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Body Heat

Body Heat

Body Heat

River is feeling chilly and needs to warm up. She’s the perfect kind of girl to snuggle up with, the kind who gives off a lot of body heat. She has a big, juicy rack and a nice, plump ass. There’s plenty of soft, teen flesh to grab onto when you’re under the covers with her. But since she’s all alone, River only has herself to rely on to warm up. So she strokes her slit, fueling the fire between her legs.

She leaves a wet spot on her panties while she plays with herself and daydreams about getting fucked. She takes off her underwear and things go from warm to steaming-hot as she finger-fucks herself to a moaning orgasm.

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Jessie’s first time

Jessie’s first time

Jessie's first time

Jessie Reines, a 49-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Nashville, Tennessee, makes her worldwide debut by sucking and fucking Tony’s big cock. She really gets into sucking his balls, too. He really gets into cumming all over her pretty face.

But get this…

“I dress very conservatively,” Jessie said. “I was head of the PTA. Homeroom mom. Head of the school fairs and all that sort of stuff. I’m very much family-oriented.”

Now, she and her husband are swingers. She once got gangbanged by 14 men in Destin, Florida, which is in the panhandle. She handled those guys well.

“Usually if we invite eight guys, maybe four will show up,” Jessie explained. “That time, we invited 14 and all 14 showed up. It was a wild night and a lot of fun. Someone would be playing with my tits while I would be sucking someone off and jerking someone off. Someone was fucking me. A lot of fun.”

A lot of cum.

Jessie discovered when a friend of hers suggested she send us her photos. She did.

“I was a little surprised when I found out you wanted me,” she said. “I didn’t realize there was a market for old ladies.”

Damn right there is. Ladies just like Jessie.

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Scary Movie Night – Samantha Hayes & Alex De La Flor

Alex De La Flor is relaxing on her bed, watching a scary movie on her laptop and enjoying a bowl of popcorn. She is so captivated by what’s on the screen that she doesn’t see someone lurking in the background of her room.

Samantha Hayes, wearing a sexy nurse costume, appears in the doorway and moves to the bed, startling Alex. Samantha remarks that Alex is so boring and that they should be out partying! Samantha is all dressed up with nowhere to go because she was stood up. Now she’s there to bug Alex because she really wants to go out but doesn’t want to go alone. Alex says that she’d LOVE to go out with Samantha but she has no Halloween costume, has to study for classes tomorrow, and… to be honest, she’d rather stay home and watch a movie, even if that sounds boring!

They giggle and tease each other, then Alex suggests that Samantha watches the show with her instead. Alex gushes about the hot girls and androids, and how much she loves the show. It’s uncertain how much of this Samantha hears since she’s distracted by Alex’s breasts, marveling over how nice they are! Alex plays along, enjoying the attention, though comments that hers aren’t as big as Samantha’s.

Then they’re drawn back into the show, but Samantha jumps into Alex’s arms when there’s a jump scare. Alex laughs and assures her that everything’s fine. Samantha then goes on to talk about how she learned in class about different kinds of stimuli and how horror movies get the blood pumping… Alex pokes fun at Samantha for her knowledge, although they inch their way closer together, their flirty innocence turning into something more.

Alex is shy and giggly at first, though Samantha eases her into having some fun. Samantha starts by rubbing her all over and then helping her to remove her shirt to fondle and lick Alex’s perky breasts. As more pieces of clothes are cast aside, Samantha works her way down to Alex’s pussy, teasing her with her tongue before eating her out. Alex soon returns the favor, and more. Maybe she’s not so boring after all!

Horny Grannies Love to Fuck #14 – Alexandra Silk & Brad Sterling

Legendary porn star Alexandra Silk plays the role of an empty nester who is renting out the rooms in her house to local college students. Men only, please. With her husband gone and only the occasional grandkid visits, she has plenty of time to chase cock. And with the house paid off, she doesn’t need money so she can find inventive ways to help the young men pay rent. Today’s conquest features an engineering graduate who is quite happy to realize he can pay for rent with his hard cock. Alexa jumps on that cock quicker than a hobo on a hot plate and pulls off the young stud’s pants to greedily slurp on that big cock and swollen balls. Rock hard and ready to fuck, she impales herself on the dick and rides it for all it is worth.

The Huge Tits of a Maid & Her Mistress

The Huge Tits of a Maid & Her Mistress

The Huge Tits of a Maid & Her Mistress

This girl-girl of American strippers Busty BriAnna and Tawny Peaks was shot in April, 1996. Both girls were big names on the big-bust feature dancing circuit in the States. The theme borrows from bawdy Victorian novels and short stories about oversexed, slutty maids and mistresses. There’s loads of tit-mashing in this scene; bushy pussies, too.

Tawny’s PVC maid costume is a fetish number and she looks perfect in it. The tub they eventually get into is too small for the two of them…or should we say the four of them.

Tiny Tawny was ten years younger than BriAnna so the fantasy of maid and mistress works, although it would have worked just as well if BriAnna was the older, assertive maid and Tawny the daughter or cheating young wife of the lord of the manor.

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Blair Angeles eats cum

Blair Angeles eats cum

Blair Angeles eats cum

Blair Angeles, a 67-year-old divorcee, mother of two and grandmother of two, returns to suck and fuck Johnny’s cock. She sucks his balls, too, and opens her mouth for his cum and swallows it. Blair is a worldly woman who has done a lot of traveling and done a lot of different things, and now she’s doing this for the first time.

We asked Blair if she’s surprised that our members love older women–the older the better–and she said, “That is surprising to me because in our culture, there’s such a tendency in advertising to show the younger, thinner girls with their hair flowing and being perfect, and life just isn’t like that. I think most men are put off by that because it’s too perfect, and they don’t want someone who’s too perfect because they can’t identify with their human nature. And beauty comes from within. If you’re beautiful on the inside, it comes out.”

Blair enjoys men of all ages. The guy in this scene is easily young enough to be her grandson. She also said, “My mother is Italian aristocracy. My father is from Italy, and they’re farmers, so I have the best of both worlds: culture and a knowledge of political things plus a feel for the earth. It’s very important to have both things in your life.”

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Fall For Her

Fall For Her

Fall For Her

River is thirsty for some hot cum.
When the weather starts to cool down, some people like to sip a warm cup of cider or hot cocoa. River prefers to get a mouthful of jizz. “I would never be so disrespectful to waste a drop of cum. Every bit gets swallowed.”

River, you seem very confident.
“You could say that. I know what I want and I go for it. I will booty call a guy and talk dirty to him, telling him how wet and horny I am and how badly I want his cock. I’ll say perveted things, like I want him to fuck me till the sheets are soaked. The guy gets really horny, and that makes me even more horny. Then the best part is when he comes over and all the dirty talk comes true.”

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I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween – Part 4 – Ariana Marie – Tommy Pistol & Bill Bailey & Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie finally opened a yoga studio a year after that tragic night. Tommy Pistol and Bill Bailey came in for a class, but thrusting their pelvises up towards the sun wasn’t doing it. Ariana revealed she was new to teaching but wanted to take the it to a new level by exploring their centers with sexual passion, going with a Devil’s Triangle flow engaging in threeway sex and working those yoga dicks inside of her mouth and pussy! The students took turns sharing her holes, focusing their core energy into her pleasure. After finding their bliss all over the teacher’s face and perky natural tits, they left her to clean up after them. Ugh, what a nightmare! Little did Ariana know, her nightmare had been in progress for far longer, and would be over soon…

Bra Free

Bra Free

Bra Free

Valery is so flat, she doesn’t need to wear a bra!
This little Frenchy is basically nothing but nip. The only thing that protrudes under her white shirt are her pointy nipples. With barely even an A-cup, Valery doesn’t see the need to wear a bra. “I don’t have anything to support, so why should I wear a bra? The less clothes I can wear, the better. Sometimes I get scolded because my nipples show, but I like that.”

Do you always wear panties or do you like to skip those too?
“I like panties because they come in cute designs and I like the way they make my bum look. But also, I caught my brother’s friend going through my laundry and stealing my dirty underwear. When I realized he was doing that, it gave me butterflies in my stomach. So now I like to play with myself with underwear on so they get completely soaked, and I leave them on the top of my laundry pile for when he comes over.”

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Hung TS Sabrina Jacks Off To Eruption – Sabrina Andrade

Alluring in a tiny bikini top, lacy crotchless panties and bunny ears, well-hung T-girl Sabrina Andrade strokes her massive cock for the camera. The seductive TS tart bares her small, natural tits and bends over, exposing her asshole and taint. Sabrina reclines on her bed, slowly masturbating her thick, oiled cock, and increasing the pace until sexy dewdrops appear on her engorged dick head. The yummy Brazilian babe’s stiff boner erupts hot semen.

Too Hot for Teacher: Forbidden Submission – Lyra Law & Elena Koshka & Whitney Wright

Lyra Law, a bubbly teacher, is busy grading her students’ art assignments when she uncovers a submission containing naked pictures of one of her students, Whitney Wright, submitted by another student, Elena Koshka! As she stares at the nude pictures, Lyra tries her best to judge it as art. It has good contrast, good use of space… No, no matter how hard she looks at it, it’s not art — just a gratuitous naked photo! She can’t grade THAT, she’s a teacher! It’s beautiful, though, and Lyra loves the curves, the eyes, the most beautiful pair of tits she’s ever seen…

When she calls Elena to tell her that she can’t accept the pictures, Whitney picks up the phone instead. Little does Lyra know, Elena is happily naked, waiting for HER turn to get pictures taken! Lyra learns that they had a deal to exchange pictures, so Elena is a LITTLE tied up right now…

Lyra gushes about how sexy the pictures are and what a bummer it is that she can’t grade them because her bosses won’t allow it. The pictures need to be more artsy and less… nude. What if she comes over there and helps them take pictures before they continue any further with the project?

Lyra arrives at the address and finds Elena literally tied up, with a bit of red ribbon loose around her wrists. Lyra is surprised and tries her best to remain professional and hands-off as she teaches the girls how to do tasteful nudes. Despite her best efforts, she somehow ends up with her hands cupping Elena’s breasts in an attempt to cover the nipples for the next set of photos…

When Whitney announces that she’s satisfied with the pictures and wants Lyra to take pictures of both she and Elena naked together, Lyra’s too hot to turn the offer down. So hot, in fact, that when they later ask her to join them, she’s unable to resist. Soon the camera’s forgotten as Lyra loses herself, pinned between the two sexy, younger women. They all take turns licking each other’s pussies and getting their fingers wet. The last thing on Lyra’s mind now is how this will be graded!

Being Blonde Never Gets Old – Vinna Reed & Pam Pink

Horny blondes Pam Pink and Vinna Reed meet up for some fun at a park before going home. Once they get home Pam undresses her and plays with her wet pussy. Then Vinna takes her turn licking and sucking on Pam’s clit. Both ladies get very wet as they moan in pleasure. Showing blondes do have more fun.

TS Lena Fucks Squirting Cis Girl Zoey! – Zoey Monroe & Lena Kelly

Busty blonde Zoey Monroe fingers her pussy and asshole, dreaming about her upcoming scene with tattooed TS goddess Lena Kelly. Zoey starts the fun with a luxurious blowjob, stroking the T-girl’s hard-on and taking it all the way down her throat. Zoey rides Lena’s boner and squirts fountains of girl juice! Lena fucks Zoey’s every hole; Zoey cums again and again, covering them both in female ejaculate. After an intimate date that includes rimming and anal dildo play, Lena cums into Zoey’s mouth.

How Was Your Day – Serena Blair & Naomi Woods

Naomi Woods had a long day at the office and she’s exhausted. Serena Blair walks into the room to find her girlfriend slumping in her chair barely able to fashion a smile. Serena asks her what’s wrong and Naomi confesses that the creep at the office was staring at her again, that she had way too many meetings and just can’t deal with some of the people there. Serena sits on her lap and hugs her, telling her it’s going to be ok. The girls kiss, and Serena tells Naomi that she has something to confess. She was so stressed out at work, she masturbated there! Serena gets so turned on that she starts making out with her, promising her that she’ll provide the relief she’s seeking. The girls start tearing off each other’s clothes as Naomi shoves Serena’s nipples in her mouth. She tongues them wildly as Serena moans. The girls pull each other’s hair, as they embrace. They lose themselves in the moment as Naomi forgets about the torment of work and explores Serena’s body with her tongue. The girls move to the bed and remove the remainder of their clothes as they take turns eating each other’s pussies. The girls swap their pussy juices as they make out after hosing in their respective mouths. The girls 69 and lick their asses and then proceed to fuck each other’s faces. Naomi knows that whatever happens at work, she can always come home to Serena’s juicy pussy!

