, sexy and sophisticated. Turning heads wherever she goes. One glance at her and people know she’s got the look, the body, the boobs, the face and the magic.

One would think that Lana would be the life of the party yet she says she’s introverted.

“I can spend an unnatural amount of time on my own with no other human-to-human interaction. I’m very introverted and love, love, love my own company. I think that’s a talent nowadays in the age of social media.”

Jetset_Kitten is her social media name because Lana loves to travel and visit the nations most people only read about in travel magazines.

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Juliet fucks a 25-year-old

Juliet fucks a 25-year-old

Juliet fucks a 25-year-old

In her first fuck film, 50-year-old MILF Juliet Miller fucks the 25-year-old dude she has hidden in her bathroom. Her hubby is heading off on a business trip, and Juliet is going to have some fun while he’s away. When she says goodbye to him over the phone, he has no idea that Juliet is wearing see-through lingerie that covers just about nothing. He has no idea that Juliet is about to fuck some 25-year-old’s big cock and swallow his cum.

And what hubby doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right?

Juliet’s perfect day: “It involves being outside in the sun at a pool, beach or lake, enjoying the way the sun and water feel on my skin. It could be fishing, hiking, exploring new places, doing nude photography or finding a secret place to have sex. Evenings, I like to attend rock concerts or go dancing in skimpy clothes, have dinner where me and my man can tease each other with food play or talk dirty across the table…unless we sit next to each other and can touch each other intimately.”

Juliet was born in Oklahoma and lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. When the weather is warm, which it is most of the year, she wears stringy tank tops with no bra and yoga shorts with no panties. If it’s cooler, she wears leggings and a top with no bra.

“No bra” seems to be a constant here.

She played softball and volleyball in college. Now she plays with young studs.

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Former kindergarten teacher gets ass-fucked

Former kindergarten teacher gets ass-fucked

Former kindergarten teacher gets ass-fucked

Kaiserin’s hubby and son are away, and now she’s going to play. When this scene opens, JMac is in her garage. The place is a mess. There’s stuff all over the place. Kaiserin, who’s elsewhere in the house, hears noise coming from the garage and checks it out.

“Your son sent me over to get some fishing rods,” JMac tells her.

She has him bend over to look for something, and when he does, she grabs his ass. He’s surprised. Wouldn’t you be surprised if your friend’s mom grabbed your ass?

“We can have a good time,” she says. “Don’t you love a good time? Let’s play a little bit.”

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“I’m sure sure,” she says.

Kaiserin doesn’t just suck his big cock; she doesn’t flinch an inch when he fucks her mouth hard. JMac fucks her pussy hard, too, and we get to see Kaiserin’s huge tits jiggle. Then he jams his dick up her tight ass, and Kaiserin loves it. Does she have an analgasm in this scene? You be the judge.

Kaiserin is 45 years old. She was born in Ohio and lives in Texas. She used to be a pre-school and kindergarten teacher. We don’t think her doing porno would’ve gone over well with the PTA, but fuck ’em, right? A woman has to do what a woman wants to do, and this woman wanted to get fucked on-camera by a hung porn stud.

Kaiserin recently discovered anal sex and finds it “surprisingly enjoyable.” She’s definitely enjoying herself here.

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The Cum-vertible

The Cum-vertible

The Cum-vertible

This scene is a classic for good reason.

First featured in the movie Stranded Teens, it stars Julia Bond in one of her first shoots ever. She’s a scantily clad babe walking down a long stretch of road, hoping someone will pick her up and fuck her. Her dream cums true when a guy rolls up in a convertible Mustang!

She gets on her knees in the passanger seat and sucks his cock. They’re completely out in the open with the sun shining down on them. Next comes something you don’t see every day: A girl getting fucked on the windshield of a top-down convertible.

Julia moans and talks dirty while we get interesting bottom-up views of the pair fucking. They screw in the front seat, in the back seat and even on top of the seats! (Just watch the scene to see what we mean.)

Fucking in a car isn’t always the most comfortable situation, but it is fun! Leave it to Julia to turn this convertible into a cum-vertible.

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You Need To Get Laid – Luna Star & Gia Derza

Telenovelas superstar Karen (Luna Star) and her assistant Leslie (Gia Derza) just landed in paradise for a long time deserved a vacation. Unfortunately, the resort made a mistake and they gave the girls a room with only one bed. The situation doesn’t bother Leslie, but Karen is scared of what the paparazzi could think since her life is always the latest headline. This situation creates tension in the room puts Leslie in a sour mood. This diva attitude that Karen has is not the only thing that annoys Leslie. For a couple of months, Karen is distant with Leslie, she is scared that couple Karen leaves her. She decides to confront her about the issue and the result is far from what she was expecting.

Boys’ Club – Seth Gamble & Alina Lopez


A beautiful, young woman, Blair (Alina Lopez), arrives all dressed up for a party. She’s there to entertain a bunch of businessmen, although they don’t seem to notice her at first as she tries to find the host. Once the men get wind of her presence, though, she gets hungry looks and cat calls. Even so, she walks with her head held high until she finds the man she’s looking for, Hank (Eric Masterson).

Hank explains to her that a young man named Bill (Seth Gamble) is the guest of honor, having just received a big promotion. Since he’s ready to play with the big boys now, she’s there as entertainment for him. But the main event isn’t going to happen until later, so why doesn’t he introduce her to everyone in the meantime?

Blair gradually meets all the men, though starts to become uncomfortable with how boisterous they are. They’re loud and lustful, coming on to her in unsettling ways, though she remains professional. When Hank finally makes his grand speech about Bill graduating to manhood, Blair takes that as her cue to take Bill somewhere more… private. However, she’s stopped by Hank, who reveals that she’s going to entertain Bill right there in public.

The men surrounding her erupt into cheers, all eager to see the action. They hurl insults at her, trying to shame her, although they don’t dare take their eyes off her… Blair hardly knows what to do with herself, since this wasn’t in the original agreement, but she needs to save face.

Finally, amongst the jeers, she gives everyone what they want as she slowly sinks down to her knees.

Maid For Each Other: Office Cleaning – Scarlett Sage & Dee Williams

Dee Williams sits at her desk in her office. It is late at night and she is hunched over her laptop, working diligently. She pauses for a moment, taking off her glasses and rubbing her tired eyes. Soon, a cleaning lady, Scarlett Sage enters her office. She is wearing headphones and dances a little as she comes in, not noticing Dee. Dee looks up from her screen and sees Scarlett. She watches her dance for a moment. She likes the low-key sexy way Scarlett is dancing and bites her lips. Just then, Scarlett looks over at Dee. Startled that someone is there, she stops dancing, her eyes wide with embarrassment, as she quickly removes her headphones. Oh she is so sorry ma’am, she thought everyone had gone home for the day, Scarlett says apologetically.

Dee is understanding and tells Scarlett that she can work around her, but Dee has trouble concentrating on her work because she’s too busy staring at Scarlett’s hot body. Finally, Dee can’t take anymore, and wanting to get Scarlett’s attention, purposely spills a glass of water on her desk. When Scarlett comes over to clean it, Dee tells her there’s some under the desk too and Scarlett crouches down, sliding under the desk.

As Scarlett wipes up the water, Dee hikes up her skirt and opens her legs. With Dee’s pussy inches away from her face, Scarlett’s eyes go wide. Scarlett can’t help but admit to Dee that she loves her panties as Dee suggestively traces her fingers over her pussy. Maybe Scarlett should take a…closer look at them, Dee says seductively. Scarlett bites her lip and moves up to Dee’s pussy, licking it sensually.

Office cleaning can be a tough job, but Dee’s going to show Scarlett that it certainly does have it’s benefits.

