First Day In Barcelona – Cassie Del Isla & Dorian Del Isla

Brunette babe Cassie Del Isla is having a fun time exploring Barcelona with her stud husband Dorian Del Isla. They get back to their place and they have fun in other ways! The two make out passionately before Dorian licks Cassie’s pussy and fingers her tight asshole. They are having an amazing first day in Barcelona!

Noisy Neighbor – Belinda Bee & Parker Marx

Noisy neighbor Parker Marx has pissed off Belinda Bee for the last time. She goes to see him where sweet talking Parker, who doesn’t even speak her language, seduces her! Belinda is excited to know that he wants to fuck her. She grabs his cock and sucks it like a seasoned pro. She then spreads her pussy open to take a deep hard pounding. Belinda moans with each deep thrust before getting a hot facial from her young neighbor.

Rush To Love – Raul Costa & Sarah Cute

Smoking hot Sarah Cute loves her morning jogs especially when her boyfriend Raul Costa is there. He waits for her at the end of her jog and they give into passion. Sarah takes him home where they undress and Raul eats her ass. Then Sarah bends over and gets her tight ass drilled by his throbbing big cock. After giving her asshole a workout he sprays his hot jizz all over her gaping hole.

Selfie Revenge For Big-boobed Veronica Bow

Selfie Revenge For Big-boobed Veronica Bow

Selfie Revenge For Big-boobed Veronica Bow

“I’m definitely passive and I love deep penetration the best,” Veronica Bow said. “I love giving blow jobs.” Sean gives Veronica that deep penetration she craves and a whole lot more, and Veronica swallows his stiff prick and tit-fucks him with her 38H-cups.

But before all of that, there is a back story that may bring a tear to the eye. You see, our friend Veronica was dressed for date night in a crazy-tight dress, her huge tits spilling out. Then she gets a text from her man. It’s a “Dear Veronica” see-ya text, a stone cold way to kick a girl to the curb.

Steaming from the rejection, Veronica goes over to the window and sees her neighbor Sean getting some sun. She taps on the window and waves him over. Sean is puzzled why. Veronica has him come in and walks him to her bedroom where she tells him her boyfriend’s busted up with her. Sean’s eyes pop looking at Veronica’s large, meaty knockers and says the guy must be an idiot. Which, of course, he is.

There’s only one thing on Veronica’s mind. A revenge fuck. There are two things on Sean’s mind and he wants to stick his dick between those two things. He plays with Veronica’s fun-jugs and strips her down, squeezing and rubbing her fleshy body. Veronica has the kind of pliable tits that are good for self-sucking. She shows Sean how she can taste her nipples. He tastes them also.

Veronica wants to blow and boob-bang Sean, but before she does, she wants to send her now ex a fuck-you selfie. Getting on her knees, she fills her mouth with Sean’s bloated shaft and takes a few shots, then hits send. With that out of the way, now she can really get to enjoy cock filling her mouth. Sean fucks Veronica’s boobs hard as she kneels and squeezes her tits together.

Veronica can’t wait for her pussy-hole to get stuffed by cock. She climbs on top and pulls one ass cheek to the side so he can wedge his dick inside her and pump away at that tight cookie. Revenge is sweet for this dumped girlfriend and just as sweet for the new guy who gets, not only next-door-neighbor pussy, but a horny neighbor with heavy hooters.

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Gorgeous Milf Gushers – Tana Lea & Zac Wild

Tana Lea decides to go to a spa for a relaxing afternoon of tension release and gets so much more than she bargained for with her exceptional masseuse. Seems Zachary Wild is experienced in the much more advanced art of tantric fluid release as his trained fingers soon have her pussy gushing all over the massage table. His cock is rock hard so he must be getting tantric vibes as well. Fucking and sucking in an oiled up ball of ecstasy , the two make wet passionate love and douse the room in sweet squirt juices. Watch out for your footing cause that floor is slippery wet!

Batteries Not Needed – Avi Love & Anny Aurora

Avi Love is waiting in the living room, casting quick looks to the front door. She can hardly contain her excitement for the arrival of her friend, who she hasn’t seen in nearly two years. When there’s a knock on the door, she throws it open, revealing Anny Aurora. They squeal and crash into each other’s arms, thrilled to be reunited once again.

The two friends sit together on the couch, unable to keep their hands and eyes off one another. Avi gushes about how she has so many plans for Anny and can’t wait to get started! Anny playfully groans and asks if they can have a quiet night in for the first night, at least. She came all the way over from Germany, after all. Avi reluctantly agrees but shows Anny to the guest room, leaving her to get comfortable.

Anny opens her suitcase and begins unpacking and undressing to get comfortable. When she goes into the bathroom, Avi sneaks back into the room and goes through her luggage. Her eyes widened as she finds Anny’s vibrator. Her hot friend’s so bold to be bringing this along on a holiday! She’s caught moments later when Anny returns, although she’s not angry but instead amused. She joins Avi on the bed, enthusing about the vibrator and how she wants to show Avi how good it is. Unfortunately, the battery’s dead and the charging cable is back in Germany…

Avi’s curiosity is piqued. Is Anny into girls? She HAS to be since she’s so enthusiastic about showing Avi the vibrator. Anny laughs, surprised that Avi doesn’t already know that — isn’t it obvious? Now that it’s out in the open, they can’t contain their lust for one another any longer as they come together in a fiery kiss.

Anny is filled with newfound energy as Avi pleases her guest by eating out her pussy. There’s plenty of fingerbanging and tribbing to help chase away Anny’s jet lag as well. Avi is determined to make this the most fun-filled vacation ever, and it seems like they’re off to a good start!

Risky Business – Lucas Frost & Vina Sky

Vina Sky is working the receptionist desk at the massage parlor and typing some notes about client bookings. She is not paying much attention to her surroundings. Suddenly a voice saying ‘Excuse me, hi, I’m here for a massage?’ gets her attention, and she looks up a bit startled. When she sees the face of the man who said it, Lucas Frost, her jaw drops. He’s gorgeous! She stands up straight and greets him, while Lucas mentions that he’s interested in a Nuru massage. He’s done lots of research about it, and it seems to be right up his alley.

Vina jumps at the chance to give him a Nuru massage and sells him on it by explaining the steps of the massage and all of its health benefits. Sold, Lucas tells her – can he just do it right away? Vina looks at her laptop and frowns a bit, saying their schedule’s quite booked for the next little while. Lucas flirts and says damn, he was really hoping she could be the one to massage him actually. Vina looks down at her laptop and changes the schedule around, saying she’s free now. She happily leads, almost drags, Lucas into the private massage room.

Vina helps Lucas get undressed and starts to undress at the same time. Lucas tries to help Vina by taking her bra off, but she stops him, insisting that she can do it herself. She explains that they’re not supposed to let clients touch them inappropriately. Lucas backs off and they soon step into the shower together.

She begins showering with her handsome client and soaping him down. They make small talk about how he works from home and how he works out. Meanwhile, she shares that she’s new to the parlor – she’s only been working for a few days. He’s amazed and tells her that he thinks she’s doing a good job so far, which pleases her.

Vina continues to massage him all over, then work her way down to the back of his legs. When he turns around, his hard-on in her face, she quickly rises to her feet. She reminds him that they have a no-touch policy and that the last girl got fired for doing sexual things with a client – she can’t help him with that issue. She doesn’t want to lose her job.

Lucas is a bit flustered and says that he thought it was part of the whole package, and it’s not like there are cameras in here, right? He won’t tell anybody if she won’t, it can be their little secret! He takes Vina’s hand and puts it to his dick. Now that she’s actually touching it, she can’t help herself and agrees to suck his dick. She gives him a playful and affectionate blowjob for a couple of minutes, but when Lucas feels like he’s starting to get close to cumming, Vina hears some indistinct voices chattering outside in the hall and she straightens up to standing. She asks if he heard that, and he says yeah, it’s probably just another customer coming in, they have nothing to worry about. Vina stops everything and insists that they go to the massage mat. Lucas is left looking taken aback as she leads him to the mat.

She starts to oil them up and massage Lucas, but now he’s eager for more. Come on, nobody’s going to walk in, can’t she just ride his dick? If anybody peeked in, it might just look like a full body massage. By this point, Vina is aroused and it doesn’t take much convincing for her to agree. She readily takes his slippery dick into her pussy to give them the relief they both sorely need!

Asian Kendra + BBC: Anal Cuckolding – Nat Turnher & Kendra Spade

Sweet young Asian minx Kendra Spade can’t stand her slovenly white boyfriend and his poor hygiene. But beefy black stud Nat Turnher rescues Kendra by frightening her wimpy dude! With him out of the way, Nat bends the petite, natural beauty over to lewdly tongue her pussy and anus. Kendra gags on Nat’s big black cock in a blowjob. She cuckolds her boyfriend with a sphincter-stretching anal fuck, riding Nat’s thick, throbbing meat. Climaxing the interracial anal reaming, Kendra sucks Nat’s dick dry.

TS Domino + Big Cock Stud: Oily Anal – Domino Presley & Michael Del Ray

In fishnet stockings, Domino Presley flaunts her perky tits, bodacious ass and meaty she-cock. She wraps her luscious lips around hung stud Michael DelRay’s big cock for an orgasmic blowjob. Michael switches roles, throating Domino’s dick in a messy BJ. Domino grabs the bed frame as Michael fucks her tight butthole. She throws her legs over his shoulders for some deep penetration and then turns on her side to stroke her schlong. Oily anal fucking comes complete with sloppy rim jobs, till a load of Michael’s semen splashes Domino’s belly.

Megan’s 4-On-1 Interracial DP Gangbang – Megan Inky & Dylan Brown & Charlie Dean & Bo Sinn & Oscar Batti

Busty, tattooed superslut Megan Inky teases in heels and stockings, preparing for an interracial gangbang with four hung studs. She probes her anus with fingers. The guys surround Megan for a slobbery circle-suck. They fuck her orifices throughout a savage interracial melee, drilling her throat and simultaneously slamming her wet lower holes. Decadent double penetration pounding comes with nasty, ass-to-mouth blowjobs and cavernous anal gaping, sending outrageous Megan into intense, moaning orgasms. In the climax, the boys treat her to multiple cum facials and inject her wet cunt with a hot creampie. Megan swallows sperm.

Monique & Malena’s Furious Anal 3-Way – Monique Woods & Vinny Star & Malena

Thin, curly-haired blonde Monique Woods is an expert on female orgasms. Director Rocco Siffredi introduces her to busty brunette Malena, and the glamorous babes meet Vinny Star for a wild anal threesome. In a dark, murky room, the girls eat each other’s cunt and take turns sucking Vinny’s cock. His prick plows Malena anally. Vinny ferociously fucks their tight buttholes, and both babes give nasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio. Their animalistic fuck session features deep rectal rimming and climaxes with a double cum facial and semen-slathered kissing.

Gorgeous Milf Gushers – Tana Lea & Zachary Wild

Tana Lea decides to go to a spa for a relaxing afternoon of tension release and gets so much more than she bargained for with her exceptional masseuse. Seems Zachary Wild is experienced in the much more advanced art of tantric fluid release as his trained fingers soon have her pussy gushing all over the massage table. His cock is rock hard so he must be getting tantric vibes as well. Fucking and sucking in an oiled up ball of ecstasy , the two make wet passionate love and douse the room in sweet squirt juices. Watch out for your footing cause that floor is slippery wet!

Erica Everest’s Naked Workout

Erica Everest’s Naked Workout

Erica Everest's Naked Workout

Erica Everest was a feature dancer from Kentucky. Well-known on the strip club circuit, she sailed on Boob Cruise 1997.

A very hot-looking, sexy blonde, Erica was aware of the difference in the size of her breasts compared to many of the other big-boobed girls, especially compared to SaRenna Lee, who did a video and still set with her. (“They’re not that big,” Erica said about her own boobs.) but overall, she was a sweet package and her tits were more mainstream-sized. Most importantly, she was happy with her sleek body.

“When I go out, I don’t wear very provocative clothing,” Erica told SCORE‘s editor in 1996. “Guys still hit on me. Not because they know I’m in magazines, so I really don’t know why. It gets annoying sometimes but it’s also very flattering. I’m actually very shy so a lot of times I like my space.”

And that was true. “I could talk about sex, but to tell you the truth, it’s pretty embarrassing. I’ve only had one serious relationship in my life and I don’t sleep around at all. I know your readers are going to hate reading that but it’s true.”

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Julia Jones: Banking On Big Boobs

Julia Jones: Banking On Big Boobs

Julia Jones: Banking On Big Boobs

Thick ‘n’ busty Julia Jones has two master’s degrees. She used to work in a bank in the leasing division. She wore a business suit and worked long hours. While she was working at the bank, she also was looking for something better to do. Julia was faithfully married for twenty years and has been divorced for five years. “I’m not the same person I was then,” said Julia. “I’m a different person. I wouldn’t have shown my boobs before.”

Two years ago, Julia became a cam girl and quit her job. It took Julia a few days to learn the technical details of camming. She spends less time at it than in the banking business and earns more income. Romania is a small nation with one of the biggest webcam industries in the world.

What does this tell us about society today? Big boobs equal big bucks, our slogan since 1992. Mainstream jobs don’t pay that well. Guys who love huge tits and big butts are economic stimulators. Girls can bank on big boobs.

So now Julia chats with her fans and mostly shows them her 38GGG-cup tits. Everybody’s happy.

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Black on Black

Black on Black

Black on Black

Seka Black is ready to go out. She’s horny, and she wants to find a big, black cock to fuck, so she’s wearing a super-sexy red dress that shows off her big tits and sexy back. But she doesn’t even have to leave her house to get what she wants because when she looks outside, some dude is working on his car. She knocks on the window to get his attention. He looks up. She flashes her tits. He comes closer. She invites him inside. And then she really invites him inside!

Seka, who’s 64 years old, married and a mother and a grandmother, really loves black cock.

“On New Year’s Eve, me and my husband went to a house party and had an orgy,” she said. “Everyone was fucking everybody. I think five guys played with me at once. They took turns.” All five guys were black.

Yes, this is Seka’s first professional on-camera fuck, but it’s not her first time showing off her incredible body for all the world to see. For example, when she was 45 years old, she danced at a strip club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. One of those upscale joints.

“I thought it would be a great experience to find out what it would be like to be a stripper, and it was fun,” she said. “The excitement of teasing, turning on men, including black men.”

Most of the girls dancing at the club were in their 20s, but a lot of customers went for Seka and her mature beauty because “they loved the way I had my own technique of stripping. The other girls didn’t have as much clothing on. I love garter belts and stockings. The other girls weren’t doing that, so it was a turn-on for the younger guys.

“Sex is sex. It doesn’t matter what age. There were some women who were there mainly for the money. I was there for fun.”

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MILF conversion therapy

MILF conversion therapy

MILF conversion therapy

Amber Chase tells Evan that she’s heard things about him.

“I’ve heard that you’ve never really been with a MILF. An older woman,” she says.

He confesses that he hasn’t.

“I’m nearly twice your age,” Amber says.

“No way,” he says.

She tells him she’s 43. He says, “You’re making me nervous. I think I should go.”

“I think you should stay,” she says, then she kisses him, then she feels his package. Then she guides his hand to her body.

“I want to convert you to MILFs,” she says.

The conversion begins with a blow job and continues with Evan fucking Amber’s pussy. It’s easy for a woman to convert a man to MILFs when she looks like Amber with her beautiful face, curvy body and big tits.

Amber lives in Hawaii. She’s married and has one child, a grown son. She enjoys nature and masturbating. When we asked her if she tends to be the initiator when it comes to sex, she said, “I can be either the initiator or I can wait for the man to make the first move.”

Here, she makes the first move, and everything turns out just fine.

