Getting A Reaction – Cherie DeVille & Gia Derza

Cherie DeVille is in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of iced tea when her stepdaughter Gia Derza walks in. Hi, honey, Cherie says. ‘Hi honey,’ Gia repeats. Cherie patiently ignores her. ‘How was your day?’ Cherie asks. ‘How was your day?’ Gia repeats with a smirk. Cherie sighs. Look, she’s only been married to Gia’s father for a few months now, but she knows Gia well enough by now to see that she loves bugging people and getting under their skin, Cherie says as Gia repeats her sentence again. Gia smirks again, but Cherie is the picture of patience. ‘No matter WHAT you do, you won’t get a reaction out of me, missy,’ Cherie says with a laugh. That sounds like a challenge, Gia says mischievously. If that’s how she sees it, then she guesses it’s a challenge then, Cherie laughs good-naturedly. Well, challenge…ACCEPTED, Gia says with bluster.

Gia uses various annoying tactics to try to provoke a reaction. When none of them work, she switches gears. As Cherie lies on her bed, reading a book, her bedroom door creaks open. ‘You know, you’ve been at this all day, and you still haven’t gotten anything out of me, so you should probably just give it up. Besides, isn’t 18 a LITTLE old to be playing these kinds of silly games with your stepmom?’ Cherie says, not looking up from her book. But since she hasn’t looked up from her book, she doesn’t see Gia, who has entered Cherie’s room in a sexy bra and panties combo.

Not speaking, Gia softly walks over to her mom’s bed. She hops up onto it and gets on all fours, slinking her way up to Cherie’s groin. In a last-ditch effort to provoke a reaction, Gia begins to rub the mom’s pussy. Cherie is determined not to back down and stifles her reactions as she pretends to read her book. Gia decides to kick things up a notch and begins to eat her mom out. Eventually, Cherie can’t pretend anymore and gasps when she cums.

Now it’s Cherie’s turn to show Gia what kind of a reaction she can get out of HER.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, S P I N ♛ K I N G!

Blonde Vienna: Gaping Anal, Cum Facial – Bill Bailey & Vienna Rose

Wearing pink slut-wear, fishnets and a doggy leash, cute blonde Vienna Rose crawls under the command of dominant stud Bill Bailey. He shoves his balls in her mouth; Vienna gives a gagging, drooling blowjob. The all-natural babe strokes Bill’s big cock with her adorable toes. He plows her sweet pussy, injects lube into her butt, and sodomizes Vienna using a long dildo. Bill treats the young girl to a ruthless anal fucking, making her asshole gape. Vienna sucks dick ass-to-mouth and enjoys a messy cum facial.

My New Black Stepdaddy #24 – Chris Cock & Arietta Adams

Arietta Adams is shocked to see her new black stepdaddy watering the front yard with his cock just hanging out. What if the neighbors were to see? Or one of her friends. When she confronts him he says it’s his house and he will do as he wants. Well if this is her house also then maybe she should do as she wants and walk around with her pussy hanging out. He tries to warn her that is not something you want to do around a black man. He cannot be responsible for his actions as she is literally begging that monster he has hanging between his legs to rear up and take action. And sure enough, it does. Was this just a plan all along of this young little white girl trying to get some sweet black stepdaddy action. Who knows. But it happened just today in this magical neighborhood.

Amber Stevens: Known As The Bustiest Girl In School

Amber Stevens: Known As The Bustiest Girl In School

Amber Stevens: Known As The Bustiest Girl In School

XL Girls asked Amber Stevens to show us how she likes to cum. Lots of friction and heavy rubbing on her big clitoris gets her soaking wet. She squirts in the video when she loudly came for the second time. Clitoral stimulation and rough penetration make Amber cum the best and makes her a happy girl.

Amber’s big tits need a fitting for bras. She can never find one off the rack that feels comfortable and offers her the support she wants. “Whatever fits,” Amber laughs. “Anytime I can go without a bra, I will.

“I like dinner and playing arcade games when I’m asked out on a date. I like driving a go-kart too. The funniest thing a guy ever said to me when he was trying to meet me was ‘Do I know you? Because you look like my next wife.'” Amber didn’t say if she went out with him.

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Shannon Blue Brings Her Big Rack To A Jack Shack

Shannon Blue Brings Her Big Rack To A Jack Shack

Shannon Blue Brings Her Big Rack To A Jack Shack

Shannon Blue brings happiness to tit-men wherever she goes. Here she makes an appearance at Max’s favorite jack shack, where a rub-down is just the beginning on the way to a happy ending.

Shannon eyes Max like a piece of steak and can’t wait to get her hands on him. She oils him and gives him a hand job, then buries his bone between her huge tits. Max is getting a tit-wank by a woman who has a pair of the biggest breasts in the United Kingdom and is proud of it. Shannon loves to sandwich a dick inside her cleavage.

Shannon lies on the massage table and opens her legs for a licking. Max gets Shannon going to the edge with precision tongue action. Gagging for a shagging, Shannon is ready to get fucked.

Max plugs her wet, pierced pussy with his pumping prick. This hot super-MILF has bangin’ moves that get Max ready to unload. He pulls out and straddles Shannon’s massive chest so he can fuck her tits, ultimately leaving a hot mess between her breasts and his balls dehydrated.

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Wrong Number, Right Girl – Kali Roses & Sophia Lux

Kali Roses waits on her living room couch, fidgeting nervously. She looks at the time on her phone and says to herself that he’s late. She hopes he’s actually going to come. After a moment, her doorbell rings. Kali springs up, takes a deep breath and runs to the door expectantly. She throws open the door, ready to greet her dream guy, but instead finds Sophia Lux! Kali is visibly surprised and disappointed. Oh, she was expecting someone else, Kali says. How can she help her?, she asks Sophia. Well, she is actually here to see HER, Sophia tells Kali. Kali is confused, and invites Sophia to sit down on the couch to figure out what’s going on. She was supposed to be meeting a guy who she’s been texting with for the past couple of weeks. Sophia grins and says that she IS who Kali is supposed to be meeting. Kali is shocked. She thought Sophia was a guy! What made her think she was a guy?, Sophia asks her. Sophia knew that Kali was a girl all along. Well, Sophia kept talking about an ex-girlfriend and how hard it was to meet girls, and all this other stuff, she just assumed…Kali says in confusion. But girls can have girlfriends!, Sophia says. And what about when she asked Kali what she looked for in girls that she dated?, Sophia asks. ‘I just thought you meant what I look for in GUYS and the autocorrect changed it!’ Kali responds. Well, she’s really sorry for the misunderstanding, but she’s a lesbian, Sophia finishes.

Things are awkward for a bit, but as they chat, the tension eases a little. Sophia points out that her gender doesn’t really matter. Their connection is still real, after all. Kali agrees, biting her lip as she looks at the blond bombshell beside her. Sophia looks back at her, delicately suggesting that they should maybe try kissing. Kali’s up for it, and tentatively moves in, their lips locking in a kiss that soon turns passionate.

It doesn’t take long for the kiss to turn into a heavy petting session as Sophia takes off Kali’s shirt, licking her pierced nipples. This may be new for Kali, but she’s loving it, and moans with ecstasy as Sophia takes off her shorts and buries her face in Kali’s pussy.

Kali may have been wrong about who Sophia was, but is it REALLY wrong if it feels SO right?

Interracial Anal: Black Kira Dominated – Kira Noir & Small Hands

Dolled up in fishnets, leg warmers and high heels, cute black babe Kira Noir pulls her thong aside and stretches her butthole using a series of progressively larger anal dildos. Tattooed white dominant Small Hands takes control of the young, all-natural girl. He shoves his big cock down her throat, making her gag, and then fucks her bald pussy. Mr. Hands relentlessly sodomizes her asshole, and Kira repeatedly cleans his cock with sloppy, deepthroat, ass-to-mouth blowjobs. After an intense interracial buttfuck, he cums in Kira’s open mouth.

My Husband Brought Home is Mistress #13 – Alana Cruise & Mike Mancini & Gia Milana

Alana Cruise comes home to find her husband banging the ever so hot Gia Milana, she is done with Mike Mancini but wants to watch them continue fucking. She really gets into Gia and decides after some sucking and fucking, that she wants to be with her instead of Mike. Girls…. go figure.

Her Tender Touch – Jake Adams & Sally D’Angelo

Sally D’Angelo is in her small home physical therapy practice, tidying up the place. The door opens and Jake Adams hobbles in on crutches for his first appointment, clearly in pain. He sees Sally and is immediately taken by her beauty. ‘Oh, you poor dear! You must be my 10 o’clock appointment!’ ‘Yeah, that’s me, Jake… hi,’ Jake awkwardly greets her.

Sally helps him sit on a massage table and begins assessing his injury, rotating his leg around. Although he’s uncomfortable because of the pain, Jake is still entranced by Sally, obviously attracted to her. ‘Now let’s get you set up with a few more appointments,’ Sally says with a smile. Jake nods sharply as he snaps back to the moment and says, yeah, let’s, with a big goofy smitten smile on his face.

A few weeks later, Jake’s injury seems to be healing and his infatuation with Sally is steadily growing. They talk briefly about how he isn’t dating anyone, and Sally is sure that he’ll find a special someone soon. He thanks her for the encouragement, tentatively saying, ‘Who knows, maybe I’ve already met her, right?’ Sally smiles, perhaps a bit mysteriously, and says he never knows!

When he arrives for his next appointment, Jake brings flowers. ‘They’re for you,’ he says as he hands them to Sally. ‘Oh, how sweet!’ she says as she hugs him. Jake loves the hug, especially how her bosom presses against him, even though he’s hesitant to return the hug right away. He tells her that it’s the least he could do since, with her help, he’s no longer limping anymore!

She then announces that they better get started. Today might be the last session, if the assessment goes well… Almost in a panic, Jake says, no, he doesn’t think this will be the last session! She’s startled but amused, asking him, why? Didn’t he say that he isn’t limping anymore? Jake says, yeah, he can walk now, but he’s still kinda tender… He was actually hoping to get more of the massaging part of their appointments today. Sally watches him for a moment, then smiles and agrees, telling him to get ready.

She begins massaging Jake, working her way up his leg until she reaches the thigh, where he tells her that that’s the spot. Then, she asks if she can massage higher still. Jake is surprised but hesitant, saying that if she massages any higher, she’d be, well, massaging his… you know. Sally then giggles and says that, yes, she knows!

From the moment they met, Jake couldn’t resist Sally’s tender touch. Lucky for him, Sally can’t resist his boyish charms either.

Isa Gomez: Worship My Big Tits

Isa Gomez: Worship My Big Tits

Isa Gomez: Worship My Big Tits

As a poet once wrote, “Between her thighs, beauty lies.”

Isa Gomez is a dream girl for lovers of big tits and ass; a fleshy, breast-bouncing, ass-jiggling super-woman. Our team had to meet her and bring back the evidence.

Isa began developing at 14 and found her special place on-camera. Being hot and sexy is one of her many natural talents. Find your happy seat and love this scene of Isa playing with her big, heavy tetas and wet pussy. Isa likes to be worshipped.

“Honestly, I don’t socialize much. At times, I can be very shy. That’s why I like guys who are extroverts and can make me laugh and feel very loved. I love to have my nipples sucked and my tits kissed for a long time. Not for only a few seconds.”

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Talia’s Total Oil Immersion

Talia’s Total Oil Immersion

Talia's Total Oil Immersion

Lovely Talia Amanda has a total oil immersion, coating her big boobs and luscious body and making her skin shine. No wonder the price of oil is going up. It’s worth it.

Talia is wearing unusual panties. She gets them and the rest of her lingerie and stockings soaked with oil too. Talia tweaks and licks her sweet nipples and swings and squeezes her slick tits.

“I enjoy being a model. I like it a lot. It’s fun and I can do as I please when I want to. A friend told me about SCORELAND. I really don’t know any of the other girls. Maybe one day I will meet some of them in person.”

See More of Talia Amanda at SCORELAND.COM!