Girls Under Arrest | S2 E4 | Happy Endings Parlor Raid – Chad White & Vanna Bardot

Officers Chad White and Domenic Kane are enroute to investigate a call, explaining to the cameraman that they’re checking into a tip about a massage parlor that’s known for giving ‘happy endings.’ They arrive at the massage parlor and stealthily make their way to the back entrance and go inside, where a couple of waiting male clients awkwardly scramble to make a quick exit and hide their faces from the cops. The police shout and bang down doors as they raid the parlor looking for any working girls.

Officer White takes the lead with Officer Kane close behind as they raid one of the private rooms and finds a masseuse with a client. Neither of them want to be too close to the naked man, so they demand that he put on his pants. As Officer Kane restrains him, the client lies and begs that it’s not what it seems while Officer White mocks him since it’s very obvious it is what it seems. Meanwhile, Vanna Bardot demands to know what they’re doing and states that they have no right being there.

Officer White tells Officer Kane to take the client outside. Vanna looks fearfully to Officer Kane and asks him not to leave, but he shrugs and leaves with the client.

Officer White tells Vanna that she’s under arrest for sex trafficking. She protests, denying everything. After a while Vanna starts to look desperate, changing tunes as she begs him not to shut the place down — she needs this job. She has family to support! But Officer White is feeling charitable today. Maybe he won’t come down hard on her… Vanna looks relieved and starts to thank him, though he cuts her off and says that he won’t come down hard on her IF she gives him a happy ending.

Vanna is shocked, telling him that he can’t be serious — is THIS why he sent his partner out? Officer White doesn’t directly answer her, saying he doesn’t have much time. He’s a busy man, y’know, cleaning up the city…so what’s it going to be? Vanna is disgusted, but reluctantly agrees, laying her hand on his already hard cock that bulges from his pants.

Vanna’s going to give Officer White what he wants, but will HE deliver on his promise to give her a happy ending of her own?

TS Laysa & Stud: Gaping Anal + Orgasm! – Tony Lee & Laysa

Sexy TS newcummer Laysa shows plump, wet lips as she gets ready for her first on-camera fuck. Hung stud Tony Lee licks her perky nipples and unsheathes her fat she-cock, pleasuring it with his mouth. Laysa returns the favor and then lies on her side so Tony can slide his throbbing prick up her tight bunghole. He strokes hard and makes the cute T-girl moan in orgasmic heat. She masturbates to completion while taking Tony’s hard rod in the butt. Pink rectal gaping and a tasty, ass-to-mouth blowjob lead to a creamy mouthful of cum for Laysa.

Double Dare! – Tomm & Shrima Malati & Daphne Klyde & Jeffrey Lloyd & Charlie Dean & Steave

The boys dare the girls to kiss each other but they are only game if the boys suck each other’s cocks. It’s a fair exchange, which quickly leads to all of them fucking each other in the hottest boy and girl orgy yet! Do not miss this intense scene!

Welcome Home Surprise – Astrid & Rob

Lusty foster mom Astrid cooks Rob a great meal after not seeing him for a long time. She is happy to see him, which gets her feeling horny for something else. Rob gets thrown on the bed and she sucks his hard cock. He undresses her, fucks her wet pussy then licks her cunt. Astrid moans with each thrust of his throbbing cock till he cums all over her juicy big tits.

She’s Cute, She’s Freaky, She’s Kendra

She’s Cute, She’s Freaky, She’s Kendra

She's Cute, She's Freaky, She's Kendra

Some people would consider it a problem if a busty girl’s bras and tops never quite fit. We aren’t those people. Kendra Lee Ryan is getting dressed in her bedroom and she looks as sexy as ever. She’s adjusting her top in front of a mirror to ensure she has the perfect amount of cleavage before she heads out. She’s not satisfied with the look of her first option, so she pulls it off and tries on another.

“What’s taking so long in there?” Tony Rubino shouts from the living room as he waits for her to get dressed.

“I can’t find anything to wear,” Kendra responds. “Can you come in here and help me?”

Tony enters the room to give her a helping hand but soon, he’s squeezing a handful of Kendra’s left tit while sucking on a mouthful of the right. Kendra isn’t going to make it out today, but she is going to get fucked. And that’s even better.

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Cum All Over My Face

Cum All Over My Face

Cum All Over My Face

Redheaded Desiree goes for pro-cock, the kind that she didn’t get before she got into porn at SCORELAND for the first time.

Desiree became a porn star because she wanted to get hammered by professional studs with big dicks–dudes who know how to screw a woman into the next dimension of space and time.

“A lot of guys can’t keep up with me,” Desiree candidly revealed. It’s no fun for a sexy, good-looking woman with big boobs like Desiree to admit in public that the guys she dated and fucked were duds. They didn’t know proper tit-fucking techniques either. A woman like Desiree needs the right kind of guy to give her satisfaction. She was not getting it, and masturbation was not the solution.

“They cum too fast, or they don’t want to have sex when I do. It was no fun for me. The guys I sleep with can’t even last like two minutes in my vagina. They never even tit-fucked me. There is no way that those guys can try and fuck my ass!”

So what was the answer? Porn. Safe sex under comfortable conditions with big-dicked men whose job is to fuck girls wild and crazy. And better-paying than slaving away for low wages working for an asshole boss.

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Juliet’s first on-camera fuck

Juliet’s first on-camera fuck

Juliet's first on-camera fuck

Remember the other day when Juliet Miller told us she didn’t have anyone to fuck because all of her guys were off doing something else, and all of them are young? And then she took out her toys and made herself cum?

Well, today, Juliet’s young guy is in the house…literally. He’s 25-year-old Oliver, he’s exactly half Juliet’s age, and he’s tucked away in the bathroom waiting for Juliet’s husband to leave on a business trip. They’ve fucked before, but they want more, and when the hubby’s gone, they get right to it. Juliet sucks and fucks his big cock and takes his load all over her face. Uh-oh. She’d better swallow it or clean up before hubby comes home.

Juliet is a 50-year-old MILF from Oklahoma, now living in St. Petersburg, Florida. That Tampa Bay area is one of the swinging capitals of the universe, and, yes, Juliet is a swinger.

“I became a swinger about five years ago when one of my fuck buddies suggested we attend a swingers club,” she said. “He ended up not being able to go, so I went alone. My wildest swinging experience was taking another fuck buddy to a Texas swingers club for New Year’s Eve. We met early at the hotel and had sex then went to the club and had sex in front of others. He went out to grab a smoke, and a couple joined me on the bed, and when he came back, he got to double-team me, and the wife sucked his cock. Then a woman who thought she knew me came in and asked to eat my pussy, so I let her. She was horrible at it, but when she finished, she realized she didn’t know me but said I tasted lovely. We swapped with another couple, and later, we went back to the hotel and had sex for another hour or two.”

Now that’s a long story with a happy ending.

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The Sexpert

The Sexpert

The Sexpert

Nerdy Melody claims to be an expert at everything. After all, she always has her face in a book. But does she know what to do when she has a cock in her face? Her brother’s friend challenges her sex knowledge by pulling out his dick, and Melody isn’t about to be shown up.

All those sex ed books she read seem to have paid off as she expertly works his thick cock with her mouth. She even knows how to relax her throat so he can face-fuck her.

Melody looks the part of a nerd, but only when she’s dressed. Once her clothes come off we can see that she’s a sexy, curvy teen with a ripe rack and a horny pussy.

Turns out Melody does know a thing or two about sex, like how to take a hard dicking and swallow cum. And she doesn’t just know how to do it. She loves every second of it.