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Cutting The Cord – Danny Mountain & Jake Adams & Jane Wilde


Scene opens on Leah (Jane Wilde), a 19-year-old junior counselor at a conservative camp. The shy Jewish teenager has been attending the camp for years, but this will be her first year as a counselor. It is also where she met her boyfriend, Josh (Jake Adams), another junior counselor. They’ve been together for a year and Josh is a shining example of exactly who her religious parents want her to marry. He comes from an upscale family with deep roots and is planning to go into pre-med in the fall. Once he is settled, they will get married and she will start having his children. It’s all been perfectly planned out. But, as they set up their tent for the camp’s annual wilderness kickoff, Leah finds herself conflicted. She loves Josh, but she is anxious about spending the rest of her life with him. He is her only sexual experience. And, this summer, will be her last chance to explore herself before she makes that final commitment.

She reviews the checklist on her clipboard, while Josh fumbles in the background to finish setting up their tent. He is busy talking about all the cliques in the camp and how Leah shouldn’t worry about the fact that her family makes less money than most of them. She is with him now and everybody will accept her. Plus, they’re junior counselors … one step away from running the place! As Leah nods aimlessly, she notices one of the senior counselors approaching them.

Charlie (Danny Mountain) is the only non-Jewish counselor at the camp, brought in several years ago as the football coach. Leah has always been fascinated by him. He is British, in his mid-thirties, athletic, and absolutely the opposite of everything her parents would approve of. With a boisterous laugh, Charlie struts over and checks in to see if Josh needs any help. ‘There are a still a lot of tents to set up before the kids arrive, mate!’ Josh looks irritated. ‘I’ll get them done,…’ he replies. Flashing a wink at Leah, Charlie heads off to talk to another counselor. In the distance, Leah watches him. As Josh grumbles, she stares almost transfixed. CUT to inside her mind, as she fantasizes about Charlie kissing her and pushing her down to her knees. She stares up at his erection as he pulls out his uncircumcised cock and lays it over her face. CUT back to the present. Josh has said her name several times, annoyed, before she snaps back to reality. ‘Can you help me finish this tent please?’ he whines. She puts the clipboard down and turns to help him, apologizing, but not before sneaking one final look back over her shoulder.


Cut to that night, as the sun sets. Leah sits on Josh’s lap in front of their tent. Apart from some flashlights going off in the tents behind them, all is quiet on the camp. The couple have 30 minutes left of ‘watch duty’ before they can retire, so they pass the time talking about their relationship. How they first saw each other years earlier at his brother’s bar mitzvah, how he finally worked up the nerve to ask her out on her 18th birthday last summer, and the type of wedding they want to plan. Josh holds her tightly and kisses the top of her head as they talk. It’s clear how much he loves her. Feeling conflicted, she tries to say something but backs down when she looks in his eyes. ‘Is everything ok?’ He asks. She wishes she could look at him and feel safe, secure, and in love. But she doesn’t. ‘What?’ he asks again. ‘Nothing,’ she quickly replies. ‘You just — you’re so amazing!’ Josh smiles. ‘Well, you know how much I love you. I don’t have to say it.’ Leah quickly shakes her head. ‘No, you don’t. You don’t ever have to say it!’

She leans in and kisses him on the lips. He kisses back, and they begin making out. They kiss intensely for a moment, as Leah desperately tries to feel something. Anything. Any sort of passion or excitement inside. She deepens the kiss and begins to undo his shorts when Josh pulls away. ‘Whoa, are you sure?’ he asks, looking around. She nods quickly. She knows she can’t keep feeling like this. She wants things to go back to how they were when they first met. She doesn’t want to hurt him. ‘Of course, I am. I want to make you feel good.’ He protests a little about their plans to wait till the wedding before she assures him it will just be a BJ. They’ve done that plenty of times before, just not in public. He smiles sheepishly as she grabs his hand, leading them away from the cluster of tents.

They get to a tree and Leah pushes Josh against it. She sinks down to her knees, undoes his shorts, and takes out his dick. It’s exactly as it always has been. Circumcised – the only one she’s ever seen. She takes it in her mouth and starts to blow him, desperate to feel SOMETHING for her boyfriend…

After the session, which leaves her feeling more anxious and guilt-ridden before, Josh’s walkie-talkie buzzes. It’s a senior counselor, asking why he left his post. There is a camper who just threw up and needs to see the nurse. He kisses Leah goodbye and tells her he’ll take care of it. She should go shower or something. He jogs off, leaving the girl standing in the woods.

CUT to Leah in the shower. As she runs her hands down her body, she closes her eyes and flashes of Charlie’s face come to mind. She sees him smiling at her. His muscular, hard body. The slight bulge in his shorts. She can’t help but slip a finger inside herself, still keeping her eyes closed. She moans softly and plays with herself, letting the fantasy take over. All thoughts of religion, Josh, and her parents are gone… She knows what she needs to do now.

CUT to the gravel road. Her hair still wet, she looks down at her own walkie-talkie. Nervously, she tunes it to Charlie’s frequency and calls him. ‘What’s up, my Jewish American princess?’ he responds jovially. Leah takes a deep breath before stammering, ‘Charlie, I need to see you. I need you to help me with something.’ There is a pause before Charlie, with a notable change in his voice, replies. ‘Of course, Leah. I’m down in the rec room. Meet me there.’ Putting her walkie-talkie down, Leah takes one long look down the road before turning to run towards her first ever act of rebellion, breaking the number one rule she was raised to obey.

Road Trip – Aidra Fox & Carter Cruise & Kristen Scott & Alex De La Flor

Kristen Scott, a photographer, is messaging Alex De La Flor, a model, online, excitedly flirting back and forth with her. When Alex sends her sexy pictures, Kristen is flustered — this girl is smokin’ hot! Kristen, wanting to look cool in her crush’s eyes, boasts that she travels with DJ Carter Cruise and is her personal photographer. Alex is impressed, asking if Kristen is going to EDF in Vegas — if she is, they should meet up along the way! It would be nice to catch each other since Alex is totally down to fuck.

Kristen stares at the screen, unable to believe what she’s reading. This beautiful babe wants to have sex with HER? And Kristen is too shy to say yes! She slams the laptop close, lamenting that she’s going to be a virgin forever!

Later on, Kristen, and her friends Carter and Aidra Fox are hanging out together in Carter’s bedroom. Aidra marvels over Carter’s newest song, clearly smitten with her. Meanwhile, Kristen tries to show off her recent pictures, but Aidra is not that convinced of their quality — if Kristen took better pictures of people than she did plants, she probably wouldn’t be a virgin. Kristen is hurt, defending that she has plenty of people that want to have sex with her. In fact, there’s this hot model named Alex that wants to meet up in Baker. Her friends are surprised and excited, although Carter seems more happy for Kristen than Aidra. Carter insists that Baker really isn’t that far, so pack up because they’re going on a road trip!

The friends soon head off on their quest to get Kristen to Alex’s place so that she can finally lose her virginity. The weather is clear, the music is loud, and the friends are enjoying each other’s company. Along the way, in a private moment, Aidra admits to Carter that she wants to be more than friends… Carter is taken aback, saying whoa, she doesn’t see Aidra in that way — whatever vibe she thinks she’s getting between them isn’t there.

Wounded, Aidra seeks comfort from Kristen, revealing that she’s been shot down by Carter. Kristen tries to reassure Aidra that she’s an amazing girl and that anyone would be lucky to have her. Despite having just professed her feelings to Carter, now Aidra suddenly feels a spark for Kristen. However, she’s quickly reminded that the whole point of this trip is to get Kristen laid by another woman…

When they finally arrive at Baker, it’s time for Kristen to get laid. With her camera in hand, she and Alex crawl onto Alex’s bed together. Kristen tries to make herself comfortable, though she’s flustered when Alex starts to strike sexy poses. Her heart pounds as Alex gets more and more seductive, casting Kristen bedroom eyes as she inches closer…

Kristen suddenly finds herself locked in a sensual kiss with Alex. However, instead of feeling hot and bothered, she’s just… bothered, so she stops the kiss. Alex is hurt, wondering if she’s not pretty enough, though Kristen assures her that she’s definitely pretty enough! It’s just that she and a friend that she hitched a ride with to get there may have new feelings for each other, so now THIS feels wrong…

Aidra suddenly bursts into the bedroom, telling the two that she can’t let Kristen have sex with a stranger! She’s making a mistake!

Kristen is surprised, and Alex bemusedly asks if THIS is the friend Kristen was talking about? Once Kristen nods, Alex tells Aidra that she has nothing to worry about — Kristen doesn’t plan on having sex with her after all because she’s in love with Aidra! Kristen is flooded with relief as she confesses that, yes, she loves Aidra.

Carter barges in to try and stop Aidra from ruining everything, but everything’s already out in the open. With so many sexy and riled-up ladies in her bedroom, Alex suggests that they should all work out that tension together! They could ALL take Kristen’s virginity, though Aidra should get to go first, of course.

Caught up in the heat of the moment, the group of passionate ladies tumble into bed together. Kristen and Aidra lead the way by exploring their newfound love and their bodies, sensually kissing each other’s lips and breasts. It isn’t long before everyone is eating each other’s pussies out and tribbing like there’s no tomorrow. It was a long time coming, but Kristen can finally say that she’s lost her virginity — and what a story she has to tell with it!

TS Stars Aubrey & Chanel: Gaping Anal! – Aubrey Kate & Chanel Santini

Aubrey Kate and Chanel Santini, the two most bodacious TS talents in porn, hook up! The trans beauties tease each other’s lady cock as they peel off skimpy lingerie. Aubrey spits on her dick and masturbates while giving Chanel a gagging blowjob. She drips stringy slobber onto Chanel’s tongue, and Chanel kisses it back into Aubrey’s mouth. Chanel delivers a wet rim job. Aubrey climbs on top for an anal ride with cock stroking. They switch roles: Aubrey inserts a transparent butt plug into Chanel’s puckering bunghole and then drills her doggie-style. Deep anal reaming comes with hot anal gaping, a kinky foot job and ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Aubrey slurps cum from the tip of Chanel’s cock.

Sasha & Shona: Gaping Anal Threesome – Rocco Siffredi & Sasha Rose & Shona River

Sasha Rose and Shona River join porn legend Rocco Siffredi for an intense anal threesome. Rocco fucks petite Sasha’s face through a crude, cock-worshiping blowjob. He lifts her for a savage, standing 69. Tall, beautiful Shona steps in; one girl rims ass while the other sucks Rocco’s cock. He slam-fucks Shona’s tight slit as Sasha assists, and he aggressively reams Sasha’s rectum. Shona gives slobbery, ass-to-mouth head, fondling Sasha’s twat while the tiny tart pounces on Rocco’s prick. This passionate play features girl/girl action, rectal gaping and a creamy facial climax.

Pound My Mounds

Pound My Mounds

Pound My Mounds

Alana Lace has a pair of tits we could stare at all day. And we would if this lovely young lady didn’t have fucking to do. Alana’s hardcore scene opens with the camera zoomed in on her best asset: her 38DDD-cup tits. That isn’t to say Alana Lace isn’t a cute chick. She definitely is. But a rack like this deserves your undivided attention.

Our friend Carlos Rios feels the same way. He makes a beeline for her soft, heavy naturals when he enters the scene. He’s squeezing and fondling them and Alana frees them from her ready-to-rip bra to assist him. Alana’s tits may be her greatest asset, but Carlos is going to enjoy every single asset she has. He tears open Alana’s fishnet stockings at the crotch area so he can stroke and lick her pussy. Even though this is just the foreplay, Alana is already dripping wet.

“Oh, make that pussy wet,” Alana says. “You’re making that pussy wet.”

And Alana is making us rock-hard. Alana teases Carlos’ cock through his boxers, nibbling on it through his shorts. Carlos finally pulls out his throbbing member and stuffs it into her hungry mouth. She goes to work on Carlos, sliding his dick all the way down her throat a few times, showing off her skills.

By the time Carlos is finally ready to fuck her, his man-meat is nice and lubed up from her expert cock-suck and ready for her plump, pink pussy. Carlos fucks her missionary, doggie-style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before he pulls out and shoots his load onto her tits.

“Thank you for cumming on my tits,” Alana says with a smile.

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Newcomer Seka Black fucks a BBC

Newcomer Seka Black fucks a BBC

Newcomer Seka Black fucks a BBC

Her name is Seka Black. Seka because she admires the 1970s/’80s porn star Seka. Black because she loves big, black cock. So it’s only appropriate that in her first professional on-camera sex scene, 64-year-old Seka, a wife, mother and grandmother, is fucking a hung, black stud.

We asked Seka when her fascination with black men began, and she said, “I’d say way back when. I was interested even in high school, but then, we weren’t even allowed to mix. That was the problem, so that’s how I ended up dating just white men, but later on, lucky me, I met a husband who loves swinging and understood all about mixing, and we’re having fun doing it.”

FYI, Seka was born in New York but grew up in Florida which, some 40 years ago, when Seka was a teenager, really was part of the Deep South, unlike today, where it’s New York South.

So, Seka had never even been with a black guy until she and her husband started swinging 20 years ago.

“We went back to their house and started playing,” she recalled. “He was with me and my husband was with the wife. I had a blast.”

In this photo set, Seka is dressed to go out in a sexy red dress that shows a lot of cleavage and a lot of her sexy back. She’s horny, and when she sees Jonathan, a black dude, working on his car outside, she realizes she doesn’t have to go out if she wants to get laid. What she wants is right outside her window.

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A Titter X-mas

A Titter X-mas

A Titter X-mas

Lenna’s feeling in the holiday spirit, so she gives us a hot X-mas gift: her juicy teen tits and horny, tight pussy.

Lenna has full C-cups with big, pale-pink nipples. She squeezes them together and pinches her nips while saying dirty things like, “I wish you would suck on them and play with them.”

She finishes undressing, revealing soft, pale teen flesh and a neatly-trimmed triangle of dark pubes on her pussy. Lenna reclines on the couch and spreads her legs, revealing her slit.

“Isn’t it so pretty?” Yes, yes it is. She strokes and fingers her pristine cunt, because all she wants for Christmas is an orgasm–and that’s exactly what she’s going to get.

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Amber Chase comes to

Amber Chase comes to

Amber Chase comes to

“I’m responsibly free-spirited,” said Amber Chase, a 43-year-old wife and mom from Hawaii who’s making her debut by fucking 24-year-old Evan.

“I have been modeling from art to adult for a while. In 2003, I modeled for a giant photograph that was like nine-feet tall.”

Amber is a work of art. She’s beautiful and has a tight, sexy body with big, firm tits, a tiny waist and a nice, firm ass. This woman is the definition of the word MILF. And she loves sex.

Amber says her sexual fantasies “always start with my pussy getting licked.” She likes getting fucked by “a man who can deliver, who can read my body language.” Amber’s body language is something we’d love to study.

“I’ve tried a lot of things, like sex in strange places. I love to be watched while having sex. I love it so much!” She loves men and women.

Amber was born in the Pacific Northwest United States. She’s 5’4″ and weighs 126 pounds. She describes her perfect day as “a morning fuck at sunrise, coffee, a shower with a view of the ocean and the power to decide what to do next.”

We’re gonna bet it involves sex.

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Keeping Things Professional – Derrick Pierce & Gianna Dior

Gianna Dior is sitting at the reception area writing in a notebook when Derrick Pierce walks through the door and notices her. He reacts with a bit of panic and mumbles to himself ‘Is that her?’ He’s just about to leave when the masseuse calls out to him. She greets him warmly from her desk and asks if she can help him. He turns partway, trying not to show too much of his face, and waves her off saying it’s fine, he was just leaving, he must have had the wrong address. However, Gianna recognizes him now and her eyes widen with recognition.