Horny Grannies Love to Fuck #14 – Brad Hart & Claudia Fox

Claudia Fox is a grandmother who has been getting a lot of grief from her judgemental daughter recently. Seems she has left her hubby of many years who was not delivering the wood to her anymore. Gotta go buddy. This young granny is not ready for the retirement home. She latches onto some young cock and spends her days fucking and sucking like a teen on a campout. Daughters sometimes don’t want to see momma whoring it up but what the fuck — if the pussy still works use it.

The Welsh Wonder Woman, Lorna Morgan

The Welsh Wonder Woman, Lorna Morgan

The Welsh Wonder Woman, Lorna Morgan

“I had an agent so I worked for a while,” said Lorna Morgan about her earliest years as a model. “And it was funny because she was the one who kept telling me I should do pictures, glamour pictures, so she said, ‘Oh you should really show your boobs. They’re huge! Come on, take them out for the boys.’

“I was nervous, I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll let you know.’ I had taken my clothes off but I did artist modeling when I was a student, the still stuff where they paint you or they sketch you. But you have to be, like, really still. You can’t move. You have to be quiet and there’s like fifteen people in the room drawing you. It’s a completely different thing than being with a guy who’s like, ‘Yeah, baby, smile for me, baby,’ and all this stuff. Some people, when they sketch, they were learning so sometimes the sketches didn’t really look like much. And sometimes they looked really clever. It depends on who was doing it. I kept one because it was of my bum.

“I like boobs. Sometimes I wish I could wear clothes that make you look sophisticated. My friend, she’s got a great figure and her boobs aren’t as big as mine. And she can put a dress on and look so sophisticated. And I can put the same dress on and I look like I should be waiting on the corner. It’s just the boob thing. Sometimes you want sophisticated looking boobs.”

Today, Lorna is raising a family and working on the other side of the camera. She’s a special woman.

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I need your ASSistance – Chad Diamond & Lena Kelly

Administrative assistant Chad Diamond has had enough of being sexually harassed by boss Lena Kelly. He confronts her but she refuses to back down, seeing the submissive and very horny assistant is up for her game of dominance. Hot blonde TS Babe Lena wants her cock sucked off, but first she needs to show him just how she likes it. Lena makes out hard with Chad before sucking his cock with boundless enthusiasm. Chad is so turned on he needs Lena’s dick in his mouth and returns the favor. Lena demands he fuck her tight asshole, riding him in several positions before chad sprays hot cum on her waiting tits.

Teen TS Melissa’s Big Cock Anal Date – Melissa Azuaga

Teen TS model Melissa Azuaga peels out of her lingerie, revealing her juicy, throbbing cock to lucky photographer Alex Victor. The lensman moves closer to Melissa’s stiff she-prick, trying for the perfect shot, and … suddenly he’s sucking the young T-girl’s curved she-dick! She reciprocates with a blowjob. Alex rims the Brazilian babe’s butthole and then thrusts his big cock up her ass. In a passionate anal rendezvous, Melissa sodomizes her new boyfriend, fucking his tight anus and then ejaculating on Alex’s scrotum. He cums in Melissa’s mouth.

Horny Grannies Love to Fuck #14 – Michael Del Ray & Keli Richards

Eighties porn star KELI RICHARDS makes her return after a 35-year hiatus. First time back on a porn set she is a little nervous. Especially when the male talent is running late to the set she has time to think. Uh Oh — that canonly lead to trouble. Bringing along her sons best friend as her support crew she feels she needs a little fluffingto get her slut juices flowing again. Shocked and a little bit uncomfortable, nevertheless the young man helps agranny out and lets her start sucking his cock. Not enough, she starts fucking the hell out of the young stud whogives in like a trooper and the two heat up the set. Sweating, panting and covered in cum the director comesback on the set to find his 80s star still slutting it up. Back to the makeup room, she goes for a touch-up. It’s likeshe never left. Welcome back KELI RICHARDS!!!!

The Slumber Games – Kali Roses & Alina Lopez & Judy Jolie & Kendra Spade

Four teenage friends, Kali Roses, Alina Lopez, Judy Jolie, and Kendra Spade, are hanging out and enjoying each other’s company in a bedroom. It’s a slumber party, and things are only just getting started before Alina’s mom swings by and tells them that they shouldn’t stay up too late. Acting as innocent as possible, they all chime in that they won’t, but as soon as Alina’s mom is gone, the REAL fun begins. It’s time for The Slumber Games — a game in which the last person awake is the winner! Alina is confident that she’s going to win, since she’s the reigning champ, but the other girls are looking to best her.

The girls have a charged pillow fight, filled with cheeky smiles and giggles, which ends up with Alina toppling off the bed, putting an end to the playful battle. But, wait! Only three of them are chatting now! The girls discover that, despite all her smack talk, Alina is the first one to hit the hay. With one of them down, Kali insists that she, Judy, and Kendra should unwind by comparing their breasts. Although Kali thinks it’ll be fun, the other two are not so sure about it. With some convincing, everyone removes their shirts, leaving their perky boobs exposed. Judy and Kendra are surprised to see that Kali has nipple rings, which leads to some light and exploratory touching.

Kendra’s sore from the pillow fight, so Judy offers to massage her, with Kali offering to massage Judy at the same time as well. They have a nice massage that leads to both Kendra and Julie hitting the hay, leaving Kali victorious!

As the new champ, Kali breaks out a bottle and makes everyone play spin the bottle. Although Kendra and Judy are hesitant to kiss their friends at first, everyone slowly gains more confidence. It takes some coaxing, with Kali leading the way, but everyone soon moves on from sweetly locking lips to eating out each other’s pussies. Tonight, no matter how they look at it, everyone’s a winner!

TS Bella + 2 Studs: Anal Threesome! – Bella Trix

Buxom, glamorous blonde T-girl Bella Trix peels out of her tight evening dress, poses on the bed and greases up her big, round ass for some naughty self-spanking. Brazilian studs Roosevelt and Alex Victor join her for a gender-bending anal threesome; they suck on Bella’s stiff she-dick and present their thick cocks for blowjobs. The boys take turns deeply reaming her tight butthole. With a cock up her ass, Bella masturbates to orgasm. Alex spurts his hot cum into her mouth.

Lorna At The Beach

Lorna At The Beach

Lorna At The Beach

Lorna Morgan is at the beach in Algarve Portugal in 1999. The SCORE team had rented a villa in this tourist town for a week of undisturbed photo shoots. Or so they thought. The beaches were among the most unpolluted in all of Europe. The beachside geography itself has a kind of prehistoric look.

“So that I wouldn’t frighten any children, all the beach shots were taken really early in the morning,” Lorna remembered. “There were lots of suspicious elderly people on the beach at 7AM. They stayed put and watched all the shoots. Sometimes they came really close for a good look and I would just carry on regardless.

“I had to be up at 5AM and be in full make-up no later than 6AM. Luckily I shared a room with Kerry and we are exactly alike when it came to going to bed or waking up. We would fall into bed and go to sleep identically. It was uncanny. I really enjoyed our trip. I often wonder why I bothered to catch the plane home.”

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Fuck that ass!

Fuck that ass!

Fuck that ass!

When this scene opens, 54-year-old Kelly Scott tells us this is her first time doing anal on-camera but not her first time doing anal.

“I have a feeling that these guys are bigger than I’ve ever had.”

She’s right about that: Her first on-camera anal is with JMac, who has a huge cock.

When she sees JMac, she says, “You’d better go easy on me.”

“I’ll try,” he says.

He doesn’t. He fucks her pussy and ass hard in all kinds of positions, including piledriver (in which we get to see the hints of gray in Kelly’s pussy hair). He pounds her ass in the piledriver position and finally squirts his load all over her pretty face, getting some in her hair, too. That’s usually a no-no with women–they don’t like it in their hair or eyes–but Kelly doesn’t mind. That’s because she had as much fun as JMac did. And he had a lot of fun! You’re into anal.
Kelly: I am. Is that a fetish? We hope not. We hope it’s more popular than that. When did you discover that you’re into anal?
Kelly: I was probably in my late 20s. It was my ex-husband. He just slipped it in there without telling me. No wonder he’s your ex-husband!
Kelly: [Laughs] I’m pretty open-minded and he knew it would be okay. And I liked it. It feels good, and you can relax. It’s different. If you’re having anal, will you just lay back and enjoy it or will you rub your pussy?
Kelly: I’ve done both. If I’m leaning over something like a couch, I can reach my pussy. But it’s an enjoyment thing. Do you believe in analgasms?
Kelly: I’ve never heard that word! So, the most sure-fire way to get you off is to…
Kelly: Stimulate my clit. Are you an easy cummer?
Kelly: It depends on the situation. I can definitely be very easy.

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Ass-fucked by a big, black cock

Ass-fucked by a big, black cock

Ass-fucked by a big, black cock

When this scene opens, Rome is walking up to Eliza Kelay‘s house and wondering why she called him over. He knows her husband isn’t home, and when she invites him in, he suspects something is up.

“I feel kind of weird being here,” he tells her.

“Let’s sit on the couch and talk,” she insists.

“Are you sure?” He’s nervous. “You have to understand, he’s my buddy.”

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” Eliza says. “I really have a thing for you. Black men, especially, but you.”

She strokes his arm. He decides to go for it and touches her leg, and away they go! Before long, Rome has forgotten about his buddy because Eliza is sucking his dick. Then he’s fucking her ass. He’s fucking his best friend’s wife with his big, black cock, and cumming all over her asshole, too.

Check out Eliza’s big clit. It’s a beauty!

Eliza is 40 years old. She’s a wife and mom. She describes herself as sexually passive. Not here, she isn’t. Not the way she goes after Rome’s cock.

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TS Chanel Fucks Asian Cis Girl Ember – Chanel Santini & Ember Snow

Spreading oil over her flat torso and stroking her furry twat, glamorous and petite Asian starlet Ember Snow brims with anticipation of her scene with busty TS temptress Chanel Santini. Chanel reveals her stiff she-cock; Ember eagerly sucks the Latina T-girl’s big boner and licks her asshole! As tiny Ember rides her trans lover, the two reach new heights of perverse ecstasy. Chanel passionately fucks Ember; Ember gives an expert blowjob. Chanel jacks her she-cum into the pretty cis girl’s mouth.

Tina: DP, DAP & Blow Bang With Marica – Lutro & Charlie Dean & Tina R & Marica Chanel

Long-legged Tina is a mischievous blonde with an appetite for multiple cocks. Lutro and Charlie Dean drop their dirt bikes to slip their hard dicks into her orifices. Charlie’s throbbing prick splits Tina’s pussy lips. She gasps as he switches holes and moans through an anal reaming! Tina delivers a slobbery, ass-to-mouth blowjob. Lutro reams her rectum in a sensational double penetration. Tina shows off her sphincter elasticity as the two studs simultaneously drill her ass in a double anal fuck! Rambunctious, tight-bodied Marica Chanel arrives to help Tina tackle a gang of big cocks in a blow bang. The fellatio comes complete with several cum facials.

But I’m Still a Virgin – Ashley Adams & Jane Wilde

Ashley Adams, a devout Christian and preacher’s daughter, is patiently waiting in her house with a Holy Bible clutched to her chest. There is a knock on the door and when she answers it, she meets Jane Wilde, a confused teen, for the first time. Jane says that her dad sent her to Ashley to talk about ‘something.’ She then shamefully admits that she fooled around with a boy, and now there’s a bunch of rumors being spread about her. A lot of what they’re saying isn’t true, though — it was just a handjob.