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Transfixed | S1 E6 | Housewife Secrets – Sarah Vandella & Casey Kisses

Casey Kisses is enjoying a quiet day at home, dolled-up in a beautiful dress and makeup that is reminiscent of simpler times. She looks perfectly contented as she pours herself a cup of cappuccino and idly flicks through a magazine.

Her doting husband appears, letting Casey know that he’s late for work but that her friend has arrived for a visit. When he offers his arm to Casey, she takes it, eager to greet her visitor.

Sarah Vandella is all smiles when she sees Casey, both of them coming together in a friendly hug. After seeing Casey’s husband off, the two ladies move to the living room to catch up. Sarah is taken with how much Casey’s husband adores her, lamenting about her own husband. The spark is just… gone. What’s Casey’s secret? How does she keep her man coming back for more?

Casey plays coy at first until Sarah’s begging her for advice. ‘The truth might come as a surprise, but not if you’re open-minded…’ she insists as she opens her dress and proudly shows off her cock.

Sarah is instantly entranced, drawn to Casey in a way she’s never experienced before. She practically worships Casey, running her hands all over her body. She wants to experience Casey for herself, and Casey is delighted to deliver.

The two beautiful housewives undress each other, admiring each other’s sexy bodies. After sucking on Casey’s breasts, Sarah eagerly makes her way down to Casey’s cock. She enthusiastically goes down on Casey, unable to get enough of her. When Casey tongues Sarah’s swollen clit and slides her cock inside of her, Sarah gasps, instantly overwhelmed with bliss.

There’s no doubt why Casey’s marriage has remained strong all this time!

Her Happy Ending – Seth Gamble & April Flores

April Flores is standing in a fluffy, white robe as she playfully peeks through the doors of her private massage room. She’s ready to treat herself to a relaxing day at the spa and just needs her masseur’s sensual hands…

Seth Gamble, her masseur for the day, soon shows up with a knowing grin. He can’t keep his eyes off April’sgorgeous body as he moves in behind her to help her disrobe. He wraps his arms around her, gliding his hands over her belly as he undoes the robe and lifts it away from her body. As soon as she’s naked before him, she exudesnothing but raw confidence and sexuality.

April casts Seth sultry glances as she makes herself comfortable on the massage table. As soon as she does, Sethbreaks out the massage oils and gets to work. He makes sure to sensually rub oil over every inch of her full-figuredbody. He intimately worships every sexy curve — from her round ass to her voluptuous breasts. Each caress andsqueeze makes April hotter, the erotic tension between them becoming unbearable. Finally, when Seth’s stronghands massage near her pussy, April is more than ready for her happy ending.

When Seth abandons his own clothes, April eagerly sucks his cock, thrilled about what’s to come. Once Seth isprepared, she spreads her legs wide to invite him inside. Although feeling his hands on her pussy was nice, havinghis cock massage her from the inside is exactly what she needs!

Massaging My Friend’s Hot Mom – Cherie DeVille & Zac Wild

Cherie DeVille enters the massage parlor, and as she gets a look at masseur Zac Wild, there is an immediate look of recognition on her face. ‘Don’t I know you?’ she asks. He is unsure, but as he’s thinking, it comes to Cherie. That’s right, he was a friend of her son’s in high school!, she says. Oh yes, he recognizes her now, Zac says brightly. It took him a second to place her since he hasn’t seen her son since graduation a couple of years ago, he adds. Yes, it took her a moment too, Cherie says. He’s grown up a lot in the last couple of years and looks so…adult now, Cherie says flirtatiously, looking Zac up and down. Well, he’s 19 so he guesses he technically IS an adult now, he says playfully. Interesting…she says softly to herself, continuing to check him out.

So…he hopes it won’t be too weird, getting a massage from her son’s friend?, Zac says. Cherie looks at him, biting her lip. No, not weird at all, she smiles naughtily. The masseur leads her to the massage table and waits for her to undress and get on the table.

As the massage progresses, Cherie is enjoying it immensely and says that she never would have guessed that Zac had such amazing hands. Zac is modest and thanks her for her compliment, jokingly adding that all those years playing video games with her son have really improved his skill with his fingers. They sure have, she says dreamily. There is a moment of silence. She bets that his hands aren’t the only…part of his body that he’s good with, Cherie says sensually, reaching her hand over to caress his package. Zac lets out a small sound of pleasure. Wow, he never dreamed in a million years that he would have a chance with his friend’s hot mom, is she serious!?, he asks. COMPLETELY serious, Cherie says firmly as she continues to feel his package. And she’s not too worried that her son will find out?, he asks. She smiles up at him as she caresses his hard cock, grinning mischievously. Well…she won’t tell if HE won’t…

Black TS Natassia/Interracial Anal Dom – Natassia Dreams & Lance Hart

Black TS Natassia Dreams strips out of a tight, skimpy dress and teases the camera as she strokes her cock. The statuesque trans babe calls for subordinate Lance Hart, dominantly barking orders as the collared submissive sucks her cock and rims her bunghole. Natassia’s stiff she-dick pounds Lance’s asshole, and docile Lance treats her to a slobbery, ass-to-mouth blowjob. Kinky interracial anal sex features intense 69 and harsh throat fucking. For the climax, Natassia strokes Lance’s dick to a creamy explosion.

Whitney: Interracial Anal/A2M, Swallow – Prince Yahshua & Whitney Wright

Longhaired, green-eyed brunette Whitney Wright shows off her natural tits and big, fleshy tush in elegant lingerie. A clear butt plug opens her anus. She kneels to give Prince Yahshua’s massively big black cock a worshipful blowjob; he grips her hair and fucks her face to drooling. He porks her pussy, stretching her legs up to her head as she whimpers. Fucking her doggie-style, he stuffs the glass plug in her butthole for a dick/toy DP. ‘Give me what’s mine,’ he grunts, fucking her big, white ass as she masturbates. His foot clamps her head down in a dominant, manhandling interracial anal reaming that makes her tightly gaping sphincter belch lube. ‘Get what’s yours,’ says Prince, so Whitney sucks dick ass-to-mouth, loving the taste. A multi-position buttfuck climaxes with a cum facial that splashes her chin, tongue and teeth. Whitney swallows semen.

Oral Fixation

Oral Fixation

Oral Fixation

Bailey explains her fuck schedule. Getting cock once a day–good. Getting it two or three times a day–even better.

JC is transfixed by Bailey’s huge, pliable whoppers decorated by pancake-sized areolae. He pulls one tit out of her slip to touch, lick and suck. Bailey hasn’t begun to lactate yet. She tries to squeeze out some milk but only a drop or two come out.

“Are pregnant pussies wetter?” he asks, spreading her legs apart and moving her lacy slip to the side so he can feel it. He sucks on a nipple and is able to hold it in his mouth for a second until gravity pulls it out of his mouth.

JC pulls out a tape measure so he and Bailey can tape-measure her tits on-camera. She gets naked and lies back so he can finger-bang her hole. Bailey sits up, takes JC’s big tool in hand and spits on it, then shoves it in her mouth. The size makes her gag and choke and that’s a good thing. She’s got her hands and her mouth full. Pregnancy is a waiting game and the gradual changes to a chick’s fertile body make her antsy. Big cock worship keeps her occupied.

Bailey’s pregnant pussy satisfaction is guaranteed when she fucks and comes all over the cock. A fuck so good, it almost hurts her to stop.

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Oils Well

Oils Well

Oils Well

What Jasmine Shiraz does so well: A) Shakes her natural sweater-bumpers up and down and side to side with exceptional, kinetic skills. She could operate an Xbox Kinect with her boobs. A man could watch this for hours; B) Self-sucks and self-licks her nipples beautifully and with excellent oral talents; C) Oils like a Renaissance artist.