An Early Hardcore Pictorial With The #1 Asian Big-tit Star

An Early Hardcore Pictorial With The #1 Asian Big-tit Star

An Early Hardcore Pictorial With The #1 Asian Big-tit Star

This is an early Minka XXX video shot by The SCORE Group’s British team in California at the start of 1996. The scene pairs Minka with prolific American porn star Alex Sanders, who retired in 2012 after 1300+ hardcore porn videos. While no longer feature-dancing around the USA, including Hawaii, Minka is active in adult entertainment to this day.

Minka talked about the reaction she inspires in guys who love sexy “super-women” with gigantic fantasy tits.

“They want to fuck my titties! That’s why they love big tits. Every woman has a pussy, but they don’t have these tits. Plus, other women don’t have nipples like mine. I have huge nipples, so men love it! They love to put their cocks between my titties, then pour on baby oil, and I squeeze my boobies together. All men love it! If the man is on top, how can he handle my tits? They have to balance their bodies, so I have to squeeze my tits together. I squeeze hard and tight so I can hold the penis. I tie it up with my titties. Some guys just look at my tits and before they even put it in there, they cum. No titty fucking. Just watching.”

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Natasha’s three-way fantasy comes true

Natasha’s three-way fantasy comes true

Natasha's three-way fantasy comes true

“It’s my birthday month and I have a present,” 44-year-old Natasha Ola says at the start of this scene. “My husband made my dream come true. Two young boys…bring it on, baby!”

The guys show up, and Natasha’s hands go right to their cocks.

“How about that?” she says. “Young and hard. I love my birthday! I don’t know which one to start with. And big, too. Yummy!”

Natasha actually does know where to start, and before long, she’s sucking both their cocks and showing off her impressive blow job skills. Then she’s getting fucked every which way, and for most of this video, she has a cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time. By the way, if you have thin walls, keep the sound down. Natasha is loud when she fucks!

Natasha is from Moldova in the former Soviet Union. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she’s a lapdancer. When she goes out, she wears tight, sexy clothes that show off her big tits. She’s short ‘n’ stacked with a tiny waist. Her sexual fantasy is to be with two guys at the same time.

Guess we made that fantasy come true, didn’t we?

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Prelude to a three-way

Prelude to a three-way

Prelude to a three-way

Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife who’s originally from Moldova in the former Soviet Union and now lives in Florida, is here for her pre-fuck interview. This interview was conducted minutes before her three-way with 22-year-old Johnny and 25-year-old Oliver, and Natasha is dressed for sex in a short, tight dress that shows off her sexy, petite body. She’s only five-feet tall and weighs 102 pounds with a 22-inch waist, but she has D-cup tits.

Natasha is smiley, fun, playful. She has long, dark hair. She first modeled for 10 years ago, when she was 34, and fucked on-camera, too. She has nice legs.

“Short but nice,” she tells us.

Natasha is naughty but nice.

“I just like being sexy,” Natasha said. “I’m a bad girl. I can’t help myself. When I get hot, I am hot.”

Natasha is very hot, and in this interview, she’s clearly hot for cock. You see, while this interview was going on, Johnny and Oliver were sitting at a table a few feet away, passing the time before they would get their hands and cocks onto this hot lady. And Natasha kept looking over at them.

“Unbelievable!” she said, referring to the idea of having sex with guys so young.

One of the highlights of this interview is when Natasha, who’s an exotic dancer back home in St. Petersburg, Florida, demonstrates her lap-dancing skills on Oliver. Natasha wouldn’t tell us where she dances, but judging by her lapdancing skills, we wouldn’t say it’d be a waste of time if you’re in St. Petersburg and go from club to club looking for her. You will be rewarded.

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Looking For Trouble

Looking For Trouble

Looking For Trouble

Holy shit! Jewel is dressed like she’s making a horny movie about a hitchhiking teen looking for trouble. Actually, cutie-pie Jewel is making a horny fuck video about a hitchhiking teen looking for trouble.

Dressed like she could cause a major traffic incident, Jewel is wearing high heels, super-tight shorts with suspenders and a tiny crop top over a green bra. Peter pulls over when he spots her. He’d be crazy not to, and besides, she’s a very sweet-looking girl in a bad part of town. Not wise for her to be there, in his opinion.

Jewel is looking for a ride to Miami but she’s not in a hurry when Peter says he needs to stop by his apartment. The old “I need to do something there” routine. That’s fine with Jewel, who was born at night but not last night. She’d like some hard cock anyway and maybe this dude can deliver the high, stiff one.

Jewel immediately gets on his bed when they arrive. She’s eager and gagging for it. No time to waste. This fucking dude has hit the jackpot with teen fuck-doll Jewel. He can’t believe his luck because she is one hot fuck. Don’t miss a second of her talented mouth and pussy.

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Behave Yourself – Ember Snow & Demi Sutra

Angela’s (Demi Sutra) dad recently moved to Jenny’s (Ember Snow) house. Like any new stepsister the tension between the two is at its limits. The two girls have some dirty laundry to clean and when Angela goes into Jenny’s room to ask her to turn down the music things don’t go the way she expected. They get into an argument and start fighting. The two girls quickly realize that if everyone is nicer to each other things could be much more interesting.

Family Vacation – Gia Paige & Steve Holmes & Avi Love & Silvia Saige


Two teenage girls, Allie (Gia Paige) and Beth (Avi Love), are sharing a tearful goodbye. They’d been in the foster system together for years — it’s like they’re sisters — but now Beth is moving in with a different foster family. For the first time, they’re going to be separated, and Allie is worried that Beth is going to forget all about her once she has a taste of her new life. Although Beth assures her that that’s never going to happen, when they hug then part ways, Allie’s sure she’s never going to see her best friend ever again.

Her hopes are lifted when she receives a phone call from Beth weeks later, inviting her to visit her at the family’s vacation home. Although Allie is hurt that Beth didn’t contact her sooner, she jumps at the chance to see her again.

When she later arrives at Beth’s new home, which is more luxurious than anything she’s ever seen in her life, Allie feels out of place. She feels even MORE out of place once she reunites with Beth and meets her new foster parents, Maria (Silvia Saige) and Shane (Steve Holmes). Beth is… different… somehow, and Maria and Shane give off creepy vibes with how intimate they are with Beth.

It doesn’t feel right. Concerned for Beth, Allie tries to privately ask her if she’s safe. Allie’s world comes crashing down when she learns that Beth has been having sex with Maria and Shane in exchange for stability! Although she’s horrified at the thought, when the family offers the same deal to Allie, it’s the hardest decision she’ll ever have to make.

Maid For Each Other: My M.A.I.D.D. – Angela White & Jill Kassidy

When Angela White meets her new robot maid, Jill Kassidy, for the first time, she’s unsettled. Jill’s so human-like and it gives Angela the creeps. Yet, she has a busy life and everyone keeps saying how great these M.A.I.D.D.s are, so she figured she’d finally give it a chance.

Although things are initially awkward between them, Jill’s constant presence and innocence endears her to Angela. It’s been so long since Angela let anyone close, having been burned in the past when wearing her heart on her sleeve. Yet, her wall slowly comes down and she finds herself looking forward to seeing Jill every day after work — she’s more to Angela than just the housemaid. Yet, she’s afraid of confronting what she really feels for the droid… until Jill one day asks her about love.

As Jill curiously listens, Angela stumbles, trying to explain what love is the best she can, even if she doesn’t really feel she’s the best person for the job. Even if she WERE able to adequately explain it, would a robot be capable of truly understanding it? So instead of explaining what love is, Angela shows Jill instead.

Angela leads the way, giving Jill her first sexual experience while exploring her own complicated feelings. They’re slow and sensual as they kiss and touch each other, learning how to show their affection. Jill relishes the new sensations as Angela sucks on her breasts and eats out her pussy. As Jill eagerly returns the favor, giving it her all to show her love, Angela finally embraces what they’ve had all along.

Girls Under Arrest | S2 E5 | Busting The Chief’s Daughter – Derrick Pierce & Hannah Hays

Officer Derrick Pierce is on patrol with his partner, Sam Shock, when they get a call about a vandalism in progress. Derrick’s frustrated since he recognizes the name of the perp, Hannah Hays, who is the police chief’s daughter. They’ve caught her getting up to no good before but weren’t able to book her since they didn’t have the evidence they needed. Because of that, and the fact that her father is Derrick’s boss, Hannah thinks she’s above the law, which infuriates Derrick to no end.

But tonight, he can FEEL it — they’re going to get the hard evidence they need to finally punish Hannah once and for all.

When they arrive on the scene, Hannah looks as smug as ever as she casually saunters along with cans of spray paint in her hands. She’s clearly a woman on a mission, unfazed as the cops roll up on her and exit the car. She recognizes them and thinks she’s going to get off easy, just like all the other times. She holds up her hands and waits for them to do their spiel, unafraid of their presence… until she sees the camera.

That’s right, there’s no escaping punishment THIS time. Derrick has all the proof he needs and isn’t going to let her slip through his fingers again. However, if she wants the evidence to go away, it can all mysteriously disappear if she’s willing to do a little something for him…

Squirting Asian Vina: BJ, Fuck & Facial – Mick Blue & Vina Sky

Tiny Asian goddess Vina Sky loves to have sex on camera. After less than a year in the XXX business, this all-natural beauty is excited about sucking Mick Blue’s big cock! Wearing sheer-to-waist fishnet hose and red platform heels, young Vina does some sexy posing and masturbates with a massager that makes her squirt in orgasm! Mick fucks her face in a deepthroat blowjob. He rims her puckered anus too. The older stud pounds the petite babe’s tight pussy in multiple positions. Lastly, Vina takes a messy, open-mouth cum facial.

My Husband Brought Home is Mistress #13 – Eric Masterson & Liv Revamped & Holly Lace

Eric Masterson spends the day with his mistress live, he thinks that his marriage is over so he starts to date her but if it wasn’t before it is now when his wife Holly Lace comes home to find him banging out Liv. Holly is curious to see what Liv Revamped has that she doesn’t, and has her fuck him right then and there.

Orgies Not Swinging! – Nick Gill & Angel Wicky & Charlie Dean & Alessandro Katz & Tomas Fuck & Chloe D & Boris Lang

Angel Wicky is surprised when she arrives at her friend’s house and sees that there is only one other girl there. She thought it was going to be a swinging event but instead, she’s invited to a Bi Orgy where no cock or pussy will be left untouched!

Cum In Sashaa

Cum In Sashaa

Cum In Sashaa

“I love titty play and hardcore aggressive sex,” says Sashaa Juggs. This is her first pair-up with Carlos. He enjoys controlling girls (like Dani Moore) such as pinning their arms behind them, spanking them, putting his fingers in their mouths, holding their heads while he fucks their mouths fast, talking rough and in general bossing them around. He always gets a hot response back from them by pushing their buttons this way.

Sashaa gets the full treatment. Her very-heavy tits are slapped with an open palm and it makes her purr like a kitten. He grabs handfuls of her boobs and licks, squeezes, kisses and sucks them hard.

After this play, Carlos drops trou and feeds Sashaa cock, making her drool. Pulling down her tiny panties but not taking them off her completely, he turns Sashaa around so that her big ass faces him. He spanks her butt cheeks, spits on her ass crack and shoves his big dick into her pussy to pump her hard and ramrod-fast. This earns him the title of “Daddy” from Sashaa.

Doggie-banging Sashaa is just the start. The blonde bombshell gets fucked in side-saddle, cowgirl and missionary and it’s just as pounding. “Come for me, Daddy,” Sashaa pleads and Carlos does just that, spraying a mighty load straight into her pussy. Sashaa rubs her drenched pussy and puts her fingers in her mouth. Staring at the camera, Sashaa tells us how good it tastes.

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Redhead With A Rack

Redhead With A Rack

Redhead With A Rack

Stacked ginger Jolie Rain with a bod to kill for is a walking wet dream in her sexy lingerie and heels. Built like a brick shithouse, Miss Rain is looking for some no-strings sex with a hard dick. Her fuck-buddy is up for the horny redhead and weapons expert. Jolie is anxious to practice with his tool using her own weapons of mass distraction. An Iraq veteran, Cajun country tomboy, video gamer and girl-next-door Jolie whoops ass repairing muscle cars, practicing mixed martial arts and playing bass guitar.