‘Oh, Derrick!’ she says with a delighted grin, and rushes over to greet him more formally. She tells him that she wasn’t expecting to hear from him again, it had already been a couple of weeks since their interview so she figured she must not have gotten the job, but if he’s here then that must mean his company has decided to go for her after all. She’s so glad! He interrupts her and tells her no, not exactly. In fact, they actually went with somebody else. Her face drops, well then why is he here? Oh, for a massage, she says as she realizes. Derrick shrugs apologetically and says it’s his mistake, he didn’t even realize she worked here, he’ll just come back another time, but Gianna stops him. No, it’s ok, she says, she can keep things professional. Derrick still seems reluctant but Gianna insists that there’s no conflict of interest, and her number one priority is to give him the best service she can. Hesitantly, he agrees to give it a shot.

Gianna leads him to the private room and begins explaining the steps of the massage. First, she says, she’ll help him get undressed – she’s a very hands-on and attentive worker, after all – and then she’ll lead him to the shower to give him a rinsing cleanse – she’s very detail-oriented and won’t miss a spot. Derrick tries to interrupt her with a scowl, he sees what she’s trying to do and it’s not going to make any difference. Gianna plays innocent and says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, she’s just explaining the massage process. She finishes by saying that after the shower she’ll bring him to the mat and give him a body sliding rubdown – she uses her full body, she insists, because she likes to put all of herself into getting her tasks done. Derrick rolls his eyes. Gianna turns on the shower saying she’s going to get it all nice and hot for him. Before letting him enter, she tests the temperature with her hand, and points out she’s fully dedicated to her clients’ satisfaction.

As the masseuse showers the businessman, she continues to try to charm and seduce him, and throws hints his way that she’d make a great employee. While soaping him up, she mentions that she has a strong talent for cleanliness and organization. When she starts stroking his dick, she tells him that she’s always willing to lend a hand when someone needs it, and she can tell from his hard-on that he needs it bad. He stops her and tells her that he’s very flattered, but the position was filled, there’s nothing he can do about it. Again she plays innocent and says she doesn’t care about that, she just wants to make sure he leaves here feeling fully satisfied. He warms up to her a bit and says well then, if that’s the case then she can by all means continue.

When Gianna brings Derrick to the mattress for the full-body massage, she works hard to showcase her very best qualities. Derrick is so relaxed now that when she really turns up the heat, he can’t resist. Gianna is triumphant as she slides his cock into her pussy, determined to show him that she really is the best woman for the job!

Maya: Oily Hose, Orgasmic Anal Gaping – Mick Blue & Maya Bijou

In oil-drenched pantyhose, caramel-skinned Maya Bijou masturbates to climax with a vibrator. She swallows veteran stud Mick Blue’s thick cock in a gagging blowjob. Mick rips Maya’s pantyhose and eats her tiny pussy as she squirms and squeals in delight. He thrusts his wood in and out of her oily cunt, and Maya cums multiple times on his fat cock. Mick probes Maya’s asshole with a large toy and then dives deep for buttfuck! Interracial anal reaming comes with raunchy rimming, intense rectal gaping, moaning orgasms and a hot cum facial.

Age Play 3-Way: Young Anie & 69YO Slut – Chad Rockwell & Anie Darling & Zsu

Porn icon Rocco Siffredi helps elderly Asian blonde Zsu (69!) revisit her first sexual experience. As Zsu closes her eyes, she visualizes herself in a room with Anie Darling (her younger self) and Chad Rockwell. Zsu fondles her cunt as Chad throat-fucks the young, dark-haired beauty (and caresses both of their bodies). Chad lifts Anie to pummel the petite girl’s tight cunt, and when he pulls out, Zsu slurps his thick cock! The kinky, intergenerational kink climaxes as Chad slathers both faces in hot sperm.

Best of XL Girls Blow Jobs & Tit-fucking

Best of XL Girls Blow Jobs & Tit-fucking

Best of XL Girls Blow Jobs & Tit-fucking

Katrin, Samantha Sanders, Angel Sweets, Reyna Mae, Quinn Rain, Mya Blair, Roxee Robinson, Nila Mason and Anna Beck take pride in their talents at nut-busting with their skilled tongues, throats and huge tits.

Every XL Girl has her own style and technique. They know how to tease, squeeze and please with the greatest of ease to extract the man-juice from the bloated balls of their lucky partners. This compilation and matching video showcase their award-winning skills in deep throating and boob banging.

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Getting to know Seka Black

Getting to know Seka Black

Getting to know Seka Black

Now, it’s time to get to know Seka Black, a 64-year-old wife, mother and grandmother who’s ready to take the GILF world by storm. First up in this video, an in-depth interview in which this beautiful, sexy blonde tells us all about herself. Then, because she can’t wait to get off, she shows us her body and fingers her pussy until she cums.

You’ll notice that in the interview, Seka is wearing a man’s dress shirt. The dress shirt belongs to her husband, who was sitting just a few feet away while the interview was being conducted. It looks a lot better on her than it does on him!

Seka is a mother of five daughters. She has 11 grandchildren. She’s been a swinger for over 20 years and has been doing sexy web videos for a little more than two. This is her first professional shoot.

If you’re wondering about her name, she got it from the 1970s/’80s porn star Seka, who was also blonde, beautiful and Scandinavian.

“I had seen her on the porn sites–my husband pointed her out to me a couple of times–and I noticed we looked very similar,” our Seka said. “And she’s retired and I started doing this. I love the name, I love the actress, so Seka.”

The old Seka did a few interracial scenes but not many. Our Seka loves big, black cock. So that’s what we gave her.

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Sweater Puppies

Sweater Puppies

Sweater Puppies

Curvy Lenna has us horny for the holidays!
Under that baggy sweater, Lenna is hiding a juicy pair of tits and a cute, little bush. She’s bustier and fuzzier than the average 18eighteen girl, but lately we’ve been getting more requests for girls like Lenna. Whether you’re into flatties or teen titters, there’s no denying that Lenna is a sexy, totally jackable teen.

Lenna, what are you like in bed?
“I’m a very shy and introverted person, so I like to have sex with guys who are in control and tell me what to do. I’m very submissive. I like rough sex and doggie-style. I don’t consider myself an exhibitionist, but I do like outdoor sex. I even got caught once in the woods and that was exciting. I also like older men in their 30s to 60s.”

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Don’t Watch Me Change – Chad White & Gia Derza

Chad White walks down the hall to his step sister Gia Derza’s bedroom, where she has just started taking off her clothes as she tries on an outfit while looking in the mirror. He watches voyeuristically through the partly open door to her room as he gets a perfect view of her undressing while turned partly towards him. She peels off her top to reveal her perky teen tits, and then takes off the lower half of her outfit to show off her firm butt-cheeks. The brother moves slightly forward, just enough to get a better view without being noticed, and his hand grips at the door-frame with anticipation.

Gia pulls out an alternate clothing option and considers it for a moment. She tilts her head, pouting her face in doubt. To Chad’s delight, she twists around in place to consider it from different angles, flashing him even more skin in the process.

Suddenly, Chad’s phone buzzes loudly with a received text message. Gia yelps in surprise and recoils, pulling the outfit she’s holding towards her to cover up as much of her bare skin as she can. ‘Chad, don’t watch me change!’ she whines. Her brother lies and says he didn’t know she was changing, he just wanted to come and apologize for being mean to her earlier. She relaxes a bit but still holds the clothes up to hide behind. Chad continues saying he doesn’t know what the big deal is, it’s not like she was naked. They see each other in bathing suits all the time whenever they go to the water slides. Gia relaxes and says she guesses that’s true. Chad sees the clothes that Gia has laid out on the bed and asks her if she wants a guy’s opinion on which ones are the nicest. With a sigh, she says ‘Sure.’

She holds up the outfit she was considering and asks what he thinks about it. He pretends to consider it, and ultimately tells her that he’s not sure about it. Gia frowns and says yeah, her neither, and groans and tosses it back in a pile on the bed. Chad asks what the big fuss is about the clothes, why does she care so much? Isn’t she just going out with friends? Gia puts on a mischievous smile and says ok, don’t tell mom and dad, but she’s going on a date tonight. Chad is surprised and a bit disappointed – she has a date and didn’t tell him? Gia gets a bit hesitant and admits that he always gets jealous whenever she goes on dates. Chad can’t believe what he’s hearing and tells Gia that he’s not jealous, just protective of her. Fine, whatever, Gia says. There is a moment of silence between the two. So…is she going to have sex with her date?, Chad asks Gia out of the blue

Gia complains that this is exactly what she was talking about, he’s getting jealous again, and besides, that is NONE of his business. And even if the guy wanted to, she’s never even had sex before. Her brother is shocked to hear this – but she’s had plenty of boyfriends before! Gia replies sure, but she always took things slow in the past. But she admits that she is considering having sex with this new guy. Chad gets suddenly protective of her, she can’t just dive in like that, she doesn’t even know this guy. What if he hurts her, or expects her to do things she’s not comfortable with? Does she really want her first time to be with a complete stranger? Her first time should be with someone who she trusts. Gia gets even more self-conscious and says she doesn’t really have anyone in her life like that right now, all her other friends are pairing up or going off to college.

Chad says… well, what if he showed her a thing or two? Gia reacts with shock, how can he even suggest that? She’s his sister! Chad says defensively that he’s just trying to look out for her, he cares about her and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Besides, he rationalizes, technically they’re not related, so if it helps she could just think of him as her very good friend. Gia frowns and says it would just be too weird. Chad says it doesn’t have to be – he could just show her a couple of moves so that she’s not going in clueless. Like what? Gia asks incredulously. Chad tells her he could at least teach her how to give a proper handjob. That way if she’s ever with a guy and doesn’t want to take things further, that’s a great way to cool things off without making him feel blue-balled. Once a guy cums, he explains, he stops caring about sex for a while. Gia says that that still means she’d have to touch her brother’s… you know. Chad rationalizes that it’s just hands on skin, same as if she shook his hand or gave him a backrub. Gia admits that that DOES make it seem not so bad. Chad promises that he won’t make her do anything she’s not comfortable with, and Gia hesitantly agrees to try.

Gia awkwardly helps her older brother out of his pants and kneels in front of him beside the bed. She grabs at his dick and starts awkwardly and roughly rubbing it, and he remarks that she has to be gentler to start, with slow long strokes. She follows his advice and starts to improve her technique, and before long, Gia is stroking her brother’s cock like an expert, as he moans and says it feels really good.

After awhile, he remarks that most girls will use their mouths to lube up a guy’s dick during a handjob, making it feel even more pleasurable. ‘I’m not sucking your dick!’ Gia complains. Chad says that’s fine – some guys are even happy with a girl just kissing the shaft a few times. That wouldn’t be so weird, right? They’ve kissed on the cheek before, haven’t they? Hesitantly, his teen sister says yeah, she guesses so. Timidly, she brings her lips to the shaft of his dick and kisses. Chad moans loudly. Proud at seeing he likes her technique, Gia continues, giving him sensual kisses up and down his shaft. Her brother continues to moan, and puts his hand reassuringly on her head. This seems to encourage Gia to be a bit bolder. She sticks her tongue out and starts licking up the side of his shaft. Ohhhh! her brother moans, surprised and turned on by the gesture. She does this a couple more times, and then even ends the final lick by going all the way to the tip and swirling her tongue across the tip. Her brother moans uncontrollably, and gently pushes her head down so that her lips wrap around the tip of his cock. Her eyes widen in surprise but she doesn’t pull away, in fact she closes her eyes and goes down deeper onto his shaft with her mouth.

But a blowjob is just the start, because Gia’s got lots more to learn. Lucky for her, her big bro is ready to teach her!

Dripping With Desire – Karla Lane & Alex Duca


Karla Lane saunters into her bathroom, adorned in nothing but lacy underwear that shows off her voluptuous form. She stands before a mirror, flirting with herself and feeling extra sexy as she plays with her wavy hair and bites her bottom lip teasingly. She strips free of her bra and underwear, casting them aside to let her glowing skin breathe.

She then steps into the shower, the water cascading over her body, highlighting her erotic curves. Her flushed skin glistens as she lets the warm water soothe and arouse her. Karla is nothing but confident and sensual, a woman who knows what she wants. Her hands glide slowly but purposefully over her big, natural breasts, round belly, sexy ass, and shapely thighs before coming to rest on her imploring pussy.

Her dashing husband, Alex Duca, steps into the bathroom to wash his face but is entranced by the vision of BBW perfection in the background. He barely even blinks as he watches her please herself, growing hotter with each passing second. Finally, he can’t resist removing his shirt and striding over to the shower, rapping lightly on the glass to get his goddess’ attention.

Karla snaps out of her lustful haze to see her lover standing before her, eager to please her. She giggles as they exchange inviting, impassioned looks before meeting each other’s lips in a steamy kiss. It doesn’t take much to entice Alex to strip down and join her in the shower.

Once they’re in each other’s embrace, Alex showers Karla with love and affection. He slides in behind her, pressing their bodies close as he reaches around her to run his strong hands over her breasts. He can’t get enough of Karla as he massages her all over, making Karla melt beneath his touches. Sometimes he even gets a bit rough, but it’s just the way Karla likes it.

Karla soon turns around and sinks to her knees, lavishing his cock with attention. The sight of her husband at the ready empowers her. After sucking him, she squeezes her plump breasts together while grinning up at him. Alex eagerly accepts the unspoken invitation as he slides his cock between her breasts and tit-fucks her. She relishes the foreplay as he soon fingers and eats out her sweet pussy before moving onto the main event. With her front pressed against the glass, he takes her from behind, and they both blissfully surrender to the heat of the moment.

His Brother’s Blessing – Chad White & Bobbi Dylan & Will Pounder


A young couple emerge from another area of the house to the kitchen, their arms around each other’s waists as they snuggle and talk warmly while they walk. The man, Sammy (Will Pounder), is telling his beloved, Angela (Bobbi Dylan), an anecdote about the staircase from his childhood, such as when he fell and almost split his head against the banister. Angela smiles at the anecdote and remarks that it’s a good thing he’s much calmer now.

As they walk around the kitchen, Sammy gushes about his brother, Dirk (Chad White). Angela starts to fret, saying it’s a lot of pressure meeting him, since Dirk is so important to Sammy — what if he doesn’t like her? Sammy confidently says his brother’s going to LOVE her, everybody does. What’s not to love, she’s perfect. Angela blushes and says she’s not perfect, but Sammy starts listing how she’s kind, and smart, and loyal, and strikingly beautiful of course, and…

He’s interrupted by the sound of the front door unlocking and opening, and heavy boots stepping in before closing the door again. Little bro, you in here? a voice calls out. ‘We’re in the kitchen!’ Sammy calls out in reply. Some shuffling sounds can be heard as Sammy waits excitedly, gripping his nervous-looking fiancee’s hands, until eventually a man in a cop uniform, Dirk, steps into the kitchen.

The cop holds out his arms and scoops Sammy into a big bear hug, and then ruffles his little brother’s head with his hand after releasing him from the hug. Watch the hair! Sammy says with a chuckle and tries to straighten it out. Dirk then turns to Angela — so, this must be her! he remarks. ‘Angela’, right? She smiles and nervously says hi, it’s a pleasure to meet him, and holds out her hand to shake his. He brushes her hand away saying please, they’re practically family at this point, and holds out his arms to hug her. Pleasantly flustered, Angela leans in to the hug and they embrace warmly. After a couple of seconds though, Dirk’s hand crawls down the side of her back to wrap around her waist, making the hug unexpectedly intimate. Angela’s eyes shift to looking unsure and a bit uncomfortable as they hug for a second or two longer before breaking. Sammy has told him so much about her, Dirk says, he’s glad they’re finally getting to meet after all this time.

Sammy tells his older brother that they had a special reason to come out and visit today, he has some exciting news. He takes his fiancee’s hand and holds it up, showing the ring to his brother — he’s proposed! Dirk grins and congratulates them both, in truth he kind of expected this might happen, and jokes that she’s practically stolen his brother away from him at this point, he hardly gets to see him anymore! Sammy says that he knows, and he’s sorry — in fact, that’s why he’s so excited for Dirk to finally meet Angela, because… well, he was hoping for his brother’s blessing for the wedding.