Jasmine must hypnotize ’em at the Jersey shore during the summer when she reaches for the suntan oil bottle. Totally-oiled Jasmine lays her slick, slippery body on the bed, peels aside her sticky panties and rubs one out while playing with her natural 36F-cup gifts.

“When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do this, even though I thought about it. I’ve always liked to show off my boobs,” Jasmine said.

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Office Sex With Lisa Lipps

Office Sex With Lisa Lipps

Office Sex With Lisa Lipps

June, 1993. This office XXX sex scene was filmed in London. It’s straight off the original tape with no editing, even when the camera isn’t aimed at Lisa Lipps and Billy Star as they fuck in this cramped space. It’s a real office not a set.

Lisa did numerous SCORE magazine layouts and videos from 1992 to 1997 in London, the Bahamas, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, plus on the first Boob Cruise, originally called Boob Camp, in July, 1994.

Ten years later at the SCORE building in Miami, Florida, Lisa talked about the kind of guys she was attracted to. As examples, she mentioned the names of several pro athletes. No male porn dudes who were simply fuck toys to her, especially the ones she personally cultivated.

“Silly in the kind of way…have you ever seen the actor Brendan Fraser? Well, that’s the kind of man I like, a man who has a silly personality, who’s free to be himself, who’s not scared to say stupid stuff, who’s not afraid to be silly, to be goofy and make me laugh. And I like a man who’s strong. I like a man who’s built. Well kept. Nice teeth. A man who doesn’t brush his teeth? I don’t even want him to come near me, cause stinky breath is not one of my things.

“I like a man who’s in shape, a man who takes care of himself, someone who’s independent, someone who doesn’t rely on me emotionally, who can stand on his own two feet. I would never have a man who wants me to support him. That’s not my gig. I’m not here to support anybody. I’m here to take care of myself.”

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Juliet’s toy story

Juliet’s toy story

Juliet's toy story

For today’s video, 50-year-old Juliet Miller brought her toys with her.

“Hi, I’m Juliet,” she says at the start of the scene. “You know, I really, really wanted some sex today, but not a single one of my guys is available right now. They’re all young guys, but they’re off doing something more entertaining, I guess, although I don’t know how that’s possible because I’m very, very entertaining, even by myself. So I guess I will be by myself today, except for you. Do you want to watch me? Won’t that be fun?”

First of all, we’re guessing Juliet is guessing wrong. We’re guessing her young boys are just missing out on a golden opportunity to fuck a prime MILF.

Second, we do want to watch her, and it will be fun.

Juliet is going to substitute those young guys with her toys. A lot of toys. As toy shows go, this is a very good one, and it’s clear that Juliet knows how to make herself happy even when she’s all alone.

Juliet was born in Oklahoma and lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. She enjoys being outdoors, horseback riding, swimming, dancing, fishing, hiking, going to rock concerts, being naked outdoors and snake hunting. Yes, we said snake hunting. Milking venomous snakes is on her bucket list.

Sounds dangerous to us. We think she should just stick to milking man-snakes. She’s very good at that, as you’re about to find out.

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Mom Kaiserin gets ass-fucked by JMac

Mom Kaiserin gets ass-fucked by JMac

Mom Kaiserin gets ass-fucked by JMac

“I’ve had more fun in my 40s than pretty much any other age,” said Kaiserin Dee, a 45-year-old wife and mom from Texas. “In my 30s, I was too busy making sure everything was taken care of to worry about having fun. Now, pretty much everything is settled and taken care of, so I can just be me. I’m in a place in my life where I don’t have to worry about money or promotions. It’s me time now. Now I can be the crazy person I was always afraid to be.”

Kaiserin, who has big, fat tits, is having a lot of fun with JMac in this scene. She sucks his big cock then gets her pussy and ass fucked. Kaiserin’s feeling about anal: “It is surprisingly enjoyable. I avoided it for years. Now I feel really stupid.”

No reason to feel stupid, Kai. A lot of women are afraid of anal sex, especially anal sex with big cocks. But that’s what happens as a person gets older: they learn to enjoy new things. In this case, that new thing is a cock in Kaiserin’s asshole.

Kaiserin grew up in Ohio. She’s a mother of two. She enjoys getting fucked from behind while sucking cock. In this scene, she gets fucked from behind and sucks cock. Not at the same time. Who knows? Maybe we’ll invite her back to make that happen.

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Sex Ed 101

Sex Ed 101

Sex Ed 101

“People think that because I’m a nerd I don’t know anything about sex. Well…they’re wrong! And I proved it to my brother’s dumb friend who’s always teasing me. I have to admit, I was a little shocked and shy when he whipped his dick out unexpectedly. But once I had it in my mouth, I knew exactly what to do. He was assertive and fucked me really hard, which I loved. Now he can’t tease me about being a prude, because I let him cum all over my face!”

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Keep Your Family Close – Chanel Preston & Charles Dera & Whitney Wright


A wife (Chanel Preston) makes her husband (Charles Dera), a nice dinner. She tries striking up a conversation with him but he’s too distracted. Little does she know, it’s because he’s busy staring at a string of messages on his phone from an apparent mistress of his. Annoyed by her husband’s lack of caring, her eyes linger on a birthday card from her sister. ‘Family’s important, isn’t it?’ she directs to her husband, who once again ignores her, showing that he takes his wife and family for granted.

Unfortunately for HIM, karma’s out to get him.

The next day, the husband’s world is turned upside down when a teen girl (Whitney Wright) shows up on his doorsteps. She’s eerily calm while he is too shocked to do anything but stare at her. Before he can shoo her away, the wife catches sight of the teen and invites her in, thinking she’s there selling cookies. The teen comments that there’s a misunderstanding… she’s not there to sell cookies, she’s there to see her dad!

The husband is stuck between a rock and a hard place as the wife gets over her initial shock and invites the teen girl inside, giving her a place to stay now that they’re family! While the wife is over the moon with happiness, the husband knows he’s screwed as the teen casts him dark, sultry stares when the wife isn’t looking.

There’s more here than meets the eye, and the husband’s troubles are just beginning.

Keeping Your Family Close – Chanel Preston & Charles Dera & Whitney Wright


A wife (Chanel Preston) makes her husband (Charles Dera), a nice dinner. She tries striking up a conversation with him but he’s too distracted. Little does she know, it’s because he’s busy staring at a string of messages on his phone from an apparent mistress of his. Annoyed by her husband’s lack of caring, her eyes linger on a birthday card from her sister. ‘Family’s important, isn’t it?’ she directs to her husband, who once again ignores her, showing that he takes his wife and family for granted.

Unfortunately for HIM, karma’s out to get him.

The next day, the husband’s world is turned upside down when a teen girl (Whitney Wright) shows up on his doorsteps. She’s eerily calm while he is too shocked to do anything but stare at her. Before he can shoo her away, the wife catches sight of the teen and invites her in, thinking she’s there selling cookies. The teen comments that there’s a misunderstanding… she’s not there to sell cookies, she’s there to see her dad!

The husband is stuck between a rock and a hard place as the wife gets over her initial shock and invites the teen girl inside, giving her a place to stay now that they’re family! While the wife is over the moon with happiness, the husband knows he’s screwed as the teen casts him dark, sultry stares when the wife isn’t looking.

There’s more here than meets the eye, and the husband’s troubles are just beginning.

Lifestyles Of The Cuckolded #13 – Billy Glide & Sami Scott

Sami Scott’s nail salon is located in Beverly Hills. She will do just about anything to be a success. When she had a chance to hook up with Mr. Billy Glide, she jumped on it- no pun intended! Billy started laughing as Sami explained she wanted her cry baby husband to watch as she sucks his dick, and let him fuck her and Billy said ‘ I don’t give a fuck let’s do it!’ So Billy fucked Sami and Sami became kind of a legend from that day on. She was known as the slut that made her husband watch as she got pounded by Billy Glide!