“I’m really bad in the bedroom,” said Jolie. Bad as in nasty. “I like pulling hair, and biting. Talking really, really dirty. I’m kind of a submissive. I’ve done bondage and have done it quite a bit. But I also like good, hard sex. It’s so much fun. I don’t typically do one-night stands, but there have been times where it’s just been, ‘Okay, I can’t pass that up!’

“I can cum fast or slow. If I’m doing it for him, I’ll take my time and do it easy. But if I’ve been watching porn all day, I’m like, ‘Come here!’ and be done in 30 seconds. I actually like to put his legs on his shoulders and pull his legs closer to me. It’s like missionary, but the position is much better. The angle is amazing. I’m a pervert, like I said. I like to look at girls. I love natural breasts. I love just everything about big, beautiful breasts. I’d be really sad if I didn’t. Girls are fine.”

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Ass-fucked by a 22-year-old in her first scene!

Ass-fucked by a 22-year-old in her first scene!

Ass-fucked by a 22-year-old in her first scene!

We asked Arianna Steele, a 51-year-old first-timer from Nashville, Tennessee, if she enjoys anal sex, and she said, “If a man is sensitive to me and makes me feel comfortable with him, I love the way he feels while he’s thrusting in my ass.”

In this scene, her first on-camera fuck, Arianna is getting ass-thrusted by a 22-year-old. In other words, the dude is young enough to be her son and nearly young enough to be her grandson. And here he is, fucking this wife, mother and granny deep in her tight ass and cumming in there, too.

Very impressive for openers. But then, Arianna is a very impressive woman. She’s very sexual, as you know by now if you watched her solo video. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

“It depends on how horny I am,” Arianna said when we asked her if she usually makes the first move. “But all a black man has to do is walk up in front of me and pull out his cock and I go straight to my knees.”

That’ll happen in Arianna’s next hardcore scene at Yes, she’s going to get fucked by a big, black cock. But for her cherry-breaker, it’s a young cock in her tight ass. We wonder what her kids would think.

“Everyone in my normal life thinks I’m sweet and quiet,” she said. “They’d never expect to see me here. They’d all be shocked.”

Well, her husband wouldn’t be shocked. He and Arianna are swingers and have been for over 30 years.

Arianna is an office manager. She’s a mother of three and a grandmother of one. She likes confident men with big cocks. She has sex three or four times a week, usually with someone other than her husband.

She had sex four times in two days when she visited us. Gotta keep up that average, you know.

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Interning Her Pussy

Interning Her Pussy

Interning Her Pussy

Kate is mousy in her glasses and big, shapeless sweater. She’s applying for an internship at a marina, and she looks the part of a studious nerd.

She says she likes big fish. She’s about to get up-close and personal with a giant one-eyed eel.

The guy interviewing her tells her to get comfortable. That leads to them making out and eventually getting undressed for some sucky fucky action. Kate swallows his pole while looking at us with her big, blue eyes.

She goes from being wide-eyed to wide open as this guy plows her pussy. She may be tiny, but Kate likes it hard. She also likes getting jizz all over her face and makes sure to suck every last drop off his cock.

We don’t know about marine biology, but Kate definitely has work experience when it comes to being a little slut.

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Transfixed | S1 E8 | The Heist – Haley Reed & Natalie Mars

Natalie Mars and Haley Reed are standing together on the side of a desert road. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the women are calm and confident, casting each other flirty looks as they intimately slide their hands into each other’s back pockets.

Then, they see him — some rich guy flaunting his stuff as he drives down the road towards them. When he spots the two gorgeous women hitchhiking, he can’t resist pulling over and inviting them into his convertible. Having just run into good fortune, he’s all-too-happy to brag about it while a mysterious briefcase sits in the backseat. While Haley distracts the guy, Natalie sneaks a peek and discovers that the briefcase is loaded with money! As soon as she gets the chance, she gives Haley the signal.

Within moments, the guy is unceremoniously dumped onto the side of the road. The girls speed off, gleefully throwing dollar bills to the wind, celebrating their win. They drive to the nearest cheap motel, as not to arouse suspicion, although they fully intend to arouse each other instead…

As soon as the motel door is closed behind them and the briefcase is cast aside, they crash together in bed. As they strip each other down, they admire each other’s naked bodies in the neon glow of the motel sign shining through the window. Basking in their glory, they eagerly go down on each other. As Natalie licks Haley’s pussy, Haley sucks Natalie’s cock… They can’t get enough of the taste. Once they are both ready, they finally take each other for a wild ride.

Yet, as they cuddle together in bed when they’re exhausted, their life is about to get even wilder. Little do they know, the neon glow outside is soon replaced with the flashing red and blue of police lights…

Morning’s Rise – Falicha Karr & Jack Kross

It’s a bright, sunny morning, and Falicha Karr is feeling sexy and frisky. She saunters down a hallway, wearing nothing but white lingerie to show off her gorgeous curves. She makes a beeline for the bedroom where her boyfriend, Jack Kross, is resting in bed.

She stands seductively in the doorway, her eyes falling on her handsome man. She nips her bottom lip with a look of pure desire and glides her hand over her hefty breasts and down along her round belly before slipping it inside her panties.

She can’t deny herself any further as she moves in, crawling across the bed and bracing over Jack. She stirs him with a tantalizing kiss and Jack is pleased — what a gorgeous BBW beauty to wake up to!

Falicha continues giving him sultry stares as she crawls down his form and frees Jack from his underwear. She wastes little time taking his stiffening dick into her hand and going down on him. She even rubs her breasts along his cock, letting him get in a little tittyfucking, which she knows he loves. Finally, she can’t stand the tension anymore as she lowers herself on his cock and takes herself for a ride.

Falicha enjoys herself to the fullest as her boyfriend mixes things up, making sure to admire the view from every delectable angle. Falicha is all too happy to take what she can get, needing those morning urges satisfied. Forget grabbing a cup of coffee — THIS is how every morning should start!

Leggy Step-Sister – Jay Smooth & Allie Nicole

Jay Smooth walks into the house, announcing that he’s home. Allie Nicole, his step-sister, calls out from the living room that she’s in there. He joins her, seeing her sitting on the couch with her bare feet against a coffee table, lotioning her long legs near the thigh…

Jay’s a little taken aback, teasing her about how short her short-shorts are. Allie giggles and says she likes to let her skin breathe! It’s not like he hasn’t seen her skin before — they have a pool, after all.

She then exaggerates not being able to reach her feet, pouting and giving Jay pleading eyes. Although Jay is a little shy about it at first, after some prompting, he gives in and starts by massaging her legs. The tension between them, fueled by their secret desire for each, mounts as he eventually moves onto a sensual foot massage.

Although they playfully act like the massage is a chore, they’re fooling no one. The erotic foot massage leads to a topless massage as their hunger for each other intensifies. Jay seems to be nervous, wondering if they should really be doing this, which Allie teases him about. No one’s home and it’s clear that they have feelings for each other, so why not give in? Sure enough, Jay isn’t able to deny himself any longer.

They both strip down and it’s now Allie’s turn to get her hands all over her step-brother. She likes what she sees, and it isn’t long before she takes his cock into her pussy, enjoying the ride. They both have a lot of explaining to do to when their parents come home!

Latina Alexis: Blowjob, Fuck, Oral Cum – Mick Blue & Alexis Tae

Porn newcummer Alexis Tae is a slender, adorable young Latina dolled up in sheer stockings, lingerie and heels. Experienced director Mick Blue buries his face in her soft ass for a rim job. He stuffs his big cock into Alexis’ tight pussy. Mick drills the all-natural sweetheart fast, hard and with passion. He turns her kneeling blowjob into a nasty face fuck! She frantically submits to the older man, licking his balls and taint. Alexis rides Mick’s throbbing dick and then opens her mouth wide for a messy oral cum shot.

Zeta Is An All-Natural Wife

Zeta Is An All-Natural Wife

Zeta Is An All-Natural Wife

Zeta Verrone is a model wife. She’s a wife who models. The best of both worlds. We invented the phrase WILF. We must thank Zeta’s tit-lovin’ hubby and SCORE Group fan for his generosity. Most guys are not into sharing their wives unless they’re into swinging.

“It started with my husband,” Zeta said. “He asked if we could sell shots of my boobs because he really likes them. So he did all the research and it just went from there, and I got into it. He really likes girls built like me, and I’m finding there are a lot of guys out there that like curvier girls.”

This is often the case. Even with the amazing power of the Internet, a lot of big-boobed girls don’t know that the tit-man cult exists and loves photos and videos of large, plush babes.

“For a long time I didn’t believe my husband when he told me that he liked my body the way it was, but I was finally able to accept it. And I was totally fine with being here, whereas before I’d probably be really shy and trying to hide somewhere.”

Luckily for us, Zeta didn’t hide her valuables. She brought them to XL Girls. And she is one hot wife, very sexually talented and assertive.

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Stripping Is Fun According To Kalila

Stripping Is Fun According To Kalila

Stripping Is Fun According To Kalila

Kalila Kane unleashes her sweater stretchers and starts bouncing like she’s on a Pogo Stick.

Stripping down to her high heels, Kalila gets into bed and fingers her clit to climax.

Kalila said that the most-fun job she’s had was being a stripper at a mom and pop strip club, but maybe stripping, getting naked and masturbating at SCORELAND has its merits too. “I might be addicted to masturbating,” said Kalila.

What about dating? A girl does not live by masturbation alone.

“The concept of dating is boring, social bullshit,” Kalila believes. “You can figure out in five minutes whether or not you like someone enough to want to continue interacting with them.” Kalila calls it like she sees it.

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An Early Hardcore Video For The #1 Asian Big-tit Star

An Early Hardcore Video For The #1 Asian Big-tit Star

An Early Hardcore Video For The #1 Asian Big-tit Star

This is one of Minka‘s early pro-videos and her second XXX scene, filmed at the beginning of 1996. At the same time, Minka was also making her own mail-order line of tapes. Her sex partner is Alex Sanders, a busy Los Angeles porn star. (Sanders did over 1300 scenes, produced his own series and retired in 2012.) Minka is still going strong today.

This is the uncut video with audio straight off the original Beta tape. Breast worship and pussy licking leads to a blow job and fucking. After Sanders pops on Minka’s huge tits, they lie side-by-side. Director John Graham has Minka get out of bed and then places a watermelon next to Sanders, who wakes up to find he’s got his arm around the watermelon. So either having sex with Minka was a dream or his dream girl has turned into a melon in a spin on the Cinderella theme.

The first pictorial Minka shot for her debut in December 1994 SCORE magazine had her wearing military garb. Minka was the covergirl of this issue and it was a breakthrough magazine in several ways because competing big-tit publications were hesitant about Asian covergirls, but SCORE‘s publisher and editor foresaw how popular Minka would become.

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Cum to Arianna

Cum to Arianna

Cum to Arianna

“I am so horny,” 51-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Arianna Steele says at the start of this video. So horny, in fact, that within no time at all, she takes out her tits and touches her nipples.

“You are so sexy,” she tells us.

Really? How does she know?

“My body feels so soft,” she says. “Do you like the way I look? I like the way you look.”

Thanks, Arianna! Do you especially like the way we look when we’re sitting here with our cocks in our hands?

“I want your hands on my body,” she says.

Ooops…looks like we’re going to have to move our hands from our cocks to her body. You have to give a woman what she wants, you know.

Before long, Arianna is pulling up her panties between her pussy lips and then she’s taking off her panties, lying back and spreading her pussy as wide as a pussy can be spread. It’s a very pink pussy, dontcha know, and it gapes, too.

“Keep stroking that cock,” she says. “You look so good stroking that cock.”

Again, how did she know? Or does she simply think all hard cocks look good. Could be.

“I want us to cum together,” she says.

Are you up to the challenge?

Thought so.

Arianna, who’s from Nashville, Tennessee, is making her adult website debut this week. This is Part II. Part III, in which she fucks on-camera for the first time, takes place tomorrow. Save some spunk for her.

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Natasha Ola’s first threesome ever

Natasha Ola’s first threesome ever

Natasha Ola's first threesome ever

Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife from Moldova in the former Soviet Union, was getting interviewed when Johnny, the younger of the two guys in this threesome, walked into the house. She asked how old he was, and she smiled and laughed when he told her.

“Twenty-two years old,” she said, shaking her head. “Unbelievable.”