Ashley insists that as long as the boy didn’t put anything in her vagina, Jane didn’t commit a sin. Jane says that it’s just that she’s been told her whole life that doing ANYTHING of a sexual nature makes her a bad person. She know she’s not a bad person. She just has some feelings, and she doesn’t know what to do about them.

Ashley insists that she can teach Jane some tricks that will relieve that tension AND keep her intact. She continues to say that she has been having anal sex for YEARS, which shocks Jane. She also mentions that a pussy can be licked or rubbed, but as long as there’s no penetration, the cherry isn’t popped, so no sin’s been committed!

Ashley tries to more actively seduce Jane now, insisting that she’ll be much better off if she knows how to take care of herself. Jane asks if Ashley’s SURE the Bible says it’s okay to do these things. Ashley says that she is, but that she can’t quite remember WHERE in the Bible those references are… She assures Jane that it’s all there. Jane begins looking through the Bible to find those references while Ashley removes Jane’s top and starts fondling her perky breasts. Jane soon becomes overwhelmed by these new sensations and abandons looking through the Bible, giving into her primal urges instead.

Ashley guides Jane through her first mind-blowing sexual encounter. Ashley rubs and licks Jane’s tight pussy, easing her into the main event — anal sex, which Jane thoroughly enjoys to the fullest. Even if this isn’t a sin, it FEELS like it, and that’s what makes it even hotter!

Tranny Hoes In PantyHose #05 – Lena Kelly & Sergeant Miles

Sergeant Miles is waiting for his girlfriend Lena Kelly to go to dinner. Lena comes in her brand new red dress and pantyhose. Sgt. Miles is majorly turned on as he inspects his girl’s pantyhose for a run. He loves her tranny cock, especially when he’s rubbing it through those hot pantyhose. Soon, he can’t wait and rips a hole in the pantyhose for easier entry. He licks her ass good and then he fucks it hard, all the while gripping her pretty pantyhose.

CUMSHOT – Bi Curious #04 – Max Born & Tomm & Katy Rose & Kristy Black & Peter & Jeffrey Lloyd & Ramy & Dominica Phoenix & Alessandro Katz & Don Diego & Peter A & Silvia Dellai

Hot cumshot moments from all four scenes, lots of cum!

Don’t tell my hubby – Norma & Rob

Horny granny Norma is in her bed when she gets a call from her lover Rob. She gets excited because it’s a booty call and he is coming over. Since her husband is asleep, Norma lets Rob in to her house and deep into her hairy wet pussy. Rob pounds his throbbing cock deep inside her pussy, then blows his load all over her sexy lips.

Tiny Tits, Fat Ass

Tiny Tits, Fat Ass

Tiny Tits, Fat Ass

Violet is a cutie with a booty, but she doesn’t have much up top. During a make-out session her boyfriend finds TP stuffed in her bra. He likes her little titties the way they are, and the only thing that needs stuffin’ is her pussy!

They get the foreplay started with the boyfriend munching her twat and fingering her slit and Violet wrapping her lips around his fat cockhead. Then he slides his pole into her tight, shaved pussy. During their fuck session, Violet lies on her stomach and spreads her asscheeks, showing us her tight starfish while her clam is stuffed with meat.

When she gets on top we get to admire her tiny waist and bitty titties. And Violet has enough ass to make reverse cowgirl a balls-erupting event. And that’s exactly what happens: her pale tail jiggles and wiggles as she bounces up and down her boyfriend’s cock, and then he shoots all over her face.

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A BBC for Eliza’s ass

A BBC for Eliza’s ass

A BBC for Eliza's ass

The first time we saw her, 40-year-old wife and mom Eliza Kelay said, “This is definitely outside the norm for me. A challenge. I’m pushing the boundaries.” She meant getting naked on-camera and fucking for all the world to see.

Well, today, Mrs. Kelay, as her students used to call her, is pushing the boundaries even further. She’s sucking and fucking a big, black cock and taking it up her ass. That’s right, anal in only her second scene. The dude really pounds her asshole and makes it gape. Then he shoots his load on her butthole, and Eliza lets it drip down to her pussy.

Consider those boundaries pushed, Eliza!

By the way, Eliza also has a very big clit that gets more swollen the more turned-on she gets. And she gets very turned-on in this scene.

We asked Eliza if she’s generally into anal, and she said, “It depends on my mood.” We guess the mood was right on this day, so right that later on, Eliza got ass-fucked again for the video version of this scene. Can’t wait, can you?

And a few more things: notice that Eliza is wearing her wedding band as she’s sucking and fucking Rome’s cock. He’s not her husband.

“I’m in my sexual prime and I want to take advantage of that by having lots of hot sex,” Eliza said.

She’s doing that.

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Big-Boob Callie’s Gaping Anal Fuck – Mark Wood & Callie Black

In her sequined halter, choker and panties, blonde Callie Black shows us her great, natural boobies. This pale, busty young lady pushes a glass dildo up her ass while stroking her bald pussy. She kneels to suck on Mark Wood’s big, erect cock; he fucks Callie’s sexy face and then bangs her from behind. She lies back to rub her clit while Mark stuffs his throbbing boner into her rectum. Callie enjoys some relentless anal reaming, till her butthole gapes! Mark cums in Callie’s mouth.

Empty Nest Mom – London River & Zac Wild

Zac Wild stands in the entranceway of his family home. He is excited, holding a couple sheets of paper in his hands. ‘Hey, Mom! I got accepted into college!’ he calls as he runs through the house. He finds his step-mother, London River, in his parents’ master bedroom, her back to him while lifting her shirt over her head. Zac doesn’t want to make an awkward moment even more awkward, so he calls to her to let her know he’s there. She turns around, mostly naked but not embarrassed as she greets her step-son. He apologizes for barging in and she dismisses it, telling him that it’s fine. She curiously comments about and gestures to the papers in Zac’s hands. He excitedly tells her that he’s been accepted to college that fall and they hug in celebration.

Although they have hugged plenty of times before, Zac is flustered when her large breasts press against his chest. After a brief moment, he hugs her a little tighter with a dreamy smile, his hands rubbing her back slightly, almost sensually, though pulls back abruptly when London winces. He is both flustered and worried that he’s being creepy, which isn’t his intention.

London winces as she pulls away from the hug, rolling her shoulders, making it obvious that she only pulled away because she’s aching — not because she disapproves of Zac’s lingering hug. Zac is concerned, asking her if she’s all right. London rolls her shoulders again and states that she just finished her exercise class and only got home not long ago. Zac says that he’s not very good at it but can give London a massage to help her relax, and London easily agrees, saying that his dad never offers to do things like that.

Zac puts aside his papers and they both sit on the bed. He begins massaging her shoulders from behind. He’s a bit too rough and clumsy at first and apologizes for his inexperience, embarrassed. London assures him that he’ll get the hang of it with her guidance. She gives him pointers and his technique improves. His expression is once again dreamy as his hands drift forward over London’s shoulders and toward her breasts.

‘What are you doing?’ London teasingly asks Zac, whose eyes widen as he sees just how close his hands are to London’s breasts. ‘Nothing!’ he exclaims as he yanks his hands back, embarrassed, while London turns to face him. She tells him that whatever he’s feeling is natural, reminding him that she’s his step-mother so he can tell her anything.

Zac admits that he feels that his father doesn’t give her the attention she deserves. HE should be there giving her a massage — not Zac. London tells him how touched she is that he worries for her like that, and even though he is nearly the spitting image of his father, he is much more sensitive and attentive. Zac is pleased, sitting a little straighter and prouder, gazing into London’s eyes. He then rubs his neck, laughing sheepishly. He suggests that they continue the massage because he doesn’t want to give away how much he likes London by gazing deeply into her eyes.

London offers to lay down and let him try a full-body massage on her, which he accepts. He straddles her hips and massages her shoulders and back. His touches become sensual, drawing soft moans and words of encouragement from London as she enjoys herself. He even leans forward more to really get into it, which causes his hard-on to press against London. ‘Are you happy to see me?’ she teases as she looks over her shoulder to him.

He’s horrified and straightens up, his hands snapping down and covering his bulge. ‘I’m sorry! Blame it on the hormones!’ London laughs and teasingly raises her hips a little. He’s so embarrassed and aroused that he climbs off her. London’s playful expression turns to one of concern as she asks him what’s on his mind. Zac admits that he’s frustrated about the way his dad is never around to treat her right. He relaxes and finally admits that he has feelings for London.

London gazes at him fondly, telling him that while she wishes that his father was around, too, she has Zac, which she’s glad for. Their relationship is going to change, especially once he goes away to college, so she wants to not only teach him how to massage a woman but please a woman, too. Zac’s mind is blown as he readily accepts the invitation since this is a dream come true!

Horny Grannies Love to Fuck #14 – Joclyn Stone & Michael Del Ray

Poor Michael Del Ray. His girlfriend has dumped him and he feels the world has come to an end. He finds himself wallowing in misery in the backyard of his neighbor — old Joclyn Stone. A grandmother and woman of the world, she immediately knows how to cheer up the young man. She has been through a lifetime of break ups and divorces. He just needs to get his dick back in a fresh hole to forget about that last one. And nobody has a fresher hole on the block than old Ms. Stone. Hot and horny granny brandishes that hairy pussy of hers for some hardcore dicking and an orasming good time. Fucked hard and drenched in cum she is happy to help a young man out.

Lorna Morgan In Algarve, Portugal

Lorna Morgan In Algarve, Portugal

Lorna Morgan In Algarve, Portugal

In 1999, Lorna Morgan went to Algarve, Portugal, a laid-back but popular tourist city for a series of SCORE shoots that resulted in the movies On Location Portugal and Busty Euro Babes.

Lorna talked about that week when she returned to Wales.

“I was there for one week in a villa with Linsey McKenzie, Jessica Turner and Kerry Marie,” said Lorna. “The weather was lovely. Our photographer John Graham made me sunbathe for the first two days because I was so pale next to the other girls. Every couple of hours John would pass by the pool, see my skin cooking and tell me to go inside because I looked like a lobster. About 30 minutes later, he’d wonder where all the colour went and send me back out again. I arrived looking milky and left milky despite the constant sunbathing.

“I didn’t know Linsey, I didn’t know Jessica. I didn’t know any of them. At the airport, there was this stunning girl with beautiful hair. Kerry was so sweet, and we had so much fun chatting away. And then we ended up, as always, in a bunking situation together. There were so many people there, so I said to Kerry, ‘I’ll bunk with you if we have to bunk with someone,’ and she said, ‘Okay!’ And we were just so similar. We went to sleep at the same time. We got up at the same time. She’s neat and tidy. I’m neat and tidy. We both love to have a chat, but we just don’t chat until four in the morning because we like to have our beauty sleep.”

One of the most often mentioned scenes was not Lorna playing with her tits and masturbating in her room at the villa. It was her walking to town dressed in shorts and a tight top. Go figure.

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Hairy pussy and a fucked ass

Hairy pussy and a fucked ass

Hairy pussy and a fucked ass

“This is my first time doing anything anal on-camera, and I’m really kind of nervous,” said 54-year-old mother and grandmother Kelly Scott. “Even though I like it, I have a feeling that this guy is bigger than I’ve ever had. It kind of scares me and I don’t know what to expect, but I’m looking forward to it, and we’ll see how it goes.”

It goes very well, as you’re about to see. Kelly, who’s sexy and has a very hairy pussy, sucks JMac’s huge cock then gets her pussy fucked, then gets her ass fucked, including in the piledriver position. That’s an expert position for a woman who had never done anal on-camera.

Key words: “on-camera.” Her personal life is another story.

“I love anal,” she said. “It feels good.”

She told us that JMac’s cock in her ass felt good, too, even though it’s the biggest one she’s ever had.

“I was probably in my late 20s when I discovered that I like anal,” Kelly said, “It was my ex-husband. He just slipped it in there without telling me. I’m pretty open-minded and he knew it would be okay. And I liked it. It feels good, and you can relax. It’s different.”

Second-best thing about Kelly getting ass-fucked: We get unobstructed views of her hairy snatch. Nice!

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Free the Flatties

Free the Flatties

Free the Flatties

“All the other girls on the cheerleading squad have big tits. But…I’m flat! So my little secret is that I stuff my bra. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep it up for long. It was only a matter of time before my boyfriend found out that I have like, no titties. I was so embarrassed when he finally found out. But he made me feel way better when he said he liked my ittie bitties and sucked on them.