TS Marissa’s Interracial Anal Fuck – Sean Michaels & Marissa Minx

Glamorous, plump-lipped TS Marissa Minx struts and strips through a flashy tease, playfully pumping her stiff prick. When legendary stud Sean Michaels steps in, the busty beauty crouches submissively before him, gagging on his big black cock through an intense blowjob. Sean spanks Marissa’s ass as he fucks her throat. His famous 10-incher plows her tight asshole. Raw interracial anal reaming comes with nasty, ass-to-mouth cocksucking, climaxing as Sean feeds Marissa a hot cum facial.

Maria’s Big-Cock, Gaping Anal Fuck/A2M – Manuel Ferrara & Maria Jade

In a sparkly bikini, garters and hose, longhaired Maria Jade displays a sexy smile, dirty talk and hypnotic, big-butt tease. She crawls to Manuel Ferrara for a kneeling blowjob with ball-licking service. Natural-bodied, submissive Maria obeys the hung stud’s orders throughout the scene. He eats and fingers her pussy. Maria mounts his fat, uncut cock for a ride that spreads her snatch. The stud opens her sphincter with two fingers and stuffs his meaty prick up her ass; Maria says it’s the biggest dick to ever buttfuck her. She masturbates and wails ecstatic nonsense through a thorough anal reaming that leaves her bunghole gaping. Manuel tongues her open rectum. Maria digs two fingers in her twat as he sodomizes her. The multi-position backdoor blast climaxes with streams of jism splashing her outstretched tongue.

Professional Anal Whore – Jane Wilde – Small Hands & Jane Wilde

Petite and luscious, Jane Wilde is a vision in leather as she dances in a cage. Jane’s alone, but she’s just DYING to play with someone, and when she screams in frustration, she gets her wish. Hearing her call, Small Hands emerges from the shadows and walks up to the cage.

Jane may be the one who started this, but Small Hands is the one giving the orders. And Jane’s an obedient cock-slut, so with a sultry ‘yes sir,’ she gets down on her knees. Through the bars of the cage, she wraps her tiny hands around his throbbing shaft and takes it down her throat all the way to his balls. He fucks her face and she gags on his dick, looking up at him as he pounds her mouth.

When it’s time to let Jane loose, Small Hands opens the cage and scoops her up into his arms, slamming her down roughly onto a table. She jerks him off as he takes her clothes off, squeezing her perky little titties before he slides his dick into her tight snatch.

Jane’s one greedy little anal whore. Luckily for her…her pussy’s not the ONLY hole getting stretched out today…

Awesome Antica

Awesome Antica

Awesome Antica

Antica answered some of our pervy questions. She was surprisingly amenable. These kinds of questions can get a drink thrown at you in most situations.

What sexually satisfies you the best?


How often do you have sex?

“Once per week.”

What is your favorite position?


Where was your hottest sexual encounter?

“In an elevator.”

Have you ever had a sexual encounter with another girl?

“Yes! We were young and drunk.”

Have you ever had sex in public?

“No, it’s against my nature.”

Do you like anal play or anal sex?

“Totally no!”

Have you ever been in a three-way?

“Still no, but sometimes I think about it.”

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Fetish Doll Training

Fetish Doll Training

Fetish Doll Training

Voluptuous Girl Felicia is an ultimate girl-next-door, but in Fetish Doll Training, Felicia trades in her GND clothes for a kinky little number suitable for a dungeon, if not a day at the beach. A sheer black top with holes to poke her big, succulent 34F-cup jugs through. Knee-high black boots. A black waist-cincher.

She’s now a docile and submissive fetish doll dressed to serve up her luscious body, and serve she does. The lovely redhead tightly clamps her lips, tits and hips around a hard boner and drains her fuck buddy dry. Looks like her “master” has his hands full. Full of Felicia. Never forget that amazing, non-stop, spankable ass.

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Meet Juliet Miller. She brought her toys with her!

Meet Juliet Miller. She brought her toys with her!

Meet Juliet Miller. She brought her toys with her!

It’s Juliet Miller week at 50PlusMILFs.com. Lately, we’ve been doing week-long events with many of our new MILFs, and now it’s Juliet’s turn.

Today, photos of Juliet showing off her sexy body and fucking her pussy with lots of different toys.

Tomorrow, the video version of Juliet’s toy show.

Wednesday, photos of Juliet fucking on-camera for the first time. She’s 50. The guy she’s sucking and fucking is half her age. Do the math.

And Thursday, Juliet’s first fuck video.

It’s going to be a week to remember for us and especially for Juliet, who had never done this sort of thing.

“I found you,” Juliet said. “A guy I talk to on FetLife mentioned that you were his favorite website and said I should check it out,” she did, and now she’s here.

Juliet, who’s a swinger, says the people she knows wouldn’t be surprised to see her here.

“My family and friends know exactly what I’m like,” she said. “I’m very open and honest about what I am into.”

Juliet was born in Oklahoma and now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. She’s a MILF. She used to be a naturalist in a state park. She’s also been a rural mail carrier, an office manager and an animal control officer.

Control yourselves, animals!

See More of Juliet Miller at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

Cherry Bush

Cherry Bush

Cherry Bush

There are a few things that make Amber different.
First of all, she has a nice, full bush–unlike many other girls her age. Second, she’s never had sex before. “I’ve fooled around a bit, I’ve just never gone all the way. I want to have sex, for sure. I think about it all the time. But I’m waiting for the right time and the right guy.”

For a virgin, you’re very comfortable posing nude.
“You can be a virgin and not be a prude. Even though I haven’t had sex yet, I’m still a sexual person. I masturbate a lot and I know exactly how to make myself cum. I love looking at my naked body in the mirror, so why not show it off? I’ve always had the fantasy of posing nude. I don’t need to wait to have sex to fulfill it.”

What would you like your first time to be like?
“The guy needs to be a great kisser. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t had sex yet. I haven’t made out with too many great kissers, and that’s really important for me to get in the mood. I need to know there’s a lot of privacy and none of his friends or parents are going to barge in. I don’t need flowers or anything silly like that. I just want there to be good chemistry, and I want to be so horny that my bush is soaked before I even take off my panties. And I want him to eat my pussy and make me cum like I’m a goddess!”

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Breakfast With My Friend – Part 2 – Sovereign Syre & Penny Pax

Lola (Penny Pax) and Pepper (Sovereign Syre) are finally home, after a nice brunch with their long-time friend Brigitte (Charlotte Stokely). The day has brought back old memories, which made everyone laugh. The day also reminded them why the two like each other so much. They had taken different paths after college but got back together last year. Since then, the lovers on cloud 9. Tonight, in their cozy bed they will remember exactly why they love each other so much. Sharing deep passionate kissing leading to dripping wet pussies climaxing like never before!

TS Aubrey Cums! Anal/Deepthroat/Facial – Aubrey Kate & Jonah Marx

Looking sensational in a revealing outfit, TS icon Aubrey Kate struts for the camera. The sumptuous, tan blonde spreads her ass and strokes her stiff prick. Aubrey greets bearded stud Jonah Marx with a sloppy, deepthroat blowjob. She masturbates as Jonah fucks her asshole, whimpering when he pins her arms behind her back and pounds her from behind. Jonah pile-drives the tattooed beauty’s bunghole, and Aubrey pumps her prick, gushing hot sperm over her flat stomach. In a heated climax, Jonah rewards Aubrey with a creamy cum facial.