To say that Natasha was distracted for the rest of the interview is an understatement. There she was, dressed to fuck in a tight, short dress, and sitting no more than 10 feet away were 22-year-old Johnny and 25-year-old Oliver. She couldn’t keep her mind on the interview.

“Unbelievable,” she kept saying, looking over to where they were sitting.

Actually, not so unbelievable. Natasha, who now lives in Tampa Bay, Florida, is super-hot, and we’re sure young guys want to fuck her all the time. But she’d never been with a much-younger guy until she came to us, and having a threesome with two young studs had been just a fantasy.

“Never, ever,” she said. “It’s going to be an interesting experiment. My husband made my dreams come true. Two young boys…bring it on, baby!”

They bring it on, and Natasha is ready, sucking their cocks, fucking them deep and taking their loads in her mouth and all over her pretty face.

“I’m a bad girl,” she said. “I can’t help myself. When I get hot, I am hot.”

If you ask us, Natasha is always hot. If you ask the two guys who got to enjoy her in this scene, they’ll say the same thing.

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From Nerd to Nympho

From Nerd to Nympho

From Nerd to Nympho

“I’ve always been very focused on my studies and getting into a good college, so I haven’t had much time for guys. So when this guy started flirting with me, I kind of freaked! I’m not used to that, but I got instantly turned on. I couldn’t believe I was actually hooking up with a guy in school. We could’ve gotten caught! But that wasn’t enough to stop me. I went from completely covered up in a big sweater to butt naked in a matter of minutes. I was shocked by my own behavior.

“I was embarrassed for him to see my big cotton panties, but he seemed to like them…especially the big wet spot on the crotch. I was so wet that his thingie just slipped right inside! We tried some fun positions, like reverse cowgirl. The whole time I was in that position I kept thinking ‘If someone walks in the door they’ll see me completely naked and riding his dick!’ To be honest, a part of me kind of wished someone was watching.”

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Daddy’s Golden Rules – Mr. Pete & April Aniston

A teen girl, Carrie (April Aniston) quietly sneaks into her house long after her curfew. She thinks she’s in the clear until her step-father, Kirk (Mr. Pete) calls out to her from the living room.


Carrie has to endure her step-father voicing his resentment about being a step-father. As he begins to tell her off, she starts to squirm, needing to use the bathroom. She’s been out all night, after all. However, Kirk isn’t about to let her go without her reciting his three golden rules. He does everything for her, so the very least she can do is respect his rules.

She recites the golden rules, desperate to get out of there. Respect her mother and step-father, never bring boys home, and… never be late. But Kirk isn’t happy. She’s broken two of the three rules, so she knows what that means — she has to wet herself.

Carrie is shocked — the LAST time they were in this situation and she wet herself, she thought it was an accident, but it’s clear now that Kirk gets off on it!

She begins to storm away, but Kirk threatens to double or triple her chores to make sure she doesn’t have any time for fun anymore. Maybe he can tell her mother how bad she’s been, too. She wouldn’t want to disappoint her mom, would she?

Although Carrie’s grossed out, she decides to give into what he wants just to get it over with. Little does she know, this is just the beginning of what he has in store for her. Kirk plans to make sure his daughter NEVER disrespects his golden rules ever again.

Mackenzie’s Big-Cock Blowjob & Fuck – Mick Blue & Mackenzie Moss

Clad in ultra-sheer stockings and lingerie, skinny blonde Mackenzie Moss is a young minx who showing off for director/older man Mick Blue. The all-natural cutie models her naughty attire and masturbates using a large vibrating wand. Mick licks her pretty pussy and then buries his big cock inside her. Mackenzie tastes her cunt juice in a gagging, ball-sucking, pussy-to-mouth blowjob. The director ruthlessly fucks this sexy newcummer. He fills her mouth with a messy load of sperm.

Very Adult Wednesday Addams – Marley Brinx – Markus Dupree & Marley Brinx

In this latest Very Adult Wednesday Addams fantasy, Marley Brinx takes up the mantle of everyone’s favorite gothed-out fuck fiend. This time, Wednesday wants to make new friends. But rather than astral-projecting herself to the second circle of hell to mingle with interesting people like she normally does, Wednesday decides to stay home and just MAKE a person instead. So, a quick spell later, and she’s brought to life her very own personal fuck machine: Markus Dupree. He’s ready to use his macabre member to ravage Wednesday and make all her darkest nightmares come true. Wednesday’s not the smiling type, but she’s definitely not going to regret conjuring up Markus as her new and special friend.

Juicy Fruits & Boobs

Juicy Fruits & Boobs

Juicy Fruits & Boobs

Scarlett Monroe says she worked as a cognitive trainer. For those who don’t know, cognitive trainers help their clients think faster and more clearly by administering brain fitness exercises. Scarlett must be one hell of an instructor because one glimpse of her body causes blood to rush from our heads to our cocks so quickly our heads start to feel fuzzy.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Scarlett says into the camera with a tease. “I thought these were all of your favorite foods.”

No man can think about food at a time like this, and with a girl like this right in front of you.

“Oh, I’m your favorite food?” she teases again.

You got that right, Ms. Monroe. We’re in the mood for melons, and Scarlett’s 34E-cup knockers look fresh and ripe.

“I bet you want to tear up this breakfast,” Scarlett says. “I want your cock inside me. I want it in my mouth.”

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the cock grow harder, and we couldn’t be more hard or fond of Scarlett as she works her banana like she would our hard cocks despite our current distance.

Scarlett is getting pretty excited by all this food and teasing, too. She’s already soaking wet when she starts stroking and fingering her pussy. And when she finally cums, her pussy juices serve as the perfect refreshment following this tasty breakfast.

“Thanks for breakfast, baby,” Scarlett says as she laps her cum off of her fingers. “That was just what I needed.”

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It Takes Two Men To Handle Patty Michova

It Takes Two Men To Handle Patty Michova

It Takes Two Men To Handle Patty Michova

Patty Michova is a total wild cat. Just turn her loose and look out.

Patty is having a drink at a bar with Tom. He hasn’t fucked Patty yet but now the wait is over. In walks Matt. But there’s no rivalry going on because Patty’s going to ride their cocks, right now.

Patty gets off her bar stool and feels their junk. She’s antsy and she needs some action. While Tom is checking out Patty’s tight butt sticking in his face, Matt whips his pipe out for Patty to throat. She’s on it in a flash, her big boobs hanging out of her tight dress.

“My turn,” says Tom, giving a kneeling Patty his shaft to suck on also. Patty takes a cock in each hand and takes turns sucking each rod. Patty’s fuck-buddies lift her onto the bar and spread her beautiful legs wide. Tom moves her panties to the side and licks her pussy while Matt gets on the bar and refills Patty’s hungry mouth.

Tom gets first crack at fucking Patty. Once he has made Patty’s pussy sopping wet, which doesn’t take long, he bends her over and shoves his dick into her while she’s blowing Matt.

On the bar, on bar stools and on the floor, Patty is well taken care of by her two studs and she gives as good as she gets.

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Meet Arianna Steele, anal MILF

Meet Arianna Steele, anal MILF

Meet Arianna Steele, anal MILF

Arianna Steele, a 51-year-old wife, mother of three and grandmother from Nashville, Tennessee, makes her worldwide debut by showing off her hot body and spreading her fuck holes for all the world to see. This is Mrs. Steele’s week at photos today, solo video tomorrow, first on-camera fuck photos Wednesday, XXX video Thursday.

And here’s what’s really special: Arianna’s won’t just be fucking on-camera. She’s going to get her ass fucked in her very first scene and then she’s going to eat cum.

But that’s for later. For now, let’s get to know this sexy, horny woman who told us, “Everyone in my normal life thinks I’m sweet and quiet.”

Well, she is sweet, but as you’re about to find out, she’s not quiet, not when she’s cumming.

“I found you with the help of a girlfriend,” said Arianna, who’s been an office manager for over 20 years. This is a lot more exciting than that (unless the office is in a porn company, which it isn’t).

Arianna has been swinging for over 30 years. She said, “Two years ago, my husband set me up with a 13 BBC gangbang. They took turns on me for hours, only stopping for drinks and restroom breaks.”

Arianna is 5’2″ and weighs 116 pounds. She measures 34B-24-36. And when we asked her if she has any hobbies, she said, “Not really. I mostly play with myself in my spare time.”

Sounds like it’s as good a hobby as any. Even better.

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Cumming For Fun

Cumming For Fun

Cumming For Fun

It’s just another regular day for little Cali.
She doesn’t have class. There aren’t any chores to do. So how does a teen girl pass the time when she’s bored? She gets naked and cums! “I masturbate just about every day. Usually it’s because I’m horny. But sometimes I do it just because I’m bored. I’ll try to find new ways to make myself cum, like by using the handle of my brush or dildoing myself in a new position.”

You don’t have hobbies other than masturbating?
“I used to do gymnastics so sometimes I stretch or do acrobatic moves for fun. But that’s like, work. Getting naked and playing with my pussy is so much easier. Does sex count as a hobby? That’s the most-fun thing to do in my free time! I wish I could do more of it.”

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The Watcher – Alexis Fawx & Kenzie Reeves

Jennifer (Alexis Fawx) loves to be secretly watched; in fact it totally turns her on. When she discovers that her neighbor’s daughter Alison (Kenzie Reeves) spies on her every Thursday after dinner, she decides to play with her. Every time, she stays quiet and masturbates while the young girl spies on her behind the bushes. Jenifer gets a high off of the whole situation and lets her spy on her. Until, she decides to invite her in and do more than just watch.

Black Demi: Interracial Blowjob & Fuck – Mick Blue & Demi Sutra

Fresh-faced black beauty Demi Sutra is an all-natural minx eager for an interracial scene with heavily hung stud/director Mick Blue. The slender goddess, clad in lacy white stockings, shows off her sweet bubble butt. Gagging on Mick’s big white cock, she gives him a wet, deepthroat blowjob. The older man slides his fat dick deep inside Demi’s hairy pussy. He fucks her while she buzzes her clit using a massager. Demi lewdly rims Mick’s anus, and he cums in her open mouth.

MILF Book Club Massage – Ryan Keely & Aiden Starr & Crystal Rush

Crystal Crush, Aiden Starr, and Ryan Keely are all gathered together in a living room. They’re there for a book club, discussing their latest pick, which is a hot story between a virgin and a man with a harem of wives.

They love everything about the hot, sensual romance, including the chapter where the virgin confronts the wives and gets an unexpectedly erotic massage from them. The bookworms start to get a little flustered as they begin questioning WHY the chapter was so hot. It had to be because of the intense detail of the massage itself, right, and not the fact that it involved a bunch of women?

They all awkwardly pause. All of them are curious about lesbian interactions but too shy to come out and say it. That is until Ryan suggests that they massage each other to feel what the virgin did in the moment. What better way is there to get inside the character’s head?

The women form a chain and start massaging each other. While it’s tentative in the beginning, the massage gets more sensual as it progresses. The women begin to lose themselves in the moment, marveling over how GOOD it feels — they’d never had massages like THIS before!

They get so hot that they soon remove their tops to cool down. Of course, their exposed breasts only makes them all get even hotter. It’s not long before they’re overcome with lust, experimenting with groping each other’s large breasts and kissing. The heat only intensifies as they get caught up in a fiery threesome, involving lots of pussy eating and fingering, with some sensual face-sitting and tribbing thrown in. Now they understand why the virgin enjoyed herself so much!

The Victoria Lobov Show

The Victoria Lobov Show

The Victoria Lobov Show

Victoria Lobov is a hot blonde WILF with a husband who, naturally, loves to take pictures and videos of her. It’s more than a hobby for the lucky guys married to stacked and sexy wives like Shelby Gibson and Kelly Christiansen.

One of the topics that Victoria talked about with SCORE and 40Something magazine editor Dave was tits, our favorite subject.

“I was a B-cup. I started off with 350ccs. That was my first surgery back in Canada. Then my second surgery I went to silicone, and the most you can get is 800ccs. My third one is saline and they’re 1400ccs. It was always my man’s idea. But I always thought it was a good idea as well. I like it too. I’m a 34G. I might go bigger. I’m thinking 1900ccs.

