The Forest Guy – Kortney Kane

Charles lives in the woods. He comes down from the hills once a month to visit the city. On this visit he decides to stop in on the Soapy Massage. He rushes the parlor like a caveman and encounters Kortney. He pays Kortney in cash and they both head upstairs. They both undress and enter the shower and Kortney senses that it’s been quite awhile that Charles hasn’t been with a woman. So not wasting any time she takes extra special care to massage him and pay attention to his hard throbbing cock. She rubs her big tits across his cock making it throb even more. She turns around and rubs his cock along her amazing ass making him extremely horny. They quickly move to the mattress where Kortney slides all over his body turning him on even more. She moves down to his cock and decides to release the huge load of cum he has to offer.

The Boss Is Coming – Kayme Kai

Dale is the Co-Owner of the soapy massage parlor. He recently was told that a few of the girls haven’t been performing their jobs properly, So he decides to come down to the parlor, and is greeted by Kayme. He explains to her that he’s the owner and wants to discuss a few matters with her. As they sit down he tells her he’s a hands on guy and wants to know exactly how things go during a session to see why customers could possibly be complaining. Kayme leads him to the back and starts soaping him up in the shower. Kayme is a bit nervous at first but as she starts to play with his cock she warms up. They soon move to the air mattress where Kayme slides back and forth over Dale’s body. She soon after takes his cock in her mouth and starts sucking and jerking him.

A Returning Customer – Alyssa Branch

Alyssa is the new Hostess at the Soapy Massage. She greets Marcus at the door and while bringing him in for his session he tells her about his occasional visits in the past. Since Marcus is a return customer Alyssa wastes no time in pleasing Marcus and immediately starts sucking his cock in the shower to get him hard and ready for action. They move to the rub where she gives him a soapy hand job and pleasing him even more. They quickly move to the air mattress where Marcus can’t help but start fingering her wet Pussy while she’s sucking his cock. Marcus can no longer hold it back and explodes a big load of cum all over her face.

The Naughty Student – Ivy Winters

Eric visits the Soapy massage and meets Ivy. Ivy is surprised since Eric is one of her school teachers. Eric inquires to the reason why Ivy’s missed alot of school recently and why her grades have slipped. Ivy gets upset and asks if there’s anything she can do to increase her grades. She then suggests that perhaps her teacher can grade her on her massage techniques. She leads her teacher into the showers and starts soaping him up. While soaping him up she admits that she has a bit of a crush on him. They move to the Jacuzzi where things get very erotic and teasing, then quickly move over to the air mattress. Ivy starts jerking and sucking Eric’s cock and asks him to cum in her mouth.

The Tourist Guide – Briana Blair & Rebeca Linares

Rebeca is visiting the USA from Spain. While looking for relief from her back pain she came across the massage parlor. Upon entering she meets Briana, and is lead to the rear showers, and asked to remove her clothes. Rebeca finds this quite suspect and is even more suspect when she notices Briana is disrobing as well. Rebeca decides to go with it, and enters the shower. She starts to get aroused when Briana rubs her breasts and nipples across her back. They move over to the Jacuzzi where Rebeca can’t help but fondle Briana’s tits while she letting her go down on her. they quickly move over to the air mattress where Rebeca explodes in multiple orgasms.