“I mean, he wouldn’t have gotten that hard if he didn’t like my boobs, right? Well, he fucked me really good and then squirted all over my face. That was a first for me! He’s even convinced me to not wear a bra because he thinks that’s sexy. I think I might try it out!”

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For Her Viewing Pleasure – India Summer & Jenna Sativa

Mercedes is a bored housewife that has become VERY interested in lesbian sex…in fact her curiosity and secret lust for women has her seeking out the ultimate fantasy for her viewing pleasure… it’s time to watch some hot lesbian porn! Brunette, all natural Jenna Sativa cannot wait to devour gorgeous MILF India Summer, as Jenna and India kiss and caress each other. With dripping wet pussies the two beauties finger fuck and enjoy hot pussy eating action. India and Jenna are cumming multiples times screaming and moaning their release.

Bikini Babe Hillary’s Gaping Anal Fuck – Bill Bailey & Hillary Paige

Eager for some nasty anal fun, slender blonde Hillary Paige teases us by the pool in her skimpy bikini. Indoors, young stud Bill Bailey sucks Hillary’s natural tits and jams his tongue into her tight little asshole for a rim job. The slutty young lady takes a standing pussy fuck and then sucks Bill’s big boner. She crouches on all fours so he can stuff her sweet butt with thick meat. He passionately plumbs her rectum in multiple positions, making her anus gape. Hillary sucks dick ass-to-mouth and swallows his cum.

Girlcore | S1 E6 | Private School – Aidra Fox & Georgia Jones & Angela White & Emily Willis

School is in session as another day in class begins for a rowdy group of ladies at an all-girls high school. As they pass notes and gossip about an upcoming party, the bell rings and the girls’ substitute teacher, Miss Virginia Georgia Jones) walks in. Introducing herself, she tells thestudents that they’re going to do a little review before she gives them a test. The girls moan and groan. As Miss Virginia writes on the blackboard, Tiffany (Aidra Fox) and Heather (Emily Willis) ready some spitballs to give the new teacher a proper welcome. Tiffany fires one off, hitting theboard right where the teacher is writing. She stops, sighing loudly and turning around just as another spitball hits her face. She demands to know who did it but the girls aren’t telling. Heather raises her hand and when the teacher calls on her, she says ‘Miss…Vagina, when are you gonna tell us about the lesbians?’ The class erupts in laughter. Miss Virginia doesn’t appreciate that kind of language, but Tiffany points out that it was supposed to be on their testtoday and their normal teacher talks about lesbians. In fact, their normal teacher LOVES lesbians. Miss Virginia isn’t sure what they’re referring to but insists that there are no lesbians on the test and the class continues.

Later, on a break between periods, Miss Virginia is pouring herself a cup of coffee in the teacher’s lounge when Principal Amy (Angela White) walks in. She startles the teacher, who pours coffee on her dress accidentally. As she helps her wipe the stain off of her chest, Principal Amy tells Miss Virginia flirtatiously that she can relate, she’s always getting herself wet too. As they chat, Principal Amy tells Miss Virginia that she hopes to find her a more permanent position. Miss Virginia is delighted to hear that but has to rush back to class when the bell rings.

Back in class, Miss Virginia instructs the girls to do some independent study before the test. They hit the books, but one of the girls is only pretending to study and is actually reading a smutty paperback novel entitled ‘Private School’ that she hides behind her textbook. Miss Virginia catches her, but the girl quickly passes the book to a giggling Heather, who hides it down the front of her blouse. Miss Virginia demands that Heather give her the book. Ok, Heather says mischievously, opening up her blouse to reveal the book, along with her lacy little white bra. The class goes wild as Tiffany runs over to Heather and gives her perky tits a little squeeze. Miss Virginia yells at the class to quiet down. They finally listen and Miss Virginia grabs the book, appalled to discover that it’s a pornographic novel. She chastises the girls and locks the book on her desk, telling them that it’s time for their test.

The students start the test, but it doesn’t take long for another disruption to break the silence, as a pizza arrives for Heather at the door of the classroom. This is the last straw for Miss Virginia, who dismisses the class, ordering Heather and Tiffany to stay for detention. Principal Amyhappens to be passing by the classroom and asks Miss Virginia what’s going on. When she tells the principal that she’s disciplining a couple of troublemakers, Principal Amy’s eyes light up and she comes into the class, closing the door behind her. When Principal Amy asks Heather andTiffany what they’ve done to get detention, the giggling girls tell her that they were looking at a book…about lesbians. Principal Amy smiles wickedly, asking if the book was…pornographic? The girl’s lusty smiles are answer enough. The principal tells the girls that she knows just what they need as she removes a ruler from a drawer and smacks it on her wrist: they need to be punished. She asks Miss Virginia to clear the desk for their punishment, but the teacher is reluctant. Tiffany and Heather are far from reluctant though, and they take off their cardigansand bend over the desk, throwing up their skirts to expose their supple little asses. Miss Virginia still doesn’t think that they need to go this far, but Principal Amy reminds her that she wants to give her a permanent position. And for her to do that, she needs to see what kind of woman Miss Virginia is. She hands the teacher the ruler, asking her to do the honors. Miss Virginia still isn’t so sure, but the girls, eager for their punishment, reassure the teacher, telling her that they deserve to be punished. Miss Virginia, worried that she won’t get the permanent position unlessshe demonstrates her authority, begins to smack their asses. She’s tentative at first, but soon she’s spanking their cute butts hard as the girls gasp in delight.

Principal Amy looks on approvingly. But she can’t let Miss Virginia have all the fun, so she rolls up her sleeves and jumps in, grabbing a handful of the girl’s juicy asses as she spanks them. They moan with pleasure. As she dishes out their punishment, the principal wants to make sure that Tiffany and Heather have been keeping up with their physical education and has them strip down. The girls peel their clothes off to reveal their tight teen bodies. Principal Amy sits on the desk and has Tiffany lay across her lap for some more discipline. Heather’s eager to help and spreads Tiffany’s beautiful ass cheeks before spanking her again. Principal Amy sees Miss Virginia looking on, shocked but definitely intrigued. Not one to make the new teacher feel left out, the principal tells the girls that they are so lucky to have such a beautiful teacher, so why don’t they help her off with her clothes and show her their appreciation? The girls do as they’re told and slip her clothes off, as Miss Virginia lies down on the desk and they spread her legs. Tiffany begins to eat her pussy as Heather climbs up and rides Miss Virginia’s face. Soon, Principal Amy strips off her shirt, letting her luscious tits loose and joins in on the action. This may be Miss Virginia’s first day, but she’s about to find out that this is just another typical day of classes at Girlcore Private School…

Girlcore | S1 E5 | Strange Nurses – Casey Calvert & Sarah Vandella & Whitney Wright

Tiffany Weston (Whitney Wright) is lying in bed recovering from a nose job. Nurse Wheeler (Casey Calvert), walks in and asks her if she’s ready to take off her bandages. Whitney nods in agreement as Casey takes great care to ease them off and not hurt her in the process. Casey tells her how beautiful she looks but when Tiffany looks in the mirror she gasps – ‘gag me with a spoon!’ she laments, she thinks she looks awful! Nurse Wheeler assures her that she’s being ridiculous and that it’s just bruising, it’ll heal in no time – she looks great. Before she leaves the room, Nurse Wheeler reminds Tiffany that she should get some rest, so she can properly heal.

Nurse Wheeler comes to visit her throughout the day and it’s clear that there’s a bond between them, but their pleasant visits are interrupted by the arrival of a rigid, authoritative lady doctor Dr. Mills (Ryan Kelly) who comes and removes her bandages – she seems to have a strange fixation towards Tiffany. It leaves Tiffany shaken, but after she leaves, nurse and patient continue to shoot flirty glances to each other. As the girls are about to kiss, they get interrupted and Nurse Wheeler promises to come back later to check up on her.

Late into the evening, as Tiffany waits for her favorite nurse, she starts playing with her pussy. When the door opens behind her, she turns around to find a stranger standing by the doorway who introduces herself as Nurse Saunders (Sarah Vandella). Nurse Saunders is direct and cold. She tells Tiffany to disrobe so she can start her physical examination. Tiffany is taken aback by how direct she is and disrobes immediately. Nurse Saunders starts examining her and not being the shy type, grabs her breasts firmly. When she tells Tiffany that it’s time to examine her pussy, the teen feels uncomfortable but does what she’s told. Nurse Saunders starts examining her pussy stating that she needs to get a closer look. She leans in and starts eating her out.

Nurse Wheeler walks in the room and Tiffany is relieved to see a familiar face. She pleads with her saying that there must be some mistake here. Nurse Wheeler responds dryly that Nurse Saunders is just trying to do her job. Tiffany is so confused…What kind of hospital is this? Nurse Wheeler leans in and reminds her that this is what she wanted. She kisses Tiffany and the girls start making out as Nurse Wheeler continues to eat her pussy. When they finish each other off, Doctor Mills walks in the room sternly reminding the nurses that they have a lot more patients to attend to.

Girlcore | S1 E4 | Lesbian Twins – Shyla Jennings & Jenna Sativa & Kristen Scott

The last thing Miranda (Kristen Scott) wants to do is meet her dad’s new girlfriend, Marjorie (Chanel Preston). She’s NOT impressed by the whole thing, so she does everything she can to grind his nerves. Even while sitting in the car in front of Marjorie’s home, she ignores her father (Tommy Gunn) as he begs for her to be on her best behavior this weekend.

In a huff, Miranda leads the way to the front door. Marjorie sweetly greets her, though Miranda’s not won over by her charm. She’s even less hyped about the whole weekend when it’s revealed that Marjorie has two twin daughters. Great, it looks like Miranda’s going to have to babysit.

Her bitterness turns into morbid curiosity as the two practically identical teenage girls descend the staircase with their hands clasped together. Becky (Jenna Sativa) and Vicky (Shyla Jennings) are bright and cheerful, wearing cutesy pink and white dresses that make Miranda want to gag.

When Marjorie announces that it’s dinnertime, Miranda’s thankful for the distraction. As she jabs at her sushi, she eyes the twins sitting across from her. There’s something… off… about them, but she can’t quite place a finger on it.

She reaches down to the foot of her chair where her bag is, hoping that she remembered to pack a snack, and catches the twins holding hands beneath the table. She was NOT expecting to see that! Unaware of what’s going on, Marjorie brings up how she and her late husband adopted the two girls, from two different countries, to give them a fresh start. ‘So they’re not even real twins?’ Miranda asks with raised brows.

A mischievous idea starts forming in Miranda’s mind…

After dinner, they all move to the living room to settle down and watch a family movie together. Miranda enacts her plan and insists that her dad and Marjorie go out on a date. They don’t get to see each other often, so why not take the chance? She and the girls can take care of themselves while they’re out. Although the parents are hesitant at first, they’re excited at the idea of a change of pace… which is exactly what Miranda is counting on. It isn’t long before her persuasive powers have them scurrying out the door like giddy teenagers.

Once the girls are alone, Miranda grins and begins the seduction. She puts on a ‘romance’ movie, but it quickly becomes obvious that it’s just lesbian smut. Becky and Vicky are uncertain about what’s unfolding, especially once Miranda starts simultaneously caressing their hands and knees, but they don’t tell her to stop. Although Becky and Vicky seem so innocent, they gradually become aroused as Miranda palms their cute pussies through their clothes, casting them sly looks. Now she sweet talks them into kissing each other, knowing that they’re attracted to each other. She takes those sweet darling twins and brings out a rebellious side they’ve never seen before as they lose themselves in a fiery threesome.

Maybe this weekend won’t be so bad after all.

Girlcore | S1 E3 | The Third Way – April O’Neil & Alexis Fawx

Jane (April O’Neil) is sleeping when her bedside phone rings and wakes her up. When Jane’s boss Veronica (Alexis Fawx) wants her at the office, she has no choice but to get dressed and get herself there pronto, despite her boyfriend’s protests.