Latina Gina: Full Nelson Anal & Gaping – Markus Dupree & Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina shows off fabulous Latina charms poolside: long hair, sexy face, natural tits, colorful tattoos and comely butt. Stripped down to thigh-high boots and furry bush, she goes inside to seduce Russian stud Markus Dupree. Gina pulls his face up her ass for a rim job. She kneels, head down, for a doggie-style pussy pounding. Markus grips her head for a drooling face fuck. He chokes and slaps her as he drills her into the couch. Next is a manhandling, spread-eagle anal reaming as Gina masturbates. The stud tongues her gaping bunghole and Gina gives an ass-to-mouth blowjob. His foot clamps her head down as he sodomizes her. Gina sits on his face, licks his balls and eats his asshole as he jacks off. He hammer-fucks her ass in multiple positions including full nelson. A cum facial wets her mouth, spackles her eyelashes and splashes her hair.

Gaping Heidi’s Interracial Double Anal – Yves Morgan & Luca Ferrero & Heidi Van Horny

Supremely buxom Heidi Van Horny does a full split and fingers her butthole for the camera. Hung Luca Ferrero and black stud Yves Morgan join Heidi for an interracial threesome; she eagerly slobbers on fat white dick and big black cock. Hard meat simultaneously fills her pussy and asshole in a rigorous double penetration! The studs squeeze both pricks into her pulsing butthole for a hot double-anal reaming! Feeling her pink asshole gape widely, Heidi cums. See juicy, tasty rimming and messy, ass-to-mouth blowjobs. The decadent fun climaxes in a glistening cum facial for Heidi to enjoy.

The Bucket List – Harmony Wonder & Cecilia Lion

Cecilia Lion and Harmony Wonder, two best friends, are returning home from a day of hiking. They’re both sores from the excursion but pleased, too, since that means there’s one less thing on their bucket lists! With them both being separated soon for college, their bucket lists consist of everything they want to do together while they still can.

While Cecilia checks off the last item on her list, Harmony hesitates. Instead of telling her curious bestie what the last item is, she shyly deflects the questions and stuffs her list into her pocket. To distract Cecilia, Harmony offers to give Cecilia a massage since she’s so sore from the hike. Cecilia easily accepts the massage, letting the topic drop… for now.

Harmony starts first with massaging Cecilia’s tense shoulders, then works her way down to her back. She eventually suggests that they get more comfortable so that she can really work out the knots. Once they’re in the bedroom, Cecilia removes her shirt, with Harmony getting flustered at the sight of her breasts, then lays down. When Harmony straddles her and begins massaging again, Harmony’s even more flustered.

Finally, Harmony finds the courage to share her bucket list with Cecilia, handing her the paper. ‘Tell her how I really feel about her?’ Cecilia reads aloud with curiosity. Now that it’s out in the open, Harmony explains that she loves Cecilia as more than just a friend. She just wanted Cecilia to know before they went their separate ways…

Harmony’s heart nearly stops when Cecilia sweetly admits that she loves Harmony, too. As Cecilia touches Harmony’s cheek, she melts into it, and they sound find themselves sharing a kiss.

The heat between them quickly builds as they sensually explore each other’s bodies for the first time. They kiss each other’s breasts and work their way down south to each other’s pussies. When the tension becomes too much, they finally end things by tribbing to a glorious climax. Although they’re soon going to be separated, it looks like they have a bright future together as long-distance girlfriends!

Codi Vore’s Butt Plug & Play

Codi Vore’s Butt Plug & Play

Codi Vore's Butt Plug & Play

Girls have a tendency to hide sex toys under a pillow and whip them out when the time is right. The toy hidden under Codi Vore‘s pillow is a butt plug. This one has a little plastic rose on the end, a feminine touch.

After playing with her magnificent, natural boobs in the first part of this scene, Codi fingers her bushy pussy and pleasures her ass with the plug.

“I masturbate a lot. I have a little vibrator that I’m constantly using. I’m very sensitive on my nipples. I’m also really sensitive on my clit, so I can’t have really strong vibration, but my vibrator is really nice, and it’s remote-controlled. I originally bought it for someone to use on me while I was wearing it in public.

“I have used it in public, and it’s the sexiest thing ever. It even lights up, and it’s really smooth for insertion, which is nice. I’m really tight, so I need something that’s a little smaller, and it’s really discreet. I can wear it in public and you’d never know I was getting myself off. I’ll just put it in my panties and lay it flat on my clit. I generally wouldn’t put it up my pussy, but I do.”

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Boober #03 – Natasha Nice & Mark Zane

Natasha is a natural Boober driver. Some might say she was born for this. Outgoing and witty, this massively stacked is racking up the stacks flaunting her jugs and burning down the highway. What better job could a girl like this get? It’s exciting to get all this attention for her sweaty all real titties. She loves men to google and ogle them as they drool and grope all over her. Grope your way into five star reviews and massive tits mother fuckers cause these fun bags were born to ride. And ride them she does as she picks up Mark the animal Zane for titillating bombastic evening of cushion pushing ball busting titty shaking sweaty drippy jizm street love. There is a reason why Natasha won boober girl of the month. She loves what she does and it shows.

Sarah: Interracial Anal Gaping, Facial – Mark Wood & Sarah Lace

Hot black babe Sarah Lace exposes her extra-round ass and perky tits in high stilettos. She buzzes her clit with a vibe and then runs her wet lips along Mark Wood’s stiff erection, soon gagging through a blowjob. Breathing heavily, she moans as Mark plunges his cock in her tight twat. He licks her asshole and then slides his dick inside, plowing her in a hot interracial anal fuck. Sarah’s vibrator buzzes her pussy to orgasm as Mark rails her rear into the couch. See intense rectal gaping, raunchy rimming, a sloppy, ass-to-mouth blowjob and a glistening cum facial.

Private Yoga Instructor – Serena Blair & Kali Roses

Kali Roses and her private yoga instructor, Serena Blair, are practicing various poses together, trying to get into the meditative zone. However, Kali is having a hard time since she just wants to be one of those cool models on social media with the hot body already. She didn’t think getting fit would take THIS much effort!

To keep Kali’s morale up, Serena embarks on a different yoga workout, both of them working in tandem to try andachieve inner peace. The poses are intimate as they rely on each other to find balance through physical touches. In doing so, something is sparked between them.

Kali slyly starts flirting with Serena, asking if there are exercises that could help her become more flexible… in bed! Serena plays along as she lifts Kali’s top, responding that, yes, although the exercises require them to take their clothes off…

Serena starts by showing Kali some deep breathing exercises, which gives her plenty of chances to feel up Kali’s perky breasts. The heat builds between them as they press their bodies close together, and it isn’t long before they’re unable to restrain themselves.

They take turns sensually eating out and fingering each other’s pussies in various yoga poses, pleasuring eachother until they share an energetic orgasm. It turns out that yoga is much more rewarding than Kali thought!

TS Ella + Daddy: Anal, A2M BJ, Facial – Sebastian Keys & Ella Hollywood

Ultra-femme TS cutie Ella Hollywood teases the camera, smiling adorably as she strokes her stiff cock. The angel-faced blonde wears a sheer top, knee-high socks and heels, soon stripping off her panties and spreading her ass. When Sebastian Keys steps in, Ella submissively kneels, worshiping his diamond-hard dick in a sloppy blowjob. She moans as the stud rims her tight anus, submissively saying, ‘Thank you, Daddy’ when he buttfucks her. Ella’s prick dribbles sperm as Sebastian slams her sphincter, and the young trans girl sucks cock ass-to-mouth. To climax an intense anal fuck, Sebastian rewards Ella with a messy cum facial.

