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Starting the New Year Just Right With Ariane Saint-Amour.

Starting the New Year Just Right With Ariane Saint-Amour.

Starting the New Year Just Right With Ariane Saint-Amour.

“What makes me feel sexy? Being massaged. And thinking how much that person is being distracted by my looks makes me feel so sexy. And anything that involves me and Latex.” So said the fetish icon of Montreal, Ariane Saint-Amour.

“If a man wants to meet me, it’s simple. He only needs to visit me at the strip club. A smile is the best and most sincere compliment. Sex on the first date? Of course sex on the first date, unless you screw up.”

Tonight is private party night with Ariane. Celebrate the New Year. She’s got a spread ready for you, and wine too.

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Marilyn & Molly: The Black-Up Plan

Marilyn & Molly: The Black-Up Plan

Marilyn & Molly: The Black-Up Plan

Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard serenade Mr. Lucas in The Black-Up Plan with their two-on-one show, and he in turn will conduct with his beef-baton.

To open up the proceedings and provide the pre-bed briefing, a TSG editor video-chatted with Molly and Marilyn for a few minutes before this super-heated threesome. The girls are stoked, anxious and eager to get it on, but not nervous. They talk about blow jobs first. “I like a lot of variety,” says Marilyn. “I like to deep throat.”

Molly says that she has a really small mouth and likes to use her hand also to jack off her partner. When Molly first learned about Marilyn, she was eager to connect. There was chemistry when they finally met. They love each other’s huge tits and hot bodies and they looked forward to getting you off while they got off on themselves and a hard dick.

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My Boyfriend’s Mom – Lena Anderson & Christie Stevens

Lena Anderson knocks on her boyfriend’s door. His stepmom Christie Stevens answers, introducing herself. When Christie invites Lena in, her eyes go wide as she checks out the stunning woman her son is dating. Lena and her boyfriend settle in to watch TV. Hearing someone going up the stairs, Lena turns around on the couch, just in time to get a great view of Christie’s luscious ass nearly bursting out of the seams of her tight dress. As Christie walks up the stairs, she turns around, smiling coyly at Lena. Lena smiles back, biting her lip. She excuses herself, telling her boyfriend that she has to use the bathroom upstairs.

Christie goes to her son’s room and is beginning to make his bed when Lena pops her head in. Christie jokes with Lena that she was just fixing up her son’s bed because she figured that he and Lena would probably use it later. Lena gets close to Christie, brushing the hair away from her face and suggests that maybe THEY could use it now. Christie hesitates, worried that her son will walk in, but Lena assures her that he’s busy. She slides the straps of Christie’s dress off her shoulders, revealing her juicy tits, before bending down and gently kissing Christie’s pink nipples. Christie wants to see the body that her son gets to enjoy, so she takes Lena’s top off and eagerly licks the tall beauty’s breasts. When the rest of Christie’s dress comes off, Lena slips Christie’s panties down. Lena lays her on the bed, sliding her soft tongue on the milf’s wet pussy. Christie loves it and moans rapturously. It doesn’t take long for her to cum loudly, grinding her pussy on Lena’s face. Christie can’t wait to return the favor and flips Lena over, slipping her tongue into Lena’s tight hole. Her son is lucky to be dating a gorgeous girl like Lena, but Christie is definitely the lucky one today.

TS Lara + Big Cock Stud: Hot Anal Date – Tony Lee & Lara Machado

Tall, dirty-blonde TS Lara Machado greets the camera in a tight black dress, soon stripping to show off her plump booty. The insatiable trans babe gropes her cock through tight panties, and hung stud Tony Lee steps in for a passionate make out session. Lara gives Tony’s thick prick a blowjob, masturbating as he fucks her face. Tony rims Lara’s sphincter. Next, a savage anal pounding: Tony’s prick pummels Lara’s rectum as she strokes her stiff rod. Lara rides cock and reams Tony’s rectum. He slathers her perky tits with a hot cum shot.

Kissa: Squirt, Gaping Anal, Creampie! – Markus Dupree & Kissa Sins

In red lingerie, glossy-lipped stunner Kissa Sins shows off her puckering, eager asshole. She marvels at Markus Dupree’s big boner and drops to her knees to give a choking blowjob. Kissa sticks her tongue out and deepthroats dick. Markus fucks her pussy doggie-style and then stuffs his cock in her tight asshole; Katrina wails through an anal reaming. She spreads her gaping bunghole, and Markus pours huge helpings of cream into her rectum. Hard butthole hammering comes with wet pussy squirting, tasty ass-to-mouth cocksucking and anal toy play. A creampie drips from Kissa’s cunt.