Jane knocks on the door and her boss is right there waiting for her. She stares at her blankly, asks her to sit down and start typing. But Jane can’t keep up and Veronica is furious. She looks at her subordinate for a moment and can’t believe what she’s wearing. The girl looks like she’s about to go to the gym! Veronica scoffs at her appearance and tells her she’s certainly pretty enough to fix herself up properly. Does she need her boss to do everything for her? Veronica certainly thinks so!

She leads her to the next room where she has a dress waiting for her. As Jane tries to leave the room to change, Veronica raises her voice telling her there’s no need for that, she’ll be changing here. Her eyes emanate control, no is not an option. If the boss wants Jane to get naked, she’ll do what she is told. As she takes off her clothes, Veronica is sitting on the couch enjoying the view. Her eyes pierce through Jane’s soul, Jane feels uncomfortable but knows she must proceed.

Veronica gets up and pulls the elastic off Jane’s hair and starts applying makeup on her face. She’s going to make Jane look like a real business woman if it’s the last thing she does. She paints her toenails and gives her a pair of high heels. Now that she fits the part, it’s time to get some work done. Jane sits down and starts typing again but when her boss can’t stop looking at her, it looks like the girls will be working overtime in more ways than one!

Girlcore | S1 E2 | The Go Girls – Carter Cruise & Abigail Mac & Scarlett Sage & Ryan Keely

Stunning Fitness instructor Sheila (Abigail Mac) leads a class full of lovely ladies through a hard and sweaty workout, as their supple asses shake and their juicy tits bounce. One of the girls, cutie Jennifer (Scarlett Sage) seems to be having trouble keeping up, but she gets a break when Sheila has the girls take five. Gorgeous Stacey (Carter Cruise) walks up to Sheila and asks her who the new girl is, gesturing towards Jennifer. Sheila explains that she met her at the grocery store and that she and her husband are new to town. They both leer at the nervous Jennifer while she stretches. Biting her lip, Stacey bets Sheila that she could get that leotard off of Jennifer before the end of class and walks away smiling. As the ladies get ready for the second half of the workout, Stacey takes her place beside buxom beauty Erin (Ryan Keely), telling her that ‘It’s on,’ and pointing towards Jennifer. Erin smiles wickedly, adding that she loves a good challenge before the two move up in the studio to stand on either side of Jennifer.

Sheila tells the ladies that it’s time for some…deep stretching, adding that the girls need to choose partners. Stacey and Erin immediately sidle up on either side of Jennifer, telling her that they’re both going to be her partners and that they’re going to make sure that she’s totally stretched out. Erin takes Jennifer’s arm, leading her into some increasingly risque stretches. As they guide her through the stretching, they caress Jennifer’s body. Soon Erin takes Jennifer’s head and rests it between her supple tits, telling her that the workout studio is a nice break from everyone’s husbands. Just then, Sheila announces that it’s time for the weights. As the class gets into some tricep exercises, Sheila walks around to check everyone’s form. Satisfied with their amazing feminine forms, Sheila returns to the front of the class and announces that since they are all working so hard, they can shed some clothes if any of them want to be more comfortable. Immediately, everyone in the class strips off their tops, revealing a room full of luscious breasts. The only one with her top still on, Jennifer looks around in shock. Erin and Stacey try to convince Jennifer to take her top off, telling her that she’ll be a lot more comfortable, but Jennifer is still hesitant. Finally, Jennifer, realizing that there’s no reason to be shy in front of other women, peels her top off, setting her perky little breasts free.

The workout continues and Sheila approaches Jennifer, offering to show her a different exercise that will help her way more than this one. With a lusty smile, Sheila instructs Jennifer to squat down in front of her. Jennifer does, but Sheila wants her to squat lower, and before Jennifer can think, Erin and Stacey are there to help, each cupping one of Jennifer’s firm ass cheeks as she squats lower and lower. Sheila tells Jennifer that she’ll need to take a closer look and lies down between Jennifer’s legs, looking up at her pussy as Jennifer continues to squat. Sheila caresses her ass as Stacey and Erin encourage Jennifer to work that booty. All three stroke Jennifer’s butt as she bends even lower, her camel toe grazing Sheila’s lips. As Jennifer pants in exertion, the ladies definitely feel like it’s getting hotter and hotter in there. But Sheila needs a better look and suggests that they remove some of the extra fabric of Jennifer’s leotard so that they can…examine her form better. Jennifer is reluctant to shed the rest of her leotard, but when Stacey says that they can all take off their clothes to make her feel more comfortable, Jennifer agrees and slides off her leotard completely, giving the ladies their first glimpse of her tight pussy.

Stacey and Erin tell Jennifer to do a nice deep squat over Sheila, who is still lying between her legs. Jennifer squats, bending deeper than ever. Every time she bends down, Jennifer’s naked pussy touches Shelia’s mouth, who tongues it lightly with each squat. Jennifer gasps. By now, the girls have drawn a crowd, and the rest of the class stands around them, entranced by the special exercise. The next time Jennifer goes down for a squat, Stacey and Erin have her hold it and Sheila licks Jennifer’s pussy hungrily. Jennifer moans, swept up in the ecstasy of Sheila’s tongue. When Jennifer rises with shaking legs from that latest, orgasmic squat, Sheila suggests that they bring in some mats to stretch Jennifer out properly. The girls set up some mats and form a circle around Jennifer, telling her to lie down and relax. Sheila tells the girls that they really need to stretch Jennifer’s hips. Stacey and Erin don’t waste any time in taking the hint, and hold open Jennifer’s legs. Sheila begins to lick Jennifer’s pussy as Stacey and Erin hold her legs and the rest of the class looks on. But they’re just getting started and before long Sheila’s tongue won’t be the only one slurping on Jennifer’s clit. These ladies are about to give the new girl in class a hardcore workout that she’ll never forget…

Girlcore | S1 E1 | A Delicate Vice – Cherie DeVille & Kenna James

Cat (Kenna James) sits in a dark car parked on the side of the road, watching the quiet sidewalk. She’s patiently waiting for someone, and that someone is Allison (Cherie DeVille).

Allison appears, dressed in faux fur and high heels with her lips painted red-light district red. She climbs into the back of Cat’s car, counting a wad of cash before slipping it into her purse. Cat is silent and the tension between them is as thick as smoke as Allison insists that Cat really doesn’t need to drive her around everywhere. Cat calmly responds that she’s just keeping her safe, then drives to the next location.

Although Cat has to sit idly by as Allison beds strange men, her mind is filled with memories of THEM wrapped sensually in each other’s embrace. She can still taste Allison’s pussy on her lips and feel the weight of Allison’s breasts in her hands. Cat’s bedroom wall is plastered with photos of Allison in seductive poses after their nights of passion. Most of them are with Allison on her hands and knees, her body glistening in the aftermath of their sex. She is infatuated with Allison, wishing she could do more to help get Allison out of this rough patch in her life. Sometimes it seems like Allison doesn’t WANT help, though, but Cat’s loyalty — perhaps obsession — is unwavering.

As Allison climbs into the car again after her second John of the night, she hands Cat a piece of paper relaying an address. Cat’s calm, almost indifferent exterior shatters as she protests against the next location, which is in the warehouse district. Nothing good ever happens there. Cat desperately offers help once again to get Allison away from this lifestyle, but Allison mocks her. ‘What are you going to do? Take more pictures of me?’ The fantasy of them being passionately in love is quickly unravelling, showing the true nature of their twisted relationship.

Defeated but still not wanting to let go of Allison, Cat reluctantly drives her to the warehouse. A man in a suit is standing outside of large warehouse doors filled with graffiti. Allison climbs out of the car, not giving Cat a second glance, as she takes the man’s hand and slips inside the building.

Cat waits as patiently as she always does, although she’s near her tipping point. Everything is falling apart and Allison’s slipping through her fingertips. Everything she hoped for really is nothing more than a fantasy.

When Allison returns a short while later, sobbing against the backseat and begging for Cat to just DRIVE, Cat finally snaps. She climbs out of the car and opens the trunk, her eyes falling upon the object that will finally put an end to everything.

After all, she’s just keeping Allison safe.

I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween – Part 3 – Katrina Jade – Small Hands & Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade was folding laundry and ignoring calls, intent on laying low, so she was shocked to find the widow of the woman who died after their lesbian orgy knocking on her door for an appointment. Ivy is such a bitch for setting this up! She was curious to know if he told anyone about what happened, but it seemed that no one seemed to mind her missing, and no one found a body. Fucking on the anniversary of her death would be messed up, but he confessed he thought it would bring him closure, plus she was the hottest of any of the escorts he’d met. Being that Ivy always says SHE’s the hottest, this really made Katrina’s pussy tingle and she had to have that dick! Let’s just say laundry day can be a very dangerous day.

Taking Her Anal Virginity – Mike Angelo & Matilde Ramos

Latina babe Matilde Ramos is studying when Mike Angelo shows up at her door. She’s sucking on her lollipop, but really wants to suck on something else. Mike starts rubbing her pussy before she gets on her knees and sucks his cock! She can’t wait to lose her anal virginity. He fucks her in her pussy and makes her squirt before putting his big hard dick in her eager asshole!

Bikini Beauty Amirah’s Huge Cock Fuck – Nacho Vidal & Amirah Adara

Wearing a bright yellow bikini, tanned beauty Amirah Adara wriggles her round butt cheeks on the couch. Amirah gags and gushes slobber when director Nacho Vidal fucks her face, and she moans as he drives his thick dick into her twat. The wild hottie gives him a kinky foot job. Passionately she kisses Nacho, riding his gigantic rod. Nacho fingers her clit as she vibrantly grinds on his enormous prick. Finally he sprays his cum over Amirah’s bald cunt.

River Fox’s First Anal! – Mark Wood & River Fox

Nineteen-year-old blonde minx River Fox is eager for anal adventure. The fresh-faced cutie reveals her all-natural fun bags, shaved cunt and plush, fleshy ass. She penetrates her tight asshole with a dildo and then wraps her mouth around Mark Wood’s big, pulsing cock for a blowjob, obediently drooling as he fucks her pretty face. Mark plants her on all fours and drills both her pussy and asshole doggie-style. Dirty River sucks his meat clean! He fucks her to anal gaping until it gapes, and the sexy young girl earns a mouthful of sperm.

Oops I Squirted! – Zoey Monroe & Cadence Lux

Cadence Lux and Zoey Monroe are enjoying some quality time together on an outdoor balcony, playfully chasing each other and stealing kisses. They don’t hesitate to grope each other’s butts, the heat between them building as they make their way to the front door of the home. Cadence and Zoey are clearly aching for each other, their impatience showing through as hurried words and butt smacks as they fumble with a key to let themselves inside. As soon as they burst through the door, they waste no time crashing together in bed, their mouths hungry for the taste of each other. They heavily make out, gliding their hands over each other’s heaving bodies until Zoey turns around and invites Cadence to undress her. As Cadence eagerly does so, she peppers Zoey’s bare form with kisses while Zoey happily fondles her own breasts in anticipation of what’s to come. Even so, Zoey quickly throws Cadence down onto her back instead to start by having her way with her sexy girlfriend. After lavishing Cadence’s nipples with her hot mouth, Zoey soon kisses her way down to what she really wants to taste — Cadence’s pussy. Their goal today is to squirt, and they’ll do anything to make it happen!

Tranny Hoes In PantyHose #05 – Pierce Paris & Janelle Fennec

Janelle Fennec loves sitting in her upstairs window watching the neighbors as she soaks up the sun and feels her pantyhose cling to her legs. So tight they are. She feels very sexy in them. The way they touch her little balls and girl cock. Her man loves to find her in pantyhose. The heat they generate always gets her horny. He soon enough has her cock rock hard and pushing up against the hose. She needs cock and needs it bad. He takes her downstairs and fucks her mouth like it’s a cunt. Then he rampages on her little asshole with his massive cock. This is what Janelle lives for and soon she is rewarded with a volcanic eruption of man juice all over her face.