Dirk says he’s touched, and he can’t wait to get to know Angela during their visit. But they can get to all that later, this calls for a celebration! They should have a feast, his treat of course, whatever they’d like. Sammy asks what Dirk wants, and he says anything, he’s worked all day and he’s starving! He tells his younger brother there are some take-out menus in the other room if he wants to get them. Sammy says sure, and heads off to get them from the other room. As he leaves, Dirk puts his hand on Angela’s shoulder, at first it looks reassuring but then he leans in close to her ear and it begins to look more threatening. ‘I know what you did,’ he says in a low voice right near her ear – her eyes widen with worry as he straightens himself back up and pretends like nothing happened. Sammy comes back into the room a moment later and they start discussing food options, but the sound starts to drown out as the camera closes in on Angela’s terrified face.


‘Well, what do you think, love?’ Sammy says, snapping Angela out of her worried thoughts. Huh? Oh, sorry, she mutters, and shakes her head a bit to snap out of it. Sammy repeats a couple of takeout options they’re deciding between, and trying to pretend she’s fine, she smiles and gives her opinion picking one of the options. Great choice! Dirk says as he announces what he wants from the menu. After they decide what they want, Dirk says that he wants to get to know Angela better — why doesn’t Sammy go pick up the food for them? He’s a big, strong boy. Angela shoots a quick, worried glance over to him before catching herself. After all, Dirk continues, isn’t the whole point of their trip over here for him to get to know her better? It’s a perfect chance for them to bond a little… and swap embarrassing stories about him, Dirk jokes. Ha-ha, Sammy says with playful sarcasm, but that’s not a bad idea — what about Angela, he asks her, would that be okay with her? She steals another glance at Dirk who meets her glance and shoots her a knowing look. Um, sure, she guesses that’s fine! she says trying to mask her discomfort. But is Sammy sure he can carry all the food back himself? Sammy says yeah, no problem, and she looks a bit disappointed but tries not to show it. Okay, she says, well hurry back! She doesn’t want to miss him for too long! ‘Haha, isn’t she great?’ Sammy says to his brother as he grabs his keys and heads towards the front door — be back soon, he calls out and waves back to them.

Once the front door closes, Dirk casually asks Angela how long she’s known Sammy. She says it’s been two years. Well, she certainly puts on a good act, he remarks. Angela tries to play innocent, saying she has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells her to cut the crap, seeming much less charismatic than before and more authoritative. He’s a police officer in case she forgot, he says sarcastically while gesturing at his uniform, did she think he wouldn’t find out about her past? Angela scowls and says he’s a pig, but Dirk just smirks. He gets called that by perps all the time, so he’s used to it.

She shrinks back a bit, and asks how he found out about about her. He explains that it was easy, she’s plastered all over his brother’s social media so he had no trouble getting her last name, and from there he just used… certain work resources to look her up, there was no way he was going to let his brother get so serious with a girl without doing a little digging. Is that even legal? she asks nervously. He chuckles and avoids the question — she’s one to talk about what’s legal, with a past like hers, stretching even from juvie to jail after she turned 18. Theft? Armed robbery? Solicitation? She was a busy little beaver, he jokes, or at least had a busy little beaver. That was a long time ago, she protests, she cleaned up her entire life, she’s different now. She’s changed! He’s heard about rehabilitation, right?

Is that so? Dirk smirks. Yes, Angela says desperately, she swears it! Dirk asks, so then surely she TOLD his younger brother about her past then, right? Angela looks nervous — well, no, not exactly, she admits. Dirk looks proud of himself, and says he didn’t think so. Angela pleads for him to try to understand, that’s all in the past, she’s not that person anymore! Dirk says he’s not so sure, if she’s lying to her own fiance then who knows what else she’s capable of doing. She insists she didn’t think any of that mattered anymore! Dirk corrects her — she means she didn’t think Sammy would find out, she means. If she really didn’t think it mattered, she’d have told Sammy. But what if she finds out about aaaaall the random men she’s slept with, all the dirty filthy things she’s let perverts do to her, and how she lied about it all along… is she worried he might think less of her — or even, might not want to marry her anymore — if he finds out? Angela says of course he’d still want to marry her, they’re in love, but she doesn’t sound convinced of that herself. Dirk laughs and says that’s the worst lie she’s told yet. She’s completely terrified of Sammy finding out. Which means she’ll do anything for Dirk to keep her secret — and there’s only one thing that he wants, he says while grabbing at his package.

Time’s ticking by, and she can kiss his blessing goodbye – not to mention risk losing her fiance entirely – if she doesn’t do what he wants. Reluctantly, she agrees to do it, swearing it’s for Sammy’s sake. At least SHE cares about Sammy! Sure thing, Dirk says as he whips out his dick, whatever she has to tell herself to rest easy at night.

Black Kira’s Orgasmic Interracial Anal – Mick Blue & Kira Noir

Swaying in tall stilettos and aqua blue pantyhose, black beauty Kira Noir spreads her asshole. Kira delivers an aggressive, in-depth blowjob, gagging, drooling and rimming Mick’s asshole. Mick slides his fat dick into her creamy pussy doggie-style. He inserts a bulbous anal toy in her oiled-up butthole, and Kira moans that it’s the best feeling in the world! Mick replaces the toy with his throbbing cock and plunges Kira’s bunghole in an intense, interracial anal drilling. Kira cums hard! She gasps through a tasty, ass-to-mouth blowjob, and Mick unleashes a dripping cum facial.

Rocco Plays Doctor In Nasty Anal 3-Way – Rocco Siffredi & Arwen Gold & Stefanie Moon

Cute, dark-haired Arwen Gold visits porn ‘analyst’ Rocco Siffredi, who probes her anal skills. In a therapy session, leggy nurse Stefany Moon stretches Arwen’s anus with sex toys as Dr. Rocco instructs. The girls worship Rocco’s giant boner in a slobbery throat-fuck. His huge cock fucks Arwen’s cavernous bunghole. Stefany shows she likes ‘playing doctor’ in a hard, no-holes-barred three-way with intense ass-to-mouth fellatio and deep rectal rimming. After both babes enjoy savage sodomy, Rocco slathers Arwen’s face in sperm, and they share passionate, cum-soaked kisses.

Goth Teen Nymphos – Whitney Wright – Small Hands & Whitney Wright

Ever since moving into her new step-family’s house, witchy goth Whitney Wright has really been trying to make it feel like more of a home, so when she was interrupted by her ANNOYING step-brother as she was calling upon the spirits, it just messed everything up. He insisted she tries to summon them indoors, angering her, so she decided to go to sleep instead. Inside her coffin. All properly gothic girls do. In the midst of his whiny tirade, he heard a noise coming from inside- what was she doing in there? Masturbating, duh! When you masturbate inside a coffin, you feel the orgasms of a thousand spirits. It’s an amazing sensation. He thinks she’s weird, but she challenged him – don’t knock it till you try it! If he was her REAL brother, he’d get into the coffin and masturbate with her. And while he isn’t, challenge completely fucking accepted!

Your Wife’s Threesome Without You – India Summer & Ricky Johnson & Zac Wild

You’re led to an elegant suite by your beautiful wife, India Summer. She already has bedroom eyes as she tells you that she booked the biggest room she could find for your 10-year anniversary. She has a big surprise in store for you tonight…

She encourages you to sit down on the bed as she breaks out a pair of metal handcuffs. You’re excited as she locks you down to the bed. She gives you a sultry look as she tells you to make yourself comfy while she slips into something more… appropriate.

She leaves the room but soon saunters back in, dressed in the sexiest lingerie you’ve ever seen. She teases you, getting you hot and heavy, and then insists that company will be arriving soon. Yes, she knows you’ve been wanting a threesome for years, so why not now? When the company does arrive, though, it’s in the form of two young men, Zac Wild and Ricky Johnson, which confuses you. When you mentioned wanting to have a threesome, this was NOT what you had in mind!

India teases you, saying that maybe she wasn’t clear before, but this threesome’s for HER — you get to sit back and behave. If you DON’T behave, she has no problem with taking the two bulls to another room down the hall. You flip her the bird, but she scolds you, saying that she knows you — you WANT to be cuckolded.

You can do nothing more but watch as your wife pulls down Zac and Ricky’s pants, sucking them off. You try to turn away, but she commands that you watch. She’s kind enough to let you touch her breasts sometimes with your free hand. But it’s not long before you watch your wife enthusiastically ride the bulls’ cocks right next to you. The more they get into it, your wife clearly enjoying what the bulls are doing to her, the more they taunt you. Ricky remarks that you’re a sissy boy that doesn’t deserve to take a pussy like hers… India tells you to enjoy the sights and sounds since she’s doing this for you! It’s all for you, baby! she teases you ironically.

Once or twice, you’re allowed to grope your wife’s breasts or rub her clit, but you’re otherwise just there for the show. You endure more insults, like how you’re a useless pussy that doesn’t know how to fuck, but you can’t defend yourself. Maybe you don’t even WANT to defend yourself since this is actually way hotter than you’d like to admit.

Maybe your wife is right and that THIS is what you’ve really been wanting all along, you poor sucker.

Teacher-Student Romance – Donald & Shelley Bliss

Kinky teen Shelley Bliss loves older men especially her old teacher Donald. They have a secret romance that leads them to fucking. She grabs his hard cock, sucking and licking it. Shelley then takes a deep hard pounding from Donald’s throbbing cock in her tight pussy. She moans in pleasure before getting a shot of cum in her mouth.




As Lisa Canon explains it in the opener, she’s extremely nervous.

Lisa says to Largo that she loves, and gets, a lot of sex and male attention back home. Nipple sucking and licking gets Lisa horny and ready for the cock. It gets her rubbing his junk through his pants. The camera and the cameraman is forgotten. Her jitters vanish as her sex instincts and nature take over.

“I really want that big cock now. I want to suck on it, please,” Lisa begs. The camera angle of Lisa eating and jacking cock while her giant 36G-cup tits dangle captures it all.

Largo has Lisa lay on the bed, her head partly over the edge so he can fuck her mouth. The ball-piercing on her tongue adds extra pleasure. All the sucking and titty-fucking prepares Lisa to get pounded and then creampied.

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It’s Seka Black Week!

It’s Seka Black Week!

It's Seka Black Week!

We’ve had a lot of spectacular women here at Seka Black, a 64-year-old wife, mother of five, grandmother of 11, is ready to join their ranks.

Seka is special. She’s beautiful. She has a smokin’ bod with big tits and a nice, round, fuckable ass. She’s the epitome of a 60Plus MILF, the kind of woman we’re always looking for. And that’s why this is Seka Black Week at

So here’s the schedule:

Solo photos today.

Solo video and interview Tuesday.

Interracial hardcore photos Wednesday.

Interracial hardcore video Thursday.

Seka is used to showing off her body for all the world to see. She used to be a stripper. Now she does her thing on Twitter, which is how we found her.

“Someone on Twitter told me that you were trying to get a hold of me, so I Tweeted you,” Seka said.

See? Twitter is good for something.

She used to be an accountant. She and her husband have been swinging for over 20 years. She loves big, black cocks.

Like we said, this lady is special.

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Tiny Tart

Tiny Tart

Tiny Tart

Maddie is feeling more confident with her body.
If you recall from the Aug. ’18 issue, Maddie was a little insecure about the size of her chest. But after having a positive experience sharing her naked body, she’s feeling more comfortable in her own skin. “I’m starting to appreciate my body more and realize that I am sexy, even if I have little boobs. Now I’m wearing skimpier clothing and wanting to show off more. I love how guys are looking at me now.”

Did anything in particular happen to make you want to show off more skin?
“I had sex with this guy who has a huge dick, and he told me that he was really turned on by my little tits. If a super-hung guy like that would get that hard and horny for me, then there must be more guys out there who like that too. That adjusted my attitude, and I think my extra confidence has made me more attractive as well. During sex I used to try to hide under the covers. Now I want the lights on and my body totally exposed so the guy can see every inch of me.”

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Stick It To Her! – Lyra Law & Jill Kassidy

Housekeeper and blonde hottie, Lyra Law, has had enough of bratty Jill Kassidy’s attitude and sloppiness, and exacts revenge in the sexiest way possible, while indulging her own twisted fantasy! Lyra has a strap on and is very horny to use it, and Jill has a perfect body made for fucking, all Lyra needs to do is seduce Jill and her sweet pussy will be ripe for the pounding. Without wasting any time, Lyra begins making out with Jill before eating her out. Jill craves a taste of Lyra, returning the favor, causing Lyra to become virtually apoplectic as she cums. Both ladies continue to get each other off until Jill is ready to get fucked with a strap on. Lyra produces one, and then goes to work on Jill’s wet, cunt. Lyra can’t get enough of Jill riding her strap on as the two get lost in their orgasms!

The Sex Addict – Penny Pax & Whitney Wright

Therapist Penny Pax is behind a desk when Whitney Wright comes in. She’s so stunning as she tosses her waves of dark hair that Penny’s jaw drops. She then collects herself as Whitney approaches and reveals that she’s there for an appointment. Penny says that she’s not actually the receptionist, who only stepped out for a moment. Nonetheless, she introduces herself as the therapist and Whitney introduces herself as a sex addict. Penny is taken aback for a second but says she’s come to the right place since Penny specializes in all kinds of therapy. They may as well get started!

Penny takes Whitney to a couch and encourages her to make herself comfortable. Once Whitney lays down, Penny continues on, telling the troubled young woman to tell her anything that comes to mind. If she’s worried about something sounding weird, she doesn’t need to be since Penny jokes that she’s heard weirder!

Whitney takes a breath then lets it all out. She can’t stop having sex with everyone she sees! Men, women, complete strangers… If they’re hot, Whitney fucks them. She can’t hold down a romantic relationship to save her life because as soon as she thinks she’s met ‘the one,’ she turns around and fucks the next person. Then she’s all the way back to square one!

Whitney just can’t control her urges, no matter where she is. It doesn’t matter if she’s at a bar or a knitting circle — when the mood strikes her, she’s going to get tail. Her whole life is just sex, sex, sex, and it’s ruining her!

Penny tries to calm Whitney down, assuring her that she’s seen cases like this before. She asks Whitney if she remembers any instances that really stood out as being over the top, or maybe things she’s done that she regretted later?

Whitney mentions that there was this one time she met an incredible stranger at the bar while out with friends. Whitney and the girl’s eyes connected, and it was like they HAD to have each other right then and there. They stole away into the bathroom and had the dirtiest, most passionate sex right there in the stall.

Penny is a little flustered, then asks if Whitney was dating someone at the time? ‘Yeah,’ Whitney immediately and bluntly responds. Penny can see how this sex addiction is definitely a problem, then. Did she inform her significant other about this encounter? ‘No, the encounter was with HER sister. She walked in on us, but did that stop us? No,’ Whitney says, obviously upset to be reliving the moment. She then admits that it was still very exciting and that she masturbated for months afterwards to the thought of that tryst. She could masturbate right now, even — she’s sick!

Penny reassures her again that Whitney is on the path of recovery. She’s taken the first step, which is to accept and acknowledge that she has a problem. Now she can get the help she needs. Penny also carefully mentions that, to her, it seems like Whitney’s just having fun, which is okay. If she were single, her actions would probably be considered normal. Perhaps she’s not really cut out for relationships, and that’s okay, too!

Whitney’s dismay slowly fades away as she acknowledges that this makes sense. Then her expression turns lustful as she focuses her attention on her therapist instead of herself. She asks if Penny is single. Oh, she is? For the same reason that she’s single? No, Penny insists that it’s just because she’s a one-woman woman. Penny’s flustered by Whitney’s smouldering looks but tries to get her back to talking about herself.