“Big boobs look beautiful. My dress fits perfectly. If my weight fluctuates, they still stay the same. I don’t need to worry about losing my boobies. Attention. People admire you. Some folks hate you. Women, they judge sometimes. Men appreciate the beauty.”

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We Like Girls – Cadence Lux & Serena Blair – Serena Blair & Cadence Lux

Cadence Lux is always fun to be around. When she arrived that day, she jumped right into telling us about a hilarious mishap with getting the right lingerie for the photoshoot. From the moment she stepped through the door, she was engaging and energetic — just one of the many reasons why we’re so excited to get her on board with this project.

‘What got me interested in the We Like Girls project is just the way you have sex with girls,’ Cadence told us during an interview. ‘It’s like, go do it! You have chemistry? Let’s see it!’

Cadence chose Serena Blair for this unique opportunity since she’s one of the performers at the top of her list. They had to beg previous directors to put them together in the past, but it never worked out, which only left them yearning for each other even more.

‘Oh, gosh, to be at the top of Cadence’s list is a major honor for me,’ Serena enthused during her own interview. ‘She’s just one of those people that I’ve always had a crush on!’ Although they’ve spent the entire day on set together before, they’ve never had sex.

Just be patient a little longer, Serena! We’re changing that once and for all.

After the interviews and photoshoot, we finally let these two lovely ladies crash together. The way they held and kissed each other was so powerful and filled with affection. It’s as if their whole lives have been leading up to that one moment. It’s such an incredible honor to share their love with you, and I hope you walk away feeling as awestruck as I did!

-Bree Mills

Kimber Dominated: Fuck/BJ/Cum Facial! – Bryan Gozzling & Kimber Veils

Kimber Veils shows off her cute ass and toned, tattooed body on stud Bryan Gozzling’s doorstep. She spreads her pussy lips, smiles and shows how dirty she can be. Bryan eats her pink cunt, and she squats to give him a sloppy blowjob. Bryan’s prick penetrates Kimber’s bald twat, making her moan. He grabs her by the hair for an aggressive throat fucking. Kimber turns around and perks her ass out for Bryan to eat it in a raunchy rim job. Doggie-style pussy pummeling comes complete with a hot cum facial.

My Husband Brought Home is Mistress #13 – Britney Amber & Edyn Blair & Stirling Cooper

Stirling Cooper thought it would be a good idea to bring his girlfriend Britney Amber home, that is until his wife Edyn Blair comes home and catches them fucking. She cant believe it but whats to see her suck and fuck to at least catch a glimpse of what all the fuss is about. She has a little suck off competition before Stirling fucks the dog piss out of her. Come to find out it was all part of their plan.

Cheryl Blossom: Wet & Soapy

Cheryl Blossom: Wet & Soapy

Cheryl Blossom: Wet & Soapy

“Most of my boyfriends prefer asses,” the fantastic Miss Cheryl Blossom said with a laugh. “I don’t know how it happens with me. I have a friend who has a big ass, and most of her boyfriends like small asses, and my situation is the opposite. My boyfriends tell me, ‘These are good, but I prefer ass.’ I don’t know why.”

Some things are not understood and maybe it’s better that way.

Cheryl said that she’s shy talking about sex but she did say that she likes tit-fucking.

“Of course! It’s cool when you can do something that will be pleasant for your boyfriend. If he wants to try it, I do it. It is a lot of fun.”

The details of a date, the place or what she and her companion do on their date, are not that important to her.

“I like when a man can get me talking. If I am enjoying the conversation, it doesn’t matter where we are. We can be anywhere. If I need to choose a role, I will choose the role of passive. A man is stronger than a woman and I like it.”

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A Day At The Gym With Lucia

A Day At The Gym With Lucia

A Day At The Gym With Lucia

This gym layout matches the second part of Lucia‘s video, “A Day At The Park & The Gym With Lucia”. The emphasis is more on sexy nude posing than workout techniques.

Lucia was a Page 3 girl in London’s Sunday Sport newspaper when she came to our attention and debuted in the Holiday ’98 issue of SCORE. Actually, she was about to become a Page 3 girl. We published her fully-nude photos before Sunday Sport got around to putting out their photos of her.

Lucia was only 19 years old and waitressing at her family’s restaurant. She decided to become a model so she could pay for college tuition. That’s common among our models.

“I have to pay for school somehow. If it wasn’t for posing, I’d have to spend the year waiting on tables. I really appreciate this. Thanks so much for the chance.”

Lucia never returned for another series of shoots. That’s not uncommon. As we have often written, life gets in the way and the girls move on to other activities, especially if a career in modeling is not something they want to pursue.

See More of Lucia at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Making Mommy Squirm – Anya Olsen & Dava Foxx

Dava Foxx and her stepdaughter Anya Olsen are relaxing on the couch chatting and gossiping. Dava gets up to get a glass of water. As she walks out of the room, Anya calls to her. ‘Oh, Mom, I saw the CUTEST cat video yesterday. Can I use your laptop to show you?’ Anya asks. Sure, god knows there aren’t ENOUGH cat videos on the internet, Dava says with playful sarcasm. HA HA, Anya says sarcastically, picking up the laptop from the coffee table. Her mom has left the room. Don’t worry, this one is—, Anya begins as she opens the laptop, but stops speaking as she sees what’s on the screen. Her eyes go wide and her jaw drops. Oh my god, what….?, Anya trails off, staring at the screen. She’s looking at a paused porn scene, a mother-daughter one from Mommy’s Girl. Anya tentatively presses play. Anya puts her hand over her mouth as the video plays, a mixture of shock and amusement dancing on her face.

When Dava walks back in, Anya confronts her about what she stumbled on, wondering why the porn is of the ‘stepdaughter’ variety. Dava denies that her choice of porn has anything to do with her own stepdaughter. Anya doesn’t believe her. She’s a full-grown 18-year-old, how gullible does her mom think she is??

Anya, sensing that her mom is attracted to her, attempts to tease and seduce her with lots of ‘mommy-talk.’ Dava is clearly tempted but resists. Finally, when Anya baits her mom with an offer of a spanking, combined with more ‘mommy-talk,’ Dava can no longer resist, bending Anya over her knee and spanking her supple ass.

Anya LOVES making her mommy squirm…

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, stratman90!

Squirting Carmen: BJ, Fuck, Cum Facial – Bryan Gozzling & Carmen Rae

Pale and pretty Carmen Rae exposes her cute cunt in public as she exchanges texts with dominant stud Bryan Gozzling. Her perfect, little nipples harden when Bryan rims her puckering sphincter. He eats her juicy pussy and then fingers her to orgasmic squirting! Carmen gives him a wet blowjob and then watches as he slides his thick dick into her hungry, oiled cunt. He stuffs her full of meat and then grips her by the head for a hot throat fuck! Hot pussy pounding comes with tasty rimming and a dripping cum facial.

My Husband Brought Home is Mistress #13 – Candice Dare & Lauren Phillips & Logan Long

Candice Dare is a young wife with not a lot of sexual skill, Logan Long figures he can bring home his mistress to teach her how to fuck, and more importantly save his marriage. She is reluctant at first but loves Logan and is willing to do anything to keep him including let another woman show her how to fuck her husband.

Busty Geek Girl Gets Training In Two-man Threesomes

Busty Geek Girl Gets Training In Two-man Threesomes

Busty Geek Girl Gets Training In Two-man Threesomes

A nerd with her pigtails and geek-girl glasses, Veronica Bow is ready for her study session. Or maybe not. Tyler and JMac are in her bedroom and on her bed and eager to tutor Veronica in two-man threesomes.

Veronica’s had threesomes before. “I have, with me and two guys and with another girl and a guy.” Just not with two professional porn studs.

Veronica is just as eager to get two stiffies, one for her mouth and the other for her pussy with stopovers between her big, pliable tits. Veronica takes off her sweater to show the boys her huge hooters. They pull down her equally huge bra and take a-breast of the situation, licking, squeezing and sucking Veronica’s big, juicy twins.

The tag-teamers strip down Veronika and pick a side, giving her two cocks to jack and suck. They shoehorn their dicks between her breasts because tits like Veronica’s have to be boned, too. The dirty-talking is non-stop as Veronica is ravished by these two fuckers, one guy for her mouth and one guy for her pussy.

Why, they should be studying, not getting freaky on the sheets. Getting her boobs and face sprayed with sticky sauce was not part of Veronica’s lesson plan but it was educational and informative.

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A DP Party For Chloe Lamoure

A DP Party For Chloe Lamoure

A DP Party For Chloe Lamoure

Stud-hunter Chloe Lamoure‘s invited two men over to her place. She has a dirty threesome on her list of things to do. Busty and beautiful Chloe wants to be double-penetrated by Tom and Falco and get both holes stuffed with cock.

Chloe is game for adventurous, hot, no-strings sex. Focus a camera on her and she gets even randier. That’s one of the reasons this lovely brunette got into porn and nude modeling. She brings her awesome erotic skills to the table…and to the bed. Chloe is aggressive and a go-getter. When she wants action, she’ll make the first move. Sometimes she plays the fuck doll. This time, she wants control. A sex game on her own terms.

Loudly sucking on their cocks, her mouth dripping with saliva (“I really love giving blow jobs.”), Chloe maneuvers her trim, athletic body into position so both guys can take her pussy and ass and give her the double-penetration she craves. We once interviewed Germany’s Annina and she said she loved being double-penetrated as often as she could get it. Chloe looks like she shares the same opinion about being fucked in her pink peach and butt at the same time.

“At first, anal sex was strange to me,” Chloe said. “Then I started to love it.”

See More of Chloe Lamoure at SCORELAND.COM!

Kelly Scott teases and pleases

Kelly Scott teases and pleases

Kelly Scott teases and pleases

“I want to tease you a bit today,” 54-year-old Kelly Scott says at the start of this scene.

She’s wearing an everyday top and jeans with comfortable heels, the type of outfit you might see a MILF wearing when you’re out and about. She mentions that she’s wearing pink because it’s one of her favorite colors. She’s also wearing pink panties.

“And, of course, pussy is pink, too,” Kelly says. “But you can’t see that yet.”

“Yet.” Key word. That means we’re gonna see it. Of course, we’ve already seen Kelly sucking and fucking cock and getting her tight ass drilled, but today, we have her all to ourselves.

“Not too bad for a grandma, huh?” she says. “I have seven grandkids.”

Very impressive. One of the most impressive parts of Kelly is her hairy pussy…her very hairy pussy.

“And it’s dark,” Kelly helpfully points out. “It’s not a blond bush. It’s not like it’s going to blend in with everything. I’m a natural brunette.”

Her brown pussy hair has a touch of gray, too, and that’s nice.

“I think most people don’t even realize, with the porn industry the way it is, and most people are so shaved, they don’t realize that women do have hair down there. When we were growing up, nothing was shaved. Nobody shaved. But people want the difference. Besides, I don’t want to look like a little kid. I want to look like a woman.”

She has no problem doing that.

See More of Kelly Scott at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

Translicious #03 – TS Foxxy

Mason is enjoying some quiet time reading articles on his cell phone when his hot trans girl friend TS Foxxy comes to sit next to him and enjoy her bowl of ice cream. Wow, does she ever enjoy it. Putting on a teaze for Mason she is soon licking it off her nipple. She asks if he would like a little. Why not? That would be translicous. He is soon eating ice cream off her nipple, down her stomach to her sweet lady cock where he finds a nice maraschino cherry placed on it. Sweet and delicious this is an afternoon treat he did not expect. Sucking and worshipping her nether parts he soon has his rock hard cock dipped in her bowl and feeding her ice cream off the head of it. Soon they are fucking all over the place and he delivers a massive load of man cream all over the luscious Foxxxy.

Are You Man Enough? – Alex Legend & Sophia Lux

Sophia Lux, a masseuse, is waiting for her next client when Alex Legend walks in. Alex seems nervous and out of place, though Sophia pleasantly greets him. Alex reveals that he’s there to get a gift card for his girlfriend for their one-year anniversary. Sophia’s delighted to help, but when she mentions getting a romantic couples’ package, Alex immediately turns her down. Massages are too girly for him!

Sophia is intrigued, but eager to change his mind and earn more business. She challenges him, saying that she thinks she can change his mind with a unique massage. If he enjoys the massage, he has to buy his girlfriend the couples’ massage. If he doesn’t enjoy himself… Well, he gets a free massage out of it!