Shay: Gaping Anal, A2M BJ & Cum Facial – Ramon Nomar & Shay Evans

Leggy, mocha-skinned beauty Shay Evans teases us in frilly lingerie, flashing her big boobs and captivating smile. The longhaired California girl (of Puerto Rican descent) takes on Spanish stud Ramon Nomar, who eats her bald pussy and asshole. His uncut boner rails her twat, and he grips her by the hair for a drooling face fuck. Shay sits on his fat cock, which soon fills her asshole as Shay masturbates, moans and stuffs two fingers into her gash. Ramon touches her butthole and feeds her the taste. He switches off between vaginal and anal drilling, Shay’s round butt looking awesome either way. She gives an ass-to-mouth blowjob, her mouth enveloping his thick meat. A buttfuck ride makes her big jugs sway and her bunghole gape! Ramon lifts Shay bodily for an anal carry-fuck and slops the eager girl down with a cum facial.

Snowballing Megan’s Triple Penetration – Angelo Godshack & Kristof Cale & Megan Inky & Luca Ferrero

As pale, pretty Megan Inky caresses her elaborately tattooed body, director Proxy Paige marvels at her sizeable tits. Megan plugs her butt with a toy, and Angelo Godshack, Kristof Cale and Luca Ferrero present their pricks. She blows Kristof’s while the other two launch into a wicked double penetration, fucking her throbbing asshole and pussy at the same time. Then it’s a triple penetration orgy: Megan moans as the studs cram two dicks up her ass while the third rails her cunt! See expansive rectal gaping, hot double-anal plowing and an ass-to-mouth blowjob. Megan snowballs a mouthful of cum into Proxy’s hungry mouth!

An Angel In Blue: Sunny Siesta – Kristof Cale & Blue Angel

Blue Angel is lounging topless in her luxurious rooftop zen garden, lazily applying lotion while soaking in the warm sun. Her boyfriend, Kristof Calever, happens across her and is captivated by the sight. The way the sunlight shines off her glistening skin has him hooked.

As Kristof joins her and helps with rubbing the lotion in everywhere, Blue is in a state of pure bliss. He takes his time sensually massaging her breasts down to her gorgeous feet, worshipping every inch of her gorgeous body. When he can’t stand the sexual tension between them any longer, he invites her to a nearby canopy, wanting to take her right then and there. Fortunately for him, Blue is all too happy to tease and please him with her feet and more, until they’re both ready for a nice afternoon siesta together.

Selena Adams’ Big Wet Tits & Hot Pink Slit

Selena Adams’ Big Wet Tits & Hot Pink Slit

Selena Adams' Big Wet Tits & Hot Pink Slit

Selena Adams‘ white top becomes see-through when she steps into the shower and pours a pitcher of water on it. The wet fabric sticks to Selena’s big, juicy tits. The cold water makes her nipples harden. She peels off her blouse and her tiny denim shorts that barely cover her crazy-generous booty. Now totally naked, Selena soaps her sexy rack, rinses off and towels herself dry.

Selena walks into the bedroom, disposes of the towel and gets into bed for a spank and play show, erotically caressing her body and finger-banging her pink slit. Should Selena ever need a hand, she could take her pick from hundreds of volunteers, all prepared to fall in love with this beautiful, sultry brunette from the Magic City.

A very well-connected girl on lots of social media sites and a webcam channel, Selena likes to shop for home furniture, decor and appliances. She would have no shortage of volunteers to help her with that also.

See More of Selena Adams at SCORELAND.COM!

Sweet As Candy

Sweet As Candy

Sweet As Candy

Candy Cantaloupes often returned to the studio with a different look. Her look in this scene was near the end of her dancing career, when she did her girl-girl with Rachel Rocketts.

After Candy debuted in November 1992 SCORE, the office mail box yielded letters and postcards asking for her return. This was at a time before readers could tap a few words on a keyboard and hit send.

Eventually Candy returned as a covergirl for June ’94 SCORE in a yellow bikini and suntan lotion layout shot in The Bahamas.

In a Montel Williams show, the TV talk show host (who loves big tits and was married to a busty showgirl at the time) had Candy and Crystal Storm on as guests. Montel was really into asking about bust measurements. Thin girls were usually asked to appear also as a “counterbalance” to add some artificial controversy and this show was no exception. Both Candy and Crystal said that having huge tits enhanced their sex lives but they also had to deal with rude comments when they went out in public.

See More of Candy Cantaloupes at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Boober #03 – Maxim Law & Rion King

Maxim Law has come down from big sky country in Montana to make it in the big city. Good thing she is packing some massive natural titties cause she just landed a job as a Boober driver. Zipping about all over the LA area she is loving her new career as she bounces her tits and uses them to make an incredible income from everybody that gets into her car. Today she picks up an Alpaca breeder from the Castaic area and he is immediately impressed with her attributes, both of them. This girl is going places and he would like to go up in between her titties with his stiff country cock. After getting worked up and bothered in the car he brings her into his house to sample what everybody is talking about. Quicker than the first load at a bukkake, he has her sucking his cock and riding his pole all over his bedroom. These girls of Boober know how to pull in those big tips and five star reviews. Maxim baby — you were born to drive Boober.

Fam Fiction – Alina Lopez & London River

Alina Lopez and her step-mother, London River, are enjoying their usual morning ritual. There’s nothing but love between them as they wish each other a good day and go their separate ways. As London leaves for work, Alina grabs her mother’s laptop to finish some homework.

As Alina settles to do her homework, she uncovers a secret folder filled with erotic stories that London wrote. Intrigued, Alina reads one of the stories, quickly realizing that it’s a steamy romance between step-mother and step-daughter. However, the characters are so familiar…

It’s her and London!

When London arrives moments later, asking about the laptop since she needs it for work, she knows the secret’s out. She’s so embarrassed as she tries to explain away the stories, but Alina is more amused than upset. In fact, she’s interested in seeing how this story ends… As she leans in for an exploratory and passionate kiss, it seems like London’s fantasy is now the real deal.

London is delighted as Alina moves in and sucks her breasts. Things get hot and heavy quickly, and it isn’t long before they’re naked and eagerly eating each other out. Hearing Alina’s moans and gasps, and tasting her sweet pussy, is hotter than anything London ever could’ve penned!

Selvaggia’s DP/Double Anal Threesome – Angelo Godshack & Charlie Dean & Selvaggia

Angelic, sweet-faced Selvaggia flirts playfully. In a threesome, she pleasures Angelo Godshack and Charlie Dean’s fat pricks with her cocksucking lips. Angelo stuffs his extra-thick rod into Selvaggia’s tight rectum, pulling out to show off her gaping butthole. Charlie fucks her juicy cunt! Selvaggia enjoys some intense double penetration, feeling cunt and bunghole all filled up. She squeals in delight as the studs simultaneously shove their dicks up her ass in a raunchy, double-anal reaming. Selvaggia gives an ass-to-mouth blowjob and masturbates. She slurps up the cum from a hot semen shower.

Amy Villainous Reveals Her Superpowers at XLGIRLS

Amy Villainous Reveals Her Superpowers at XLGIRLS

Amy Villainous Reveals Her Superpowers at XLGIRLS

When we first saw Amy Villainous several years ago, we thought she was just right for XL Girls. Her pretty face, huge, beautiful tits, big ass and her overall thickness and curves made a deep impression. Our studio contacted her, but at the time, she felt she wasn’t ready for XL Girls. Time passed. Now Amy’s ready.

Amy shows Brad Newman her massive breasts and they rock the room. Amy’s a magician and buries his face and his cock between her boobs, making them disappear. She shows Brad her oral fixation and he licks her pussy, tit for tat. Brad has a few magic tricks of his own and makes his dick disappear deep inside her pussy.

“I’m a switch,” Amy said. “And it all comes down to chemistry. I prefer the type of dynamic where a little power play is involved. I like being feisty with my partners. Cock is my favorite thing. Getting fucked deep and hard is the best thing ever. 99% of my orgasms are from penetration.”