Whitney starts revealing more details about her past encounters that paint her as an obsessive person. This much is already obvious since she can’t stop staring at Penny. There’s hunger in her eyes that screams that she HAS to have Penny…

Although Penny tries her best to resist, even she can’t resist Whitney’s allure. As Whitney slowly crawls to her and starts pawing at her, Penny insists that what they’re doing crosses the line of professionalism… But Whitney says that, technically, she was never properly checked in since Penny’s receptionist wasn’t there, so…

Penny gives in, letting herself have fun with her very confident and sensual client. She enjoys herself to the fullest as Whitney takes out her sexual urges on her, sucking on her tits and eating her pussy out. By the time they trib themselves to orgasm, Penny herself starts to see the appeal of being so loose!

Jane’s Anal Hosing: Lingerie & Gaping – Mick Blue & Jane Wilde

In ripped, flesh-colored pantyhose and lacy, pink lingerie, Jane Wilde pleasures her clit with a vibrator. Enamored by her own slobber and spit, she sucks his long cock dizzyingly hard. Mick follows up the blowjob by fucking her pussy doggie-style. He switches holes, jamming his meat into her yearning asshole for an orgasmic anal reaming. Jane’s gaping sphincter pulsates! She masturbates and begs for more as Mick chokes her. Oily ass immersion accompanies obedient bunghole rimming; gagging, ass-to-mouth cocksucking; and a steaming cum facial.

Asian MILF: Blowjob/Cum Facial Selfies – Kianna Dior & Jonni Darkko

In stockings and severe black heels, voluptuous Asian MILF Kianna Dior spills out of a fetish dress to play with her giant breasts, fantasizing about sucking a hard cock. Fortunately, director/stud Jonni Darkko make her dreams reality! Gripping her by a dog leash, he fucks her experienced mouth as Kianna slobbers into her generous cleavage. She gives a submissive, gagging blowjob. Jonni fucks her juicy cunt and for the climax, he splashes Kianna with a messy cum facial. The wild lady takes selfies of her semen-splattered face!

Model Amia’s Hollywood Mansion Fuck – Amia Miley & Seth Gamble

Tanned, busty Amia Miley models fashionable lingerie on the grounds of her Hollywood mansion. This pouty, tattooed sexpot sits on executive stud Seth Gamble’s lap, grinding her plump, firm tits and ass into his body. He strips Amia nude and eats her slick pussy; she straddles Seth’s stiff dick and grinds her slippery cooch up and down his glistening cock. After an intense, luxurious fuck date, she opens her mouth wide, and Seth delivers a sloppy oral cum shot that leaves Amia’s face dripping spunk.

Big Tit Office Chicks #06 – Jasmine Jae & Tyler Nixon

Realtor Jasmine Jae knows how to sell office space. Showing a commercial building, she quickly notices that her client Tyler Nixon is a tit man. A woman can tell. After showing off the huge space to him, she settles in for the locking down of the contract. Seems he needs a little more to be sold. Time to bring out the heavy guns. Staring at those gorgeous meat melons is all it takes as tongue tied Tyler immediately signs the contract and buries his face in heavy flesh. Sucking and titty fucking those enormous gems for all its worth as he fucks Jasmine all over the place and explodes cum on her face and tits. Now that’s how you close a deal.

Asian Kianna: Interracial Oral 3-Way – Kianna Dior & Jonni Darkko & Slim Poke

Wearing ultra-sheer lingerie, glamorous, curvaceous Asian vixen Kianna Dior lewdly sucks on her wicked high heels and masturbates. Next, the busty MILF gives Slim Poke’s big black cock a blowjob, and she sucks Jonni Darkko’s white boner. Kianna’s lipstick smears as she blows both men in turn, drooling all over her huge tits. The experienced cocksucker lewdly worships their balls and gives titty fucks, squeezing their throbbing erections between her sloppy jugs. This tag-team interracial throat fuck leaves Kianna’s face covered in creamy semen.

Breast Kept Secrets – Darcie Dolce & Valentina Nappi

Darcie Dolce strolls into her new home with her friend, Valentina Nappi, following close behind. Valentina marvels over the beautiful new home as they move to the couch to make themselves comfortable. It’s been awhile since the two friends saw each other, so they’re eager to catch up. Darcie gushes about how much she loves the new home and how it’s perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day. They also idly chat about their jobs, traveling, and even video games, though Valentina’s eyes keep falling to Darcie’s breasts.

Finally, Darcie can’t ignore these curious stares any longer. What, did she drop something on herself? Valentina admits that she’s distracted by Darcie’s breasts because they’re definitely bigger than she remembers… Darcie is flattered, but the girls are 100% real! ‘You know how guys keep growing taller until they’re 25? Well, my boobs just grew… taller!’

Valentina is not convinced, asking Darcie to prove that she hasn’t had a boob job since she’s seen her last. Darcie rolls her eyes but removes her shirt and bra since she has nothing to hide. Sure enough, there are no incisions to be found along her beautiful skin. Valentina still needs a little more proof and asks to touch them to check the firmness.

Once Valentina starts fondling Darcie’s breasts, she finally has to admit that they’re the real deal. Now there’s a new problem: they’re both aroused from all the touching! When Darcie asks if she can see Valentina’s breasts in return, Valentina doesn’t hesitate to strip down. They start touching each other all over with not only their hands but mouths, unable to hold back their all-consuming lust. Their sensual touches finally give way to pussy-eating and tribbing as they reconnect in a much more intimate way.

After Hours – Charlie Dean & Liv Revamped

Naughty Liv Revamped returns to her favorite bar after hours to hit on a bartender Charlie Dean. She shows off her sexy body which gets him so hard. Liv jerks him off with her feet then she sucks his big hard cock. She bends over and gets her tight little ass drilled by his cock. Charlie then pulls out and blows his load onto her sexy feet.

Spread Out For Toppsy

Spread Out For Toppsy

Spread Out For Toppsy

Toppsy Curvey was content to do her stage shows, run out on the baseball diamond to accost pitchers and do her magazine and video modeling. She reacted to the idea of hardcore porn like the bride of Dracula looking at a crucifix.

“I don’t speak about my sex life!” Toppsy said. “I’m a very private person. I’m a one-man woman. That’s the truth. You ask me and I’ll tell you. To have a good relationship, you must always be someone’s friend. That’s important, because you can always improve the lover in people, but it’s hard to improve a friendship. You’re either friends or you’re not. Very few friendships can be worked into but lovers can be molded over time. I have this one person who is very special in my life and he’s wonderful!

“The most difficult thing for him is he can’t understand how people can look at me and see a freak. He knows me so well and it bothers him when people treat me that way. What I reply to him is that people who would make fun of me, would make fun of a 300 pound woman or a dwarf so why would we take whatever they said seriously. I really don’t mind the abuse myself, because I can just tune it out but I wouldn’t subject anybody else to it.

“I like going to the beach, but I would never take a friend to a public beach. For one, they don’t deserve to be the subject of ridicule or exposed to it and, if they were my family or friends, they would get very upset. Take LuLu [LuLu Devine, Toppsy’s stripper sister]…she would get mean if someone said one word to me, and you don’t want to get LuLu mad at you.”

See More of Toppsy Curvey at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Mom’s Squirting Condition – Alexis Fawx & Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson greets her perky step-mother, Alexis Fawx, for breakfast. After a brief chat, Alexis excuses herself to go to yoga. After Alexis is gone, Tiffany sees a wet spot left behind on Alexis’ chair and wonders if her step-mom had an ‘accident.’

Alexis returns home in a hurry and Tiffany greets her, noticing that the front of her shorts are wet. When she asks Alexis if she’s okay, Alexis practically shrieks that she’s fine before hurrying off with embarrassment. Tiffany follows silently after Alexis to her bedroom and watches her undress with growing interest. Instead of changing into new clothes, Alexis masturbates while Tiffany lustfully watches on. Alexis squirts and Tiffany realizes THAT’S what the wet spot was!

Alexis realizes she’s being watched and invites Tiffany in, explaining that she has this condition where she ejaculates a lot. She makes it clear that the condition isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a lot of fun! Tiffany asks if squirting is something she can learn to do and Alexis says she’s happy to show her how. Tiffany is game, as long as her father doesn’t find out.

Alexis then warms Tiffany up to best teach her how to squirt. She fondles Tiffany’s perky breasts and nipples, then caresses her pussy. She plays with Tiffany’s clit, rubbing her to pure orgasmic bliss as Tiffany experiences her first squirt. But one is not enough, and it isn’t long before Tiffany’s squirting like a pro, having learned from the best!

Threesome: Asian Lesbian MILFs Dicked! – Kaylani Lei & Kianna Dior & Jonni Darkko

Wearing stylish lingerie and spidery masks, Kianna Dior and Kaylani Lei share a lewd lesbian kiss. These busty Asian MILFs worship each other in sheer stockings and wicked pumps. The ladies put their red-painted mouths to work servicing Jonni Darkko’s stiff prick in a sexy oral threesome. Jonni fucks Kianna doggie-style, and Kaylani blows his boner pussy-to-mouth. When Jonni spurts his thick load on Kianna’s face, he gets to watch Kianna and Kaylani play with his jism.

Stretching Her Tushy – Ian Scott & Marilyn Crystal

Hot fit babe Marilyn Crystal is finishing her workout. We all know after intense physical activity stretching is very important. She has been working out her ass she will need help from Ian Scott to stretch her butthole beyond its limits. Not only that but she will also get her butt creamed with a big load at the end.

Bounce Milly, Bounce!

Bounce Milly, Bounce!

Bounce Milly, Bounce!

When TSG found Milly Marks, she had the Venus symbol and rose tattoo over her left knee. Now she has a tattoo of a scorpion and a butterfly above the heel of the same leg. The scorpion is her birth sign of the zodiac (October 23) and also an ancient symbol of powerful sexuality.

That describes Milly perfectly, one of the horniest and hottest girls TSG ever photographed. The girl with the bedroom eyes. Her sexuality comes naturally without pretense. When she came to TSG at 18, she was able to release much more of her erotic energy.

“It made me feel more confident and more of a sexual person than I even was before,” said Milly, a very candid and open-minded girl. “I didn’t expect that to happen. I would consider myself a hyper-sexual person. I get extra horny when a guy just watches me play with myself. I’ve talked about it with Jose the photographer. I like watching my friends have sex in front of me. Sometimes I masturbate while I lay next to them.

“Even in my personal life when I’m hooking up with people, if I’m lying in bed all day with another guy, I love when we lay next to each other and just masturbate. I love watching people have sex. I want to watch everyone that I care about have sex in front of me. I love to watch a guy jerk off next to me, and I’ll play with myself.”

See More of Milly Marks at XLGIRLS.COM!

Leaving Nothing to Chance – Chloe Cherry & Jane Wilde

Two teenage friends, Chloe Cherry and Jane Wilde, are excitedly playing spin-the-bottle, but it’s only with the two of them. Chloe asks Jane why they’re playing it, looking uncertain. Jane insists that it’s because they’re going to a party that night and this is what they like to play.

Chloe then asks if this is REALLY what the whole night will be spent doing — kissing other people. Jane laughs and says that’s the point of the game! Chloe is hesitant, admitting that Jane’s the only person she’s ever kissed before. Jane tells Chloe to relax and enjoy their college experience. They’re going to have a great night kissing a bunch of pretty girls!

They continue playing the game but Chloe eventually admits that she’s really not sure how to feel about Jane kissing other girls. Jane tells Chloe that she has to accept that she’s kissed and had sex with other people.

Jane then asks Chloe what she likes about kissing and having sex with HER? Chloe insists that she likes that Jane is soft, pretty, nice to her… and REALLY knows how to turn her on! Jane then asks Chloe if she thinks Jane’s the only person in the world that can make her feel that way. Chloe admits that it FEELS like it. Jane asks if she wants Chloe to help her feel more comfortable about the thought of them both kissing and touching other girls, and Chloe says yes. Jane then instructs Chloe to close her eyes. She does so and Jane kisses her, then asks if Chloe knew it was her. Chloe says yeah and that it felt good while Jane points out that it could’ve been ANYONE…

Gradually, the kisses give way to more fooling around. Jane insists that Chloe keeps her eyes close while caressing her, sucking on her breasts, and licking her pussy. This leads to them enthusiastically fingering and eating each other out before tribbing their way to cloud nine. Now Chloe has all the confidence she needs to let loose during the party!

Doing This For My Daughter – Ryan Driller & Jasmine Jae

Ryan Driller walks into the massage parlor and looks around the establishment with purpose. Jasmine Jae rounds the corner to greet him, then seeing that he’s a police officer she has a surprised look on her face. She approaches Ryan and asks him what he’s doing here. ‘Excuse me… can I help you with something, officer? You don’t seem like you’re here for a massage, are you?’ she asks. Ryan looks at Jasmine and says ‘No ma’am… are you Mrs. Jae?’ She looks at him suspiciously and asks, ‘What seems to be the problem, officer?’

Ryan explains that her daughter got caught shoplifting and is now being held at the precinct. ‘We tried calling the house and there was no answer. She suggested we call you here at your place of business but the line was busy. She was practically in tears when she asked me to come to see if you were here.’ Jasmine is concerned for her daughter and is shocked that he didn’t bring her along. ‘Your daughter was caught stealing red-handed. Until she’s charged or the bail money is raised we can’t let her go.’

Jasmine tells Ryan that her daughter just made a mistake and that she’s normally a very good girl. ‘Couldn’t you just let her off just this once?’ she pleads. The officer explains that he can’t just simply let her go. Jasmine begs to add that if he can let her daughter go, she can talk to her and make sure she never steals again. Ryan shakes his head saying that unfortunately, he can’t do anything. As Jasmine is trying to negotiate, she readjusts her robe and it opens slightly to reveal silky smooth lingerie.

Ryan tries to maintain a professional demeanor but it’s clear he’s enthralled by the view. ‘This is highly against protocol ma’am, I’m not even supposed to be here,’ he says. She notices that he’s staring at her chest. ‘I’m up here, honey,’ she smiles knowing she’s got him exactly where she wants him. ‘How about a massage? You spend your time protecting our civilians, maybe I could do something for the boys in blue?’ she asks. ‘Oh yeah…. like what?’ he asks suspiciously. ‘Oh, just a simple massage…’ she says. ‘And what do you want in return? Let me guess….you want me to let your daughter go?’ Jasmine just smiles while Ryan thinks it over and says, ‘Let’s have that massage first, and we’ll see how things go.’ Jasmine smiles and says ‘That’s good enough for me… Follow me, please.’

She leads him to the private massage room. He looks around nodding positively and asks ‘So what do you want me to do here?’ She approaches him to start undressing him but he pulls back and says woah there. He explains that he cannot under any circumstances let a civilian near his gun, especially not with it loaded. He takes off his belt and puts it with his gun holster to the side. ‘Now, you can undress me,’ he says. She does so, remarking how strong and authoritative he seems in his uniform.

Then Jasmine leads him over to the shower. She starts massaging him under the running water, making small talk about how tired he must be from chasing bad guys all day. He closes his eyes remarking how good it feels to have a moment to decompress. Jasmine grabs his dick, starts stroking it and says, ‘You know, I have my own experience handling loaded weapons…’ Ryan pulls away a little and asks her if this is part of the massage. She smiles and tells him that she saw him checking her out while she was undressing. She adds that there’s no one here but them. He considers what she just said for a moment and remarks that it does feel good. He lets her continue. After some time, she motions him to the mat and says that they’ll have even more fun over there.

‘Here…. let’s try something fun’ Jasmine says. She takes his hand and puts it in the bowl and asks him to spread it all over her chest. Ryan remarks how amazing her tits feel in his hands. She lets him play with them momentarily until she tells him that he needs to keep going. He helps her oil her body up and then she oils up his as he lays back and relaxes. He mentions that he could get used to something like this. She starts body sliding on him, playfully reminding him not to get too used to this, that she is only doing this for her daughter!