Leigh Raven Prove Something Sc4 1st DP – Ramon Nomar & Toni Ribas & Leigh Raven

Tired of acting conservative for boss Ramon Nomar, Leigh Raven makes a video to show her true, sexually radical self: In anguished intensity she extends her amazing, split tongue and challenges Ramon, ‘Is it too freaky for you? I think you want this tongue deep in your fucking asshole.’ He’s intrigued, but won’t fuck an employee — so Leigh quits the job! Stripped of her wig and business attire, the elaborately tattooed beauty with the short-cropped hair submits to Ramon and client Toni Ribas in an insanely intense, double penetration threesome. Ramon kisses her forked tongue. The manhandling fuckers slap her, spank her and spread her. Leigh gives a slobbery, deep-throat blowjob as each stud fucks her. They ream her asshole to cavernous gaping and she sucks cocks ass-to-mouth. Ramon lifts her bodily for a 69. Leigh wails through vigorous DP. Toni’s fingering makes her pussy squirt, and he drips the juice on her face. Ramon cums on that split tongue after Toni’s load plasters her face. As she orally cleans Ramon’s cock, he offers her job back … and Leigh throws out her wig.

Bikini Latina Katrin’s Huge Cock Fuck – Nacho Vidal & Katrin Tequila

Writhing on the floor in her micro bikini, tattooed temptress Katrin Tequila teases the camera. Director/stud Nacho Vidal appears, ready to rim the athletic slut’s asshole. He then drives his massive cock into her cunt as she lies face down on the floor. Katrin passionately kisses him as Nacho pounds her wet pussy, and she whimpers as the hung stud fondles her clit. A frenzied fuck session features slobbery fellatio and hard cock riding, climaxing when Nacho jerks out a hot load of frothy sperm.

Teen Vienna’s Anal And Rimming Lesson – Mark Wood & Vienna Rose

Cute blonde teenager Vienna Rose exposes her plump, jiggling ass and pert, natural tits. As she gets off on a vibrating wand, older stud Mark Wood shoves his fat cock into her eager mouth. He drills Vienna’s slick, young pussy and slides deep inside her tender butthole; the soft slut bounces her ass on his big dick. She sucks his meat ass-to-mouth and lewdly tongues Mark’s bunghole in a rim job! After an intense anal lesson leaves her asshole gaping, Mark cums in Vienna’s open mouth.

Too Hot for Teacher: Night School – Georgia Jones & Jade Kush

Jade Kush, a teacher, stares with exasperation at her computer screen where an open email tells her that she needs to get in touch with one of her college students, Georgia Jones. Georgia’s GPA is dropping and it’s in danger of bringing down the average of everyone in her class, which doesn’t reflect well on Jade!

Jade reluctantly calls Georgia, letting her know that her grades are dropping and asking if there’s anything she can do to help. When Georgia mentions that she could use a tutor, Jade knows that the duty is going to fall on HER shoulders. Although she tries to talk Georgia out of it since she normally only does tutoring during the day, she gives in. It’s short notice, but the tutoring session is planned for that night, even IF Jade had other plans…

When Jade arrives, she’s expecting to do the tutoring in the kitchen, but Georgia leads her straight to the bedroom, insisting that she does her best thinking there. While Jade is hesitant, Georgia is confident and perky as they sit together on the bed. Jade then tries to focus on doing what she does best, teaching economics, but Georgia makes it difficult for her. Georgia can’t keep her hands to herself as she touches Jade’s arm or picks at her shirt. She’s paying way more attention to Jade than to the lesson, no matter how hard Jade tries to get her back on track.

Finally, Jade insists that what Georgia is doing is inappropriate — Jade could get in trouble at work if word got out that she agreed to a nighttime tutoring session. Yet, Jade finds it hard to resist Georgia’s charms and even SHE has trouble focusing. Jade can’t fool around with Georgia! What if someone found out? Yet, her resolve fades quickly as Georgia assures her that no one will find out…

All worries about her job and Georgia’s dropping GPA disappear as Jade gives in and enjoys herself. They happily eat each other’s pussies out and trib while reveling in how bold they’re being. If Georgia could just apply herself in class as much as she’s applying herself now, her GPA wouldn’t be a problem!

Leigh Raven Prove Something Sc3 BGA – Markus Dupree & Leigh Raven

With suction devices on her nipples, a butt plug in place and a vibrator fastened to her pussy, Leigh Raven thrashes in bed. The natural-bodied beauty with the tightly cropped hair covers her elaborate tattoos with makeup; she reports to work in a wig and a business suit, her exoticism concealed. Leigh visits client Markus Dupree, and they argue angrily. He accosts her, tearing down her pants to eat her ass. Amid slapping and choking, he rips off her wig, grips her shorn head and fucks her mouth to gasping. Leigh responds with insane passion, and they fuck in animalistic style. He fingers her to multiple, squirting orgasms, and he reams her asshole to cavernous gaping. Wailing Leigh deep-throats cock ass-to-mouth and rims Markus subserviently. He delivers full nelson anal plowing, at one point lifting her bodily as he buttfucks her. She stretches her gaping anus for his tongue. They trade spit and squirt — Leigh slurps girl cum from the leather couch and the floor. Markus creams Leigh’s pretty face. He works her to one more torrential squirt and she rubs juice in her eyes.

Deena Duos: Deena-mite

Deena Duos: Deena-mite

Deena Duos: Deena-mite

This pictorial was the first to showcase Deena Duos‘ super-giant tits and was published in the July ’93 issue of SCORE. A separate cover shot was produced for this edition, photographed on medium-format film. The pictorial itself was shot on the smaller 35mm transparencies of the time. The layout was titled “Deena-Mite!” That word was borrowed from a reader in Arizona who used it in a letter about her November 1992 SCORE appearance when she was considerably less busty.

SCORE staffers “rediscovered” Deena dancing at Cabaret Showgirls in Montreal, Canada and offered her a modeling assignment in London with John Graham.

Despite her looks and insanely stacked torso (and nicely trimmed muff), 5’3″ Deena described herself as boring. “I’m a homebody,” said Deena, a Brooklyn, New York girl who’d moved to Boca Raton, Florida and was working as a nurse’s aide in a senior citizens’ nursing home when she decided to chuck that job and become a stripper and magazine model.

“Most people think that exotic dancers are wild and crazy. On-stage, I guess we have to be. When I’m not dancing, I’m a couch potato. Microwave popcorn, Pizza Hut home delivery, even a good basketball or football game.”

Deena’s candor probably didn’t shatter the illusions of the readers of those years. The visual images of spending part of the evening watching TV with Deena and sharing a tub of popcorn sounded like fun, and the rest of the night fucking her tits, pussy and mouth would be the perfect way to end the night.

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Tribbing With Mommy – Silvia Saige & Whitney Wright

Stunning brunette Stepmom Silvia Saige catches her bitchy stepdaughter Whitney Wright trying to steal the keys to the car, and gives Whitney a piece of her mind…and then some! Silvia’s fury is short lived. When hot MILF Silvia grabs her sexy, all-natural stepdaughter Whitney, kissing her hard on the mouth, Whitney is initially resistant, but her wet cotton panties are proof she is craving the hot forbidden girl! Silvia pushes Whitney back onto the bed and goes down on her, eating her pussy until she cums. Whitney eagerly returns the favor, eating the sexy MILF’s cunt till she screams, cumming all over the place. They find themselves bumping their steaming hot pussies together, tribbing together until they cum again.

Curvy Latina Paola Loves Massive Cock – Nacho Vidal & Paola Guerra

Tall, voluptuous Venezuelan Paola Guerra checks herself out in the mirror, excited for an intense encounter with director Nacho Vidal. Nacho soon arrives to bury his face in her asshole and then penetrate her twat with his enormous prick. Her mouth oozes slobber as the Spanish Madman fucks her throat, and she moans in lust when he rapidly reams her cunt. The curvy vixen grinds in Nacho’s lap as he fondles her fleshy tits, and she smiles adoringly after Nacho sprays his sperm over her shaved snatch.

Tranny Hoes In PantyHose #05 – Kai Bailey & Coco Dahlia

Coco Dahlia is waiting for her new boy toy to show up. And does he ever sporting his tranny chasing out on the town powder blue suit. He is in the mood for some lady cock. Nothing is better than finding a pair of balls and nice big cock encased in pantyhose. He works his way down her stockinged leg to the treasure he desires and soon sucks that big 7 inch clit of hers until he’s hard and throbbing and gets down to fucking her ass the way she likes it.

Leigh Raven Prove Something Sc2 GGA – Kissa Sins & Leigh Raven

Sexy Kissa Sins leads a yoga class, her natural body and curvy butt arousing in tight workout gear. Pretty student Leigh Raven’s hair is cropped short and her natural body is elaborately tattooed. After class (and birthday cake for Kissa), Leigh is tense, till a personal training session with Kissa heats up. The ladies kiss deeply; Kissa’s lush lips suck Leigh’s pierced nipples and fur-topped pussy. Leigh eats whipped cream from Kissa’s mouth and tits. Both girls finger and eat wet twat, and they suck toes. Deep bunghole rimming leads to tasty Frenching. Passionate scissoring comes with choking. Leigh and Kissa’s tongues, fingers and toys ignite multiple, squirting orgasms; pussy juice soaks faces, the yoga mat and the hardwood floor. The girls slurp girl cum and spit from each other’s soaked body. Kissa’s butthole winks as the ladies twerk naked, side-by-side. Making matters messier: playful cake slathering and sploshing, till Leigh farts out whipped cream! The food-caked girls masturbate to more squirting gushers.

Are You Even Listening? – Naomi Woods & Sabina Rouge

Naomi Woods is hanging in her room, listening to some music on her headphones. Her step-sister Sabina Rouge watches from the doorway, biting her lip. She definitely likes what she sees and goes into the room. She tries to get Naomi’s attention, but she’s way too into the music. Sabina is annoyed and finally gets Naomi to remove her headphones. Was Naomi even listening to her? Of course she was, Naomi protests. Sabina tests her, asking her if she agrees. Naomi takes a shot in the dark and says yes, but Sabrina can tell she seems puzzled. She WAS listening, right? Yeah, Naomi lies, she totally was. So then, Sabina says conclusively, Naomi WAS listening, and Naomi DID agree – so as far as Naomi knows, what’s about to happen next was completely her fault for agreeing to it. Sabina moves in for a kiss, her tiny skirt riding up to reveal her hot ass. Naomi isn’t into it though. Sabina is her sister after all. Sabina is quick to point out that they’re only STEP-sisters. But even though they’re only step-sisters, Naomi is still worried that the kids at school will find out, and Sabina seductively running her hand on Naomi’s perky tits isn’t making the temptation any easier to resist. Just cause Sabina’s dad married Naomi’s mom doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun…right? Naomi is still reluctant, but as Sabina’s hand moves over her body, she can’t help but admit that it does feel good. Naomi asks her sister if she’s sure this isn’t wrong. Even if it’s wrong, Sabina points out, doesn’t that make it more fun? Naomi still isn’t convinced, but as Sabina plants a seductive kiss on her soft lips, she’s finding it harder and harder to resist her sexy sister. Sabina lightly runs her hands over Naomi’s pussy, peeling away her shirt. Squeezing her amazing tits, Sabina asks Naomi if she’s ever been with a girl before. Naomi never has and is freaked out that her boyfriend might find out. Sabina’s not going to tell him, but she suspects that he wouldn’t mind sharing. Sabina rubs Naomi’s little pussy over her jean shorts. Naomi can’t resist anymore, and before long she’s not only listening to her sister but doing a whole lot more.

Sex Heals – Gabriel Dalessandro & Domino Presley

Gabriel Delessandro is recuperating when his home nurse, Domino Presley, arrives ready to help ease his aches. Hot TS Babe Domino loves her job, especially when her patient is sexy, muscled stud Gabriel. Domino is sexy as fuck and slutty to boot and decides she can best help him with sexual healing, making out hard with the handsome man. Unable to control their lust, Gabriel makes the first move sucking sexy babe Domino’s hard cock, loving her moans of pleasure. He deftly works Domino close to cumming, until she takes over claiming a taste of his throbbing dick. Gabriel throws his head back and moans, thrilled at the skilled blowjob. Needs more of Domino’s cock begging for her tight asshole to be filled. They fuck in several positions before Gabriel sprays his hefty load onto Domino’s toned torso.