Amy says she doesn’t get sex as often as she would like.

“Most guys can’t seem to keep up with me,” Amy said.

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Date Night With Diana Frost

Date Night With Diana Frost

Date Night With Diana Frost

Seductress Diana Frost is anything but frosty in her tight leopard dress and heels. Sipping wine, Diana walks into the bedroom where Michael is awaiting her. She lowers her dress to show him her beautiful breasts again. Again, because Michael and Diana met before when she gave him a blow job and Tits & Tugs experience that was impossible to forget.

Diana lightly fondles her big boobs inches from his face and stares at him, smiling. She spills some wine on her bare tits and softly pulls him closer to lick then. Sucking her nipples slowly, he buries his face in her cleavage. She enjoys his slow, methodical breast worship and he’s boob-drunk past the legal limits.

Michael licks Diana’s smooth pussy, making it wet and ready for the hot beef injection. But first she wants to give him a blow job and get her tits fucked again like last time.

While she sucks his dick on her hands and knees, Michael reaches over, squirts lube in her butt-hole and wedges an anal plug inside her ass. Using a free hand, Diana reaches under and rubs her pink slit. Her fuck-man turns her around so he can bone her pussy, the toy in Diana’s ass giving her a double portion of pleasure.

Taking the toy out of her bum, Michael lies on the bed and has Diana sit on his pole. There are more positions he wants to try with this chesty sexbomb, including her favorite, missionary.

Diana enjoys missionary because she can rub her clit while she’s being fucked or licked. They may never meet again to get it on so now’s the time to make the most of their sex date.

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Boober #03 – Tommy Gunn & Anissa Kate

Recently immigrants have been portrayed badly by the media. Well we here at Boober would like to correct that misconception as we tell you the tale of Anissa Kate. This big titted wench from Paris has come to America and has no driving skills whatsoever. But what she does have is a great attitude, a willingness to learn and most importantly a knockout rack of flesh melons. You can teach driving but if you ain’t packing up top you’ll never be a Boober girl. Anissa is a natural. She gets some driving tips and shows Tommy her sweet ta tas and the type of tips whe would like to be making. Tommy is all in from the minute those bad girls pop loose from her restrictive top. Free and swinging they are out there to be suckled and knuckled as he squeezes them all the way back to one of our Boober retreats to make sure she has the right attitude and cock gathering skills she will need once she is behind the wheel by herself. Let me tell you — Anissa has it. This girl is going to be a success!!

Some Neighborly Guidance – Mr. Pete & Jade Kush

Mr. Pete is on his couch when he hears a knock at the door. He gets up to answer it and is met by Jade Kush. She smiles but looks alittle upset. They greet each other. She says that she hopes it’s ok that she is stopping by unannounced, she’s just looking for someadvice. Of course, it is, that’s one of the many benefits of living next door to her guidance counselor: he’s always easily accessible foradvice, he says with a smile. He invites her to sit on the couch and takes a seat next to her. His eyes brighten as he seems toremember something. Oh, wasn’t the career fair today?, how did it go?, he asks.

Well, that’s kind of why she needs advice actually, Jade begins. She knows that he suggested getting some inspiration for what shewants to do with her life from the different jobs that would be on display at the fair, but she couldn’t really find ANYTHING thatinterested her, she continues, disappointed. So now she’s more confused than ever, she adds dejectedly. Well, like they’ve talkedabout before, it’s TOTALLY normal to be confused at this point in her life, she’s only 18, she’s not going to know ALL the answers,Mr. Pete says sympathetically. It can take time for a person to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives, he adds.Yeah, she gets that, but she was hoping that she would at least have some vague IDEA, some…DIRECTION by now, Jade responds.

He offers to help her make her choice and asks probing questions to see what job would suit her best. After she says she likesworking with her hands, she notices his wife’s massage table. She is intrigued, saying this is something she may want to pursue. Sheasks him if she can try some basic massage techniques on him to see if it really interests her. After some initial reluctance, Mr. Peteagrees and Jade begins to give him a shoulder rub as he lies face down on the massage table. As he enjoys the massage, shebecomes aroused by his body. She suggests that he take his shirt off to give her an idea of whether she would be comfortabletouching naked people. Again he is reluctant, but ultimately agrees. He flips over for Jade to massage his chest.

As she massages his shirtless body, they both get swept-up in the sexual tension. They snap out of their trance when Jade notices abottle of NURU gel. When Mr. Pete refuses to explain what the gel is used for, she suggests flirtatiously that they try it. Despite hisbest efforts, he is unable to resist her charms any longer. He gives in and they kiss before moving to the shower.

In the shower area, they take their clothes off and begin to wash each other. Things are immediately erotic as Jade caresses his hardcock and he feels her perky teen tits and fingers her. During the shower, there is a tense moment when Mr. Pete hears his wifewalking around. Nervously, he tells Jade that she must be up from her nap. Jade tells him that they’ll just have to be EXTRA quietthen. They resume foreplay, but with a renewed effort to stifle their moans of pleasure as Mr. Pete shoots nervous glances towardsthe door. They then proceed to the spare room for the massage.

In the spare room, they creep in, doing their best to be quiet. The massage begins, with Jade body sliding on Mr. Pete. As the bodysliding segues into more foreplay, they freeze abruptly when they hear Mr. Pete’s wife calling for him, asking him where he is. Mr.Pete hastily calls to her that he’s just giving a student some…advice, so he needs privacy. His wife seems satisfied with theexplanation. They resume their foreplay as Jade slides Mr. Pete’s hard cock into her pussy.

Jade may have stopped by for advice, but she’s going to get a LOT more than just some neighborly guidance.

Asian Teen Vina Fucked To Queefing! – Alberto Blanco & Vina Sky

Petite, all-natural Asian teen Vina Sky peels out of her scanty red bra and panties to finger her bald pussy for the camera. The lithe, young cutie wraps her lips around Alberto Blanco’s fat, throbbing cock for a wet, gagging blowjob. She mounts his pole, and Alberto fucks her juicy pussy. His large prick stretches her twat, making Vina queef loudly! The well-hung stud spurts pretty Vina with a messy cum facial, and she sucks his big dick clean.

The Case Of The Mysterious Panties – Kenna James & Riley Reid

Detective Riley Reid is sitting in her office, looking bored with her chin in her hand, when Kenna James all but bursts in through the door, furiously waving a pair of sexy panties in the air. Riley raises her brow at the dramatic entrance and asks if she has an appointment. Kenna is distraught and says that she doesn’t but one of her friends recommended Riley’s services. She’s sorry to barge in here like this, but she needs Riley’s help. Riley glances again to the panties and dryly says, ‘Let me guess, cheating spouse?’

It’s not long before Riley is out in the field, trying to catch Kenna’s cheating wife on camera. These kinds of cases are her bread and butter, so she doesn’t really believe in love — how can she? Outside of a motel, she gets the incriminating pictures she needs, which means another case closed for her, although it also means breaking Kenna’s heart.

Riley meets Kenna back in the office to show her the evidence, although Kenna can’t stand to look, at first. Once she does, her anger gets the best of her. Fueled by grief and spite, she demands that Riley takes her clothes off — why should her wife have all the fun? Although Riley tries to turn her away, she can’t resist Kenna’s smoking-hot body and searing looks…

Kenna takes out her frustration through sensual sex with Riley, which Riley doesn’t mind at all. She’s along for the ride as they both tongue each other’s pussies, eager to taste each other. As they lose themselves in orgasmic bliss, really getting into each other, there’s a glimmer of hope that maybe there’s love out there after all!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, ravefire63!