Asian MILF Kianna’s Double Dick 3-Way – Kianna Dior & Jonni Darkko & Kyle Mason

Hot in a fetish choker and hoop earrings, voluptuous Asian Kianna Dior’s huge jugs spill from her straining bra. The submissive Amazon can’t wait to use her oral skills in a double blowjob! Kyle Mason and Jonni Darkko hold the glamorous MILF by a leash as she hungrily sucks their cocks; Kianna drools on her massive boobs while orally worshiping dick. The men fuck her pussy in a spit-roast threesome, tag-teaming Kianna’s experienced cunt. For the climax, they splooge her with a thick cum facial.

Strictly Office Business – Chad Rockwell & Raul Costa & Angelika Grays

What happens in the office stays in the office. Well, mostly. Then again there are no rules forbidding me to do things that shouldn’t happen in the office. Like there is no rule at all that a hot blonde like me shouldn’t have sex with my two colleagues, Raul Costa and Chad Rockwell, in the office… at the same time! You know it is all for boosting the morale… and my holes. Sincerely yours, Angelika Grays.

Secrets Of The White Room – Ian Scott & Gisha Forza

Gisha Forza is confessing all her fantasies in a white room. As she watches her big ass and boobs she can’t help imagining how it would be to engage in wild sex with a hung stud. Ian Scott enters the scene and as soon as he appears the kinky brunette knows all her wild secret fantasies will come true.

Secretary of Stacked

Secretary of Stacked

Secretary of Stacked

Toppsy Curvey is the super-stacked secretary of big boobs in this pictorial, filmed during Toppsy’s brunette phase.

Toppsy had an interesting point-of-view about her career as a feature dancer.

25 years ago in 1993, Toppsy told a SCORE editor, “I consider my fans my husbands. When they come to see me, I give them my full attention, just like I would a husband. To some people that sounds strange, but I’m married to the business. Now, it doesn’t mean we have sex. I just give them a lot of attention like every wife gives their husband.

“From what I’ve seen in men, and believe me, I see a lot more than most women, men aren’t seeking a lot of sexual advances when they come to see me. They’re seeking entertainment. A lot of them aren’t as promiscuous as we all think. Men are shifting away from being promiscuous and are more concerned with good old-fashioned entertainment.

“In the clubs, I’m finding men much more reserved than they ever were. I think it has a lot to do with AIDS. People have realized that promiscuity can be deadly and, even more so, they are realizing that it is better to be loved by one for an eternity than love many for only a short period of time.”

See More of Toppsy Curvey at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Nagini’s Lingerie Party

Nagini’s Lingerie Party

Nagini's Lingerie Party

Nagini is throwing a private lingerie party. You’re invited. The brunette girl-next-door has brought two teddies, one black, one red, and two toys. Black is Nagini’s favorite color so she tries that one on first, then the red teddie.

There are two sides to Nagini, both sexy and juicy. While you check her out as she plays, she checks herself out in a full-length mirror. After Nagini’s modeled her lingerie, she finds her happy seat, takes both toys, lubes them with her mouth and plugs her young pussy.

“I like attention except for when I’m at work, said Nagini, who works in a hospital and is a full-time student. She’s also a webcam girl when she can squeeze that in. “Otherwise, I enjoy attention. I like it when guys check out my breasts.”

When she can find the spare time, which is not easy, Nagini likes to fish. “There’s not a lot of upper-body movement, so it’s easy. It’s not like jogging or doing jumping-jacks where my boobs would be bouncing all over the place. It’s more of a low-key activity, so my boobs don’t get in the way.” She must be a good fisherwoman. She’s got the bait that hooked us.

See More of Nagini at XLGIRLS.COM!

Ruby O’Connor’s first big, black cock

Ruby O’Connor’s first big, black cock

Ruby O'Connor's first big, black cock

“I had had a couple of threesomes, and the guy I had the threesomes with moved away,” said 56-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Ruby O’Connor from Arizona. “So he said, ‘You need to join a swingers website,’ and me and my husband did, and it was funny because the very first night we joined the website was a meet-and-greet and hotel takeover, so that was my introduction to the swinger lifestyle, and what was funny about that was I found out what a Sybian is.

“A Sybian is like riding a bull, but you have a cock on it that’s remote-controlled. That was quite an experience! I didn’t wade in. I went in the deep end! A girl just led me over to it, and I started riding it and was very turned on. I didn’t notice at first that everybody was watching, but it was an exciting adventure. Later that night, I had a threesome with my husband and another guy.”

Today, Ruby’s adventure is sucking and fucking her first big, black cock. The guy with the BBC is 22 years old, so there’s the older woman/young man factor, too. It all adds up to a great scene that climaxes when John shoots his load on Ruby’s pussy, which has a little bit of hair. It’s not a full bush. It’s not fully shaved. It’s nicely trimmed, and John really creams it.

Good for him. Better for Ruby!

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Eliza Kelay and JMac

Eliza Kelay and JMac

Eliza Kelay and JMac

When this scene opens, 40-year-old wife and mom Eliza Kelay is standing on her veranda. She sees JMac working on her patio, shirtless, and invites him up.

“Me?” he says.

She nods. It doesn’t take much convincing, not when a woman is as sexy as Eliza.

While waiting for him, she strips naked, showing off her nice, firm tits, and by the time JMac gets upstairs, Eliza is soaking in the bathtub, washing off her body. She asks him to help her wash off. Get clean. But what she really wants to do is get dirty, and that happens quickly enough.

By the way, this scene includes JMac’s famous lockdown position, in which he locks the girl’s legs behind her head while she’s riding his cock reverse-cowgirl. JMac also eats Eliza’s pussy, licking her big clit, because we know a lot of you love seeing that. JMac loved doing it.

When this scene starts, Eliza is wearing sexy lingerie. But in real life, “I dress conservatively. Normal. The yoga look.”

Her hobbies: “There are a lot of breweries in Ohio, but I don’t go to those. I’m not a big drinker. Running, kayaking, painting furniture. I like that. I re-sell furniture. I like to go dumpster diving, find treasures, take them home, fix them up and re-sell them.”

Porn star. Based on her three scenes at, we think that should be her new hobby.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter – Alina Lopez & Reagan Foxx & Brad Newman


A woman, Marlene (Reagan Foxx), is fussing about the living room nervously, straightening the couch cushions, re-facing the decorations on the fireplace mantle and the coffee table, etc. when her boyfriend, Tom (Brad Newman), comes up behind her and puts his hands comfortingly on her shoulders. Just relax, he tells her, come on, sit down, she just needs to breathe and not stress out so much. He leads her to the bay window and sits down, taking her hands in his and gently pulling her down to sit too. She tells him she can’t help but be worried – this is her one chance to reconnect with Alyssa (Alina Lopez), and she doesn’t want to screw it up. Tom tells her not to worry, he’s sure her step-daughter is ready to make amends. Why else would she have accepted Marlene’s invitation after all this time, if she still held a grudge? Marlene supposes that Tom’s right, and puts her hand on his cheek. Either way, she’s glad he was willing to stick by her side this whole weekend, otherwise she’d be an emotional wreck. He didn’t have to do that. Tom kisses her hands and tells her of course, he’ll always support her no matter what. She knows that.

Their tender moment is interrupted by a car pulling into view in the driveway just outside the bay window. That must be her, Marlene says a bit scared. Tom puts his hand again on her shoulder and gives it a quick rub. She can do this, he reassures her. She nods and looks back out the window where a young woman has stepped out of the back of the car, a travel bag in tow. She lifts her sunglasses and takes a sweeping look around the large mansion-like house with a cold, inscrutable look on her face, before putting her glasses back on her face and closing the car door behind her. The car pulls off as Marlene straightens up and moves out of the living room towards the door to greet the girl, wringing her hands nervously as she walks. Tom follows.

‘Alyssa, dear,’ Marlene says solemnly as she opens the door and holds out her arms to welcome the teen. ‘I’m so grateful you finally decided to come, it’s been so long. TOO long.’ She continues to hold her arms out but it’s clear Alyssa has no intention of reciprocating the gesture, she stops short several inches from Marlene’s reach. ‘Hello, mother,’ she says coldly, not betraying any signs of emotion behind her sunglasses. She turns her head to Tom who is standing a couple of paces back from Marlene, looking a bit awkward and trying not to intrude. ‘You must be the boyfriend,’ she says to him. He smiles and introduces himself, holding out his hand to shake hers. Bemused, she gives the smallest of smiles as she hands off her bag into her mother’s hands without even looking at her, and then takes off her sunglasses. She shakes his hand, and he tells her Marlene has told him so much about her, he’s been really looking forward to meeting her.

Pulling back his hand after a firm shake, Tom looks a bit surprised now that her sunglasses are off. Wow, he remarks, the two of them really do look so much alike – if Marlene hadn’t told him, he would have sworn that they were real, flesh-and-blood mother and daughter. Alyssa says that that’s the ONLY thing the two of them have in common. Tom says come now, he’s sure that’s not true, he bets that Alyssa is a perfectly wonderful and charming young woman. ‘Exactly,’ Alyssa says pointedly as she walks forward past Marlene to Tom, taking the sunglasses still in her hand and slipping them into his shirt’s breast pocket. She walks past him into the house. ‘Coming, mother?’ Alyssa calls back from inside the house. Marlene looks over worriedly at Tom, and he tries to reassure her again while rubbing his palm across her back, although he’s not quite as brimming with confidence as he was earlier. She’s just 18, Tom reminds her, all teenagers are moody and sarcastic. She still came, didn’t she? Marlene supposes he’s right, and Tom winks saying he knows he is. He heads into the house. Marlene lets in and out a long sigh to calm herself, and then heads inside.


An hour or so later that day, Marlene brings some freshly baked cookies to the table where Alyssa is on her laptop. As Marlene nears, she tells Alyssa that she’s baked her favorite. Alyssa looks down at the tray with disdain and disinterest and then back to Marlene. Cushy place she’s got here, Alyssa says gesturing at the big house. Guess her decision to cut and run on the family after Alyssa’s dad died paid off.

‘Alyssa,’ Marlene sits down gently and begins to pour her heart out – she must understand, she never meant to hurt Alyssa or her siblings. Her husband had just passed away, she was grieving, in shock. She didn’t know how to cope. She figured the family would go stay with their real mother – his ex-wife – and her new husband… so Marlene didn’t feel like she was abandoning them. If anything, she thought they would be better off. She was never planning on leaving them forever, she just needed some time to heal. But that’s not an excuse. She realizes now that that was the wrong thing to do, that it must have doubled the sense of loss the family had felt. She’s truly sorry, and she’s been trying to make amends ever since. All of Alyssa’s other siblings have since forgiven her, why can’t she?

Alyssa sits up slowly, and for a moment she looks sincere with a sympathetic expression on her face. She starts to slowly reach out across the table to Marlene, and seeing this, Marlene starts to reach out too to meet her in the middle. But at the last second, Alyssa fakes her out, and picks up a cookie from the table between them. She picks it up and bites into it. ‘Thanks for the snack, mom,’ she says snidely as she gets up and walks away from Marlene, who sits there looking devastated.

Later that day, Tom goes to check on Marlene who has retreated to the kitchen and is desperately trying to distract herself with chores. He starts to tell her that Alyssa FINALLY decided what she wanted to order for take-out, but then stops when he sees that his girlfriend looks sad and distant. Tom comes up to her and asks if everything’s alright, and Marlene turns to him and lets him wrap her into a supportive hug. Things don’t seem to be going well at all, Marlene confesses as she pulls out from the hug, she’s been trying all day to connect with Alyssa but she just keeps ignoring her, or worse. No matter how much Tom has pointed out that Alyssa still agreed to come, she still seems to be holding a grudge. She doesn’t know what else to do anymore. Tom tries to reassure Marlene that maybe it’s not her fault, maybe it was just too soon. Alyssa’s still a teenager, after all, whereas her siblings are now in their twenties. Maybe it’ll just take some time. But he insists that Marlene at least is trying, and maybe Alyssa will remember that someday and come around. Marlene gushes and remarks that Tom always seems to know just the right thing to say. Then this gives her an idea – maybe HE can talk to Alyssa. Tom confesses he doesn’t know if that’s such a good idea. But Marlene points out that Alyssa at least seems to be engaging with Tom, she’s been following him around all day and the two of them seem to have a good rapport, she clearly likes him better than Marlene at any rate. Could it hurt for him to try to talk to her? Tom is about to say he is not sure about this, but he sees how desperate Marlene is for this to work out, so he hesitantly says he’ll at least give it a try.

Tom arrives at Alyssa’s open door, where Alyssa is lying on her bed listening to music through headphones while browsing on her cell phone. He sits on the edge of the bed and nudges her foot to get her attention. She removes the ear buds and looks up at him expectantly, and Tom says he wants to talk to her. Alyssa has a knowing look on her face, and she gets up to kneel on her bed, her bent legs spread wide open towards Tom. ‘Fire away,’ she says suggestively.

Tom clears his throat uncomfortably. Look, he starts, clearly she has no interest in accepting her mom’s apologies, and if he had known that she would behave like this then he never would have reached out to her to encourage her to come. But now that she IS here, can’t she at least be…? Alyssa puts a finger up Tom’s lips and shushes him. She says she never came here for her mom’s sake in the first place, she came here for Tom’s. Tom is confused – for his sake? Alyssa starts leaning towards him even further, holding herself up on the bed on her fours like a cat on the prowl. She says that she’s seen the pictures of him and her mom, and he seems like a nice guy. A big, STRONG, nice guy she says as she spiders her fingers up his biceps, making him flinch. And she likes making nice guys happy, she concludes. In fact, she’s very GOOD at making guys happy.

Tom swats her hand away – what the hell is she doing? Alyssa pouts and says she just wanted to make him happy – that’s why she came, after all. Wasn’t that why he reached out to her, why he BEGGED her to come? Tom insists that she knows that’s not why. Alyssa says yeah, sure, he wanted them to resolve their differences so Marlene could be happy and blah blah blah. But at the end of the day, that’s not what he reaaally wants, she teases him, he just wants what any guy wants. She unbuttons the top buttons of her blouse and lowers it down past her shoulders. Tom orders her to stop and put her shirt back on. Alyssa tells him she doesn’t want to stop, she’s having fun, and points at his crotch saying it looks like he’s having fun too, a LOT of fun from the looks of it. No wonder her mom likes him.

He leaps off the bed. This was a huge mistake, he says, and moves to leave. Go ahead, leave, Alyssa taunts him. She’ll just keep acting worse and worse all weekend until Marlene is so miserable she’s finally had enough and kicks her out, and then Tom can pick up the pieces. But if Tom wants her to behave, she says in a flirty tone as she moves her hand towards her crotch, he’s going to have to MAKE her behave. She starts rubbing her hands on her body over her clothing, and lets out a fake moan. Stop it! Tom hisses at her quietly, her mom’s going to hear her. In response, she just moans louder. Shut up! Tom hisses and moves to cover her mouth with his hands. Alyssa pulls away and giggles sadistically. Make me, she says. She starts moaning again, even louder, and Tom looks back in fear to the hall outside. Distracted, desperate, panicked and (although he hates to admit it) a little turned on, Tom turns back to Alyssa and says he’ll make her, alright. He then does the only thing he can think of to get her to stop, he kisses her fiercely, grabbing her head with both hands. Alyssa encourages him, urging him onward.

Tom hate-fucks Alyssa, though Alyssa enjoying making him squirm. At times Tom panics about Alyssa getting too loud and tries to get her to be quiet. Eventually Tom gets so into it he stops paying attention to how loud they’re being…

The door slams open and a gasp is heard behind them. Tom looks over in horror as Marlene stands in the doorway in shock. ‘Tom?!’ she says horrified, ‘How COULD you…?!’