Although Alex is hesitant, when Sophia strokes his ego a little more, he gives in. However, to win this bet, Sophia’s willing to stroke more than just his ego…

When he’s introduced to NURU, he can’t believe that such a massage exists. Although he doesn’t want to give in and admit how good her hands feel against his body, he’s fast losing the bet. He’s able to hold his own until he’s on the mattress with Sophia sliding her naked, glistening body all over him. When she makes the massage extra special by lavishing his cock with attention, Alex knows he’s lost. Yet, once she takes his cock into her hot pussy and enthusiastically rides him, he considers himself to be a winner.

Maybe a couples’ massage won’t be so bad after all!

Left At The Altar – Tiffany Watson & Kira Noir

A jilted bride, Tiffany Watson, is moping in her bedroom, having locked herself away for days. Everything she does somehow reminds her of her fiance, making her even more miserable than before.

Her best friend, Kira Noir, finally shows up to check up on her, worried for her wellbeing. She asks Tiffany how she’s doing. Tiffany tries to collect herself, saying that she’s fine, but it’s clear that she’s not. Her fiance left her for her step-mom? Really? And now she’s all alone…

Kira continues trying to soothe Tiffany — she’s not all alone, and it’s her ex’s loss! But, hey, for someone who’s just been sitting around the house all day eating, Tiffany’s looking pretty good! If Kira looked HALF as good as Tiffany did during a crisis, she’d be happy! Tiffany perks up a little at the compliment, her spirits lifted by Kira’s presence.

Perhaps partially spurred by grief and partially by a secret crush, Tiffany suddenly sees Kira in a different light. As they shuffle closer together, a spark is ignited between the friends. After gazing longingly into each other’s eyes, they tentatively lean forward until their lips touch in their first kiss!

All of Tiffany’s problems melt away as she lives in the moment with Kira. What started as a kiss soon turns into something much more as they bring each other to orgasmic bliss. They eagerly suck on each other’s breasts, and tongue and finger each other’s pussies, addicted to the taste. As Kira rides Tiffany’s face, Tiffany realizes that she was never truly alone!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalhead42!

September’s Interracial Domination – Bryan Gozzling & September Reign

Hot, black Valley Girl September Reign flaunts her tight body and long legs as she sexts with dominant stud Bryan Gozzling. She breathes heavily as he wraps his fingers around her neck and then drenches her in oil. In a drooling blowjob, she slobbers on Bryan’s throbbing meat, red eyes staring up at him. September moans as he shoves his prick into her eager cunt for a hot fuck. She moans, cumming hard on his veiny rod! Messy interracial throat fucking and pussy plowing culminates in a heaping cum facial.

Trannylicious #03 – TS Foxxy

Mason is enjoying some quiet time reading articles on his cell phone when his hot trans girl friend TS Foxxy comes to sit next to him and enjoy her bowl of ice cream. Wow, does she ever enjoy it. Putting on a teaze for Mason she is soon licking it off her nipple. She asks if he would like a little. Why not? That would be translicous. He is soon eating ice cream off her nipple, down her stomach to her sweet lady cock where he finds a nice maraschino cherry placed on it. Sweet and delicious this is an afternoon treat he did not expect. Sucking and worshipping her nether parts he soon has his rock hard cock dipped in her bowl and feeding her ice cream off the head of it. Soon they are fucking all over the place and he delivers a massive load of man cream all over the luscious Foxxxy.

Angel In Blue: Bi-Curious Beauties – Blue Angel & Rebecca Volpetti & Chris Diamond

Blue Angel loves her gold-star lesbian girlfriend, Rebecca Volpetti, but fantasizes about having a threesome with a guy. Blue has a really cute guy friend and would LOVE to be there for Rebecca’s first time with a man! Although Rebecca is embarrassed about such boldness, she is a LITTLE curious about such an experience, so it doesn’t take much coaxing from her girlfriend to agree to have some fun.

When Chris Diamond shows up, Blue has him wait a few minutes while she and Rebecca get ready. To ease Rebecca into the sensual session as they slip into sexy lingerie, Blue arouses her with her own erotic touches and kisses. When Chris joins them shortly after, Rebecca is ready for him. Blue takes the lead first, showing Rebecca how to ride cock, until it’s Rebecca’s turn to let loose.

Blushing Buxom Bather Rose Blush

Blushing Buxom Bather Rose Blush

Blushing Buxom Bather Rose Blush

I like a person’s personality,” said Rose Blush, an Australian bra-buster measuring a mouth-watering 36JJ up top.

“Physical appearance isn’t the end-all and be-all. I like people I can have fun with. I like someone I can talk with, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I’ve had a few marriage proposals. That always amuses me.

“Sexually, I enjoy being overpowered, kissed, bitten, manhandled and fingered. I’ve had sex in public under the Sydney Harbor bridge in the middle of the day with people walking past us.

“I’ve had sex in a park, at the zoo, in a car on the side of a busy road and at a train station during peak hour with many trains going past. When I give a blow job, I usually swallow or let them cum all over my face and tits.”

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Amber Alena’s Extremely Itty-bitty Swimsuit Adventure

Amber Alena’s Extremely Itty-bitty Swimsuit Adventure

Amber Alena's Extremely Itty-bitty Swimsuit Adventure

Super-slim and super-stacked Amber Alena is occasionally asked by people if they can touch her big tits.

“I’ve had women ask to touch my tits, to see them,” Amber related. “It’s pretty much the same both ways. I’ve had more women ask to touch my tits than men. I don’t know if that’s weird, but I love them. I’m thinking of all the women who have asked and they seem like they want to touch them and they’re attracted.”

Amber was once a hostess in a restaurant, then an exotic dancer for a short time before moving into webcamming at home. She made her professional modeling debut at SCORELAND.

“I love other women. I’m very sexual, so I when I see other women, I don’t care what size their tits are or whether their tits are real or fake. They just turn me on.”

See More of Amber Alena at SCORELAND.COM!

The Girl-Next-Door In Black Stockings.

The Girl-Next-Door In Black Stockings.

The Girl-Next-Door In Black Stockings.

Lucia was a teenage waitress in her family’s pizzeria. She made her way to London and our studio for a series of videos and photo shoots during a six-month time frame in 1998. Lucia was also a student in Newcastle, England, where she majored in Italian-English communication.

A very slim, busty natural, Lucia didn’t have the tit power of most of the other all-natural SCORE Girls but she was a girl who clicked with a lot of readers because of her girl-next-door charisma and pretty looks. Her hairy bush was another plus.

Lucia appeared in Holiday 1998 SCORE and in Voluptuous magazine also, even though she was bit thin for V-Mag. She started nude modeling during the summer of 1998 when she was 19. Besides posing in one photo shoot with Linsey Dawn McKenzie, she also posed with glamour-star Adele Stephens. Lucia got to lick LDM’s famous nipples and tongue-snog her in their layout. We’ve lost track of Lucia over the years, something that’s not unusual with the models.

See More of Lucia at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Mia loves that big, black cock

Mia loves that big, black cock

Mia loves that big, black cock

“When I was younger, I didn’t want to know what my parents thought, so I just moved overseas and started stripping,” 61-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother Mia Magnusson said. “My 30s were great. I was a dancer then, but I still think if I looked at what I’m doing now, I’d say, ‘Oh my god!'”

As in, “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m sucking cock and fucking on-camera for all the world to see.” As in, “This man is half my age, and I’m going to have my way with his big, black cock, and everyone is going to watch me.”

That’s right, Mia. It is surprising. Most women don’t do this sort of thing, especially women in their 60s.

But, as you can tell, Mia is not like most women. She’s been sexually active for a long time, and by the way, this is not her first BBC.

“I was engaged to a black guy and he was everything you’d expect,” Mia said. “Big cock, and he knew how to use it. But then I dated a black guy after that, and he had a small cock and didn’t know what to do with it.”

In this scene, Jack knows what to do with it, and Mia knows what to do with him. She sucks his cock. She fucks him. She opens wide so he can cum in her mouth.

Mia is one of the stars of the movie Granny Fuck Club, and in one scene, she shares a young dude with Luna Azul. In the grand finale orgy, she eats pussy and has her pussy eaten. So the lady does it all.

“Almost all of the men I have sex with are a lot younger,” she told us.

Good for her. Definitely good for them.

See More of Mia Magnusson at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

Kailani and her son’s best friend

Kailani and her son’s best friend

Kailani and her son's best friend

When this scene opens, 46-year-old Kailani Kai is having a good time all by herself. She’s wearing sexy lingerie and rubbing her pussy. She’s really into it, not a care in the world.

And then it happens.

“What happens?” you might be saying.

Well, she cums, for one. And again. And she rubs her big tits and hard nipples. All of that definitely happens.

But also, her son’s best friend, Connor, walks into the house, looking for her son. He goes upstairs and hears a noise coming from one of the bedrooms. A girly noise. He finds the source of that sweet noise: his best friend’s mother’s bedroom.


Connor can’t believe what he’s seeing. He’s had his eyes on Mrs. Kai for a long time. Yeah, maybe it’s not right to lust after your best friend’s mom, but what’s a guy supposed to do when a beautiful, curvy MILF has those tits and that ass.

This is what Connor does: He takes out his junk and starts jacking his cock.

“Connor, what are you doing?” Kailani says when she looks up. “Come over here.”

Kailani reprimands Connor for peeping on her, but notice what she doesn’t do: She doesn’t put her tits away. She keeps rubbing her pussy.

“Wow, you have such a big dick,” she says. “Bring it over here.”


Really! And before he knows it, Connor has his big dick in Mrs. Kai’s mouth. Saying she’s good at sucking cock is an understatement.

He pounds that MILF pussy. She rides his cock hard, showing off her beautiful, big ass. She cums again and again, and then Connor cums in her mouth.

Maybe this would’ve been their secret…if only they weren’t doing it for all the world to see at

See More of Kailani Kai at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

Big-Cock TS Yasmim Masturbates, Cums – Tony Lee & Yasmim Dornelles

Super-hung, raven-haired TS Yasmim Dornelles masturbates and fingers her tight butthole. She turns around and shoves a clear butt plug into her pulsing sphincter. Smiling, Yasmim shows off her cute braces as she plays with her fat she-dick. She removes the toy, running her pink lips and tongue all over it. Yasmim loves licking her butt plug clean! Finally, she jacks her meaty dick with deliberate strokes, spurting hot cream all over her body. Yasmim enjoys rubbing the cum into her caramel skin as her girl-boner throbs in orgasmic pleasure.

Translicious #03 – Kendall Penny

Just an hour ago these two had met for the first time through a dating app and had met for lunch. But all Epic could do was imagine fucking this gorgeous trans woman from the moment he met her. Then he was fucking her again on the way home in the car. Then as he talked to her when they arrived all he could imagine was what she tasted like between her legs. He wanted to suck all the nectar out Finding this intense man who had no filter so refreshing Kendall invites him to bring it on. And does he ever. He relishes her taste — best tasting cock he has ever tried So Translicious. Then he thrills her with his massive man root and begins pulverizes her love hole in position after position. After shooting her lady load she is near exhaustion and is literally begging for cum to give her twitching ass hole a rest from his stiff penile assault.

Not Just a Kiss – Misty Stone & Vina Sky

Julia (Misty Stone) is surprised to see Sabrina (Vina Sky) at her door. Her daughter Nikki is not home she left for the week, but she’s not here to see her friend. She here to see her mom, to check on her and makes sure everything is good. That nice gesture pleases Julia and she offers her to come in. Unfortunately for Julia, Sabrina has other plans in mind. She dreams about this moment alone with her best friend’s mother since they got more intimate a few weeks ago. Sabrina recalls a certain night, when her friend Nikki was in bed, when they drank too much wine and ended up kissing. Sabrina has good memories of that night, but Julia wants her to let it go, but she will not. Sabrina expects to maybe, get more than a kiss this time, but Julia’s reaction caught Sabrina of guards. Nobody can black mail Julia and the young teenager is about to understand this too!