Latina Bikini Babe Liv’s Big Cock Fuck – Nacho Vidal & Liv Revamped

Latina diva Liv Revamped twerks her booty, flaunting her fit build in a one-piece micro bikini. When director Nacho Vidal presents his massive prick, the insatiable babe kneels for a slobbery blowjob. Her bright lipstick smudges his shaft as Nacho fucks her throat, and Liv lewdly rims his asshole as he lies spread-eagled on the couch. Nacho reams her wet cunt from behind, fingering her sphincter and driving his dork deep into her slit. Intense, scalding sex features squirting girl cum and intense cock riding. For the climax, Nacho cums on Liv’s plump butt cheeks.

Cute Cameltoes – Evelina Darling & Mickey Moor & Katy West

Naughty lesbian friends Evelina Darling, Katy West and Mickey Moor are working out in tight shorts. Showing off their phat cameltoes. After working out, they stripdown and start licking and sucking on each others sweaty pussies. Then they take their dildo toys to fuck each other. Amazing workout.

Friends With Benefits – Renato & Toby & Lexi Gold

Lovely Lexi Gold invites his friends Renato and Toby to come and play the guitar with her. Soon things turn sexual and she is deepthroating both of her friends’ monster cocks. They return the favour and pound her rectum and pussy simultaneously. Because what are friends for if not to engage in a double penetration threesome?

Leigh Raven Prove Something Sc1 BGGA – Owen Gray & Riley Nixon & Leigh Raven

Slender, tan Leigh Raven hides her beauty under long hair, glasses and a business suit. In a nightmare, she comes on to her boss … sliding her sensationally forked tongue into his nostrils! He angrily rips off her wig and dress, revealing a crew cut and radical tattoos. Leigh awakens in anguish, but at photographer Owen Gray’s studio she’s comfortable in her own kinky, elaborately inked skin. She wraps curvy, buzz-cut blonde Riley Nixon in bondage tape and applies suction devices to pale Riley’s natural boobs and fleshy butt. That split tongue licks Riley’s lactating nipple. In a vigorous threesome, the girls eat and rim each other; they suck Owen’s big boner and tongue his bunghole. As Owen fucks one girl, the other sits on her face. He reams each girl anally; Riley licks Leigh’s gaping sphincter. Leigh takes a toy/cock double penetration and deep-throats dick ass-to-mouth. She floods Riley’s face in a girl squirt tidal wave. Owen’s meat massages two cropped heads. The ladies share a huge load in a luxurious cum kiss. But her sexual joy devastates Leigh emotionally — can she truly let go and be herself?

Sex Marks The Spot For Deena Duos

Sex Marks The Spot For Deena Duos

Sex Marks The Spot For Deena Duos

“The ’90s were a very special time for me,” said American exotic dancer Deena Duos. During those glory years, Deena was one of the mega-boobed stars taking over strip clubs, TV shows such as Montel Williams and the many men’s magazines that specialized in huge tits. As for doing hardcore porn like many of her contemporaries such as Lisa Lipps and Letha Weapons, Deena did very little.

In 1992, Deena was photographed in the California desert dressed like a cowgirl with fellow dancer and muscle-fitness star Lacey Legends and a horse that managed to photo-bomb most of the pictures.

In 1993, Deena brought a guy with her to fuck her and drop loads on her giant tits in several pictorials and a video. Deena had supersized her tits before arriving in England and the demand for her shows and photo-modeling had markedly increased. Tit-men round the world saw her enormous, tanned, bikini-lined breasts in her hands on the cover of July ’93 SCORE.

By 1999, Deena was living in Las Vegas and studying for her registered nurse degree. She had no time to travel the night club circuit 30-to-40 weeks a year so she became a private dancer. If there’s a city made for private strippers, it’s Sin City.

“I really enjoy the one-on-one dancing, especially for my longtime fans who have always dreamed of spending time with me when they visit Las Vegas,” Deena told us in the December ’99 edition of SCORE.

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Ass-fucked by her grandson’s friend

Ass-fucked by her grandson’s friend

Ass-fucked by her grandson's friend

Maria Fawndeli is waiting for her husband to get ready so they can go to a party. He’s running late. She’s impatient.

“You’re worse than a woman,” says Maria, who’s 60 years old and wearing a sexy, cleavage-revealing dress.

When Maria walks downstairs, she sees her grandson’s friend, Brad, sitting on the couch. Seems like he’s waiting for Maria’s grandson to come home so they can go out.

So Maria sits down next to him.

And starts rubbing his cock.

And then she takes his cock out and sucks it. Maria is a very noisy cock-sucker. She gives wet, sloppy blow jobs. And she seems to have forgotten that her hubby is upstairs. Until he comes downstairs and shouts…

“What the hell are you doing over there?”

He’s angry but not as angry as you’d think he’d be.

“Well, if this is what you want to do, you might as well enjoy the hell out of it,” Mr. Fawndeli says. “Incredible.”

Yeah, incredible is right. Meanwhile, her grandson’s friend is slapping his cock against her face and she’s mouthing it like it’s corn on the cob. And then her grandson’s friend fucks her pussy.

“As long as you’re fucking happy,” Mr. Fawndeli says.

And then her ass.

And then her grandson’s friend is cumming all over Maria’s face.

Looks like they’re going to be late for that party.

And, yes, Maria is very fucking happy.

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Mariah James vs. The Big One

Mariah James vs. The Big One

Mariah James vs. The Big One

Mariah James, who is 47 years old, divorced and a mom, told us she once had sex with a much-younger guy.

“He was inexperienced. I had to teach him,” she said.

She didn’t have to teach JMac, who’s younger than her by 14 years but has fucked enough women to know what to do. Mariah thinks she can teach him a thing or two, but from the sounds of Mariah’s moans, he definitely knows how to eat her pussy. He also turns her upside-down and fucks her in the piledriver position. Then he cums on her face, so much cum that it drips onto her tits.

Oh, and how can we forget that when Mariah is upside-down and getting drilled piledriver-style, she tugs hard on her nipples. This woman obviously knows what she wants.

“I’m usually the assertive one, but it’s nice when the guy takes charge,” Mariah said.

Mariah is from New Jersey. She’s 5’4″ and weighs 128 pounds. She has great tan lines. You’re gonna like the way she sucks and fucks. We guarantee it.

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Gaping Wife Lilu’s Anal & DP Threesome – Alberto Blanco & Lilu Moon & Stirling Cooper

Beautiful brunette Lilu Moon is excited to fulfill her double penetration fantasy. Hung stud Stirling Cooper invites his big-dicked buddy Stirling Cooper over to help him fill his wife’s holes. Spit drips from Lilu’s mouth as she gives Alberto a wet blowjob. Alberto warms her up with some rimming and then penetrates her pussy doggie-style. Lilu sits on her husband’s cock anally, and Stirling enters her pussy for some dirty double penetration! Hard buttfucking accompanies messy, ass-to-mouth blowjobs, anal gaping and a creamy cum facial.

Nacho Nails Big-Assed Bikini Babe Assh – Nacho Vidal & Assh Lee

Bodacious, butt-blessed blonde Assh Lee shakes her thick ass for the camera, playfully teasing in her skimpy string bikini. Director Nacho Vidal probes her holes as she pumps his thick, veiny prick. Assh drops to her knees for a worshipful blowjob. Her enormous boobs bounce as Nacho bones her from behind, spanking her plump rump as he pounds her twat. Intense rod riding comes with passionate kissing and climaxes as Nacho slathers his sperm atop her well-groomed gash.

The Repo Woman – Georgia Jones & Tara Ashley

Tara Ashley is distraught as she watches burly strangers strip her home of everything important to her while the repo woman, Georgia Jones, nonchalantly watches on. Georgia is unmoved by Tara’s plight since she’s just doing her job. Then Georgia brazenly rubs Tara’s misfortune in her face by removing a silver necklace — given to Tara by her dear mother — from her neck and clasping it around her own neck. Tara begs Georgia for mercy, insisting that there must be some kind of deal they can work out. Georgia just can’t take everything she has away from her! Tara has stuff from her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother that she’s desperate to keep. Georgia is intrigued, asking what Tara has in mind. Without hesitation, Tara gropes her and rubs her pussy through her jeans, making it clear how far she’s willing to go to get her things back. Georgia readily accepts the offer, savoring Tara’s desperation as their mouths crash together in searing kisses, their heaving bodies flushed. Georgia casually opens herself up to Tara to eat her out and that’s when the real fun begins. However, Georgia won’t be the only one with a tongue stuffed in her. Will all of Tara’s efforts to keep her precious family heirlooms pay off?

Tranny Hoes In PantyHose #05 – Sarina Valentina & Michael Del Ray

Little bimbo Sarina Valentina loves her new pantyhose body suit that daddy got her. And she knows when work has him upset it only takes her big synthetic body to calm those fires. He loves his plastic Barbie doll tranny with her little girl pee pee and big fake ass. He loves her wearing pantyhose. Gets his dick hard. He soon is facefucking her and power prodding her big ass with his cock in a variety of positions before he hits her in the face with a quart of man juice.

Maria gets ass-fucked. Her husband watches.

Maria gets ass-fucked. Her husband watches.

Maria gets ass-fucked. Her husband watches.

And now, we’ve reached the hardcore portion of Maria Fawndeli Week at

Maria is running late for a dinner party because her husband is taking too long getting ready. Hey, isn’t that what the woman is supposed to do? Anyway, Mr. Fawndeli is about to learn that you don’t keep a woman like her waiting. No. You just don’t. Because with time on her hands, Maria wanders downstairs and finds her grandson’s friend sitting on the couch. She flirts with him, and before long, she’s got his cock in her mouth, and suddenly, Mr. Fawndeli comes downstairs, ready to go to the party, and…”What the fuck!”

Well, Maria isn’t one to not finish what she started, so she makes her husband watch while she sucks this dude’s 28-year-old cock and has him fuck her tight pussy. But the humiliation of her husband isn’t complete until the young dude fucks her ass and cums all over her face.

Yes, Maria is married. Yes, that’s her real-life husband. Maria is also a mother and a grandmother. Yes, her grandchildren have friends. Yes, this could happen in real life.

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Watch Her Cum

Watch Her Cum

Watch Her Cum

In the intro to this video we get to know Emily. She’s a bubbly 19-year-old originally from Utah and now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She says she loves sex and thought porn would be a good way to gain experience.

“I never had too much experience with guys. This is the perfect opportunity to really learn and explore sex like I want to.”

Emily is clearly a go-getter. In her first scene, we watched her fuck an older man. In this scene, she’s exploring her own body and showing you how she plays with herself when she’s alone.

“I masturbate every single day.” she said. “I love to set up my phone and record it. It’s a huge turn on for me to be watched.”

You can see that Emily is turned on in this video knowing that you’re at home watching her. And we’re sure you’re just as turned on as she is.

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Mariah takes on JMac

Mariah takes on JMac

Mariah takes on JMac

In this scene, 47-year-old New Jersey MILF Mariah James fucks JMac’s big cock. Somehow, JMac’s cock looks even bigger when Mariah is sucking and fucking it than it usually does. Who knows why that is? It just is. She also takes his load all over her face.

Mariah, who’s divorced, is a mom-next-door. She’s not a swinger or nudist. People would be surprised to see her here. She’s not a wild woman, at least compared to many of the other ladies we see here. Her wildest sexual experience?

“Sex in a movie theater.” But she says she often initiates sex and is turned-on by the idea of people watching her.

“My fantasy is to have sex with two men,” she said. “I’m one step closer to that now.”

JMac was nice enough to fuck Mariah from behind. We say nice enough because doggie-style is what gets her off best, and we bet you’d get off, too, with such a nice view of her caramel can and puckered asshole. Mariah’s second-favorite sex act is receiving oral.

“If a guy goes down on me, I will be very giving in return. Make me cum with your tongue and I’m all yours.”

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I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween – Part 2 – Ivy Lebelle – Steve Holmes & Ivy Lebelle

Recalling the horrifying events from the Halloween prior, Ivy Lebelle was feeling kind of in a funk and not really in the mood to go out, just wanting to get through her clients for the day. And when she least expected it, her first client Steve damn near spooked her out of her panties when he pranked her jumping behind her wearing a creepy mask! Steve’s lucky he’s one of Ivy’s favorites. Getting down to business after he kissed and licked her ass, they deeply and ravenously sucked and fucked their way to orgasm. Covered in sweat and cum, Ivy was in need of a shower while Steve took a nap… but when she got out, there was a strange message on the mirror. Was Steve at it again?