From under Tom, Alyssa pokes out and gloats that it seems like Tom’s chosen her daughter over her. Tom tells her to shut up, and tries to plead with Marlene that it’s not like that, but Alyssa keeps goading them, saying that it was probably a huge turn-on to find out there was a hotter, younger version of his girlfriend. No, Tom insists, he loves Marlene! Alyssa tells Marlene, who’s still speechless, that Tom in fact was the one who contacted her and convinced her to come this weekend. Marlene looks in shock over to Tom – is this true? Tom is flustered and tries to explain, yes, it’s true, but it’s not how it sounds…

Tom is stumbling over his words and Alyssa cuts back in. Now her mom knows what it feels like to be betrayed and abandoned, hm? But this weekend is all about making amends, and Alyssa would be willing to share if Marlene is desperate enough for love to get fucked by somebody who just cheated on her with her own daughter. Better than ending up alone, isn’t it?

Tom begs for the chance to explain but Marlene just sits on the bed in shock. Keep fucking her, she tells Tom in a resigned voice. Tom looks at her perplexed and whispers ‘What?!’ and Marlene looks at him with sad eyes. Just keep fucking her, she says, he clearly wants to. He tries to protest but Alyssa takes the lead and starts grinding against his dick again, causing him to moan uncontrollably. Didn’t you hear her? Alyssa says to Tom, Marlene wants them to keep going!

Asian MILF Kianna’s Interracial Fuck – Mandingo & Kianna Dior

Hot in nylons and garters and busting out of sheer lingerie, Asian MILF goddess Kianna Dior kneels to suck Mandingo’s big black cock and slurp his balls. She gives his thick rod a blowjob and slides it between her big knockers for a titty fuck. Mandingo buries his massive dick inside her experienced pussy, railing the big-assed glamour girl in a ruthless interracial fuck session. Kianna laps her pussy juice from his turgid pole, and he fills her mouth with creamy spunk.

Showcases: Ivy Wolfe – 2 scenes in 1 – Cherie DeVille & Kristen Scott & Ivy Wolfe

Ivy Wolfe stands uncomfortably at a party, wearing a masquerade mask. Musing aloud that she’s never been to a sex party before, Ivy looks around nervously. Cherie DeVille walks into the room wearing a gorgeous black dress and a sexy mask. Everything seems to stop as Ivy and Cherie lock eyes. Ivy is instantaneously helpless, completely enraptured and enthralled by the stunning Cherie.

As Ivy stares in amazement, Cherie walks up to her, caressing her face wordlessly. Cherie knows just what she wants and she wastes no time taking it, leading Ivy to a private room. She pushes Ivy assertively onto the couch as Ivy yelps with surprise and delight, in awe of this confident and beautiful woman. Cherie sits down on the couch next to her, running her hands sensually along Ivy’s tight body as the innocent young woman gasps. Cherie softly kisses Ivy’s neck, whispering into her ear that she’s going to do whatever she wants with Ivy tonight. Yes, miss, Ivy whispers breathlessly, putty in Cherie’s hands.

Cherie throws open Ivy’s legs, revealing her tight pink pussy. She spits on her hand and slaps Ivy’s pussy, caressing it expertly. Cherie smiles when she feels Ivy’s already soaking wet box. Cherie licks Ivy’s sweet pussy juice off of her fingers before rubbing her hand on Ivy’s face, giving her a taste of her own beautiful moistness. Teasing Ivy with light touches, Cherie tells her to spit on her hand and Ivy obeys. As Cherie rubs it delicately on Ivy’s swollen slit, Ivy moans loudly.

But Cherie isn’t stopping there. She slips off Ivy’s dress, pinching her nipples as she squeals with delight, ready to take everything that Ivy will give. Eager and willing, Ivy submits to her new mistress’s every desire, unlocking a world of carnal pleasures that she never even dreamed of.

Six months later, Ivy, wearing a fierce leather outfit and thigh high black boots, sits on a chic chair. Kristen Scott, wearing a sexy see-through slip, kneels on the floor next to her. Ivy’s night with Cherie has changed her forever. Although she loved being submissive with Cherie, Ivy has since realized her true desire: to dominate, just like her former mistress. And Ivy has found the perfect plaything in Kristen. Eager to be dominated, Kristen has surrendered herself fully to Ivy, and looks up at her expectantly, waiting for her mistress’s command.

Ivy leans down, grabbing Kristen’s face. Ivy licks Kristen’s full lips slowly before pulling her off the floor and pinning her roughly against the bed frame. Ivy wraps her hands around Kristen’s soft throat as Kristen begins to breathe heavily in anticipation. Ivy slaps Kristen’s face lightly and she emits a low moan.

Ivy flips Kristen around, bending down and biting one of Kristen’s asscheeks hungrily. As Ivy pulls Kristen’s panties down and traces her hand around Kristen’s ass, Kristen is virtually trembling with desire. But Ivy’s not going to give Kristen what she wants without making her beg for it first. And beg she does, desperately pleading with her mistress to have her way with her. Ivy finally gives her what she wants, throwing her onto the bed.

Cherie started a fire within Ivy all those months ago, and Kristen will do ANYTHING to help her feed that fire…

Story inspired by an original submission by our very own Girlsway model, Ivy Wolfe!

Gorgeous Milf Gushers – Tommy Pistol & Nina Elle

Attorney Tommy Pistol is surprised to answer his door one morning and have a woman he has fucked in his office inquiring about legal matters standing there. Apparently he had had done too good of a job with her, causing her to have one gushing orgasm after another. Because of this, she has left her husband and come to live with Tommy. This is a bit of a pickle considering her husband is quite a large and volatile man. In any case, what can Tommy do when this hot squirting milf is in need of some sexual release. Nina Elle is all over him and he soon has her flooding his mansion in sweet juices of the squirting kind.

Boob Prejudice At The Office

Boob Prejudice At The Office

Boob Prejudice At The Office

Trinety Guess is subjected to an unfortunate situation that occurs in many business offices. Asshole co-workers who complain to the supervisors about a big-boobed employee wearing tops and outfits that show miles of heavy, rich, luscious, mouthwatering cleavage and tight dresses that hug their bountiful booties like cling wrap.

“I enjoy wearing tight clothing that shows off my tits and curves,” says Trinety, who can feel free to walk around TSG’s office in anything she wants to wear or not wear. “I have a sensual innocence to my look. “I’ve just recently become truly proud and I think my self-confidence is the best part.”

Trinety is called into the office of one of these supervisors, Mr. Tarzan. Instead of lacing into Trinety, like many motherfucking bosses would, he admits he enjoys what she wears and would like to be her secret ally in this situation. By bonding with Trinety and then boning this bra-busting redhead right there in his office, he can help to stifle the boob prejudice of the employees. At least that’s his take on the subject.

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What Guys Like

What Guys Like

What Guys Like

Paisley knows what guys like. They like when she uses her tongue to flick the tip of their dicks and when she swallows their shaft down to the base. They like when she grips their cocks with her tight pussy. And that’s exactly what she does in this video.

Paisley is a pleasure to behold. She has a pretty face, perky tits and a slim, toned body. She looks hot and horny as this big cock plows in and out of her pussy. Paisley knows that guys like to blow loads of cum on her face. And guess what? She likes that too.

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Eliza gets JMac’ed

Eliza gets JMac’ed

Eliza gets JMac'ed

“Oh my god, people would be shocked to see me here. I’m a quiet housewife,” said Eliza Kelay, a 40-year-old wife and mom from Ohio. Here, she’s getting fucked every which way by big-dicked JMac. That’s not something quiet housewives from Ohio usually do.

But, you know, quiet housewives are often the ones with the most surprises. Eliza also describes herself as conservative, and she can come across as shy at first. But give her a cock and her true colors will show.

Eliza got married just three years ago and has five step-children. She’s not a swinger or nudist, but she’s had a few threesomes, of which she said, “I orgasmed until I had a seizure.”

One of the most interesting facts about Eliza is that she used to be a math teacher. Somehow, we have a feeling her students didn’t learn much. Not because Eliza lacks teaching skills but because her students were probably paying more attention to her hot body and nice tits. At the very least, they learned how to appreciate a foxy older woman.

We wonder if any of her former students are out there, looking at these photos and Eliza’s first two fucks at Eliza hopes they are.

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Anal Anny: A2M Blowjob, Cum Swallow – Mark Wood & Anny Aurora

Strutting in shiny red stilettos, Anny Aurora pinches her petite nipples. She expands her asshole with a toy while rubbing her clit with manicured fingers. Heavily hung stud Mark Wood arrives with his cock at full mast, prompting Anny to drop to her knees for a worshipful blowjob. Squealing in delight, Anny takes Mark’s hammering hard-on in her pussy doggie-style. Mark delivers a vigorous anal fuck while Anny pleasures herself with a vibrator. Serious backdoor reaming comes with spit-soaked, ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Mark rewards Anny with a load of cum to swallow.

My Sister, The Virgin – Khloe Kapri & Bambino

Khloe Kapri is lying on her bed, looking at her phone. Hearing a knock and inviting the visitor in, Bambino, her step-brother enters. He just wanted to see how she’s settling in back home after her semester at college. Inviting him to take a seat next to her on the bed, she tells him that she’s happy to be home, but she’s still super stressed out from her exams. Bambino is sympathetic. He offers to give her a shoulder rub. But he’s her brother, wouldn’t that be totally weird? Well, step-brother, he corrects her, but she knows he always tries to watch out for her and he can see she’s stressed and wants to help.

As he rubs her shoulders, Khloe begins to relax a lot more, telling Bambino that his technique is amazing. She never knew he had such strong hands. Bambino takes the compliment, thanking her. Since it’s getting really hot in the room, Khloe suggests that she’ll take her shirt off. Bambino asks if that wouldn’t feel a little strange for her. Even though they aren’t actually related, it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before, Khloe laughs, and peels off her top.

Bambino resumes massaging her. Her eyes closed, Khloe comments that Bambino has grown up so much since they last saw each other. Swallowing hard, he looks over her shoulder at her perky breasts. ‘You too,’ he stammers. She asks him if he has a girlfriend. He doesn’t, does she have a boyfriend? No, she doesn’t. In fact, she’s still a virgin!

He is shocked. How could someone like her be a virgin?! She’s never even had a friend with benefits or anything like that? No, she answers, the opportunity hasn’t really presented itself. And since she’s so inexperienced, she probably wouldn’t know what to do if it did. She’s never even kissed a guy before. Bambino is shocked all over again. Never?! Well, he’ll just have to teach her, if she wants. After a few moments of hesitation, she agrees since he’s her big brother and is just watching out for her.

They kiss, with Bambino guiding her through the kiss, though it gradually becomes more passionate and deep, with tongue. It’s getting a little too intense and they pull back from each other, both kind of shocked, but clearly turned on. They both shake their heads at the same time. Khloe comments on how nice the kiss was and asks her step-bro how she did. He responds very positively and encouragingly.

Now that she knows the basics, he tells her that maybe he should show her something else. Maybe he could touch her tits? Kissing is one thing, but that’s just too weird, she says. Well, he says, he was just touching her shoulder before, isn’t it the same thing, just touching a different part of her skin? Well, if he thinks it’ll help help her get more experience, ok, she relents. Bambino begins to feel her tits. That feels really good, she comments.

As Bambino is feeling her tits, Khloe, increasingly into it and less inhibited, asks Bambino if he could touch her, y’know… down there. Just so she would know what it feels like. It’s just another piece of skin, isn’t it? It’s the same thing as touching her tits. And since they’re not REALLY related, how bad could it be… He obliges and fingers her pussy, commenting on how tight and wet she is as she moans with pleasure.

Bambino then pulls back and encourages Khloe to get on her hands and knees to teach her how to do a blowjob. Khloe, aroused from everything, doesn’t hesitate. She’s a quick learner and is fueled by his praise. When it finally comes time to take Bambino’s cock, she’s eager to learn how to ride that, too!

Business With Pleasure – Toby & Melody Petite

Curly-haired babe Melody Petite is a real estate agent and knows exactly how to sell houses to the right men! Toby, one of her clients comes to see her at her office and she seduces him by mixing business with pleasure. She gets on her knees and deepthroats his hard eager cock! He’ll for sure want to buy the house now!

Toppsy Curvey: More Conservative Than People Knew

Toppsy Curvey: More Conservative Than People Knew

Toppsy Curvey: More Conservative Than People Knew

“I wear very conservative clothes,” said Bostonian Toppsy Curvey, one of the big stars of the big-bust scene. This might surprise many who imagined her shopping at the supermarket wearing a tank top and booty shorts. Which is a pretty good image.

Toppsy was a magazine star, appeared on a slew of TV talk shows and often jumped on baseball players, a trend started by Morganna, The Kissing Bandit.

In this video, Toppsy’s hair is brunette, giving her a softer look than her bright, brassy blonde.

“I don’t dress like a bimbo because I’m not one. Sure, I have clothes that are risque, but when I go out in public I don’t wear anything that will allow people to prejudge me or give them the opportunity to do that. Men would be surprised what is in my closet. I usually wear a jacket whenever I go out. My dance shows are different. I have a lit-up butterfly show, a ’50s show and a bubble bath show that women love.”

Speaking of women fans:

“Lots of women come to my shows because of the television exposure and they like to come and talk to me. A lot of women will come and say, ‘I saw you on the show and I just wanted to ask you a few questions.’ They’re nice and they bring their husbands. Some have big boobs, some want them and others are just curious what it’s like to be a dancer or a model.”

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This Blouse-buster Will Kill Ya!

This Blouse-buster Will Kill Ya!

This Blouse-buster Will Kill Ya!

A cheery, jubilant, happy-go-lucky, robust girl with 34HH-cup whoppers, Gya Roberts can suck her own nipples effortlessly, a rare talent for even the most top-heavy girls.

“I think it is just natural,” said Gya. “I think it is my genetics. I don’t know where I got this body from because my mother is very short and does not have any curves. But I am tall and have a lot of curves, so maybe I am just lucky, I think.

“I do a lot of aerobics and when I do, my breasts bounce all over the place and my bra cannot contain them. Especially when I do jumping jacks and I bend to touch my toes. So, after I exercise, I like to massage them with oil again, because I like to keep my skin tight. I enjoy massaging and rubbing oil onto my breasts.”

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Young, black cock for MILF Ruby O’Connor

Young, black cock for MILF Ruby O’Connor

Young, black cock for MILF Ruby O'Connor

Ruby O’Connor is 56 years old. The guy she’s sucking and fucking in this hardcore scene, the second of her life, is 22, easily young enough to be her son, almost young enough to be her grandson. Yes, she does have children and grandchildren. She also has a husband who enjoys sharing his hot wife with others. But he’s never shared her the way he is here. He drove his lovely wife to the airport in Arizona and said, “Have fun!” She did.

The dude, John Long, gets a great blow job from Mrs. O’Connor then pumps his dick deep inside her MILF pussy and coaxes one cum after another out of her. When he’s satisfied that she’s been satisfied (and, really, when he can’t hold back any longer), he backs off and unloads the contents of his balls onto her pussy. And then, just to prove what a good little newbie porn star she is, Ruby reaches down, spoons up some cum and licks it off her fingers.

We asked Ruby about her sexual fantasies, and she said, “I would like to do two, maybe three black men. Maybe even be blindfolded and try to guess which one is which, maybe which one is in my mouth and which one is in my pussy. That would be fun.”

Ruby is from Arizona. Before this scene started, she said, “I saw his cock, and it was huge. I hope I can handle it. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got!”

How’d she handle it? Very nicely. And she gave as good as she got.