Future Darkly: The Breeding Pod – Derrick Pierce & Maya Kendrick


Maya Kendrick stirs, only to find herself naked and laying in a transparent pod with Derrick Pierce. Unfazed by her surroundings, she sits up and stretches, working the kinks out of her muscles. It’s been awhile since she’s last seen Derrick — how’s he been? After a cordial greeting, Derrick admits that he’s a bit nervous since he’s been having trouble meeting his quota of impregnating women. If he doesn’t make his quota…

Maya casually tries to calm him since anxiety is definitely not going to help his performance. They can’t afford to kick any man 65 and under out, anyway… or so the rumors say. Yet, Derrick doesn’t have time to respond before their unique wristbands alert them that it’s time to begin the process. Now there’s only one thing on their minds as they crash passionately together.

They enthusiastically have sex until Derrick creampies Maya, filling her with his seed. Yet, much to their dismay, the sophisticated wristbands alert them that the round has been a bust — Maya’s not yet pregnant.

As they dive into a second round, Derrick becomes more anxious as scientists approach and observe them from outside the pod. They watch from behind masks while taking various notes. Derrick knows they’re evaluating him, seeing if he’s worth keeping in the project. If he ISN’T worth keeping around…

This fear spurs him to keep going, which is what they need right now. When he unloads deep within Maya’s pussy a second time, tensions are mounting between them as it’s once again a bust. While Maya’s losing patience, Derrick has no choice but to keep going.

After the third creampie, they stare at their wristbands with bated breath. If it doesn’t take THIS time, this could be the end…

Maid For Each Other: Nasty Cleaning Crew – Kenzie Reeves & Alina Lopez & Mackenzie Moss

Homeowner London River shows a cleaning crew into her bedroom. The cleaners—Alina Lopez, Mackenzie Moss, and Kenzie Reeves—set their cleaning supplies down. This is the master bedroom, London explains. She’s going out to run some errands, but by the time she gets back, she expects this—just like the REST of the house— to be SPOTLESS, London says bitchily. London doesn’t see the cleaners look at each other and roll their eyes. ‘And if any of you think about getting sticky fingers and stealing anything? Think AGAIN, cause I’ll be counting EVERYTHING in this house to make sure that nothing is missing, EVEN the napkins,’ she says. The cleaners look at each other incredulously, one of them even stifling a laugh.

So?! What are they waiting for?, Get to work!, London says, storming out of the bedroom. The cleaners look at each other for a moment before they all burst out laughing. What a BITCH, Alina says. Seriously!, Kenzie agrees. Like who steals NAPKINS?!, Mackenzie laughs. And who uses phrases like ‘sticky fingers’? Kenzie asks mockingly. ‘Sticky fingers?! More like she has a STICK up her ass,’ Alina jokes. No way, a woman THAT cranky hasn’t had ANYTHING up her in YEARS, Mackenzie says. The trio cracks up.

Kenzie and Mackenzie suggest that all three of them fool around and dirty up the London’s house as revenge for her attitude. Even though Alina is hesitant, she’s having trouble resisting her hot friends and all three of them fool around on the bed, taking care not to get caught. When they are surprised by London, they hastily get themselves together and pretend they have been cleaning the whole time.

Redhead Scarlett: Deepthroat BJ & Fuck – Bryan Gozzling & Scarlett Mae

Slim, busty redhead Scarlett Mae masturbates through skin-tight shorts. Hung, dominant Bryan Gozzling flirts with her online and invites her to visit so he can inspect her perfectly bald cunt. Scarlett pants as he sucks her nipples aggressively and then slides four fingers into her twat. Her mouth opens wide for a gagging, deepthroat blowjob, and she spreads her legs to let Bryan fuck her sweet snatch. Scarlett spasms orgasmically on Bryan’s thick cock! Hot pussy pounding and intense throat fucking lead to a sticky cum facial.

Trannylicious #03 – Kendall Penny

Just an hour ago these two had met for the first time through a dating app and had met for lunch. But all Epic could do was imagine fucking this gorgeous trans woman from the moment he met her. Then he was fucking her again on the way home in the car. Then as he talked to her when they arrived all he could imagine was what she tasted like between her legs. He wanted to suck all the nectar out Finding this intense man who had no filter so refreshing Kendall invites him to bring it on. And does he ever. He relishes her taste — best tasting cock he has ever tried So Translicious. Then he thrills her with his massive man root and begins pulverizes her love hole in position after position. After shooting her lady load she is near exhaustion and is literally begging for cum to give her twitching ass hole a rest from his stiff penile assault.

My Hot Stepsister! – Vinna Reed & Nick Vargas & Steven

Vinna Reed catches her stepbrother and his friend talking about how they both want to fuck her! She tells them that she will only fuck them if it’s both at the same time and they will have to fuck each other too! They agree, there is nothing better than having a hard cock and pussy at the same time!

Hot For Gold

Hot For Gold

Hot For Gold

It takes around ten seconds for Thomas to toss his magazine aside after Patricia Gold comes onto him, rubbing her huge tits through her tight top. Once he gets a look at her body, a crowbar couldn’t separate them. He begins feasting on Patricia’s thick nipples and surrounding breast-flesh.

Patricia anxiously unzips his fly and takes his boner in hand. Her mouth magic takes effect. She rubs her tits while she’s sucking him off. Thomas takes her by the back of the neck and pulls her head in closer as she blows him faster and harder. This gal has some mouth. She could suck the cream out of an eclair in five seconds.

Patricia smothers his cock within her deep cleavage, cupping her big boobs in her hands. Thomas fucks her tits hard. He leans back on the couch so Patricia can use her tits as cock-buffing massagers. Her pussy is hot and ready to be cooled off with his rock-hard hose. Patricia gets on her side so Thomas can shove his big dick into her and fuck her hard and deep, just the way she likes it.

See More of Patricia Gold at XLGIRLS.COM!

British Big Boobed Boss Lady

British Big Boobed Boss Lady

British Big Boobed Boss Lady

Miss Harmony Reigns is the stylish boss lady of a British lingerie and brassiere company. It would be ideal to say that things are bouncing along nicely but it’s a high stress business with lots of competition and counterfeiters. One stressful problem Miss Reigns currently has is finding a capable assistant. She’s seen many and none of them are fit to hook her bras. “All they want to do is just look at my boobies,” Harmony bemoans.

The busty brunette executive’s last applicant of the day is a gentleman with the decidedly non-British name of Lutro. After Harmony explains in detail what her company does and what she needs, Lutro says in busted English that he didn’t understand anything she said. This might have been the wrap-up to Harmony’s draining day but instead of showing him the door, she decides to explain again non-verbally, taking off her own bra and handing it to Lutro to demonstrate her company’s products. An ingenious technique, if you ask a breast-man.

With her big, bare tits not covered by her blouse, Harmony sits next to Lutro. He’s holding the bra but he’d rather hold Harmony’s large bristols. And that’s what he does next. His tit play gets her hot and she kneels over him, taking his junk out. It’s a whopper. Harmony pops it in her mouth and it looks like Lutro’s got himself a new job in a company built to make tit men happy.

A girl whose favorite fucking position is from behind, Harmony loves big boners and doesn’t care much for foreplay. She’d rather get down to the blow job and the fucking. And she likes licking pussy, too. “I love a nice pussy in my face,” says Harmony.

The life of a lady executive has its ups and downs. And in Harmony’s case, a lot of boob shaking and dangling.

See More of Harmony Reigns at SCORELAND.COM!

Kailani’s first on-camera fuck

Kailani’s first on-camera fuck

Kailani's first on-camera fuck

In her first hardcore fuck scene, 46-year-old divorcee and mom Kailani Kai is by herself…for a while. She’s dressed in sexy lingerie that shows off her big tits and is playing with her pussy. In other words, she’s enjoying her day the way many MILFs do. After all, she is 46. Her kids are out of the house…or at least they’re supposed to be. You know how kids are these days, sticking around into their late 20s, getting the free room and board from Mom and Pop.

Anyway, there’s Kailani, getting herself off, when who walks through the door but Connor, her son’s best friend. He’s shocked. He can’t believe what he’s seeing: His best bud’s mom with her tits out and her fingers rubbing her cunt.

Now, a lot of women would tell him to get lost. Maybe they’d be embarrassed. But not Kailani. She gets up, grabs Connor by the crotch, gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick.

“I can’t believe my best friend’s mom is sucking my cock,” Connor says.

“You know you want it,” Kailani says. “I’ve seen how you look at me.”

Can you blame the guy? Kailani has big tits and a big ass. She’s basically built to fuck.

Just wondering: What if Kailani’s son walks in and catches them? Guess that’s part of the excitement of fucking your son’s best friend, right?

We asked Kailani if she usually masturbates, and she said, “No. Nothing beats the real thing.” She enjoys having her butt spanked. She has sex “as often as possible,” which seems to us should be as often as she wants. She’s had sex in a movie theater with people all around. And this isn’t her first time fucking a young guy. She’s done it before.

“He lasted a long time,” she recalled. “I came many times.”

Same as she does here.

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Sweet Thang

Sweet Thang

Sweet Thang

Chloe likes licking her lollipop, but she’d rather have something else to suck on, like a nice, hard cock. The thought of it turns her on, so she takes off her clothes–all while continuing to suck on her lollipop.

Chloe has perky tits and a juicy, round ass. She keeps a well-groomed triangle of pubes above her pussy. You’ll enjoy watching her work her slit and stuff her fingers inside her slit. She even rubs her lollipop on her pussy and licks her juices off.

One thing’s for sure–Chloe is sweet as candy.

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Transfixed | S1 E7 | Through The Mirror – Maya Kendrick & Aspen Brooks

Maya Kendrick is browsing through a yard sale when she notices a mysterious gold mirror. There’s something about the mirror that immediately intrigues her and she wanders up to it, almost transfixed, and looks at her reflection. ‘What a beautiful mirror,’ she whispers.

When she gets home, Maya carefully leans the mirror up against the wall in her bedroom and steps back to look at it. Her eyes widen in shock. Staring back at her is not her reflection …but an unfamiliar and exotically beautiful woman, Aspen Brooks. Turning away in shock, Maya slowly turns back to face the stranger. She is met only by her reflection.

The next day, Maya walks past the mirror and catches Aspen walking past out of the corner of her eye. She slowly backtracks as Aspen mirrors the same action. They stare at each other for a long moment before Maya says ‘hello?’ The stranger puts her hand to the glass and disappears.

Another day goes by and Maya can’t seem to get the gorgeous stranger out of her mind. Trying to read, she keeps staring at the mirror, distracted. Finally, she puts her book down and slowly creeps towards the side of the mirror. She peers around the edge and comes face to face with the stranger. A long moment passes before Maya says ‘hello’ again. This time Aspen says hello back and, in a panic, Maya runs out of the room.

Later that evening, Maya boldly walks back to the mirror to face Aspen. They stare at each other. ‘Who are you?’ Maya whispers. There is a long silence. ‘Are we…the same?’ Maya asks. Aspen shakes her head. ‘You are so beautiful,’ Maya continues, entranced by Aspen’s exquisite beauty, her gaze lingering on the alluring bulge between Aspen’s legs. Aspen smiles, biting her lip as she begins to take off her clothes. Maya finds herself doing the same thing. They look at each other, basking in the erotic glow of their heavenly bodies. ‘Can I touch you?’ Maya asks breathlessly. Aspen nods. They both put their hands to the glass. In a flash, the barrier of the mirror shatters. Suddenly they are together in the same room, with nothing standing between them. They embrace, kissing passionately as Maya’s hand traces it’s way down Aspen’s stomach, slipping around Aspen’s cock.

Aspen and Maya have discovered a whole other world through the mirror, a place where the only thing that matters…is each other.

TS Melissa + TS Hanna: Anal Threesome! – Alex Victor & Hanna Rios & Melissa Azuaga

Tall brunette TS Melissa Azuaga plays with her thick she-dick as she watches stud Alex Victor give TS beauty Hanna Rios a blowjob. Hanna runs her tongue piercing along the length of Melissa’s girl-cock while Alex rims her butthole. Alex slides his prick up Hanna’s butt for an anal reaming. Alex takes his turn slobbering on Melissa’s big boner, and then Melissa fucks Hanna’s rectum in a TS-on-TS buttfuck! Hanna shoots her load while Alex pounds her butt, and then Melissa masturbates to orgasm. See raunchy rimming, an ass-to-mouth blowjob and a sperm bath for the T-girls to enjoy.