Deena Duos Dicked Down

Deena Duos Dicked Down

Deena Duos Dicked Down

Super-sized exotic dancer Deena Duos did very little video, especially compared to other mega-busty girls who became hardcore porn stars. Girls like Letha Weapons, Tiffany Towers, Lisa Lipps, Minka, Kayla Kleevage, Sofia Staks, Wendy Whoppers and Chessie Moore.

Summoned to London like so many American big-boobed stars, Deena was filmed in the studio and around town, and brought her guy with her to shoot this XXX scene in June, 1993. This is the raw, uncut scene off the Beta tape with original audio including the director’s voice before the video editor polished it for VHS tapes sold to the home video market.

Deena is a Brooklyn, New York girl who moved to Florida and became a nurse’s aide. The late 1980s and 1990s were the glory years for huge-breasted dancers making piles of money, so Deena went for the gold ring and became one. She toured the country on the big-boob strip club circuit (now a thing of the past) and eventually relocated to Las Vegas. Her sweet, seemingly shy personality was in contrast to the fantasy image she projected on-stage and in the many mens’ magazines her pictorials were published in. She retired from night club dancing in the late ’90s and became a registered nurse while she continued to do private shows.

In 2007, Deena made a brief SCORE magazine comeback, but by then, she didn’t want to do hardcore, not even a tit-fucking scene.

“I stopped dancing like 10 years ago, but I was doing private shows for my fans for most of the years after, going up and down in weight and feeling happy sometimes and not feeling happy about my body the other times,” Deena said that year. “And now I’m 128 pounds, guys, so I’m pretty thin. And my boobs probably weigh, together, 12 pounds, at least.

“I had fun with dancing. I felt very complete in my profession, but I also felt that…well, I have a wild side. It’s a fantasy thing, like, you never know, maybe one of these guys might really like me and I’d end up doing something with them, but it was never more than a fantasy.”

Deena did webcam shows for a short time as “Brooklyn Lace,” the main event being solo tit play with her gigantic globes. In 2015, Deena decided to finally have the procedure to remove her triple-H implants, something that made world headlines when she went to Drs. Dubrow and Nassif of the TV show “Botched.”

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Maria tells us about herself and fucks herself

Maria tells us about herself and fucks herself

Maria tells us about herself and fucks herself

This video opens with 60-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Maria Fawndeli telling us all about herself. She’s such a nice, pleasant woman. Then Maria takes off her dress and shows us how she likes to fuck her pussy with a dildo. She’s such a sexy woman, too, and she loves to cum. She cums hard in this scene.

For those of you who like to fast-forward past the interviews and to the hot stuff (and we do recommend that you watch the interview eventually; getting to know these women makes them so much hotter), here are some of the highlights:

She and her hubby of 21 years are swingers. “We’ve experimented together. We’ve learned a lot together in 21 years. We’ve explored a lot of different varieties of sex. One of our things was, ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.’

“One of the things I’d like to try is playing dress-up, and I would like to be a graduate from college who gets together with another student and takes on the graduating class. I’ve never done a train. I’ve never done more than three men at a time, so I’d like to try that. Kind of like a gangbang, but respectful. You take breaks in-between. You enjoy it. You slow down instead of just one after another.”

She’s a truck driver.

“One time, at the fuel stop, I was flashing and my husband was taking pictures and we were enjoying that. Right in the fuel aisle! I got my naked butt out in my short little skirt and my high heels. I drive in heels with a short skirt, most of the time without any underwear. I once did a little striptease in the truck yard with my panties pulled down as I cleaned the windshield, bent over and standing on the truck engine. Bent over and having fun.”

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Calling Her Pocket

Calling Her Pocket

Calling Her Pocket

Emily is a sharpshooter when it comes to pool.
She’s a pro in the billiard room or in any situation where she needs to handle a big stick. The guys don’t particularly like losing to her, but they deal with it because they like checking out her perky, little ass while she’s bent over the table. Emily always makes the pockets she calls, and as a result all the guys are calling her pocket.

Do guys check you out when you play pool?
“Oh, definitely. It’s always funny when they approach me, thinking I don’t know what I’m doing. I let them show me stuff, and then surprise them by pocketing all my balls. If they didn’t already want me, they definitely do after that. I can feel their eyes on my legs and ass while I play. It makes things sexy and electric. It makes my panties wet.”

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Don’t Quit The Squad! – Carter Cruise & Alexis Fawx

After suddenly quitting the cheerleading squad Coach Alex Fawx confronts Carter Cruise. Carter finally admits she can’t take it anymore that she is in love with Alexis. Alexis is super flattered. They find themselves in the most passionate older younger lesbian sex. With deep kissing, extended foreplay, and dripping wet explosive climaxes! Sometimes saying how you feel gets you exactly what you want!

It’s Maria Fawndeli Week!

It’s Maria Fawndeli Week!

It's Maria Fawndeli Week!

This week at belongs to Maria Fawndeli, the 60-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Washington who debuted last year.

Today: Solo photos in which Maria spreads her pussy through her crotchless panties and fucks herself with a big dildo.

Tuesday: An interview in which we get to know her better plus video of Maria getting her legs back so she can get that dildo deep into her pussy.

Wednesday: Photos of Maria getting ass-fucked while her husband watches.

And Thursday: The video version of that scene in which Maria gets her ass and pussy slammed by her grandson’s friend.

Pretty damn impressive for a woman who had never fucked on-camera before she came to our studio and told us, “I grew up as a religious goodie-two-shoes full of judgments and condemnations. This really will be a fucking shock to most of those who think they know me.

“I’d been releasing the fears, shame and guilt of my youth and religion and thinking about branching out and exploring my sexuality. I told my husband that I would like to be in a sexy 60Plus magazine for my 60th birthday. We looked up several online sites. I like the presentations of the women at and we saw an ad that I responded to. I said to my husband, ‘It’s time I branch out.’ So here I am, and it’s awesome!”

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Quite Contrary

Quite Contrary

Quite Contrary

Naughty Mary breaks the rules!
She won’t do her schoolwork. She skips class all the time. She goes off with boys. Mary doesn’t like to do what’s asked of her. It’s a wonder that her parents can even get her to wear her uniform. “I like wearing my uniform because I feel even more naughty in it. I look the same as all my other mates, but I can guarantee you I’ve got the dirtiest mind of them all.”

What dirty things do you think about?
“What places I can go for a shag without getting caught, and which bloke I’d like to fool around with today. I’ll eye a bloke I like and fantasize about how fast I can make him cum with a blowie and a shag. I’m also often tempted to flash a random stranger my tits.”

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BONUS-Big-Boob Asian MILF Kianna’s BJ/Facial – Kianna Dior & Jonni Darkko

On vacation, super-stacked, glamorous Asian MILF Kianna Dior relaxes in lacy bra and panties. She unleashes her massive titties and plays with her steamy pussy. Jonni Darkko shoves his hard boner into Kianna’s talented mouth; she drools and moans through a face-fucking blowjob. Kianna lewdly sucks on his balls and slobbers on her giant jugs. After a wet, sloppy fellatio session, Jonni spurts a messy load of thick, creamy semen all over Kianna’s face.

The Princess and the Porn Star – Kenna James & Vienna Rose

The beautiful Kenna James is practicing yoga in her sun-drenched backyard. She goes through the poses: the Tree, the Warrior, and of course everyone’s favorite: Downward Facing Dog. Her phone suddenly rings. Picking it up, she’s greeted by the voice of Vienna Rose, who is calling on behalf of the Princess of Russiaslovia, Kendra Maines. Even though Kenna doesn’t know who the Princess is, the Princess sure knows who Kenna, the famous American pornstar, is. Vienna tells Kenna that they have a problem. People on the internet are confusing the Princess and Kenna because their names are too similar. So, Vienna continues, the Princess just needs one small favor: Kenna has to change her name! Kenna refuses, telling Vienna that she’s Kenna James, Girlsway Girl Of The Year Runner-up. She’s established and she’s not giving that up. Vienna insists that she will fly in to try to convince Kenna in person.

When Vienna arrives, they go into Kenna’s bedroom to talk, and the two gorgeous women settle in on Kenna’s plush bed. Kenna is sorry that Vienna came all this way, but she doesn’t see the name change happening. Vienna won’t take no for an answer, saying that the Princess means so much to her and she doesn’t want to let her down. Kenna sees something in the way that Vienna is talking and asks her if she has a crush on the Princess. Vienna denies it, saying that she likes men and has never thought about her boss like that. Kenna doesn’t believe that Vienna only likes men, telling her flirtatiously that she’s seen the way Vienna has looked at her. Moving closer to Vienna on the bed, Kenna playfully asks her if she looks like the Princess. Vienna is hesitant but finally admits that they do have similar…features, hardly able to look away from Kenna’s tight body. Kenna sees her looking, thinks for a second and makes an offer to Vienna: she’ll change her name if Vienna will let her see what’s under her cute little dress.

Vienna is reluctant, but Kenna tries to convince her, telling her to pretend that she’s her Princess, as she brushes the hair away from Vienna’s slender neck. Vienna is still hesitant, saying that she doesn’t feel that way about the Princess, so it wouldn’t be appropriate. Kendra insists, telling Vienna that if she wants Kenna to change her name, that’s her condition. Kenna turns up the heat as she softly kisses Vienna’s arm and licks her neck, sticking her sweet, barely covered ass in the air. She’s never done anything like this before, Vienna says breathlessly. As Kenna slips Vienna’s dress off, revealing her perky and pierced nipples, she tells her not to worry, she’ll guide her. Vienna closes her eyes, giving in to the pleasure, and before long, Kenna is the one treating Vienna like royalty.

Asian MILF Kianna’s Interracial 3-Way – Kianna Dior & Jonni Darkko & Jax Slayher

Her massive jugs spilling from a white spandex swim suit, Asian MILF Kianna Dior lewdly masturbates and then works her slobbering mouth all over Jax Slayher’s big black cock. The glamorous blowjobber worships his balls and coats his meat with drool. Next she goes to work on Jonni Darkko’s white tool. Kianna goes from one boner to the other, and she squeezes hard-ons between her magnificent mammaries for the love of titty fucking. The men take turns fucking her sexy face. They tag-team her mouth and pussy in an interracial spitroast threesome!

Too Hot for Teacher: Birthday Surprise – Aidra Fox & Jill Kassidy

Aidra Fox, a sexy teacher, is busy grading papers at home when there’s a knock on the door. Happy for the interruption, she answers the door with a smile. Jill Kassidy, wearing a big bow in her hair and holding a cupcake, greets Aidra with a big smile of her own. Aidra is pleased but curious what Jill is doing on her doorstep. Jill presents her with the cupcake, announcing that she just wanted to bring a birthday cupcake to her favorite teacher!

Aidra is touched that a student remembered her birthday… although she doesn’t remember ever telling her students when her birthday is! Jill admits that she MAY HAVE checked out Aidra’s social media sites and found out her birthday that way… Aidra’s face drops a little. Sure, some of her social media posts are pretty innocent and boring, but others… Jill grins at Aidra’s expression, admitting that, yes, she knows about THOSE posts, too!

Aidra doesn’t get a chance to respond, interrupted by a phone call. She’s thankful as she hurries back to her desk and answers the phone, taking the call from her boss. He’s just calling to check in about the curriculum she has outlined for the next semester. Aidra sits down and goes over it with him, although Jill takes this opportunity to dive between her teacher’s legs and tease her pussy.

Aidra is surprised but doesn’t resist too much when Jill massages her pussy before enthusiastically eating her out. This has never happened before but Aidra wants more! As Jill works her tight pussy with her tongue and fingers, Aidra tries her best to have a normal phone conversation with her boss, but is unable to bite back her moans and whimpers of pleasure. Afraid of getting caught, she tells the principal she has to go, but Jill’s not done with giving her her birthday gift yet!