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She Wants Older Cock In Her Teen Pussy

She Wants Older Cock In Her Teen Pussy

She Wants Older Cock In Her Teen Pussy

“My fetish is good-looking older men. I’m always hooking up with older guys. While my friends are checking out guys our age, I’m looking at their dads! Older guys are way better at eating pussy, and that’s one of my biggest turn-ons. I love cumming on their faces and all over their cocks. And boy, do older guys give me the best orgasms! I’m sexually passive and I just feel like older men are better at taking charge and being dominant. I’ll happily get on my knees and take a load on my face from an older guy any day!”

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Sister Caught Sneaking – Whitney Wright & Zac Wild

Zac Wild is waiting for his step-sister, Whitney Wright, to come home. She’s been out all night and he knows she’s sneaking around, getting up to no good. He wants to catch her in the act, especially after finding a condom in her bedroom drawer.

When Whitney arrives home, Zac hides behind her bedroom door. Once she sneaks into her bedroom, he closes the door behind her. ‘What’s up, sis?’ he loudly greets.

She’s NOT happy to have him in her room, and she’s even less happy when he says he knows she’s been sneaking out two or three times that week alone. He gloats that he found the condom, too, knowing that she’s doing more than just hanging out with friends.

She tries to shrug him off — so what if she’s out there doing her own thing? What’s it to him? He shouldn’t be rooting around in her stuff, anyway. Besides, their parents would never take his word over hers. Zac agrees that that MAY be the case… unless he finds proof, that is, so he grabs her purse and finds incriminating evidence, including a fake ID! Remember how she tattled on him when he accidentally dented the car? Well, now he’s got something on her, too.

Whitney’s now much more nervous as she drops to her knees and begs her step-brother not to say anything. The last thing she wants to do is make Dad mad. Please, she’ll do anything if Zac keeps all of this to himself.

Zac says, well, while she’s on her knees, there IS something she could take care of for him, gesturing at his growing hard-on… Whitney is disgusted as she pulls away from him, telling him that he’s sick! Zac disagrees — c’mon, what’s one more dick to a slut like her? If she fucks him, he’ll make sure that word about the fake ID never gets back to their parents.

Although Whitney is reluctant, she eventually agrees to fucking Zac to keep him quiet. She remarks that Zac must hate her, as she sinks to her knees before him. He says that’s not true — he loves her! In fact, he loves her thiiiiis much! She rolls her eyes at him, but starts to suck his cock just to get him to play nice. Eventually, he decides that he wants to go all the way and tosses her onto the bed for some sweet sisterly love.

Whitney does everything she can to win Zac’s favor, but will it be enough to keep his mouth shut?

The Daughter Disaster – Sarah Vandella & Elena Koshka & Steve Holmes


SCENE OPENS on a teen, Nancy (Elena Koshka), taking a home pregnancy test. She’s impatiently holding the stick in her hand. She taps her fingers against it with nervous anticipation as she mutters to it to come on and work faster. Her breathing is quick, panicked and shallow, and she even starts hyperventilating for several seconds and has to calm herself down by taking deep, controlled breaths. Once she’s calmed herself down, she looks back down at the stick and sees two lines appear on the small display.


Suddenly she’s interrupted by a knock on the door, and the voice of her step-father, Frank (Steve Holmes). He asks if anyone’s in there. Nancy’s eyes widen and she quickly tries to hide the evidence of the test as she says that yes, she’s in here — she grabs the stick and the small cardboard box it came in and hides them behind her back, and flushes the toilet. It’s just in the nick of time, as Frank tells her that he’s late for an interview and he hopes she’s done in there because he’s coming in.

The door opens, and Nancy tries to act like everything’s normal. She and Frank awkwardly brush past each other, his hands accidentally grazing against her body, as he moves towards the sink and she moves to get out of the bathroom without him seeing the test in her hands. He fidgets with his hair in front of the mirror and asks Nancy how he looks. Nancy looks away from him, the question clearly bothering her, and she mutters ‘You look fine.’ He tells her he has a good feeling about today, this is his first 2nd interview for a company. This could be the end of their troubles. Nancy sneaks a look at the pregnancy test in her hand. ‘Yeah, Frank,’ she says flatly, ‘sure it could…’ Frank gives his step-daughter a quick kiss, then exits the bathroom — he’s off to get this job.

Once he’s gone, she has flashbacks to when she had sex with both her step-father and her step-father’s ex-boss. She clutches the pregnancy box test in her hand so hard it starts to crumple in her hand as she sinks down along the wall and starts crying.


CUT TO a little later that day, Nancy is curled up on the couch with her laptop. She’s looking up articles on what to do when you find out you’re pregnant through a search engine. Her mother, Kate (Sarah Vandella), walks into the living room and Nancy quickly closes the laptop.

Kate says bitterly that she just heard from Frank, he’s on his way back already, there won’t be any second interview after all. When he arrived at the office he learned that they’d gotten him mixed up with another applicant, he was never among their top choices. It’s embarrassing, she says, he’s not even memorable enough to leave a bad impression, he’s just completely forgettable. No wonder he was fired from his last job. Over twenty years he was there, and never even got a title change. Why he didn’t beg to keep that old job when he had the chance, she’ll never know.

‘Mom…’ Nancy tries to interrupt but Kate continues. That job was way better to him than he deserved, Kate says, he should have been willing to do anything to not let that job slip through his fingers. ‘MOM,’ Nancy cuts her off, and tells Kate there’s something she needs to know about the day he got fired. Kate looks alarmed — what does she mean?

Nancy tells her all about what happened that day — how Frank bargained for his job back by whoring out Nancy to his boss, how he got fired, anyways, and then how he hate-fucked Nancy afterwards…

Kate is livid, though isn’t on her daughter’s side. Ever since she turned eighteen Nancy’s been acting like a complete slut, and it’s just been getting worse. She bets it wasn’t even Frank’s idea to do it, it was probably Nancy’s idea, she’s seen how Nancy dresses, how Nancy behaves around men. It was probably her fault that Frank was fired, and her fault that Frank was willing to fuck his own step-daughter! The two start screaming and arguing, both feeling betrayed, sad, and angry.

CUT TO an unspecified amount of time later, Frank walks through the door and hears the sounds of shouting coming from the other room. Worriedly, he kicks off his shoes and drops his keys and briefcase and hurries to the living room where Nancy and Kate are still fighting. He asks them what’s going on, and Kate instantly turns on him, telling him that Nancy told her about what they did the day he got fired and she can’t believe he lied to her and didn’t tell her about it. He stutters to say something, but Nancy cuts in, asking how Kate could possibly blame her for what he did when he lied to her about it, too. Kate tells Nancy to stay out of this, calls her a whore, and turns back to Frank asking how he could do all that to her. With her own daughter!

Frank struggles to say something as both crying angry women stare him down, and Kate gives up remarking that Frank doesn’t even have anything to say for himself, he can’t even say he’s sorry. Frank says of course he’s sorry, but it’s too late and Kate has already stormed off to the master bedroom leaving Frank alone with Nancy. In tears, Nancy complains to Frank that he didn’t even stick up for her, he tried to whore his own step-daughter out to his boss and he doesn’t even have the guts to admit it to his wife. Frank tries to calm her down, promising he’ll talk to Kate, and tries to put his hands comfortingly on Nancy’s shoulders but she pushes him away. She storms off to her room as Frank calls out to her that he promises he’ll make things right.

Frank enters the master bedroom, where Kate is sobbing on the bed. Frank comes up to try to comfort her with his apologies, but she pushes him away saying he’s ruined their lives. Much like when trying to negotiate with his boss, Frank’s weak and cowardly tendencies start to flare up instinctively. He begs Kate to forgive him, and starts completely lying to her. He tells her that things that day just escalated. With the way that Nancy dresses, it wasn’t surprising that his boss wanted to sleep with her. Frank also tried to resist her, but he couldn’t! He loves Kate and is faithful to only her, and wants to make it right again.

Kate asks if all that is really true. She wants to believe him but he really hurt her. If he does again, she’s going to leave him. Frank swears it is, he would never want to do anything to hurt Kate. Afterwards he was scared and humiliated to tell anyone, and above all he didn’t want to break up Kate’s family. They embrace each other, and then Frank kisses Kate passionately saying again how sorry he is. Kate says how is she supposed to forgive him, she just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. She kisses him again, and their passionate kissing slowly devolves into tender and erotic make-up sex.

Frank brings Kate to orgasm, but is unable to cum himself. He catches his breath and puts his hands to his forehead in exhaustion. Kate asks him what’s wrong and he explains that he has too much stress on his mind to cum, all the unfinished business with Nancy is preoccupying him. Kate is sympathetic, and says maybe he just needs a few minutes, but Frank says he should go speak to Nancy and try to resolve things between them. Kate agrees that’s a good idea, and says she’ll give them both some space to work things out together. Frank puts on a plain t-shirt and boxers and leaves the room.

CUT TO Frank entering Nancy’s bedroom. Nancy is curled up on the bed, and bitterly asks what Frank wants. Frank tells her he made up with Kate, and has come to do the same with her. Nancy looks up, and asks how he was able to get Kate to forgive her. Frank looks away for a second and finds himself lying again instinctively, saying that he told Kate the truth, that it was his idea to offer a deal to his boss to fuck his teen step-daughter in exchange for keeping his job. It took a lot of begging and apologizing but Kate finally decided to forgive him. He says that he also told Kate that Nancy didn’t try to seduce him at all, it was his idea in a moment of weakness. Nancy is surprised, he really said that? Frank continues to lie and says yes, he just wants she and her mother to get along so he told her it was all him. How could Kate forgive him for what he did? She really forgave him? Frank keeps saying yes, she did, and the important thing now is that they forget about it and move on.

Nancy says she can’t just forget about it. He says that he didn’t treat her right before, but he wants to now. He says to her that there was another reason he didn’t mind taking the blame for having sex with her, and it was because there was some truth to it, there’s a part of him that secretly wanted her all along. That still wants her. She must have felt it, too, surely? She hesitantly says that she has, a little bit. Frank moves in to kiss her and she lets him have his way with her, slowly spreading her legs and inviting the hand on her lap to move towards her pussy. He asks her what she was going to say and she says just that she wants him right here, right now.

Redhead Athena: Gaping Anal & A2M BJ – Mark Wood & Athena Rayne

Submissive redhead Athena Rayne sways her hot body and curvaceous booty in fetish lingerie. She impales her gaping asshole on a toy and then salutes director Mark Wood’s long cock with a messy, drooling blowjob. Mark rims Athena’s pulsing asshole, and his big boner teases her pussy. Athena massages her sensitive clit with a vibrator. Mark drives his throbbing rod up her ass and delivers deep backdoor reaming. She rubs her cooch while bouncing on his rectum-engulfed dick, and then she hops down for an ass-to-mouth blowjob. The anal exploration climaxes when Mark unloads a sticky helping of cum into Athena’s mouth.

Your Dad’s Cock Is Huge #14 – Ariel Stone & Claudio

Ariel Stone should have already left to start her Freshman class at College but she had one more thing to do before leaving and that was to finally fuck her best friend’s Dad! Her best friend has fucked Ariel’s boyfriend the year before and she has never forgiven her for it. She wanted revenge in the best possible way and getting laid was the icing on the cake Actually the Dad’s jizz was the icing!

Cum On My Tattoo – Gina Valentina – Owen Gray & Gina Valentina

Stunning hottie Gina Valentina is on a romantic honeymoon with her husband John. Or was it Owen? Whatever, who cares, same thing. Anyway, Gina was dressed in a sexy red thong bikini enjoying her time with her new hubby, slow dancing, splashing about in the pool, and sharing a milkshake. Everything was perfect… But Gina thought of something that would make it even more perfect: cum on her tattoo! Being such a loving partner, Owen was up for the challenge! He fucked her good and hard like a proper husband should, and delivered his creamy spunk to adorn her ink like frosting on a wedding cake. They were meant to be!

Flowers For Your Cheating Wife – Rachael Cavalli & Nathan Bronson

You are pulling the car into your driveway. You look down at the passenger’s seat where a bouquet of flowers sits that you can’t wait to surprise your wife Rachael Cavalli with, you even left work early to surprise her because she’s always so sweet to you. You often feel like you don’t deserve such a wonderful wife!

You go upstairs to the master bedroom looking for her. It’s empty, but from another room, you can hear the sound of your wife’s voice as she talks and giggles. You’re shocked to hear the sound of a man’s voice too. You hear them coming around the corner to the bedroom, and wanting to find out what’s going on, you quickly hide in the closet. You watch as your wife, wearing sexy lingerie, enters the master bedroom. To your horror, she’s leading a naked and muscular man, Nathan Bronson, into the bedroom. As you peer from the closet, Nathan lies down on the bed and your wife hops up onto him, sliding his hard cock inside her. Before long, the handsome and virile bull is going at it intensely, your wife riding his cock as she cries out how fucking amazing he is and how she hasn’t felt anything like this in years.

You watch, entranced by the appalling sight of your wife being pleasured by another man. As disturbing as getting cuckolded is, you can’t help but get hard watching it. But you have your limits, and soon you can’t take any more. You crawl away from the closet and into the hall, desperate to escape this cruel spectacle.

As you crawl, you hear your wife shriek and look back up immediately to see her looking in your direction. ‘Oh my God!’ she says in a panic as she and the bull both start swearing and trying to hide their bodies with the pillows and bed sheets, ‘what are you doing here?! I thought you were at work!’ She seems surprised and sorry.

As she continues to apologize, she looks down at your groin. ‘Wait a minute, were you getting hard watching us?’ she asks in disgust.’That’s disgusting! Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?’

You don’t answer, and she starts to mock you. She says how pathetic that is, how you find her in bed with another man and instead of kicking his ass you hide in the corner and watch them like some kind of sick pervert. ‘Well, if you like to watch so much, you’re going to sit here and watch me fuck him!,’ your wife says angrily, pulling you onto the bed roughly. You try to look away but she sharply calls your attention back to her, and you watch as she starts stroking the bull’s dick, continuing to mock you verbally as she does. As he spits on your wife’s pussy and prepares to slip his cock inside of her, you feel helpless and defeated. Absolutely nothing, not even the flowers that you bought for your cheating wife, can stop what’s about to happen.

Seems like you were right, you don’t deserve your wife after all!

Boom Boom In The Private Room

Boom Boom In The Private Room

Boom Boom In The Private Room

“I always like coming to XL Girls because of how I’m treated and the horny guys you set me up with,” said Porsche Dali.

Porsche clued us in about what she likes in a man in the real world.

“It’s nice to be complimented, but I don’t want someone to come to me and say, ‘Hey babe, nice boobs. Can I touch them?’ So just be friends with me, find out what I like, what I don’t like and let it go from there.

“I wind up with two types of guys. I get the butt fanatics. I’m packing butt, too. But I normally get the boob guys, too. The best thing was when I was a senior in high school. We were all getting ready to graduate. I graduated from a pretty big school and one of the guys I knew was like, ‘I gotta do something.’ So he stood me up in front of everybody at the assembly and said, ‘I just want to let everyone know this is the finest ass I’ve ever seen on a white woman.'”

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A Real Ginger

A Real Ginger

A Real Ginger

We can’t get over how stunningly beautiful Jia is.
Her fresh, dewy face and pink lips lure you in. Her porcelain skin is flawless. Her shy expression leaves you wanting more. And then there’s that long, natural, red hair mesmerizing you. And this is just Jia at a first glance. She’s even more alluring once her clothes start to come off.

We know that Jia’s a natural redhead.
And that’s because she kindly left a strip of red hair on her pussy. “I love my red hair, and I don’t think it’s very common to see a girl with red pubes. I didn’t want a full bush because my pussy is so nice that I think you should be able to see it. But I didn’t want to be totally bald either. So that’s why I shave my pubes into a landing strip.”

What gets you the most compliments?
“My hair, of course. Besides that, the guys I’ve been with have told me I have a nice pussy. They tell me it smells and tastes good and it feels tight when they fuck me. I look at it in the mirror and agree that it’s pretty and pink. It feels tight when I put a finger in, so I can imagine how it feels on their cock.”

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