Lisa’s Two-Man Booty Party

Lisa’s Two-Man Booty Party

Lisa's Two-Man Booty Party

It’s time for Lisa to play the Two-Man Booty Party. It’s Lisa Canon vs. two of the biggest-dicked pussy-masters at XL Girls, Carlos and Juan. Juan, who has banged Lisa before, is almost her porn Jedi Master and knows her body well.

This was Carlos’ first time fucking Lisa but not his first time laying the wood to an XL Girl. If anyone is game for double penetration, Lisa is. She is one of the randiest girls here. The two dudes rail away at her, stuffing both of her tight holes with cock. But she can handle them and takes it on the chin. Literally.

How did Lisa feel. “I was so excited I could barely sit still before the guys showed up! I’d been thinking about this since it was arranged. Those boys took real good care of me.”

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Going Green

Going Green

Going Green

Charley Green became a model because she loves attention and the fact that every day can be different for a model.

“I like men to be really manly” says Charley. “I have a thing for eyes, a kind of soft but firm look in his eyes. If I’m out with girls on a night out and I see a group of men and I think one of them looks nice but he doesn’t notice me, I’ll work to get his attention.”

Charley isn’t our first model to say, “I prefer men who leave me alone, and then I can make my way to them. If someone’s hounding me, I don’t find that attractive, because it means he’s been doing that to other women too. Then I don’t feel special.”

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A Day At The Park & The Gym With Lucia

A Day At The Park & The Gym With Lucia

A Day At The Park & The Gym With Lucia

Slim brunette Lucia spends the day in a London park and a studio gym in this unedited video with original audio. Lucia jogs and goes for a rowboat ride. The photographers drive Lucia back to the studio while she plays with her tits in the back seat, lying down so no one can see her.

Back in the studio gym, topless Lucia does the stationery bicycle, calisthenics, sit-ups and leg-kicks. Taking off her tight shorts to reveal her grand muff, Lucia lifts hand-weights, pours lotion all over her lithe and lovely naked body, tries the stepper machine and lies on a mat, rubbing her nipples.

Lucia’s director verbally instructs her every step of the way. He knew what he wanted to capture on video. It’s very similar in that way to the video of Lucia in a bedroom directed by another photographer.

The people in the park who noticed Lucia and the videographer probably assumed it was another couple having some fun. Lucia always looked like a pretty girl-next-door, not a model for mens’ magazines.

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Mia gets some big, black cock

Mia gets some big, black cock

Mia gets some big, black cock

Last seen sharing cock with Luna Azul and eating pussy and having her pussy eaten in the Granny Fuck Club orgy, Mia Magnusson returns to suck and fuck a big, black cock. She does it well, so well that when the stud, who’s half her age, finishes fucking her pussy, he shoots a huge load of cum into her open mouth.

We asked this 61-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother how she feels about fucking on-camera, and she said, “I thought it would be a big jump and so nerve-wracking and scary, and it really isn’t. I don’t know if that’s because I’m an exhibitionist or because I have a more-healthy attitude toward sex in general. I don’t shy away from cameras and spotlights, whether it’s with sex or not.”

That’s obvious. Mia, a tall, vivacious blonde who was born in Australia and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, used to be a stripper. She’s managed rock bands. She’s also been an actress and a psychic. Wonder if she can guess what we’re doing right now.

“I love sex, and sex is just a part of life that I embrace,” Mia said. “Like dancing, it can put you into that next level of bliss.

“When you’re younger, you’re a lot more inhibited and shy, and, at least for women, you attach a great romantic expectation out of sex, so you’re always riding that high and low of broken hearts, and when you get older, you can enjoy it for what it is. Freer and more fun.”

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Kailani’s idea of housework

Kailani’s idea of housework

Kailani's idea of housework

Kailani Kai, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom from Hawaii, is doing the dishes when this video opens. Apparently, they’re the dishes you left in the sink last night. Naughty boy!

“Stop looking at my ass and do something,” she says.

Okay, Kailani. We’ll take out our cocks and jack off, but we’re not going to stop looking at your ass.

“I don’t mind,” she says as she unbuttons her top a bit. “One day you’ll start doing something for yourself.”

We are. We’re jacking off!

“I’m so wet,” she says. She doesn’t mean from washing dishes.

So she takes off her top. She’s not wearing a bra. Her tits are big and natural. Her areolae are dark. She uses the sponge to make them wetter and rubs her nipples.

“I’m just thinking about your hard cock,” she says.

After she plays with her tits for a while, she drops her jeans. Kailani has a big, round ass, the kind you could slap and bang from behind for days. She goes to the laundry room and says, “I bet your dick is hard right now, isn’t it?”

She’s right! How does she know?

She jiggles her ass. It jiggles nicely. If you like women with big asses, Kailani is definitely for you. This mom is a brickhouse!

Kailani used to be a flight attendant. She enjoys camping. She enjoys having her butt spanked. Why doesn’t that surprise us. She’s looking forward to fucking on-camera.

That happens tomorrow.

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Candy Licker

Candy Licker

Candy Licker

Chloe’s pussy tastes as sweet as this lollipop.
And she’s looking for a guy who’ll be her candy licker. “It’s a huge turn on for me when a guy loves to eat pussy. I’m not just talking about a guy who will do it; I mean when they really love it. Like they’ll bury their face in there and go to town. They won’t stop until I’ve cum at least twice and their face is covered in my juice.”

What else turns you on?
“I’m bi so I’m into girls and guys. I love preppy, pretty girls. Here’s a little secret: I’m really good at initiating three-ways. It’s my favorite because I get the best of both worlds–sex with a guy and a girl! Although I also like sex with two guys or with two girls. Other than that, doggie-style is my favorite position, and I love blow jobs and swallowing cum. It’s probably because I have a big appetite!”

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The Starlet: A Casey Calvert Story – Derrick Pierce & Casey Calvert


Emma (Casey Calvert) is a Hollywood starlet that cares only about herself. She further proves this by causing a movie producer grief by being late for training with a stuntman. When she finds out that the stuntman she’ll be closely working with is none other than Michael (Derrick Pierce), her ex-boyfriend, her entitled attitude makes her even more difficult to work with.

When Michael arrives at Emma’s house for stage combat training, he isn’t thrilled to be around her. Not only are they exes, but Emma stole this acting gig from Michael’s current girlfriend. Although he tries to be professional, Emma makes it hard for him, acting like a spoiled brat. He’s so annoyed with her, especially after she nearly breaks his nose for a ‘joke,’ that he abandons the session.

Perhaps feeling a LITTLE guilty for what she’s done, Emma shows him that she’s been practicing when they next meet up for more practice. She’s so confident in her abilities that her ego continues to inflate, especially when Michael makes the mistake of complimenting her. She starts rubbing her skills in, getting under Michael’s skin as she taunts his own skills — both professional AND personal.

Finally, Michael’s had enough. If he’s being made to work with HER, then he wants to make things interesting. He proposes a bet. If she beats him during a mock fight, he’ll do whatever she wants. If HE wins, she’ll do whatever HE wants.

Emma easily agrees since she’s sure she’s got this in the bag. But when she finds herself quickly overpowered and pinned beneath Michael’s strong body, it’s evident that she’s lost. When he demands a hate-fuck as his prize, she HAS to honor her end of the deal…

Lifestyles Of The Cuckolded #13 – Mikey Butders & Sarah Jessie

There is nothing better than having a threesome with a hot chick and one of your buddies, unless your buddy’s wife is Sarah Jessie or should I say my wife. Yes, Sarah is my wife and she makes me sit there and watch her get fucked! She thinks I like it, but i don’t. I wish she would let me have some fun too! But she doesn’t – all sweet old Sarah does is make me suffer- I’m just her sex slave. Just a loser to have around to pay her bills. Well someday I’ll be the man and I’ll fuck her good, but until then, I am just her bitch. BOO HOO for me!!!!!

Asian TS Beth Masturbates To Orgasm – Beth A

In skimpy black lingerie, sexy Asian TS Beth plays with her perky nipples and pretty she-dick, quickly working herself into an orgasmic frenzy. Beth lies on her back and shoves a pink toy into her sphincter while she masturbates gently. She pants hard as she nears orgasm, and her eyes mist over while she splashes a juicy load of sperm all over her body. As her juice coats her prick, she continues to touch herself with a smile of pleasure.

Blacked Out #11 – Jon Jon & Isiah Maxwell & Jack Blaque & Bobbi Dylan & Rod Hardman

Bobbi was destined to be a porn star from a very young age. It was obvious to her family it was the path she would have to go down. Brought up an orthodox Jew from Brooklyn she knew deep in her heart her true calling was to head to tinsletown and the glistening lights of porn stardom. A honest to god nymphomaniac, the only way to truly calm Bobbi down is by running a train of cock up her snatch. And the bigger the cock – the better. Hence her fascination for large, throbbing black cocks. She sucks them with abandon and in her eyes you can truly see she is loving every second. This is where she belongs. Covered in cocks with a dripping wet snatch waiting to be filled. It’s not long till one cock after another takes turns on her willing little pussy hole. She is sucking and fucking away jumping from one cock to the next in a frenzied whirlwind trying to hit new orgasmic high after orgasmic high. Finally she is satiated with a face full of cock, juice one after another.

Babysitter Auditions 2 – Kenzie Reeves – Joanna Angel & Small Hands & Kenzie Reeves

Still on the hunt for the best babysitter, we invited cutie Kenzie Reeves to try out for the job. The number one thing we look for in a babysitter is being prepared, so we needed to make sure that Kenzie was geared up for any possibility, INCLUDING a massive heat wave. After all, this IS the west coast, and who would take care of the baby if Kenzie died of heat exhaustion?! So we quizzed Kenzie, asking her what she’d do if a heat wave suddenly hit. She wasn’t too sure, so we gave her a little hint and brought her some ice. Kenzie took the hint—big time—and rubbed the ice on her arms, her legs, and before we knew it, on her little shaved pussy. Now THAT’S refreshing! And it’s also exactly the kind of resourcefulness that we were looking for in a sitter. But before offering Kenzie the job, we just had to make sure that the three of us were compatible. And there was only ONE way to do that: by fucking Kenzie’s brains out.

Hey, no one said finding the perfect sitter was going to be easy!

The Office Hottie

The Office Hottie

The Office Hottie

Lavina Dream‘s desk looks exactly as you might picture it. Very girly, with pink lampshades and other feminine touches. Lavina turns around to greet us and begins rubbing and squeezing her bigger-than-big boobs. She pulls them out of her top and sucks her nipples. This is always impressive since many huge-chested girls can’t do this, but Lavina does it easily.

Lavina slowly removes every stitch and fingers her pussy lips, rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Her breathing gets deeper and faster as her erotic pleasure intensifies. Sitting on her desk bare-ass naked, she reaches for one of her office accessories, a very girly-looking vibrator–pink with red hearts on it. This is the kind of office accessory you’d expect from Lavina.

Whatever workload Lavina has to take care of is put to the side. She has more important things to do and that’s to entertain us. Much appreciated, Lavina.

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Deep Cleavage Woman

Deep Cleavage Woman

Deep Cleavage Woman

Janessa Loren found her way to SCORELAND after a professional photographer suggested she call our studio. That’s a rare occurrence and when we saw Janessa’s photos, it didn’t take long to arrange her trip. In this scene, Janessa enjoys the hard pipe and dick yogurt of Tarzan.

“I love my body now,” Janessa said. “I have to thank every Latin singer who has come out in these past few years. My body type wasn’t considered to be the norm a while back. These bombshell bodies, you know? It took from about the late-’90s to now where these bombshell bodies are considered sexy. I have to thank people like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara for that. Now every girl is trying to get a butt and big tits. The Kardashians, too. Women aren’t trying to look like they’re dying or don’t eat.”

Buying clothes that fit but are sexy can be difficult for a curvy, shapely woman built like Janessa.

“Bikinis that fit can be hard to find. Well, the bottom part is the easy part. I wear a medium and they have separates now. For the top part, I have to get them custom made for my size. I order from a place called Excellent Swimwear. It’s in Michigan, and they have some bikini tops that fit me.”

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